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TR5 Test Level - Treditor3D v2.0 Testlevel by Vinci

alan 6 5 4 5
Ceamonks890 5 4 4 4
Charles Kane 4 4 3 4
DJ Full 7 4 3 3
dmdibl 5 4 4 4
eRIC 3 4 4 4
eTux 5 4 4 4
Jay 5 4 4 4
Jose 2 2 2 3
manarch2 6 4 4 5
MichaelP 5 5 4 4
Mulf 4 3 4 2
Nuri 7 4 3 4
Obig 5 4 4 4
Orbit Dream 5 6 3 4
rtrger 6 3 3 3
Ryan 4 4 3 3
Selene 5 5 4 4
Treeble 3 2 2 3
release date: 22-Oct-2001
# of downloads: 121

average rating: 4.00
review count: 19
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file size: 51.72 MB
file type: TR5
class: Base/Lab

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Gameplay & Puzzles: Not much puzzles to have, since your goal is to find 2 switches (that weirdly in the form of elevator buttons) that will open up to a door that made you do some backtracking. Enemies, Objects & Secrets: The secrets are rather easy (2 of them even placed nearby), few enemies, and few objects. Atmosphere, Sound & Cameras: Probably the worst offender: How could there be a lava in an office building? Why the way to the switches is blurred by the wall's textures (so much that I have to consult to the walkthrough)? Lighting & Textures: In some areas it's rather bland, the other times it's just poor. Overall, best played only for completionists." - Charles Kane (03-Feb-2021)
"I agree that this can be considered a fully-fledged level in its own right, but if so, it’s short, random, and inconsequential. It features an initially gunless Lara in a VCI environment, though you also get a lava room in which to practice the angled forward jump out of a crawlspace, which Vinci taught you in “How to Get Across” (in this case, onto a slope; the level presents you with some challenges). Apparently I missed a chunk of gameplay by leaving the lava room as soon as I could, using only one of the chains, and subsequently I received mixed messages: still unarmed, I got shot at by two guards, escaped via teleport (Vinci seems to love those; but while they may make a little more sense here than in “How to Get Across”, I still don’t care too much for them), but then quickly got my gun and shot some guards; did a tedious shimmying exercise, backtracked, shot the guards that shot at me when I was unarmed, and slid down a ramp into the Big Black Nothing. This pretty much amounts to a walkthrough for the short route through the level. The map appears to be fairly complex, but the design is, again, perfunctory. In certain spots you may think you’re about to enter the fourth dimension or something, but it’s only missing ladder textures (how did that happen?)." - Mulf (20-Oct-2019)
"This testlevel is longer than expected. I would actually consider this as a full, short level, because it has actual gameplay. You kill some enemies, climb and jump your way through a lava-room which can be a little difficult, pick up some secret if you want (the two secrets are placed in a strange way, because they are close to each other and not really hidden) and do some backtracking to find your way out... all in a base/lab level. Short but quite nice!" - Nuri (09-May-2018)
"This is a slightly longer level than Vinci's other test level and contains a bit more gameplay with a few slope jumps, guards to shoot and a few secrets to find, plus a nice circular layout allowing you to come back to previously visited places. The texturing is quite bland and repetitive though and there's still no real meat to it, so only really for a very quick raid." - Ryan (01-Apr-2018)
"I can't understand the very high ratings for this TR5 level. It's longer than the previous test level from this author, but I never found something really special here. Some missed ladder textures, some jumps forward from crawlspaces, some backtracking in the final part, only push a couple of buttons (wrong animation) and look for the gun as lonely tasks, there are not objects to ornate the rooms, not elements to create atmosphere... Not a good demo for me." - Jose (02-Jan-2018)
"I found this one entertaining and challenging. You have to make series of a little tricky jumps in the lava room. Then you must escape from guards and find the HK gun.. There are 3 easy secrets to find. Once you pull a switch to open the exit door, you must repeat the jumping sequence once more because you can't go back the normal way. I recommend it." - alan (19-Nov-2016)
"Now this features a lot more gameplay than you'd expect from a custom level. Lots of jumps and a bit of exploration as you traverse the environments until you eventually find your weaponry and are taken back to the starting point. This is a test level so not really much to see or do here otherwise, pretty much only for the completionists. 09/14" - Treeble (26-Sep-2014)
"Serving as the most fun TR5 test level to play for me thus far(if only for its challenging first area alone), this VCI asset-used release does a decent job at offering some quick fun(so long as you can tolerate the fact that there's seemingly no finish trigger or the fact that the rest of the game design is pretty average, in terms of scope.) Ignoring all the cons that come with test levels however, this is still one release that is worth at least a playthrough." - Ceamonks890 (11-Jul-2014)
"This was surely the best TR5 test level. Right at the beginning, a both very innovative and challenging lava room, including the "Vinci-style" out-of-crawlspace move to a slope, then several pole and slope jumps until you reach a rather unlinear part of the level, including many different ways to go - it gets quite confusing there, but after 15 minutes this part is done too. I think that this builder has much talent for non-TR4 games and look forward to play more of him. Recommended." - manarch2 (05-Dec-2010)
"I noticed the test levels of this guy are sometimes better than some builders' regular projects, and here's no exception - it has enough tone to be classified as a base/lab shooter, one of few test levels which actually feel like something specific. The lava part has few textures only but gameplay is innovative and sometimes genious - a look around is needed before every jump, some gaps must be passed perfectly like intended, with a lot of agility: turning while taking a run-up, rolling out of crawlspace to land on a slope, rolling in midair, turning in midair to grab a chain - all those tricks in dense five minutes. VCI part has nothing special but still favors diversity over challenge, with some guards to fight, switches to throw, doos to open, crawlspaces to find and cracks to shimmy. Lighting is rather uniform but doesn't disturb. Oh and there are some golden roses, all of them rather easy, why not? The only serious flaw is invisible ladder texture and a chance to skip the platforming room, and of course I won't agree with the jump-through ceiling. SUMMARY: A nice shot if you don't believe in good test levels. The VCI part is rather average but the initial one is outstanding and calls me to take a look at something serious by this author." - DJ Full (19-Sep-2010)
"It is a harder level. Here are three secrets, true, we haven't need to search for them. Don't forget you have to pull two switches in one room. Sometimes we have to go again in the level. In the big lava room the first chain is enough for us. Though I tried all of them, but you can reach the next room from only the first one too. :)" - Obig (25-May-2010)
"As pretty much every other reviewer has noted so far - this test level is a bit longer and more involved than most of them, therefore will give you a bit more to sink your teeth into. Vinci sure loves to utilize the diagonal crawlspace somersault, so you get that here once again, but also some jumps and poles, not to mention gunfights to mix it all up a little. It's fun while it lasts and definitely one of the better choices to make from the TR5 category, but the looks, while somwhat decent, still won't offer much to write home about." - eTux (05-Jan-2010)
"Has real game play fun, with Lara flipping to slopes and jumping to poles. There are guards to combat and special indoor snow. In Windows XP, two of the ladders have invisible textures. This means that at the first door Lara looks across blackness to a lava room. Aside from that this is the beginning of a real adventure. It does demonstrate the disadvantages of using fall-through flip tiles: Lara can't return through them, and must retrace the original route to the room with the snow and guards. More of a demo, rather than just a test." - dmdibl (27-Dec-2009)
"A TR5 base/lab environment sets the stage for the next test level in the batch. The room near the end with the snow falling was actually quite beautiful and there were even three golden rose secrets to find. Enemies were the typical TRC security guards. The only thing I found a bit frustrating was the room with the lava, chains, ledges and slopes. It took ages before I managed to grab hold of the swing pole and could finally get up to the top. At times it got a bit confusing with all the hallways, but other than that it was about as short as the average TRC level. The gun-animation was a bit weird though and I wasn't sure if she was actually aiming for them, but since they die I guess it works out well enough. They keep getting better, so I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of the levels." - Selene (25-Oct-2009)
"Wow! This is a very cool test level. It shows the new moves and items, also, some brand new effects. The gameplay is cool and entertaining for a test level. Although I think the lava doesn't fit to Von Croy's skyscraper, but that's just a small thing to note." - rtrger (08-Oct-2009)
"This barely lasts fifteen minutes but if you perform all the various challenges in the lava room, collect all the secrets and shoot all the guards, you should find yourself having a surprisingly good time. It's slick, well-structured and entertaining." - Orbit Dream (22-Sep-2009)
"This is a bit longer than Vinci's first test level in this series and involves some rather interesting manoeuvres in a VCI style setting, with rooms and corridors to explore, three secrets to find and a guard or two to dispose of along the way (after you find a weapon). I was however a bit bemused to find it snowing in one of the corridors - the ceiling looked quite solid to me. Oh well." - Jay (21-Sep-2009)
"Classified as a test level, this one has a higher duration. Here also there is the moves to get out of crawlspaces diagonally , this time to reach a slope and make a curved jump so to reach a climbing chain ; nice sequence. Aside from that , some"high-tech" corridors and ladders and some guards shooting at Lara while she has no weapon. I found it impossible to do the shimmying sequence without being killed, but of course it was possible to return to the place where the HK Gun can be found. The 3 secrets are too easy to find, and the lighting is completely absent. A pleasant 10 minutes romp." - eRIC (20-Sep-2009)
"This one does feel like a bit more than a test, as it will take you a little over 10 minutes to play, nicely circles you around the rooms, has a few fun moves and even three secret roses to pick up and a few guards to kill. And it is always nice to see Lara in her sexy black catsuit from TR5." - MichaelP (20-Sep-2009)