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Denderah by The Quad

alan 7 6 5 6
Athukraz 5 5 6 5
Casual Raider 8 6 7 8
Ceamonks890 5 5 6 5
Chel 6 5 5 4
dmdibl 6 5 6 6
Ejecta 5 5 4 4
eRIC 2 3 5 5
Gerty 7 5 6 6
Jay 7 6 6 6
Jose 6 6 6 6
Leeth 4 5 4 5
LuxQSD 1 1 2 3
manarch2 7 7 7 6
Mehrbod 8 7 7 7
MichaelP 7 5 6 7
Nuri 8 7 8 9
Obig 7 6 7 6
Orbit Dream 7 4 6 6
Phil 8 6 8 7
PolishRaider 5 5 4 4
Ryan 7 6 7 6
Torry 6 6 7 5
totizedger 8 7 6 7
Treeble 2 1 6 6
Xela 6 6 6 5
Zhyttya 4 5 4 5
release date: 09-Sep-2000
# of downloads: 150

average rating: 5.67
review count: 27
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file size: 9.43 MB
file type: TR2
class: Egypt

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Reviewer's comments
"An Egypt/generic temple style adventure. At first glance it might look interesting and I do have a lot to say about this level, but unfortunately a whole lot of it is not good. This is one of the least enjoyable levels I've played. You can expect problems such as: unmarked death tiles and pressure plates, blandly textured pointless mazes, walls without any collision, extremely boring and time consuming block pushing segments, hidden switches and unmarked ladders, constant visual and gameplay errors, lack of cameras leading to very unintuitive, disorienting and confusing progression...the list goes on. The problems that I've mentioned mostly persist in every single room you visit. I gave up trying to do the level on my own after the room with the second unmarked ladder and just had the walkthrough open through the rest of the journey to save myself from even more frustration which I recommend you do as well. The textures are OK at best in certain rooms, but nothing to write home about. The actual length of the level is about 40 minutes, but expect to be playing it for an hour or more if you decide to venture in without the walkthrough. Overall a very painful experience through and through. Not recommended." - LuxQSD (19-May-2022)
"I should have better read Treeble's review first before launching this game but i was curious of this TR2 level with TR4 Egyptian textures, where we meet tigers , also a T-Tex. The gameplay is strange to say the least, riddled with plenty of unfair moments such as unmarked climbable walls (some not refered to in the walkthrough , and to counterbalance things a bit you also have ladders that are not climbable ), unmarked death tiles and some strange triggering as well. As if it was not enough you have quite a lot of pushable blocks to do and an painful underwater maze. Texturing is well made but repetitive. Lighting is mostly totally absent , very bright except in the last part. Aside for a few jumps and the T-Rex encounter , a painful experience i cannot recommand." - eRIC (21-Feb-2022)
"You know, never judge a book by its cover... that's the exact same thing with this level, you just can't judge it by the first look. I loved every moment of it, very intriguing gameplay. However, it is worth noting that the number of pushblocks used this level prevents me from giving this level a higher score in terms of gameplay, but other than that, it was very enjoyable. Thank you!" - Mehrbod (12-Apr-2020)
"Hey, it's one of the better early levels! I remember trying to play this one ages ago and giving up angrily because a random square set Lara on fire. I decided to download and try again and I'm happy I gave this a second chance. It's nothing super special, but compared to the other levels from this point in time, it stands out. There are several push block puzzles, in fact I would have to say that blocks and levers and keys is the order of the day to make progress. Very old school. Some of the block puzzles are unfortunately tedious, but a few were clever. The only enemies are spiders, tigers, and a lone T-Rex. How did he get in this dusty tomb anyway? There are a few mazes, one of which is underwater and evil due to the cramped passageways Lara gets stuck in. There are a few paper thin walls, but only where the author was trying to create some unique architecture. Some of the textures Lara ran right through. A few knee high blocks. A bit disconcerting, but not a deal breaker. There are some places in the level you can become permanently stuck and will need to reload. A tiger magically teleports through the ceiling near the end of the level to attack Lara and freak you out, and there didn't seem to be an actual end trigger. I ran around a room hunting a switch for the last closed door and then it just ended. Perhaps the author wanted to do more with the level but then just lost interest? Overall, I think this is one of the early titles that is worth playing, in spite of the flaws. The Quad gave us a raid that was beyond a pointless room or two, and illustrated a bit of the potential that custom builders would later expand on in leaps and bounds. Net gameplay of about an hour." - Chel (21-Oct-2018)
"This is an early effort with the unofficial editor and it clearly shows. The game play is frustrating with unmarked climbables, switches hidden in plain sight because the colour morphs in to the surroundings, keys hidden which is not so bad but then we have the key holes themselves hidden as well. Once you find the keyhole after an interminable pushable box puzzle you then face the underwater maze which is nightmarish. Textures fade in and out depending on your viewing angle and paper thin walls are in evidence. Whilst not a bad level at all some of the aforementioned problems make it a bit of an effort." - Torry (05-Jul-2018)
"Here we have the first custom which truly captures the essence of Tomb Raider. It is rather impressive feat considering the time it was conceived. The gameplay brings moderate action segments (T-rex is back!), tricky puzzles and just enough platforming. It took me about 50 minutes to complete so the length is undeniably a plus as well. However, it gets tedious at times, especially with bloody block pushing. Another nerve-wrecking part was the underwater maze. I also wasn't fond of the visual inconsistency of the level. The author mixes many texture layers to the point adjacent rooms feel disjointed. Yet, I really dug the soft erotic Egyptian paintings. Also, the switches and ladders are not clearly distinguishable. Overall, a must have for all raiders. Beware of the annoying moments, though." - PolishRaider (12-Mar-2018)
"This is one of those levels that you hate the first time you complete it before enjoying it in the second playthrough. Highlights include the magically appearing tiger near the end of the level (which, all jokes aside, does show that the builder could have done more playtesting before release) and the T-Rex you have to face after finally finding your way through an underwater labyrinth. Give this a try if you have the patience for it." - Ejecta (08-Aug-2017)
"The author states this is a first try and it clearly shows. You have all the usuals here: unmarked climbing walls, walk through surfaces, random and unpredictable death tiles, mazes entirely made up with a single texture tile, etc. The worst aggravating bit of it all, however, is somewhere between random trigger placement for opening doors, random placement of keys you had no idea you were searching, or my favorite, random placement of levers, in which you're looking for a brown lever in a huge room where all walls are covered in brown textures. Such fun. Except it's not. As much as I loved the idea of an Egyptian level in the TR2 engine, this was extremelty frustrating and I was glad when it was finally over. If you're inclined to give it a go, keep the walkthrough close at hand, whenever you stumble into a closed door you missed a lever a few rooms back... 40 minutes. 05/17" - Treeble (28-May-2017)
"Similar to Fenician Temple 1 but with a different engine and more gameplay added. The first rooms have some changes and other ones are new. Switches are hard to spot, and I hated the underwater maze with lots of intersections and ways to go. The T-Rex surprised me, it's nice to fight bosses. Textures are used well, though some are missing. But lighting is well used too." - alan (20-Apr-2017)
"It is always pleasant to play a TR2 level, so I can see how well I can remember the controls. Anyways, onwards to the review. This level seems to use TR4 Egyptian textures, which look nice even if some were wallpapered and there were a few thin walls. Some of the gameplay was enjoyable such as the complex block puzzles and the trap sequences. I wasn't a fan of the underwater maze, although it isn't vastly confusing. Nonetheless, still a decent TR2 level." - Ryan (24-Aug-2016)
"Well this was annoying.. you can't tell apart if a tile is a trigger or not! Its so random.. Oh and the stairs.. They seem broken but you can hold them from the bottom.. And switches as the same colour as the wall its a bit... Well, lets resume the game: You find a magic random trigger and you go forward or You find a random key behind a lot of boxes to push and you go forward! And the textures in the end are a bit buggy. Also, the end trigger is bugged, you can pass throw it and not end and just roam around questioning your self what is life.. Not recommended, not intuitive and a bit exhausting to play, not even the atmosphere help it because its a bit to.. dull.." - Leeth (02-Sep-2015)
"Too confusing. That sums it all up. This level was too confusing, non logical triggers, non logical levers, non logical labyrinths etc. I spent about an hour working around this level, an hour of frustration. I was just glad that it was over when i finished it. Too small spaces, too much puzzles with the blocks, too much of the worst. The decoration was OK, but it felt monotonous. Always the same environment, always the same textures. The decoration and colors felt really heavy. But it wasn't the worst. It doesn't deserve a score between 2-3 but it doesn't deserve more than a 6." - Zhyttya (02-Sep-2015)
"A very classic tomb raider level with traps, enemies, puzzles and stuff...It's one of the first published levels, but it's not short like other ones AND it has a sense." - Nuri (01-Jul-2015)
"For all intents and purposes, this is essentially a copy/paste of Turbo Pascal's TR1 release, 'Fenician Temple 1' into the TR2 engine at its core, with a few new rooms, more unnecessarily obscure puzzles and enemies of the TR2 variety added in, for better or worse. Beyond that however, the quality of the level for the most part has been left practically untouched during the trancession from one classic TR engine to another. Does that mean its worth playing through again under a different engine and title(for those who already triumphed over Fenician Temple 1?) Well, unless you're a fan of challenging and at times frustrating gameplay, then I would recommend approaching this one with caution, as I personally feel that the quality of the overall gameplay has decreased a bit during the trancession, especially in some of the new rooms newly created by the builder in question." - Ceamonks890 (04-Aug-2014)
"A great level with lots of traps and some enemies and also a T-Rex. This level's worth to play." - Athukraz (09-Jun-2014)
"There are some interesting moveable blocks puzzles, but the gameplay is not good: unmarked trigger tiles, unmarked climbable walls, unmarked deadly tiles... also the author lets you advance even if you have not the necessary items or if you forgot something. It seems that the author took the Fenician Temple level by Turbo Pascal as a base and modified some things and added some rooms. There are very few enemies and several defects with textures and architecture; also you can drop in a pit and there is no way to go out, but the level is not too bad and it's well playable." - Jose (13-Jan-2014)
"Timed-run city, be prepared, although they are not very tight, but there are not that many medipacks to pick up, so you have to be careful in the way you do them. Also there are some climbable walls that aren't indicated as such and well-blended levers into walls. There is a very nasty underwater maze and also trigger tiles you don't know they are there. Other reviewer's mention a strange shadow that becomes a tiger, it took quite a while before I finally could shoot it, I thought it was hilarious." - Gerty (15-Dec-2013)
"My main problem playing TR2 levels after a long absence is that I keep trying to sprint and end up lighting an awful lot of flares instead. Given that there are a few timed runs in this level, that did become quite a regular occurrence. For its age, this level has worn surprisingly well and, within the obvious constraints of the TR2 engine, there's a lot of fun to be had from the aforementioned timed runs, traps and push block puzzles. I'm guessing it would have seemed pretty challenging on first release and still might be so for inexperienced players. The only thing I could have done without was the underwater maze, but that's just me. If you like TR2 games then this is definitely one of the better ones." - Jay (13-Nov-2013)
"Wow this level was not what i expected. The tasks you have to do here were fun to deal with, timed runs, hard swimming parts where you will worry if you're going to make it, key hunting and mazes. Textures were nice but often wallpapered though. One bad thing by the gameplay is that there are unmarked climbable walls which is a bit unfair really. There are some points where you may have to reload the savegame. Ending was too abrupt sadly. If you are looking for a level with very good gameplay then this might be what you are looking for." - totizedger (27-Aug-2013)
"Hey, I played this level already! Let me just go through the same motions and- *dies horribly*. Well, I guess that some changes needed to be implemented. This level expands upon a previous creation by bringing in the TR2 moves to be combined with the original ones. Unfortunately this was accomplished through a bit of trickery, for if the player had not played the first Fenician Temple, they would have no idea why random death traps are placed where they are. Also unfortunately, this level has all of the problems of the one it's paying tribute to. Textures are bland and create no atmosphere. The puzzles feel isolated, and not like they are part of a larger level. If you really loved the first Fenician Temple, then definitely check this out. But if you're jumping into this one out of the blue, you may be a bit confused." - Xela (22-Jul-2013)
"I really enjoyed this level except maybe water tunnels as they were somewhat buggy textured - not sure if that's problem of old level or builder. Textures and all looks nice and well placed. Playgame is quite nice with some pushable puzzles and hidden switches. If someone likes old levels then can give it a try, personally I really liked this one!" - Casual Raider (10-Jul-2013)
"Considering that the release date of this level will be as long as 10 years ago (!) in a few days from now, I was very positively surprised by the length (about 60 minutes) and the strong gameplay variety (a series of timed runs near the start, at times rather interesting push block puzzles later on) and the fairly solid setting and nice texturing of the areas. What lets it down a bit are a few unfair moments with not really marked climbable walls and a few stuck moments where you may end up having to reload a save, but all things consider this is a classic level and definitely worth a play." - MichaelP (06-Sep-2010)
"A quite long single level. But I think it is really worth trying. The gameplay contains everything: long and hard swimming parts, timed runs, many keys, mazes,... It is much fun to do it and as I finished this level, I really hoped to see another level by this author. Well done!" - manarch2 (12-Jul-2010)
"This adventures includes everything what needs to be for an adventure. Some enemies, all of them animals, pusblock puzzle, and swim in the underwater labyrinth. But before the swimming, examine the collumns because of switches, for fear of lest you have to go back to the switch(es). :) Don't forget you can walk through on the spikes, so you won't be injury. I don't know why many authors don't use this methold, because its realistic I think. Look at the walls, sometimes the ladders are almost invisible." - Obig (29-May-2010)
"I did a reverse listing of levels so I could play some of the earliest ones with decent ratings. I downloaded this one and didn't realize until getting started that it's a TR2 level. (I thought that the non-TR4 levels were listed separately, as indeed they should be.) But since I'd already invested the time to download it, I went ahead and played it. Except for a couple of atrocious textures (one underwater, the other near the end of the level), I felt that it was put together remarkably well, all the more so because it was one of the first ones out there. There were several tricky moves, not to mention a few maddening block puzzles. It's been quite a while since I'd experienced the TR2 environment, so if you have that hankering yourself you couldn't go wrong with this little gem. Recommended." - Phil (01-Apr-2010)
"The temple of unmarked climbing surfaces and camouflaged switches. Sometimes it's fun. At the start Lara needs to climb a pillar, so I looked for a push block, only to become baffled and finally realize that one side of the pillar can be climbed. Next comes a red switch in a red wall. Next is an unmarked climbing surface to a high alcove switch. Lara can go up a long slope to spot this switch, so it seems the author is being helpful until Lara steps on the last tile and bursts into flames. Lara has to move two tiers of boxes to get into corners to find key and keyhole. This is a small level, but it takes time and a dogged determination to get through. A swimming maze involves squeezing through tight narrow spaces to finally reach a keyhole guarded by a T-rex. No key. Lara swims all the way around the maze to find only a shut door. It's shut because before diving into the water for the maze Lara was supposed to spot a pillar switch in a room with about twenty pillars, all with four sides to check. Near the end there is a dark maze that has a weird tiger shadow following Lara, and an abrupt end in a room with a closed door. It's a good thing Lara is a good sport about these adventures." - dmdibl (25-Feb-2010)
"This was a rather odd level.On the one hand it had several quite fascinating logic puzzles of the push-block variety which needed some thought in order to solve.On the other,it also had unmarked climbable walls and non-indicated death squares which inexplixably set Lara on fire. Enemies were farely sparse but placed well (although I experienced a somewhat buggy Tiger,whose shadow attacked me before the animal itself put in an appearance!);but texturing (although occasionally interesting) was generally wallpapered and the physical construction rather unambitious.At least one door remained unopened for me (which may have had something to do with an underwater maze which I seemed to fluke through without fully exploring),and the level ended at an entirely arbitrary moment when it seemed that the builder had run out of puzzle ideas and just decided to bring it to a stop without Lara having actually achieved anything. Nonetheless,many of the puzzle ideas are undeniably ingenious and this whole adventure is a bit of a brain-teaser with a definite level-building personality showing through the rough edges." - Orbit Dream (21-Jan-2010)