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Ghost Library by Oxy

Aims 8 9 8 8
Andzia9 10 10 10 10
Bene 9 9 9 9
Bogey 8 9 9 9
CC 8 9 10 10
Christian 9 8 9 9
Duncan 9 8 10 10
dya1403 7 9 10 10
eTux 6 7 8 9
Gerty 8 8 10 10
Jay 8 9 10 10
Jorge22 10 10 10 10
Jose 5 8 9 9
Josi 8 7 10 9
Kristina 8 9 10 10
Loupar 8 10 9 10
MacRaider 8 9 9 10
MichaelP 7 9 9 10
Moonpooka 9 9 10 10
Navi 10 10 9 9
Obig 8 9 9 10
Phil 8 9 10 9
Relic Hunter 9 10 10 10
Ryan 8 9 9 10
Sash 7 10 10 10
Shandroid 9 8 8 8
Treeble 8 8 9 9
Xenutia 9 8 10 10
Yoav 8 8 10 10
young Lara Croft 8 9 9 10
release date: 24-Apr-2004
# of downloads: 108

average rating: 8.98
review count: 30
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file size: 32.90 MB
file type: TR4
class: Castle

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Amazing atmosphere in this level, with new customs textures and objects as you roam around almost aimlessly (well, unless you do what I did and stick to the wakthrough for guidance) in search of newly spawned ghosts "pointing" the way. Gameplay is heavily based on exploration and with the maze-like design of this place, it's very easy to get lost. All areas end up being connected to one another, so it's easy to get the impression you're running in circles in search of the next open door — and believe it, there will be are a lot of them in your path. The author went the extra mile creating cutscens for the opening and closing of the level, but the latter felt very weird, with a random encounter in Lara's bathroom, coupled with a randomly pieced dialogue. Conceptually it was neat though, with the Lost Apple suddenly appearing in what you'd believe to be Lara's bedroom only for you to learn this is just another room of the Ghost Library itself. Worth a play, but stick to the walkthrough otherwise you could be here for a while... 65 minutes, 5 secrets. 05/21" - Treeble (09-May-2021)
"A level that undoubtedly demonstrates Sophia's penchant for constructing gorgeous looking levels, and the library/castle you explore here is no exception - it looks absolutely wonderful. This isn't as offbeat as Oxy's other offerings but that isn't a bad thing here. The custom objects are brilliantly used within the environment (soup bowls, piles of coins, presents and apples) and the idea of the ghosts pointing Lara to her next location was really well executed. I didn't so much like the backtracking one had to do (which was rather extensive here), the pushing of buttons got a little tedious after a while and the flybys were a bit too dizzying for my liking. Overall, definitely worth a go but bring some patience along." - Ryan (08-Mar-2019)
"Again surprised with the very high ratings in the gameplay section. Of course, not so bad gameplay 'cause there are a lot of shortcuts, the author keeps the closed doors until you pick up the items you need and even the ghosts are well placed pointing Lara in the right direction. But it wasn't funny for me to go hundreds of times up and down, outside and inside only to press a button to open a door, find a key to open a door or find an item to open a door. There are some cool and new objects, but I missed a lot an extra weapon to shoot the ladybugs. The best was the good atmosphere and the texturization, even with low resolution textures. Not a bad level, but for me was too tedious and not funny." - Jose (22-May-2017)
"It was a great adventure, I was sad when it was finished :') Very good work ! I loved it ! I loved too the fact that we can't die, this easy side ... I liked it ! But there is a thing disappoints me a bit but i don't know what it's ! Great work" - young Lara Croft (08-Jun-2013)
"An early level from this author showing her talent. All elements of her later unique outstanding games can be seen here. Great gameplay with a lot of creative ideas in a great well composed atmosphere. That's what I expect from this author!" - Christian (15-Sep-2010)
"Another wonderful level from Oxy. Beautiful textures, nice rooms and places. Well, you can get lost here, but finding correct way isn't difficult. Ghosts are very helpful with it. On the way we can find some interesting and beautiful things like: chocolates, sweets, apples and many more. You must play it." - Andzia9 (01-Dec-2009)
"Here we have a darker Oxy level, which starts off so brilliantly with a cutscene sucking Lara into the Ghost Library world. That really sets the mood. There are some good puzzles here and nice exploration with a great, dark, rustic atmosphere. With a great finale, this level, although not as whimsical, is definitely a fun, inventive raid, to be expected from Oxy." - Shandroid (02-Nov-2008)
"I really loved the ancient 'feel' of this level and it's explosive, efects-laden finale, which gave me a great sense of satisfaction in completeing the level. It isn't heavy on the enemies, and if you're on of those raiders that has to have heavy weaponry to really enjoy the game, this might not suit you - but if you love exploring richly-rendered castles and finding strange items, you'll love it. Like all of Oxy's levels, the puzzles are involved and complex but not annoyingly hard, which I particularly love - and there's a logic that doesn't come through in many custom levels except for the very best. I'm off to play some of Oxy's other levels!" - Xenutia (13-Apr-2007)
"This level makes no exception from the style that Oxy has acostumed us with. It expresses optimism and fun while you play his levels. Many custom objects and fun music to listen to. But I must say this is a very original approach of the Raiding concept. It is a much more relaxed perspective, not about saving the world from evil or hunting down enemies. On the other hand I must say that, although the environment was very well created, the gameplay was sometimes pretty puzzling and made no sense to me, but I finnaly made it!" - dya1403 (31-Oct-2006)
"Another lovely quirky level from Oxy - you're never in doubt about who makes her levels! This time Lara starts the level in a short cutscene by being sucked into a book in a library, to emerge in a somewhat dilapidated castle with lots of weathered textures and cobwebs. There are plenty of examples of custom objects, of which the spinning feathers, the shrubbery-textured TR3 Gold 'Willard's Lair' standing stones, and the Welcome Home signs are nice examples. Also, if I'm not mistaken, there are the railings and benches from the TR2 'Maria Doria' levels..? In your travels you'll come across a number of ghosts who provide clues as to where Lara has to go next, although in the nature of castle levels it can be somewhat confusing until you've become familiar with the layout. There are also lots of giant ladybirds, but these are a lot more aggressive than any ladybird I've ever seen before! You're looking for such items as the bowl of Magic Soup (when Lara puts that one in her backpack, it would make a rather soggy mess ;) Some other things to look for are Gifts, Sweets, Coins, a Lost Apple, a Fruit Plate, and a couple of Scrolls. Very much an Oxy level! The second part is very short, and starts with Lara, dressed as she was at the end of TR2, meeting an old adversary in what appears to be Lara's own bedroom (no fighting please girls ;) But when leaving Lara's bedroom you're back in the old castle, and only have to look for the end trigger, which is obvious! I thoroughly enjoyed this somewhat eccentric level and I'm sure you will too!" - MacRaider (12-Nov-2005)
"What a really nice level from Sophia! I should have played it earlier. The level starts with a brilliant cut scene of Lara looking around in a library and reading a book when all of a sudden a vortex opens up and it takes Lara into the book where she emerges in the Ghost Library. I found this level to be very amusing as we search for diamonds keys two apples and soup to release Lara from this place. There are smiling ghosts in here to guide Lara through the level. There are some new objects such as the pushable chandelier and we have a few things from TR3 such as the button and the snake gem receptacles. I liked the angel that got released when Lara poured the soup on her frozen reflection. The secrets were very amusing here which were some thankful gifts gifts to open at home and my favorite sweets and chocolate! Drool... Putting the apples in the tree was nice. Then we get a sequence that it turns out that Lara's adventure was a dream and there is a nice sequence with an old friend. I wonder how Sophia enabled an effect that Lara couldn't draw her guns even though she had them without any bugs. That effect would be useful to builders. But then it turns out that perhaps Lara's life is the dream? Or it could be a double dream... Nevertheless an entertaining level from the brilliant and talented Sophia and I look forward to her next offering. It would be very interesting if Sophia would release a level series and I am very curious what she will come up with..." - Relic Hunter (05-Aug-2004)
"Oh this could have turned bad.....but it didn't! The reason I say that about this gorgeous to look at level set in an awesome greystone mansion with extensive grounds is that when you begin and start to explore you come across countless doors that are as of yet unopened and the amount of confusion with trying to remember where doors are and if there isn't any camera work what actual door is open would have been maddening but Oxy in her immense creative wisdom added loads of helpful camera shots but not only that she also included friendly ghosts that would appear throughout the game to point Lara in the right direction. The funny thing about this was that once a ghost helped you navigate your way around they just sort of lingered so by the end of the level there were so many ghosts just hanging around I started to feel a little crowded in. Cutscenes added at the start of both levels were just fantastic especially the first one with Lara being pulled into an ancient book she is reading there are also some really fun items to pick up as you journey through the house apples coins soup sweets gifts and some of these are used in very interesting ways. The only enemies you will find are ladybirds and they look spot on you can also find 5 nicely placed secrets if you keep your eyes open. After you finish the first level you are taken to Lara's bedroom for a quick 5 minute level that consists of going to have a wee meeting Sophia while you take that wee turning on a light that helps open the bedroom door and following Casper the friendly ghosts picture till you hit the end. A very cute second level but very odd. The only gripe I had in the total hour I played was that at one point you come to a movable chandelier that I couldn't move because of a railing in it's way as I couldn't move it and I could just jump past it I did so later on I found that I missed a nicely camouflaged switch in this area and trying to return there I couldn't get past the chandelier the other way so I had to replay about ten minutes of the level over again what I didn't realize was that you can shoot the railing and though this is my fault for not noticing and working it out it just seems such an innocuous thing to shoot and maybe others will also get stuck like I did without maybe a save to go back to. That though is a very insignificant thing compared to the great level you get so don't take any notice of my grumbles and go have a really excellent experience in the Ghost Library!" - Sash (28-Jul-2004)
"Another great work from Oxy. There are numerous interesting items on the level and you must be very attentive for collecting them. You even have to put the Magic Soup on the table in front of the ghost - I managed to do it with the help of the Inventory but it took me some time to find out he is hungry. :) I found 5 Secrets on the level some of them were very well hidden. The story takes place in a castle. There are only a few enemies but I don't like these poisonous beetles I had to use a couple of Medi Packs because of them. You have to find 3 Coins Keys and 2 Lost Apples for finishing the level. In the 2nd level you will get back a Lost Apple and you will even meet a familiar person Sophia. The textures are beautiful as well as the added sounds. But I must confess that I prefer Oxy's previous level the Frosty Mansion. Although don't miss this unique adventure! You can find a Hungarian walkthrough (as we don't have English version) savegames and pictures here: " - Obig (11-Jun-2004)
"Even though I enjoyed this hour long level I can't share my enthusiasm with the other reviewers as even though it all is pretty and nice I found it a bit too chaotic and confusing most of the times. No denying that the custom objects guiding ghosts great textures and initial and end cut scenes are great but somehow just like Michael I felt lost all the time without any other goal than collecting various objects the use of which seemed enigmatic to me till I finally found my way around here. The gameplay mainly consists of running around pressing buttons and bookswitches and picking up dozens of items and so triggering the friendly ghosts and dazzling flyby's. The only enemies are big ladybugs which appear from time to time so you don't get any extra weapons. The small epilogue where Lara supposedly wakes up from this dream seemed quite funny to me too - as the legend indicates Lara has to go to the toilet where she is surprised by Sophia (??) and then for some reason escapes through transparent Casper textures till finds herself outside the library again. Overall - I don't find it a bad level at times I just wished it'd be more systematic and easy to maneuver around - give it a try - not one of Oxy's best offerings in my humble opinion but you can't expect an utterly unbearable level either." - eTux (05-Jun-2004)
"It's all about soup and apples. Very impressive setting as we have come to expect from Oxy and a really cool animated cut scene at the start and also at the end (courtesy of the Slovenian collaboration with Bojrkraider). The whole adventure breathes atmosphere. Still I am a bit in two minds about the level. On the one hand all the creativity and originality going into the impeccable textures the new custom objects the storyline and great ideas like the friendly ghosts that help you find your way but on the other hand it also feels mighty confusing and I basically thought I was lost all the time and at the end replayed it with the walkthrough again to be sure I had not missed anything. Gameplay is really only pushing buttons and finding those neat objects (soup apples coins and a blue and a red diamond). Some book switches and pushing of chandeliers is thrown in as well. The five secrets are not all that hard to find. Again I am not sure about the camera work. It is extensive with a few fairly long flybys but I always find them a little rough around the edges and think they could really be done much better sort of smoother to support the overall atmosphere. The only enemy about a dozen ladybugs is great and the moment when Lara awakens her translucent angelic self is a clear highlight. Visit the library for a minimum of an hour of net gaming time but make sure you bring a bit of patience along and remember it was all a dream at the end...or was it?" - Michael (01-Jun-2004)
"I must say Oxy has elevated mansion building to an art form. This is as usual and more than usual a very original form of raiding (not tombs) which I believe may please each and everyone. Lara's living in fantasyland and even the ghosts are friendly and helpful (as Casper at the very end). The game is loaded with new textures (I know there are paper-thin mountains and paper-thin stairs but I guess that must be a part of the aesthetics) it's a very personal thing a kind of ambiance you won't find in any other custom level and despite all the shades of grey much less sombre than the previous levels. The final result apart from being truly great is also very nice as in a nice Christmas a nice summer vacation with someone you love or a nice first kiss. That having been said the game isn't without difficulty. Not that you have to face all kinds of insurmountable traps and the likes... There are only two kinds of obstacles in this game. The very obvious one represented by the aggressive ladybugs which is more classic and more predictable. And then another one that comes with each of Oxy's games and which is here developed to its fullest potency: the absolute maze where the player finds himself immersed and invariably very stuck most of the times... It's amazing but looking at the statistics I discovered I ran 17 kilometres around a single mansion! I must have been training for the marathon... Managing to open so many doors (and I think I left a couple of them unopened) can be a Herculean task believe me. But it's of course doable even if too many times you're not even sure what you're doing anymore. Furthermore I loved this game for its two cut scenes: one at the beginning which acts as an introduction to the storyline and another at the end. The end which must be the very best end ever in any Tomb Raider custom level... Lara's back home in a scene that will remind you of the end of TR2 she has to go to the toilet Sophia Leigh appears out of nowhere (but she represents no danger even though one might think she will for a second or two) then she finds some medipacks afterwards she pushes the button which is the nose of a smiling face and lights the whole place and then she goes out and away as she passes by images of Casper the friendly ghost who at one time greets us with a 'Thank you for playing'. Thank us Oxy? Thank you so very much for using your creativity for the sheer enjoyment of the community!" - Jorge22 (14-May-2004)
"This was my first exposure to a level by Oxy and I'm glad that she has others in her inventory that I can now go back and play. There were a couple of neat touches especially the white-garbed spirits that popped up here and there to provide silent clues for the gamer's progress. The various pickups reminded me a little of what we encountered in Mantua's Squares although many of them didn't seem to have any real use. There were no weapons to pick up so all Lara had were her pistols. It's a good thing the enemies were limited to giant ladybugs. There were no difficult jumps or timed sequences or mind-boggling puzzles and gameplay was therefore quite straightforward and assisted even more by the walkthrough provided by the author. The atmosphere was somewhat spooky and well suited to the subject matter and the environs. Lara had that professorial look and the whole gaming experience was somewhat off the beaten track of what we've come to expect in a 'typical' custom level. But that's fine with me as a little change of pace once in a while is quite welcome. Recommended for those who have just finished Rha-Tech and need a break." - Phil (08-May-2004)
"As in Frosty Mansion the beautiful rooms and the exceptional atmosphere of this level are totally breathtaking. The gameplay is exploring a lot and fight retextured bugs. Lara has to find original objects to free the souls. During the game few ghosts appear and indicate to Lara the next step of her adventure. Finally Lara has to free herself and when the next level loads she's in her house just waking up after a nightmare. It is charming original and strange: I've loved it." - Loupar (06-May-2004)
"How does she do it? What a great opening flyby around the castle. The flyby goes on to show Lara looking for a book in the library she screams and seems to be thrown into the book. Of course stupid me let the whole thing continue to the end and I let Lara die. I gave her a medpack the second time before she hit the floor. Yet again a beautifully made level by Oxy of castle buildings including a church! and gazebo! in the grounds. Loved those retextured dolmens and mummys in coffins. This time friendly ghosts appear and show Lara the way to go after she releases them. Lovely pickups like chocolates wrapped in bell shapes fruit plate soup bowls coins and presents as well as clever scrolls to read. You also pick up two red apples and it's wonderful to see Lara place them back onto the magic apple tree. The gameplay is much more intriguing than the previous levels albeit still a finding exploring and opening doors level. A final angel releases you back to real life and again it was wonderful to see Lara on her bed slightly confused checking her hands. Laughed out loud when I saw the screen writing 'I want to go to the toilet'! and that 'smilie' bedside lamp. Is Lara in a dream at this stage or in reality? Things happening might make you wonder! I read that there was a timed run - was there? - I didn't come across one. Mind you I have a sneaking suspicion there was one maybe two doors I didn't open. I believe I got all the secrets though. Thank you again Oxy for giving us a level that is based more on thinking and feeling than on fighting and fuming. The only fighting here is killing ladybirds which is a pity they look so nice! (When I was a child it was said to be bad luck to kill a ladybird that they were our 'friends' in the garden). I would have no problem letting children play Oxy's levels. Keep going girl you've a wonderful imagination and lovely mind." - CC (06-May-2004)
"Once again Oxy delights us with an exclusive mansion type setting with beautiful surroundings and stunning decor throughout. I didn't want to leave this level I had so much fun finding things to do and wandering round this huge house. There were only a few lady bird bugs to deal with as the actual ghosts were of help to find the way which was nice seen as I got lost so many times. Collect the four soups two apples bronze silver and gold coins some keys and two scrolls the rest are secrets of which I found four of five. A wonderful spooky atmosphere with some fun game play rolled up with the spectacular mansion settings this is not one to miss so get playing folks." - Moonpooka (04-May-2004)
"A nice beautiful level with ghosts that show you the way and ladybugs that attack you (pity I had to shoot them). A lot of searching to do before you find the object to escape. The second part is in a very familiar place short but funny and in the end you'll meet someone you already know. Well done Oxy! 29-4-2004" - Josi (02-May-2004)
"This is another very beautiful mansion level by Oxy with lots of nooks and passages to explore. It is set in a deserted castle marked by years of decay. Texturing sounds and custom objects combine to create a spooky atmosphere. Sometimes friendly ghosts show the way but careful exploration is still needed to find all switches objects and passages. The only enemies are big ladybugs but those are all the more avid and I needed quite a few medipacks. There are no deadly traps in this level. Still there are a few surprises. The secrets are well hidden but not too difficult to find. There is a medipack that is probably easier to overlook. A short 'Cartesian sceptic' epilogue follows. Some unstable features are used here; trying to draw guns or to light flares may cause trouble." - Bogey (02-May-2004)
"Not content with bringing us beautiful mansions Sophia now presents us with an entire castle full of the most gorgeous textures and objects. If you are unfamiliar with her work prepare to be dazzled by the surroundings. Don't ignore the readme file as the storyline is charming. I just loved the idea of the friendly ghosts guiding Lara around the castle which was actually very helpful. Enemies consist entirely of giant ladybirds which are quite vicious. There are some fascinating objects to pick up along the way - and scrolls to explain their uses. The ending is really well done and most intriguing and I thoroughly enjoyed playing this level for almost two hours. I dare say you could finish it more quickly but it's such a visual treat you may want to spend some time just admiring the view. All that poking around obviously stood me in good stead because I actually managed to find all the secrets. Amazing." - Jay (01-May-2004)
"I say that Oxy is one of the best custom level builders. She is also a gentle soul and there is a sweetness that comes through in her work. This is a beautiful and highly sophisticated setting done with the author's usual keen eye for detail. Bojrkraider added some significant cut scenes that add a great deal. I especially liked that the level had a true ending which gave a sense of completion. My complaints are that the rooms were a too much alike and that there was only one enemy - the flying 'ladybug'. This gave the different areas a feeling of sameness that they shouldn't have. But these are only quibbles as the author has given another lovely level that is a joy to play. I am deeply grateful." - Duncan (01-May-2004)
"As we already know Oxy can build beautiful levels. This is no exception and the majority of the gameplay is exploring. There is a lot to gather like apples presents chocolates keys scrolls gems and plates with soup four of them. Only enemies you meet are those nasty beautiful re-textured mosquitoes. What was confusing in the beginning are the walkthrough walls keep an eye open for them as there are more further down the line. Also that one could push the tables with the chandeliers gave me a hard time to figure out. I have to admit that those mummies scared the hell out off me. The lay out of this small town is pretty ingeniously done and the further you go in this level the more shortcuts you find. Still a bit puzzled at a timed door after a crawl never could make it but then I never needed it. There are some nice ghosts helping Lara out. Serving some soup at Lara's double will help you towards the apple tree. The second level however had in my game a bug as Lara sprouted wooden sticks from her arms and the flare bug was present. It didn't hinder the gameplay as that was very short anyway. Found 3 secrets. I have however some questions as serving one soup was enough to make the animation work and I am sure I had another door with a lock I never opened. 26-04-2004" - Gerty (30-Apr-2004)
"This is another level from Sophia with an excellent setting wonderful cut-scenes and interesting gameplay although rather plain. I believe no one can surpass the author's beautiful mansions-castles with the wonderful gardens indoor areas and original custom objects. Everything you look at is unique and beautiful but I missed the roses in this game. We did have coins though gifts plates with food and chocolates that were rapped as bells. I enjoyed playing this level immensely. I enjoyed finding the five secrets that were well hidden also finding keys that help the player get closer to the end and seeing the white ghosts with their kind faces and smiles. I was able to get up on the roof at the first outside area and I wasn't supposed to I am sure but I was pleased to see that there was no 'end of the world' bug so a well done goes to the author for that as well. It took me two hours to get through because of the many doors that got me lost a couple of times. The second short part of the game includes Sophia and states directly that Lara was dreaming and what a wonderful dream she had I'd say! I did find a bug though at that part; it seems that if you light a flare standing inside the opening next to the 'Thank you for playing' sign Lara can't move anymore and she is constantly lighting flares. I had to load a previous savegame to get out of that situation. It's nice once in a while to be able to play levels like this one with not so many enemies there were only a few retextured beetles around and such peaceful surroundings. A level suitable for kids and a nice way to pass the time recommended." - Kristina (30-Apr-2004)
"I liked those two levels very much - they are set in a spooky Castle. The objects are very nicely designed the puzzles are not difficult but nicely designed. I liked the graphics a lot also the cameras and the sounds and I found two secrets. What really impressed me was the scene where you serve soup to the Lara double. Totally unexpected - well done! Can only recommend it." - Navi (30-Apr-2004)
"Oxy keeps getting better and better at producing these little jewels. This is another spooky level with a studious Lara wearing her 'specks' and it's a look I like. Imaginative touches everywhere. There's a search for Magic Soup bowls and Apples with spirits helping Lara by showing her the direction of her next move; and a mansion that's big and complex enough to easily lose one's way. Interesting short second part with an old enemy and Lara's inability to use her trusty pistols...........don't think I've ever seen that before. Five secrets and wrapped gifts with chocolate and fruit to be found. This is the perfect level to leave one's cares behind and just enjoy. I had a smile on my face when I finished and a hope for more. Thank you Oxy. Well done!" - Bene (30-Apr-2004)
"One thing is sure - this lady knows how to build wonderful levels and like her other levels it looks very nice. It starts with a long flyby and Lara finds herself in a mysterious place picks up strange objects and tries to find the way out. Again the textures are amazing and the atmosphere is giving a good feeling. I read in the forum that Oxy was absent for a few months - well now I understand why..." - Yoav (30-Apr-2004)
"Another great little level from oxy. Lara discovers a secret book of maps which takes you to a ghost library in a castle type setting and of course our heroine ends up there via the very cool beginning cut-scene of Lara disappearing into the book! But she can't destroy it until she helps release the friendly ghosts around the castle. The first ghost did make me jump a bit but when you see their smiley faces you know they are ok! There are once again original items to recover such as apples soup bowls and coins to help you reach the book as well as help the ghosts. The only enemies where flying scarab beetles that had been made into ladybirds. It did upset me a little because I always loved ladybirds ever since I was a little girl and to have to kill around 20 of them wasn't nice (sniff) but they were evil so I'll let oxy off LOL anyway this level was good fun to play and took me just over 2 hours to complete. I recommend this to everyone!" - Aims (30-Apr-2004)