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The Project N.A.S.A. by DaroRaider

AdamR 8 8 9 7
BHM Productions 6 7 9 5
Daffy 8 8 7 9
dmdibl 7 9 9 8
eTux 7 7 8 8
Gerty 7 8 8 7
Jerry 9 9 10 10
manarch2 6 8 9 8
Manymee 8 7 8 7
MichaelP 8 7 9 7
Nuri 8 10 10 10
Obig 8 8 9 8
Ryan 8 7 9 8
Shandroid 9 9 9 9
Treeble 8 8 9 8
release date: 01-May-2002
# of downloads: 131

average rating: 8.10
review count: 15
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file size: 49.93 MB
file type: TR3
class: Alien/Space

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Reviewer's comments
"This seems to be Part 2 of this author's level "Journey to Sideral Space", recognizable by the outstanding level design, reminding of a futuristic starship, which I think looks amazing for it's release date. But I'd like to start talking about game glitches first, just like in my JtSS- review. Sadly, this level also came up with glitches, that were rather annoying, because it's mainly about game crashes. The game crashed everytime I wanted to equip other guns besides the pistols or when Lara attempted to discard a flare that went out. So you're kind of forced to play this entire level with no flares and only pistols, although you find plenty of equipment, even Uzi-clips although there was no uzis to find.Also, the game just crashed when I entered some rooms. What I did therefore was to take care of other tasks first and return to these rooms later and strangely it worked. Apart from that, I had a glitch with 2 pushblocks, that were stacked.Lara was just able to pull out the lower block and the upper one was suddenly transparent. I mean you could still see it, but Lara would just walk and jump through it. There were some enemies, that were stoned and didn't move. And I was able to reach some zone in the outside area, where I guess I'm not supposed to go, because it looked unfinished and once again: a lot of crashes occurred. Right now I'm kind of wondering why this review became so huge already, although it is just glitches, that I'm talking about? I guess it's always the bad things that people can keep in their memory best. But let me just make it clear that this level has far more good aspects than bad ones. A diversified gameplay, featuring some good puzzles and other tasks unlike the usual key and lever stuff,combined with the amazing atmosphere and environments made this level a recommendable, joyful experience. The author surely did his best to design each area in another way in order that all the rooms are recognisable and you could keep orientation during this rambling adventure, but that didn't keep me from getting lost a couple of times in this huge level. I would say this was probably the longest TR3- custom level back then when it was released. My final statistics said 2 hours (actually didn't, because that was another common glitch), but I'm sure I spent about 4 hours on this massive starship/ or base. Can't complain about it though." - Nuri (03-Feb-2020)
"A rather impressive and quite long space base level. There are quite a few highlights here, such as a wide range of activities to do in search of two fuses, but sadly it relies too much on padding, so most of the doors you open turn out to be on opposite ends of the level. As the level is rather big, with a somewhat non-linear design, running back and forth so many times can get quite aggravating. I was fortunate that I only ever experienced one random crash about halfway through, but I followed my fellow reviewer's advices and never equipped a different weapon or flare. Definitely not a bad level, but it might require a certain state of mind to be fully enjoyed. 100 minutes, 2 secrets. 11/19" - Treeble (01-Dec-2019)
"It may be riddled with a few bugs, but this monstrous TR3 level managed to be enjoyable despite those. I did try using a different weapon from the pistols and... yes the game crashed. It also crashed when I tried using a flare, but luckily the enemies are relatively easy to dispose of without alternative weaponry and the dark spaces are few, so I wasn't handicapped that way. The extended backtracking and the unrewarding secrets were also irritating. But those aside, you get a well crafted and atmospheric space environment to roam about in while search for keys and fuses. Traps and movable block puzzles were well done and the cutscenes of the friendly workers opening up new paths for you were neat touches, while camera guidance is well executed and somewhat makes it a bit easier to navigate your way through this complex level. A gruelling raid at times, but overall worthwhile." - Ryan (11-Jan-2019)
"Let's get the bad bits out of the way, because I like to finish on a positive note :) First, the many crashes. Flares, doors, even just standing still the game crashed on me. However, the fun environment and doable puzzles kept me going. Textures: While fitting and nicely lit (I don't like games where you have to keep using flares) there were plenty of textures that, when viewed from a certain perspective, suddenly displayed the British Passport. Very confusing. Besides, oftentimes a texture was simply not present or flickered weirdly. Also it irked me that Lara's backpack had ASAN written on it - how did that make it into the final game? And from a realistic point of view, who in their right mind would fill half a space station with poisonous water? Apart from that, I found it funny and refreshing to have a fat, square Lara-suit to look at, especially because she is still as lithe and agile as ever. The puzzles were mostly great fun and the timed runs never so hard as to make me quit the game. I always like it when I don't have to backtrack, so the many reconnecting return paths were good, too. The remaining backtracking wasn't too bad, nor was the crawling - you get sort of used to that when you play custom levels, I guess. The level also featured my favourite atmospheric sound: the heartbeat from TR2, which is miles better than the truly annoying sound from Caves of Kaliya which is found in oh so many levels. It had spectacular views and fun mechanics, but had I not consulted the walkthrough about halfway through, I might have messed up with the workers. Lucky for me, that all worked out fine. Used my last medipack on running back out of the room with the three automatic ceiling guns. All in all, as long as you save often, this is a highly enjoyable level to play. Would be so worth a makeover to remove the bugs. :)" - Manymee (14-Jan-2018)
"I've always loved levels like this; the Tomb Raider 3 style of base/lab levels. They always provide some of the coolest views and atmosphere. This level did exactly that (to a certain degree). The texturing was pretty good, the overall construction of the level was well-done, and the atmosphere was on-point. Unfortunately, the level is quite buggy, and the amount of crawling and backtracking you have to do got really tedious. Also, there was almost no attempt at any particular lighting whatsoever, which didn't really give me the vibe that I was in space. That was disappointing. Overall, an interesting and well-made level that is unfortunately marred down a bit by some bugs and design choices." - BHM Productions (30-Apr-2016)
"The problem with Dario Romero's levels is one. Many times I am facing areas with untextured surfaces. I don't know why the author does that, as he is talented in building. Usually, I avoid alien class levels, but I remembered that Lunar Apocalypse was good, so I wanted to try this one too. The level has its ups and downs. First of all, I didn't like Lara's outfit. It is huge and the letters on the back are like you read them in a mirror. Also, I didn't understand why there were other weapons to be found, while you can't use them and the game crashes. That happens with the flares too. Let's see the good things now. The gameplay is not boring and you have to do many things. I liked the idea of the workers helping Lara. I liked that I didn't face any strange space creature, because that's what I hate about alien levels. Maybe there was too long distance running. Many times you are using a switch and it activates a door really far away from you. So, all this running was exhausting. Texturing was nice, except some untextured surfaces. Lighting seemed good, but it never affects Lara's body, but just the room. That was dissapointing. All in all, the level is OK and interesting, but the author could fix many things before realising it." - AdamR (16-Mar-2012)
"This is the sequel to the builder's "Journey to Sideral Space" and in my opinion the looks are better than before, the textures were fitting and not crude as in the previous part. Some outside views are simply spectacular. Lara has a very cool space outfit and the start was nice with a easy block puzzle. The gameplay had its moments: Using the machine to trigger open a trapdoor, the boat ride, getting help of the Winston-like guys to kill an enemy. However, this game also gets the prize of the most buggy level ever from me. IMPORTANT TIP: Do not use any weapon but pistols and do not light a flare, or the game crashes! The Look key also seems to be corrupted at times; else than that, the game crashes without any particular reason every few minutes. Only play this level if you can stand these crashes. Apart from the crashes, the incredibly amount of backtracking and long, long crawlspaces that I critisized in the last level still is there, and often the lever-pulling is overdosed. Here and there however there are nice touches - pushable puzzles, jump sequences, laser dodging etc, which make this game at least bearable the 1:45 hours it lasts." - manarch2 (14-Jan-2012)
"This level was quite the achievement, even with its faults, the amount of planning and work it took must have been extensive. Lara is in space, complete with a spacesuit, even though she doesn't need it for the majority of the level. I have to say that if there was not a walkthrough for this level, I would have been completely lost many times. However, the level is just beautiful, I really felt like I was in a spacestation. There weren't enough medipaks and sadly, I could not use any weapons except for the pistols since the game would crash if I did. Replacing the executable with the demo .exe did not help, actually, it would not work. That was a supreme bummer, but I am not going to dock the builder for something the game engine made happen. I thought there were way too many crawlspaces, and too much backtracking. There were a couple of places that could really mess you up too, but I worked it out. If you like base levels with a twist, check this one out." - Shandroid (27-Sep-2010)
"Part 2 of the series and I have to admit that the overall setting really drew me in. As you are running around in that odd but suitable space outift, you do feel kind of lonely in this desolate space base. Gameplay is again rather pedestrian and non-linear with a lot of backtracking, but I did not mind that at all, as the rooms are very nicely and cleverly connected. Although the overreliance on having to crawl a few too many times did spoil the experience slightly. There are a few tougher passages, like the monkey swing through the moving cranes, but nothing too tricky in the end and thanks to very solid camera guidance, it all flows quite smoothly. You get a few push blocks to move around, a Thames Wharf machine again, lasers to avoid and a few scenes where some of the guards help you open doors or kill another guy - all cleverly done. And then there is of course the boat, which is well used in your quest to get the yellow fuse. The three secrets were a bit disappointing (easy to find and the third was even empty) and some overlapping and passport textures spoiled the otherwise solid visual impression, but bottomline, I found this to be a long (100 min) and very engaging adventure. Recommended!" - MichaelP (12-Aug-2010)
"It was a huge level. One of the best TR3 levelset. Non linear, you have to run everywhere on the base. We have to collect an yellow, and blue key, and plug. On the level we can travel by boat, and we have to take a challange with the yellow electronic machine too. Enemies are baddies, workers, guards, dogs. And we have to kill everybody. Take care with the medipacks, because there are sort on the level. The hardest challange maybe is the chanins on the ceiling. There are 3 secrets, I think I missed one. Different and nice textures. Don't miss this adventure :)" - Obig (25-May-2010)
"I suspect many players will love and hate this level at the same time, and it certainly gives a number of reasons for both feelings to come up. The biggest annoyances of course are the crashes, which, while thankfully don't make it impossible to finish the game, certainly make the experience less enjoyable in those moments when you've forgotten that using flares or any other weapons but the pistols is taboo. As said, one shouldn't have much problems finishing the game without them, it's just that I'm not fully convinced it could not have been circumvented. Another annoyance is the overreliance on crawlspaces and backtracking as a gameplay device, and there's a particularly nasty sequence where Lara's helpers can kill an enemy in a very inconvenient place, thus disallowing you to pick up the crucial item he leaves behind. The above issues might make you ponder whether the level is worth the trouble at all - and while I recommend to keep the walkthrough within a hand's reach to be aware of the nastier issues, this level does have a number of redeeming qualities. The boat sequence was easily my favourite part, not only cause of the fun tasks associated with opening the doors, but also because of the fairly impressive space views you'll get as you cover the distances again and again. The game's main focus is exploration, and the base is big enough for you to spend quite a while doing so, making anyone who enjoys this type of gameplay feel right at home. While the looks have a few issues of their own, the base is generally well done, though Lara's spacesuit and some of the space elements look more comical than authentic, but one has to admitt it has its charm too. Sci-fi game fans might get the most out of the experience, but it's worth a shot if you're not frustrated easily anyway." - eTux (06-May-2010)
"There are too many crashes (due to a TR3 exe, it says in the readme and one should replace the exe with the one from the Pacific Demo. Haven't been able to do that, so the tip is, save, save and save. DO NOT run around with weapons drawn or a flare; that will help). Apart from this nasty bug, there is also too much back and fro. I got mighty confused at times. It is a big adventure though and I felt for poor Lara, dressed in a cumbersome outfit. The hunt is on for key cards to find two fuses and a hunt it is. This space station is huge. I could do with more flares, as one flare pick up I couldn't get, due to a crash. There is also a tiny dinghy you get to steer and it is mighty handy to get you from A to B and back again several times. Almost at the end of the level I spotted one spot where there was no texture but that was the only place. If you like a sort of base level adventure where you have to explore more than shoot, go right ahead, you'll be busy for quite a while though." - Gerty (10-Dec-2009)
"It is interesting how many of the same elements that produced an integrated, exceptional level in "Lunar Apocalypse," here produce a level that is often frustrating. Perhaps in his second level the author was experimenting, so that many individual elements are good, but the game play feels disjointed and confused. When I first played this years ago, I never even finished the level, but now finally did so with a walkthrough. Lara is in a bulky spacesuit, so that one feels one is playing as the Michelin Tire man. Her backpack is inside out, so that the letters NASA are in mirror reflection. In TR3, when one uses the Look Key, there is no transparency, so the bulky spacesuit blocks the view in cramped quarters. The game is riddled with "helpful" camera shots: whenever we should be seeing from Lara's viewpoint, we get some distant camera. Then to add injury to insult, at the concluding task of the game, when Lara picks up "Dario's Master Launch Key," we get no camera shot indicating where this should be used. There is no possibility of figuring out what to do with this key (I looked in the walkthrough for help). When Lara gets to the indicated spot, there isn't even a keyhole, but one of those alien keypads that are elsewhere just decoration. Unlike the author's other levels, I experienced crashes in this game. Lara picks up the MP-5, a weapon that should help her conserve precious medipacks. But when I selected the MP-5 in inventory, the game crashed. I played the entire game with pistols. The design and texturing are often good, and individual moments are fun, but I felt there were far too many ways to go wrong in the game play. How do we know that Lara is not supposed to shoot the missile launch workers? Anyway, we do get to use the Kodiak boat from TR3 arctic, and there is nice scenery." - dmdibl (24-Oct-2009)
"What started as a push-button-to-open-next-door level turned into a great space adventure. Lara is wearing a nice space outfit, even if that respiratory mask made her look a bit like a monkey. ;o) A blue and a yellow fuse have to be found and there are lots of things to do to finally get hold of them. Besides a couple of enemies and some block pushing there is a nice boat ride and a tricky monkey swing past moving cranes which was the toughest part for me in the game. This aside difficulty range is not too hard. Level architecture is simply brillant, I think it is the best spaceship design I ever played. Basically there are enough camera hints, but unfortunately some of them do not work correctly (too short). Besides the game crashed for me each time I tried drawing the shotgun or MP5, so I could not use them. It could have been a 10 in the gameplay section, but there was a little too much time consuming crawling and backtracking for my taste. But still it was a great game of about 2 hours 15, and I'd highly recommend it." - Jerry (24-Oct-2009)
"This level goes out of the common place and agreeably surprised me. Decors are made well, very various in their styles and the pleasure of the discovery of course is well present. For the gameplay it is a bit similar, he is not monotonous of the whole and Lara, in cosmonaut's keeping, must make thing a lot to advance, the author cooked to us up a very pretty challenge which asks for several hours of game. Nothing is really very complicated to make but a good memory helps well. The atmosphere of game is also achieved well with rather few enemies who are relatively easy to eliminate. I noted some bugs however with crach of the PC. It is a very good level for every players. Congratulation to the constructor." - Daffy (02-Oct-2009)