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BtB2007 - Hell Hath No Fury by staticon

Akcy 5 4 6 7
Bene 8 8 9 9
CC 7 7 7 7
eRIC 8 8 8 8
eTux 8 8 7 7
Gerty 7 7 7 7
Ivan 7 8 8 7
Jay 7 8 8 8
JesseG 7 7 6 6
Jorge22 8 7 7 10
Jose 7 6 7 7
Kristina 7 7 7 8
MacRaider 6 8 6 7
manarch2 6 5 5 5
MichaelP 8 8 7 6
Mman 5 6 6 5
Orbit Dream 6 6 5 6
Phil 8 8 9 9
Ravenwen 8 7 7 8
rjb 8 8 8 8
Ryan 7 6 6 6
Shady Croft 7 8 7 8
Shandroid 7 7 6 6
suzieq51 8 8 7 8
TimJ 6 6 6 5
Treeble 8 9 8 8
vienna 8 7 8 7
release date: 01-Jan-2007
# of downloads: 100

average rating: 7.08
review count: 27
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file size: 29.70 MB
file type: TR4
class: City

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"There's mostly quite basic design in this level, although there is the occasional setpiece in the form of a couple of a surreal looking tunnel that leads to a rather weird looking area with what looks like a floating house. The lighting and textures are quite bland and there's nothing really impressive about the looks. The rooms contain little decoration aside from switches or a couple of blocks. The gameplay fares slightly better with a couple of mild challenges, including brief timed runs and a breakable tile sequence, plus a couple of minor block puzzles, but there's nothing too difficult. While this isn't bad, I wasn't particularly gripped by the experience. This is a fun enough level, suitable for a relatively easygoing experience, although nothing more than that." - Ryan (10-Apr-2018)
"Level is linear and has nice atmosphere. There are quite lot enemies but healthpacks and ammon are enought. Lighting is good but textures are average. This level bring back memories for me from TR3. Recommendable." - vienna (03-Sep-2016)
"Brick walls appearing out of nowhere to surround Lara after she moves a block. Waterfalls acting as solid windows. Caverns partially made out of shimmering oil. Based on the story I doubt this slight bending of reality was intended as such, but either way it doesn't help the player feel very immersed. The lighting was completely flat in the starting area, not a good impression - but it was better afterward. Textures suffer from wallpapering and warping, especially the dirt textures. The gameplay was a bit short, but had some good pushblock puzzles and timed runs involving flames thrown in there, though I could have done with less running back and forth between key holes. The boxy rooms and easy-to-find secrets added to the overall mundane mood of this strange level. 36 minutes." - JesseG (09-Jul-2016)
"Perhaps this was not quite the best start into BtB 07 but this level offered enough to entertain for a rather long time (compared with some other offerings) at 30 minutes. There are many things to comment about the look and feel of this game, like the rather low walls outside resulting in an end of the world feeling, flat lights and rather basic, if clean, texturing and object design, simple architecture, not much music being used and even some missing sounds (which strangely applies to any other BtB level as well, so I guess that was a general problem and I'm not taking it much into account), so it's certainly not a very beautiful level (I liked the alternating texture corridors though), but it at least keeps you on your toes for the time spent. At the start it feels a bit tedious with a lot of levers to be pulled and not much creativity and variation in the tasks, especially the timed run with the blocks that has to be done three times was pedestrian - if done once, it would have been a decent task. That luckily changes later on with some good usage of flipmaps, unusual puzzles, a "timed" run against barrels but still this level is very simplistically constructed and very linear and thus does not make up for a great sense of immersion; there are also some fairly long ladders that slow down the pace. A level that is neither painful nor very inspired, I found all the five secrets that are not too hard to acquire." - manarch2 (24-Jul-2015)
"Design here is quite basic; mostly simple lighting and textures, and confined rooms outside of one or two parts. Mid- way through the level some intrigue is added by reality seemingly going out to lunch, but not much is made of it beyond some slightly surreal areas. The gameplay is mostly easy and feels like a bunch of unconnected ideas with no real unifying theme, although there's nothing glaringly wrong (although having to repeat a simple timed run several times in a row was odd). Not a great entry, but it provides some fun." - Mman (01-Nov-2012)
"An original work which has many Staticonesque traits to it. This is a straightforward level with fluent progression and with good ideas along the way. The more you progress into it , the more there are good puzzles , many flipmaps , and a bit of enjoyable action as well. Some of the rooms are quite simple when others are quite elegant. A special background audio loop and special effects give to the level this surrealistic touch that we have come to appreciate from the author. A good level that must be enjoyed by all profiles of players for it is not a difficult one." - eRIC (16-Jun-2008)
"I found this level rather entertaining, although shooting that many soldiers and just for a crowbar? I almost missed the damn thing but I'm glad Lara got it back in her backpack. Rather liked the puzzles as they are not mind-boggling and the timed runs were not frustrating. Nice interlude in between the hard ones of this competition" - Gerty (07-May-2007)
"'Hell hath no fury like a woman robbed of her crowbar'! Okaaaay! So Lara is chasing after the thugs who stole it. And while she's on that 'quest' she encounters some interesting stuff. Timed switches to pull blocks out of fires, and use them to open a door. Good run over slopes that flip from left to right. Finding a way to move barbed wire away from a crawlspace. But the best is a breakable tile jump-up session to the top of a high room, and slide back down again. Other tasks are pole vaulting, another switch to turn off fires puzzle, and find the lasersight and revolver for target shooting. The level is straightforward and fast paced. Suitable for all players. This scenario would have brought some welcome humour to this year's competition if the thugs just ran away as Lara approached. Killing them for revenge, just for a crowbar, seems too harsh." - CC (21-Mar-2007)
"The first areas of the level is very simple, or rather primitive, just going through a room and pulling a switch, and the cameras are overused to show us what is obvious. Later it is more interesting, we've got puzzles, but nothing even remotely difficult, everything is completely obvious, as well as the five secrets, didn't get me feel involved. Some interesting things, like the shifting columns, but still too easy. It's not a real task which I complete without the slightest problem, and only after that I realise it was timed, thinking of pulling out the first block from over the fire. The only somewhat challenging therefore enjoyable task, was the collapsible tiles. Too many keys, at one part. Textures are fine, but barely any objects to decorate the rooms, they were mostly empty. The deserted atmosphere of the place is still not bad, with the continous ambient music. And finally Lara gets back the crowbar, it didn't worth the whole exercise, okay, this level meant to be a joke, as the story indicates. I feel awkward when had to write something that sounds bad about a level, because the authors work hard, not to mention for free, just to entertain us with their levels, so a big thanks to all of them, but I must be honest. And the level wasn't that bad, fluent and not demanding can be enjoyable, for beginners it's even recommended, but I for one, certainly wouldn't go for a competition with it." - Akcy (20-Jan-2007)
"Here we have a level for everybody. Lineal gameplay, not difficult tasks, easy secrets,... There are two or three interesting puzzles, simple architecture, most of the tasks are to find keys and pull switches. There are few enemies, and few weapons and ammo too. At least there's not too much darkness. Textures are not very good, but although it's not a great level, for me was entertaining. Thanks." - Jose (20-Jan-2007)
"The moveable block puzzle and the timed runs were nicely done. The rest is what you will encounter in the other levels as far as the items are concerned. That is one of the problems I guess with such contests, unfortunately everyone has to use the same objects so the puzzles need imagination and creativity in order for a level to distinguish from the others. Not much else to say about this one, only that it is a fun short level. I found three secrets." - Kristina (18-Jan-2007)
"An interesting journey, which became more 'involved' the further we progressed. I especially liked the moveable cages/flames mixture (making obtaining our objective trickier), the key names, the collapsible platforms jumping, the one-way see-through barrier with the remote camera, the rolling barrels/drums, the timed rising block to a passage above, the changing pillars jumping, one 'transporter' experience, the interesting 'shotgun' with its mode of firing that meant we needed to be careful not to waste ammo and the fact that all 5 secrets were located in 'thoughtful' places (not obvious but not too difficult if we were paying attention). My main 'demur' was the 'emptiness' of many rooms. I appreciate the whole area was intended to be deserted (except for baddies, of course!) and I liked the authentic look of the railway tunnel walls, the ticket barrier and the stairs down to the trains et al but I did find myself wishing for more to look at en route. But this didn't spoil what was an enjoyable first BtB07 experience. (Later: Have now played 5 games and the secrets in this game are easily the best placed IMHO.)" - rjb (17-Jan-2007)
"This is the first of the BtB07 series I've played and quite an enjoyable one IMO. Our heroine has had her beloved crowbar stolen so she is off to retrieve it and wreck a bit of vengeance on the way. There are a couple of timed sequences involving fire tiles (grrrrh I hate timed runs!!!), a disappearing platforms section and some breakable tiles jumps, but don't despair, dear reader, they are quite forgiving and won't hold you up too long. Lara and I managed to dispose of the baddies without too much trouble although we could have done with a few more ammo pick-ups for the shotgun. I only found 2 secrets, but did manage to find the cunningly concealed crowbar before completing the level. All in all, a nice, fun level and one I played through with a smile on my face." - suzieq51 (16-Jan-2007)
"A gang has stolen Lara's beloved crowbar which is quite the funny premise and only Lara would risk life and limb to recover something so easily replaced with a trip to the hardware store. However, despite the hilarious premise, this level is a bit blah. I liked many of the puzzles, and the secrets were pretty easy to find, but I just wasn't having a really good time playing this level. There were some strange areas that didn't make sense (like moving walls) and a weird roof on a tall building that didn't seem placed realistically. Nice effort, though, and there were some fun areas." - Shandroid (16-Jan-2007)
"I couldn't find any connection between the title and the story, apart maybe from the fact that Lara sort of raises hell so as to find her beloved crowbar. Surely the feeling of this level is humorous though, and as such it should be seen. I played this BtB07 level after two much tougher ones from the project, so it was a nice and relaxing interlude, as it didn't cause any hair-pulling nor screen-punching from my part. Although not exactly easy-peasy, it's rather linear and the path you have to follow is crystal clear most of the times. It requires no hard thinking, and the gameplay is very easy; there are no big surprises awaiting, however there are some nice and clever sequences included (ie, the changing pillars or the jumps on the collapsing tiles above the lethal pool). I found three secrets and the crowbar at the end, without much effort. A nice level to pass your time, if you want an amusing and relaxing adventure for a change." - Ravenwen (14-Jan-2007)
"Amazing how varied are these levels, all using the same wads and textures. This one was a treat. Helping Lara retieve her crowbar took us to a decidedly sci/fi looking hallway leading to a rather dark, foreboding rooftop. and some interesting puzzles - none too taxing and that's a good thing. Made quite a nice change from the other entries. Also one of the few that took only an hour...weren't they all supposed to be short? Found all the secrets, making this all the more pleasurable to play. Lots of fun." - Bene (13-Jan-2007)
"We're in the London Underground and so are a lot of thugs. Fairly soon however, this particular London begins to seem very strange indeed - positively otherworldly in places. The gameplay isn't difficult and it's very linear, but there are some good moments - a nice collapsing tile run was my favourite. One of the shorter, easier entries, but well worth playing and a nice contrast to some of the occasionally rather frustrating ones." - Jay (11-Jan-2007)
"What I said about humorous storylines still sticks, so it's no surprise that this was the 2nd of the 10 back to basics levels of this year I played. It's quite simple and you won't be spending a lot of time trying to figure out what to do next or how to complete a specific task, so it's suited for everyone. And with only needing 30 minutes to get through, it's not a particularly long adventure to play either. I loved the creative use of doors early on, and the timed fire and pushable block puzzle along with the shifting pillars bit are probably the highlights of this level for me gameplaywise. Visually it incorporates the author's own version of yet another metro station, but the most memorable part for me probably was the building in the black room underground with the weird tunnel leading to it. I found 3 secrets, but ironically not the crowbar Lara was so eager to get when coming here. She'll just have to live with the satisfaction of having killed a dozen or so people instead." - eTux (10-Jan-2007)
"After the pronounced challenge of most of the other BtoB07 levels,this came across as a rather welcome respite and enabled me to breeze through without needing to ponder for long on what to do next.Unfortunately,despite the rapid progression,this was not the most inspiring of adventures. From the jocularity of the story synopsis I was expecting an idiosyncratic and tongue-in-cheek adventure,but what you actually get are a succession of large empty rooms containing switches which invariably open doors close at hand.The challenges are generally easy (a couple of block-pushing puzzles;a few timed fires to put out),occasionally unnecessary (the fuse on the flaming pillar could simply be picked up without extinguishing the flame;the nearby water doing the job on Lara instead),sometimes exhilerating (the splendid collapsing-tile gauntlet was the one challenging piece of Gameplay in the level). Lighting was non-existant in most areas and there was little sense of place. Texturing was adequate but rather haphazard,and objects were occasionally used out of context(at one point you arrive in a small Chapel,only to be confronted by a ticket barrier across the center of its floor). Despite the storyline's insistence on Lara retrieving her beloved Crowbar,the adventure ended (at least for me) without her laying her hands on it,leaving me wondering what exactly it had all been about. Despite everything,this was not a poor adventure by any means. It was eminently playable,smooth flowing and perfectly adequate entertainment. Provided you don't want to get too excited,you should enjoy yourself here." - Orbit Dream (09-Jan-2007)
"With a desire for revenge (I'm not sure I like that bit), Lara goes into the subways in an attempt to get her favorite crowbar back. In a very straightforward (thus welcome among more complicated levels) adventure, with no amazing settings and textures but everything apparently correct, Lara kills a lot of baddies, solves a few puzzles and finally finishes... without finding the crowbar! Try it out, naturally, it's a BtB level." - Jorge22 (09-Jan-2007)
"Simpatic level, not too hard and on almost everywhre you can fond exit from puzzle location. Atmosphere is dark and on some time like in building clear and viewable, when you can easily solve problems. For about 40/50 min level is done with two secrets. Some traps are very nice and with rolling cistern which attacked our Lara." - Ivan (07-Jan-2007)
"My first BtB level and I gotta admit it's started really easy. This is a simple and nice level and took me only 35 minutes to finish. The gameplay was straighforward and linear. There were a few good puzzles like the changing pillars and there were some nice parts like the one with (was it indoor?) house. The texturing was ok but I think the author should've paid more attention to it and to the gameplay (giving the player 3 keys in a row instead of making him/her look for them in different places wasnt really a good thing). However,there is no harm in trying this one since it'snice and peaceful." - Shady Croft (07-Jan-2007)
"My second BtB07 level. A rather odd level progressing in a fairly straightforward manner through a series of London Underground passages and rooms, some of which are decidedly surreal. This is pretty much a 'kill the bad guys and find the switch/key' experience, with some funnily named keys, and some traps and flipmaps thrown in for variety. One part could be shortcut quite a bit if you didn't mind using an extra medipack or two, but as medipacks are not liberally supplied you'd need to be frugal with their use elsewhere. Lighting is fairly flat and mostly not too dark and I found the atmosphere unconvincing, despite the use of an ominous background track right through the level. As much a shooter as a puzzler this level never really drew me in, although the collapsing ledge room provided a welcome diversion. I found 3 secrets in about 54 minutes game time." - MacRaider (06-Jan-2007)
"This is a good example of the kind of level that makes playing Tomb Raider a whole lot of fun. It was easy enough that I could get through it in about 40 minutes of net gaming time without having to resort to a walkthrough, although I found only two of the secrets. The highlights were the room with the collapsing tiles and the burner switch room. It took me a number of tries to figure out the proper positioning to navigate the tiles, and I mapped out the burner switch room by pulling a switch, looking to see where the next one was, saving, burning, etc. The fris-key also made its debut here, but I'm still looking for the kink-key. Not much mystery about who built this one, but I've enjoyed it the most out of the several I've tried so far. It proves that a London level isn't required to be dark and morbid. Wish more of the builders in the competition had learned that lesson." - Phil (04-Jan-2007)
"I don't like a lot linear levels, but I'm sure it's possible to build great ones (The Great Wall of China by Core Design is good for example). Unfortunately "Hell Hath No Fury" isn't great. There are a lot of good ideas but they might have been used in another way. I saw this author knows many things about his editor because he shows in this level a lot of flipmaps, of doors which close only when you have done something other, etc. It's a pity because it might have been really a good level. The secrets are easy to find and ennemies don't make a good challenge where there are placed. The author surely wanted to make a strange atmosphere but this atmosphere isn't here. Texturing isn't really bad but is very strange. Some textures are stretched or flattened. Lighting is lacking. I'm sorry to be so severe but there are progress to make. 03/01/07" - TimJ (03-Jan-2007)
"One of the shorter BtB levels this year and definitely one of the easiest to complete. But that is of course not a bad thing. It is great fun while it lasts, as progression is very smooth and you hardly stop to think much, but the tasks at hand are varied and entertaining, like the alternating pillars, the series of short timed runs, a clever little push block puzzle, a collapsible tiles run. The rooms often seem a bit empty and a bit too large and texturing and lighting appears to be applied rather quickly, but it serves its purpose nonetheless. Quick and fun to play this one." - MichaelP (01-Jan-2007)
"Fourth level I've played from the BtB07 challenge. This level is pretty straightforward and quite linear, which is something I appreciated as when you get stuck you don't have to backtrack miles and miles - if you ever have to, you only have to go back a couple of rooms at most. This level tells the story of an angry woman who covers great distances and depths after her sacred crowbar, and won't mind if some have to pay for that. Along the way, she comes across devious traps involving morphing rooms (flipmaps) and lots of switch to progress and get closer and closer to her goal. It might lack a bit on the atmosphere/mood side, but it's great fun nevertheless. 40 minutes, 4 secrets. 01/07" - Treeble (01-Jan-2007)