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Community Level Deux by Bojrkraider Cornchild Dan the Jazzman eTux Netslider Quik Silver Sk8ter Punk staticon TombRaiderFan Treeble

CC 7 7 8 8
EssGee 8 8 7 8
Gerty 8 8 8 8
Jay 8 8 8 9
Jerry 7 6 7 8
Jorge22 8 8 9 9
Jose 8 7 7 7
Kristina 6 6 6 8
Magnus 7 7 6 7
MichaelP 8 7 8 8
Minox 7 7 7 7
Mman 7 7 8 7
Phil 8 8 8 8
Ryan 8 8 8 8
Staticon 8 8 9 8
Whistle 6 7 7 7
release date: 18-Aug-2006
# of downloads: 110

average rating: 7.53
review count: 16
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file size: 20.60 MB
file type: TR4
class: Cold/Snowy

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Reviewer's comments
"This level looks good from the outset. The choice of TR2 Tibetan and TR3 Antarctica/RX Tech works nicely and makes for a pleasing raid. There are some nice challenges to overcome, particularly a boulder run that took a few tries and a couple of fun jumping exercises. Along the way you'll encounter yeti, guards and dogs. A nicely enjoyable level." - Ryan (08-Nov-2016)
"It is a very conventional level, gameplay is essentially levers to operate or find key to move forward. It's pretty easy with a few enemies. My favorite part is in the huge room where there is plenty to do." - Minox (02-Feb-2015)
"This is much stronger than the first community level. There's still inconsistency but it's much lower than before, and while still pretty linear there's also some nice interlinking and foreshadowing to make the progression feel better than before. There's a snowy theme here and there's some nice variety throughout while still staying on theme (although occasionally the proximity of Yetis and Humans+Dogs seemed a bit unconvincing). Unlike the first community level which took a little to get going, this starts out much stronger (although the start does have an oddly redundant boulder puzzle), and keeps the momentum going outside of one dull and overly blue maze section. It's a shame the ending feels a bit anticlimactic though. Not amazing but enjoyable enough team level project." - Mman (20-Apr-2014)
"I stumbled into this level visiting the main site where it was offered as 'featured level'. The picture looked great, so I downloaded it. All in all it is more a tibetan level, it has nothing really to do with RX Tech. You find anything you expext by a TR level i.e. traps (bolders, barbed wire), enemies (guards, dogs, yetis), ropes, jumps, shimmying. Items like medipacks and ammo are pretty rare. Difficulty level is not too hard and the bolder run was great and took me a while to find out how to make it. But nevertheless I feel a little dissatisfied. Even though this level is only 2 years old its look reminded me to the old TR1 with those angular shaped rocks and pillars. Objects like e.g. doors, poles and switches seemed to be placed kind of randomly. For example: You find a pole somewhere in a cave and you wonder why there is a pole in here. How comes that doors or switches are high up in the icy mountains with no way up there except climbing, jumping and shimmying around? So this level seemed to me a bit randomly put together rather than well drafted." - Jerry (05-Jan-2009)
"It's been a long time since the first community level, and things have moved along apace. This seems to be a lot smaller and shorter, but not so disjointed, as all levels run smoothly into one another, with a definite theme - snowy mountain environment where we explore icy canyons, mine shafts, ancient temple and arctic base. As we move from one area to the next it's hard to know where one author's rooms start or end. I played this before the walkthrough was available so it was a surprise to see who had created each part. It's a fairly straight forward run through with something of interest in each part. In a huge canyon there are the snowball runs and the terrific dive into a tiny waterhole. In a large cave near the start there is the symbol puzzle that took some time to figure out. Another part had a large snow maze. Another a long pole climb up an elevator shaft in the mines. There are a couple of lava areas, but they were underground and in keeping with the theme. We are mainly looking for keys and masks, and our ultimate goal is a very unusual green artefact. Enemies are white clothed guards, wolves, and appropriately, yetis. One lone yeti has escaped and cavorts about on a mountain top in the final flyby. The final area, where we release another snowball to crash through a frozen lake is quite beautiful. All told, another great co-operative effort and hopefully it won't be as long before we see the next one." - CC (20-Mar-2007)
"The second community level was ok I guess but not so good to be excited about. I think this idea with the community levels didn't turn out as expected judging from the outcome. I thought we would have a level with great textures, instead they are pretty standard and ordinary, great puzzles and traps. Well the puzzles is nothing special, it's just shoot an enemy and get a key or jump through burning tiles. The yeti, dogs and guards weren't difficult to deal with. Don't get me wrong now because it's not a bad level but it's something standard that doesn't offer new puzzles or anything like that. I don't know what went wrong with this idea because from other collaborations we've seen we had some of the best games in the TR custom level world." - Kristina (19-Mar-2007)
"The plan for this level is to have a group of builders contribute to the game design by each building a limited number of rooms. The hope is that you get a variety of playing styles within a single level. The challenge for the builders is to create that variety whilst maintaining continuity as the player makes the transition from one builder's section to the next. In large part, the builders have succeeded in doing this. And this is not easy to do, when you have a number of different builders with different amounts of level building experience all contributing to the process. As the Project leader, Lucas has done well to co-ordinate this level and see it through to its completion. The level progresses well, and the settings increase in complexity as you go further into the game. Set in an icy environment, the player makes their way through a variety of modern-man offices and workshops that house the baddies who are busy protecting and uncovering an ancient city of some sort that has long been buried in an icy landscape. In the second half of the level Lara has to find a path through some massive ice canyons. Some of the climbs are quite breathtaking and will have you hanging by the fingertips. The level is value-packed, and you will get plenty of game time with this one." - EssGee (10-Mar-2007)
"When I downloaded this level I expected something of BtoB standard. However the whole set up gave a very dated look, with fairly simplistic (in comparison to recent levels) game play and moves. In fact coupled with long crawle/traverses the game play at times was tedious. Very little in the way of pickups except the keys needed to proceed, and the ememies again (apart from the easily avoided Yeti) showed little imagination-dogs and SAS. Graphics seemed rather standard for an ice and snow level with the indoor scenes fitting but again rather whay we would come to expect. Lighting fine with good use of light and dark areas, but perhaps more could have been made of the sound." - Whistle (19-Nov-2006)
"Not sure if I am allowed to review this one as I am one of the credited authors - but what the heck. I only made the opening section and was not responsible for the rest of the level. :-) As has been said by one of my co-reviewers, this level has a much more cohesive feel to it - probably due to fewer collaborators and being allowed to make bigger sections than the single rooms of the first community level. The whole thing holds together quite well and gives a nicely challenging hour and a half of gameplay. Not too taxing overall but very enjoyable. I'm so glad Lucas resurrected it and finished it. Many thanks for that. Loved the big, open icy area that we re-visit at a later time and those Yetis - they are excellent. Not a huge level - but well worth a play (especially my bit) :-D" - Staticon (01-Oct-2006)
"Although the ambience is similar you'll notice different styles in some aspects along the level (architecture, puzzles,...) 'cause in this level have taken part 10 builders! I missed some more ammo for the shotgun, the only weapon I found; I liked the yetis a lot, but sometimes I had to deal with them only with my pistols. In the room with the deadly green flame tiles is difficult to imagine that you had to step onto five tiles to extinguish the fire, 'cause around the mask there are only four symbols; and you can pull the two switches, open the big doors and return jumping only over four tiles and so you'll get totally stucked. In the second room with green tiles all the tiles are safe, so you can go across the room and pull the switches, even you can see a camera shot showing you the next closed gate, but when you go there the gate is closed, so I couldn't know what's the hint to open that gate and had to step over all tiles. The level is long and has good details; I liked the big outside area with boulders and barbed wires; a level very playable." - Jose (27-Sep-2006)
"Firstly, let me say what an extremely good-looking level this is. The arctic setting is really convincing and I had a good time climbing around and exploring all the cliff sides and caves. Wolves and yetis leap out at you when you least expect them as you search for various keys and oceanic masks. I wonder if I was the only one who, after breaking the ice with the huge snowball, took a swan dive into the opening only to discover it wasn't water under there. Ouch. A really pleasant, not too difficult level, suitable for just about all levels of ability." - Jay (22-Sep-2006)
"This is a solid effort that should be enjoyed by raiders of all skill levels. It's a single level that flows rather seamlessly, and Treeble has given me helpful notes identifying the builder of each set of rooms, and they have been duly credited in the walkthrough. The setting this time is the frozen arctic, and the enemies of note are SAS, dogs and yetis. You'll find at the end that you've missed at least one yeti, as the closing flyby shows him strutting around with an unmistakable sense of pride. A series of ice boulders may cause you some problems near the middle part of the level, but I found a reliable solution documented in the walkthrough that will enable you to conquer it on the first go. There's also a flame tile puzzle that some reviewers found rather annoying, but it's also covered in the walkthrough. Other than that there's nothing particularly flashy or memorable here, but you'll have a fun time for the hour or so that it takes you to get all the way through. Recommended." - Phil (30-Aug-2006)
"An Antarctica level, much better accomplished than the Eido's Forums first attempt. Good graphics, good atmosphere. Lara must follow a not always obvious path on her quest for the Carionas, one more mysterious object for her collection, while using keys and levers along the way. Some moments are memorable, perhaps the run with boulders on a ramp over an icy canyon, certainly some more. Good for a little relaxation between longer and more complex levels (not that there isn't a degree of complexity here - there is). Advisable, of course." - Jorge22 (24-Aug-2006)
"Oh my, this was a bit of an ordeal for me. Not that I wasn't impressed, as this level had certain wow moments and also some"jumps in my chair" as well. The main thing was (and that was an ordeal for me) that vast open area where Lara had to climb, jump and shimmy the walls to get up and down. My fear of heights didn't do me any good. That dive into that small pool.. I'm NOT doing that again, no way. Don't get me wrong I think it is a great level and that boulder chase had me occupied for quite a bit to finally figuring out how Lara had to concur that one. Even if it was a bit on the dark side, the atmosphere was just right. Thanks you guys for sticking to it." - Gerty (24-Aug-2006)
"It's been more than three years since the first Community Level, and I think most of us had given up hope of ever playing the sequel. Here it is, though, and while it follows the same formula as the previous level (that is, get as many people as possible to build a level together), it's still quite different. The first thing you might notice is that the number of people who worked on the project has dropped to ten, compared to the twenty-four on the previous level. I found this rather disappointing, but on the plus side, it helps make the level feel more cohesive, rather than a bunch of rooms which have no relation to each other at all. In fact, it was difficult to tell where one builder had stopped building and the next had started. Overall, I enjoyed this level more than the previous one, as the gameplay seems to have improved. There are still a few occasions when you have to monkey-swing or shimmy for what seems like an eternity, but most of the gameplay is rather enjoyable, though not groundbreaking in any way. By far my least favourite part was the pressure-pad puzzle, which was first needlessly cryptic, then downright stupid. Besides that one puzzle, I had no problems progressing through the level. The architecture really isn't all that impressive (with one or two notable exceptions), but the texturing is quite good throughout, except for a few stretched textures. Likewise, the lighting is good. There were a few flybys which seemed completely unnecessary, but I liked the last one, which showed some of the different builders' rooms. In the end, this forty-minute level isn't below, nor is it above, average. It is, however, still an interesting experiment, and a good showcase of the fact that sometimes, too many cooks do not, in fact, spoil the broth." - Magnus (19-Aug-2006)
"Well, it certainly was worth the wait. 3 years after its inception this second project was brought to conclusion and that in itself makes it a must play level. Just like in part 1, 10 authors have cooperated and built a few rooms each and it does show in the fairly linear progression the level inadvertently has, but not quite as badly as in the first community level. Also, the choice of textures and objects and Lara outfit makes this a pleasing 70 minute level to play through. While many of the rooms are rather bare and square, some have been nicely designed. It is quite dark in places, but ample flares provided. Progrssion is mainly through levers and keys, opening door after door and maybe a few too many climbs, monkey swings and shimmy passages throughout. The boulder chase was fun and the cave area near the end as well. Found two secrets and had a chuckle at the yeti in the mountains during the nice final flyby. Good job in getting this second one completed, Lucas - now up for a third?" - MichaelP (19-Aug-2006)