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Underbelly by Jamie White

Engelchen Lara 8 7 8 7
eRIC 6 6 7 5
Gerty 7 6 6 6
Jay 7 6 7 7
Jose 6 6 7 6
Kristina 5 5 5 5
MichaelP 7 6 6 6
Moonpooka 8 8 7 7
Obig 7 7 7 7
Phil 7 8 8 8
Ryan 7 6 7 7
Sash 6 7 7 6
Treeble 5 5 6 5
release date: 13-Oct-2005
# of downloads: 56

average rating: 6.52
review count: 13
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file size: 51.30 MB
file type: TR4
class: Egypt

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"What you have here is a mildly interesting mash up of several areas from official TR levels strung together by uninspired areas, and with the "egyptian" paint thrown automatically all over, the (now flooded) chasm from the Great Wall is hardly interesting to look at for instance. On top of that, the author was engaged enough to put in a pitch black maze which, despite the free torch at the entrance, was still a drag to get through. Enemies attack by the dozens and do so quietly due to a lack of SFX. I liked the background music selection though. 45 minutes, 2 secrets. 11/21" - Treeble (07-Nov-2021)
"Ah, finally - the first solid effort from Jamie and one that I enjoyed more than I thought. I wasn't exactly expecting a whole lot after this builder's previous levels, but here I was pleasantly surprised. The textures are still a bit repetitive in places, and the lighting in that maze was unreasonably dark even with a lit torch, but they are much better than previously, and the gameplay, while simple, linear and not particularly puzzling is at least entertaining for the approximately 40 minute duration and the ninja attacks kept things spiced up, although I felt they were overdone and placed without much imagination. Thankfully you find shed loads of pickups so this isn't really a problem." - Ryan (25-Mar-2018)
"A rather unusual name for a level, but it plays quite well. It's standard Egyptian fare, but everything is well lighted and you get plenty of firepower to deal with the many ninjas you encounter. Yoav has contributed a well-written walkthrough, and it took me just over an hour to complete the level. There are perhaps too many time-consuming climbs/swims up and down, but everything is quite manageable for players of average skills. There's a pretty tight timed run near the end, but it's a straight shot with no twists and turns. A fun raid, as most are when you can clearly see everything around you." - Phil (21-Oct-2016)
"I haven't played all of Jamie's levels , but that must be one of his bests. Even some rooms have a good lighting, but only a few. And the attempt to come with interesting locations is saluted : that large outside area which goes upwards ( the author could have used it to place pickups in the interesting 'nooks and crannies' for a better sense of exploration) after the labyrinth (the brown torch on the dark ground , torch which is the only source of potential light in that labyrinth, was unspotted by me), or the underground lake at the end. Many kinds of enemies with some good ambushes , and a few good ideas (the nearest door that does not open when you use the key nearby , but it was not obvious to me that the switch we came across earlier was for that timed door, especially that I had forgotten an earlier key previously in the labyrinth. So I lost almost 10 more minutes in the journey to it again and back ; picking up this key should have opened the exit door of the labyrinth instead of a simple switch ). [ 1 h 10 ]" - eRIC (12-Aug-2010)
"It's a typical Egyptian level with standard gameplay. You get two cartouches, two hands and the Eye of Horus. There is also a very dark maze but with the torch you will find the way. I was lucky to get out very quickly with the secret, the key and after using the switch all of which I found randomly by running through the corridors. The enemies are sharks, ninjas and crocodiles with the occasional bat flying here and there in the cave-like areas. Egyptian levels of this kind are really not my style so I didn't like this one. I found two secrets." - Kristina (15-Mar-2006)
"This is an easy, run-about level; there are no real difficulties on it. The number of enemies is a little bit exaggerated, so collect as many ammo and medipacks as you can. We have to find keys. There are many enemies on the level, but there are rolling rocks, sliding spiky walls, timed runs and a dark labirynth too. I found one secret. Maybe a little bit more could have been brought out of this adventure. :)" - Obig (25-Jan-2006)
"WOW! Nearly an hour and a half to play this, and it seemed to go on forever. Lara begins by sliding into an underground tomb type area and basically she has quite a straight forward run through picking up ammo and gunning down Ninjas (blue and red) and dogs. Seems like a breeze really until the enemies start showing up in gangs and then you have to watch your health. Weapons are collected along the way and they really come in handy later on, but some latter enemies such as sharks and crocodiles simply need to be avoided or lured to their death. There are also some mummies, but you can back track for the grenade gun once a spike wall has passed and deal with the pests. Lara will be collecting keys, Hand of Sirius, Hand of Orion, the eye piece and the Ba Cartouche. Traps are spikes and boulders. There's a small dark maze but Lara gets to take the torch with her so it's not too difficult, and there's also some fabulously huge under water areas to explore. Some thin walls spoilt the look in places, and some sounds were missing, but I enjoyed this level and came away with two secrets." - Moonpooka (18-Jan-2006)
"No sounds in some events, like the underwater levers, bats and ninja shots. Gameplay isn't good, you can easily miss a necessary piece or object (the Gate Key in the dark maze for example) and continue playing till you get totally stucked; there's nothing innovative in the puzzles. There are lots of enemies in certain areas, but you have ammo to shoot them; secrets are easy to find. Could be more cameras in certain places; cool new melodies appears sometimes but many rooms are not well lighted and you can see huge areas with two or three kinds of textures only. Is not a bad level, but does itself monotonous." - Jose (24-Nov-2005)
"There were a couple of things I really liked about this Egyptian level, the first being the way you go back and forth from being inside a tomb to being outside so that feeling of oppression some tombs can give you wasn't there, I also loved the ninja battles when they came in packs as it really livened up the action. On the downside I noticed at least three areas and these are massive areas that are duplicated from original games, but here they are used differently, such as the huge underground cave pit where you meet up with a T-Rex (not sure what the name of the original level is) but here it is filled with water and lots of it at that. There is also a pitch black maze, thank god for a burning torch, filled with some mummies that I seemed to luck my way through, just make sure that you get the key that is in there, along with a secret and the switch to open the exit, as if you miss the key you'll have to do a bit of a backtrack to collect it and as there is no indication that the maze is where the key is you could be looking like a crazy person through the vast open cave after it, by the way another of the reproduced areas. I spent 60 minutes in this level and found 2 of the 3 secrets." - Sash (01-Nov-2005)
"Whew, massed ninja attack (and just when I'd begun to think that stingy ninjas never leave pickups, this lot were surprisingly generous that way). After making my way through a pitch black maze, accompanied only by a torch and the tubercular coughing of a couple of mummies, I was really thrilled to get back outside into the bright light of Egyptian day and YET MORE ninjas. I'm not the world's biggest fan of underwater areas, but I positively embraced the swimming in this level as it was blessedly ninja free (I was almost glad to see the sharks and crocodiles just for the variety). Right, having filled my ninja whinge quota, let me say that I did enjoy this level. The gameplay, whilst fairly linear, is engaging and pacey. There are a couple of cartouches, an eye of Horus and several keys to find in between the fights and it's a good raid that will keep you entertained for the best part of an hour (especially if you like ninjas - sorry couldn't resist)." - Jay (26-Oct-2005)
"Plenty of pick ups (found at least three shotguns and saw three grenade launchers) and the enemy comes in droves (if that is a good word). This is a pretty extensive level and if you like me don't look up in the maze you never will end the game properly. Your goal is to gather quite a lot of artifacts and numerous keys. Some left behind by the enemy. Some rooms are vast and empty and there is a lot of swimming to do. There are some nice traps thrown in for good measure and there is one timed run over a long distance. Be prepared to climb up and down on long, long ladders. 15-10-2005" - Gerty (26-Oct-2005)
"Lara starts in a Temple and you need to be careful because there are many enemies: baddys, ninjas, crocodiles, sharks and dogs, but over time you also find all weapons that you need. Other than that you need to find a few keys and other things. Puzzles are quite simple, the only thing that took me a while was the maze in which you need a torch because it is very dark. Then there are a few huge caves to explore und you get back to places visited earlier. Atmosphere worked well and sound was good. All in all solid gameplay." - Engelchen Lara (16-Oct-2005)
"It's been a while since Jamie has released a level and this one is as classic as it gets, rather linear and with fast paced progression and - as most of Jamie's levels with plenty of pickups and enemies (dogs and ninjas come by the dozen and there are also a few bats, sharks, crocodiles, mummies and scorpions). Some of the added audio files are nice even though I am not sure they actually fit the level so well. I liked the more action oriented section with spikes, boulders, moving spike walls and there is even a timed run. The dark maze is not particularly funny, but with torch in hand it is at least manageable. Spent 50 minutes here and missed one of the three secrets." - MichaelP (13-Oct-2005)