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Run Lara Run by Gylov

alan 8 7 7 8
Andi Croft 10 9 7 9
Anurag 10 9 9 8
Avmaster 8 9 10 8
Capt. Abbey 9 7 8 8
CC 8 7 8 7
Cory 10 8 9 8
Dimpfelmoser 9 7 8 8
DJ Full 7 6 6 6
Dougsan 9 7 8 7
eTux 10 7 7 6
Freeman Porter 9 7 9 8
g12STL 9 7 7 8
Gerty 8 7 7 8
Gonxii 10 9 9 10
Jay 10 7 8 8
Jbc21 9 8 8 9
John 9 9 9 9
Jose 8 7 7 7
Juan Carlos 9 9 7 8
Kristina 8 7 7 7
Kubsy 10 8 8 8
Lorena 8 8 6 7
Magnus 9 7 7 7
manarch2 9 7 8 8
Mehrbod 8 7 9 8
MichaelP 9 8 8 8
Monor 9 6 7 7
Nina Croft 9 7 7 7
Obig 10 8 9 9
Orbit Dream 10 4 8 9
Phil 8 7 7 8
RaiderGirl 8 6 8 7
Relic Hunter 9 8 9 8
rtrger 8 7 7 7
Ruediger 10 8 7 8
Ryan 10 8 7 7
Sakusha 10 8 9 8
Sash 9 7 7 8
Spike 6 5 4 5
Sys 9 9 8 9
Tombdive 9 7 8 8
Torry 8 7 9 9
Treeble 8 7 7 7
Wolf7 10 8 8 8
Xxenofex 9 8 9 9
release date: 18-Feb-2001
# of downloads: 195

average rating: 7.96
review count: 46
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file size: 15.80 MB
file type: TR4
class: Cave/Cat

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Reviewer's comments
"What a rush this level is. As the title suggests you run, run, run and do not stop. Don't pick up anything or shoot anything except for a series of vases that turn off fire tiles you are heading towards. Save often as you will die time and time again. Traps are every where and your only escape is to keep moving and the traps are tricky and nefarious. At one stage it got so intense my fingers were cramping but no matter how hard you press those buttons it won't make her go any faster and you need to time the runs and jumping sequences perfectly. This is really only a 15 minute level but it took me all day reloading save after save after save. For the expert raider and thrill seeker only." - Torry (22-Oct-2022)
"This level was brought to my attention as a challenge, and exactly a challenge it was. I honestly did not think that I would finish it but it happened. A lot of it is trial-and- error based game play, where you have to think quick to avoid mistakes. Also, precision is very much needed to succeed with this level. I wouldn't recommend this level to a beginner for the sake of difficulty, but a seasoned 'raider' who enjoys extreme platforming would get a kick out of this! Good level!" - g12STL (20-Aug-2021)
"Phew! What a difficult level. I had so much fun while playing this level, whilst you had to move or the traps would get you. We have several traps such as: boulders, spikes and skeletons. We also have rooms that are timed such as the room with 2 medpacks and a trigger in the long ladder section (after that room) and many more. Overall I enjoyed this level and I would love to play another level like this but with TRNG functions." - Kubsy (09-Dec-2020)
"One of the most fascinating and breathtaking adventures I have ever played up to this day. It was really fun making Lara run endlessly, looking for exits one after another to evade harsh traps which tried their best to kill her every second. Recommended. Thanks!" - Mehrbod (27-Mar-2020)
"Wow! What a satisfying level to play! (again) Definitely a gem of the early phase of level-building! More than once you will regret ever starting to play it, because it is hard to play, requires speed, agility and patience (reloading a save for a dozen of times). But on the other hand, this is really an addictive adventure, and once you've started it, you won't give up until you've beat it and reach the famous "END" room... Packed with traps, jumps, platforming, climbing, you'll be constantly on alert (on RED alert) because Lara can die as soon as she slows down... Just as the name says, just keep going, running, sprinting, swimming, just keep moving forward and into the right direction, or you'll never make it to the end... Highly recommended, and review for Gameplay very high for all these reasons. Reviews in other categories are lower due to the fact that the builder uses the unmodified Catacomb wad (my least favorite), that there are no secrets, and music is missing. The geometry is nicely built to fit the constant run which is the core of the gameplay, and the pyramid was particularly cleverly built. You'll get back to this level again, because it is a great satisfaction to beat it. The old-school level which really aged well!" - Nina Croft (24-Apr-2019)
"A quite neat idea to challenge your reflexes, although quite tedious if you mess up a bit of it. I really consider this as the mirror of nowadays games, what do I mean? Nowadays standards have brought games becoming much nicer in look than in gameplay (however there are exceptions), this instead quite focus on the gameplay, leaving quite behind the atmosphere. A fascinating experiment. Wolfy Regards." - Wolf7 (24-Apr-2019)
"After completing the first timed run in the beginning, you won't stop running from the immense quantity of traps this level has. Rolling balls, spikes, currents, fire, even some wraiths, bugs and skeletons that will make things harder. There are some interesting camera angles but some music would have been fine. I had so much fun playing this level." - alan (30-Oct-2017)
"What a level, phew. A fight to the death for sure. You are constantly on your toes from start to finish. Challenge after challenge after challenge. Timed runs, agility tests, it's all there. I loved it, what a gem! Only minor gripes were the lack of music tracks, the textures and the wraiths. A rewarding level for sure." - Ryan (13-Apr-2016)
"A really challenging level throughout, full of timed runs and lots of puzzles. Although timed-run-puzzles are not my bread and butter, I decided to gave this level a go and I don't regret at all. I loved the atmosphere and lighting as well. A really difficulty level not for begginers for sure!" - Gonxii (01-Oct-2013)
"Not my cup of tea, I'm afraid. This little pit bull of a level goes back to the Dawn Age of the level editor, more than 11 years ago, and I imagine it created quite a stir upon its release. It's literally one death-defying exercise after another, and while I enjoy a little adrenalin boost from time to time while playing a level, this level IS the adrenalin boost. Bex, who hosted the late and lamented Lara's Home until recently, has provided a five-page walkthrough to document gameplay that many players completed in 15 minutes or so (I took about twice that). Although she's done an admirable job of explaining, in painstaking detail, how you survive from one section to the next, much of the action happens so fast that you have to read and memorize that section of the walkthrough before tackling the challenge. Some players really groove on this kind of thing, I'll have to admit, but I'm fonder of those levels where you have frequent opportunities to stop and smell the roses." - Phil (26-Apr-2012)
"Soul said I can bypass the finish trigger to get to the real ending. So far, I didn't find out how to do it. Anyway, I finished the game, so I can say it was nice. So if I can, I'm saying it: "IT WAS NICE." Many times along the way, I thought this is the end of a section and I was happily wrong - yes, for me deaths are funny in this particular game, and the author arranged traps in such well-done chains that it's impossible not to accept dying many, many times. Some places deserve highliting: twin horizontal ladders opposite to each other which Lara needs to shimmy through and backflip back and forth in order to escape spikes; boulder shimmying; multi-skeleton attack (what are these doors for?... oh, no!!), underwater spikeballs which You need to think how to evade, and - most of all - shatter vases Lara has to destroy while platforming. Of course, the rest is also good, but now, several days after playing, those traps I mentioned stick in my mind the most. Graphics and lighting are of average kind - and I think they could be more original. Also, I can recall no audio tracks, and I know I could have recalled them if sound application was good - because in such cases, I always do. I need to tell about cameras, as they are extremely helpful throughout the path. SUMMARY: Recommended as a short break in anything. As for me, it's rather a one-time adventure. But I know it can be a favourite game of some people, so You can try it." - DJ Full (25-Sep-2011)
"This level is really fun. Getting tons of traps to get through and always having to be quick and dynamic. I loved the execution, as all boulders, spikes, flipmaps,... were perfectly timed so that the player can get through just in time. Apart from this perfect trap use, this level looks quite good, the architecture is stunning, the pyramid in the last room looks fantastic. Lighting was sometimes non- existent, but then quite good - just as in Mini Adventures. Enemies and objects were mostly for the purpose of gameplay, not for making this level more beautiful, I guess. At one place I was stuck for good as Lara refused to grab a pole (near pic 2 on levelinfo page) - I jumped up and down the slopes and into the entrance, then out and it worked. I don't think the builder can be blamed for it, only the engine. Resumingly - this level is pure hardness - absoulutely not for beginners, but a hard training for more experienced players." - manarch2 (17-Apr-2011)
"Jumping back 9 years I'm sure that one caused a lot of headache to the players. An action packed level in another Catacomb scene, where the only task is to hit the finish trigger. Sounds easy, but it's not. Loads of traps waits you there, and there aren't too much time to catch your breath. The builder nicely used all the traps from a basic WAD to create hair-ripping moments to that game. She/he obviously knows the editor thoroughly, since the traps and the timed runs are really tight, and sometimes there're some really crafty things there, for example, shoot a vase to extinguish the fire, but after that there's little time to act because the fire will be back after a few seconds. Of course if you know the engine well you can see the abusable or skippable traps, but it's not necessary to use them cause the DOZY is active in the game. The builder has surely made a lot of testing since there is only one way to avoid the traps (if you don't use any expert tricks or the DOZY), that keeps the gameplay flowing. The downhill of the whole thing can be that the beginners can't really enjoy this one, and the absence of the puzzles and the slower parts can bug the people. The emphasis is on the gameplay, although some corrections could've been made on the texturing, and of the rooms are terribly big and empty. Still, I found the lighting really pleasant. This is a must play for the pro raiders out in the community, don't miss it!" - rtrger (04-Nov-2010)
"The title is definitely indicative of what you'll find in this level, with probable death lurking around every corner - there's rarely a chance to take a breath, since even the safest-looking of rooms usually hold some kind of deadly secret. As good as this may sound (and in several parts, it is) there are a number of things that let it down. To begin with, considering the overall theme of the level there's a distinct lack of urgency throughout. The main reason for this is the lack of audio in general - while dodging spikes and boulders left, right and centre can be entertaining, doing it to the sound of the generic Catacomb ambience really hurts it quite a bit. The number of seemingly deadly traps that can be bypassed by simply heading forwards in a straight line, and the couple of speed-killing ladders or shimmying sections that pop up every so often (which oddly enough, considering the "one speed only" nature of them, occasionally require you to rush along them as well) also let things down a little. Other than that, however, the gameplay is generally fun when it gets going. The visual appeal of the level, however, left a little to be desired. The texturing and lighting was of inconsistent quality, and a general lack of decorative objects throughout made the majority of rooms appear to be a bit on the dull side. The main attraction of this level appears to be the at-times fast paced gameplay, and while it is hurt by a number of elements, it's still worth a look." - Spike (16-Aug-2009)
"A real challenge for everybody. A game full of action. From the very beginning you'll not have a tranquil in all the game. Always escaping from tricky traps, always escaping from enemies,... Your only help are some medipacks you'll find along the way; no guns or ammo, only your pistols but unuseful for the enemies: skeletons, scarabs, wraiths and mummies. Many ramps so you can't get quiet in any moment, you'll have to save your game hanging from edges, poles or ladders. There are some tight tasks but another original challenges too. I found the flare bug and I missed some musics too. Near the end I found an underwater door I couldn't open, but I finished it running toward hte pyramid. If you love traps and action this is your level." - Jose (05-May-2008)
"I thought this was going to be much harder, but I guess the impression I had of this level since it was available is that it'd be nearly impossible and what else - catacomb based. It's not as bad as it seems though, and it's actually quite an enjoyable rush. The sole fact the whole level is built around timed traps gives you an idea of what to expect. You'd think since you're never long enough in the same area the author could get away with anything, but Gylov has made sure the rooms looked interesting as you were flying by. I particularly enjoyed the spikes on the walls and the boulders rolling down into the trench as you narrowly escapes death shimmying away. There are some really tight jumps and crawling timed sequences as well, so this certainly makes for an intense evening of training. I can't even feel my legs anymore! 15 minutes. 02/07" - Treeble (19-Feb-2007)
"This is one of the most challenging levels I have ever tried (to me, this level combined the agility required in Rapetou's "Catacombs of Fog" and the wit that a player needs in order to solve Robert LaChapelle's puzzles in "The Labyrinth"). The player has to think and move very quickly in order to survive. Rest is a nonexistent notion in such a fast-paced environment (this reminds me of the cut-throat competitive atmosphere that exists in today's business world.). This level can also symbolize the obstacles one needs to overcome in life. After a difficult event, an individual can still confront turbulent moments. I felt a rush of adrenaline as I was playing this level (where one trap was always followed by another one). Every time Lara made the slightest step, either a trap was triggered (whether it came in the form of an avalanche of spiked boulders or a ton of spikes) or an army of skeletons reacted to her footsteps. The underwater spiked boulders took some time to get through, but some of obstacles had traces of originality. Innocent rooms can quickly be destabilized by an earthquake and filled with lava. Then, Lara had to quickly shoot several vases, slide, jump and avoid the deadly flames. Every now and then, hordes of morgue beetles infested the rooms and pursued Lara. The textures were pretty well-done, but I did not have the time to look at them thoroughly because I was too busy trying to make Lara get out of that level in one piece. There are a few fake crosses here and there (the wraiths cannot be defeated instantly), and the timed runs were additional challenges in this level. It is interesting to note that two possible endings exist in this level. I was impressed by the difficulty of this level, and it is worth playing it. The end of it was a very rewarding experience, especially since the area before it was particularly hard to go through (considering the number of boulders that were blocking Lara's path)." - Sakusha (06-Jan-2007)
"A marvellous level, Gylov has really included everything. Very fustrating and fun. This level lasted 20 mins but it was action from the word go. The textures were nice and so were the cameras. I didn't think you should shoot pots to open doors but it was tricky. I wasn't so keen on the flip room and the rope swing before that while the spirits were attacking. I liked the fact that it was all puzzles and no baddies that you had to shoot. It would be mean not to give full marks for gameplay because it was so good. A great level. Well Done Gylov :D ." - Cory (17-Jan-2006)
"Lara never has a rest; it's trigger after trigger and loads and loads of timed runs, the starting also is a timed run. It's one of my hot favourite level and thanks to Bex for the walky." - Anurag (24-Jul-2005)
"Well this is most appropriately named. It's a real roller coaster right from the start, with some truly outstanding and fiendish agility tests. Slides, spikes, boulders, fire emitters, excellent timed runs, beetles, skeletons, mummies, wraiths (don't worry about not having the weaponry to deal with any enemies, you wouldn't have the time anyway -you barely have time to draw breath). This is surely one of the most brilliantly inventive and fastest paced levels in existence and I can't believe I overlooked it for so long, although perhaps it's just as well - you really need all the experience you can get before tackling this one. An absolute little gem of a level." - Jay (20-Mar-2005)
"Woah! What a run indeed! Exactly my kind of gameplay - full of action and creativity everywhere the eye can see full of jumps boulder evading etc etc! Even though the statistics say it lasted for 16 minutes I can surely say it has a lot more action in than some other 1 hour long levels so deserves the perfect score I gave it fully IMO. The looks are nothing special but since you rarely spend more than a minute in a room I can understand the author if he (she?) didn't bother to enhance the looks. BUT that doesn't mean there aren't some quite spectacular views here - for example the huge room after falling through the dummy floor and the view before the avalanche are quite memorable. I don't think I can mention anything the others haven't so will stop here - a classic really don't miss it if you like challenging levels!" - eTux (26-Oct-2004)
"For a small download size this level provides a lot of entertainment. This level is just like an action movie. Danger at every curve and no time to rest. Well that's what you're going to get in this level if you dare to play it. This level had its difficult parts but for a masochist like me it wasn't anything that I couldn't handle. The level starts with a rather easy timed run and after that the level is a non-stop action adventure. There are many boulders in this level and they are used well in my opinion and provided quite a challenge. You also have sliding down slopes jumping over spike pits running and crawling across fire tiles and not to mention climbing and monkey swinging that involves spikes. Oh my! I really liked this level and I'd like more of these. My favorite part of this level was the underwater boulder gauntlet. It was brill and it needed quick reflexes to get through. If you're looking for a really tough level you'll have fun and usually frustrating moments in this action packed level so you might want to try to get past this if you're in the mood for non-stop action." - Relic Hunter (10-Oct-2004)
"This level is nothing for slow guys. You never saved a game while you were jumping? Well in this level you will have to. There are very many and very close timed doors. This level is a tip from me it's really good so download it and have fun. ;-)" - Monor (09-Jul-2004)
"In this level Lara has no time for a rest. It has many traps. Spikes pop out of walls and under water too. Many rolling balls make it not easy for Lara. The balls roll down behind her and she must avoid them under water. There is a timed door in a room with two skeletons. In the room after the timed door don't stop running or you will die. Lara must use poles. I died often when trying to grab the pole because I had no time to bring Lara in the exact position because rolling balls had put me under pressure. But I did it unfortunately another rolling ball started when Lara was sliding down the pole. Before I could jump off the pole the ball hit me and Lara was flat like a pancake. Firetraps are nasty because they stop for a short time. Before they start burning again Lara must have passed them. And that's not easy because when Lara crawls she is slow like a snail. After a lot of traps Lara gets into the room with the pyramid. Climb it and use the rope to get into the crawlspace high above. The textures and the lighting are well done in this level. A camera animation finishes this level. The level of difficulty is very high. I recommend this level for people with quick hands and quick reactions." - Avmaster (23-May-2004)
"This level was kind of like a really good action movie. It never stops! It makes you wish you could just pause and save your game somewhere other than on a slope towards another set of spikes. A great adrenaline adventure with a few of my favourite moments in my seven years of raiding (the spectacular dive with the boulders WAHOO!). This is the only coastal textured level I have ever really enjoyed. The only bad part was the underwater boulders. It took me a billion tries to get it right and I wanted to rip something's head off. But even that was a great idea; underwater boulders are so rare. A great accomplishment - well thought out and different." - Capt. Abbey (13-Apr-2004)
"Sometimes there are good reasons why a builder only creates one level and then is never heard of again. This particularly devilish one was probably killed by a raving mad player ;-)). You don't need medipacks or ammo in this level. You won't even have time to pick up anything - it's simply be QUICK or be DEAD. If you swim in water it will turn into fire the next second. If you stand in a room an earthquake will shake it and if you are at the end of a slide the ball is already rolling. If all levels demanded a speed like this I would have retired but as a demonstration of traps and tricks it is a masterpiece. All done with the original catacomb WAD." - Rüdiger (21-Feb-2004)
"And that she did and also she died over and over again. I was glad I finally finished it and could chuck it away and never have to try that again. I have been playing this also over quite a long time on and off. This level is one huge trap and not something to do in one afternoon when you want to play something nice. At least it wasn't for me. 20-08-2003" - Gerty (28-Aug-2003)
"Holy Cow! Gylov must have spent a long time trying to figure out how many times can I kill Lara in one level. It certainly woke me up. One death trap comes immediately after another so the only way to progress minute by minute is to save A LOT. Slides feature a lot past spikes and boulders. A lot of skeletons that room you slide into and 6 doors open to let out skeletons was a shocker. One room has beetles. Timed runs monkeyswing pillar hopping. Very exciting parts were the two wraiths chasing you while you hop over pillars with skeletons on top to a rope swing and a false cross. Then the room with the columns to run on top of and that flipmap/explosion that makes the floor disappear into lava and the monkeyswing slides and climbs. To a room where a lot of boulders run down the slope towards you while you're shimmying along the edge of the pit. The slides while shooting vases on fire pillars was really very tough then the climb through steam emitters and just when you think you'll finally have time to stop a minute a hill of boulders again. A dive into water and an extremely difficult swim through a lot of boulders a huge spikes-from-all-angles room and another swim with boulders rolling towards you as you try to swim up the gap in the middle (me feeding Lara medpacks and I saved a lot). First time through I saw the unusual pyramid ran to it and the game ended. But I found a door near where all those boulders came from. This allows you into the pyramid room and a great challenge indeed to get up it grap a rope and swing to a brilliant ending - do try to do this part it's very good. I can see a lot of people giving up as some of these challenges are just too hard. In which case a low gameplay score. On the other hand experienced raiders will wallow in this type of level so gameplay score will be high." - CC (24-Aug-2003)
"This was great what a thrill! Lara has to go through the entire level avoiding traps which are fire spike balls and some underwater spikes skeletons beetles and wraiths. It's not that simple though if you can call all that a simple thing to do but poor Lara has to constantly run as the rooms are changing fast you need to pass a timed door also an entire room is times as the floor collapses after sometime and reveals lava. So be sure to save very often to different sots every because out of almost all the situations there is no escape once you get it wrong. The setting is a catacomb one with a few thin walls but it's not too bad. Luckily there are enough medi packs to help through the level and they are necessary in some situations so preserve them when you can. This was the second time I played the level so I finished in seventeen minutes. Be sure to play it." - Kristina (05-Aug-2003)
"Run Lara Run is a series of good to great puzzles made even better by all being timed and many being tied together. At my hands not the most agile Lara died many many times avoiding the skeleton soldiers and the wraiths. It took me a great deal longer than I care to admit to figure out the rope swing/wraith puzzle. And the earthquake room had me laughing because of the surprise (I thought it was the end and had Lara relaxing). I liked this level very much. Well done. The funniest part of this is I was wondering why a level just like this had not been designed. I used to be a Lemmings junkie and some of my favorite Lemmings games were those which were tightly timed." - Dougsan (17-Feb-2003)
"Well after the first 5 seconds of playing I had an idea that I get the shotgun the grenade gun the revolver and perhaps the desert eagle and invite Gylov to a a hidden place :-) Or as a friend of mine said: 'I would like the praise to be reading from a scrap fastened to Gylov's left leg's toe.' :-))) So this is a real sadist level. I have played more then 500 levels so far but I haven't met a level of this kind. Even the next to the last level of ReconLabs 3 is just similar to this. This is a tremendously worked out level set with engineering accuracy. You can't stop even for a minute you must race along without taking breath. Even where you think Lara can have a little rest the floor collapses behind her feet. There's nothing to equal to this level. Still I recommend it to the calm phlegmatic pros and those people who aren't susceptible to smash their PC. In the end you have two choices. If I had not seen the closed underwater door I would have thought that seeing the pyramid the level ends. And there's no switches or levers there simply a weight switch opens the underwater door. In the end the roping jump is a bit difficult too but the fly-by is worth the effort. :-)) There's only one thing I miss. There should be some creepy sounds although this is perfect in this way too. I nearly gave up at the 3 rolling water balls. I never loaded a savegame so many times. Although now I succeed once out of ten attempts. I think the solution is that Lara must not swim in the last moment so her feet don't touch the balls. So congratulate to the author on this great but sadist level! :-)" - Obig (13-Feb-2003)
"I've just finished that hard 'killer-level' (started 2 days ago with some long pauses) and this is my first short review here. So...although I'm sure this is the hardest and most annoying TR-level recently I found it very good! I always like the challenge and some extraordinary stuff and it was really a piece of them. I saved and used medis only where Lara was in safe - yes there was some places like this (at any rate for some seconds) - and this made the gameplay even harder. But I think developing this level was almost as difficult as playing it: I mean the deadly sharp timings the cleverly planned rooms and situations the very well placed enemies the very complex triggers and the beautiful chambers too. The best thing in that level is that Lara always has a rational way out from every nasty situation: I mean she isn't just running and she doesn't need to use medis while she's burning for instance. The worst thing is perhaps the missing music: although the main ambient is the best for this 'Catacombs'-based Level I think the level needs some action-sound in some of the nasty situations although I know then we have to listen music till the end (missing some nice tunes from here too). Worst parts in the gameplay were the rope-actions (very annoying) and when Lara needed to shoot the vases to clear the fires from the top of the obstacles as the vases often didn't blow away. Best parts in the gameplay were definitely the very nice flipmap-chamber and the 'real end' where the obstacles are spelling the word 'END'. And you can access and climb those obstacles if you jump through the end-triggered area and pressing the LOOK BUTTON (the camera returns back to Lara) as the end is triggered to the end of the flyby-camera. Anyway I found that closed door easily - as I always check every single hole and corner - and after that I just had to find it's trigger (and some more things in the pyramid-room). So back to the whole level: it's a real 'must play' and highly recommended for all experts but with so much patience only..." - Sys (08-Feb-2003)
"I reckon this is one of the very few levels were the net gaming time of every player will be roughly the same. You won't search for cleverly hidden secrets or levers that's for sure. This starts really excellent with a couple of timed runs spiked boulders that chase you down narrow hallways monkey swings past pop-out-of-the-wall spikes skeletons to avoid and pillars you have to hop over as quickly as possible. Although you won't spend much time in each room the setting is done rather professionally with good lighting effects throughout. To me the health hazards got a bit out of hand when the ice elementals were set loose. Up until then I had enjoyed myself immensely but to line up a jump to a ropeswing from a the top of a pillar while two elementals suck away your health and a skeleton is happily hacking away at you seems a bit over the top. This and the spiked underwater boulders that had me reloading over and over again are my main complaint here. Otherwise it's just a fantastic run through trap after trap after trap. The only chance you have to catch your breath is hanging from a slope cause just when you thought it was safe there is another boulder coming down or a swarm of beetles appears. This is certainly like no other level I've ever played and although it can be frustrating at times it is actually a lot of fun. There are some brilliant camera angles like the longshot you get when the avalanche of spiked boulder chase you towards the abyss and I was hugely impressed by all the devious situations the author has devised. After I finished the game I found a halfsmoked cigarette in my astray. I'd completely forgotten about it and it had gone out. That's how engrossed I was in this adventure. That has never happened before. A class of it's own." - Dimpfelmoser (08-Nov-2002)
"This is one long obstacle course that has Lara running from one trap to another with hardly a chance to stop and save which you should do as often as possible. In her travels she'll encounter many boulders sliding jumps over spikes and lava beetles skeletons timed doors fire tiles underwater boulders wraiths fall away floors and blocks that disappear moments after jumping onto them - many of these areas are shown off by some well done camera work too. I'm sure I don't have to tell you to pick up every health pack you can and did I say to save often? The level seemed to have two possible endings - after a row of boulders I swam up to where I could see a really cool pyramid with a large health pack on a stand underneath. When I took a few steps forward the level ended so I reloaded and this time went back to where the boulders came from and swam through a now opened door. This let me get to the area underneath the pyramid where I found a ladder and rope that led to a room full of crates. As I stepped into the room a flyby showed that the crates actually spelled out the word 'END'. I found this to be very difficult and frustrating so only played a little every day over a number of days so I may mark it a bit lower as it seems too hard for the average player." - RaiderGirl (21-Sep-2002)
"This level is mainly for the really competent TR players with a strong desire for an adrenaline rush. The name of this level says it all Lara simply must run jump climb shimmy crawl swing and swim without stopping or else she'll die. Each puzzle (hazard) will have you reloading over and over until you get it right and unbelievably the huge amount of them are all executed extremely well and they never seem to be replicated throughout. So if you are looking for a level that will have you sweating by the end of it then this is definitely it." - Sash (21-Jun-2002)
"What a trip! It lasts only for 30 minutes of net gaming time but with all the reloads (because you WILL die) will take you much longer and will have you practice many of Lara's moves and you need to be rather quick with your fingers on the keyboard to master some of the challenges. There are slides and jumps ropes (many) rolling balls spikes beetles skeletons on narrow ledges timed doors and fire puzzles wraiths and a nice timed flipmap. What I liked the most was the hilarious puzzle where you had to slide shoot a vase to turn the fire off on the tile you then had to jump to and repeat that a few times while that fire is only off for a very brief time." - Michael (21-Jun-2002)
"Very difficult to rate this level! The title warned me so I can only rate high the gameplay: I ran all the time. No time for admiring the walls! In a nutshell this is probably the hardest level I've ever played! It is not too long (thank God it has an end!) but because I had to reload all the time (Lara died a thousand times!) it seemed that I played almost 2 hours! Beginners should avoid this level if they don't want to end up in a mental health hospital. But I certainly recommend it to those who like challenges and action! This level is the best of its kind. One more thing: save a lot and keep some health packages for the end!" - Jbc21 (21-Jun-2002)
"How should an action level like this be rated? I don't know really but I gave gameplay a 9 because I had so much fun to play this game. The whole game Lara has to run and try to avoid all kind of traps which are possible most of them are timed but anyway there were no impossible things to do very well designed everything. Of course you die often but after some tries everything is possible to solve. Also the cams were well placed I specially liked the one where Lara has to shimmy fast to the right and one rollingball after another is falling down you can't wait one second. I would say a perfect level for the Lara experts." - Freeman Porter (21-Jun-2002)
"Run. That's exactly what Lara has to do in this level. She has to dodge boulders spikes darts beetles and skeletons and all this without stopping or else she's dead. Actually she can stop in a few places but in some of these cases there's something timed that will cause her death if she rests too long. Even though this level has some difficult passages it's not so hard and good if you want an adrenaline-rush." - Magnus (21-Jun-2002)
"After completing this level I have come to three conclusions. 1) It is absolutely brilliantly designed. The sheer ingeniousness of the designer is worthy of applause. 2) It is by far the hardest TR level I have ever played; quite possibly the hardest in existence. 3) The Designer is undoubtedly the spawn of Satan. Of course it's actually quite hard to rate this fairly as aside from the challenge there was precious little else in the game. Owing to the multitude of saves I was compelled to make my net gaming time was apparently 28 minutes. BWAHAHAHA!!!" - Orbit Dream (21-Jun-2002)
"Very fun full of action and excitement." - Tombdive (21-Jun-2002)
"Wow! What a level this level took me ages. This level is great there are tons of puzzles and deadly traps you just have to literally run and don't stop otherwise your dead! It's very entertaining and the textures lighting and atmosphere is great! That's if you have time to notice them if you're up for an adrenaline rushing action packed challenge then this is it. I love these kinds of levels what a blast. You must download - it's so much fun" - John (21-Jun-2002)
"In Spanish (of Mexico) I could say 'Chin chin to Gylov'. I wont say what it means! This was a torture and I am sure the author is a little sick of mind but he got what we wanted. It is a level where you can't stop just run and run trying to escape from all kind of traps that goes over Lara and you only have seconds to solve them. Die and Die. After too many deaths finally you will find the peace (when you finish the level). Tip: save in different spaces any time you can. The game needs more lights in all rooms (low lights just to get volume on Lara)" - Juan Carlos (21-Jun-2002)
"If you like to think with puzzles or you like to look at landscape and rooms this is not your game. In author style 'Run Lara Run' is a game that works ok even I must confess I couldn't play it alone I needed help for not to desperate and for not to kill the author. This is my rating because I don't like this kind of level but it can be great for other kind of people." - Lorena (21-Jun-2002)
"This game is difficult but it is nice to play. This game has a lot of spikes rolling balls enemies and Lara is running all time. This is a nice work and the textures are good. This game I played in 28 minutes but the real time is over 3 hours. This is a game Lara is dying all time. When you come to the end you can play all other levels. It was a hard time but I had a lot of fun." - Andi Croft (21-Jun-2002)
"This Level has inspired me totally. The author has set trap after trap challenge after challenge death after death. You must simply run...or you die! You have no time to rest only run run run! But wait! This level is a very good work a great challenge for every hardcore raider not for beginners. I think beginners will die and never continue the game after 5 minutes of playing. You have no time to look around but the level has a good atmosphere the textures are worked very fine. For me it was the hardest level I've ever played. And at the end you can make a special challenge to solve if you go back to the last water tunnel and follow to the pyramid. There is the real end of the level only a little way lies before you can finish the level." - Xxenofex (21-Jun-2002)