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TRSearch HQ - Birthday Edition by TRWad

Aims 4 6 4 4
Avmaster 4 4 5 4
Bene 5 7 8 8
CC 3 3 6 6
Ceamonks890 3 4 3 4
ColeMoles 1 1 4 6
Duncan 2 2 5 5
eTux 1 4 3 3
Gerty 1 4 3 3
High Priestess 3 4 4 4
Jay 3 4 5 5
John 3 6 3 5
Jose 1 5 3 8
Josi 3 4 5 6
Kristina 2 4 5 5
Magnus 3 4 3 3
manarch2 1 5 3 3
MichaelP 3 8 5 5
Obig 3 5 7 7
Orbit Dream 3 3 5 8
Ryan 3 3 4 4
Sash 2 5 3 4
SeniorBlitz 5 5 5 5
Treeble 4 4 4 4
Yoav 5 2 6 7
release date: 05-May-2004
# of downloads: 62

average rating: 4.14
review count: 25
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file size: 18.55 MB
file type: TR4
class: Home

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Reviewer's comments
"its party time in laras home again! the level is a replica of tr3 home level but with some new additions (some good, some bad) and some things missing unfortunately. there really isnt a lot to do here so its perfect if you just after some very short lighthearted fun, ok so the good: i liked laras party outfit very bright ;) also the floating balloons were a welcome edition nice to look at as well as the texturing in the gym that was pleasing to the eye, the new rolling in a cage inside 2 giant outdoor tubes were fun to see and of course a new vehicle to drive in and around laras home is always welcome just make sure you dont run over winston! Ok so the not so good: the pool rooms is small and ugly looking, the assault course is unfinished in terms of not being able to crawl and not been able to climb on something that is textured climbable i noticed this in another outside area of the level as well, plus why is there a short race track area that you cant get your car in? isnt that the point lol. although i liked the sphere/cage things it could of been so much better with a music track for those parts. there is two keys to find, one to open a gate and another to start the car, theres no finish trigger so i just had fun driving the car around in the end! what a funny little level" - John (16-May-2021)
"Essentially another remake of the original Croft Manor, with a few differences here and there but not quite enough. There is an all-new outdoors area leading to a secondary training area, a few ziplines nicely remodeled as globes of death, and a smart car (are those still a thing this many years later?) to drive around when all is said and done. The headquarters themselves at the basement felt a bit anticlimatic, but I'm not sure what I was expecting. 15 minutes, 1 secret. 03/21" - Treeble (28-Mar-2021)
"I have to recognize the big effort from this builder to retexture many rooms and build some extra areas around the mansion, but play again a mansion level only to find two keys to be able to use the tube-ziplines and drive a custom car is not very funny, at least for me. So you know what you can find here. It's your choice." - Jose (28-Jan-2018)
"Okay home level, not much to do expect explore it a bit, there's an interesting "Ball" mechanic, but, that's it." - SeniorBlitz (14-Dec-2017)
"As other reviewers have amply reported, there is very little to do here aside from explore another Croft mansion (why would you put a kitchenette into an upstairs bedroom?), and find a few keys. No end trigger but some rather cool gyro balls to descend. Yes, you can demolish Winston via the Smart Car but he doesn't exactly get in the way given his age and lack of speed! Maybe I missed some pick-ups but either way I didn't require anything. The balloons were quite pretty but other than that, not much to interact with in the manor itself." - High Priestess (24-Sep-2017)
"Another modified version of Lara's house level, with a few additions. The "Hall of Fame" section located in the basement was later used in the higher rated Emergency! level set, so presumably that's where the idea came from. If you want to give it a go, then have a go on the rolling cages, have a drive around in Lara's brand spanking new car (and run over Winston if you are a sadist) then exit because there seems to be no discernible finish trigger." - Ryan (02-Nov-2016)
"While I'm sure that the folks at TRSearch would have appreciated this kind gesture back in 2004, there isn't really a lot on offer here to help differentiate this home level from all the other Core-style manors out there otherwise(beyond a couple of gimmicks that were later re-used in the main TRSearch HQ release anyway, much to the latter levelset's benefit.) So if you must insist on checking this one out, then go for a quick ride on the gyro spheres, run over Winston with your brand spanking new car and finally, delete this level from your harddrive and go play TRSearch HQ Emergency! instead." - Ceamonks890 (17-Dec-2014)
"Another mansion level, though nicely spiced up with the glider ball sequence and a car ride. The actual gameplay is minimal, being restricted to a short platforming sequence in the gym, but then there's nothing really to do here else than admiring the various effects. I'm not sure why the objects category is rated much lower than the atmosphere and textures ones since it is mostly the objects which make this halfway enjoyable and the looks are barren and even less inspired than in the original mansion, there are only very few sounds; I liked the various paintings in the cellar though and also the moving cameras at the gliders, and overall the presentation is at least clean without too many texture errors and existing lighting. Found one secret in four minutes." - manarch2 (11-Jul-2014)
"Yeah.. a party. Nice outfit and nice balloons. The only thing to do is looking for either the guests or presents and you'll find neither. Word of warning do not go to the roof top right away by means of climbing the up in the gym hall as when you use the sliding those gyro spheres you cannot go back. Save them for last." - Gerty (15-Mar-2011)
"Let's face it - Lara doesn't really have that many friends, and the ones she does only bothered to arrive to her wake. So it's not much of a surprise that, no matter what she's celebrating here, it's pretty much only Winston and her, and if you manage to find the level's only secret, probably not for long too. The balloons are a neat idea, and it seemed exciting to find a leak in the roof through which you can explore it, and the gyro-spheres were kind of neat, but that about sums up the highlights of this endeavor and as you can guess that's not really a whole lot even for a mansion level. It can be interesting if you're in the right mindset for it, but without a definite mission and a definite end you'll start to get bored rather sooner than later. So if you give this a go - find your way to the roof, run over Winston in your Smart car (what?) and call it a day." - eTux (15-Jul-2008)
"Ah, another mansion level. I'm in a fairly good mood today, so I'll try to be nice and not mention that there are already tons of mansion levels out there and that there's really nothing that makes this one stand out. Okay, so now I did mention it, but that leads me to the two things I like in the level - the tubes Lara can travel through and the basement. The tubes work just like the zip line, except they look a bit cooler. The basement... well, it's not so much the basement I like (so very, very boring), as the idea of it - it's supposed to be the TRSearch headquarters. In the end, though, this is just one of many mansion levels. The mansion actually looks different this time around, but the changes are uninteresting and don't improve the level. It's an okay level to run around in for a few minutes, but it's not going to be a birthday party anyone's going to remember." - Magnus (21-Sep-2006)
"A very, umm, short level, but well lived, you start in a house were lara is wearing a pink party outfit with a party hat on, you go outside the room, and you see jeeves, who, if you touch, lara will make hurting noises. There is 1 secret i found, you can drive a car and run over jeeves, and i have to say the most best thing about this level was the rolling balls!" - ColeMoles (13-Feb-2006)
"A very innocent mansion level that will be fun for the kids to delve into but for the adults of which I sometimes have to admit to being it is sadly quite a thrill less journey. On entering this level I however thought there may have been a glimmer of hope to it as you are confronted with a mansion filled here and there with floating balloons and Lara bedecked with a birthday hat but there was just nothing to do. I had a second glimmer of anticipation when I reached the roof of the mansion and was welcomed to a view of a couple of long blue tubes that flowed from up high to the ground unfortunately when I stepped inside I just fell to the ground then with the help of the reviews I found what to do to have a great fun spinning ride down them this though was the only entertainment here so my 2 points are given for this effect and this effect alone. You can also find the one secret car keys to take the newly transformed tiny car parked at the front of the home for a ride but I find just driving around without purpose a little wasted so did the next best thing I hunted down poor old Winston with his tray and ran him down like a dog though I don't usually go around running down dogs let me make that clear now you may ask why did you go and do that? And the answer is plainly clear the readme told me not to!" - Sash (24-Jul-2004)
"In spite of this being a testing level is a good adventure. The story takes place in Lara's Home. This is a good idea getting on the rooftop through the gym. I also like the sliding down with the spheres. The moderation of the car is superb. Finally you can find out that Winston neither has an eternal life. You can run over the poor guy. :) I found one Secret: the Ignition Key. The level has no end. I hope it will be continued. The textures are great but unfortunately there are no added sounds. You can find a Hungarian walkthrough (as we don't have English version) savegames and pictures here: " - Obig (18-Jun-2004)
"Credit where credit is due - the animated balloons the fun Lara outfit the hilarious tubes and of course the Smart Car are a great showcase of what stands for so in order to value that I am giving a higher score in the objects category. As much fun as those particular items are the level around them spoils the fun. It is the well known Mansion but with many areas totally empty and with nothing to do in them you can reach the end of the world all over the place and all you have to actually do is push a button and find the car keys as a secret. And then there is not even a finish trigger. A pity that those original items were not (yet) put to better use but I hear there is another level in the making so let's just hope for that." - Michael (11-Jun-2004)
"I'm not sure what to think of this level. Lara (with party hat) running around her house decorated with balloons. Not much to do find a gate-key and car-keys and being followed by an annoying Jeeves with tea. The car is gorgeous and the ball-ride was fun but that's about it. No adventure but a nice (short) party. 10-6-2004" - Josi (11-Jun-2004)
"Interesting level with some new features and objects. It's Lara with a very nice Birthday outfit complete with party hat and balloons all over the old homestead. The basement has been redone with a Hall of Fame and archives for outfits. Good exploration - fun rooftop with great blue tubes you can spiral down from to the ground. Lots of good ideas including a fun little vehicle for Lara but over too quickly with no finishing trigger." - Bene (24-May-2004)
"It is very easy to finish this level. It is a house level. The house is decorated with balloons. Everything is ready for a birthday party. In it there is not lot to do for Lara. Find the gate key and the car keys. You can run/drive around in this level as long as you like I never found the end of the level. I couldn't figure out what happened after the rolling balls came down. I was driving around for a long time with the car because I had fun driving into the house and up the stairs. I found one secret. Playing time is about forty minutes. Interesting level no opponents (only the butler you can kill him with the car). In my opinion this is a children level." - Avmaster (23-May-2004)
"When I read the readme for this level I thought we would be treated a gallery of pictures of the costumes available at the TRLE Search Engine web site (which is quite cool BTW). Boy was I wrong. The little car was fun but there was nothing to do with it except terminate Winston which isn't fun after the third time. I wish the there was some gameplay." - Duncan (17-May-2004)
"Ostensibly this is a house level but I think it's really more a showcase for a super new birthday outfit and the most amazing rolling ball effect as there really isn't any gameplay worth mentioning. Lara's mansion is very nicely rendered but there's nothing to do in the rooms. The Hall of Fame idea in the cellars is a nice touch but otherwise the only thing to do is drive a charming little car around and run over that bloody irritating Winston. Ah the satisfaction." - Jay (11-May-2004)
"This is a good version of the mansion. The interior is basically the same but some rooms have been retextured and altered. The first thing you see is Lara with a party hat on and lots of balloons floating about the bedroom. Go out and there are more balloons floating about the front hall. Where's the party? The gym is redesigned and I like the textures in there. At the very top of the gym room you can get out onto the roof again nicely done. But the big surprise is a structure on the roof that starts what looks like a huge plastic /glass tubular affair that looks like you can run down inside it. Press action at the top to see Lara doing an unusual action. The basement is completely different and find a key. Having investigated the mansion and grounds go out the front gate and see a wonderful little Lara car but you need to find the keys (the secret). You can run outside the gate along the river and use your key to get into a great looking area where this 'tube' ends. Find the car keys and go for a ride all over the place. I didn't find an end trigger. Good fun though. I hope Michiel is not too disappointed with the gameplay score but I couldn't give any higher as this is an almost normal run through the mansion." - CC (09-May-2004)
"This is your usual House level with your usual lack of challenge. But you have to play this one for the brilliant 'Helter Skelter' sequences which alone warranted 3 points for Gameplay; simply hilarious. I'm not entirely certain what it is that Lara's celebrating but the 'feel-good' factor was rather infectious; you can ride around in a cute little Buggy kill Winston(at last!) and never leave because (as per usual with House levels) there's no finishing trigger. It does look good though." - Orbit Dream (07-May-2004)
"This is a typical mansion level with some rooms or objects added and some removed. The addition is a basement with sections that hold outfits archives and others but there also some rooms that have been altered such as the pool room. The only impressive thing in this level is the balls that allow Lara to go through tubes and access the only secret in the level the car keys. A nice little car is waiting outside to take Lara for a ride. There is no need to open the gates with the key because the player can walk on the walls outside all over the place. I found no finishing trigger and not much to do in fact less than in other mansion levels. I hope the next version will be better." - Kristina (07-May-2004)
"Again a house level - Well yes - Lara with a clown hat on the head a few new rooms in the house something new in the garden and a new car. Only two keys to find and drive in the car. I can say that it's an enjoyable level." - Yoav (07-May-2004)
"There isn't much to do in this home level. There is no ending trigger so you can explore the house as much as you want. It wasn't very exciting to play but there were a few interesting things in the level which you should just have a play to see them. Lara is in a pink crop top with trousers and a party hat and there are balloons floating around. Everything else is the same but just changed a bit. I did like Lara's car which has been modified. That's the first time I've seen that in a custom level blue with a hood and Lara on the back! I couldn't help but ignore the readme file and run down the butler it was very amusing! lol Also the basement is nothing to brag about just plain with a few pictures of Lara outfits up. The only other thing I thought was very cool was this ball ride. There are 2 blue tubes and there is a seethrough ball at the top of both. It is very clever. You simply click action by them and she puts each arm up to each top sides and her legs to each side and if you keep holding the button she'll travel down the tube in the ball spinning around upside down! You have to see it. Anyway not much but if you like playing home levels and are interested in seeing the new things in the level play it!" - Aims (07-May-2004)