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Babylon is Fallen by eRIC

Adrian 10 10 10 10
Bene 10 10 10 10
Blue43 9 9 10 9
Christian 10 10 10 10
Cory 9 10 10 10
Czar 9 10 9 10
Daffy 10 10 10 10
Dick 10 10 10 10
DJ Full 10 10 10 10
dmdibl 10 10 10 10
Engelchen Lara 10 10 10 10
Gerty 10 10 10 9
herothing 10 10 10 10
izzynoodles 9 9 10 10
Jack& 9 10 10 10
jawi 8 9 10 9
Jay 10 10 10 10
Jerry 8 9 9 9
Jeys 10 10 10 10
Jorge22 10 10 10 10
Jose 10 10 10 10
manarch2 9 10 9 10
mart256 10 10 10 10
MichaelP 9 9 10 9
Mman 10 10 10 10
Mouayad 9 10 10 10
Mytly 10 10 10 10
OverRaider 10 10 10 10
Phil 10 10 10 10
Ravenwen 10 10 10 10
Roli 10 10 10 10
Ruben 9 9 9 9
Ryan 10 10 10 10
Samu 9 10 10 10
Scottie 10 10 10 10
Shandroid 10 10 10 10
TheStig 9 9 9 9
release date: 26-May-2009
# of downloads: 318

average rating: 9.77
review count: 37
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file size: 77.34 MB
file type: TR4
class: Persia

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Reviewer's comments
"I am 15 years late to this wonderful adventure, but have to say that it has aged very, very well and is still a joy to play today. eRIC has a rather unique style and it shines through here as well with often tightly cramped rooms, many connections to explore, often in unexpected corners and excellent progression that is well balanced between not too obvious and only rarely too tricky or hard to figure out. Babylon offers four connected levels and each of which has about an hour of net gaming time. Sumerian Morning is about collecting cog wheels, Into the Lions Den had fewer lions than expected, but fun gameplay with switches and a tight escape run. Hidden Gardens was the most puzzle oriented, with doors and push objects to be figured out and some really nice torch action and Babylon will Fall includes the Boss enemy and a cool strobolight ramp. All in all, plenty of variety in a really convincing setting and not to be missed. Sadly, this was eRIC's final release, aside from getting him motivated to join a few BtB competitions later, but one can always hope for more from this very talented and creative builder!" - MichaelP (08-Jun-2024)
"I have previously played two of eRIC’s levels - both BtB entrants, and both somewhat heavy to play, especially Water of Life. Regrettably they put me off playing his more-celebrated, independent releases, such as Babylon is Fallen. Glad to say I have finally rectified this, and as a result I’ve just played one of the most enjoyable custom levels ever.
In beautiful surroundings, all impeccably textured, you pick your way through innumerate locations all of which seem to have a sting-in-the-tail with regard to the gameplay: - there is always one, or two, or even three extra steps to be taken. Sometimes there is sleight-of- hand to misdirect, at other times a bit of standard platforming morphs into something very non-standard - something requiring a lot of figuring out.
Despite the onslaught of tough and constantly varied gameplay, I didn’t need the walkthrough much, so I guess it got pitched just about perfectly.
Suitable for experienced players, but remember to be patient - the solutions don’t throw themselves at you." - Dick (14-Feb-2022)
"Amazing! This is the word that describes all the beauty and professionality in this game. It's a levelset that consists of 4 levels, every one of them is better and harder than the previous one.
Gameplay & Puzzles (9): The gameplay is variant and very enjoyable, the architecture and the gameplay flow are top-notch (especially in the third level "Hidden Gardens"), I like how this levelset has a good mix of linear and non-linear parts, while the non-linear parts are fun to explore and you can always track your progress (there are no frustrating wide areas). The puzzles are brilliant, engaging and have some original ideas. Unfortunately, there are a few minor problems to mention, enemy fighting is unbalanced cause you have enough shotgun ammo to wipe out all enemies with ease and that makes the crossbow and all its large amount of arrows we find completely unnecessary and ignored, plus the existence of shotguns and ammo in the 6th century BC is not quite realistic! Hence, I'd prefer if there was no shotguns at all so every single enemy would give a real fight (especially those flying monsters with their huge amount of health). Another thing is that I (like some other players according to reviews) finished the game with the sand bag still with me instead of using it in a very smart way for a puzzle in the first level "Sumerian Morning", I think that puzzle should be completely locked so it triggers thinking instead of giving some hope, cause after a bit of trying I found a glitch and it was no puzzle at all.
Enemies, Objects & Secrets (10): Everything here fits together perfectly: story, environment, objects, enemies' new models and wall paintings. There are a good variation of enemies (all very well placed), a great job on objects and decoration and a decent number of secrets (13), most of them are hidden well, but a few are hard to miss honestly.
Atmosphere, Sound & Cameras (10): You'll start loving "Babylon is Fallen" from the first moment you run it, with an epic title theme music and beautiful flybys in Babylon. Every sound and music is chosen very well, the atmosphere is excellent and immersive and the cameras are very useful and make many beautiful flyby scenes.
Lighting & Textures (10): This is definitely one of the best custom levels ever in terms of texturing, coloring and lighting.
Duration: 2:34 with 12/13 secrets, and that's because I used a time saving technique, but the actual average time should be around 4 hours (like other reviewers mentioned).
Difficulty: It's really hard to measure the difficulty of this levelset, I would say it's medium cause I found no big challenge, enemies and platforming are quite easy. But after thinking a bit, there are many spots, little details and tricky moves that require a decent experience, in addition to some really good puzzles and a few difficult runs. And the layout itself is not linear in most of its parts and can be confusing and hard to handle for beginners. Considering all of that, I think challenging is better to describe the difficulty.
In Summary, Even with a few minor glitches and downsides, this remains one of the most enjoyable and highest quality levels on TRLE. Thank you eRIC for making this gem, it will always be one of the best and most unique levels. It's highly recommended. Actually, it's a must play for every raider. And even for newbies, although it may be hard in some parts, this adventure is like a rich course that you'll learn many techniques, abilities and new ideas through it, and you can always see the walkthrough for help, so go for it. My advice to everyone who wants to take this raid for the first time is to play as if you are Lara Croft cause some puzzles need thinking in a smart realistic way, don't underestimate anything and give attention to details, colors, paintings and every camera change. (9/10/10/10)" - Mouayad (11-Jan-2022)
"Wow, what a stunning level eRIC has made for us. Babylon looked so believable. Nice retextured enemies too. A wonderful production! Great puzzles and atmosphere." - Ryan (24-Dec-2015)
"The main thing that attracted me to this TRLE is that it is bright and colourful, which reflects on the scenery and textures - which are wonderful! I enjoyed the final Boss Battle and that Eric took many ideas such as this from TR4 without the game turning out anything like TR4. I loved everything about this game including the well placed choices of music. A truly wonderful level! Took me about 4 hours to play." - izzynoodles (22-May-2015)
"Another level I replayed after quite a while and I am so glad to say that I couldn't remember one iota so going through it again and indeed... I had a great time. I think Eric has a special kind of humour and for me he showed that again in this level. It is no walk in the park and it will keep you busy for quite a while but nothing is too hard to do. Just get your bearings and remember where you've seen what. Have to say that going through is eye candy; it catches the atmosphere quite well. Nice puzzles although I had to put my thinking cap on every now and then. Good choice of textures and objects. Enemies are placed well and luckily you find enough goodies. The so-called boss fight almost at the end is quite thrilling. There is a nice balance overall throughout the game." - Gerty (20-May-2015)
"This Masterpiece was the first custom level i played because it is just 2 years and 9 months i found out that level editor and custom levels exist. It was the greatest moment in my life. At that time Babylon Is Fallen was top custom level (doesn`t count hall of fame levels) so i decided to give it a try and now i replayed it and there is no doubt it`s one of the best custom levels. eRIC is very talented builder and i am sad as he said us this is the last of his projects but you never know, maybe he will bring us a great surprise in a future. And now about this game, fantastic puzzles fantastic storyline superious babylonian areas perfect lighting textures and objects are very well placed, very nice choise of music. Thank you very much eRIC for this excelent adventure. Highest recommodation." - OverRaider (14-Dec-2012)
"When I have a stroll down the memory lane through old, good times of trle, a thought of this particular game makes me feel lighter by 20 kilos at least. I once played the first half of it, ending up stuck at a certain monkey swing. You know what happened next? I waited several months and restarted the game from the beginning, not regreting at all that I didn't finish it for the first time. What a custom level must be made of, that it gives a will to replay even before being finished for the first time? I of course reached the end, and - again, from the very first notes of epic intro theme, this time until the very fall of the sumerian boss monster, it was all warming. Hard to describe what actually causes it. Of course we all remember remarkable places, lighting, texturing, sound, whatever... but that's not the point, every decent custom level has them! Something more affects here, differing this game from others, raising it above them with a mysterious, oriental atmosphere that is felt exactly as reality - and let me just call it a "Sumeric variable"... because I have no idea what it is, yet it definitely exists.
If someone was about to wipe my mind out of all trle memories, allowing me to leave just one of them, it would be this one, no matter if I ever played, or will play, something better than it - because whenever BiF figures in my mind, it's identical to having one of those few relaxing dreams surrounding me with a warm coat I wouldn't change a single fibre in. Even now I know I'll replay this again someday, and I'm even sure about what I never dared to say in case of any other homemade level so far: it will happen more than once, and who knows how many times exactly." - DJ Full (09-Oct-2012)
"This is undoubtedly another highlight in the TRLE history and deservedly in the Hall of Fame, even if there were a few things I didn't like about it. At a first glance, everything is just right in this level - great storyline, multiple interlinked levels with great enemies and objects, fantastic texturing and lighting creating a superb atmosphere, a lot of interesting puzzles and the best oldstyle gameplay elements used in it (there are too many to name them all, but to name a few of them: The three-passages puzzle, the bull, jump and pushable puzzles en masse, the target shooting, add to these a lot of timed runs, platforming and combat (not to forget the grand finale with Seth chasing you in a very high room). But as great as the single elements were in this level, there are a few drawbacks preventing me from giving it top marks in all categories; I really didn't like that you basically could explore most of each level's map right from the beginning of the level and that it was very hard to get started in each of the areas because of that. The levels felt sometimes prolonged a bit, with too many unnecessary action such as a row of button pushes to reveal the next button and so on, several annoying backtracks and rooms even if relatively small where you would't be able to progress because of some obscure things like a movable wall, too sneakily hidden levers and strange trigger setups (e.g. at the start of Hidden Gardens). What also disturbed me a bit was the sameness of most of the areas causing a lot of confusion because it's easy to mix up some areas, and also the maze-like feel noticable in several parts, e.g. the start of In the Lion's Den and throughout the whole Hidden Gardens level. I always awaited more great- scale areas that would have set a variety in the architecture and ambience, but in vain. The most impressing areas were actually underground - the area with the timed target run and the boss fight room were the most atmopsheric in my opinion and only the fountain room in Sumerian Morning can actually keep up with those two. But enough of the partly high-level complaints - this is a masterpiece and the setting is for sure something different with a theme that hasn't been used often before, and I strongly advise you to play it since it's very professionally done in every aspect. Needed around two and a half hours to finish this game and found all 13 secrets." - manarch2 (27-Apr-2012)
"It's a shame this is apparently going to be eRIC's last work in TR, but it's a masterpiece. Being set in Babylon gives the pack a very unique feeling, as it's such an underused theme. Along with the perfect object use, the real thing that sticks out is the amazing use of colour in both the lighting and textures, almost every area is very differentiated by colour without being gaudy; it's possibly the best overall lighting I've seen in a TR pack. Each level is also quite different while still being part of a whole; from In The Lion's Den frequently more gloomy atmosphere to the extreme beauty in Hidden Gardens.
Gameplay is just as good, it's very complex without relying on lots of backtracking, and there's a consistently great use of space and a lot of variety in the tasks. It's very much on the hard side of things and quite technical; with quite a few semi-curve jumps, and similar, but as long as you keep that in mind and go for something if it looks possible everything works out. Even when there is something quite hidden the pack almost always locks you in a small area to let you hunt easier. There's a couple of somewhat vague things (like a particular crowbar door in the first level, and a couple of slightly random jumpswitches), but that doesn't outweigh how well thought out and intricate everything else is. I liked it the first time I played it, but replaying it for this review made me appreciate it even more." - Mman (24-Mar-2011)
"This is definitely one of the finest levels I have played so far. Everything looks very professionally built with great sounds and lighting. The builder has definitely created a perfect atmosphere for this type of level. The texturing is very clean and every room has lots of decoration and items, pots and plants. I found some of the jumps over the deadly water with the spikes and a few others very challenging. I needed the walkthrough many times because I got lost often and had no idea where to go now or what to do next. That would be my biggest complaint about this otherwise almost perfect level. Also a few times my fps slowed down quite a bit in some of the larger rooms with lots of torches and vegetation. I loved the enemies and some of the puzzles. I thought this was a great level and I finally finished it (with the help of the walkthrough). It took me over 5 hours of net play time and gave me quite a sense of accomplishment. This level has definitely well deserved its place in the hall of fame. Highly recommended A must play for experienced raiders!" - Blue43 (20-May-2010)
"What can I say about this magnificent game that hasn't been said yet? Nothing more than my own opinion, which is that it's one of the best - and certainly one of the most beautiful - custom levels I have played. I love the custom textures, objects and enemies - not only are they a refreshing change from the usual ones we have all seen so often, but they are also incredibly lovely in their own right. The colours and lighting are surprisingly vivid, with lots of bright blues, pinks and violets. I also love the unique use of space: in most games, the feeling of a grand or palatial place is conveyed by scaling up the size of everything, whereas in this game, medium-sized or even tiny rooms manage to look grand. Some great builders 'paint' magnificent epic scenes on a broad canvas; eRIC 'paints' tiny miniature paintings in jewel-bright colours.
The gameplay manages to find a perfect balance among all the ingredients that make a good TR game: puzzles, exploration, platforming and combat. The levels alternate in their emphasis on some aspects: the first level, Sumerian Morning, is decidedly more exploration oriented (though it has its share of the rest); while the second one, In the Lion's Den, has more action (as its name hints); then back to puzzles and exploration for the third level, Hidden Gardens; and then some fun platforming and a boss fight for the last level, Babylon Will Fall.
The tasks are never too hard nor too easy, the enemies are never too many nor too few ... the builder seems to have hit upon a magic Goldilocks formula for just about everything. I am hard put to think of even one negative thing to say about this game - so I won't. I'll just conclude by recommending it thoroughly. Classic raiding at its best!" - Mytly (09-Mar-2010)
"And enjoyable level that will show you hard puzzles, new and unknown enemies (like a weird sphinx), smoth and nice textures. I have to say that there's a lot of work in this level, It has a lot of puzzles, one after other. Here you can see and watch the gardens of Babylon. The levels are mainly no-linear. I would like to find interesting secrets but they're normal items. The enemies are fantastics, and powerfull, can't say more ;)." - mart256 (24-Feb-2010)
"I am sorry that I am not as enthusiastic about this level set as my fellow reviewers. Don't get me wrong, the look is truly amazing and it is obvious how much work was put into it, and those new objects and enemies were really great (like e.g. the griffin and the bolt shooting lions). But on the other hand I found the rooms a bit overloaded with all those plants, pillars, grates, alcoves, balconies, water holes etc. what made them all look very similar somehow and for that reason rather confusing to find my way. At a certain point (in level #1 already) I could not go on without the help of the walkthrough, especially as there is a lot of running around and back again, and most often it is not obvious what has to be done next. But on the whole it is still a great set of levels and it is perfect for players who like non-linear levels." - Jerry (19-Aug-2009)
"Babylon is Fallen - it's a very promising name. In mind I imagined crumbling walls, abandoned ruins and duels with the warriors guarding treasure or entrance to the beautiful palace. But the reality was completely different. You run around gardens in the peaceful atmosphere, only sometimes shooting to strange creatures. Well it isn't thing that I thought of while reading the title. I was a little bit disappointed. I think that name and the time when the scenario is set can or even should be different, like 'Gardens of the Babylon' and the story: 'Lara has to find lion statuette hidden somewhere in big gardens' or so. Title and time has nothing to do with gameplay.
Gameplay & Puzzles: These are rather easy with no bigger difficulties but also enjoyable. Author placed some scary moments when enemy suddenly arrives from the corridor and jumps at you but as for the rest of the game, gameplay isn't scary. Custom contains mainly of two elements: jumps and exploration. There aren't any very tricky jumping moments; they are mostly enjoyable and funny. Areas to explore are big and well-built. Architecture is really impressive, I think it's the best thing in this game. Gardens and buildings are very well-thought and give feeling reality which is also provided by good textures. All in all gameplay is good but also very easy and puzzles aren't very complicated - it's mainly pushing statues to correct places.
Enemies, objects & secrets: The last two things are good as well as the first isn't. Yes, enemies are strange, very strange. With every level there come more and more strange creatures. In the first one there were only well textured warriors, in the second - griffins and big warrior, in the third strange flying creatures appeared and in fourth I saw big flying - bull?! It was very strange for me. Objects are nice retextured and they help to create good ancient atmosphere. I only noticed one thing that author made wrong with it: In the second level there is woman statuette with flame which could be pushed leaving flame in the air. There are lots of secrets, I found only half of them but I don't have a clue where can be the others.
Atmosphere, sound & cameras: Here I can't say anything negative because all flybys, music are beautiful and atmosphere is realistic. Ambient tracks are very nice - although through the all game we stay in Babylon, the audio changes what I find very good. Perfect music - I have to say it once more.
Lighting & textures: It's very hard to give mark in this category. Lighting is good maybe even for 10 but textures aren't well placed in the whole level. Sometimes there are stretched, sometimes they are squished but there are no cracks which is very good thing. Look of the textures is good because most of them are next-gen textures which weren't in the Tomb Raider games. So I decided to give 9; Lighting: 9.5, Textures: 8.75
All in all: good, well-textured game with enjoyable gameplay so I recommend to every player to play it and have fun! Congratulations eRIC for this good game!" - jawi (03-Aug-2009)
"Goodness me, what can I say about this level set? Another success, at the very least. I could waffle on for line upon line with this, but I don't think it's really necessary to gush like the Mekong, only to effectively repeat what others have likely already said. That said, and truth be told, I enjoyed the level set so much I couldn't even pause to make adequate notes. What I will say is that almost everything about this level is a joy. From lighting to textures, from sound to arrangement, from puzzle elements to ambience, everything gels into a unified whole that flows with the kind of ease which tells you the builder has a great adventure set for you from beginning to end. From that standpoint then the player can relax into the game with a consistent rhythm and pace, knowing that it will be good all the way through. I suppose enemies in this set are relatively few, but I have no complaints about that at all. Of the enemies, I really didn't like the harpies, but I never do anyway. Secrets about the set are very well placed and were a pleasure to find the way to. Some jumps demand careful consideration, but nothing is too much to achieve. One thing that really appealed to me more than anything, as perhaps 'insignificant' as others may consider it, were various sounds in the game, each of which had their pitch lowered. A simple thing to do on the face of it, but for me this made all the difference for the sense of things it engendered in me, giving everything a kind of close, cosy familiarity in complete opposition to the jarring shrillness of usual, higher pitched sounds. I wonder if this was a totally conscious effort by the builder. Musical incidences in this game were entirely fitting. I would look forward to another level from this builder, but am aware he has talked of it being his last. A shame, but what a great level set to finish up with." - Czar (19-Jul-2009)
"What can you expect from a talented builder? Another great level set! I don't want to spoil the future players by giving out some things from the game. So, I will only say that you can understand by my ratings that this is truly a fun and challenging game to play. And I really recommend it to the people who are looking for challenge. Congrats eRIC, on another greatly done level set! You may be a truly inspiration for the beginning level builders!" - Jeys (12-Jul-2009)
"This is indeed a true masterpiece like has already been pointed out by other reviewers. It consists of four levels linked together smartly and is set in Sumerian environment which isn't seen very often in custom levels. Texturing couldn't be much better and author has created lots of high quality custom textures and range of colors also decorates the levels very well. Atmosphere is accompanied with appropriately chosen audio tracks and object placement was also done with care in order to spice up the setting. Gameplay includes mainly rather standard tasks but is well balanced and varied keeping player entertained all the time. There are plenty of exploring to do, jumping tasks and puzzles such as pushblock puzzles, switch puzzles and torch puzzles among the many other ones. Briefly this is a game which is thought out really well in terms everything and should be played by every TR fan. It's definitely a great way to end level building career." - Samu (28-Jun-2009)
"It certainly makes a difference when a builder takes meticulous care with the background and scenery of a level. To me this is a large part of the gaming enjoyment, and with Babylon is Fallen you get nearly four hours of continous eye candy. Along the way the gameplay is crisp and challenging without ever crossing the line that makes things unfair for the player. I'm sure there are biblical allusions here to the time of Daniel that I may have missed, but I was so engrossed in the gameplay that I dind't have time to stop and think about such things. This is one that I'll likely play again before long. Highly recommended." - Phil (21-Jun-2009)
"It's hard to find fault in this level series. Excellent in every respect: the perfect textures; the use of 'natural light'; the (mostly) logical and clever puzzles. Attention, also, is due to the application of 'Reality' to gameplay such as the wet sandbag and the humor used for solutions as in the, surprisingly, helpful monkey. I enjoyed the misdirection used for the spikes/fire room - at least, it was, for me, misdirection as I tried everything first but the easiest and correct way through it. The 'sneak peeks' into other areas was fun and in at least one instance, a necessary look at the solution to prevent what could have been a perplexing return to the starting room. Also of note, some secrets are enticingly close but hard to achieve and most believe, that is as it should be. If this is to be eRIC's last custom level, then it may very well be his greatest and that's a wonderful and satisfying way to end a TRLE career. Speaking of endings and lasting things, good luck, my friend, your priorities are in order and also can not be faulted but know this, you will be missed. Dieu est avec vous, toujours." - Bene (18-Jun-2009)
"Just WOW. I think this is the greatest level in this year. Big, logical, well-textured, well-builded levels with great sounds :-D I enjoyed every moments, but 2 times i totally stucked, oh well we need hard parts too :-P Traps are medium hards, you can make it. :) Enemies are lions, harpys, etc. Lightings are very real, just like in the real life :-D If you like the original parts of the TRs, you need to play it!" - Roli (16-Jun-2009)
"I am a big fan of eRIC's levels, as they are very puzzle-oriented and filled with interesting exploration. Babylon is Fallen is no exception. eRIC has decorated this level with gorgeous Persian-inspired objects and colorful textures. Babylon is mostly a quest of puzzle-solving with a few enemies thrown in, like the perfectly designed ancient Sumerian warrior. I really couldn't find anything amiss in this wonderful level. eRIC, you should be very proud of this beautiful final level, as it will linger in everyone's mind who makes the wise decision to play it. I hope you reconsider your decision not to make any more levels, as your contributions are very much appreciated!" - Shandroid (11-Jun-2009)
"I'm sure almost everyone will agree that this is not only one of Eric's best levels, but also one of the best levels ever released so far. Eric's Babylon shows just how real, old-time tomb-raiding at its finest can be, and if you want to get the classics' feel, then this is your game. But it is not only that; it's excellent from every aspect. Eric knows well how to create the best atmosphere and justify the themes of his levels by creating environments that richly illustrate the settings of Lara's adventures. So when you enter Sumerian Morning, it does feel like entering a sumerian environment, when you get in the Hidden Gardens, you do sense the mystery and the secrets that those gardens do hold. The levelset consists of three beautiful levels (the two mentioned above plus Lion's Den) and a very brief introductory one (Babylon Will Fall) which also serves as an epilogue once you've completed the adventure, all made with thorough detail, inspiration and Eric's known mastery. The gameplay is top-notch, and there are several puzzles and timed runs that also contribute to this. Babylon is a levelset that leaves noone disappointed: if you love exploring, there's tons of lovely areas to explore; if you love tough tasks and challenges, there's plenty of those too; if you like puzzles, you'll find many waiting for you; if you like seeking items, again you will find that you'll have lots of such work to do as well. There's quite a few enemies to face, including Sumerian guards, lions, harpies and snakes. Ambience and music are perfect and cameras are used wisely and just when it's necessary. Some puzzles appear to be very difficult to solve, but be patient, explore a lot and you will soon find out what you have to do. Eric is not one of those builders that place puzzles and stuff randomly here and there without giving the player any clue at all; on the contrary, everything in his games is thought after, serves a purpose and makes sense, which is one more thing that makes his work so unique: the fact that his levels are made with professionalism without however lacking freshness and enthusiasm; and moreover, they have a great replay value. And it's so sad that he'll stop making levels, I do hope one day he will again feel like producing new brilliant things, because his talent is truly unique and rare. A very big thank you Eric, for all the wonderful work you've offered us, and a special thank-you for this wonderful levelset that I'm sure will be a classic in the trle world." - Ravenwen (09-Jun-2009)
"Although eRIC is one of my favourite builders, I'm going to post this comment in an impartial way and not with my heart in hand. One of the best custom levels I've ever played. Sometimes you can get confused 'cause the new objects and features, but if you use your logic and explore a bit, cameras will help you a lot to find your way. No tasks to try many times, fantastic architecture, very nice musics placed in time, excelent new enemies, secrets are really secrets (well hidden, difficult to find them all); really a proffesional work. It's a pain that he stops building but we all know must understand his reasons. Really a set of levels to play more than once. Congratulations eRIC! We all expect to continue reading your wise words in the forum at least; and many thanks for all the hours of big fun you gave us." - Jose (08-Jun-2009)
"Good texturing. Lovely lighting, no dull empty rooms. Logical and realistic architecture. I didn't warm to it straight away due to the complexity of the first level but by the end of playing, my mood was lifted and I really didn't want it to end. A few moments were I had to go to the forums for advise, but there isn't anything that should cause frustration here to most tomb raider players. All in all I got around 4 hours and 40 minutes worth of game play. Sorry to hear this may be eRIC's last submission, but an excellent farewell if so." - TheStig (06-Jun-2009)
"I feel a Tina Turner award for this one...Simply the best. I cannot think of a better level, at least not for a very long time and using the standard Tomb4.exe. Design was extremely well thought out with nice interconnections between rooms and attention to such detail including the changes between levels. Nice touches like climbing a block in one room to run & grab another in a second room - not often done like that in my experience. The puzzles were challenging and I liked the way some secrets could be found on the return journey too. They had just the right amount of head scratching and few false attempts before the penny dropped and Eureka! we were on our way again. Sound was excellent and the atmosphere and fixtures & fittings of all the levels expertly crafted. Best of all is that I just loved every minute and couldn't stop playing! I thought it was tough but fair and, though some were deviously/awkwardly placed, I'm proud to say I got all 13 secrets and finished this wonderful level without the expertise of the forum this time. Bravo eRIC...encore une fois, s'il vous plat!" - Adrian (04-Jun-2009)
"It slowly gets into your skin. I was tempted to find a few defaults in this epic Babylonian adventure, but as I moved on from level to level and then to the grand finale, I totally changed my mind. It's quickly paced, interesting, filled with nice settings and nice tracks, plus it's well balanced between the different Tomb Raider features, namely exploring, traps and puzzles. In fact, the traps and puzzles are extremely well conceived in a way that you may indeed get stuck but not for long and so the game flows. It isn't everyday that one steps into this kind of balance in level editor games, so it is my opinion that it does deserve its four tens. I was kind of sad when it ended... Quite frankly, the only problem I think I should mention is the inclusion of the original level editor exe, which makes the uploading times quite unbearable. But that was easily solved by replacing it with the XP patch. Let's only hope eRIC won't really give up building after reaching this master's status. Listen, just replace your old computer and relax, there's plenty of time for everything in life. Wonderful job you've done, thank you!" - Jorge22 (04-Jun-2009)
"This level created by Eric is indeed a model of type, decoration is fabulous, no room parried stupidly empty, every corner is done up. In every new room a pause is made to admire the job of decoration made by the author. Besides game itself there is the pleasure of the visit of places. With Gameplay it is the same thing, every mystery is a discovery that it is necessary to solve and there is a lot of originality on the whole of game what makes it absolutely exciting. For my part I had a bit trouble with the end of game, there are some delicate passages to be negotiated but which happiness to arrive at the end but which misfortune also, they would so much like that it does not stop. This big level deserves one perfect note 10 of 10. Eric, which sadness to learn that it is your last level, they would so much like that you change the mind and see appearing of other one levels to your name." - Daffy (01-Jun-2009)
"Absolutely topnotch levels from one of our best authors. (The only disappointment is that the author says this may be his last level set.) Lara makes a grab for a lion statue, only to be caught in a time vortex and thrown back to ancient Babylon. Throughout the game the lovely texturing is warm and varied, the lighting perfect, with plenty of little additional touches that really make a level. For instance, near the beginning Lara seems stuck, but then a helpful monkey clambers up to a higher ledge, leaps, and pulls a ceiling lever, then doors open for Lara to proceed. [And here I'd been thinking from other TR levels that the only cute monkey was a dead monkey.] The numerous puzzles and sometimes tricky game play may seem hard, but I found that this was always because I was making things difficult for myself. Going for a cogwheel, I had Lara doing a long jump followed by a back flip/twist, when Lara only needed to swim over and pull out of the water by a slanted block. To get past flame emitters to use a cogwheel, I resorted to the save-and-reload trick several times, when Lara only needed to dump a bag of sand on the flame emitter in order to have safe passage. The best way to judge top levels is to play them a second time, and see how they hold up. When I started to play these levels again (and kept playing them, for it is hard to stop), I was even more impressed. Now I had time to fully appreciate the architecture and decoration. Lara did the cogwheel sequence in reverse order from the first play, and now I could see how cleverly things had been worked out, and how helpful the camera clues had been. Perhaps the one difficult place in the game is the collapsing trapdoors near the confrontation with the boss. These have extremely close timing, but the secret is all in Lara's initial starting point: find the correct start, and all the rest follows. "Hidden Gardens" is the most complex level, and at first I blindly bypassed a whole section of this area. So at the end of the game I renamed the title level to "babel1.tr4," then restarted. Sound is missing, but Lara can wander about a rough draft of "Hidden Gardens," with interesting insights into the author's original design intent. Some of the secrets Lara found were quite good, such as the upper area secret in the first level, but I'll have to wait for the walk-through to find out where almost half of the secrets are hiding. Once again I find myself giving the author straight 10's. Superb levels." - dmdibl (01-Jun-2009)
"what a farewell performance! Lara has been caught in a time passage and taken to ancient Babylon. Even the player is caught and taken into the stunning atmosphere eRIC has created in this set of levels, that is announced to be his last one. And he has performed a perfect masterpiece. There's nothing more to say." - Christian (30-May-2009)
"Another level that I got totally excited about :). I especially liked how it was designed in terms of the environment. Beautiful textures, many new objects that I had never before seen in a level - or maybe I do not play enough to know that it has been used before :)). You can say that this was all perfect. The puzzles were cleverly done, you need to find four cogs and keys and I thought you could move fast, but quite the opposite, you have to do some thinking here. Many sequences were timed but all manageable with a little practice ;). Not many enemies, and Lara also got some help from a monkey :) What else? ... I simply liked everything in this level. Architecture was well crafted and atmosphere created a tension, so you always wondered what would happen next :)) Very diverse gameplay and a must for each Tomb Raider :)) Thank you, eRIC for this game :))" - Engelchen Lara (30-May-2009)
"Wow, this could possibly be the hardest review I have ever had to write. I'll start by saying that this is one of the most well build and architectually sound levels I have played to date. It is magnificently built. However, at this point, I wonder what a level has to do to earn straight 10s. The atmosphere has to be perfect (and this is one of the best atmoshpere-creating levels released on TRLE), there must be no flaws in the texturing and lighting (and yet again, it was perfect), it has to have enemies used in the most effective places, objects used effectively and secrets hidden well (and everything is still perfect). For the final 10, the gameplay has to flow, and if you do get stuck, seeing the solution should make you say 'That was obvious!'. Now, when I got going, the gameplay flowed and everything worked, but when I got stuck, the solution was, very often, unobvious and confusing, for this reason, I gave the 9. Sumerian Mornings was a wonderful, flowing and beautiful level, everything worked, objects were placed perfectly ect. In the Lions Den may not have been quite as flowing or 'pretty' as Sumerian Mornings was, but there were very clever moments such as the lever puzzle and the huge, towering hall where you collect the diamond. The timed run, I found surprisingly easy, passing it on my first try, but other than that, gameplay was nicely challenging and the boulders guarding the gem were fun to avoid. Hidden Gardens brought back the beauty from Sumerian Mornings and had slightly harder gameplay. The torch was used very often so you couldn't really put it down, but getting it up onto the upper floors was clever and well thought-out. Babylon will Fall was the most 'dissapointing' (even though it was very good) level as I was expecting some gameplay that would top all of the other levels. I was rather hoping to see the temple in the opening fly-by (unless I missed something). Ending where you started gave the level a nice, rounded feel. This was the shortest of the levels, but had very nice moments, like the invisible ramps. Overall, a great game that should be played by everyone and was thorougly enjoyable. 3 hours of gameplay. P.S. I am still wondering what to do with the bag of sand :)" - Cory (30-May-2009)
"A well designed farewell present by eRIC . Dreaming of 10 for all I have decided to take Lawthers UB4 as the ultimate measure for reviewing a level . Babylon is Fallen is surely also a great game but lacks the perfect spirit of the above mentioned. The gameplay relies mainly on levers to pull,blocks to be pushed and jewels to be found. The athmosphere is quite good but again as in many other TRLE issues Lara is left alone on her lonesome speechless trail although now and then eRIC spiced it up with some excellent custom music. Cameras were very well executed . The whole game takes Lara through a rather close quarter battle range , very many rooms and corridors . I for one prefer levels which give you room to breathe , like in Trixies ATO more. But this is just a personal preference of mine and is not meant to put down any quality in eRICs work ! Definetely a must-play and surely heading towards the Hall of Fame !" - Ruben (30-May-2009)
"I was sad to see from the readme that this will be eRIC's last level. If so, he certainly has gone out on a high note. This is a complete joy from start to finish. The atmosphere is fantastic and each area seems more beautiful than the last. The storyline is intriguing, the gameplay brilliantly thought out and the sound files perfect. The enemies are fascinating, appropriate and well used and everything feels very 'real' and believable, with nothing to jar or detract in any way from immersing oneself completely in the game, which is really quite a breathtaking experience. For a few hours there I really 'was' Lara Croft (albeit without the impressive chest). Thank you so much eRIC for all the super levels you've made and I hope that one day you may find the time to build again." - Jay (29-May-2009)
"ok here we go .. another top notch game this time from a classic old biker builder . this game is set up from 3 parts..... interlinked between u start at egiptian ruined area - wich look marvelous - and after riding at second and third levels for the 2 tablets needed here at 1 st level and after u get a finale with a boss and 2/3 mini bosses at wich u need to get at the top off the central structure and flood the centrall tunnel with water ......all 3 levels are marvelous builded with one off the best visuals i see untill now .... all 3 levels are huge .. u can choose to progress across multiple routes wich i was like very much ...... cos is not linear game - across this magnific riding ur skills will be tested to the max ... cos alot off trapps / burners / timeruns ...... some off it very short timed the atmosphere , cameras and visuals (Graphics) + the puzzles .... yeahh alot off puzzles and very clever ones is the highlight off this game ....i was prepared to give 10 for this magnific game but at last stages was a very frustrating part for me ..... a run across 5 tiles with spikes under it and wich flip down shortly after u land on them i admit needed a save game for this run..... cos the 3rd tile is set up very short and Lara need to make 2/3 steps on it -running stepps-to could jump further at the 4th one .... but after 1st stepp the tile fall down and Lara die several times this part was a blow to the gameplay albeit at a marvelous game play untill that ........ but all in all this is one off the best games builded ....... i think is between first 15 . very good jobb ....." - Jack& (28-May-2009)
"Lara really only wanted to look around in the ruins of babylon. If she never had seen that precious artifact, she had saved herself many things.But now she finds herself in the ancient Babylon. Not in some ruins. No, she slided into the past. Now, first she must find a key. But before she needs four Cogwheels, because the key is specially protected. Besides, she gets even support by a bull. But there are of course also the palace guards. And they be out of sorts with Lara. If she has the key, it goes into the third part. There she must find a small stone plate. However, she also finds some lions. And they are very clingy. But for what one has a shotgun! Than it goes back with the stone plate into the second part and equally further on to part four. There she finds an other small stone plate. And beside the clingy lions also still curiously snakes. Now, nevertheless, with the help of both stone plates she can take the artefact to herself and sweeps back in her time. Where should one start with this great play? And where should one stop? If I had to enumerate all the many great and absolutely successfully riddles, I would have to write a very long Review. And then these textures! At that time just it must have looked to the old Sumerians. And to this absolutely successfully atmosphere comes of course also a top class level architecture. There everything is tuned harmoniously on each other. The degree of difficulty is moderate. There are no heavy jump combinations, there are enough time for the time runs and the opponents are not a big problem, because one finds the shotgun and enough medipacks. I found it especially well, that there were not too many opponents. Thus one had enough time for the many riddles and did not have to argue constantly with opponent's hordes. I do not find the lighting so quite well successful. A little could absolutely have been a little bit darker all together. However, I play with higher monitor settings, hence, is always difficult such a thing to judge. The always fitting sound was very good. The same one is valid for the successfully flybys. I have spent more than 5 hours in Babylon, but this time was absolutely worth it." - Scottie (27-May-2009)
"Now this is a game you MUST play. Everything about this was perfect. The textures were faultless as was the lighting. It is set in a egyptian themed ruin sort of place; the lighting is is very realistic and realls fits the scene well. The sounds were amazing; they were flawless. It is always implemented at the exact time it should be and it always suits the scene no matter what genre of music it is. Camera's were excellent, i didnt come across any bugs as sort. The camera's were well used in the cutscenes and they were good too; i think to make it slightly easier, they should be used to give hints as too where specific levers are etc, seeing as though it took me a fair amount of time to find the first lever in the first level. The enemies were great, they also fit the scene very well' all i can say about them is that i think they had far too much health and that it should be lowered by a small amount; even the monkey took a while to kill after i filled it with lead. The puzzles are far the best part of the game. They are outstanding and vary varied. One minuted you are pushing blocks onto hotspots, the other you are helplessly searching for a jump-switch to pull. This is far one of the best games i have ever played. Overall 10/10!" - herothing (26-May-2009)