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Mystery Land by Oxy

Aims 10 10 10 10
Andzia9 10 10 10 10
Bogey 8 9 10 9
CC 9 10 10 10
drguycrain 8 9 9 9
Duncan 9 10 10 10
Engelchen Lara 8 9 10 10
eTux 7 9 9 9
Gerty 7 9 9 9
Ivan 9 8 9 10
Jay 9 10 10 10
Jenni 9 10 10 9
Jez 8 9 10 10
Jorge22 8 10 9 9
Jose 7 8 9 10
Josey 10 10 9 9
Josi 7 10 10 9
Juno Jim 10 10 9 10
Kristina 8 9 10 9
Loupar 7 8 8 9
MichaelP 7 9 10 9
Obig 8 9 10 10
okuhtfesq 10 9 10 10
Phil 9 9 9 10
Ruben 10 10 10 10
Ryan 8 9 9 10
Sash 8 10 10 10
Selene 10 9 10 10
Shandroid 9 10 9 9
totizedger 7 9 10 9
Treeble 7 8 8 8
release date: 11-Sep-2005
# of downloads: 127

average rating: 9.19
review count: 31
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file size: 68.90 MB
file type: TR4
class: Fantasy/Surreal

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"This is the last level I had left to play from this author, as I'd stated before I always thought their levels were a bit "out there" and I still stand by the opinion that these levels are a bit of an acquired taste. Everything here is on brand: you get magical castles, cheery tunes, and a bit of a narrative playing out through gameplay. You go on a collect-a-thon to apparently reunite lovers separated by death. Important to note is that Lara is wearing a sleeping gown complete with a nightcap, so I suppose the whole mushroom plane crashing on the clouds and then her working through this area is all taking place deep in her dreams... Either way, if you enjoyed any of Oxy's offerings, you can't go wrong with this one. 70 minutes, 4 secrets. 01/23" - Treeble (29-Jan-2023)
"Here is another typically whimsical level from Oxy. Again, she went all the way and possibly pushed the Level Editor to its limits with all the custom objects, characters and animations that bring this fairytale to life. The music was probably a matter of taste, but a couple of the tracks had me humming and chuckling a bit, and the dancing birds and skeletons are a highlight. The well chosen textures are also a plus. Gameplay is generally exploration based and revolves mostly around key hunting, but there's a couple of object puzzles to spice proceedings up. It was a bit of a surprise to encounter giant spiders in an otherwise generally placid level, but that's not a gripe, just a comment. Guaranteed to get you in a good mood." - Ryan (19-Jan-2018)
"I do understand why this in the "Hall Of Fame". It all starts with a very impressive cutscene of Lara crashing her ship on top of the clouds in this Mysterious Land. Everything is professionally done except the gameplay being the worst part with a lot of running back and forth in a big area collecting important items, i liked the pushable puzzles very much though and also using grapes/spiderwebs as keys to open doors. Enemies are spiders and witches and you fight them in the most claustrophobic areas but there are not a lot of them so it didn't affect the gameplay too much. I felt that maybe it would have been even better without them as the spiders really got annoying especially at the maze part of the level. What i loved the most was the cutscenes they were so entertaining to watch and made with a lot of imagination, with very nice music playing. I really enjoyed my stay here and i highly recommend you to put it on your "To Play" list." - totizedger (23-Jul-2015)
"Another very creative, dreamlike level and this time you start in the clouds and have to make it safely to the ground. Oxy went all the way with objects and animated stuff as well as long flyby's to tell her story. You have to gather a lot of artifacts; all of them could have come straight from a storybook. The"nasty" streak in Oxy is that when she places enemies, you always encounter them in a narrow area and they are never alone. All in all you will be exploring quite a long time before you have all the stuff you need to free the happy couple." - Gerty (23-Apr-2012)
"I simply loved the colours of this level, particularly those of the area where Lara arrives after using the apples. In whole, a very beautiful and different level, full of unusual objects and displaying a rare creative talent. Textures? Almost perfect. Raid on, Oxy!" - Josey (29-Jun-2011)
"Mystery Land is by far one of the weirdest custom levels I have ever played.... not to say that is a bad thing. Textures, lighting, atmosphere, sound and cameras are all very well done, and the music was relaxing and nice to listen to while also fitting with the.. er... unusual scenery. The custom objects are the highlight of this level and are very nicely done and creative. The gameplay was fine, although this level felt like one big scavenger hunt at times. I though the enemies were annoying, especially since Lara never finds any guns and is stuck with the pistols the whole time. Also, making the secrets required to finish the level was a very bad idea; they are SECRETS after all! My final complaint is the movable block puzzle, which had to be done twice. Despite all my griping, this is a wonderful custom level, and everyone should play it!" - okuhtfesq (17-Jan-2010)
"What can I say, this is the one of the most beautiful levels. We can visit heaven and wonderful small village. Our task is to arrange two lovers, and they are...skeletons. But in the end, skeleton girl changed into human. Shame that it didn't happened the same with skeleton boy. Of course, we can meet few enemies, but they are easy." - Andzia9 (10-Mar-2009)
"This Oxy level was definitely not simple, even though you start out thinking, oh, the sweet Oxy will not make this level in the clouds very tough. HA! There are tough jumps and puzzles to go along with the whimsical setting and objects. This level was not my most favorite, but I did feel very good when I finally got to the level's end because this level was quite challenging. The atmosphere was lovely though and objects were top-notch, of course, as that is Oxy's specialty." - Shandroid (02-Nov-2008)
"Well I have played good levels and bad levels , fun levels and evil levels.This one is very different : it is extraordinary ! You must see all the crazy crazy inhabitants of Oxy`s world , listen to the fantasic custom music in this beautifully designed custom game which takes you away into a dream . Maybe you find better gameplays ,or objects and textures in other TRLE issues but the sheer overwhelming positive atmosphere of the adventure is simply unique. I rate it complete 10. If others don`t , I don`t care . Give it a try - You won?t regret it !" - Ruben (24-Aug-2008)
"I'm having a wonderful time going back to play these highly rated levels that I somehow missed the first time around. This one is a pure charm that will take you on the order of an hour and a half to complete. You're in something of a fairyland setting, with a lot of special effects thrown in, and you're left to deal with the relatively few enemies (the worse ones were the giant spiders) with only pistols in your arsenal. The lighting is bright and cheery and colorful, and I really enjoyed this offbeat change of pace. It's unabashedly feminine in its story line, but that doesn't detract at all from the gameplay. Selene has provided her typically through and clear walkthrough, and I'm glad I had access to it, as you have to travel this way and that, including up in the clouds, to find everything you need. Give it a try if you haven't already played it; you won't find anything quite like it. Highly recommended." - Phil (08-May-2008)
"It appears Lara is having a strange dream. There are several cut scenes in this level that reflect a lot of effort and choreography. This level is light hearted yet fairly challenging and lengthy. The colorful spiders and witches are imaginative yet make formidable opponents (i gave up and just ran away from the last witch). Don't pass up the secrets! You actually use them in this level. The colors are what impressed me the most. The level is so bright and cheery (even on the giant spiders of doom!). And the gardens are actually rather beautiful even if surreal. Definitely worth at least one play-through." - drguycrain (20-Feb-2008)
"A very imaginative level, but one could expect no less from the author. The music used here is really what sets it apart from most other releases I've played, but the neat ideas like climbing wines, the skeleton couple, the cute objects or the cloudland area set a rather unique tone as well and make the hour spent in this cloudland/castle setting quite memorable. Enemies like the mermaid guardians or funky spiders attack at the most inconvenient places, and gathering the 4 secrets results in a nice surprise closer to the end of the game. If I have any complaints - then sometimes some of the wacky elements seemed a bit random and incoherent, and the search for the numerous items in a vast environment like this one is not my favourite type of gameplay, and at times I would've appreciated at least a camera hint or two to nudge me in the right direction, or maybe a methodical approach from Oxy in how she places the items in the game, but that may be just me - and if you don't mind any of my criticisms - or even if you do - this is still a fun adventure to keep you occupied, so go ahead and dive right into Oxy's world and enjoy while it lasts!" - eTux (21-Nov-2007)
"Wonderful !!! What an imagination, Oxy !!! Challenging, and sometimes very funny. I hate spiders, but managed to elude them without loosing too much health. The music - where'd you get that music ??? Sometimes, when I was stuck trying a difficult move several times, I had to turn the speakers down to concentrate - LOL. With all the colors, and amazing things happening, you could probably make a simpler version, and it would be a real hit with advanced toddlers on the keyboard... [has anybody thought of the next generation of Tomb Raiders, who have been growing up, being ignored, while their parents played TR for over ten years ???] ...And they lived happily ever after, with their blue horses, dancing skeletons and red and yellow chickens... very nice ending..." - Juno Jim (18-Nov-2007)
"This is another of Oxy's uniquely imagative and humorous levels. Like in her previous level, the action is interspersed by numerous musical perfomances. Thus, these levels really belong to genre of their own. In this case, there is also a romantic touch. Will the ivory lovers get each other, to the chagrin of the witch(?) who keeps them apart? The gameplay mainly consists of looking for various items, some of which are cleverly hidden. There is also a pushable object puzzel that can be confusing at first. The enemies are few, but aggressive, some large venomous spiders, and a couple of beautiful but malevolent fairies. While it is a comparatively easy level, it is certainly not trivial. There is a bug near the end, so you don't have to find the last pick-up, but you are no cheater, are you?" - Bogey (10-Jun-2007)
"One of Oxy's best levels yet! This one was just stunning with fantastic music which really set the mood. As always, it was full of surprises and surreal fantasy images - and one of my favourite settings and themes: outside picturesque gardens! A lot of hard work and effort has gone in to this which is evident in the details of not only the surroundings, but also each character that Lara comes across, as well as the animated cut scenes (the choreography of the chickens and peacock-hat men dancing must have been a nightmare!). Oxy prefers to put Lara in a nice and picturesque setting with the goal to discover interesting things and to help animals and people, rather than to run around tombs blasting up the place, which makes it a nice change. I noticed that it was easier to know what to do with items when they were collected as a pedestal would often give a hint (as opposed to previous games whereby you'd pick something up and wonder what to do with it). Just the issue with the grapes, I was collecting those and not knowing what they were for. I find it more telling to actually show the door that needs to be opened in the first instance so the player knows what to get, how many and why. Gameplay was marred slightly with rather boring block-pushing puzzles, especially the second one which just about amounted to trial and error (not fun!). I thought some of the beautiful rooms and areas were wasted when Lara had only to collect one thing from there and there was absolutely nothing else to do. The animated cut scenes and flybys could have been a bit shorter too. Oxy's secrets are very interesting, I like the idea of finding two parts of a whole (snail shell and slug part), but thought it was wasted when they couldn't be used for anything, such as access to a bonus area maybe? Another fabulous level by Oxy, that just keeps getting better and better - I thoroughly enjoyed it and can't wait for the next one :)" - Jenni (14-Nov-2005)
"Here we have another very psychodelic level by Oxy. In first part isn't good that you don't have any weapon a little heavy than the pistols to shoot an enemies so hard like the witches (demigods). Author said that the game has a very easy play, suitable for beginners, but I found the gameplay some confused; there are many cameras to help you, but the level is too much no-lineal and for a player who doesn't know the solution, has to visit the same places many times. Great objects, but few enemies and no weapons and ammo for that hard enemies, as beautiful musics and textures makes a good level which you must play." - Jose (04-Nov-2005)
"There's not much to say other than this is by far Oxy's most fanciful and most fabulous level to date. The gameplay aside, as the level many contains only collecting objects with two cool movable object puzzles thrown in, you are treated to some just amazing sights. For starters the first 10 minutes of the game are played in the clouds where poor Lara has crashed her plane, here she meets all sorts of weird and wonderful creatures such as chickens on horseback, giant spiders and downright evil Medusa inspired winged mermaids, once you get on land you find yourself in a beautiful location with a mushroom house and loads more little buildings and areas you have to find a way into usually with the help of some magical looking pick up, you even get another jaunt or two into the clouds where you get to witness some live theatre behind glass...3 chickens dancing and also 3 skeletons doing their thing. The objects in the movable puzzles have to be seen to be believed they are so delightful and the 4 secrets that allow you one last little visual show near the end were all placed well without being too hard to find. All in all I had such an amazingly joyous time playing this level and I hope Oxy's imagination can even go further with her next level, although this one would be hard to beat." - Sash (01-Nov-2005)
"This level is a wonderful work of the author. Gorgeous - in the highest meaning of the word. :) Our plane crashes among the clouds on the sky, onto floating islands, where we have to find a key. Meanwhile some giant spiders and two demigodesses disturb us. After that we are adventuring around a castle, among the walls of a stronghold in order to find the 4 secrets that we can finally place to small pedestals in the temple. But before that we have many things to collect. We have to find 2 apples, then we have to take some flowers to a lady, who will gift us a sky-high flower for this kindness that we can climb up above the clouds again. The added sounds are also wonderful. There are some challenges too. But I couldn't find any logic in the second pushing-task, so I had to try as many of the 24 possibilities as I could. :) Well, Oxy has some fantasies. Congratulations for her for this great level. And none of you should skip it! You can find a Hungarian walkthrough (as we don't have English version), savegames and pictures here:" - Obig (26-Oct-2005)
"The best things in the Oxy's levels are the beautiful rooms, the atmosphere, her imagination and her sense of humour. This time Lara travels between earth and heaven (both beautifully built) and finds herself involved in a love story. There are a lot of running back and forth, and some puzzles are a bit confusing. The objects are very original (a guitar, clouds, grapes, apples.....) and secrets not so difficult to find. As Oxy always do, another great level." - Loupar (17-Oct-2005)
"I am sure everyone knows oxy's levels by now, how imaginative they are and that the laughter is guaranteed. This is no exception, with some chickens doing the can-can and clowns doing their own dancing. The raising rosebushes are amazing but so is the green outside areas with the mushroom house. The enemies are spiders so if you're afraid of them this is your chance to get back at them. There are keys to find, a rose, a guitar and as one can imagine other unusual puzzle items. I thought the two puzzles with the moving objects were nicely done with one of them having the solution for the second. Everything is beautiful in this level, the clouds, the girls standing on them and the funny chickens on the horses with the wings. I revealed too much I think so I better stop here and just say that you MUST play this game and all of oxy's levels actually for hours of fun. I found four secrets with one of them being very well hidden." - Kristina (08-Oct-2005)
"The gameplay of this level was actually not all that exciting...but Oxy's ideas were still great. :-) Lara has to collect things again, among them grapes, cobwebs and many more. :-) The puzzles are not difficult, search graves and solve pushable object puzzles. I found 4 Secrets. The objects are beautifully designed :-) The Sound got on my nerves a bit, but tastes are different. Enemies are a few spiders. Textures were well chosen und cleanly applied. I am looking forward to playing more good levels by Oxy. :-))" - Engelchen Lara (07-Oct-2005)
"Welcome to another glimpse into Oxy's raiding universe of unusual occurrences and objects, quirky music, stunningly beautiful textures and fun, fun, fun. I mean, if you've never seen chickens doing the can-can you haven't lived, honestly. Starting out in the clouds and progressing to earth with a mushroom house, a cemetery and a chapel amongst other things, all set in gorgeous scenery, the level is just charming (with a love story thrown in for good measure). It's an absolute must-play." - Jay (03-Oct-2005)
"What could be better than a new level from Oxy? This delightful piece starts out in a cloud land unlike any other I've seen in TR. Then Lara descends to "Earth" to mend the separation of two rather unusual lovers. The gameplay is not hard, though there are two push puzzles that require careful attention, and there can be a lot of back and forth. Oxy is pushing this old game in order to animate characters. Some of the animated characters actually mean something, and there is a story here. With her blend of humor, quirky imagination and attention to detail, Oxy has given us another level that is a joy to play and a rather unique experience. Bravo!" - Duncan (01-Oct-2005)
"Very colorfull level and pretty too. Amazing music which follow all game. Spider web, apples, grapes:) very cute and make good playing. One of best Oxy level. Not too hard for playing but sometimes zou mus thinging about next move. Atmosphere are great and lighting with some shadowed water parts of game. Thanx for nice level!!!" - Ivan (27-Sep-2005)
"Needless to say that this game, as every other inside Oxy's backpack, is absolutely unique in its style. That having been said, we're dealing here with a "search and discover" game but a slightly confusing one too. I'm not complaining though... It's just that it seems like things should be done in some particular order but I did them in a totally different way and, half of the path, I was getting a tad tired of running around the place like a madman without advancing one step. Some people complained about the big posionous spiders but I thought they were ok for two reasons: first and foremost, they add a little action to the game; secondly, the player gets enough medpacks to be able to get through the ordeal. Two more things: I didn't get the logics of the first puzzle, when I thought that maybe the objects should be placed on the tiles that matched their color but it wasn't like that at all; also, I found the cut scenes to be a little too long. But it's very nice to see Oxy working on them, using a lot of animations. The music was ok, it suited Oxy's tastes, naturally, and I liked the one that went "Que bonitos ojos tienes........". There's an incredible amount of imagination going on in here and I do see Oxy continually improving her capabilities - my congratulations on that. True, my unforgettable Oxy's scene is still the one with the killer snowmen, but it's good to see that things change and show a lot of innovation from game to game. Not a 10-10-10-10 game but certainly worth it and I'm sure Oxy doesn't get tense about it - on that field she certainly is one of the nicest builders and members around here. And one of the few selected people whose games I know I can download without running the risk of dying of boredom." - Jorge22 (26-Sep-2005)
"Another masterpeice from Oxy. I always download her levels immediately. Like so many of her's this is almost entirely custom textures which look great. The storyline is nice too where Lara has to re-unite two lovers. Worth getting all the secrets to see the final cutscene. Fortunately the secrets were easier to find for me than one item that I actually needed, but that's just me not looking around properly :-). Very few enemies, so you can concentrate on exploring, and a small amount of running backwards and forwards, but not too much to be frustrating. I am not sure if you would call this level non-linear, because you do need items in a certain order, but opening doors which allow you to make shortcuts means that there is plenty of potential for exploring, or getting confused depending on you point of view. A very different level in a fairytale setting, go play it now." - Jez (20-Sep-2005)
"An adventure in fairytale-land. You start in the clouds and have to do some cloud-hopping to get a key that will take you to earth. Once arrived at earth there's a lot of searching and running do to find keys and some other objects. There are four well hidden secrets, you should really find them to use at the end of the level or you'll miss out on something nice. Not much enemies, not much puzzles either but beautiful cutscenes that make you feel like watching a movie or musical. All in all, although there were some frustrating moments, a very nice level to play. Well done! 19.09.05" - Josi (19-Sep-2005)
"I could not really give this a very high score on gameplay, as I am just not the big explorer type of player and therefore did not have a lot of fun with the actual gameplay which involves a lot or running back and forth, as you have to find numerous keys and objects in the about 90 minutes you will be spending here. Only the pushable object puzzles provided a bit of a puzzle highlight. However, I had great fun with the usual imaginative way how Oxy puts her levels together. This level is rather a "musical" with wonderful scenes that have you just sit there and be entertained and the characters you meet and the custom objects and animations are truly awesome, original and unique. Enemies are only a few spiders and I wonder if maybe the level would even work better without them. The four secrets are fun to look out for and provide another nice effect near the end in the chapel. So, all in all this is yet another not-to-be-missed adventure from Oxy and I sure hope there will be many more." - MichaelP (18-Sep-2005)
"Oxy's imagination never stops to amaze me. Every little piece of this level is touched by her special enchanting touch and humorous characters and music. And as always the textures look stunning and it's all so well composed. The gameplay is fun, imaginative and filled with magic and of puzzles one can here encounter objects that must be found and placed on statues to open gates, keys to unlock doors, items to place in their proper locations and there are even some moveable objects puzzles that one must solve for the natural progress in the level. The enemies are rather few and not very hard to kill, something which makes the level more friendly for younger players, but still draws down a bit in my eyes. The 4 secrets that can be put together and used at the end of the level was a brilliant move. As usual for Oxy's levels this one is filled with an enchanted atmosphere, beautiful(and at times also funny) music and tons of surprises. Also many pleasant fly-by's and cutscenes to watch. The story about the skeleton and his girlfriend who have been separated and Lara who must try to find a way to reunite them is uniquely woven into a dazzling adventure. The lightning and textures looks absolutely amazing(as usual for Oxy's levels) and it's well suitable for everyone. An absolute must-play and I really hope that we get to see more from Oxy in the future!!!" - Selene (17-Sep-2005)
"Is there no end to oxy's talent? Here is another lovely and very fun level from one of my fav builders. To get home you have to solve the mysteries of the land, then a light will guide you home. At the start lara's plane crashes in the clouds of mystery land, you get to see a nice little cut-scene of it and then the camera flys round the clouds, as pegasus with birds on appear, and a lady in a dress stands in the middle with her pegasus. The level is split into 2, as it was too big, so in this first part it is only short. You need to go across the clouds to get a key to enter the land part of mystery land. Here you have to do different things, and pick up items such as roses, grapes, apples, keys, clouds and a guitar to help you get through the level. You get a little help from some of the people in the land, when you use certain items. One being when you use the guitar to open a door, the lady from the beginning and the birds on their pegasus' sing a song for you, before giving you an item to get into the next area. There are 2 skeletons in the game, a woman and a man, all dressed up smart, the woman is in her little mushroom house waiting for the return of her loved one. You have to reunite them. There is a cutscene of beautiful flowers growing up into the clouds, which go up to her beloved, who is sitting on a cloud. You also see funny scenes of dancing characters when you use certain items. There aren't many enemies in this game, in the first part there are two demigods retuxured into mermaids, and in the 2nd part, some pink and yellow spiders. There are also only a few little puzzles to solve, one's where you need to move different looking statues into their correct place. I had a heck of a time with the second set of statues, i spent ages moving them in different combos, if i used my brain i would have solved it straight away! lol I also had trouble finding 1 item, even though it was one of the easier things to find, yet i found 3 well hidden secrets without a problem lol. There are 4 in the game, which you use at the end for a little extra something. The music was very entertaining too, not quite as mad as a singing chicken in save two baby dragon's lol, but tunes you would expect in oxy's levels. The level is very bright and colourful as usual, and there are lots of retuxtured things which stand out. There is only one bug in the game, if you enter a certain passage without killing a spider in the graveyard, it crashed to desktop. Oxy has however placed a bug free version of the level on here now, which has a few items in different locations. I completed the old version though. All in all, a brill level, which i recommend to everyone, play it now!!!" - Aims (14-Sep-2005)
"What would we do without you Oxy. Your beautiful mind, wonderful imagination, and great sense of humour. Yet again you have created a breathtaking level, that was a joy to play. Guaranteed to lift the spirit. This is a seek-and-find level, pure exploring, a lot of running back and forth, climbing up and down, and it can become just a little frustrating finding things, but I was never bored. As always Oxy includes great music, beautiful objects, lovely atmosphere, beautiful textures, and the flybys are just jawdroping. Although the readme says Lara is on an aeroplane and lands in Mystery Land, I am more inclined to view this level as Lara's Dream. Her outfit looks like a classy pair of pyjamas with a sleeping hat and slippers. She spends a lot of time in the clouds which adds to this fairytale dreamlike setting. But she also explores around a wonderful castle/house/church on terra ferma. Climbing up into the clouds made me think of Jack and the Beanstalk (now there's an idea for the future). I loved the enemies here, especially the beautiful demigoddess in the clouds. The spiders are colourful, but nasty. Lara needs to find keys and combination parts, like a snail and house, and a four leaf clover; also spider webs, clouds, apples, and bunches of grapes. I'm not sure what is actually happening with the two lovers. It was fascinating watching the flybys of them singing to each other. I almost felt like I should leave the room and wait outside, lol. Aww! How lovely! I get the feeling that the gentleman has died and the lady is singing to him in the clouds. But that is my logical brain thinking. There are two excellent and colourful object pushing puzzles here too. All in all this is a delightful level by Oxy that, as always, will put a smile on your face. Can't wait to see what you will create for us in future Oxy. Take you time, no rush, the week after next will do just fine *wink*." - CC (14-Sep-2005)