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Troglodyte Technology Part 1 by LePerk

Avmaster 9 10 10 9
billie2001 6 8 8 7
Claudia 9 9 9 9
G.Croft 10 10 10 10
gfd 8 8 8 8
Jay 9 10 10 10
Jez 9 9 10 10
Jorge22 9 10 10 10
Jose 4 8 9 9
Kristina 9 9 9 10
MichaelP 9 8 9 9
Mman 8 8 8 7
Phil 10 10 10 10
Relic Hunter 9 9 10 9
Ryan 9 9 10 10
Samu 10 9 9 9
Scottie 10 10 9 9
Treeble 8 8 8 8
Yoav 10 9 9 9
release date: 10-Mar-2004
# of downloads: 135

average rating: 8.99
review count: 19
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file size: 59.50 MB
file type: TR4
class: nc

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Reviewer's comments
"I'm sure that the most memorable aspect of this game for me will be the excessive and frustrating backtracking and I'm not one who usually complains about this. The map is well designed but the gameplay is not. No camera hints when you pull a switch and you have to run around and far to find which of the several closed doors you had seen long time ago is now open. I had to resort to the WT too many times which totally killed the enjoyment. There are some good puzzles and the visuals are pleasant but definitely not great. I don't recommend it, unless you don't mind backtracking and you have a brilliant memory. I would urge you to try some of the lower rated levels of this builder who are way better (like Art History or Infiltrator)." - billie2001 (07-Apr-2022)
"Here is a set of huge and labyrinthine levels, which require a lot (a lot) of backtracking. You end up repeating the same actions and circuits so many times it ends up becoming a chore, and quite honestly you could trim down a lot of the unnecessary padding here and you'd still be left with a solid and enjoyable 2-hour adventure. What you get, however, is twice as long and half as fun. There are a lot of nice touches spread throughout all levels, such as the upside down fly-by cameras, smoke emitters to imply water being frozen, and all in all the atmosphere of the third level as a whole (plus the bonus level was fun, and it's also interesting how you only explore it one bit at a time). However, even by following the walkthrough this was all too confusing to be properly enjoyable and ultimately it failed to grip my interest. Some of the objects were missing from the wads, so keys and objects you carry on from previous level end up appearing as invalid entries in your inventory. 4h25min, 12 secrets. 06/21" - Treeble (13-Jun-2021)
"Again very surprised with the very high ratings for the gameplay section. Of course, there are some interesting puzzles, but globally the game was usually bad for me; a clever design like this, sometimes doesn't mean a funny time. The first level was good for me, even when I had to repeat the rides with the jeep through the same tracks several times; the second level was terrible, always lokking for millions of switches and buttons and returning to the same places dozens of times: to the red building, to the museum, to the red building again, to the museum again, to the red building... The third level was not so nasty, but again I was forced to repeat the same movements several times (example: in the room where I got the last pillar, I jumped directly into the pool below, missing the jumpswitch and I had to run and jump to the pillars with the fire emitters three times) and the area with the "rotating" rooms with symbols was a nightmare, too obscure and too tedious and boring. The best for me was the bonus level. The remaining features were good too, with an aproppriate use of cameras, sounds and well applied textures. Sorry, but not recommended, even reading the walkthrough." - Jose (19-May-2017)
"A brilliantly creative, engaging and at times head-scratching adventure. You start out in a desert setting with thick, dense fog and a sandstorm is brewing. I loved the route through the underground cave area with the Jeep as well as the dynamite and torch tasks. You then enter a museum (nice that this game offers such different settings) to explore an Egyptian room and an Offshore Rig environment. Finally we enter a Library, where I particularly enjoyed the timed run up various platforms (once while holding a torch!). This game may not be for absolute beginners, but experienced players will love it." - Ryan (01-Nov-2016)
"The four levels here are quite diverse in theme, from canyons to a museum to a Lost Library-esque ruin. There's some interesting designs, and it manages a nice sense of the unexpected. On the other hand, there's also quite a few flatly lit areas, and some of the texture themes don't mesh too well at all (like Egyptian textures next to Oil Rig ones in the Museum). Objects are used well, and there are some nice original ones and rarely used stuff (like the TR2 airplane). Some music cues were slightly odd like action themes when nothing was going on.
The gameplay is quite complex and challenging with a lot of non-linearity and some tough sequences. However there are various moments where it felt overly obscure with a lack of clues, and the last non-secret level is let down by tons of needless backtracking. The majority of the design is good though as long as you keep an eye out for alternative ways, and the layouts are quite huge and creatively interlink. The Bonus level feels oddly short and easy, but it does provide somewhat of a climax that the normal levels lack. A strong set but in both visuals and gameplay it feels like it stumbles a little trying to be overly ambitious at times." - Mman (30-Jul-2013)
"Since I have played the demo, this level stands on my "To do-list". The problem is that this list is quite long and that constantly new level are published. After 2 years I have finally managed to dig out the and to play this level. I know, this is a long lapse of time, but better late than never.
I have liked the first level exceptionally well. The scouting expedition with the jeep properly gives a lot of fun. I believe, this level has the longest jeep distance of all Levels. Even Jungle Rush by Jaxx cannot keep up there. The second level is nearly identical with the demo, hence, it is unnecessary to describe him closer. However, to me has struck which I had valued the demo a little bit too high. 10 for textures and lighting was to be justified not really, because one could see too many texture mistakes. I am surprised about the fact, that Leroy had not repaired these texture mistakes in the right level. Though the level 1 and 2 were good, but level 3 was even better. Indeed, the riddles and duties were substantially more difficult. And despite WT I was more than once perplexed and helpless. I needed net more than 6 hours and every single minute has been worthwhile. It is a pity, that Leroy does not build new levels anymore. It was always fun to play his good levels." - Scottie (09-Jul-2011)
"Searching for levels, I managed to stumble upon this nice 3 part gem, and it's a good thing I did since it seems like an underplayed adventure that could use some more ratings. And a good adventure it was, with three nice levels with some nicely varying surroundings and puzzles. Tomb Raider's Camp - (9/9/10/9)- Our adventures begin in a mountainous desert where Lara sets off to find the Troglodyte society. It's a really nice change here since there aren't so many good desert levels out here. It is quite realistically built too, and includes really good usage of the jeep as you take it through a perilous drive through the canyons. You can get much ammo and many medipacks in this part, as you'll need it all for the droves of enemies you'll encounter. The use of the dynamite sticks was cool too and well thought out to intensify the adventurous atmosphere of this level. Museum Caper - (9/9/9/9) - Lara found out in the previous level that the key to opening up the entrance to the Troglodyte cities lie within a newly transported artefact to this peculiar museum. This is quite a completely non-linear level, but in some parts it is quite easy to get stuck. On the other hand, this is a well crafted city/museum which will offer some good hours of exploration through a well crafted environment riddled with many puzzles to solve. There are also a few things that may disorient the player's progression, like that switch that sets you on fire, but at the same time opens a timed gate in the small courtyard pool. I was also stumped with the bathroom door later on - I push the button and nothing. Then, a few hours later, I decide to press action on the door, and Lara simply kicks it open. :O Quite an entertaining level if you're up for a rather tricky 'scavenger hunt' consisting of keys and other doodads. Locks To The Underworld - (9/10/10/10) - Now this is more like it. A fantastic temple of all sorts of tasks awaits here, where you'll be contending with some rather frustrating turning rooms, our good friend the bull, and also two horsemen that will eat up all those well earned medipacks (I was only left with one from that fight... and I had 10 or so). The difficulty also rises here, complete with some timed runs, fire wraiths, some collapsible floor runs, and much more in this action packed level. Frankly, I was dissapointed that the level ended, since I wanted to get a lot more out of these wonderful levels. Still, this is quite an adventure to play if you're up in the mood for something less common. Leroy has quite an original mind with the puzzles he makes up here, and his level are sure to provide with hours of entertainment. Reccomended, but for the advanced raiders." - Relic Hunter (27-May-2006)
"This game contains three very enjoyable and different kind of levels. The first level is a desert level, second one is a museum level and the final level is a kind of underground catacomb level. Puzzles are really fantastic and they alternate a lot and they are one of the best puzzles I've seen in TR levels. Most of the enemies are human baddies but there are also some other enemies like dogs, horsemen and harpies. One of the bad things is that there are some musics in the game which isn't used very well to accentuate the atmosphere but that doesn't have very big effect on my review. Maybe a bit more attention should have been paid to the environment but on the other hand it looks quite beautiful. Completing some puzzles might need much patience and they might be quite hard but still I recommend this for everyone." - Samu (01-May-2006)
"I guess I understand now why this series of levels has rather few reviews. It is one huge game overall and while it has few really tricky passages, it is quite overwhelming in its complexity. But if you are in doubt whether you should play it, I can only suggest you do take the time as it is very much worth it. Tomb Raider's Camp (10/8/9/8, 1:30 hours, 4 secrets): A rocky desert setting and probably one of the smartest use of the Jeep in Custom level history. The jeep course is extensive and clever and very integrated into the game and fun to master (several times in fact). The camp setting is designed in a rather believable fashion and the use of dynamite and also the torch is quite original. I found it rather confusing that without any real clue you had to go to the start of the level in order to end it, but after quite a bit of running around managed to hit the trigger by accident. The Bonus level section after this part offers some fun with a raising floor and target shooting. Museum Caper (9/8/9/10, 1:30 hours, 4 of 5 secrets): see my review for this part at the listed demo. The main difference is the inclusion of more secrets of which unfortunately I missed one and thus could not play this section of the bonus level. Locks to the Underworld (9/8/9/9, 1:45 hours, 3 secrets): In this final part things change. The atmosphere is darker and more moody. And the difficulty is up a notch, as you need to master a very clever but also quite confusing series of turning rooms. There are several elements from the library WAD used, including a very tedious fight with two tinmen on horses. The timed run is brilliant, especially the fact that you need to do it again with torch in hand, which gives an extra challenge. There are again many original and clever puzzles throughout but there is also maybe too much backtracking in this part to still be a totally enjoyable experience. All in all, as said above, this is a very cleverly designed and very complex set of levels that will test your raiding skills and patience, but if you dive into the adventure it will be hard to let go of it before you finish, so give it a try!" - Michael (19-Apr-2005)
"Nice level with various adventures. Thanks Mr Perkins. PS: Waiting for a new level!" - Claudia (24-Jan-2005)
"Wow! What a level. The author has excelled himself. This whole four level mini game has a bit of everything in it. The use of a bonus level depending on the player getting all secrets is not new but it had me making extensive use of the walkthrough and I even had to email the author. The levels are all as atmospheric as they are challenging. Not for novices. But well worth a download." - Jez (02-Dec-2004)
"This is a long and difficult series of levels but with more than their fair share of entertainment. Some nice touches here and there (freezing and unfreezing the fountain springs to mind even if it does remind one a little bit of Rene's Sanctuary levels. All good fun then what with some good fights to keep you on your toes and some interesting torch puzzles and searches for artefacts. Faults? There was at one point a completely unmarked crowbar door (leading to a single vital beetle) that I don't think anyone will find without the walkthrough. As well as that and speaking in much more general terms some of the areas particularly the 2nd were rather maze-like and easy to get lost confused and even a little bit frustrated. What's more I seriously doubt there is a single player who has ever completed this without several (or more) trips to the forums. This one took me 8 hours to complete and I found 3 secrets." - gfd (29-Aug-2004)
"I can only marvel at the creative energy that must have gone into the compilation of this enchanting three-level game (together with a bonus level). Each of the three levels standing on its own would probably be deserving of a four-10 rating but it's a no-brainer when the game is evaluated in its totality. I've never been one to check the clock statistics because there's no value to me in finishing a level in the least amount of time. The opposite is true because I'm fond of pausing along the way particularly while playing visually pleasing levels to enjoy the scenery. However I spent many hours over several weeks immersed in the captivating gameplay and polishing up the walkthrough. Michael Motley provided the information for the second and third levels and the bonus and I teamed up with Val to handle the first level and to patch everything together into a smoothly integrated walkthrough. I won't go into level specifics here because they've been adequately covered by other reviewers. I will say however that this work should be remembered as one of the all-time classics on a par with the best of Piega and MagPlus. The level of difficulty is medium to hard especially that timed maneuver in the pillar room. (And you have to do it twice. I thought it would be a snap the second time around. But with Lara carrying the torch you can't use the sprint key and this costs you a valuable extra second or two and tests your reflexes to the max.) All I can say is bravo for a job well done and I'm looking forward to playing the author's train level that has recently (7/04) been released." - Phil (23-Jul-2004)
"Tomb Raider's Camp: Leroy is one devious sneaky builder or possibly something else that begins with a b. Oh I did enjoy this one it's just my sort of level. For a start we haven't had many desert settings for a while and it certainly makes a very pleasant change. Trying to find the correct route is pretty challenging at times and there are some really different things to do/places to find things that kept me thoroughly entertained. Oh and thank you for coming up with a really good alternative to the usual jeep music that I dislike so much. There is some extremely hair-raising driving involved and one sequence driving it through a sandstorm and running over baddies that was just great fun. At one point you may think you've missed a couple of artefacts but you need to return to this spot after completing the Museum Caper. Museum Caper: My review of this section is covered in the demo version. Locks to the Underworld: Somehow I didn't expect the underworld to be flooded. Luckily it wasn't long before I reached dry land albeit harpy infested dry land. There's a good timed run early on in the proceedings involving jumping across a lot of pillars - nicely done. This is a very confusing level involving complicated switches to open different areas and running round like an idiot wondering where to light the torch. You also need the services of our old friend the bull to break a few tiles/doors (for once he was quite co-operative) there are more harpies to deal with and an apparently unlimited supply of monkeys - enough to satisfy the most ardent simian slaughterer on the face of the planet. There are two torches to use and getting the first one to the place you can light it is really tricky. I got well and truly lost. On balance I think I preferred the first two sections mainly because this third part involves a lot of backtracking but overall it's a cracking good raid and certainly not to be missed." - Jay (21-Jul-2004)
"Very difficult level. Many switches objects and secrets. I needed a lot of time to finish it but it is quite entertaining to play it. Of course it is hard work for Lara. She can drive with the jeep and stop on some places to solve riddles. For me there are new riddles for example the toilet-thing in hanger. I enjoyed playing this level. But it takes a lot of time to solve the torch-riddle and to find the way out of the maze because I was losing track of my way in it. Every time I pulled a switch a new way opened and that's been the problem. I pulled switches till I accidentally found the way out of the maze. I liked the textures the cameras and lighting is well done. The bonus level consists of three parts. The level ends when Lara is sliding down a ramp. I found twelve secrets and used thirteen medipacks." - Avmaster (23-May-2004)
"Well here goes... I had started writing a first part of this review which was somewhat critical of the game but I guess I've changed my mind and I'll write my review from here on instead. The game consists of three parts - one in the desert near Sudan the second in a museum and the third (for which you have to get back to the first) in a catacombs environment. Meanwhile if you find all the secrets in a level you're entitled to a brief passage through a bonus level at the end of each. I must say I only managed to see one of these bonuses between the first (second time) and the third. The first level albeit a little orientation wise complicated is very enjoyable with some weird jumps - but not in excess - and a lot of jeep riding around the whole place. Even though it's supposed to be in Africa many things there reminded me of the Nevada desert... For me that is a plus. In the second level Museum Caper I almost lost my mind trying to find my way around. Everytime I thought I'd managed something important all I could find afterwards was locked doors and locked gates and locked doors and locked gates. The solution: a high ladder which I must have passed by a million times without ever being able to realise it was there. When I finally noticed it everything started flowing - at last! - and making sense. The third level has got some serious puzzles tough to figure out... Mainly a puzzle with levers where you have to make several rooms below turn in order to reveal passages to places you have to get to. And also a puzzle with two torches - but that one is more accessible. What about the door that remained locked in the bull area? How did it open? Or didn't it? Was there any hidden secret behind it? There's also a thing which I disliked profoundly: a fight with two horsemen in one of the areas. We all know Tomb Raider (except for the original games and some of their bosses) isn't perfect in enemies. Spending half an hour trying to get the tinmen off their horses and then some more time to make them fall and leave their two gems behind - running from one side to the other permanently firing your pistols which is not an intelligent battle tactic - isn't my idea of fun. It's boring as hell in fact. All I can say is the game is very cleverly built too cleverly for its own sake at times. It isn't always obvious and you have to put your brains to work and be able to orient yourself very very well or your Lara will eventually sit in front of some locked gate wondering how come she got so lost. That can be a bore sometimes. I can see Leroy must have spent a long time preparing and building this game. That is also viewable in the perfect textures and varied environments - as well as of course in the complicated puzzles. Having arrived at the end I suppose I must have had a lot of fun in spite of all the deep frustration that came side by side with it. So this is one very good game one of the best in fact but also very frustrating at times. There are occasions when nothing flows and everything freezes. But that's not all... Most specially in the second level several flybys would have been more than welcome. It's not nice to use a switch or a button or a lever and then run around the whole place like mad trying to figure out what it did - most of the times indeed. That's why I have to downrate it a little in gameplay terms (if you can call a 9 downrating). Apart from that it's perfect and it may count on my blessings." - Jorge22 (11-May-2004)
"A great set of levels here! Different surroundings keep your interest up. Desert/rocks in the first part buildings/museum in the second (which reminded me of 'The last crusade' a bit how some parts was built and how it opened up while playing) and finally underground palace/catacombs. It's not an easy game not linear (with my bad memory and bad sense for location it's a wonder I even got through it lol) the puzzling is great and so is the cool gameplay with dynamite and sandstorms for example. A must-play level!" - G.Croft (23-Mar-2004)
"Well I'm not going to write to many words I leave this to the others like Kristina lol. Ok Leroy is doing fascinating work here. Four kinds of levels - one of them is a bonus level with a lot of fun. New puzzles - some of them will cause you a headache until you solve them. Very good atmosphere and textures. If you already played the Troglodyte Technology (Demo) level (by the way you get back to this one again) then you understand what levels are waiting for you here." - Yoav (17-Mar-2004)
"We finally get to play the game after having played and enjoyed the demo. This is a game of medium difficulty although it is possible to get lost in a couple of places throughout the levels. Starting in a desert which very much reminded me of 'Nevada desert' Lara has to work her way up to the rocks get inside and reach the other side searching for the jeep having to pass through guards and dogs. The use of the torch was quite clever as well as the dynamite I particularly liked the idea of the cords (black lines I the game). Proceeding more baddies are waiting to meet their fate which of course Lara has to confront with her main goal being to find a paper which will provide her with the hint to continue her exploration. Watch out for the rock boulders suddenly appearing and the gaps you have to jump over with the jeep. Artifacts used in this first level are a talisman and a pillar acquired from a level to come so don't search for them in vain in the first level. Further along things start to get tougher with Lara having more complex puzzles to solve and much back tracking something I always dreaded in games. The Museum level is the same with the demo including an Egyptian exposition area with the classic pyramid and four black beetles. Other items needed are a token a security card and a few keys. The level of difficulty is more than obvious that increases with every step. In between the levels and provided that the player has gathered all the secrets thus far will be able to access the bonus level in stages something that is newly introduced if I am not mistaken and is welcomed by me. Later on the game starts to remind of catacombs. The enemies vary from horsemen to wraiths and harpies to dogs but fear not you will get enough ammo and the revolver plus the crossbow. The items necessary for progression are gems stars and the torch is used again in a not so common way. A 'bug' like move at some point made me search for quite some time for a way to proceed but in the end the author gave the solution. The one thing that frustrated me and really stressed me out was the area with the many levers and Greek letters. In that are you will have to push the levers many times going back and forth trying to open the right passage while closing another to access new areas. Back tracking has always been a hateful element in levels and this is no exception especially in such extend. The timed run has to be done twice once with the torch in hand. Various other items including the mechanical scarab are used making the levels interesting even in the bonus stages. The last time you enter the bonus level after opening all three gates you will encounter demigods that will drop gems. By placing them the way will clear to reach the end of the game. Although stressful at times I found it most enjoyable with a good variety of puzzles. It took me about seven hours to finish with twelve secrets found. It is highly recommended for raiders seeking challenge." - Kristina (15-Mar-2004)