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Journey to Sumeria by The Vagrant

alan 4 4 7 8
Casual Raider 6 6 7 8
Ceamonks890 4 4 6 8
Chel 7 7 7 8
DJ Full 7 8 7 8
dmdibl 5 4 9 8
Ejecta 5 5 5 6
eRIC 4 4 9 6
eTux 4 5 6 7
Jay 4 5 7 8
Jerry 3 6 9 9
Jose 3 5 5 6
manarch2 3 4 7 9
MichaelP 5 5 8 8
Mman 2 4 7 8
Mortensmor 5 6 7 5
Nuri 5 10 7 10
Obig 5 4 7 8
Orbit Dream 2 4 7 8
PolishRaider 4 5 7 7
Ryan 3 3 7 8
TheStig 4 4 4 4
Torry 7 7 9 7
Treeble 3 3 6 6
Xela 5 4 6 7
release date: 22-Oct-2000
# of downloads: 144

average rating: 5.93
review count: 25
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file size: 22.35 MB
file type: TR3
class: nc

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"As I finish writing reviews for all TR2 levels currently available, I finally decided to start on the TR3 ones. I'm "old school" in a sense that I have to make my own level kit, instead of just downloading what I presume are now ready to play versions, so I spent a good half of an hour fiddling around with files. Then I had to pick a level, and a quick glance on my level spreadsheet suggested this one, so I dug it up from my archives. After about 20 minutes running around with no apparent direction, I decided to check the walkthrough and -- much to my surprise -- I wrote it myself. Age truly does come to us all. And shame as well, as I spent a good while trying to understand whatever my teenage self had tried to write back then. Turns out all I'd missed were the only two levers present in the whole level. The readme itself states this is not a finished level and as such it shouldn't be a surprise there's hardly any gameplay to it, but the eye candy is definitely there. Shame there were quite a few overlapping rooms and missing textures, but I just realized someone has remade this level in more recent times. As soon as I finish my TR3 reviews, I'll definitely check it out. 30 minutes. 09/19" - Treeble (29-Sep-2019)
"I will close my eyes and pretend I didn't see the pool room but the rest is very atmospheric especially considering a TR3 engine. A pity about 60% of the game is optional (which I'm gonna treat as secret areas) so you can proceed almost straight to the final room and never explore this great architecture all around. Thankfully the freshly released remake fixes that but I recommend you to play both that and the original. A neat classic level, I wish I discovered it earlier." - DJ Full (04-Jun-2019)
"I have to rate this level a bit higher than most, because I had a blast exploring everywhere and picking up everything. I read the included author notes and saw that this was released as an 'unfinished' level, but it's still worth a play despite the flaws. There are several rooms to explore. Technically, you could go from start to finish very quickly, but you'd be missing most of the fun. There are stashes of weapons and ammo hidden on top of buildings and behind underwater structures. No key quest items, which makes me think that the builder had the intention of integrating some keys, locks and switches in these places so the player would need to explore them. The tyrannosaur was a big ol' pain! Mine didn't get stuck ambling in one spot, he came through the fence and chased me about. Even with six rockets and some uzi ammo it took a while to put him down for the count. I'm very sad to see that this builder has vanished from the level building scene, because I think he'd be releasing some awesome raids today had he stuck with it!" - Chel (22-Oct-2018)
"This author truly knows how to create good levels with impressive graphic using old editors. The beauty he always puts in his creations always seem ahead of the times, which makes this author a retro icon! This release is unfinished but still shows amazing work regarding to graphics. Gameplay mostly consists of collecting items and shooting some enemies although I think, that the very exploring of the environment also counts as gameplay in a level like this." - Nuri (26-Sep-2018)
"This level deserves higher scores than the rating suggest IF you take the time to explore the level properly and in it's entirety. Sure, you can run to the end and complete the level missing some 70% of the adventure but is not raiding about exploration and discovery? Locating the hidden cache of goodies on top of the structure in the central pool room and then locating the rocket launcher and ammo for it on top of the balustrades in an adjoining room is half the fun. The T Rex at the end took some ammo and even with the rocket launcher he was a bugger to dispatch. I thought it was a good level and well worth the download." - Torry (23-May-2018)
"I genuinely liked every moment of that adventure. Set in a remote jungle lies a primal temple with prehistoric beasts roaming its halls. The presentation is top notch and we are instantly immersed. Many areas look gorgeous, for instance underground pool wih crystal like walls and vibrant reflections. The level itself can be completed within a few minutes and is non-linear, but I decided to stay here a little longer and find all scattered treausres. They required lots of jumping and climbing, but it was well worth trying. I only wish enemies were more common. At the end of journey, Lara must face the King of Reptiles. It will take plenty of ammo to bring him down. I sincerely recommend some raiding in Sumeria." - PolishRaider (12-Mar-2018)
"A short but sweet level, your goal is to collect as many goodies as you can before killing the T-Rex in front of the exit. The visuals are quite stunning considering the time period this was made in, and blowing up dinosaurs is quite a cathartic experience, but unfortunately the level was released before being finished, as the builder admitted in the read-me file, and you can clearly see this in the unfinished areas near the end of the level. While it's never going to be considered a masterpiece, this level does have its own charms and I do consider it one of the best pre-TRLE levels out there." - Ejecta (10-Aug-2017)
"Atmosphere and textures are the best of this level. You can skip several parts of it and go directly with the T-rex, which is not necessary to kill, you can pull a switch and go to the exit. But then I decided to explore the rest of the rooms, collecting objects and killing more enemies. Nice surroundings and good choice of textures." - alan (21-Apr-2017)
"This level would have looked absolutely gorgeous (for 2000 standards) if the builder took the time to correct some obvious mistakes like invisible walls, paper-thin walls, missing textures. The first room looks promising, and later on there are some sections which look polished, e.g. the painting of the goddess and a tiger. There are some experiments wih lighting, which sometimes look good and sometimes look odd, e.g. when just one tile glows green. The room with invisible boxes could use some work, the concept was interesting but the flickering textures and visual glitches were very striking. As for gameplay, I enjoyed exploring the underwater chamber, climbing up to get the rocket launcher, and the final fight. I just wish there was more to do in the level." - Mortensmor (06-Nov-2016)
"This level is more recommended for the visuals and atmosphere than the gameplay. The Babylonian and Egyptian textures worked well together and I enjoyed looking at them. But, it terms of gameplay, there is nothing really to do apart from pick up ammo and the shotgun and Uzis, shoot a few dinosaurs (including a T-Rex) and do some swimming. More of a visual showcase, really." - Ryan (12-Jul-2016)
"While not too shabby for an early release in terms of visuals, there isn't really a whole lot on offer here in the gameplay department unfortunately, with the vast majority of your time spent collecting ammunition for the eventual T-Rex boss fight(unless you're a daredevil like me who's willing to take his sweet time taking the vicious beast down by the skin of your teeth, with the pistols alone.) Personally, I'd only recommend this towards potential players who are curious to see how far the community has come in the past 14 years, as there honestly isn't much else to this level beyond what I basically described." - Ceamonks890 (27-Oct-2014)
"There are a lot of defects in this small adventure, the solid earth moving near the water areas, bad applied textures, paper walls... Even so the architecture is good and some rooms have a good appearance with well chosen textures and objects. The worst was the gameplay, too no-linear and only explore very big areas piking up guns and ammo to finally can kill a single enemie (it took me a lot of time). Not bad to be one of the first custom levels made with the unofficial editor." - Jose (14-Jan-2014)
"This TR3 level is short but quite sumptuous to look at and you do get compys, a raptor and a T-Rex to spice up the action. Otherwise, it's mainly exploration and a spot of climbing and swimming, plus quite a generous supply of guns and ammo." - Jay (17-Nov-2013)
"For an early custom level, this slice of raiding looks fantastic. The greenery is welcoming, and the main temple-like room is fun to explore. The transparent textures, while interesting, seem out of place. But everything else looks fairly realistic. Had this level been extended beyond fifteen minutes, most of which being optional exploration, it would have been a wonderful journey. Also, the climatic end boss has a laughable tendency to get stuck, turning a heart-pounding battle into three minutes of holding the action button. Good thing that I always have a paper weight for such occasions!" - Xela (15-Jul-2013)
"I liked this short level although had feeling like it wasn't finished yet. The textures were nicely done and some of them quite unique. Gameplay was nice and T-Rex at the end of level was good addition." - Casual Raider (10-Jul-2013)
"This level has a great design. Textures were very good, but there were no many gameplay elements. Most of the level consists of exploring and finding ammo for the final T-Rex battle. Afterwards the level is over after only 15-20 minutes. Not fun, but nice to look at." - manarch2 (21-Jan-2011)
"The most confusing thing, simultaneously being it's biggest fault, is that most of the level's gameplay segments are set up to be optional, and if you're so inclined you can just march straight to the finish trigger and be done with it. With the exception of one room, the level looks good enough to give it a chance though, taking in consideration that it was the author's first and also a pioneer in presenting the Sumerian setting. And the sidequests to the top of the courtyard and for the rocket launcher are the best this level really has to offer, so you're just depriving yourself if you intend to quit before visiting those. Spending most of the raiding time in the TR4 realm it's also easy to forget that the T-Rex is actually a fairly tough opponent that takes quite some time to kill. But as many things here, that is optional as well, and if you're sneaky enough to outsmart him or lure him away far enough, you can head for the end straight away without even attempting to do so. While it doesn't feel entirely complete, it's still worth a shot." - eTux (25-Jun-2010)
"We can miss the half of the level, and go to the T-Rex immediately. It's a demo level I think. Big shame, it haven't sequel. I liked the textures. But in this way some minutes and there is the finish. You get harder weapons too, but you can kill the T-Rex comfortably with standard pistols from the bowl." - Obig (30-May-2010)
"Visually great, but feels very unfinished and short. This plays more like a 'statement of intent' if that makes any sense? The author has clearly used it as an exercise to establish the building blocks of what a completed level could be. There is some nice originality here though, I especially like the transparency room near the beginning (which you later pass over the top of). All the elements are there to make this a very strong and entertaining game. Best way to think of this one is as a demo, and for the most part the visuals at least are very well executed. Completed in around 15 minutes. Stiggy" - TheStig (14-Nov-2009)
"If this was one of the first custom levels that you ever played, then revisiting it may well bring a lump to your throat. Now, as a more jaded modern player, I still enjoy wandering through a scenic and beautifully done level, even if there isn't much to do. Some of the seams are unfinished, but I appreciate the lovely design, the extra architectural touches and color. There is a lot to look at and explore. There are some pickups, including good weapons. And at the end, TR4 players may be shocked that the T Rex isn't an easy pushover--Lara can't just run under his belly and shoot him a couple of times with the shotgun. In TR3 the T Rex is real, and shooting him only makes him angry. Suitable for connoisseurs." - dmdibl (06-Nov-2009)
"Indeed it would have been nice to have this adventure last longer than the 15 minutes I spent here. The looks are mostly convincing, the texture choice is nice and mostly well applied and the darkish lighting helps to create a great atmosphere. I enjoyed the jumping around the rooms to collect helpful weapons like the shotgun and the rocket launcher, although you actually don't really need them to kill the T-Rex and jump to the finish trigger. As the weapon collection is optional, it is easy to miss out on quite a few areas of the level, so make sure you explore well for hidden switches (as the walkthrough is also not fully complete)." - MichaelP (23-Oct-2009)
"This level is located in a jungle area with a nicely designed temple which is partly underwater. The level can be finished in a very short time. When I reached the temple I threw an underwater lever (don't know what it did), then I chose the way straightforward and ended up in an area with a t-rex. It was not not necessary to shoot him, I just hurried to the lever, threw it, ran through the gate while the t-rex was busy walking against a wall on the other side, and the level was over. Regarding the walkthrough I realised that missed an area with a room full of goodies, but since the t-rex isn't that troublesome no goodies are needed. But nevertheless I reloaded and replayed the missed parts, found the goodies and encountered one lonely dino. I liked the nice look of this level, it's a pity that there was only so little to do here." - Jerry (02-Oct-2009)
"Rather often,Unofficial Custom levels have decent enough gameplay but completely lack atmosphere;in this instance,it's the other way around.The temple areas and the underwater sequences are very well constructed and lit and are pleasing to look around.Unfortunately,there's not much to be found anywhere;and the poor old T-Rex simply ambles about on the spot. It'll be over before you know it,but at least it looks good." - Orbit Dream (02-Oct-2009)
"I have a soft spot for this level that I played a long time ago. It was the first level offering to visit such a place as Sumeria with custom and mainly appropriate textures, it has an excellent atmosphere and the use of some dinosaurs do not seem to be incongruous here. There is not a lot of them , I met only two groups of tiny dinos, a raptor and the T-Rex. This is quite a regret that this level was unfinished , firstly there is some visual bugs , and secondly the gameplay is not structured. You can reach places that offer nothing , and you can miss places that offer the best this level has to offer. In fact the player can miss the two main interesting areas gameplay wise , areas which reward you with extra goodies and are not really necessary. But do not miss these two ! Find the UW lever in the big silver hall that will open a door in the central courtyard leading to a high room where you can make jumps and use slopes to get higher and higher and eventually find the grenade launcher. Do not miss either the lever that opens another door which allows to reach the top of the main courtyard." - eRIC (12-Sep-2009)