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Star Wars - Episode 1 (Director's Cut) by EssGee

awsumpossum 10 10 10 9
Bigfoot 10 10 10 10
CC 9 10 10 9
Celli 9 10 10 10
CelticRaider 7 9 10 9
ColeMoles 10 10 10 10
dantheraider 10 10 10 10
DJ Full 10 10 10 10
Gerty 8 10 9 9
Jay 10 10 10 10
Jose 8 10 10 10
Juno Jim 10 10 10 10
Kristina 10 10 10 10
MacRaider 9 9 8 9
MichaelP 8 10 9 8
MigMarado 5 10 6 8
Necro 9 10 10 10
Phil 10 10 10 10
Ruben 10 10 10 10
Ryan 10 10 10 10
Treeble 10 10 10 10
Whistle 10 10 10 10
release date: 15-Feb-2006
# of downloads: 115

average rating: 9.58
review count: 22
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file size: 62.66 MB
file type: TR4
class: Alien/Space

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"For a Star Wars fan like me, those are the levels I'm looking for (hahaha), and therefore impossible to overrate. The number of customizations to produce movie references is impressive even today, 18 years after the release, and thanks to them, the atmosphere gets the high ground (huehuehueh). I know gameplay might be hard but Tatooine is a sandbox (pfahahah), so I was alike and got everywhere (hehehe hohoho). Yes, throwing references as well, just in case if Agent is reading this... Goood... Gooooooood..." - DJ Full (20-Jul-2022)
"I found this levelset to be very high concept, beautiful, inovative, yet mostly poorly developed. The first three levels, especially the (new) first level and the third, were particularly needless and much better on paper then the actual gameplay. The second level is better, albeit not particularly good or interesting. The final level is action-filled and more raider-like, but by that point the amount of ammo and health packs accumulated over time made it far easier than it should be. This is not a popular opinion, but I was disappointed by the level. I still think the builder did a great job nonetheless. The last level makes up for a lot. Still, the potential was there for the massively high rating to actually reflect a great level-set. I would suggest making first much tighter, with much less running around. The third level should have been different somehow. The concept is great, but does it translate to TR? I don't think so, and that hinders the level-set. Congratulations, and thank you for the overall experience, to EssGee! Future player: If you like Star Wars and this concept appeals to you, you will likely love all the treats the builder has in store. Just expect the gameplay not to be up to the best, unlike suggested by the ratings." - MigMarado (25-Feb-2021)
"This is a great reimagining of the original Lara at the Movies segment. The gameplay admittedly hasn't changed a whole lot (if at all), but nonetheless I had a wonderful time going through this revised version. The environments are once again stunningly well crafted and the added custom objects and enemies are faithful to the official Star Wars series and should be applauded. This time around I didn't have much trouble with the Podrace whereas last time I found it difficult for some reason, so that was a plus. Maybe a little too much running around and backtracking in Jundland Wastes would be my only negative, but I couldn't deduct any points just for that. A wonderful game not to be missed whether or not you're a fan of the saga." - Ryan (29-Aug-2018)
"What can I say, if you are a fan of Star Wars, do play this one. I know Scott also made a version for"Lara at the movies" so if you played that one you should know a bit what to expect. Still had a hard time doing that one timed run and I still don't like the pod-race, but hey it is a game and a darn good one at that" - Gerty (09-Jul-2016)
"PLAY THIS GAME YOU NEED ... Absolutely wonderful. I have very enjoying playing this game. The level start on the planet Tatooine and the goal is to give an access to the city and a spaceship. I have enjoying the desert and the various house in the first level. I have also very engoying the two vehicles of the game. There are a real Star Wars atmosphere like r2d2, the enemies ans the audios. Not very hard, except maybe in the first level where you need search very well hidden objects and switchs.The rest of the game is easy and a bit more difficult in "Podrace" level but nothing impossible. So to conclude a great adventure to keep on our computer and recommended for everyone and for all fans of Star Wars Saga." - Bigfoot (19-Aug-2014)
"I love Star Wars. I love Tomb Raider. I love this levelset. In one of the most brilliant levels I've ever seen, we get to play as Lara in an alternate universe. The first level makes things extremely interesting right off the bat by introducing the landspeeder (reminding me very much of the NES Star Wars game), and continues to awe. It has a fantabulous story (if you can handle a non-cannon interpretation of Tomb Raider) considering the bizzare scenario, and the atmosphere is spot-on perfect. Not always Star Wars, not always Tomb Raider, but always awesome. I had no complaints about this brilliant levelset, and only took a point off, because I felt like the lighting could have been used more effectively. However, this is subjective to such an extent that it's negligible. This level handily showcases EssGee's brilliance, and I'll be looking forward to his next project "Beyond the Scion"." - awsumpossum (20-Feb-2009)
"Excellent level !!! Almost a complete game in itself. I always loved Star Wars, and I enjoyed playing part of this in the Lara at the Movies set. This had much more, and, although I found myself spending a lot of time looking for stuff (I was determined not to use the walk), it was not too bad. Very good variety of puzzles, enemies, etc. Challenging but not impossible gameplay. Loved the pod race, but it took me several passes (very difficult stop on that second course). All in all, very enjoyable, loved seeing R2 (I have a couple myself). CC - You've filled in the rest... I'm surprised you took so long to play this one too - LOL" - Juno Jim (01-Jan-2008)
"EssGee is a true fan of Star Wars. Lovingly reproducing, within the limits of the LE, the scenes, creatures, characters and scenarios of the original and the latest films. And he has done a terrific job. In fact, all Star Wars fans will love this. Those who have already played the Star Wars levels from the great 'Lara at the Movies' collaboration will know the basics. But this 'Director's Cut' has been refined and expanded to include some terrific extras, not least is our playing as Queen Amidala and the excellent closing flyby. Since playing LatM I have become more familiar with the whole theme, and I can now call those 'creepy little aliens' Ewoks, the 'white fellows' Storm Troppers, the 'ugly fat slop of an alien king' Jabba the Hut, and so on. The three original levels are here. But this time we start in a new level called...
Jundland Wastes. An awesome, almost barren, desert mountain landscape inhabited by Tuskats, Tuskan raiders, Jawas, and the nefarious Watto. Lara is now an honorary Jedi, armed with an impressive looking and sounding lightsabre, and has landed on Tatooine to infiltrate the Imperial Army. We also have a landspeed powercell at our disaposal to travel through the vast expanse of the lower desert. But we must abandon it to explore the more mountainous regions. We were shown a map back at the spaceship, but it can become very confusing, trying to find where you need to go next. So unless the player stubbornly wants to do this themselves, I'd recommend the walkthrough for this part. Some hightlights are walking the pipe, dodging the indestructible machine guns, and of course coming across the well-known characters from the film. Our goal is to find and use fuse parts to start the wind turbines and open the city gates into
Tatooine. And now we are in familiar territory. Familiar, but much improved. The first scene is of a battle between a rogue alien and storm troopers. We also meet the first Ewoks and flying spheres. We still have to perform some tight timed runs, some interesting block pushing, find a holy gem for the 'church', and search for Republic Credits as a bribe for Jabba... who still manages to trick us despite taking the loot. Although it seems quite plain and deserted I liked how the dwelling and market areas are designed. You can almost feel the heat of the burning sun(s). One thing I liked about these levels is how keys and cards are appropriately taken from enemies, or hidden by them. I would love to have seen more aliens in the bar/disco. But it was good to see R2D2 and C3PO. This is also a good time to mention the great sounds. We can break into Wato's workshop and steal the Hyperdrive Generator part for the next level...
Podrace. New outfit for Lara. More like Anekin's, as we are about to enter the famous Podrace to collect Credits. Three races in all, and it's nice to see they are a little easier. Although I can't help but miss the hair raising first versions. Lara picks up her new outfit and makes her way to a clearing where we see the jawdropping sight of a ...
Battlecruiser. We play the rest of the level as Padme Amidala. Or perhaps Lara, as her bodyguard, doubles as Amidala to sort this lot out. Love the outfit. Itıs not a tough gaunlet from trap to trap, but what we do see and do is exciting enough. Brilliant encounters with the ultimate enemies, and scenes with our pal R2D2. The ship is guarded by even more storm troopers and incredible looking battle droids. Our goal here is to find explosives and blow this death star out of the cosmos. We meet the big kahuna himself and his red faced henchmen. And these encounters, along with the final flyby are truely amazing.
Even those who are not Star Wars fans will love this. It's a wonderful tribute to the great Lucas saga and a magnificent tribute to EssGee's imagination and skill. I want to play it all over again." - CC (12-Nov-2007)
"This wonderful set of levels may not need any more comments because how good it is all other rewiewers have already pointed out , but I have finally decided to give it a rewiew only to say Thank You to Scott who is and always has been one of our most esteemed TRLE builders ! Beeing involved in many other projects , always present on TRLE helplines he is one of the driving forces in the TRLE World . My reward for all this hard work is a 10 for all . Thanks Mate !!!" - Ruben (27-Jan-2007)
"Now, this is what I cal A LEVEL! Apart Tatooine Part, I loved it. I'm a Star Wars Fan; you should know that, first. And the atmosphere, the ambiance of the level were exactly what I was feeling about SW. This is grandiose! Jundland Desert is a perfection. EsGee, my buddy, bravo. I was immediately immerged in the game. Even though, I had to search a lot in the area, I had fun. Cliffs, rocks, the landspeeder, the tuskens, everything was here to enjoy. Tatooine. Hah! Tatooine. The worst part, in my opinion, for me. I hated these "time-run" passages (spent almost 1 hour to make the prison one). That's why I gave this rate for "Gameplay". And what about killing Ewoks, can you tell? I love them. Anyway, excellent ambiance and the town, my! I even liked the cage. The Pod Race. Very difficult, specially at the end (didn't like it). Also a reason why I gave this rate in "Gameplay". This is not the idea I had about the Pod Race (it's definately not the Pod Race in SW1, lol), but the immersion in it was great. The Battle Cruiser... Ahhhh... The Battle Cruiser. A reward for all the efforts in Tatooine and the Pod Race. Although it has difficult problems to solve, this worthed to play it. I really enjoyed it. Killing all of these troopers and facing a sith boss was fun (Lara died four times before I undertand how to beat him for good, but it was a great satisfaction when done). Globally : with maybe some more seconds in the time-run passages of Tatooine, it would have been a Perfect Game for me. Really. :)" - CelticRaider (22-Sep-2006)
"If you loved the Star Wars Level from Lara at the Movies, you are in for a treat with the Director's Cut. There is a brand new level, Jutland Wastes, an added end cutscene, and other various small details added into the original three levels. In Jutland Wastes, your main goal is to get the wind turbines turning. The Wastes consist of three main parts: the Central Plateau, the valley, and the cliffs on the other side of the valley. Make sure you are familiar with the layout, because it is easy to get disorientated and go in the wrong direction. The puzzles aren't too challenging, but most of the time it's a matter of figuring out how to get to them without falling off the cliffs (and sometimes into the hands of Tusken raiders). The action really picks up with the next level, Tatooine, as you encounter more enemies (watch out for the rancor!) and harder puzzles and gameplay. Your various tasks are to find the holy gem, collect a bribe for Jabba, and find the components needed for the Podrace in the next level. The Podrace is a ton of fun and puts your driving skills to the test, because each stage is timed! Consider it to be the ultimate timed run test. You'll collect cards from the end of each stage to be used to open up an area at the end where you'll receive an invitation to join the Dark Side, as well as to pick up a new outfit. Finally, you will take an elevator up to an Imperial Battlecruiser. Lara, dressed as Queen Amidala, must collect 4 detonator devices to sabotage the Battlecruiser. Prepare to face many stormtroopers, and battle droids (which are a pain to kill). You'll also have to deal with several Darth Mauls (were they cloning already?) towards the end of the level, but they can be taken out with about 2 slices with the light saber. What is very impressive about these levels is that way that Scott captured the Star Wars atmosphere. Everything from Jawas and Tusken raiders roaming about in the Wastes, to mimicking the architecture of Tatooine as seen in the movies. I also liked when and how the music from the movies was used as well. John Williams would be proud, I think. The final cutscene is entertaining with Lara going to meet Yoda, and the Queen Amidala costume was perfect I think. And watching it a second time, Frank Oz would be impressed with how close Yoda's voice came to the real thing! I hope that someday we'll see the other episodes recreated as well." - Celli (11-May-2006)
"I have a soft spot for this game and I loved it from the moment I tested it for the LATM project. The new level and cut scene are great and even though I prefer the harder version of the game, I enjoyed replaying this very much. The first level has much exploration and a tricky jump, also some chips to find. There is some new audio and the final scene is very interesting. I found eleven secrets and I don't think I can say anything else about this. I've already covered everything in my review for the LATM edition so just play it." - Kristina (07-May-2006)
"A remake of the author's earlier level, but much of it is additions and redoing of the Movies version. The addition of the Jundland Waste section makes this now a four section level, but it was a section of running round trying to find objects and areas you have opened up. You do however get to drive the hover vehicle. Various enemies in keeping with the Star Wars guise and quite a few puzzles to solve as well as the pod race, keep you busy even if you had played the original. The textures etc continued in the first class way as the first with some good speech videos, with the ending scene being a particularly good example. Well worth playing even though you may have played the Movies version." - Whistle (15-Apr-2006)
"If you've played Lara at the Movies, most of this level will be familiar to you, but it's so good it's well worth playing again and there is a whole new section at the beginning, which is so stunningly well done that it's a pleasure just to wander around in breathless admiration. If you like Star Wars (and who doesn't) you'll adore this - the atmosphere, the audio files, the enemies, the vehicles, the weaponry - it's all so authentic. This is fun, fun, fun and I was just so sorry when it ended." - Jay (10-Apr-2006)
"There's only one thing I didn't like in this good set of levels: the really bad gameplay in first level (Jundland Wastes). Yes, it's a level very well builded, with a great ambience and very good features, but gameplay is too much no-lineal (excessively), and sure that all the players have been running around and around too much time looking for items to can continue playing; it's very easy that you arrive to a place and you don't have the necessary items to proceed, and have to go back and look for them through a very very huge area (the entire level); this makes the game very tedious. If I had to review only this first level, I should have to give a <5 in the gameplay section. But rest of the levels are very good in all sections; specially in the "enemies-objects" which are very very good, fabulous, impressive, excellent,... And the final cut is great!We all have to recognize the very good and hard work of this clever builder to give us this Star Wars reply. Many thanks, and don't stop working!" - Jose (24-Mar-2006)
"I've been a fan of the Star Wars movies since their original release (yes, I'm well and truly old enough to have seen the original theatrical release of the first movie!) but when this game first appeared with the Gold project I have to say I was in two minds about it. In some ways, particularly the bad guys, it was a very clever adaptation, but overall I think the author had bitten off a bit too much as it is technically very difficult to translate the SW universe to a TR game. This expanded re-release has gone some way to improve it, and the inclusion of a completely new first level and some cutscenes are welcome additions! The new level which starts this game, 'Jundland Wastes', is an example of how SW *can* be successfully translated into TR, by taking the parts of SW that are most amenable to adaptation, expanding on the theme, and adding some nicely retextured objects and bad guys - unlike some I thoroughly enjoyed exploring this area! I thought the SW feel had been realised very well, and the new objects and bad guys, along with the appearance of Watto to 'greet' you at the gates of the town, were very nice touches! However, the second level, 'Tatooine', although trying to capture the SW feel fails to depict the 'organic' style of the city so I never really felt I was on Tatooine (more to do with TR limitations than the author's interpretation :) The third level, 'Podrace', also didn't work very well for me - by setting it mostly in tunnels the feel of SW was lost and for me it became little more than an above average timed motorcycle level. Not bad, but not a part of SW that can be easily adapted, although the space ship at the end was well done, and the Tusken Raiders were a nice touch. Setting the complete track in narrow canyons with less hairpin bends would, for me, have worked a lot better! The final level, 'Battlecruiser', was much more in keeping with the SW theme, and worked very well as a TR game - this level had some useful improvements from the original, such as the near impossible pole jump which is now a lot easier. I liked that you were able to leave the ship at the open dock, to float away to a sticky end - this made much more sense than a transparent wall! The game's rounded off by an end cutscene, which is a nice addition. However, as Lara's costumes were copied from those worn by Padme and Queen Amidala, at the end of the game I was beginning to wonder just who I'd been playing as, Lara or Padme (not that it mattered, I'm happy to play as Padme as she's one of my favourite movie characters :) Broadly speaking, I think the first and last levels work very well as a Star Wars homage, but the middle two levels not so well although they're still a lot of fun." - MacRaider (19-Mar-2006)
"I am usually not a fan of 'remakes' of levels, as I would rather play something new from the respective author, but I will make an exception here. Scott has added so much to this adventure: an intro, an outro, new audio, new textures, new outfits and primarily a whole new level. Jundland Wastesis gameplaywise not my favourite type as it is all about running (or driving) around in vast open landscape searching for tiny items hidden somewhere in the grass, but still all the custom work (enemies, objects) is amazing and gives this a great desolate feel. Also, great to see that Watto is now working as an enemy - hilarious. The ending scene is a definitive highlight too and worth playing through the series again alone. Gameplaywise Tatooine, the PodRace and Battlecruiser are largely unchanged, but as it had been a while since I last played it, it was fun to revisit it and all the fond memories of the Lara at the Movies project came back, too. One not to miss." - MichaelP (17-Mar-2006)
"I just got done playing this set of levels. Everything was great, the puzzles, gameplay, etc. It is very challenge, I had to get help a couple of times. The timed runs were a bit annoying, but it was still fun. I felt like I was in the the Star Wars movie." - dantheraider (14-Mar-2006)
"I've previously reviewed the levels that were bundled with Lara at the Movies, which remain one of my top two or three favorites of all time, so this review will focus on the additional level provided by EssGee. Nothing about it diminishes the luster of the levels that so impressed me a couple of years ago, so it continues to earn top marks. In Jundland Wastes we have a worthy introduction to the Star Wars environment. A light saber with perfect sound effects replaces the revolver, and the enemies have been retextured to resemble the critters we encounter in the Star Wars films. A pod racer is provided to get us from place to place more easily, and most of the action takes place outdoors where we must perform tasks to open up areas where we perform more tasks. Quite a bit of backtracking is involved, but this never becomes boring because of the realistic settings. There are a couple of sentry guns that we're never given the pleasure of blowing up, but they don't pose a significant threat. The level of difficulty is moderate, and the builder has provided a walkthrough that documents all the enemies and pickups. A wonderful gaming experience, with some of the most imaginative innovations ever seen in a custom level. Not to be missed." - Phil (12-Mar-2006)
"I am preparing to be slaughtered for being the first to not give this level a full 10/10 rating. Everything about these levels are perfect except for the aimless wandering around in the first level "Judland wastes". This is a good level but there are times when you are wandering around not knowing what to do. The author has intended this type of gameplay so the player can get used to the surroundings but it does make the gamplay a little tedious in some places. Once I found all the objects needed, then the level was almost straightforward. Don't get me wrong, the level was challenging (if a level isnt, whats the point in playing?), I just found it a little boring until I found the taps needed to progress furthur. Thats the only bad point I have about the level. Everything else was outstanding - new objects and scenery created. I love having baddies in the style of jawas, ewoks and troopers. Theres even an appearance by Jabba the hut and two other well know characters in the end sequence. Tatooine is beautifully created, all the atmosphere and scenery is spot on. I would have liked to have seen locals wandering around the place but i guess I'm wishing for too much! The Poorace level is my favourite as this gives you a breath of fresh air and offers some originality (for me anyway), instead for running around, most of the level is spent in a pod racer. The race is great and throughly planned. I had a little problem making it to the checkpoints (having to exit the racer and then jump into the checkpoint area), but after a few goes (or 8?!) I managed. Finally, the battleship was very difficult and there are quite a few secret areas to be found. I thought this was very enjoyable. A nice appearance by Darth Maul and the Emperor, plus some very hard to kill droids. The mission was great. An almost flawless level (but that's my opinion). I hope that an episode 2 is on the way. Bravo!" - Necro (01-Mar-2006)
"The Director's Cut version comes complete with an introductory presentation, very alike to the Star Wars movies and nicely put together. The main theme is present as well, giving it an even more special feel. * Jundland Wastes: this was the new introductory level and it's HUGE. I mean, when you play it, chances of getting lost are really high. You're on a quest for taps on the center of the level and a couple of levers on the edges - easily found. Then after that you set after a few pieces to activate the windmill generator to open the exit doors, this might take a little longer as the pieces are hidden in difficult to spot places. Like I said, this desert is huge but it's easy to keep track of places you've been once you run in circles for a while LOL. 40 minutes, 1 secret. * Tatooine/Podracer/Battlecruiser: not much has changed, a few areas have been retextured and a number of statics have been added. These few changes make the levels much prettier - though I can't really remember the originals, been a while. Refer to the previous release for a better review from me - though I did watch all the Star Wars movies now. In the Podrace level, I managed to get through this level in the first try, so indeed the timed runs are simpler and easier. I'm not sure if they were in the original (I didn't mention in my review for the previous release), but there are pointing arrows in the mazey path, so it was pretty easy to time your way round the sharp corner. There also was a nice music added towards the end, close to the battlecruiser - don't remember having heard it before. The battlecruiser seemed easier as well, especially the polerope bit. 60+15+60 minutes, 4+1+5 secrets. There's also an ending cutscene now which I thought was brilliantly done, Yoda himself congratulates you on your efforts! All in all, this will be worthwhile even to those who have played the original release before. Great work, Scott! May we look forward to Episode 2? *G*. 02/06" - Treeble (19-Feb-2006)
"There are no words to describe this level, ive put 10 for everything, the gameplay is exellent, you get to play with light sabers, laser guns, you get to drive pod racers, the lot! an absolutly fabulous level! as i said, theres no words to describe how good this level is!" - ColeMoles (15-Feb-2006)