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Origins of Evil by Croft Storm

Avmaster 7 9 8 7
Bene 8 8 7 7
Blue43 6 6 5 6
CC 6 7 7 6
Duncan 8 9 7 6
Gerty 5 6 7 6
Jay 5 7 6 6
John 4 6 6 5
Jose 4 6 7 7
Kristina 4 5 5 5
Lady Lara 5 6 5 6
MichaelP 5 7 7 5
Obig 6 8 7 6
Orbit Dream 5 7 7 7
Phil 6 7 7 7
Ryan 5 6 7 7
Sash 5 8 7 7
Treeble 6 7 8 7
Yoav 6 4 7 7
release date: 15-May-2004
# of downloads: 48

average rating: 6.34
review count: 19
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file size: 16.80 MB
file type: TR4
class: Mystery/Horror

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Run around a mansion like hotel pushing a few buttons, opening a few doors to progress, and push a block or two to find out whats beneath which is a load of mutated animals in underground compound and a giant snake as a boss to avoid but not kill as i found out haha. unfortunately apart from the animal attacks, button pushing and avoiding fire theres not much else to do here. it was all a bit underwhelming despite the surprise of the facility below because of a lack of puzzles, interesting exploration or fun tasks. but if you like a lot of combat in a home level this is for you" - John (19-Aug-2021)
"Lara seems to have the worst luck in the world when it comes to booking hotels. Not only does it look strangely like her own humble abode, but there's all sorts of nasty creatures lurking around trying to kill her. Talk about bad customer service. Actually, aside from the fierce (but nicely made) enemies and a particularly tough dragon sequence in the end, it's a rather simple and underwhelming level that lasts just short of 30 minutes. The atmosphere, lighting and texturing are pretty well done and serve the setting well, but the gameplay is rather repetitive with a lot of buttons and levers to use plus quite a bit of backtracking. The only enjoyable section was the neat button puzzle. Not really my kind of level, but fans of plenty of combat might enjoy this more." - Ryan (09-Mar-2019)
"Boring for me this mansion level. Simple architecture, sometimes there are not cameras when you pull a switch or a button. I think it's an error to freeze the button and the lever in the basement, 'cause players sure that will pull them (with no results) and later, when they come back there, the door opens when you approach, but the entrance door never open and if you use the floor lever again you'll get totally stucked even if you go back to the entrance of the mansion. The last part is quite hard; too many enemies to shoot and few ammo; the giant snake is very annoying too and the drop into the hole where the snake is, is not easy. I noticed an effort to create atmosphere, and some work with the lights, but the only thing I liked was the five buttons puzzle. Not a level for my taste, but perhaps not so bad for shooters." - Jose (23-May-2017)
"A house level, and a fairly ordinary one at that. Some zip is added with the tinmen remade to look like aliens, and a giant snake with flying locusts appears near the end and must be dealt with in quarters that are much too close. I played the last few minutes enveloped in flames, because there's no realistic way to avoid the firebolts when you drop down into the snake's new lair. The builder has provided his own walkthrough, which explains everything quite nicely. I finished in a little less than a half hour and didn't encounter anything overly taxing except for that snake." - Phil (09-Jan-2017)
"This is a short level with an interesting story line. Lara wakes up at 3:30 AM in a Mansion style Hotel with a dark secret. She has to explore the place and work herself into the basement where she discovers what's wrong with the place. The first part was quite easy and relaxing. A couple of buttons, some crawl spaces, a few doors and a few enemies here and there but towards the end it gets pretty intense, because there are suddenly lots of enemies and the game play changes completely. We encounter bears, humanoids, dogs and a giant mutated snake. There are also several swarms of locusts, which make battling all the others even tougher. Sounds and atmosphere were decent, although most of the animals were silent which made for a couple of nasty surprises. In the end (the final battle sequences, so to speak) there was a heavy metal song that in my opinion did not fit the rest of the level. Textures and lighting were pretty good - maybe a few flaws here and there. The lighting was a bit flat at times and some areas were a little dark, but on the other hand, there were plenty of flares. I though the level was interesting, especially the first part as one is eager to see what's going to happen next, but the final battle sequences were not so much for my taste." - Blue43 (18-Oct-2010)
"I can't really see why do others think this is Lara's Home: the textures and objects were used in Lara's Home indeed but they won't turn every level they are used into 'yet another Lara's Home' adventure! This adventure is set in a freaky hotel and in the undergrounds is a laboratory for animal experiments. Roaming through the entire hotel you'll see these... experiences. What I thought was pretty cool is that all of them look the same so they all look they come from the same place. Textures generally well applied and an easy lighting makes the level nice to look at although some areas are really pitch black (flares are plenty though). The best part in the level for me was the final showdown after dropping the huge snake... the music (spiced the thing up!) the way the caves were crafted the dim lighting the hundred mutants all at once... when I finally ran up that hallway I got the felling I had survived a war - and I did! You may try killing the baddies but the humanoid ones are pretty tough so you better run away from them but don't think twice about killing the dogs! 30 minutes 3 secrets. 11/04" - Treeble (13-Nov-2004)
"This level defines the phrase 'an entertaining run-around'; for that is exactly what it is. I thought the story was entertaining and well imagined; indeed the first half of the adventure in the old dark house (in Prague France apparently) was actually rather creepy (with excellent enemy placement and use of music). Things take a turn for the worse however once Lara ventures underground into the laboratories. This was a buggy place where the pressing of important switches at the wrong moment prevents the player from being able to complete the game. On the third attempt I managed to trigger the correct sequence of events but a player would be forgiven for thinking that the level had no ending. As it is you have a comical 'free-for-all' in a big dark cave and then it's over. Fun in a messy sort of way." - Orbit Dream (06-Nov-2004)
"This level was fun but very short even for a pathetic player like me. Liked the retextured horsemen - they looked like something out of a Lovecraft novel - you know fishmen. Some good story elements but could have been more to it. Good for when you want a short break though - took about 20-odd minutes even with the battle." - Lady Lara (15-Oct-2004)
"The story takes place in a house on its surroundings in a lab finally even in a cave. The enemies are mutants bears dogs huge locusts and a dragon. Take care of the Medi Packs as they will be needed at the dragon. There's a small trick against the locusts: if you save your game quickly then reload it they disappear. It's true they appear again but you gain a few moments and you can do the same again. If the great gate of the house don't open at the beginning of the level get back into the store-room and push the lever in the corner once more. I found 3 Secrets. The textures are great and the added sounds give plus to the gaming experience. The battle in the cave the numerous mutants and locusts are a bit annoying still this is a good adventure. You can find a Hungarian walkthrough (as we don't have English version) savegames and pictures here: " - Obig (12-Sep-2004)
"Lara has got herself a room in a high class mansion hotel. Immediately it's obvious that things aren't as they should be. Either that or this hotel is having great difficulty getting staff because a mutant struts into the next bedroom along the landing. After a few more encounters with mutants our heroine's curiosity is on fire and she starts her search. After a few switches and a hidden lever in one bedroom she gets to a secret area underground where animal mutant experimentation is going on. One of these is a gigantic snake and it was an adrenalin rush to work around this creature. But that's not the last of it in the final area are living another horde of mutants to deal with until you finally get out of the caves and back up to the hotel and through the now open gates. It was good to see the bear again from TR1 and I didn't have any difficulties throughout except for a moment thinking what the camera shot was showing me in the dining room. The most time I spent in the game dawdling was when the giant snake fell into a hole it reared it's head out of the hole for a second and this looked terrific. I reloaded a few times to see this happening again." - CC (08-Aug-2004)
"Ladedadeda I'm just swanning around having a nice little vacation in a lovely big hotel maybe I'll go get a massage and then hang by the pool with an ice cold pina colada what could be better now where is that masseur? Oh ah that feels so good though this masseuse could probably cut her nails back a little and really she's a bit hirsute I'm sure an electrolysist could help out with that prob......screammmmmmmmmmm it's a bear!!!! Now listen I've stayed in a couple of not so swanky hotels in my time but this one takes the cake in terms of customer disservice even the Bates Motel gave you fresh towels. Here you are faced with for the first half having to shoot mutant men and dogs while you check out the other hotel rooms but the fun comes in the second half as you stumble onto the Animal Testing Area under the hotel where even warned about the meeting with the mutant bear you still get one nasty shock then from there on the giant serpent makes an appearance and you end with a huge spooky cave battle with at least a dozen mutant men and a couple of bears. For the second half alone I would recommend this 30 minute level because the tension was there something you don't always get in other levels and I enjoy when a level can make me that nervous. I found 3 secrets." - Sash (26-Jul-2004)
"It's a Hotel and funnily enough it's built in exactly the same style as Lara's Mansion *yawn* - but hey there is really a bit more to this quick 30 minutes adventure. The AoD outfit is always nice the three secrets not all that hard to find and there is even something like a storyline developing as you make your way from the top to the bottom into basement garden the labs and caves battling tinmen dogs and bears that have all turned into mutants of some sort and the ever so evil snake-dragon. The animal testing area was quite nicely done and the 5 switch puzzle with the hint on the scroll was clever. And of course you do get this hilarious battle at the end if you choose to accept it - I for one just ran away and finished the level but everybody to their own tastes I guess." - Michael (01-Jun-2004)
"Origins of Evil indeed. Starting in a house you need to find some serious weapons like the shotgun and the uzi and even then you will have a task at your hand to kill all that is down there deep in the basement. But first you have to find the way to that basement. Finding buttons and levers so you can get access to the kitchen. That bear had me jumping in my chair and in the basement prepare for a good fight. The snake was a tough one as if you don't watch it Lara is alight and no water in sight. And lets not forget those blasted locust they almost did me in. Those sneaky kind of mutants are sneaky indeed the other enemies you meet are dogs and more bears. Lara escapes through a hatch in the garden. Parts are very gloomy and the atmosphere is quite well done but the end battle is not my kind of game. 16-05-2004" - Gerty (23-May-2004)
"This level starts in the well-known house of Lara Croft in this level it is a hotel. Opponents are dogs mutants and later some animals. There are many switches to use. I missed the cameras it would be easier to find the way but unfortunately there are no cameras. Weapons are shotgun and uzi. In crawlspaces Lara finds useful things. The swimming pool is useless at the beginning but later it is clear what to do in it. Take a closer look at the pictures it is important. Lara finds a laboratory in the basement where scientists do experiments on animals. There is a bear locusts and a big snake. To find the two switches that Lara has to use she must find the diary of the dead soldier and understand the meaning of the numbers in this diary. After using another two switches the snake drops into a hole and Lara follows her. Down there she is facing a lot of bad guys again a bear and dogs. The sound at the final fight is really loud but it is suitable for this hard fight. She finds the last switch and leaves this area and runs thru the now open door. This is the end of the level. I found three secrets." - Avmaster (23-May-2004)
"It's a mansion level don't all groan at once. There are some strange looking things wandering about and weird experiments going on in the cellars. I'm sorry we never got to see the cows - I was really looking forward to them. I had a lot of trouble getting a door to open and the fact that there was no proper exit to the game was very irritating. It's only short and if you like mansion levels you might want to try it but don't expect too much." - Jay (20-May-2004)
"The Mansion revisited. In this incarnation it's a French hotel; filled with mutants human and animal and later those nasty locusts. It's a good idea to glance at the walkthrough provided by the author to ensure you don't get caught by the button bug. Also to exit you must hit alt/ctrl/del which is a bit awkward as this leaves TR running in the background. Interesting offbeat level and I think the author has a lot of promise and I'm looking forward to seeing more from him." - Bene (20-May-2004)
"A level that starts off low-key and ramps up to a kick-ass ending. Lara the only guest in a huge old mansion and those pesky mutants won't leave her alone. So of course she has to go down in the basement and find out what all the bother is about. Then it gets exciting. The texturing of the mansion hall is monotonous and distorted and the rest of the design values are average. Various baddies have been re-skinned to make them look like mutants and that is very cool. A fun level with a hard core ending although I could have done without the locusts." - Duncan (18-May-2004)
"It's a typical mansion level with familiar rooms and buttons all over the place. The enemies are dogs green-blue creatures behaving like horsemen in a darkish level. There are two bugs in this game a serious one and one that doesn't influence the gameplay. The first bug is in the area with the laboratories if you push the buttons which open a door at the room with the big snake before the snakes appears a door doesn't open and you can't finish the game. I had to play a big part again because of that bug. The second one is that the sound that indicates a secret is missing at the pool which has the Uzi. I rated this game low because of the serious bug mentioned above and because I didn't like it very much there were no puzzles to challenge a player. The setting wasn't something we haven't seen before and that song at the end wasn't to my liking either. I found four secrets but because of the bug the statistics showed three. I hope the next level will be something different and more interesting than this." - Kristina (17-May-2004)
"The beginning will look familiar to you... yes it's Lara's house - well similar ok after Lara solves the rooms of the house kills baddies and dogs she goes down to the basement to animal testing and from there to underground easy gameplay 35 minutes now there is a problem to get out from the game when you press EXIT the level loads again - funny and annoying lol." - Yoav (17-May-2004)