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Baketamon's Jewel by Cuqui

Angel 10 10 10 10
Avmaster 10 10 10 10
Duncan 8 8 9 9
eRIC 7 7 7 7
eTux 6 7 8 8
Gerty 7 7 8 8
Jaimie 10 10 10 10
Jay 8 8 9 9
Jose 8 7 9 8
Josi 8 7 7 7
Kagoo 8 9 10 10
Kristina 6 7 7 8
Loupar 8 9 8 10
Manuel 9 9 10 10
Mezcal 8 8 9 10
MichaelP 7 7 8 8
Minox 9 9 9 8
Navi 9 9 10 8
Neso 7 8 9 9
Orbit Dream 8 6 9 9
Phil 10 10 10 10
Ryan 8 8 9 9
Sandie 10 10 10 10
Sash 7 7 9 8
Treeble 7 7 7 7
release date: 10-Mar-2004
# of downloads: 60

average rating: 8.48
review count: 25
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file size: 45.20 MB
file type: TR4
class: Egypt

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"My final statistics for this levelset are compromised because I managed to get myself softlocked somewhere in level 3. Despite checking Phil's walkthrough every other minute, I managed to completely miss the second Horseman's Gem in level 2 and yet happily made my way forward. When I realized I was missing a gem, most of earlier saves had been replaced (the curse of saving all too often is running out of slots in the span of 5-10 minutes) and even if I could make my way back out of that pit — which I couldn't — there's no way I could return to the previous level. I missed about two paragraphs worth of content, so I figured I should just levelskip to see how things would wrap up. Tough luck, as the cheat would result in a crash to desktop. As a last resort, I renamed jewel.tr4 to pyramid.tr4 in order to play that last level and got myself another 15 minutes of gameplay, with assassin's wearing torsos for sashes (?!). Other than this massive issue, I don't really know what else to say. I was enjoying the environments, which were all solidly crafted and nice to look at for the most part, even if the first level was an obvious rearranged version of the standard tut1 level, but what really grinded my gears was the overuse of audio cues. It almost felt like every two steps an "warning" audio track would get triggered. It got old in the first 5 minutes, and spread out through the entirety of the levelset. 75+ minutes, 6 secrets. 05/21" - Treeble (09-May-2021)
"Ah, familiar surroundings once again (the first few rooms, at least the first few rooms reminded me of the tutorial level). We've returned to Egypt, but, you know, I may never tire of them when they are put together with as much competency as this. The gameplay is nicely varied, involving a few little timed runs, exploration, jumping and switches to pull. You shouldn't fret over enemy overload, as more than enough supplies are provided. Lighting and texturing nicely done. It's a shame that the builder hasn't constructed anything else thus far as this showed real potential." - Ryan (23-Oct-2016)
"By chance, I came across this little adventure and I was very excited. Egyptian textures and a good light. Level quite easy but well built for its time. Too bad the author did not persevere. Congratulations." - Minox (02-Oct-2013)
"Pleasant set of four levels. Unfortunately, she hasn't built any new adventure since 2004. I spend one hour and a half wandering through the corridors she made, in an Egyptian common style. Typical TR4-like. For a first attempt, it is really well made, even if the gameplay is rather easy (which is not a negative point at all) and some minors problems such as some buggy traps, errors of texturing, and too many ammo/medipacks I think ; moreover, I guess she abused with audio tracks (using more silence is important). The main point of focus is, as for me, that we need much more levels like those ones, because today, people want complete long and difficult adventures, whereas this set is the perfect example of what good builders may create with basics objects and ideas. Conventional, but effective." - Neso (28-Oct-2007)
"An interesting set of 4 levels that shows a high skill level for a beginner in building custom levels, and though there's place for improvement (ain't there always?) I definitely had my fun in this set and left a happy camper! The Pyramid - a tutorial level the other way around is the best way to describe this level. You enter the pyramid you usually leave at the end of the level and make your way through familiar tutorial puzzles to deeper sections of the pyramid. Hard to get stuck - but once you do, know that the solution most likely is walkthroughable greenery textures. Eventually I got accustomed to this twist of the author, and actually found it somehow satisfying to know what the solution of my problem is when getting stuck again, but this isn't exactly my preferred way of raiding - ie looking for false walls, maybe some more hints would help next time? Missed the revolver secret (each gun represents a secret - nice idea!), but found the others through the game - don't know which secret belonged to which level anymore though. The Scroll - from a tutorial atmosphere we switch to a more catacomb like feeling, and as the title indicates, one of your first pick-ups is the scroll. I liked the more systematic approach to the gameplay here - ie. in the corners of the main room there are vases, above which are the openings that lead to or from certain puzzles. Puzzles might be stretching the term a bit, but the couple of fun, yet simple timed runs, jump sequences and the skeleton puzzles and the smooth gameplay overall make this a rather fun affair and probably the best level of the mini set here. I don't know why the crowbar was a secret though. No way out - as you slide in, you are greeted by a demigod and a harpy, and actually they like this level so much you meet them quite often. Uh-oh, doesn't sound good? Well, it really would - IF you wouldn't have more than hundred explosives by now (am counting the crossbow ammo and all grenades together here, in case you wonder), and even better if you have found the grenade gun and crossbow in the earlier levels - the battles due to that are piece of pie. And the author is very generous with pickups, which makes it all so much easier. While I hardly noticed any other beginner mistakes, this one is quite common in here. I suppose the author worried whether the level wouldn't be too empty - so threw in hundreds of pickups thorough the adventure just to keep the rooms filled for Lara to loot. Or maybe she was just kind enough to make the battles simple for you? Well, I for one enjoyed not having to stress through the battles, and with having no need to worry whether I'll have enough ammo to blast that enemy to pieces, and in the end of the game I was even using explosives to get rid of annoying scorpions and bats. But let's have it a bit more challenging next time, shall we? ;) Another part where less could've been more were the audio tracks - at times in the levels, I actually don't remember what the background theme was, as frequent as the standard audio set was used. I think the author overdid this a bit, I found it to be especially annoying when one audio track stopped because another one had started, but on the whole it's minor, and maybe something for the author to think for the next time. The Jewel - a darker, more Seth's tomb alike environment here as the grand finale for this mini set, and generally I found nothing extremely wrong here but in one place I couldn't get back after dropping in a hole earlier than needed, and that about was the only minus point, and something for the author to look out for in the future. Overall - a fun Egyptian themed level, that took me over an hour to complete, where maybe the pick ups and audio triggers are exaggerated, but a recommendable raid otherwise! Hope to play more of the author sometime! :)" - eTux (22-Feb-2005)
"The Pyramid (25 minutes) - Based on the tutorial level you find many walk through walls ninjas mummies and 3 secrets the third one is unavoidable as it is in the path of a necessary lever. The Scroll (45 minutes) - Catacomb like tomb with a few timed runs skeletons wraiths 3 secrets one of them the crowbar necessary to progress. Nice room with glass pyramids floor and ceiling. No Way Out (25 minutes) - A bit of a shooter in a similar environment as The Scroll. There are demigods skeletons and harpies galore but the abundance of explosive weaponry makes them no threat. No secrets found here. The Jewel (20 minutes) - Dark cleopal look. Here you have to collect 3 gems and the Ankh while fighting some skeletons jackals and ninjas. At one point I got stuck in the room you use a second guardian key in as I only found one to that time and you couldn't go back to retrieve it. Again no secrets in this level. As a mini game this was well produced and very enjoyable but it did lack that certain wow that gives a level that memorable factor also there was way too much weaponry and health which didn't allow the thrill of battle went confronted by an enemy. Still as a debut level this was great." - Sash (28-Jul-2004)
"Like the title itself this is a beautiful jewel of Egyptian raiding displaying the author's gifted hand with lovely texture and lighting combined with really fun game play elements. Baketamon was a princess of the 18th Dynasty and the sister of Akhenaton; and our journey to her tomb is made all the more intriguing by Lara's convincing progress from the upper world's daylight into the dark netherworld of the Egyptian Book of the Dead and out again to daylight. My only complaint is that our adventure is too short but all the elements of an epic story have been set into place and you return still in possession of three gems and the Amulet of Horus anticipating that this story would be continued. (Maybe as Gene Tierney this time accompanied by Baketamon's two dwarfs!) If a level is a window on the soul then what a delight it is to encounter such devious trickery luscious surroundings gripping suspense hidden paths wry comedic timing and an author who appreciates the value of plenty firepower. KaBoom! Bravo Maestra Nosotros somos encantados por favor nos favorecemos con un viaje de regreso!" - Mezcal (26-Jul-2004)
"A decent Egyptian adventure of 4 levels built with custom Wads but that will recall the Wads that come with the Editor: Tutorial Catacombs Cleopal and a mix of Tomb of Seth and Karnak for the last level. Gameplay/Puzzles: The first level is only a starter of 15 minutes with no real puzzles and straightforward progression. You find some puzzling situations in level 2 and 3 with pad tiles triggering (easy) timed doors jumps a maze. I especially like the jump you have to perform before jumping to the first rope in level 3 because this is an unconventional thing to do. In level 4 again no puzzle but exploration to find 2 guardian keys giving access to the end with a mistake as you can fall down in a hole and not be able to come back. Enemies/Objects/Secrets: Enemies conveniently placed you get enough ammos to get rid of them. The biggest thrill is the first wraith in the catacombs because you don't really know where the statue is. May I say that there is too many pickups and too many shatterable vases to shoot? Two of secrets should not be counted as such as one can't miss the Uzis and you absolutely need the crowbar to progress. Tip for the builder: add bubbles to your wad so that the lightings of the harpies and demigods have the correct animation. Music/Camera/ Atmosphere: Some good fixed cameras but I could have done with less. Same thing with the audio tracks. Also there is no flyby camera. Textures/Lighting: Good texturing it's a pity one has to use the binoculars to fully appreciate the care the author has put in texturing because of the great darkness. Some rooms especially in level 3 are really beautiful. Please builders use lights (and also shadows) so that Lara looks more in 3 dimensions. (levels downloaded in June 2004)" - eRIC (25-Jul-2004)
"A very enjoyable set of levels and fun to play. Lara has to find her way in the pyramid to get the Jewel. Of course she encounters traps puzzles and enemies but there are plenty medpacks weapons and ammo around so it's not too hard to get through. Save often in different slots or you might get trapped it's easy to miss an object that you will need later and then you can't go back for it. The author kindly provided a map of the underwater maze although it's not a very difficult maze (I wish more builders would do that I hate underwater mazes). A nice Egypt adventure so have fun! 10-6-2004" - Josi (11-Jun-2004)
"A very good level to play. Perhaps too many points of music triggers but good enough to be the first time the author makes something. I recommend everybody to play it." - Jose (10-May-2004)
"I've been in a quandary since completing the walkthrough for this four-level series debating with myself over the question of how best to rate it. I was able to make it all the way through without asking for anyone's help although I did resort to the stuck thread for some valuable hints. By any objective standard then this is not a difficult set of levels (since I'm just an average player). But should difficulty be a factor in rating a level? Or the author's popularity or good looks? Thinking back on it I had a whale of a good time while progressing through these levels. I experienced that childlike delight of finding all six secrets on my own. I enjoyed the beautiful surroundings and the variety of the tasks presented. In short I had a good time playing these levels and in my mind this is what should be paramount in making our critical assessments. So by golly level review inflation syndrome notwithstanding I'm going to give top marks to Cuqui's maiden voyage 10s across the board. To me the level editor is one step removed from magic so I marvel that a mere player such as I has taken the time to learn the intricacies of the game and has become sufficiently proficient to produce such a stellar debut. I'm too old a dog to learn these new tricks but I'm not too old that I can't enjoy what others can produce through sheer skill and determination. I should also point out my opinion that the criticism in a few of the reviews regarding the need to find two gems in the underwater maze is basically unfair because of the fact that a map of the maze was provided by Cuqui in her download. A soldier doesn't go off to battle without his firearm; similarly we shouldn't ignore tools that are provided by level builders for our benefit. This is a marvelous first effort and I sincerely hope that it doesn't turn out to be a 'one shot'. Players of all skill levels will thoroughly enjoy it." - Phil (30-Apr-2004)
"This is a beautiful set of levels really fun to play. It doesn't seem a first work. They are very well done. I liked the nice settings and sounds. The atmosphere and the lighting are quite perfect. Cameras very well placed. I enjoyed the timed runs (one with blades which is something new). I had a very good time playing these levels that I enjoyed and I want more." - Jaimie (30-Apr-2004)
"I have just finished this mini adventure and I only have one regret... It's too short!! Return to the pyramids with sumptuous settings and lots of sounds; tricky supplied along the gameplay. Tons of enemies... and weapons given in generosity! Neither too hard nor easy a subtle mix! In short a real pleasure... Bravo toi Fifine! I eagerly wait for a next." - Sandie (10-Apr-2004)
"I must say that Egyptian levels are not my favourites. I really hate them because I've played so many and they're all the same enemies the same dark settings. But when an Egyptian level is well done and captures my attention I know that is really a good level. Cuqui's first level is great fun. Full of jumps switches traps and enemies; and not too hard. The gameplay only has minor faults if you miss some objects. The enemies are many and the objects and secrets are very well hidden but there are always camera hints to find what you're looking for. I finished with 6 of 6 secrets. The atmosphere and sound are sometimes a bit unsuitable because the music sounds almost every time Lara finds an object or a switch. Lighting and textures are perfect in a setting dark but not annoying. Cuqui has made one of the levels I've enjoyed more in months. Enhorabuena Congratulations Cuqui!" - Loupar (05-Apr-2004)
"Way to go this tastes sure for more. I like the idea that Lara gets to keep 3 gems and the Amulet of Horus. If you love Egyptian levels this mini game is just for you (and for sure for me as well as I can't get enough of them). Going into a pyramid starts this adventure and watch out for walkthrough walls and crawl spaces very sneaky indeed. The fixed cameras are great as far as they do warn you something is afoot although at a certain time they made me feel a bit queasy. Providing the map of that underwater maze was a nice touch takes all the frustration away. There are some nice little traps thrown in for good measure. There are enough enemies from bats to skeletons mummies some demigods dogs ninja's and even some crocs. Gathering also loads of artifact and in the meantime finding secrets (mostly weapons) which you might need apart from the crowbar as that you do need. There are also some tricky timed runs and I haven't seen the one with the clanking knives yet so way to go. Some doors open by jump lever (hidden) some by walking towards them some timed some need an artifact -that is confusing. 15-03-2004" - Gerty (28-Mar-2004)
"Here is an author of great merit. Bearing in mind that it is the first work it's really worthily made. These levels are plenty of beautiful rooms without a hard difficulty or complexity and no bugs. This was for me one of the reasons to enjoy the gameplay from the beginning to the end. In short classic levels that reminds me some time ago. Well structured levels an impressive atmosphere and magnificent settings. I had a lot of fun playing this set and I'm eagerly waiting for the next." - Angel (23-Mar-2004)
"This is a level in four parts and it's a reminder of how enjoyable classic raiding can be when it's well done. The Pyramid: Plenty of running jumping climbing swimming shoving things about in a traditional Egyptian setting. If you get stuck in this section you have almost certainly missed one of the very well hidden crawl spaces - trust nothing! The Scroll: Lots of fun here - timed runs water mazes pots to shoot. Get the scroll find two stars and don't whatever you do leave the water maze without two gems. Mummies and skeletons stop you feeling lonely but you should have plenty of explosives by now just in case you don't feel sociable. No Way Out: Immediately into this section you get a demigod and a harpy just to make you feel right at home. Lots more good classic raiding and a bit of a boss ending with two skeletons and two harpies attacking at the same time and then a demigod just for good measure. Exhilarating! The Jewel: Out of the beautifully lit rooms and into some heavily bat-infested caves. It's quite dark in the cave parts of this section and there are items you need to find to progress. Small hint - whenever you get an odd or fixed camera angle have a really good search around that area. I never did find the crossbow or revolver despite finding plenty of ammo for both but I missed two secrets so that probably explains it. Not a problem as I found more than sufficient of everything else. Good fun." - Jay (23-Mar-2004)
"First level of our comrade-in-adventure Cuqui with great skill. Congratulations for this excellent setting. I was roped in for few hours because as I was progressing in the game I was deeply curious to know more. Walkthrough walls and switches are very well hidden (using flares or binoculars there's no problem). The underwater maze is well built too with air holes making easy to navigate. There are some secrets difficult to find (as the crossbow). I liked the variety of settings and each detail. Atmosphere is neatly done and the design is impressive. It is not at all those kind of levels where the use of switches has no sense. This levels don't have any bug and there's no problem using flares or binoculars so I'm thankful to you for that. I only missed some pushable block giving me problems. The gameplay is enjoyable and not exhausting and you are provided enough with medipacks and ammo (the grenadegun superammo causes lot of damage). To conclude I want to praise highly this first work and encourage her for a next that I shall be expecting." - Manuel (23-Mar-2004)
"Four Egyptian levels - very fun to play! The sceneries are very beautiful and the atmosphere is great! Good use of cameras and sounds... Bravo! ;-)" - Kagoo (20-Mar-2004)
"This is a great level to play. Many weapons and ammo to find. I found 6 Secrets. Rooms must be carefully searched for items (medipacks ammo) and things that are needed to go on playing like the horseman's gems or the guardian keys or the crowbar. I found the timed runs easy to do and the underwater maze was quick to do (I found the holes where Lara can take a deep breath). In the underwater maze I found the two gems very soon so for me there was no problem when I needed them later. And I like skeletons I always love to make them explode when I shoot them with the crossbow. Other weapons are Uzi Shotgun Revolver Lasersight Grenade Launcher. I used most of the time the Revolver or Shotgun sometimes the Grenade Launcher for Demigoods. The rooms look great walls with Egyptian drawings of Pharao's and Egyptian Gods. Animations and Lighting are also well done by the author. I say this level is worth playing I spent half a day on it but never got bored. Always a pleasure to play such a good level." - Avmaster (19-Mar-2004)
"This is a thoroughly enjoyable and absorbing 'old-fashioned' adventure; and one which proves that (even after 3 years of the LE) there's still plenty that you can do with the original Wads. The first level pulls you into the setting very nicely and the adventure has a lovely flow throughout the 2 hours that it took me with plenty of surprises around many a corner. However the gameplay itself is at times rather rough around the edges as there are simply too many places where the player can get themselves stuck with no hope of return. The use of walkthrough walls and fall through floors is of questionable value in the first place but here it becomes a positive nuisance as (if you get stuck in a room) you never know whether you should be hugging every wall for a hidden area or simply looking for a switch in the dark somewhere (usually the latter solution). It's also fine to use music to denote a trap or alert the player to a nearby solution; but it's also incorporated here as constant muzak which becomes irritating very quickly. I also became bored by the plethora of enemies which appeared rather predictably in almost every room (and which could be neutralised with no effort by the copious arsenal provided). Nonetheless the use of lovely camera angles and well-applied textures together with the twisting and turning gameplay and the well-designed rooms(many of which contained cleverly concealed areas) ensures that this is an adventure that is well worth playing by everyone (and not just the traditionalist!)" - Orbit Dream (17-Mar-2004)
"It was a nice surprise seeing a reviewer and such a congenial lady such as her passing to level building. This game admittedly is quite good without having the bugs most first attempts have. Although I liked the game I was really puzzled as how to rate it when I encountered an impossible situation which prevented me from going further. I admit that I would have rated this higher if there wasn't for the big flaw that forced me to replay a big part of the game. First things first though so as far as the gameplay is concerned it's simple with gems a portal guardian and others items to find. Most areas resemble the original levels such as 'The Tomb of Seth' and the beginning is very much like the tutorial level although expanded and with much walkthrough walls. The best level although turned out to be a nightmare for me was the one with the gardens indoors and the timed run earlier in the game which was quite tight. The nightmare I mentioned above something I wouldn't have expected. In one of the levels there is an underwater maze which holds two gems only it's not that easy to navigate inside it so I ended up leaving that level with only one. I think everyone can imagine my surprise and frustration when I realized I needed two gems in another level and had no way to go back and get it. The result was to play one whole level and a half because obviously after that much time I didn't have a savegame where I needed it. But as I found out even if I had gotten the two gems but forgotten one other item before going down that area I would again be stuck with no way out since the walls where too high to climb up. I regret having to rate this lower than I would have if the situations mentioned above were absent but I have to be fair rather than rate this with the heart as guide. I found four out of six secrets and finished in about an hour and fifty minutes. Having seen what the author has given us just with her first try I am sure the next level will be superior to the first. Definitely one of the levels that are most enjoyable to play." - Kristina (15-Mar-2004)
"This is a lively and fast-paced Egyptian level. Although I'm weary of Egyptian levels I liked the author's use of lighting effects and textures. She can also be quite tricky in places. It starts off fairly easy and gets busier as you proceed. The last parts seem a non-stop battle but there is plenty of ammo provided so that's not a problem. My complaints are that there are too many camera tricks used and way too may audio cues - it felt like every time Lara turned a corner a new sound was triggered. Those cues are best left to act as warnings or highlight some achievement. There are some gorgeous rooms and lots to keep Lara busy. You finish the level with lots of goodies which is fun. If this is a first level (I don't see any other reviews) then the author is a real talent." - Duncan (15-Mar-2004)
"Those four levels strongly reminded me of TR4. Lara stars in the big pyramid and the end is a bit open - maybe there will be a sequel? To the puzzles: I would say they are not difficult but get a little harder from one level to the next. Lara needs to run a lot swim avoid traps some even timed. There is also an underwater maze. Lara needs to find several artifacts (almost everything TR4 has to offer) and the crowbar plays an important role. Enemies were very diverse and well placed (mummies skeletons wraiths demigods). Lara also finds all the weapons although I missed the crossbow - but the grenade launcher was good enough and the level designer was generous with ammunition and health pickups. Sound I thought was almost a bit much. Almost at every corner there was a sound but in some places it really had a meaning but I won't give away too much. Cameras were added in the important places. Graphics were mostly good sometimes a bit overdone. At the end Lara finds the Ankh and a way outside. I have to say I had a lot of fun especially considering this is a debut I was positively surprised. Play it!" - Navi (14-Mar-2004)
"Always intriguing when somebody you have known as a player/reviewer for such a long time comes up with a debut level. In this case actually a whole series of levels. The Pyramid (7/6/7/7 15 min. 3/3 secrets): This clearly has the touches of a first effort at level building - not because of any obvious errors or problems (there are really none) but instead because it re-uses some of the rooms of the Tutorial. It is a very sneaky start to the series but if you begin to learn to read Cuqui's clues then it isn't all that tricky. The solution is always close by often in a dark corner. Impressive use of fixed cameras and lots of music tracks added which helps the atmosphere. Ninjas scorpions and mummies are the usual suspects and a cartouche is needed along the way. I am not a fan of walkthrough walls and having climbable walls and monkey ceilings not distinctly textures as such is a pet hate of mine but other than that this part nicely puts you in the mood for the others. The Scroll (8/7/8/8 45 min. 2/3 secrets): The best level of the series in my opinion. Rather well rounded gameplay in a sort of Catacomb style environment with neat little timed runs continued good use of cameras some nice platform jumps many skeletons a mummy and two wraiths. You get the scroll that you came here for two stars and two gems and I am not sure why the crowbar was a secret as you need it for progression. Also some unmarked spikes were annoying. The underwater maze is thankfully small and easy to navigate although I wonder if you could get stuck later in the game if you missed stars or gems so make sure you pick them up. Given I picked up a lot of crossbow ammo I assume the secret I missed holds the crossbow. No Way Out (7/7/8/9 30 min.): This was the best looking part in my opinion. Wonderful large rooms with great textures and lighting. Gameplay mainly revolves around finding sneakily hidden jump switches and doing a lot of battle with demigods harpies skeletons. A portal guardian a knot and another gem mark your way and I thought the short timed door combined with the blades was quite clever. The Jewel (6/7/7/7 15 min.): A dark cave setting in Tomb of Seth style with many enemies but of the less stronger kind (scorpions bats dogs ninjas with an arm problem crocodiles and skeletons). Watch out for those two guardian keys again the clues are there but very subtle. Near the end you get to a nice treasure room and pick up not one but even three jewels and reach the end with an amulet in hand as well. All in all this is a comparably linear game with many sneaky moments in a classic TR setting which is very enjoyable to play because of the diverse settings. A very commendable debut and we can only hope to see more from Cuqui." - Michael (13-Mar-2004)