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Evil knows no Boundaries by EssGee

Anurag 10 10 10 10
Bigfoot 10 10 10 10
Blue43 9 10 10 10
CC 10 9 9 9
Christian 9 9 10 10
dantheraider 10 9 10 10
Deekman 8 10 10 10
DJ Full 7 9 8 8
Duncan 10 10 10 10
Dutchy 9 10 9 10
Engelchen Lara 10 10 10 10
eTux 9 10 10 9
Feats 9 9 9 9
Gerty 8 10 10 9
Ivan 10 9 10 10
Jay 10 10 10 10
JoeTheCrazyGamer 10 10 10 10
Jorge22 8 10 10 10
Jose 4 8 9 9
Kristina 8 9 9 9
Lizard Queen 10 10 10 10
manarch2 8 9 9 9
MichaelP 8 10 10 10
Mman 9 9 9 8
mugs 10 10 9 9
Petaludas 7 7 9 9
Phil 9 10 10 9
QRS 10 10 10 10
Robobok 8 9 9 9
Ruediger 9 10 10 10
Ryan 10 10 10 9
Sash 9 10 10 9
Sutekh 10 10 9 10
Torry 10 10 10 10
Treeble 10 10 10 10
young Lara Croft 9 8 8 8
release date: 17-Jun-2005
# of downloads: 151

average rating: 9.40
review count: 36
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file size: 30.70 MB
file type: TR4
class: Mystery/Horror

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"This is an evil castle/cathedral type setting that makes use of mostly custom assets. Some of the larger rooms and areas look very impressive (like the starting courtyard which I recall being a quite iconic view at the time), but a lot of the linking areas are quite simple and cubic, although there are some exceptions. The lighting is good throughout and sells the horror style theme well. It also makes use of many custom objects, and I think this was the origin of a lot of the statues, gargoyles and other objects and reskins that have been used in a lot of spooky gothic settings since, though I'm not sure if it was the first. There's also things like spiral staircases and curved corridors that reminded me of A Witch Shall be Born (although that level holds up better overall visually) which seemingly came out at a very similar time.

There are two levels, although they're mostly treated as one large level with the movement through them being quite linear. I recall this being pretty infamous for it's difficulty on release, and it still has a few surprises, with some tricky timed runs and precise jumps. The start is actually one of the harder parts though, as you get an obscure pushblock and jump-switch followed by some curved jumps and, soon after, a precise sloped jump. The difficulty stays quite high but it calms down a little past that start sequence outside of one or two difficulty spikes. There are also some trap sequences, although the new sawblade trap is pretty flawed as it's hitbox is bugged and doesn't match with the actual object much at all.
Combat is relatively rare, but you do only have the Pistols and a Magnum if you find the secret with it, which gives it a little bite at times, although it's mostly pretty simple (and the Zombies are actually killable here). I had an issue where lit torches disappeared between levels, which led to a scare as I thought I had ran out of them, but it turned out there was an extra near where another was needed so it worked out. Some shootables are also a little obscure, but just shooting some slightly suspicious looking stuff worked out in the couple of times where it was issue, although at a moment near the end I basically lucked into working it out. Outside of the difficulty it's not especially long and keeps a decent pace if the occasional slightly sneaky switch (which is usually at least close to where it's needed) doesn't hold you up. While it has aged a bit it's still a fun release with a great atmosphere and some good moments, although the less experienced might suffer some frustrations." - Mman (28-Jul-2023)
"EssGee is one of the masters of the craft, not only his levels pack quite a lot of atmosphere and engaging gameplay, but often also work as a great showcase of new objects. In this case, it's impossible not to notice the spinning doors or the TR1 style rats (took me a while to realize why they took forever to die, later on I understood they're likely replacing crocodiles). The saw blade traps were hard to get through though, made the few trap gauntlets rather difficult but otherwise this was a pretty chill level, mostly focused on getting around with the action beats now and then. Definitely worth your time. 60 minutes, 3 secrets. 01/23" - Treeble (08-Jan-2023)
"The title drew me in to this TRLE but I feel the builder took the title a little too literally when building this level haha! A very challenging raid for myself! Some really tricky jumps, you got banana jumps, blind jumps with heavy turns and timed runs aplenty! Enemies were pretty cool I liked the designs of the Demons and Vampire/Zombies. The content of the level while challenging was really good and the level in general was well put together. Oh and also the outfit Lara is wearing is amazing very nice Purple Dress! If you like a challenge this will be right up your alley, if you're a beginner maybe put this to one side until you feel more confident to take it on. Would recommend for sure but like I say not for the faint of heart!" - Feats (16-Oct-2022)
"Graphics are weird but I also know they were meant to be - it's in fact one of very few horror levels which use that idiosyncratic style to heighten the impression of outworld place without crossing my uncanny valley. Much appreciated are voice lines and cutscenes which contribute to fuller storyline delivery, and sound isn’t bad as well, though I would like more variety in ambience than just a single demonic track. Gameplay varies from random to cruel and largely responsible for the “cruel” part is the broken collision of the sawblade trap - if that one thing worked properly, the fairness factor would be much better. What could also help are more camera hints. Applying those fixes would shift the underwater timed run to be the single local peak of difficulty, making it much easier to endure. I liked combat here, every enemy was good, not a frequent thing that happens in custom levels. Overall this is another horror game which is better played on stream than in single player, but nonetheless quite recommended and unique in its style." - DJ Full (06-Oct-2021)
"Why noone mentioned the best thing in this trle...the outfit of Lara ofc!!Except of that we have a unique atmosphere for this king of mystery level.Great halls , great big central areas, story ok, great enemies and music.The only annoying and maybe buggy were these spinning blades which i hate and their noise even more!" - Petaludas (10-Apr-2020)
"This is amazing, Dont play this level if you scared easily, During this level we have Zombies and some weird creatures (Whatever they are). This level can be difficult on a first time play through and The creepy atmosphere does not leave you, there are time runs, and alot of demons and interesting puzzles. Took me 2 hours to complete." - JoeTheCrazyGamer (25-Jul-2017)
"This level was great. Very atmospheric! Nice custom enemies to give a bit of flair to it. Can't complain about lighting or textures. Well done EssGee." - Ryan (19-Dec-2015)
"This is a great 50 minute level which is very professionally crafted, full with a nice storyline, innovative object usages and a very eerie atmosphere. Everything feels just about right here, but it just did not click perfectly with me. While the setting is indeed very atmospheric, it just didn't feel uttermost impressive to me - the geometry feels a bit too simplistic and relies too much on the scale of the rooms and not on smaller finesses. Overall though, it's still highly believable in its fantasy style, the music choices are perfect as well as the excellent flybys. The visuals are also very strong, with nearly faultless texturing and only sometimes a bit too flat. The object design covers up several shortcomings though - although it could've been even better in terms of room decoration- and the custom animations are giving this level its very special charm. Gameplaywise, there's quite a bit of variety in this level, from finding several extremely well hidden items (some of them... argh!) to several interesting puzzles and other tasks, before hell literally breaks loose and you have to get through a very challenging trap gauntlet. The torch puzzle is a bit problematic, though, because there are too many opportunities to lose the torches (may it be a leveljump or throwing it down a shaft where you can't get up). The two curved jumps needed (in the starting area) and the timed swim are rather doable IMO. Instead, the gameplay often relying on finding the next hidden item (while nothing being too obscure) is more questionable, because I think there could be more action like in the last part of the level or clever puzzles rather than this kind of exploration. Nevertheless, I had a very good time in this level which is so much different from the usual raid, and definately should be played for the atmosphere and the storyline alone." - manarch2 (27-Jul-2014)
"It's an old level but I never play it when it was released and it's my only regret because this game was wonderful. I really enjoying this adventure in two levels in this gloomy cathedral. There are a very nice spooky atmosphere with the different audios and enemies. The gameplay is classic but very well done and not really difficult. The game is also very well build, I really like the circulars rooms like the giant hall with the two "trolls?? ---> very nice enemie". So to conclude an exellent adventure finished in 1h18 with the 3 secrets. :-) Very recommended." - BigFoot (10-Jul-2014)
"Loved the gothic setting of this level and enjoyed the adventure all the way through. For some weird reason this level has been in my downloads folder for months, I started it but never got the change to play in one sitting, but I don't regret the long hiatus, because I was only 5% through it , so I still remember the beginning. All the areas were challenging and very well executed and it had a special feet to it. The atmosphere was good, liked the enemies and puzzles. What I'd wish for would be cutscenes in the areas for the doors I've opened , that was lacking and sometimes confusing. A good recommendation!" - young Lara Croft (14-Jun-2014)
"8) Evil Knows no Boundaries (8,9,9,9) Total = 35/40 (87.5%)
Quite enjoyed this doom filled place; it felt like I was playing inside some ancient religious structure until I looked up on occasion and was almost surprised to see the sky! This multiple areas making up this level worked well as a whole and oozed atmosphere right from the off. I must say I found it quite difficult though and had to refer to the walkthrough several times (admittedly some of these left me thinking,"Doh, of course!"). The only bit I didn't like, in fact I disliked it enough to remove a point, was the forced jump at one point round a block on a ledge. Very difficult to execute and smacks to me of 'pixel perfect' gameplay which just didn't exist in the original TR games. Having said that, the positives far outweigh the negatives and this was a worthy raid.
Previous Level - One Day in Venice. Next Level - South America 1-3." - Robobok (26-Aug-2011)
"Saving a soul is always a great moment. The author is one of the greatest artists on the builder-scene. So many refreshingly new ideas, well performed into stunning - sometimes challenging- gameplay. Often the way between the levels is not obvious enough, so taking the walkthrough is needed sometimes even to experienced explorers. A wonderful game all in all. New round texturing is to be admired, lightning and textures show a high potential of creativity even known by this author and seen improved in later levels. A spooky atmosphere makes it finally to a real adventure. This is artwork." - Christian (07-Aug-2011)
"After reading raving reviews about "Beyond the Scion" and not having played it yet, I thought I look for a smaller level from the same builder and so the title of this one caught my attention. Gameplay & Puzzles: Excellent gameplay with many interesting twists and turns. Mostly easy to moderate with a couple of tricky jumps in the first part of game, but it really tightens up toward the end with a really hard double timed run and an additional monkey swing over burners. It sure felt like a lot of accomplishment when I finally managed it. Enemies, Objects & Secrets: The enemies are terrific in this one. I really enjoyed the 2 big cave trolls and a couple of fire demons. They are scary looking but fairly easy to combat, even if Lara has the pistols only. Other than that there were harpies, rats and a few zombies. The secrets were not hard to find. Atmosphere, Sound & Cameras: A great atmosphere with spooky sounds and the demon statues in some of the rooms make for a perfect atmosphere. You expect something to happen at any moment - just perfect. The mirror room looked beautiful. Lighting & Textures: Professionally built with great architecture and masterful applied textures and the lighting were right on in every room. Conclusion: A stunning level that should be on everyone's play list. I am looking forward to play some of the builders other levels. This one has definitely deserved it place in the hall of fame." - Blue43 (22-Sep-2010)
"Normally it's a typical beginner's mistake: make very large rooms and you kill the atmosphere as the place doesn't look real, is monotonously textured and lacks atmosphere. "Evil Knows No Boundaries" is just the opposite, the rare example of a "titanic architecture" level that has a dense atmosphere nonetheless. Everything looks so massive that you believe this is what a demon would build for his palace. The lights have a lot of variation in their colours, so it never looks dull. Now, Lara says "I ain't 'fraid of no ghost" and off we go into a sometimes confusing adventure (more than once I wondered what to do next), where we get back to places where we've been before, but in the end it all makes sense. Prepare to meet unusual enemies. The 2 trolls are funny, the red devils waving with forks turn out to be less dangerous than they seem at first. In the end, your sense of orientation will be challenged more than your fight techniques. Perfect cameras and some scary sounds add to the whole adventure. A must-play for everybody who is into dark castles." - Ruediger (07-Feb-2008)
"Last year when played this great level, and remembered little before when searched my base of about 10 GB levels found this very nice and little harder for playing, saw i not review. Atmosphere of green-dark and horror with very nice textures and domination of what is next to play? Statues - monuments are very great and made nice creepy atmosphere. Excellence work and very good for playing. :)" - Ivan (22-Oct-2006)
"Beautiful level, great atmosphere and all enemies were new for me, a kind op rocket propelled stingray and red hot deamons. Must say I got stuck in this level once in a while, like when you had to shoot some statues to open a door, the underwater maze with timed gates was quite fun too :-(, although when you knew the routine it wasn't too hard. The level was thrilling at times, like when those big rock like monsters came uot to play, when Boulders hit you on the head just when you say "Phew" after a hard jump., you got squashed by a surprise from above. Last timed run was great too, just through the gate and you get Spiked right away. In my opinion the level could have had some more cameras showing what happens while pulling a switch. There were some hard jumps around pillars, but not too much and the runs through those "hack-saws" were killing me (both ways) The last double hack-saw trap, the one with the Spikes in the middle was exeptionally hard, but isn't it always great when you finally get it right... Collecting some parts of Seals to be combined and used to open doors, you get a Crucifix to open more doors and finally you find the Eye of the Deamon which seams to break the power of the Deamon so the fair maiden can escape when Lara reaches the final room. Great level, could have used a MP or two extra, as I was totally out of health when facing the last 4 monsters. A "Must Play" level....22-12-2005" - Dutchy (21-Dec-2005)
"A waifish Lara is put into a very dark and deadly situation in a Cathedral possessed by evil spirits. In this one Lara gets to be a real hero. The setting has an excellent sense of design, and is enhanced by custom animations (the door animation is killer), custom objects such as the gargoyles and spiral stair, and re-skinned enemies that make them look fresh. This one understands the basics: make the level progressively harder as it goes, make the level look interesting and varied while feeling consistent, keep it interesting with different types of enemies and don't keep repeating the same enemies (for example, the zombies showed up early and didn't show up later), keep the game moving without too much back and forth, balance tough obstacles (those bloody saw blades!) with easier ones, and make the ending tough, but give the ending an emotional payback for the player. I thought the level was too dark, Lara was not given enough firepower, and the layout was not always logical. This one is tough in places, but not so tough as to ruin the fun, and it works in all the ways a level should work. An absolutely superb raider experience!" - Duncan (24-Nov-2005)
"No, I guess it doesn't have any boundaries and this is no more evident than by the hideous timed trap gauntlet near the end and the nerve-racking wall blades that are just pure evil to get past. These little hellish elements, that I in fact thought were fiendishly clever, are just part of what in the end is a wonderfully atmospheric and exciting level set in a gothic castle complete with attacking gargoyles, swimming rats, and devils (just your average run of the mill gothic castle cohorts...hehehe). There are some fantastically cool effects, such as the sinking floor timed trigger tiles, and the great use of actual curved staircases and walls gave this level a whole fresh new feel. I do have to say that one pick up that seems not to be there is a bit of a nasty inclusion and had me wondering what to do, but a little forum help pointed me in the right direction. I finished this missing out on the revolver secret but getting the other two in just on 80 minutes and had myself a really great time." - Sash (01-Nov-2005)
"Wow, this is a great level. I love this level. There were some parts that were okay, the blade traps were okay, but I love how he used boulders, spikes for of different types of traps, I really loved the mirrior room." - dantheraider (04-Oct-2005)
"Set in the appropriately spooky architecture of an old church. Deceptively simple in that it really is easier than it seems. Don't let that stop you from playing though - it's no beginner's level. Wonderfully designed villians and some halacious timed jumps, but overcomable. The ways some of the doors opened were an effect I'd never seen before. Very cool. The music and sound really add to the creepiness of this adventure. A must play." - Deekman (10-Sep-2005)
"I've never been a fan of dark levels, not even when the darkness is logically and intentionally a key factor in the level's theme. I damned 'The Imprisoned Spirits' with faint praise not long ago because of this, although I recognized and applauded the trademark creativity exhibited by George M. in what can legitimately be called a masterpiece. But somehow the darkness in 'Evil' did not detract in the slightest from my enjoyment of the gaming experience. To be sure, 'Evil' is not designed for those of the fainthearted among us. If not for Lizard Queen's marvelous walkthrough I would have been hopelessly lost in short order. Although I would certainly have played 'Evil' eventually, I played it earlier (8/05) than I normally would have because of the furor engendered by one of its reviews. (See, negative publicity can have its positive consequences.) This TR-challenged player found the first of the infamous banana jumps to be a piece of cake, largely because of Lizard Queen's care in verbally positioning the player just so. However, the jump for the second secret late in the game was an entirely different matter. I found it impossible to execute and after about the 50th attempt (my definition of impossible) I enabled the flycheat and went on my merry way. My reasoning is simple: Life is short, and there are many things competing for my attention at any given moment, so if a certain task cannot be accomplished with a reasonable investment of time and effort, then it's time to move on to Plan B. This certainly doesn't make the builder a bad person, though, and I would consider it unfair to diss the entire level simply because I was unable to do what others more co-ordinated than I were able to do. End of sermon. I especially enjoyed Lara's unique look, and the variations of the enemies were a sheer delight. (That big momma at the end almost made me wet my pants.) The timed sequences were somewhat tight at times but fair, and I didn't experience undue anxiety conquering them (again, thanks largely to Lizard Queen). EssGee considers this his best level. I dunno, I still prefer Star Wars. But 'Evil' is a mighty fine level. Download it and play it. Without the walkthrough, if you dare." - Phil (28-Aug-2005)
"Having played this on the minute it came up for a download, I immediately played it for a second time when Dutchy was staying over before the Meeting in Lage. Unfortunately we couldn't finish it so that I had to do on my own again. At the start I had to stand still at that broken down cart and watch that wheel turning and squeaking, creepy, like that just happened seconds ago. Overall the level oozes atmosphere and I felt I had to look over my shoulder (or Lara rather) as you never know what would happen. Well for some encounters I jumped in my chair. The game for me was rather confusing at times and I must have walked back and fro quite a lot to figure out what to do next. I hated those saws, that was precise timing at its best and the sound they made it even worse LOL. The timed runs were not easy (specially the last one) but persevere and you CAN make them. I loved the doors that pivoting in the middle. 15-08-2005" - Gerty (25-Aug-2005)
"Take running jumps and curve in mid air to land on the ledges around the columns are very tricky tasks and it is boring to reload and reload savegames to finaly get it, this is not a good idea for a level which wants to be a good level; the timed swims through the underwater tunnels were much too hard for me; and so ... This was a bad game for me because I don't like try to do the same task so many times.Yes, there are many good things in it (textures, architecture, some puzzles,...) and so I give high punctuations in the other sections, but the most important (for me) is the gameplay and I think is not very good. I'm sorry." - Jose (22-Aug-2005)
"Right from the start this is a superbly atmospheric adventure. The overall setting is actually rather simplistic from an architectural point of view but greatly enhanced with countless objects that gives this doomed castle a great sense of place. I really loved all the gargoyle statues, the great variety of suitably modified enemies, the ambience music that gives you the shivers when you choose to play this at might in the dark. Not to forget the several new animations built in here, which add to quite a few Wow moments, much like you would expect in a Josep Borrut level. Gameplay unfortunately does revolve too much around finding that next sneakily hidden crawlspace or jump switch and does not have a lot of puzzles involved and when it does I found it a bit far fetched, like shooting the two dark angels. But there is plenty of action in the 90 minutes, especially towards the end with plenty of traps (I really hate those circular saws, as I lost massive health on each of those), a whole bunch of enemies all at the same time and a fun double timed run that is not too hard with a bit of practice. So, overall a really great gaming experience that you should not miss and a truly wonderful scene at the end." - MichaelP (15-Aug-2005)
"This is the first of Scott's levels I've had the pleasure of playing. Now, I'll admit I've avoided playing his levels in the past mainly because of the impression that his levels are very difficult. But this is gladly not the case, not at least with this one. Yes, there are some tight timed runs but the difference is that these timed runs are relatively short and therefore manageable, for which I thank Scott profusely. It is such a pleasure to play a challenging level and still not be hopelessly stuck, which is the sign of a brilliant builder. Not only is the gameplay stellar, but the attention to detail spectacular. The spiral staircase, reminiscent of Harry Potter scenery comes to mind, not to mention the most awesome door animation I've ever seen. It is this attention to detail that I appreciate just as much as good gameplay and is what I think makes the difference between a good level and a great one. Thank you, Scott for creating this masterpiece. I had a wonderful time playing it. Aug.2/05" - Lizard Queen (03-Aug-2005)
"Lara in a stylish dress, finds herself in a dark eerie looking castle, with gargoyles, walking dead, well fed and hard to kill rats, all guaranteed to keep you on your toes throughout this excellent level. Gameplay here is addictive, and even though some tasks are quite difficult, the level holds on to you and won't let you go until you've achieved your goal. There seems to be a battle between good and evil going on here, as the excellently retextured familiar enemies are red devils, gargoyles, giant trolls, mad dogs, ghosts, wraith, and well-dressed mummys. On the other hand we have angels, in the form of statues - one doing a sinister head turning job. Lara is here to destroy this evil by removing its power - the All-Seeing Eye. Very quickly it seems those red-eyed face textures mean something, something has to be done nearby, so keep an eye out for them. Some exciting moments to look forward to are: great tight timed swims, an unusual rope swinging exercise in a mirror room, boulder traps, and there are a number of torch puzzles. The torch can be carried between the two levels in this download. There are also two nasty horizontal blade gauntlets. Eventually we must do a tight timed run through two gates and monkey swing past more fire emitters. This part is quite a challenge. Although there are no camera shots for some actions, it becomes obvious very quickly what you need to do. This happens in the timed swims area, so saving often is recommended. Great spooky atmosphere throughout. I particularly liked the room with walkway over water and rows of gargoyle statues. Excellent flybys and animations, objects, textures, enemies and music. An excellent, memorable level. Highly recommended." - CC (01-Aug-2005)
"With having play-tested this before, and generally not finding Tomb Raider a very scary game to be I thought replaying the released version wouldn't do much for me. But with the wind blowing spookily outside the window, the rain pouring, and remembering fragments of 'Sleepy Hollow' and another horror movie, which's name I don't even remember - both of whom I watched the night before, this certainly gave the level a whole different feel to it. As can be guessed - the atmosphere here is fantastic, the deserted castle setting, the overall dark feel to it, the excellent use for all the custom objects both for decoration and as means of gameplay, especially the traps of which the level is full of here. And speaking of traps, this is the first Tomb Raider level since TR2's rig levels that scared me because of an actual phobia of mine in here - saws... what's even worse than their aggressive behavior is the sound they make, making me shake and not being able to do the jump needed to avoid them properly. But as the little snippet of text that appears on the start of the level - it's time to face your fears - if I wanted to get through I had to get past the diabolical machinery of the Devil himself and succeeded and actually am not that bothered anymore! But when you see what kind of timed runs the author has put in (especially the one at the end) one has to wonder if saws are really the thing to be afraid here? And if evil knows no boundaries, can we expect more evil evil-doings from the author's future levels? We can only wait and see... as for this one - do yourself a favour and play it, if you dare!" - eTux (28-Jul-2005)
"What I have to remember of this level is the design and not really the puzzles. Those gargoyle statues were amazing and the spiral staircase was something I haven't seen before. The gameplay though is a bit 'slow', I was a little confused at times but got through pretty easy. The enemies are demons and huge creatures that fortunately got stuck on a pedestal and Lara didn't have to fight them after all. The cut scenes are nice, especially the one with the angel. There is a torch puzzle, seals you need to find, timed sequences and new beautiful objects. I could have used a few more cameras though. The music was great and added to the atmosphere. I found two out of three secrets and had fun playing this level." - Kristina (27-Jul-2005)
"Great level with many new enemies and a spooky atmosphere well set in. It is one of the best custom levels I ever played. Thumbs up, EssGee, great work." - Anurag (24-Jul-2005)
Maybe the darkest level I've ever played. Not talking about the lights here - they're perfect - but about the atmosphere. Which is simply incredible. The settings is stunning, the enemies are so well done I had to let them kill my Lara to get a better look at them and the sound is amazing - except maybe for those circular saws that were a tad too noisy for my fragile ears. On the gameplay department it is a difficult game. Many traps - and tough ones at that - some expert jumping and a good load of timed-runs. Research isn't that easy either, although not of the 'I'm wandering clueless' type and one particular secret is indeed devious. But I loved the difficulty, and so it's perfect gameplay too. The only thing that prevents me to give a neat four tens score are the camera, which angles sometimes really get in the way (and make you curse a lot). All in all, this level is a must so make sure you don't miss it. - Sutekh (11-Jul-2005)
Creepy place, with much tougher rats than usual. I have no idea why Lara is wearing a little cocktail frock. I mean did somebody send an engraved invitation to a formal raid or something? The atmosphere is really good actually and the objects and textures most effective, with some really cool 'special effects'. There's some really tight timed swimming to achieve and some fascinating looking enemies. The mirror room is something a little different and I could babble on about how much I loved every little bit of this level, but don't waste time reading this any more, just go and play it. - Jay (01-Jul-2005)
The Wonder from Down Under just gets better and better. Not a dull moment in this tad over an hour level which will be having you question the author's parentage. Nothing too devious about it though as clues abound, one just needs to keep his or her eyes open. A few tough runs through deathly obstacles, and one nefarious timed run that on first glance appears impossible but is in fact relatively simple. It's all in the timing folks. Enjoyed the return of the giant mutants although they fell to Lara's deadly aim far too easily for my liking. The underwater timed swimming events are cut close and you may find Lara's limbs becoming trapped in rapidly descending gates. Swim faster!! All in all a time fine raid that takes you away from the real world and after all, is that not what it's all about? - Torry (01-Jul-2005)
Truly great game, loved the ambiance, lots to do and varied. Detested the wall blades, oh my! Liked the enemies, namely the devils. There seems to be a problem with the second torch puzzle, which is when you find the torch if you get out of the room back to the outside without realizing the torch has to be lit there you may be facing a very severe difficulty - or impossibility - in getting back inside with the torch. Apart from that, all is great and fluent. The end is very interesting with all the enemies and traps but I must say I finished with only a bit of health. Well, at least I finished and I must say I'm glad I did. This is one of those games that show me customs haven't become boring. Give it a try. (June 28, 2005) - Jorge22 (29-Jun-2005)
I don't know what to say really. This is a top class tombraider adventure with stunning graphics, hard riddles and a very eerie feeling that makes you go on and on.. :) It was very hard in the beginning but eased off slightly later on IMHO. I found 3 secrets and compared to the difficulty during the levels, I found them to be quite easy actually. A lot of timed runs, tricky jumps that made the adventure even more interesting. What struck me most though, was the neat feeling of the levels, the enemies and the objects! The spiral staircase, the 'half moon bend' you swam too.. the devils, the huge bosses etc. I hope EssGee will make a sequel to this extremely good adventure! The only thing I did not like was the sound of the saw blades *arrhg* but that is nothing that can even come close to lower the score for this amazing double level. All tens from me. 2005-06-21 - QRS (22-Jun-2005)
Too bad that this level is already over was one of another kind. :-) Beautiful objects and many new ones, and new enemies as well...designed with much care :-) Brilliant....also architecturally nice rooms. Puzzles were well thought out as you sometimes get things much later and return to places. It is not difficult but you have to think quite a bit. And there are a few timed sequences that need a bit of practice. ;-).... Lara finds a precious artifact and I collected three secrets. Atmosphere was spooky and mysterious. I especially liked the sound when the enemies appeared. Near the end there are a few devious traps for Lara. Gameplay was simply top notch :-)...Scott turn some great ideas into a level.. ingenious :-) - Engelchen Lara (20-Jun-2005)
"Scott has given us a very cool game here and I had a great time playing it. You will be very impressed with new enemies and re-tooled objects, and I loved Lara's new deep purple ensemble. Lara's raid begins with the search for three seals (not the ball-balancing kind). Each door that is unlocked leads Lara deeper into the grasp of evil. She will need to be quick in the water and above it to meet the demands of several timed runs and swims. The timed swim seems very complicated at first, but you will get the hang of what's required in pretty short order. Lara must also run a couple of wretched blade gauntlets...evil can be a tad nasty, you know! Scott has made some objects invisible and his hint in his notes to use flares often is good advice. I suppose this is fair gameplay, but it can be a bit frustrating when there aren't any camera hints, etc....just be on your toes. I loved the ending when the gargoyles sink down (were they bowing, collapsing ?)...that's a very good touch! Well done, Scott!" - Mugs (18-Jun-2005)