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Legend of the Golden Scorpion by EssGee

dantheraider 10 10 10 10
DJ Full 10 10 10 9
Duncan 9 9 10 10
eRIC 10 10 10 9
eTux 9 10 9 9
Feats 9 9 9 9
G.Croft 9 10 9 10
Gerty 9 10 9 10
gfd 8 10 9 8
Jay 9 9 10 10
Jorge22 10 10 10 10
Jose 7 9 9 9
Kristina 9 9 9 9
Loupar 10 10 10 8
MichaelP 9 9 9 9
Miss Croft 10 9 9 10
Monika 9 9 9 9
Navi 10 10 10 10
Phil 10 10 10 10
QRS 10 10 10 10
Ryan 10 10 10 9
Samu 9 10 9 8
Sash 10 10 10 10
TombRaiderFan 10 10 10 10
Torry 9 10 10 10
Treeble 10 10 10 9
vienna 7 9 9 8
Wiggle 10 10 10 10
Yoav 9 9 10 10
Zhyttya 5 9 8 8
release date: 19-Mar-2004
# of downloads: 143

average rating: 9.42
review count: 30
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file size: 92.40 MB
file type: TR4
class: Egypt

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Gotta say this is pretty good considering its age, a little rough around the edges by todays standards but a pretty decent raid to be had here! I felt maybe it had outstayed its welcome a bit by the end but the gameplay while a little cryptic had me engaged enough throughout. Enemies are nicely broken up by exploration and vice versa. All in all would definitely recommend anyone give this a go!" - Feats (25-Jul-2023)
"Disclaimer, I took about 1 month break while playing this TRLE, so I might have forgotten some details. This was a love/hate experience for me. Egypt levels are absolutely my favorite, they really bring out the Tomb Raider vibe, and this game has that covered. The atmosphere is great, although I would appreciate better lightening. The latter actually needs to be addressed, and if you thinking about trying this game I advise you greatly not to overuse the flares, even though you might think you need them, you're better off using the binoculars for some very dark corners, note that this game has a bunch of hidden triggers on these dark corners. The amount of flares given is sufficient, if you explore enough and again, if you don't over use them. I ran out of them when I needed them the most, so, have that in mind. I'll now start to explain why I classified it as a love/hate relationship. Here's the thing, I quit. I quit the game, let me explain why. I don't quit TRLE easily, not at all, I like to be challenged, and I like to know the game until the end trigger to provide with a more complete review. However, I was not able to finish this game. Here's another note for the reader: PLEASE have the walkthrough always at hand. This game has too many "one try" puzzles and if you so happen to miss something, you might be doomed. Which was my case, with one of the Canopic Jars. The first Canopic Jar you get it at this big room with metals railings stopping you from getting to the Jar. Now, to get there, you need to press some buttons with the right order. Again, one time only thing. You press the wrong button? You have spikes. You press the button on the right? Nothing happens and you might go on your way to find out if anything triggered. After HOURS of gameplay (6h), I finally get to the place where you need to place the canopic jars (2), but I'm missing one. I read the walkthrough and voila, if you press the button that I did earlier, you disabled the other buttons. Well I didn't find a solution, I was already so far ahead in the game, that I didn't want to start over. This made me quit the game, and I don't think it's fair that these flaws are present and we're expected to understand the "one timer" puzzles. Look, the game is fantastic, I had a blast for most part, the puzzles are quite unique, the gameplay is fairly balanced , but I can't go past a 5 point with game breaking situations. Specially when the game is so long, specially when you can traverse through levels freely, spending time looking for stuff that you might missed, only to find out, that you can't finish the level. So, one a last one: please have walkthrough at hand, please make sure you save always in a different slot. Maybe I was unlucky, no one else seemed to have this issue and the rest of the reviewers enjoyed the game quite a lot. It's a shame I could not finish it. Nonetheless, I do recommend it, for sure, just be wary of the tricky puzzles." - Zhyttya (18-Aug-2022)
"Wow, what a roll... I only took a point for the graphics and I think the ending is a bit over the rainbow but that's it - widely customized enemies, intriguing graphics, fitting soundtrack, challenging puzzles and lot of exploration have you gripped inside this old-school raiding storyline. I'm gonna forgive that unmarked grab because it was a single perk inside an otherwise masterful array of curiosity. My favourite moment must've been when the camera pans down the ladder in sync with descending harmonies of the Xian cutscene. Thank you for this game, it's tough but great." - DJ Full (22-Oct-2018)
"A wonderful level set, filled with many enjoyable tasks and challenges that will test your dexterity. The first part is mainly a warm up, mainly to showcase Lara's outfit: a yellow shirt, blue shorts and red lipstick. There is also a pretty cool looking bike (complete with accompanying soundtrack). While enjoyable, it mainly serves as a warm up to the main game. Once we enter the second level, "Secret Temple Path", things really pick up. Tough enemies, fun puzzles, block puzzles, challenging jumps, timed runs and a nail biter of a finale. Bottom line, this is every experienced raider's dream and I highly recommend it, if you're up for it. Took me 4 hours and 22 minutes." - Ryan (06-Aug-2016)
"The final tasks with the red demon, the fire wraith and the final dragons very hard, I have reloaded savegames very often. The hardest TR what I have ever played. Many times I had to read walkthrough because something important was in very dark spaces, corner or near the ceiling. On the pool I didn't notice the key to open door (shoot statue on wall). I like very much the sfinx statue room." - vienna (01-Jul-2016)
"This pack was builded to be a great game, and in fact there are a lot of good features, excellent architecture, good texturization, good in-game animations, the new objects, magnificent scenarios, nice musics... Perhaps the author could give a time limit to the cameras so players had not use the look key every time a camera is triggered. About the gameplay I liked a lot some puzzles, and there are fresh and innovative ideas too, but the excessive crawlspaces turn the game slow and tedious; also the switches trigger events too far and players must run long distances and return to the same places to continue playing; another times the areas are too huge and often you find dead ends forcing you to explore a long time the same places. The final tasks with the red demon, the fire wraith and the final dragons were very hard too, forcing you to reload hundreds of times. Better play the adventure with the walkthrough near." - Jose (31-Jul-2012)
"It's been a long time since this fantastic levelset was released, but only recently I found the guts to try and go through with them. The thing is, I am not much of a fan of lenghty multiple level series because they do tend to take you more than a day to finish, and I ended up being pried away from TRLE halfway through this series (shortly after starting the fourth level) for a number of different reasons, two weeks later I finally managed to get back into it though I couldn't really remember much. I do write each level's bits after finishing them, so pardon me if this review is somewhat disjointed. I have spotted a few texturing mistakes along the way and also texturing cracks, but the discovery of these probably only happened much later after the release. Prelude - Travelling in Style (15 minutes, 1 secret): exactly what the title says, a short prelude where you ride a custom bike until the pyramid. there are a few perilous sequences and one rather clever push block puzzle, so it does start out pretty well. I kinda hoped to run up the pyramid with the bike, but sadly there was a wall right there... Secret Temple Path (65 minutes, 2 secrets): starting outside then pyramid and then finding your way through a series of mazeish areas, this level offers quite a lot of gameplay as you quest for gems and then two tablet pieces later towards the end. The hidden high crawlspaces are present so make sure you take a good look around after every corner. Temple of the Scorpion (25+10+20 minutes, 2 secrets): I absolutely adored the main area with the golden scorpions, and the gameplay in this part of the level, despite being somewhat linear, might have you backtracking should you miss one of the sneaky crawlspaces... I have no idea what the flying creatures were supposed to be, though, lol. A number of doors remained closed, so I guess we'll return here soon. Scorpion's Spirit (55 minutes, 1 secret): there was quite a lot of puzzling here, I thought the push block puzzles were clever (albeit simple) and the pillars atop the emerald serpent also surprised me. The level felt somewhat long, but maybe that's because you do get to traverse rather big areas as you enter the next raiding stop. After collecting Anubis Bracelet (which I thought looked brilliant), we return to the previous level to reach another level. Temple Shrine (60 minutes, 2 secrets): probably the most intricate level design I've experienced in quite a while. The sheer size and mazeish feel of parts of this level were somewhat overwhelming and ended up leading me through the same routes more than once, it was really easy to get lost in here (but fortunately not hard to find your way back again). Towards the end, near the Scorpion Bracelet (as brilliant as Anubis' in the previous level) you have a dead skeleton and a pickup note warning you should save. I thought this was quite clever, as most of the times these types of warning are in the readmes and the player might not remember/read it until he gets permanently stuck and left without a good savegame. There are new enemies around here as well... We then head back to the main temple area for a few twists before heading into the final level. Tournament (40 minutes, 1 secret): at first I was expecting this to be just a short level with a boss fight, but there are actually quite a few different enemies to get past here. The environments have a heavy Atlantean feel, and so do some enemies (like the centaurs and Seth), so do expect lots of lava as you deal the fiendish traps. In the end, you collect the golden scorpion artifact and are rewarded with a short cutscene of Lara expecting a hot air balloon to take her home. It took me nearly five hours spread a time window of nearly three weeks to finally finish this levelset, but it was certainly well worth it - and the amount of custom enemies actually surprised me. If you haven't played it yourself yet, make sure to put it down on your list. 4:55 hours, 9 secrets. 07/09" - Treeble (13-Jul-2009)
"This is absolutely one of the best egyptian game I've played. First and second level are made by a bit careless way if compared them to other levels. Puzzles are very easy to solve, textures and lighting are both quite average and so on. If they were single levels I wouldn't give very good grades for them. The good thing is that the other levels are much better and so they improve the grades. The environment consist mainly of different kind of inside areas like caves, tombs and chambers but there are also some outdoor areas in the game. Despite some things could have been done with more care I want to accentuate that levels and everything in them are very various which makes the game feel interesting." - Samu (12-Jun-2006)
"I give this thing all tens because I had to play this twice, because I forgot the Pit Floor Key, and well, everything as well done, I loved the music, the atmosphere. THe lighting and the textures were great. The Enemies, the objects and the puzzles were created by the authors of these wonderful level. almost everything in this set of levels are new, but there are some old things that are retextured and the puzzles were very well done. I had to go to the walkthrough lots of time to see how to do something. I recommand this if your are looking for a couple days, a week at the most of gameplaying. I loved this level set. I really enoyed the final Cut scene, that is was so cool. Thanks Essgee and MiniGee!" - dantheraider (09-Feb-2006)
"Now this is a gem! Scott recomended me to try this level as he said it contained a lot of different puzzles and setups. He was right! During these 6 levels you will see countless of hard, and clever puzzles and interesting things. The adventure starts in a classic egypt style (except the bike maybe hehe) and is later on transfered into a darker more creepy kind of level setups. I especially like the 3 linked temple stages with their complex map layout and interesting puzzles. The idea of the last stage was great too. A huge tournament with 3 main bosses so to speak. After reading the diary that Scott and his son wrote during the long time it took to make these levels, I really understood the hard work they put into this adventure. It is also interesting to see the actuall development of these two builders comparing the first stages and the last ones! This is a great adventure and the 6 hour it took me to finish could not have been more enjoyable. Should NOT be missed! Great job, Scott. All tens from me, as I have nothing at all to complain about." - QRS (25-Oct-2005)
"This one is in my personal Top 10. Enjoyed it from beginning to end. I really appreciated the immersive atmosphere, how the storyline is developed nicely, and the progressive difficulty along the levels which is quite unique for a custom adventure, how the setting changes along the way from an Egyptian setting to become more spooky as the tension is growing. This adventure has everything, lots of exploration and puzzles with a few nasty traps to spice up things, new or reshaped objects and enemies, good camera work, and rather easy to find secrets. Loved all 6 levels. Great stuff, congratulations to father and son!" - eRIC (13-Jun-2005)
"Okay this is getting a little predictable all these multi leveled games are getting perfect scores from me but I just can't see where to take points off. These 6 sometimes intermingled Egyptian and temple based levels really take on the spirit of a great adventure game you begin in the first level with a fairly smooth flowing pretty simple concept with the motorbike and you build up intensity as every level passes until you come to the last level where you are bombarded with fast paced decisions on how to make your way through without being crushed burnt or bitten to death by the varied deadly encounters you are faced with. There isn't much you won't do in these levels and enemies are at most times newly retextured and visually intriguing nothing though seemed too tough but that isn't to say that these levels were a breeze to get through as the puzzling was quite smart and gives the player the chance not to get out of things too easily. If I had a negative it would be that some parts of the last level where just too innocuous in particular the shootable objects in the giant cave with the unkillable Seth like demon as I could barely find one of them even with the walkthrough trying to point me in the right direction and the button search in the giant Anubis dragons room where the constant birage of blue butterflies (locusts) never seemed to let up and made it tough to take the time to spot some of the button entrances. These things are probably just because I was getting frustrated with myself in overlooking them but these areas did get on my nerves a bit as I'm sure others may have felt. Definitely though these are 6 really excellent levels that grow before your eyes and you really shouldn't miss them. Full compliments to the father and son duo on a superb job." - Sash (11-Nov-2004)
"The whole game has a gradual quality - just the right feeling to get in the mood for playing more complicated and difficult levels or parts of the game. Sort of reminded me of TR1 at the beginning of the game. It has a clear objective and I usually knew where to go or what to do. Thank you EssGee and MiniGee I had the most wonderful week." - Miss Croft (02-Sep-2004)
"This is one hell of a long and difficult set of levels resulting in more trips to the walkthrough than I've probably ever known. I think it's just that some of the puzzles were just a bit too obscure and some of the areas were too dark and distinctly maze-like. There is also a lot of backtracking here especially when you realise you need an object of some sort and have no idea where it is within this giant set of inter-linked levels (some more cameras would have helped here). If that wasn't enough to challenge even the best of players then what about timed runs that (sometimes) aren't even remotely obvious that they *are* timed runs in the first place? Or what about some objects that can be shot and others (that look exactly the same) that can't? I feel all this is just going to prove too much for the average player and may even frustrate some of the experts out there. There is at lot of good action here (nice fights so you don't get lonely and good jump sequences) and that helps makes up for some of the bad points. Moreover there are some brilliantly retextured enemies all throughout the levels amongst the best ever in fact. This help keeps the game fresh and 'new'. When all's said and done the game certainly does feel epic and that is partly due to the massive linked areas to explore lots of fights and some good jumping bits. However it is also partly due to the aformentioned very high difficulty because it really does get pretty darned hard in both physical and mental skill. One final thought: there are some well placed cut-scenes and music. We even get to hear Lara speak at a few points and even get a proper cinematic ending which really does round things off very nicely indeed. I completed these maps in 8 and a half hours and found 10 out of 12 secrets." - gfd (22-Aug-2004)
"Prelude: Traveling in Style: Lara's got a new hairstyle and she's wearing scarlet lipstick the hussy. Apart from that it appears to be business as usual. You get a motorbike right at the start which is certainly traveling although as far as style goes I think I'd have preferred a limo but hey transport is transport. Secret Temple Path: This is traditional raiding and very good it is too. Watch out for the scorpions and the club-wielding thugs in between spikes boulders a timed swim (and runs) invisible ledges and a really good slide/jump sequence that I enjoyed a lot. You also get ahmets (a lot of ahmets) and the odd demigod to deal with. Temple of the Scorpion: Ominous name isn't it? It's actually a rather fascinating temple full of weird flying creatures skeletons and giant scorpion statues. It's a flying visit this time however as you have things to accomplish in the next area before returning to the temple. I'd been wondering when I'd finally get giant scorpions and when I eventually did it was pretty spectacular. Scorpion's Spirit: Huge spikes boulders fire tiles - ouch this is not a friendly place. There is one lever pulling puzzle here which you really need to get right since it does not reset and you can find yourself completely stuck if you have no previous savegame. You get the crowbar in this section which is always a huge relief to me but don't relax too much the next part is quite fraught. Temple Shrine: The skeletons here carry great big shovels and there are rogue mutants lurking in the passages so watch out. Challenging timed runs lot of lovely lava rolling balls to avoid - all this and Von Croy for good measure. Tournament: Woowee. Having seen off three centaurs as a warm up you then get to play with Seth - always an exhilarating experience. Finding your route round the huge cavern with him firing at you is quite challenging and just when you think you're about to get some respite you get a fire wraith instead. Moreover don't congratulate yourself too soon on finding water - there's something deadly lurking in there. Not to mention the fact that the boulders breed like rabbits and the place is riddled with spiders. Well it's not my idea of a holiday location but it does make for some really good raiding. The two headed dragon is impressive and the locusts as irritating as always even if they have been beautifully re-textured as blue butterflies. The cutscene at the end with Lara going home by balloon is really excellent and the voiceover for Lara is spookily authentic." - Jay (16-Jun-2004)
"This one will be remembered as one of the epics a keeper to be replayed as we did the original Eidos games. There are so many nice touches here that it would take forever to enumerate them all. To mention just a few the Atlantean monsters near the end the retextured crocs the giant golden scorpions that come to life and engage you in a death struggle. Alas there were also features that aren't my favorite such as the cramped and dark quarters that seem to prevail the majority of the time. But the sheer ingenuity and immensity of the final product earns it top ratings across the board. Even though there's a lot of crawling and backtracking there's enough eye-catching scenery to make it all worthwhile. Elvis has also provided an invaluable walkthrough without which I would have been lost early on. Be prepared to spend a while with this level series but also expect to be entertained with a rip roarin' gaming experience in the grand Tomb Raider tradition." - Phil (09-Jun-2004)
"This is a great work: full of puzzles enemies and traps. This is a typical Egyptian level with beautiful rooms cleverly decorated along the six levels of the game. The only fault in my opinion is the annoying red and blue lights in the most of the rooms and the general darkness of the game." - Loupar (07-Jun-2004)
"For such a 'young' level builder young in terms of levels produced (not in years) this level set seems to be an all time record learning curve. Scott and Son have taken us from a leisurely motor bike ride into the depths of one of the most interesting adventures to come along in a long while. I won't belabour all the things you need to do and find here as it has all been said before but this is one of those type of levels where your interest is always maintained even though you need to keep your eyes open for those high crawl spaces this pair of buggers are so fond of. I thought that one of the timed runs was simply a little too difficult for the average raider whilst the ending was of a similar difficulty setting and hence have downgraded the gameplay score slightly. For me it was fun but the level should be for everyone to conquer not just the committed few who wade through these things day in and day out. I loved the Lara voiceovers and think that this took a lot of courage to do seeing as the lady in question was emulating our heroine. Must admit she gave me goosebumps as the resemblance IMHO was so damn close. All accolades to the authors. A great effort a great level set and a great way to void the pressures of the normal workday that we are all faced with." - Torry (29-May-2004)
"The authors clearly have dedicated a huge amount of time to creating a beautiful and wicked environment. For me this is a custom that ranks higher than many of the Eidos levels. The rooms are carefully detailed and use Egyptian style textures with great imagination and variety. Familiar old enemies are re-created. And there are some tough challenges to overcome. I thought the gameplay suffered from too much repetition - there were several moveable block puzzles that followed each other far too closely - and there were timed runs that also fell one after another. Also the game seemed friendly enough at the start and became steadily more mean-spirited towards the end. So much so that I wondered at the author's sadistic intentions. Other than that a splendid accomplishment and the community should be grateful for the dedication of such talent. -" - Duncan (01-May-2004)
"Amazing work by EssGee and MiniGee! As I started playing the game it all seemed so easy and so... Egyptian! I thought to myself: 'Well here I go again playing another Egyptian level and a very easy one for that matter'. It went on like that for a while. But first of all this isn't what you could call an 'Egyptian Egyptian' level. Many were the times when a lot reminded me of India and naturally the last part is obviously based on TR1 even though much better graphically. The beginning makes you think things will be easy true but then the game develops in a crescendo and I found myself stuck more than several times. Then in the grand finale which responds to the name of The Tournament things become really hard. It sure is a tough world at The Tournament! As the guy in the balloon in the end who comes to pick up Lara for a flight across the desert asks: 'Tough day at the office Miss Croft?' It sure was sure was... Apart from Lara feeling completely disoriented throughout many parts of the game there were several truly hard puzzles which she had to overcome. I'm thinking for example about that particular room with two levers and falling rocks and lava and fire and spikes in Scorpion's Spirit. It did take me quite a while to figure it out and do it right! And then here it comes again the last part... If this were a music piece I'd say it starts off with a nice gentle ride across the desert in ppp and eventually ends with a ffff and Lara having to face all kinds of creatures traps an immortal demigod who won't leave her a lot of time to think while she has to find her way up and across the room and then finally not one but two serpents vomiting waves after waves of blue locusts (or butterflies?) and fireballs as she has to find and push four hidden buttons and then get dangerously close to them and their fireballs in order to use a wall lever and drown the beasts in their own sea of lava before getting her final reward the golden scorpion still and always chased after by the never resting locusts/butterflies. In the end of it all you are rewarded with one of the most interesting flybys or cut scenes the editor has ever allowed. All this in a game with great sounds and music which is impeccable graphic wise packed up with varied and well distributed action (in a crescendo as I said) never illogical and which will certainly occupy you during many hours of pure enjoyment. Download it now! I'll gladly give it four tens." - Jorge22 (30-Apr-2004)
"Well with having spent AGES in this level - beta-testing it playing the final version AND writing a walkthrough you probably would expect that I have a lot to say on this? Well strangely - I don't - what shall I say after finally after almost 4.5 hours of playtime almost twice as much walkthrough writing and the whole thing being dragged for weeks? I have to say that I'm quite exhausted after finishing this - what a ride! Spectacular events (the scorpion and pit sequence before Tournament the centauri arena) imaginative yet seemingly impossible tasks (timed run after scorpion bracelet the final battle) and much much more will await you after starting up this magnificent father and son collaboration - especially the last level will amaze you in any way possible I can assure! Fantastic effort - well worth the relatively big download and the hours of play-time awaiting! Get it better right now after having read this!" - eTux (11-Apr-2004)
"The game kept me busy for many hours. Net time 7:15:40, but real time . . . ? In between I had to go and look for help and I got it mostly from Levelbase. They have pictures there and that helped me a lot. Sometimes it is an advantage to know some German ;-). Legend of the Golden Scorpion consists of 6 parts. The first Level 'Prelude-Traveling in Style' and the sixth Level 'Tournament' I didn't like as much as the others. Especially in the 'Tournament' were too many obstacles accumulated for my liking. Now to game as such. There are some tricky sequences like timed doors, switches to push in time, coming on fires, rolling boulders etc. to manage. Some are a bit difficult but not impossible to do. The main thing is to take your time and look around and up very carefully so you don't miss anything. Interesting puzzles are there to solve. Several items are to collect. Some you need in the game and some Lara will take with her back home. If you found the necessary weapons the enemies were no problem. I almost ran out of grenade ammo, but killing most of the giant scorpions from safety helped. Enemies are skeletons, dogs, spiders, fire wraith, giant scorpions, scorpions, crocodile mutants, demigods, some kind of Seth, dragons and hordes of butterflies. The running around creatures, in the room where one got the Scorpion Bracelet, were really funny to watch. Found 10 secrets (out of 12). I can only recommend to play this well done level full of surprises. (05.04.2004)" - Monika (05-Apr-2004)
"Great gaming that builds up until the end and what a cool end! A little bit much lever pulling in the beginning but much better towards the end. Search through six levels to finally find The Golden Scorpion. Meet new enemies and new objects on the way. Make it through timed runs and traps. Admire the good looking surroundings and have fun - like I did!" - G.Croft (03-Apr-2004)
"This must have been a feat building wise as it sure was for me playing wise. As the story goes Lara has to hunt for the Golden Scorpion. But before that she has to travel through different areas. This is a huge mini game and Lara will travel many miles. There are 3 levels that intertwine so missing an artifact or a lever you always can go back. Main thing in this part of the game is apart from getting the artifacts to open three grated doors. There are new enemies here or rather very greatly re-textured ones as are the objects. The first time I encountered those re-textured mosquitoes I jumped in my chair. Some rooms are vast and do look very empty. Sometimes you open an area just to find some goodies. The secrets are very nice hidden and I only got 10 out of the 12. There are timed runs here and you will get a hint and the most obvious one is the note you will find near a skeleton of a previous explorer. Do save at different places as it is mighty handy to get back as some timed runs are hard to do. The traps are also worth mentioning that had me reloading quite a bit. Only hint I got what wasn't that obvious to do is shooting that door way up in the Scorpion room. I had a great time although I can understand that some players might find it tedious. Look everywhere as there might be a lever or a button you missed. And get your running shoes handy and I hope you have some medi packs in stock as you do need them what a grand finale this was. EssGee is a devious person (and so must his son be) but he had me chuckling a couple of times as well. 22-03-2004" - Gerty (28-Mar-2004)
"I have to give credit to the author and son for this great adventure with our dear Lara. Everything I saw was of great beauty and kept my interest undiminished until the last minute. Of all the levels I particularly liked the Temple and Shrine ones with the last that includes the dragons being quite irritating for me because if the bluish blood sucking butterflies; it was the first time in a custom level I wished I could kill them. The levels from the third and forward are interacted making them quite complex but challenging as well with the back tracking staying in a reasonable level. The tasks that need to be done and the items the player has to gather are enough to keep you busy for many hours of raiding. The first level is shorter than the others with the bike being your most trusty friend until the end. Jumping from the last high slope I accidentally landed on the blocks on the right which weren't very high anyway. I found one of the two secrets. The other levels which include enemies like skeletons demigods a boss at the end and some nasty buddies with bats are placed successfully in the game. The big room with the golden poisonous scorpions was one of the nicest areas I encountered. Going further in the game things become more challenging so do the traps but the hint the author gave is sufficient to enable the players to get through the game without getting stuck much. The initial flyby was quite good but the ending cut scene was even greater. Unfortunately I had trouble distinguishing Lara's words in that last part. I found the words to be too close together and the loud music was covering them so I was unable to distinguish what Lara was saying. The first time I heard Lara she sounded just fine so did the guy inside the balloon at the end but in my opinion Lara's voice should have been a little louder and the music softer. The author was kind enough though to send me the text with the dialogue so really there was no harm done. I found nine secrets and missed one at the Shrine I believe and the one at the last level. The years spent for this game's creation were worth it in my opinion and I am looking forward for the author's next level. All in all a game no one would want to miss." - Kristina (26-Mar-2004)
"A truly fabulous set of levels! The whole production is an epic from the lovely animated storybook right through to the cut scene at the end (made even more special by the excellent voiceovers from EssGee and Bex. You will be surprised how sexy EssGee sounds and how much Bex actually sounds like Lara!) The levels are beautiful and are just right in terms of difficulty and I was never impossibly stuck at any point. My favourite part was the centaur bit in 'Tournament' but I don't want to say any more because I don't want to spoil it for you. Anyway you have to download this series it's the most fun I have had in ages and I'm sure you will agree with me when you play it." - Wiggle (26-Mar-2004)
"Prelude - Traveling in Style (7/8/7/7 20 min. 1/2 secrets): Very cool bike indeed - think Easy Rider - and certainly too much make-up on poor Lara's face. This is a little warm up level during which you need to maneuvre the bike along a course interrupted by small detours to open doors. Some guards to deal with along the way. Secret Temple Path (7/7/8/7 80 min. 2/3 secrets): You reach the Pyramid and make your way inside and boy what a huge map this is. There are plenty of good things here like the sloped jumps room a tight swim a timed run traps (spikes burners boulders darts) and enemies (baddies small scorpions ahmets and the occasional crocodile and a demigod). There are also key pickups along the way like the three gems and the Seal and the Tablet pieces. But all in all this part felt very maze like (even though it is not a maze) and strangely linear and the ever repeated progression of 'find a lever to open a door and if you're stuck you likely missed a crawlspace' become rather tiring. Also there are a few tedious shimmy climb and 'push an object' passages. All this set in the good old well known Egypt textures. Well for me this part would have been so much better had it been about half as long. Temple of the Scorpion (10/9/9/9 30+5+30 min. 2/2 secrets): What a relief - the pure Egypt sandy textures are gone and replaced by more diverse textures and great lighting effects in places. This level serves as a small hub level for the next two parts and the interconnections work out really well. You meet some really bizarre mosquitoes the scorpion 'statues' are cool and the use of buttons raising blocks movable blocks and ropes is cleverly combined. Specifically liked the movable block becoming solid - well designed and not seen often. Later you get to deal with a bunch of skeletons and after coming back from part 4 and 5 get into a very enjoyable 'magic' maze with bird blades and need to master a nice fire gauntlet and battle with the giant scorpions. The skull effect at the end is neat and a nice opener for the final part. As with most parts some of the rooms seem overly large and empty and quite a few times you explore a corner only to find - nothing but there is plenty of stuff to do so it hardly registers as a bad thing. Scorpion's Spirit (9/9/8/9 60 min. 1/2 secrets): A few original ideas here with the boulder slope the 'single spike' trap-burners-levers puzzle an enigmatic three button colour code hint a tough run from an Anubis fire wraith a few smartly designed movable block puzzles which get a little tedious and some neat custom objects to admire. Enemies are scorpions demigods dogs and you collect the crowbar a canopic jar the serpent and the bracelet here. Temple Shrine (10/8/9/9 70 min. 2/2 secrets): Excellent gameplay design in this part. Starting from the well hidden jumpswitches the devious timed runs pushable and shootable objects cool custom enemies (skeletons poison baddies) amazing caves rolling barrels lava rivers and a great area to master around the pickup of the bracelet. You collect here the East Wing Key Pit Floor Key and Shrine Key and meet Von Croy at the end - getting on your nerves as usual. Tournament (10/10/10/10 50 min. 1/1 secrets): A perfect level - especially as an end to the series. It is dark and spooky and a constant adrenalin rush is guaranteed. Enemies are plenty - but staged so you can basically deal with them one (or several) at a time: centaurs a devilish Seth dragons a fire wraith - they're all here. Those beetles on steroids and the remodeled crocs were cool too. The boulder gauntlet was very cleverly designed and a challenge to figure out. All in all a wonderful series that will keep you busy for a long time with very few dull moments along the way. A must play - if not only for the little cutscene at the end. Don't miss it!" - Michael (23-Mar-2004)
"Wow! Excellent game! Anyone who starts this epic adventure are in for a treat right from the start! Everyone should admire these nice and well put together levels. It took me a total time of just under 7 hours to complete it! Every aspect of this level is a winner. The bike ride right from the start gave me a buzz and when Lara gets into the caves it really gets going. The series always has the sense of a little bit of spookiness throughout it. Excellent puzzles and very good hiding pushable blocks and hidden switches throughout. Throughout the series Lara must destroy somewhat disturbing creatures. These creatures are custom made and fit the style of this adventure perfectly! Best rating possible for this one because it kept me on the edge of my seat throughout. I've never played any other levels from this author but I shall be downloading some more because his levels were spot on! Overall this adventure is DEFINETLY one of my all time favourites. Simply because it had great puzzles great levels and great everything! Hope this author shall be releasing some more epic adventures like this! 10 out of 10 ;)" - TombRaiderFan (23-Mar-2004)
"What a six-parter. High praise to the designers. I will review all 6 levels as one here. Lara startest he level with a bike and she has a lot ahead of her. Caves and Temples. She needs to find the golden scorpion and that is not an easy task. She has to find various artifacts and this requires a lot of patience and endurance as the rooms are huge and Lara returns to places a few times. Puzzles were superb. Lara needs to master pushable object puzzles timed sequences mazes. Not easy. Many levers to pull and you really have to look into each corner. I was totally engrossed by the game - tension right from the start. Overwhelming atmosphere. Well placed enemies which suited the storyline well. Almost all weapons can be found. Graphics were good in general at times a little extreme. Camera and sound was quite ingenious. Especially the end - you have to see this for yourself. I can only recommend it - you will be constantly challenged but in a fair way. Just the way I like it. A must-play masterpiece." - Navi (23-Mar-2004)
"Well where do I start - Ok this is a set of six excellent levels the seventh is like a flyby. Lara with new hair style and at the start she also has a new motorbike and she drives all the way in level one. The other levels are four kinds of Temples with many puzzles to solve. Notice that for a couple of doors/gates it is not needed to find levers/switches - it is enough for Lara to approach them and they open. A couple of timed runs and for some of them you need to be very quick. Well all the puzzles here are very good. Level six (Tournament) will remind you of the TR1 game. It's hard because there is evil enemies that shoot fire at Lara without mercy and two dragons that give her a hard time but as always Lara is the winner lol. The textures looks very nice and the atmosphere is giving you a good feeling. Well done EssGee and son." - Yoav (23-Mar-2004)