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Skeleton's Last Will by Oxy

Aims 9 8 8 10
Bedazzled 8 8 7 8
Bene 8 9 10 9
Bogey 7 8 8 9
CC 8 8 8 9
Duncan 8 8 9 9
eTux 7 8 8 8
Gerty 7 8 8 8
Gill 9 8 8 9
Jay 9 10 9 10
Jez 9 9 9 9
Jorge22 8 10 8 10
Jose 9 9 7 8
Josey 10 10 9 8
Kristina 7 8 9 9
MichaelP 7 8 9 9
Moonpooka 8 8 9 9
Obig 8 9 10 10
Phil 9 10 9 10
Ruediger 9 8 9 9
Ryan 8 9 9 9
Sash 8 9 9 9
Selene 10 8 10 10
sonnyd83 10 10 10 10
Sutekh 7 8 9 9
Torry 6 9 6 8
Treeble 6 7 5 7
TRTheoP 10 9 9 8
release date: 13-Jan-2005
# of downloads: 108

average rating: 8.55
review count: 28
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file size: 35.60 MB
file type: TR4
class: Castle

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
""What you're gonna do?" Well, I'm gonna mute the background audio for sure. Oxy's levels are usually too out there, too happy random for me to enjoy, and this one was no exception. I appreciate all the unique custom objects and textures, but the audio selection is questionable and the second the baby voice cried for help I felt embarrassed. Then it came a second time. This level also houses the most annoying Tinnos wasp encounters I've seen in a long while (if not ever). 40 minutes, 4 secrets. 08/21" - Treeble (29-Aug-2021)
"I thought that this was even more wonderfully wacky than Oxy's previous efforts, if such a thing were possible. In this one, poor Skelly has passed away (I think that's probably true for any skeleton, though) and his last will and testament is being read to his nearest and dearest. As you would expect, objects, textures and lighting are well up to standard, and music is rather off the beaten track (although I personally didn't find it to my taste, but that's immaterial). In the gameplay section, I did feel that some parts were a little too obscure (having to shoot the black angel near the end for instance had me puzzled, seeing as Lara wouldn't target it) and there was a bit too much backtracking in spots. Also not a fan of fighting Tinnos wasps in enclosed spaces. Still, a recommended experience - as any of Oxy's output." - Ryan (16-Mar-2019)
"Sorry but I found this level quite vapid. Sure this was an attempt at imparting some humour to the TR genre but it was lost on me I am afraid. The custom objects were nice but seemed to serve no purpose. The general raid was quite ok though. Here is what I did not like. Fire tiles everywhere. Push able blocks that could not be discerned easily. Chickens clucking "In the Mood" and the worst was at the end, the Black Angel that Lara would not target. How the hell is the player supposed to discern that it must be shot so that it would drop grapes or blueberries or whatever they where? Not to mention that interminable fly buy where all the characters were rocking to a tune (Natla playing the air guitar on her trident no less). Sorry Oxy." - Torry (25-Jun-2018)
"Oxy managed to design a very interesting level with intriguing gameplay and story. Puzzles can sometimes be a little tricky but for me they are the heart of this level. The atmosphere is very nice and Lara faces some strange events such as skeletons playing piano, birds and lions asking her for help and even her outfit was strange but at the same time perfect. I really liked the secrets and how some of them were connected to each other. The last battle with the black angel was a nice touch to finish this level. The only drawback that I could find is that sometimes lightning didn't fit well with the rooms. For example, in the hall before the first piano skeleton, Lara is totally black due to incorrect lightning feature. Conclusion: A strange level that everyone should definitely download and play. Lara is dressed just for the occasion and is ready to come across all the weird stuff that a skeleton's last will desires. Highly recommended for those who want to deal with some tricky puzzles and gameplay." - TRTheoP (20-Jun-2018)
"This is quite a sombre level since skeleton has very sadly passed away. You begin this outing in skeleton's house surrounded by all his loved ones, including the baddy from TR5 oddly enough. I'm not sure one or two of the sound clips in this level are quite suitable (e.g. one of the 60s pop songs). One of the sound tracks is quite gothic in nature which is fitting. And regarding sound, I notice the bike sound plays occasionally when using the inventory. Then the nightmare begins. The house, or rather, dungeon, is a death trap, full of flames, bees, spikes etc. The skeleton playing the piano was a nice addition, although getting past him is tricky. The tasks are done in an interesting way and include block puzzles, lighting flames, avoiding skeletons, a bit of shimmying, lever pulling etc. Some repetition of tasks such as getting past flames but everything is nice and compact so not much backtracking. A revolver is collected and much of that section is centred around collecting this and shooting a target to get a door open. I'm not sure if the cartoonish sounds when a bird or woman are trapped is annoying or amusing, still the effect is nice. More of the same tasks and baddies in the next area, but the effects are nice in here, including the exploding object which turns into a leopard, and the well framed fireplace. When you place the black heart, a rainbow appears, which is another thing which makes this level unique. The ending is not like anything I've seen before! Who else can combine such light heartedness with a boss fight? All in all , I'm SO glad I download it! The architecture, lighting and texturing are almost flawless and well built, everything is nice and compact not spread out all over. In terms of atmosphere the game has a dark comical feel to it, almost surreal. Net gameplay 1 hour." - sonnyd83 (05-Aug-2012)
"As always the creativity of Oxy is something that jumps out and is sort of a trademark now. This time is it about finding the Skeleton's Last Will. With quirky music you sometime have to laugh whether it is your taste in music or not. You better find the meat for the tiger before going there or else you not only have a very hungry tiger on your hands but you will get also pretty hungry in that room. There are a few small bugs, but hey, who cares." - Gerty (23-Apr-2012)
"Only now I am playing all Oxy's levels, and this one is, in my opinion, the best one up to now. I loved the gameplay and puzzles; Oxy's fertile imagination is mightly present here, and blessfully not so colourful and wild as in other games. The game field is not so large and complicated; and the textures (one of Oxy's weak points) were certainly improved. Thank you very much, Oxy, for this little time of pure pleasure." - Josey (27-Jun-2011)
"This level pretty much delivers what you expect to find in an Oxy level - the unexpected. Made in a neat macabre style - set in an underground cellar in a lot of ways this reminded me of "Grim Fandango", also in how it managed to confuse me massively at times - because as usually, it seems some of the tasks make sense to the author herself only, but generally this isn't a very complicated affair - I liked some of the gameplay ideas, especially at the start with the monkey swing, and the settings are as wacky as you'd expect them to be - though the various mystery inhabitants like the lady in green, the mantises, Von Croy in his red suit, tigers and birds help to set the atmosphere as well. There's a plethora of new objects, including a funny mourning outfit for Lara, and if there are any complaints - then maybe there was too much action in the crawlspaces - and as usually - maybe it would've been better if some of the tasks had been less cryptic - but I guess that's subjective to the each player. As always - a recommended raid." - eTux (23-Aug-2008)
"This was the first level I played and actually completed by Oxy and it absolutely made me want to try the rest. Skeleton has hidden his will within his mansion and now its up to Lara to find it. I loved the level from beginning to end and it really captured me from the first moment. The puzzles were of average difficulty and it took me a bit of time and help to figure them out. The entire level is a puzzle in itself, it's all about finding where to go, opening hidden passages and navigating around the mansion. Everything you do can(and will) open doors and gates that lead you towards the end of the level. As for the atmosphere; what can I say??? Definetely one of the best parts of the level. Lara looks awesome in that red outfit and I really love the other characters as well, such as the young girl. They fit in, everything fits in. There's nothing bad to say about it at all. I was really impressed with the overall looks and atmosphere of the mansion and the combination between grey and gloomy walls, white cobwebs and brown wood was elegantly set up side by side with lovely spring colours, making Skeletons Last Will as pleasurable on the eye as with everything else. You really get the feeling of being inside an old, dusty mansion and from what I have seen and heard from Oxys other levels, she is one of the best mansion levelbuilders there are The ending was really adorable I think. The sound was absolutely ace!!!!! Some of the music is amusing, while other parts are fabulous. Nightwish is my favourite band and the fact that Oxy has used parts of their music in this level only made me fall even more in love with it from the very start!!! The music is very even and is present through almost the entire level. At times only as sounds of howling winds and other times as well-composed music which fits the level like a hand in a glove. The enemies were not the hardest part of the level and that's the only part which doesnt get a full score from me. The reasons is that the enemies were few and far between. They consist mainly of giant wasps, a few skeletons and a wraith which wasn't as hard to get rid of as they usually are. The gameplay in overall was terrific. An indeed beautiful level which is absolutely worth to download and play" - Selene (07-Feb-2006)
"Lara enters a dungeon featuring many traps, enemies and strange encounters like skeletons playing piano. The dungeon is excellently designed, within little space such a lot of rooms! And although there is often the need to return to areas already known to do something that wasn't possible before, it is never a long way. Monkey-swinging, seeking switches and pushing blocks keeps you busy, but those Tinnos wasps are hard to fight because they come in groups. Every time I heard the buzzing again, I almost dropped my keyboard. After feeding the tiger and releasing a lady in a green dress from her cage, you enter the small, but impressive outdoors area. The grasshoppers are fighting just for show - the real enemy is the black Angel of Death in the corner, but he's easily set on fire. I was happy about the walkthrough, because putting blueberries into a glass wouldn't have come to my mind. The choice of objects and music (from the Chicken Song to Brahms' Hungarian Dance no.5) is wonderful and gives Oxy's World the personal touch. One thing I didn't like was the Lara "object" herself, because the strange coloured hair and the look down to the floor while crawling (even when shooting a grate in front of her) were out of place. Lara witnesses the reading of the dungeon owner's testament and enters the Otherworld with a white angel for guardian. This bizarre ending with a religious touch, breaking through to a better world, and the death obsession of the level's story make me think there is something deeper to it than the fun on the surface, but I don't want to interpret too much. The main thing is, it was great fun playing. Took me slightly over an hour." - Ruediger (29-Oct-2005)
"I think Oxy has finally lost her mind! We all know she is the mistress of mansion levels and she loves to add cute quirky themes in said levels but it seems something has really overtaken her with this level. Not only do we have Lara all dressed up looking a little like an extra from the 'Omega Man' in hooded pantsuit looking for a will for a dying skeleton (me thinks it was the lack of skin that finally did him in) but we also along the way collect a slab of meat for a secret, yes meat, stinky hidden away probably more rotten than Skeleton's decaying carcass meat, now I don't know about you but I don't want to be finding animal products for my secrets, I'm sure Marilyn Monroe never sung 'Meat is a girl's best friend', no, no she didn't, thankfully though for good measure Oxy did throw in a diamond as a secret so I was slightly placated. So anyway I'm going on playing the level, still feeling slightly queasy over that meat tucked away somewhere on my person, and here comes a panther/tiger/something in that cat family just don't ask me cause I'm no zoologist, anyway suddenly I have to turn into Siegfried and Roy and feed that meat to the starving beast, thank the lord that it didn't catch the eye of an audience member as I wasn't in the mood to be savaged by it and dragged off stage ala Roy because that would have put me in a right narky frame of mind. Finally getting to the end of this odd adventure I saw before me the tattered remains of what Oxy's poor feeble mind must have been like if you could peer inside it, I stood in a garden with the Grim Reaper floating in mid air playing air guitar while two giant grasshoppers were playfighting close by. My heart broke, Oxy was obviously so close to the brink of insanity nothing would bring her back. But hey she has now brought out Day Castle so I guess the insane do have an artistic side! I really, truly loved this adventure, it was intriguing, fun, and just plain Oxy from the start right to the finish. Well done!" - Sash (26-May-2005)
"Another original level by Oxy. Like previous levels, this is very psychedelic, the action is into an old mansion and includes a lot of new objects and original puzzles and textures. When you crawl, Lara don't look ahead, she looks down to floor (?). The new sounds are not bad, but sometimes they are used like background music and some sounds are not appropriate for this. Torch appearance like a candle is great! You'll have to give food to a feline too, what a task! Definitively, author worked more over the objects and textures than over geometry and design, the visual is the most important in the level. Rooms are small but gameplay is good. If you like original and strange/rare levels you will like this one." - Jose (08-Mar-2005)
"A somewhat confusing game with a lot of crawling and a lot of block pushing. Lara has to search a creepy cellar for the last will and testimony of Skeleton. A crazy story, and there are many crazy songs and other things in the level. Towards the end there is some very funny stuff, but sometimes I felt that the level didn't hold together. There are some good traps and puzzles, though. When I played, there was an annoying 'knocking' sound, which began when the door to the sarcophagus room opened and continued until the end, except during certain songs. There are enemies, but you soon have weapons to dispose of them easily. Just don't wake up the skellies too early. You might prefer to fight the wasps with pistols, though, to make it a little bit more challenging. As expected, this level has many great custom objects and custom textures." - Bogey (07-Mar-2005)
"Well here is another great and of course wacky level from oxy. Everyone should know by now that our dear Sophia is the queen of fun, humourous and mad levels, and she has done it again! The story in this level is that Skeleton has decided to rest, and has hid his will and testimony somewhere in the dungeon. Before he can go to heaven the will must be read, so this is a job for Lara! The level is tougher than her previous ones, there are more traps which means you will be reloading more often. Of course this doesn't affect the gameplay at all! You start off in a little library type room, which leads onto a bedroom where you see a somewhat amusing scene of the skeleton dying with people and other skellies around. It made me laugh because in the background was a voice which I am pretty sure is from a disney film crying 'no!' lol. After that you make your way through a dungeon full of cobwebs, some skeletons and some wasps, so you can free a trapped damsel. It starts to get more colourful after that, and you meet a very cute looking panther (or tiger? not sure lol) which you can feed for a secret. It gets more zany after that with a very colourful garden which has a hilarious tune of a chicken singing, a dancing ghost and some giant crickets! The level looks great, it's nice and colourful in parts and I really like the little rainbow that appeared when you place a few items. The only enemies were a few skeletons and some wasps (which are tough when you have only pistols).The music was amusing, such as a man singing lulu's hit 'shout' and of course the chicken, also there was tweety bird speaking in between. There was also a nice piano tune in some parts. The only song which got on my nerves a little was this mad song with two guys singing about dogs playing basketball and cats on telephones lol it was funny at first but when it plays over it does make you a little crazy lol. The end brought a big smile to my face too. All in all, a very fun level which I recommend to everyone, play it now!" - Aims (10-Feb-2005)
"Now, this is so different from anything else it becomes hard to rate... This is psychedelia land in some other galaxy's stratosphere and the very most unique of Oxy's unique levels so far. Nothing is real or even approximately real, the game looks like some dark comedy and grows to a very theatrical ending when Skeleton reads his last pythonesque will and then some surrealistic wolf dedicates a song to little red riding hood. Meanwhile, there are ways to find, traps to overcome, tasks to perform, including feeding a nice white tiger. I must say, though, that not everything is very obvious and that can be a minus for the game... For instance, it seems like I could have placed the golden bird by a white bird in a room but I never did and the game proceeded just as well (in fact, I tried to place it but I couldn't). And I passed in the middle of some bars near the red gem on the wall that counted as a secret. Was I supposed to? Well, I guess I probably was. But the gem was there long before I ever got the crowbar and why would I get back later just to pick it up? And it isn't that obvious to shoot the demon in the garden with the white bird and the mantises even though I did. Nor is it that obvious that the eel will work as a cross to extinguish the angel/wraith. And the blueberries aren't at all obvious either. Finally, what about the soup? Was I supposed to have used it somewhere? Anyway, don't think I didn't like the game, I just thought it was confusing to some extent but it certainly excels in originality. Another thing that is unique to this level is all the loop music it uses. Fortunately, the songs are well chosen in the spirit of the game and never become irritating. One thing I disliked was some problem with Lara's head: when she was crawling, it was, for some strange reason, always bent down. But I did enjoy Skeleton's Last Will a lot, always something else, always surprising. If you already know and like Oxy's levels, you'll know (more or less) what you can expect. If that's not the case, I dare you to play this and be most certainly pleasantly surprised by a very personal style you won't find anywhere else. (January, 30 2005)" - Jorge22 (04-Feb-2005)
"What to expect from Oxy but the unexpected? A level that starts at the reading of the last will of a being that was already dead when it died. This one is mostly set in a dungeon and there are plenty of snares for the unwary. The rooms are not big but they have plenty to do and it's good to keep the eyes open so not to miss something important. Lots of quirky settings and wacky humor to liven up the proceedings (the chicken blues and wrestling mantises were great but I did get tired of the 'what would you do song'). Another must play from a unique talent." - Duncan (29-Jan-2005)
"What a joy it has been to see oxy's progression as builder and storyteller. She's getting trickier - finding the second (re-textured) torch took awhile and she's getting funnier. Her humor is quirky and off-beat and makes me wonder what kind of level would a partnership between oxy and Dick produce? Hope to see that one day. Before I start an oxy level I listen to her sound files - they are amazing and give me a glimpse of what is to come. As the voice says 'I can't wait to see what you do next'. Flares compass and a red handled revolver are re-textured - a nice touch. Our Lara has a unique outfit and she's wearing glasses. It's a look that I like. Lara's hands in an oxy level always look more defined then what can be found elsewhere. Although when Lara crawls there an odd low angle of her head. It seems only Lara can find the Skeleton's last will and must hunt throughout the house and dungeons to find it. As usual there are things to see here that you may not see anywhere else: An Angel of Death eels or are they giant worms?; Praying Mantises a white tiger that MUST have it's meat and piano playing skeletons. The cut scenes and animations are wonderfully done. I had a smile on my face (loved the spooky atmosphere) from the very beginning and had to laugh out loud at the reading of the will. Poor things but after all who doesn't like ice cream? Short but such fun. Again 'I can't wait to see what you do next' oxy. Thank you." - Bene (28-Jan-2005)
"Here we have another masterpiece level from Oxy in a long line of masterpieces. As usual just about all textures are original which brings with it the added fun of finding out what in Lara's inventory does what. The wasps are an unusual feature and along with 2 skeletons are the only enemies you will encounter. The ideas are original too with the tiger and the ghost to name just two. It is not a very difficult level although something I read confused me and had me emailing the author who was very quick in replying and friendly too. Coming to the end so soon was a bit of a surprise as I was enjoying it immensely not a very long level but I was hooked from start to finish." - Jez (23-Jan-2005)
"A new level from one of our most original and entertaining builders is always good news. Lara's mission is to find the skeleton's last will and testament hindered by fire spikes and the occasional Tinnos wasps. As usual the gameplay is fascinating the choice of audio quirky and funny and the objects and textures superb. I loved the piano playing skeletons the brightly coloured moray eels the giant praying mantises in the garden and most of all the beautiful white tiger. It's quite impossible to convey a proper sense of Oxy's levels you really need to experience them for yourself. I absolutely guarantee you will be amused and enchanted." - Jay (23-Jan-2005)
"This was an extremely fun level of game-play and I thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish. You are in this dungeon type place which was quite spooky in places but it also had some very nice humorous touches to it which had me laughing many a time as I wandering around in search of the skeleton's last will. During your search there are many traps that lay ahead of you some very nice puzzles to solve and just to make your mission that little bit more difficult and interesting you will encounter enemies like skeletons big mosquitoes and a wraith but there not too difficult to get rid off as you have the right weapons to dispose of them. I was very impressed with the room designs each room was very well laid out with some lovely objects placed in them making it most enjoyable to enter each room with some nice surprises there was a skeleton playing a piano the beautiful birds on their feeding bird table feeding the tiger with his meat to the group dancing sequence near the end. All the textures were carefully thought-out and everything blended in very nicely the lighting was done just right which gives you a great spooky atmosphere in this wonderful dungeon like adventure to finally reach a beautiful laid-out and most colourful garden area to finish and leave this wonderful adventure. I enjoyed this level very much Oxy and thank you so much for making such a lovely fun level of game-play for us raiders to enjoy." - Gill (23-Jan-2005)
"This is a charming little level as all of Oxy's are. After immersing myself for nearly three weeks in the BTB levels which after all tend to look rather alike after a while this one was a refreshing change of pace and had several unique touches. There was a psychedelic moray eel a pair of cavorting praying mantises a skeleton playing the piano a tiger which needs to be fed a hunk of meat before a door will open and some Warner Brothers inspired sound effects. There was also a hissing sinister taunt that presaged a few of the puzzles: 'I'd love to know what you're going to do next.' Much fun that took a little over an hour to play helped vastly by the author's clear and concise walkthrough. I could have done without some of the rock music however and I deleted one particularly annoying track that refused to stop playing. I don't think Oxy could ever compete in a guess-the-builder contest as her levels are as distinctive as a fingerprint. You'll love this one so download it and play it." - Phil (22-Jan-2005)
"Some people have skeletons in their closet well apparently Lara has some in her very family (which perhaps explains why her legs are so skinny in this level). There's a taste of the old adventure game 'Grim Fandango' and the Mexican 'Dia de los Muertos' here. Joyfully macabre I would say. As usual with Oxy the setting is colorful beautiful and imaginative. Would the lady be given a camera and some ILM special fx she'd probably come with something on par with Tim Burton's movies. Gameplay is good while still perfectible. You'll come across traps torches to lit (twice) nicely thought push blocks puzzles as well as some more unusual tasks which have become something like a trademark. Enemies are a tad too easy though as you're given heavy artillery quite early in the game and the level is too short (maybe because you just don't want it to end so soon). Music is excellent although I would have liked less loops. Make sure you listen carefully to the Skeleton's Last Will at the end and don't miss the swing dancing mantis. They're priceless." - Sutekh (20-Jan-2005)
"As always Oxy has created a delightful looking level brilliantly retextured objects and enemies and Lara in yet another great outfit. Because of these wonderfully retextured objects it's not immediately obvious what they are what they do and where to put them. This was great. So we are in a mansion of sorts once belonging to a skeleton! He has died and gone to wraith heaven. I actually laughed at the way he's sprawled on the bed while all his friends stand around looking sombre Von Croy two skeleton guards with swords and a lady dressed in green. We're here to find his last will and testament and we have some unusual tasks to perform along the way. I loved the garden part. It took me ages to notice that the black ghost actually leaves behind something to use. I particularly liked all that happens in the underground area with the coffin the two musical skeletons the climbing and shimmying and the toxic floors; also the block pushing puzzles and finding the unusual 'torches'. There are beautiful white birds perched on pedestals white tigers colourful water beasties annoying wasps ala Tinnos and skeletons popping up. Be aware that one wall of bars can be run through. Just to let you know after the water area do not use the gate key on the door beside the green lady in the prison cell the way is now open for you to crawl back. You need that key for the final room. I finished the level without getting an extra secret. This happened because I didn't know I had to look for meat to feed the white tiger until I read about it. What a great imagination Oxy has. I always dive on her levels as soon as they are released. I hope you continue to enchant us for a long time to come Sophia." - CC (19-Jan-2005)
"This level has an amazing feeling. But I'm not wondering because every level from Oxy is amazing. She has the most beautiful castle-levels. Also in this we are adventuring in a castle. Our enemies are giant wasps and skeletons but we have many weapons against them. We have to solve various puzzles during the adventure. We have to perceive the movable blocks and the floor tiles marked with X. To gain the 4th secret is a special task which doesn't have influence on the gameplay but it's worthwhile to spend some time with it. The pickups are interesting and so are their usages. More we have to feed a white tiger with flesh in order to gain a secret. The crowbar also has two functions at a door and at gaining a secret. The sounds added to the adventure are also various from classical music until funny sounds we can find everything. I don't have words for the textures. These are Oxy's textures always presenting something new. Among the many the fighting mantises are an amazing sight. You have to play this masterpiece! :) You can find a Hungarian walkthrough (as we don't have English version) savegames and pictures here: " - Obig (18-Jan-2005)
"This level like the author is adorable. Here we find Oxy's usual talents in design custom objects and zany surroundings as we find skeletons will and wait to read it. You'll meet a host of characters tiger birds grass hoppers and many many more wonderful creatures in the spooky home of skeleton and pick ups are abundant. Traps are all over the place and care needs to be taken with health when tinnos wasps attack in pairs Oxy just loves her wasps doesn't she? lol It's easy to get lost as you will be opening several doors and crawl spaces but good shots are given and you just need to remember where you saw that place. Audios are fabulous; you'll laugh at some of the terrific songs and voices that pop out of the walls. I think Oxy's levels are unique humorous and so much fun the beautiful room designs are second to none but then she is our best mansion designer and doesn't hesitate to show off her talents once again. Placing objects to make things happen is really magical you get to feed a tiger release a girl and open up secrets by placing objects you find scattered throughout the house I just loved the freeing of the birds as they flapped on their perches. Please don't miss this level its superb in quality and a laugh a minute." - Moonpooka (18-Jan-2005)
"The author is famous for her great designing and custom objects. This level is as beautiful as the rest she has made and much fun to play. I had to laugh hearing Tweety in the level and I liked feeding the tiger placing a heart to free a princess and solving the moving blocks puzzle. The secrets are not hard but I enjoyed searching for them. The level is a little short or maybe we are having so much fun playing in her levels that are always asking for more. There's also some swimming involved and a few other items to find don't forget to light the torches on the wall with a nicely retextured wall you'll get. Lately the author creates her levels with humour which makes them rather unique and I like this addition very much. I found four secrets and urge you to play this." - Kristina (17-Jan-2005)
"You simply have to love oxy's creativity and the way she always has a little fantasy story around her levels. This one is no different and a joy to experience. Gameplay is surprisingly linear and aside from the occasional deadly floor tile and spike trap not all that dangerous. The dozen or so wasps and a bunch of skeletons are not too hard to deal with as you get ample weaponry. As usual in Oxy's levels you encounter great custom objects like the sword (crowbar) a loving heart birds a nice candle (torch) a tiger you need to feed to get a secret and many more. There are a few sneakily hidden switches and pushable blocks. There was a bit much crawling maybe something seemed wrong with the camera targets and there are at least two possible situations where you can get stuck with no way further: one if you use a key twice in the same lock and once if you miss to light the second torch and need to go back there to do so. But it's a short level at just under an hour so a bit of replaying if you did not keep a savegame doesn't do much harm and the music is lovely anyway. Very different to the norm and very enchanting at that!" - Michael (16-Jan-2005)
"This is another fun well made level from this extremely talented designer. The enemies you meet are Tinnos wasps skeletons and a wraith. Traps consist of spikes and deadly floor tiles. The puzzles are well done and you need to think before moving the push blocks if you want to find everything. Lara will use most of her moves and there is one timed run which does not cause any problems. The custom objects are very well made and feeding the Tiger is a must in order to reach all the secrets. When I saw the black skeleton floating in the air I expected it to start attacking like the ghost in TR5 but it's quite harmless. I also found two pickup items which are not used in game. There is one bug which Oxy has mentioned in the forums which can prevent you finishing the game. Also when using the rope swing Lara tends to pass through the wall probably a bug with the game engine. The only things I did not like were the outfit but that's only because it's not to my taste. And I thought it needed just one or two extra cameras showing when things happen/where to go next. Overall it's a great fun level to play." - Bedazzled (15-Jan-2005)