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The S.S. McGreer by staticon

alan 5 4 5 6
AnnaM 7 6 8 8
CC 6 5 7 6
Cuqui 8 7 8 7
Dimpfelmoser 7 5 9 8
Gerty 7 6 7 8
Gonxii 6 5 7 8
Jay 6 6 7 7
Jerry 6 3 5 7
Jose 6 4 6 5
Kristina 7 7 8 7
Magnus 5 4 6 6
MichaelP 7 6 8 8
Momster 8 6 7 7
Orbit Dream 7 5 7 8
Oxy 8 3 7 9
Phil 8 7 8 8
QRS 8 6 7 8
RaiderGirl 7 6 8 8
Ruediger 6 5 8 7
Ryan 6 6 7 7
Sash 6 6 5 8
Scottie 8 7 7 7
Surekill107 6 6 7 7
Treeble 8 7 9 8
vienna 7 6 7 7
release date: 03-Mar-2001
# of downloads: 70

average rating: 6.68
review count: 26
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file size: 13.00 MB
file type: TR4
class: Ship

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Nice level. Short, not very difficult. With a good puzzle in between. To keep it short: Enjoy a very well designed level when you don´t want to spend so much time. Congrats to the author." - AnnaM (31-Aug-2020)
"This is a nice choice if you're looking for a more simplistic but nonetheless pleasant raid that won't take you long to complete. The mixture of sunken ship textures alongside Catacomb objects like movable pillars, Pharaos objects and skeletons is a rather odd one, but taking the LE limitations into account, it's not too bad. The gameplay is quite easy to overcome (if you're good with swimming) and there's nothing too difficult to achieve at all (although the pushable puzzle at the end might have you thinking a bit, but I quite liked it nonetheless and it has a certain quirkiness." - Ryan (09-Nov-2018)
"In this level textures from TR2 section 'Maria Doria' are used. Your objective is to find puzzle items to access to different parts of the ship. The puzzles with the moveable pillars took me a while to complete. The only enemies are skeletons and some rooms look empty of objects. It was silent, some music tracks would've added some atmosphere. In the screenshots there's Lara's home but I never visited it. A trident is what Lara takes with her after leaving the ship." - alan (21-Dec-2017)
"The skeletons are irritating because I didnt find grenadelaucher. I liked athmosphere and cameras, lighting OK and textures good. This level has something same as Maria Doria in TR2. Level took 24min. Recommendable." - vienna (02-Sep-2016)
"This is another easy ship-like level. The gameplay is quite straightforward. You need some pretty known artifacts in order to get through. There are also some pushing puzzles and a lot of swimming. Enemies were only skeletons, easy to kill since the grenade is at hand almost from the beginning. What I liked the most about this level was the textures the author used. When I was playing I had a feeling of nostalgia remembering the Maria Doria. All in all a rather easy level that you will end in approx. 45 minutes." - Gonxii (11-Nov-2015)
"This is an odd mix of sunken ship with Egyptian objects scattered about in the form of push puzzle pieces and Pharos knots/pillars, gold stars and skeletons - not pirate skeletons I hasten to add, just skeletons. It's fast paced and quite enjoyable and lasts not much more than half an hour, but it is undeniably quirky." - Jay (17-Jul-2015)
"Easy to play this short ship level; find some artifacts, pull some levers, a couple of puzzles with moveables some swimming and blasting skeletons on your way. Simple architecture and texturization, there are a couple of cameras when you pull levers when the triggered doors are far (good). I missed some more kind of enemies (water enemies as sharks?), more weapons, some traps, more musics and more objects to decorate the empty rooms. An appropriate level to all those who start to play custom levels." - Jose (21-May-2015)
"Lara searches a trident in a ship wreck. Previously she must find Pharos Pillar, Pharos Knot, a Horsemen Gem and a Scroll. Moreover, she must push several columns to the right place. After she has found the trident, she can open with a star the door to the level end. The textures in this level remind of the wreck level in TR2. The riddles are relatively easy, because there are enough flybys. Moreover, one can hardly get lost, because it advances always linearly straight foreward. Now and again one meets a skeleton, but because one finds early the grenade launcher, one can send them fast into the hell. The lighting has not succeeded so completely, because it is a little bit too bright. All together the level is a successful variety, because one is as a player too seldom on a ship." - Scottie (16-Jun-2009)
"This is one of the older levels coming only with a new catacomb.tom that has to be converted. I had a technical problem with this level as every time I tried loading a savegame from within the game the tomb4.exe crashed and I had to restart it again. The textures are taken from the original Maria Doria levels from TR2. Lighting was okay, no highlight, but no pitch-black corners either. It's a pity that all the rooms were so empty, so the whole ship appeared quite monotonous. You will encounter a couple of skeletons on your way, but the grenade launcher can be found right at the start, so nothing to worry about. Gameplay-wise it's looking for some puzzle items, pulling some switches, and an easy pushable puzzle. Playing time 30 minutes." - Jerry (13-Feb-2009)
"I'm still a bit early in my walk down Staticon Memory Lane, but this is the best of the bunch thus far. You get a full-level 40 minutes or so of gameplay, and it's somewhat more innovative than what is shown in the previous offerings. There's a nifty pushblock puzzle near the end, followed by a battle royale with skeletons galore. Ship levels are relatively few and far between for some reason, which makes this one even more enjoyable for me. It's a nice thing to be able to see a builder improve steadily from level to level, and that's the trend in this case. Recommended." - Phil (13-Nov-2008)
"This is sunken ship from Maria Doria. You must find the teleport to be shipped into space. I liked this game very much. It is very easy play, no timed switches which confused me one time and I took a peek into walkthrough. Enemies were only skeletons. They were no fret at all and can be easily removed. I also didn't see any objects, so I can't give higher score. Puzzles were easy and ship is very pretty, I liked rusty textures and architecture. I also liked the blue water and dark sky in the end." - Oxy (05-Nov-2008)
"This small but intensive level is really good! First of all, the textures are great (except some wallpapering) and the lighting even better. I must admit that I have a soft spot for the tr2 textures, especially the rusty steel in the underwater areas :) The gameplay is great and there is always things to do. Exploring, looking for artefacts or just blowing up skeletons hehe. The bad part? Well, it seems that some animations is not correct (Prying the golden star from its receptacle comes too mind) Sounds to doors are missing and finally probably not a working finish trigger (crashed to desptop in the end). Also, what was the trident for? Not needed to finish the game..maybe a secret? Despite that, a very short but solid level which takes you on a very tr2 similar journey in a boat. Really recommended!" - QRS (15-Apr-2006)
"It's interesting that people actually dared to make non-Egyptian levels back when no custom objects (or even custom wads for that matter) were available. The objects don't really fit this level and it's very empty but what other choice did the author have? Should he have made just another Egyptian level? No this level is actually quite good and is enjoyable for the fifteen minutes it lasts. The texturing is okay and even though there's not that much to do in this level it's still quite fun to play through." - Magnus (29-Jan-2004)
"Swimming from The Scottish ruin into this level and I see ahead the side of a sunken ship. Textured like the Maria Doria. I liked the way you can see through all the windows. I couldn't reload and crashed out of the game if Lara died. She finds a scroll a knot a pharos a gem and there are two good pillar pushing puzzles the first was very simple the second one was very clever and I got caught big time. Very short easy level." - CC (08-Aug-2003)
"This is a too short level again. But highly entertaining. The sunken ship is very well done and the rooms inside are really nice. Good and funny puzzles. It's a great job." - Cuqui (24-Dec-2002)
"This is a follow on level to 'Scottish Ruin' set in a sunken ship the rusty texturing and collapsed hallways are perfect there are some nicely done push/pull object puzzles with one of them being quite difficult and time consuming also a room full of skeletons and a very useful grenade gun in Lara's inventory make's for a bone exploding blast the only thing that let this level down was it's short duration." - Sash (21-Jun-2002)
"The texturing and overall atmosphere of the sunken ship really stood out for me in this level. The way you can look through the windows into the adjacent rooms was very well designed. Gameplay progression was quite fast and not too difficult except if you miss the grenade launcher like I did the skeletons do get in the way quite a bit. The push/pull/fire puzzle neat the end is smartly done and had me thinking for a while but overall I spent only 25 minutes in the level." - Michael (21-Jun-2002)
"Continuation of the Scotish Ruin level as the second part. It's my favorite so far. It really looks like a sunken ship and the rooms inside it are really well textured creating a great atmosphere for the level. There's another abusive use of skeletons in this level. The use of TR2 textures will make you remember the Maria Doria levels. I think you should play this level (but as a sequence to Scotish Ruin or else the skeletons won't let you go on!). Also the heavy triggered puzzle let me stuck for some time but wasn't so hard." - Treeble (21-Jun-2002)
"This level left me saying That's it?! . I was really enjoying the atmosphere and textures in the level and it ended way too soon for me. A lot of the textures from the ship levels of Tomb Raider II were used as well as some from Tomb Raider III along with some objects and puzzles from The Last Revelation. This was a short level with way too few puzzles (although good ones) and very few enemies (although the atmosphere and music make you think one will sneak up on you any second). I would have liked to see more rooms on the ship and less tunnels to swim which to me would have made me really feel like I was on a sunken ship. The ending makes it look like there could have been so much more but the creator just got tired of it. I would love to see more levels using the ship textures." - RaiderGirl (21-Jun-2002)
"This level threw me to my desktop every time when Lara died also by re-loading. Lucky for me Lara didn't die that often. The level starts underwater and there is some swimming involved. It took me quite a while to get one pushable objects puzzle solved bit tricky that one. Like Sash I found this level a bit too short." - Gerty (21-Jun-2002)
"'S.S.McGreer' is a short homage to Maria Doria and very similar in looks. This would have had a short duration as well were it not for a well thought out and quite tricky series of push/pull object puzzles. The ending is completely strange. Total time for this and Scottish Ruin was 1 hour and 5 minutes...which included at least 20 minutes to solve the push/pull puzzles!" - Orbit Dream (21-Jun-2002)
"The 'sunken ship'-textures of Tombraider 2 made this level an enjoyable experience. But the gameplay was not so good. When you forget a puzzle item you have to go back to the beginning. There was also just one tricky puzzle in this level. And this wasn't fun. Who likes to push and pull objects twenty minutes? The lighting did not really exist so Lara looked like she is a 2D-object the whole time and the finish was... strange! But in the end it wasn't as bad as it sounds because of the nice outfit that made you feel you were really inside a sunken ship." - Surekill107 (21-Jun-2002)
"This is better played in conjunction with the other levels but even on its own it is quite interesting. A big red shipwreck with skeletons inside and a few puzzles. Underwater half the time there are some areas to explore and many entrances. The items to collect are a gem the music scroll the knot and the pillar. Also a star with the crowbar obvious enough. Making your way down and deep into the wreck you find two puzzles with movable objects one of them needs a lot of pushing into the other room. The textures and lighting are giving the right atmosphere for such a level. To end the level the player has to swim through the last door and while reaching the edge of a platform outside either the next level loads or you are on your way to a new different adventure." - Kristina (21-Jun-2002)
"Say what you might but this red rust with the blue paneling is just most pleasing to the eye as far as combinations of colours are concerned. You should have seen my old weather-beaten face misted with tears as I boarded that dearly loved TR2 shipwreck scenario and even if the ancient items seem a bit out of place here it doesn't spoil the gripping atmosphere. I can't remember any other game where Lara doesn't have to fire a single shot but that's not a bad sign really. Can't kill 24 hours a day and then ask sheepishly: 'Where is all that hostility coming from?' Right at the end you run through this great rusty hall with pools of water and skeletons left right and center; but they don't bother you at all and instead let you go on with your business. Brilliant moment. Gameplay is pretty straight and not too demanding although the last pillar puzzle had me thinking for a little while. The author made sure you won't get stuck during those 30 entertaining minutes cause he went through the trouble of placing a second crowbar just in case you missed the first one. So if you feel a bit sentimental and long for the innocent fun we had during our early TR days take a lungful of air cause this starts under water." - Dimpfelmoser (21-Jun-2002)
"Exploring the rusty corridors of a sunken ship was fun after so many Temples of X and Tombs of Y. I never tried a ship level myself but I can imagine it is more difficult than a pyramid or suchlike because a ship has to look real so you need small rooms small gangways low ceilings etc whereas beneath a pyramid there can be a small chamber a huge cave or anything really. So variety in the overall look is harder to maintain. Kevin does a good job in that respect but the gameplay excitement suffers from identical enemies (one skeleton in every room) and the usual keys'n'levers duties." - Rüdiger (21-Jun-2002)
"I found out from a 'mate' that this was 1 of 5 levels by Staticon that were linked together while playing another one of them so I re-loaded them all and started playing from the beginning to my enjoyment for a day and I'm going to put this bit in at the beginning of all 5 of them. The most difficult for me in the beginning of the 5. I had difficulty finding the entrance(s) to the inside especially the 2nd one. Not terribly difficult I did miss one pickup I had to go back for but at least I could. Good lighting and textures for the plot you felt as if you were on that ship. All are individually pleasant to play but I recommend playing them together." - Momster (21-Jun-2002)