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BtB2006 - Cursed Temple by Sweet

Anurag 9 8 8 8
Bojrkraider 8 8 8 8
Casual Raider 7 8 9 8
CC 9 8 10 9
Dutchy 9 9 9 9
eRIC 10 9 10 9
eTux 9 8 8 8
Gerty 9 9 8 8
Jay 9 8 9 9
Jerrod 8 7 8 8
JesseG 10 10 8 8
John 8 8 9 8
Jorge22 9 8 9 9
Jose 9 9 10 9
Kristina 9 8 8 9
manarch2 8 7 8 8
MichaelP 8 7 8 7
Mman 9 9 9 9
Moonpooka 10 9 9 9
nerdfury 8 9 8 8
Obig 8 8 9 9
Orbit Dream 10 8 9 9
Phil 9 8 9 9
Ryan 9 8 8 8
Sash 8 8 9 8
Selene 10 8 9 8
Spike 9 8 9 8
Staticon 8 8 7 8
Sutekh 10 10 9 9
Treeble 9 9 8 8
Whistle 7 8 8 8
release date: 01-Jan-2006
# of downloads: 114

average rating: 8.52
review count: 31
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file size: 35.30 MB
file type: TR4
class: Oriental

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"You're thrown straight in at the deep end with this level here when it comes to traps, with both spiked walls and timed fire wanting to finish you off within the first few mins followed by boulders and blade traps before you get to your first push-able object puzzle haha i love it. Later on i was treated to timed run tasks involving poles, platforming, traps and trapdoors and disappearing platforms before the last part of the level which involves some both tricky and light platforming and object finding. For enemies we have monkeys (your choice as they don't attack you) ninjas and a pit full of nasty snakes, so yes we have plenty going on in the gameplay department and with some nice camera sequences, music and lovely bright decorated areas variety is certainly the spice of life and definitely on the agenda with this enjoyable little adventure" - John (22-Feb-2023)
"If other BTBs are any indication, I'm guessing this will be one of the shorter entries for BTB2006, but I haven't played any of the other entries yet. Either way that doesn't stop it from being a fulfilling raid, cramming in quite a few challenging trap sequences, timed runs, and a fun alternating platform section. I could see the difficulty rubbing the wrong way with some raiders, but I enjoyed it. The visuals could have gone a little further in terms of lighting and geometry, but they were still pretty good. I don't have anything negative to say about this level. 41 minutes." - JesseG (22-Jun-2022)
"(8) Gameplay & Puzzles: This adventure starts off with an innovative pushblock puzzle that is far from the standard snoozefest of "pushing a pushable onto a tile with the matching color". Very nice. Progression was smooth across the duration of the adventure; never did I feel lost or overwhelmed by too many choices. I especially enjoyed the many traps, timed runs, the exploring in the high courtyard containing the lasersight, and the changing ledges room. The level could have been more challenging for my tastes but I think it's a good fit for most player types. My only dislike with the gameplay is that the final approx. 1/5th of the game is quite dull compared to everything that occurs up to and including the changing ledges room. After that room, the thrilling traps, puzzling and engaging exploration are gone, and the item-grabbing in the last 1/5th of the game felt pretty lackluster and anti-climatic. (9) Enemies, Objects & Secrets: I think that the builder handled enemies very well. Aside from facing Oriental bad dudes, I loved the creativity and thrill of the dark snake pit. In other BTB2006 adventures I have played so far, Lara could just stand above snakes and mindlessly shoot them; not here. Friendly monkeys are always a plus for me, and aside from a few starting rooms that were lacking objects, static decor was on point. (8) Atmosphere, Sound & Cameras: Most rooms were crafted with a lovely atmosphere, although there are a few exceptions, to include some starting rooms that look too big, empty, and void of decoration. Also, the foliage area of the tree courtyard is too boxy. Music was excellent throughout the adventure -- I especially enjoyed the tense tune that came up when fighting the final 2 baddies. Flybys and hint cameras were done very well, although the fixed cameras in 2 areas (monkey swing flames and final courtyards) were unnecessary and added nothing positive to the gameplay. (8) Lighting & Textures: I couldn't spot any texturing errors and the builder seemed very competent in this category (although the lighting is a bit dark/drab for my tastes). Some static objects were too bright given their surroundings, however. Now, this is totally subjective, but I feel that the builder occasionally mashed too many "busy" textures together; an example of this is the overuse of the lattice texture in the high courtyard with the lasersight. That courtyard just looks too busy texture-wise. Overall, a solid, creative adventure of medium difficulty, although I think the gameplay does drop in quality after the changing ledges room. 8/9/8/8." - nerdfury (10-Nov-2020)
"More like Booby Trapped Temple. Anyway, this is a nice adventure, focusing more on avoiding traps than solving puzzles, but fun for all that. The timed runs were enjoyable. A bit dark overall." - Ryan (01-Jul-2016)
"Another level that has managed to create a somewhat 'different' atmosphere, with larger rooms and a kind of lighting that I found rather attractive. Surely there could be more objects to design the rooms, but the minimalistically designed and almost isolated areas at least have their certain something. The gameplay is quite good too - it starts with an interesting spike corridor (by the way the objects shouldn't move into the walls) and a solidly designed, yet also a bit tedious push puzzle follows suit. But even if not every element of this game is totally appealing, the game as a whole worked rather well and is rather fluent throughout. Of course there are still plenty of fun single elements like challenging timed runs and good trap usage; I especially liked the room with alternating platforms - always a favourite of mine. The only a bit negative point to say about this level is the slight lack of objects. Enemies are mostly ordinary used with a few positive exceptions, the two secrets aren't very well hidden. All in all it's a really convincing 35 minute adventure of which I really can't find any larger gripes, kudos to that." - manarch2 (19-Mar-2015)
"Really well designed level presenting Asian temple with multiple traps and puzzles. I enjoyed gameplay a lot, it wasn't very hard though tricky at times. Textures and room connection is wonderful except maybe some details. Well despite level's age it's still offers a lots of fun. Recommended." - Casual Raider (25-Jul-2014)
"This is another great looking level, with several large temple rooms, and a middle part made up of an interesting multi-level "church" that must be climbed. some of the large areas do perhaps look slightly similar to each other, and one or two side areas are simpler, but those are the only issues I had with the visuals.
Straight away you open a door to a trap gauntlet, and there are quite a few in the course of this level, however, they are all quite simple and this is mostly a pretty sedate level despite all the challenges. There's a nice flow and lots of different tasks as you go through the various parts, with a couple that feel quite different to anything else in the contest (like the multi-level room mentioned earlier). It feels like it's lacking something to be with the best of the best (and it ends a bit abruptly), but it's one of the most pleasant levels in the contest, with a smooth flow through several obstacles; The author being called "Sweet" is quite fitting as that's a good word for this level. This ends playing through the contest levels on a high note." - Mman (20-Jan-2012)
"Good level with mostly a lot of timed runs & timed platforms. The enemies appears most of the times when you use a swith and they are not really dangerous. The author exploits very well the asian wad, the light is good and give to the game a nice atmosphere but the design is sometimes too cubic for that I give a better rating. Anyway, it's a enjoyable level." - Jerrod (08-Apr-2010)
"As far as Gamplay is concerned,it doesn't get better than this! A wealth of challenges is on offer (far too many to list),with something to please everyone - but none of them too hard nor too overdone to cause frustration or player fatigue.Probably the best individual sequence was the 'alternating tile' room,(with an ingenious 'plain-sighted' use of the perpetual rolling boulder)replete with timed doors.Elsewhere,cerebral puzzles alternated with vigorous action sequences and trap-filled corridors to produce a truly incident-filled and highly entertaining adventure. All other elements were presented well(although I singularly failed to acquire any of the secrets)and the architecture,texturing and lighting were of a similarly high standard.The sky seemed a little too close to the rooftops for my liking (raising the height of the top-most 'room' would have added greater depth,in my opinion) and there could perhaps have been a little more variety in the music. Nonetheless,this is an extremely fine oriental adventure (probably my favourite TR genre) and an absolute 'must play'." - Orbit Dream (13-May-2009)
"While the start of the level is rather tricky, involving some dashes past spiked walls, the rest of the level seems to have a slightly easier diifculty level, which I feel is all for the best. That doesn't mean there aren't traps though, as a variety of spikes, rollingballs and flames block your way. The way to deactivate these isn't always obvious, but usually involves working your way past traps of another kind. The gameplay is smooth and progressive, and I never once felt bored. One or two nice pushable puzzles to sort out also broke up the action nicely. It looks fantastic too, and the temple feels particuarly eerie, fitting its title perfectly. The texturing is also excellently done, and there were no real problems with it. Also, the secret that I found was nicely hidden behind a timed door near to the end of the level. Overall, a stunning level, and one well worth playing." - Spike (20-Jul-2007)
"That was an entertaining level with a darkish setting and the usual puzzles, like moveable pieces, the Ying-Yang and stars. Challenging traps are present as well, with spikes and rolling balls, the blades and blade-balls that had timed doors in between were fun to overcome and what I like to see in levels which are things to intrigue the player. The level has many timed runs which were great for me as I liked the challenge but for others they might be too much to overcome. There is a nice flow and balance between puzzles and enemies plus some nice flybys. I found two secrets and recommend this lovely level." - Kristina (10-Mar-2006)
"We go to get the Red Fan with Lara on this level. Of course, before that we have to search for the Yin and Yang symbols, because these are required to access to it. We need the revolver and the lasersight for aimed shots, and we can't go on with the crowbar either. There are many-many traps blocking our way, and we also have to solve some puzzles. There are many timed runs on this level, but none of them is too hard or counted out for seconds. The enemies are some thugs and snakes, but we can ignore the latter simply leaving them in their nests. There is a room where we have to jump over a chasm to the other side on platforms that disappear and appearing again. This happens more times, and one of them is also timed. With some tries it can be practised till succeeding, and from this point it will be fun. The textures are very beautiful here as well, we have to walk through wonderful gardens and palaces. There are some monkeys wandering around; if you don't hurt them, they won't attack you either. We can find two secrets on our way. It was a great adventure, I suggest it to everyone. :) You can find a Hungarian walkthrough (as we don't have English version), savegames and pictures here:" - Obig (01-Mar-2006)
"From a nice and long intro flyby you are not being let in easy in this temple. A tough series of double squish blocks and a timed door block your way to the first required gem. More traps follow suit, then a pushable object puzzle with a nice little twist and further on a few more timed runs, but all of them not too tight, but tricky nonetheless due to traps (mostly blades) in your way. While the alternating floating platforms room was nice, I thought it was a bit overdone to make the first door a timed one and also to force you to go back and forth several times. It ends with a bit of a battle and one secret. Must have missed the other one earlier, probably related to that one lever that was also timed but I never found out what it opened on a timer. All in all, a nice flowing level with some decent traps. 45 minutes." - MichaelP (19-Feb-2006)
"Not a particularly difficult level, you just need to keep your wits about you and your eyes open. Puzzles are not too difficult even the moving/disappearing tiles, you can figure out by watching and a few trials. Pickups are not to frequent but are often enough to keep you looking!! Enemies are not very frequent baddies and snakes), but at times the camera angles and flybys can prove a problem getting Lara ready. Some of the distant camera angles are a little over done and don't let you really get a good view of proceedings. The textures and lighting set up the scenarios OK and provide decent graphics and sound atmospherics." - Whistle (17-Feb-2006)
"This was a fairly challenging level, in both a mental and a physical sense. Without the walkthrough I would have had nary a clue as to what I should do next. The very beginning sequence, with those slamming pillars, provided reliable evidence that this would not be an easy raid. My total time was a little more than 70 minutes, and I was unable to get the secret at the end because the access door wouldn't open upon my approach. (According to the walkthrough, a white-robed goon was supposed to open it for me, but he failed to get off his rear end and co-operate before I shot him dead.) Although I enjoyed my playing experience, I found this level a bit too dark in many places to suit me, and I was so busy solving puzzles and avoiding hazards that I wasn't able to enjoy whatever pretty scenery was around me. All in all, though, a mighty fine level." - Phil (12-Feb-2006)
"Now this is just my kind of level....a temple complex with traps around every corner. It must have been the first time I have seen a timed run past spiked walls, but what an awesome idea that was. The timed run/jump past the slashing blades did do my head in for a bit though so I could very well have lived without that part. And with an exception of the shifting tiles part(what a frustrating bit that was) everything ran smoothly and nothing was too difficult, only pure fun. The enemies were a bit sparse and mainly appeared as two or more at the same time, they could have been spread out a bit more. More lights could have been used, but I really liked the use of the thunder effects in the outdoor areas. The sound was perfect and matched the setting really well. An overall good atmosphere and texturing made this pleasing to the eye as well. I found a total of 2 secrets and would definetely recommend this level to anyone. Perfect for the average raider!!!" - Selene (11-Feb-2006)
"Yet another most enjoyable level. This one had some very nice locations to visit and some tricky puzzles and traps to overcome. Having said that, I am sitting here having just finished it so it can't be too difficult, what with me being one of the worst game players around :-D. I am not a huge fan of fixed cameras and this levels builder uses them quite a lot. They were, however, placed with care so did not interfere too much with the flow of gameplay. Lighting and texturing are very good and all contribute to a pleasant gaming experience. The Back to Basics standard has, once again, proven to be very high and this level is a worthy addition to the collection." - Staticon (07-Feb-2006)
"A very good level, well builded, textured, lighted,... Sometimes you could feel stucked, but if you explore a bit you'll find the way. Secrets are difficult to find (I only find one); no much enemies but well situated, intelligent use of cameras and sounds, no bugs, no very difficult tasks,... A great level which could be one of the candidates to win this BtB 2006 competition. Good work." - Jose (07-Feb-2006)
"At the start of the level itself there is a run admist the spiked walls to get the Shiny Gem. After this you have to go to lower 2 dragon pushables & then place them on the tiles; I loved this part. Then there are the timed runs for getting the revolver by jumping over knife blades & swiping switches. Then the fun part comes, there is a room with changing ledges which are triggered by a boulder down, believe me you have to get to the other side using these changing ledges thrice, I liked this part very much. Atlast you get the yingyang peices, use them atop the roof & then end the level by getting the Fan you were after. A nice level beautifully built & with some good puzzles. Download it now" - Anurag (03-Feb-2006)
"There's a real assault course of spiked squishy blocks to get through right at the start and it's TIMED. Aaaaargh. Yup, that just about sets the scene for this level - it's not one for beginners and some of those curses heaped upon the temple were probably mine. Most rewarding to get through however and I will own up to really enjoying those disappearing/reappearing tile runs, even if they do take a few goes to get the timing right." - Jay (31-Jan-2006)
"This time Lara visits some sort of a temple where she has to find a fan. The level is nicely progressing, there are some interesting puzzles like moving platforms and timed runs across the knives. Actually, there were quite some timed runs, not too hard. Time: 1/00/00. Difficulty: average/hard. Lighting: darker. Gameplay type: traps/puzzles. Tech skills: basic+." - Bojrkraider (30-Jan-2006)
"Cursed it ain't, but at the start it sure is booby trapped. After a long smooth flyby of the lovely dark asian temple you are greeted by a series of sliding spike walls, then not long after a hallway of blades combined with some timed runs. In fact there is a succession of timed runs, one to a pole that is fire trapped, one to some raised platforms, and the aforementioned hallway of blades, all pretty much one after the other, the thing is these timed runs lead you to the revolver and scope but you don't actually need them as if you found the shotgun secret you can use that instead to shoot a trigger ball and avoid a whole section of gaming. I don't see that avoidance occurring though but it could happen worse case scenario, and this section is some of the best gaming in this 55 minute level. If there is one enemy I do not like in these B2B levels it is the snake as they are just, well, icky, and I'm here to tell you that I wasn't happy to find myself jumping into a black hole only to realise it was alive with them, yuk, skin crawl, ick, ick, ICK! Thankfully after this the level eased up a bit and had some easy, no trouble things to do, all without the ungainly sight of those snakes, and once you place the yin/yang you can access the fan, your objective, and the level ends. I found 2 secrets, the second one an unobvious timed run." - Sash (29-Jan-2006)
"Very nice Japanese quest with good settings, nice textures and a good mix of action and discovery. Never as complicated as to get you stuck for very long, which is a good thing, but challenging enough. I liked the timed race with the wall blades and the successive rooms with levers but I never really got to pick up the lasersight - I simply shot the two globes in the contiguous room with my shotgun. Perhaps not the very best in the series but still very advisable." - Jorge22 (29-Jan-2006)
"What can I say, cursed or not this is a nice adventure. The gameplay is fluent and the first push puzzle is a challenge. In my game however was a glitch as the puzzle with the changing tiles didn't work the first time around and that made quite a difference. There is good camera work in here and not an overuse of enemies. The snake pit was the pits LOL, probably because it was pretty dark down there, even with the fires. 05-01-2005" - Gerty (28-Jan-2006)
"Nice level taking you through some Temples in search for several items. Nice puzzles and good traps throughout the level. That room with the changing ledges was a very nice one although the other doors should have been timed too so it would have been more challenging (or were they?) Very nice and promising level" - Dutchy (26-Jan-2006)
"Cursed Temple indeed! Some of the traps are quite tough. But as always, they are do-able. Almost the first things to get past are sets of double slamming spiked walls. Pixel perfect run-jumps eventually got me through. This is to get the first gem so you can open up this dark temple. The environment is excellent, great lighting (if dark), textures, music, cameras. Very realistic and a feeling of actually being there. Looks-wise, this is superb. Into the temple, and a brilliant object pushing puzzle, of getting those dragon cube thingies onto dragon squares, by way of raising and lowering blocks. Now this, I really enjoyed. Some more tasks until we reach another interior of a multi storey building with balconys and timed trapdoors. The next part was the pits. Literally! A drop into a pitch black pit full of snakes. I had to brighten the screen to at least see what was going on down there. And onto a terrific run across disappearing tiles. I remember something similiar in an old level, of trying to get across, using switches, coming back to another switch, and going across again to your goal. So when I saw this again I thought 'oh no'. But really it's just a matter of watching the show, spot the timing of each square, and work the route out in advance. The routes to the yin yang pieces were quite good, as was the route to it's receptacle. I'm not sure about all those overhead cameras. They somehow didn't seem to fit here. But they were good none the less. Apart from the disappearing tiles room, another challenging place was climbing ladders with horizontal blades, up and up, and eventually having to backflip onto a slope and grab another ladder. Brains here didn't realise that I could stand on one and not slide, so I spent a long time working out Olympic gymnastic jumps and reloading each time I 'failed'. There's the now usual thugs and snakes to deal with, and monkeys to avoid shooting. I laughed as one cheeky monkey walked the course with me as I pushed a block around. There was one thug that ran away from me. I chased him but couldn't figure out what was the matter. Perhaps he was a double agent, or Kurtis in diguise, lol!" - CC (25-Jan-2006)
"After the quite impressive Dragon's Island I thought I'd pick a random level, from what I didn't expect much (judging from the name), and this turned out to be an excellent choice and matched well with the standards of the aforementioned level that set my expectations for this competition. The geometry and looks were a bit simplistic - in a tomb raider 2 and 3 kind of way, but nevertheless very well done, always a pleasure to look at. The tasks here generally are nothing never seen before, but on the other hand - not the kind of puzzles you see often either, and the difficulty always is at a rather moderate level, so it's perfect for anyone. What's particularly good in this level gameplay-wise is that it always keeps you moving - meaning that the author has thought well to never leave a dull moment for the player, you're constantly facing new setbacks, no matter whether those are timed runs past blades, evading boulders, shooting objects, pushing the puzzle pieces (luckily neither of those puzzles here are too tedious) or getting over a dark pit with magically reappearing and disappearing tiles. As in the first level the end of the level is quite sudden and left wishing for more, but that didn't spoil my overall enjoyment - the journey was good while it lasted. Another highly recommended level from this year's series." - eTux (22-Jan-2006)
"Wow! Wow! and I mean wow! What an incredible level! Enjoyed it from start to end. Gameplay is fluent, although not that easy at times, all traps (very well placed) can be passed provided you use a little thinking and I think I've seen here one of the best (if not THE best) sequence of the series (so far) with the alternating platforms. Not easy but doable. Not mentioning the timed-runs, all different and all challenging and fun. Here the author manages to deliver a gameplay both difficult enough to be really enjoyed and user-friendly enough to always avoid frustration. A difficult balance that I have rarely seen. Enemies are placed to perfection. Especially the snakes that I fought in the dark, not having been able to shed any light on the situation. No regret about that, that particular fight was a great moment! Secrets are perfect too, especially the second one which had me ponder a while on how to get it. The atmosphere is well rendered, with the right tune playing at the right moment, but I could have used less distant cameras. As for the settings? Beautiful, carefully lit, avoiding monotony thanks to a good mix and use of colors. I nonetheless noticed a couple of glitches (superimposed blinking objects) which is why I don't give it a 10 that it otherwise would deserve. In short, a level that MUST be played. A big bravo to the author." - Sutekh (17-Jan-2006)
"What a great level, it could be a winner of the btb2006 in my view ! Anyway , it is in my Top4. You have here two of the best puzzles of the competition (the puzzle with raising blocks/movable objects/levers and the challenge with alternative ledges which was not very hard but just perfect). The gameplay is very fluent and user-friendly in my opinion, many cameras to show you the way, what you have to do is always clear. Good use of timed tasks and traps, sometimes tied together which required a good timing. The level is never frustrating, the difficulty is just fine. The setting is well done , texturing very good, lighting excellent, placement of enemies very suitable and I enjoyed the snakes lair. Secrets are uninspired though , and what are those thin walls in the crowbar room ? Just minor flaws really in a highly enjoyable level." - eRIC (16-Jan-2006)
"This temple really is cursed! Wow! This was a toughie for me. I thought I would be jacking this in as soon as I got killed for like the 20th time in the very first room, but I am so glad I continued because this is one fabulous Raiding adventure. As soon as Lara arrives in the cursed temple, she has to face a crashing wall run to get a gem to proceed. Then she enters the next stage and it hard to remember all what goes on, but traps are abundant such as rolling balls and wall blades. She then arrives in an object puzzle room, with levers to raise and lower blocks, this had me stumped for a while, but just use your head a bit and all becomes clear. Lara grabs the two stars after another gruelling trek to find the crowbar. After placing the stars, things got slightly tamer; but if you think it's going to be a walk in the park, forget it, because there are still many traps to take care of, and I did find this level switching from difficult to easy in fits and starts, which made things less tedious. When I reached the changing tile room, I thought"that's it, I am out of here! I will never do this" but I did, so don't panic, its easier than it looks I promise. Lots of Ninjas to deal with, plus some snakes in a deep dark pit, what an eerie place! The final parts are quite tame, and Lara easily grabs the two halves of the Ying Yang piece which will then open the way to retrieve that much sought after fan. This level looks stunning, it's absolutely beautiful and there's never a dull moment. It seemed quite huge to me and it took me just under two hours to complete, though I think it was much longer and reloads took a lot of time off. Anyway, there is so much more I haven't mentioned and I could go on forever about it, so get in there and see this fantastic level for yourselves, it would be a crime to miss it." - Moonpooka (08-Jan-2006)
"This is one brilliant level, I personally liked it from beginning to end as gameplay flows perfectly throughout the game. It's not a tough level, but there's one brilliant switching floors puzzle here that may require a few tries from players. There are a number of timed runs for switches and a pushable block that's one setp further than the usual raise/lower blocks (had me going for a while). There's a nice selection of music and especially in the end, although I'm not sure why one baddy rushed to the dragon spot - I killed him before he got there and the outcome was still the same, but then again, maybe I just did something wrong at some point. 60 minutes, 1 secret. 01/06" - Treeble (03-Jan-2006)