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Archives of Asgard by Raven of Asgard

BHM Productions 5 4 1 7
Ceamonks890 3 3 3 3
Charles Kane 7 7 7 7
dmdibl 5 3 4 5
eTux 5 4 3 3
Gerty 5 3 4 4
Jose 3 3 2 6
LuxQSD 3 3 4 4
manarch2 4 3 6 5
MichaelP 4 4 6 5
Nuri 4 5 4 4
Obig 4 3 4 4
Orbit Dream 3 3 5 6
Ryan 3 4 4 5
Torry 4 3 5 4
Treeble 2 3 3 4
Xela 4 3 7 5
release date: 05-Aug-2003
# of downloads: 147

average rating: 4.15
review count: 17
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file size: 9.27 MB
file type: TR2
class: Nordic/Celtic

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"My only complaint is that the game crashes every time we access the inventory, so we have to finish the game in one go. Thankfully, the level is quite short, but challenging enough.
The level doesn't look Nordic enough (more like Egyptian), but at least the texturing isn't bad." - Charles Kane (01-Oct-2023)
"A short Egypt/abstract style level. Quite a few creative attempts at funky level design here, the tree in the library area being a standout. Can definitely see effort put into this release, but it feels quite unfinished and I expected more after the author's first level. The textures and lighting are alright at best, but the usual early level fadeouts are present. Unfortunately the game crashes if you so much as try and open the inventory or menu, so saving is disabled. Luckily the level is short and easy so it's not a huge issue. This level made me realize that sharks can leave bodies of water and float in the air if they are dedicated enough to nibble on Lara, so I can't say that I wasn't entertained by this release. Slightly below average level, but worth a play if you're a casual raider or completionist." - LuxQSD (19-May-2022)
"This strange TR2 has you shooting out glass panels to kill two sharks right at the beginning but the water stays exactly where it is and no force of gravity or any other law of physics will move it so you dive in and proceed. Guys, please make it at least resemble reality. After that it's a ten minute romp to find switches to open doors and the only real highlight was the momentous growth of a tree stump into a full fledged tree in mere seconds after you add water. Again, nice but unrealistic. The usual texture fade outs are present in this one as well." - Torry (09-Dec-2019)
"Another level with TR2-engine, where saving is not possible. But at least, this level is not long and it's not as challenging as "Darkness castle". An interesting, short 10-15 minutes level with Egyptian style." - Nuri (26-Feb-2018)
"I've got many problems to play this level in W7. I never could save a game, and even when I wanted to use the "Esc" key, the game crashed continuosly. I checked the walkthrough and I saw that the level was short, so I decide to play it in one shot, and finally I could do it. A good history from the readme file, easy tasks, pull some switches, shoot some fishes, a few traps and an easy maze at the end. The best, the well textured environments. I think if you play it with older OS (Win XP) the crashes could be avoided (?). Try it." - Jose (24-Jan-2018)
"I experienced random crashes whenever I tried opening my inventory so I couldn't save my game at all, but fortunately this is another short round, using Khamoon textures so not very nordic. I quite like the library flipmap, in which a lever causes a tree to sprout leaves granting you acess to an area above, but otherwise it's pretty unremarkable. Fortunately for me, no keys either, so it's all about finding levers to open doors. 10 minutes. 05/17" - Treeble (28-May-2017)
"This is rather nice looking for a TR2 level. Nice Egyptian textures and nice integration of the World Tree into the story. Regarding gameplay, there's not much to do: shoot a few fishes and a leopard, pull a couple of levers, avoid spike walls, negotiate an easy maze and then it ends." - Ryan (28-Feb-2017)
"When it comes to gameplay, it's rather boring and typical, and you are never tasked with doing anything special. But the gameplay is still functional and fluid. Enemies and objects suited the level, but the A.I. of the sharks was rather baffling at times. Unfortunately, this level had tons of potential to be quite cool and atmospheric, but it suffers heavily from literally no music or ambient sounds. That section still got one point however, considering there was competent use of camera here and there. The overall look of the level was the best part, with every room having an intriguing design and feel. I particularly enjoyed the first room with the view of the two sharks through the windows, as odd as it was executed gameplay-wise. Still, there was a lot of wall-papering with the textures, as well as obvious clipping between textures all throughout. Overall, an interesting level that's worth checking out, but it's unfortunately marred down heavily by glitches and half-baked concepts/designs." - BHM Productions (11-Sep-2016)
"Coming out only a mere day after the builder's initial debut, this release feels more like an earlier effort that should have come out first and by golly, does it show. Repetitive texturing, rather flat lighting, noticeably blocky and empty rooms(including a completely ridiculous water room at the very beginning that's barricaded by windows), dull gameplay, a non-existent atmosphere and the most sinful mistake of basic game design... NOT being able to save your game! In the end though, while there are some clever ideas demonstrated in this rather unfinished level(such as a flipmap that causes a climbable tree to grow via pulling a lever to bring plenty of water into the previous room), its lost amongst the many basic design mistakes and ultimately fails to leave much of a lasting impression. So, can't really be recommended over the builder's earlier release, 'The Temple of Alpha Aaris', which you're very much better off playing over this." - Ceamonks890 (24-Aug-2014)
"After the Back to Basics event last year, it seems almost bizarre to turn back the clock to this level's release 10 years ago. But, here we are. And, fortunately for us, it's a visual wonder to behold for its time. There is a real tribute played here to Asgard in that department. I especially adore the representation of the world tree about halfway through the level. However, what this level excels at in visuals, it lacks in gameplay. Aside from running around and swimming, not much goes on in this 10-15 minute adventure. This might actually be for the best though, as one of the files must be corrupted; I was unable to hit "Esc" or "F5" without crashing, meaning I couldn't save at all. So I guess the lack of challenge is probably preferred in this case, but it still makes for a relatively boring level. Nice to look at, yes, but boring all the same. Only check it out if you want a few minutes of eye candy." - Xela (29-Jun-2014)
"When in doubt, shoot. This had been my motto and it isn't a bad one as you can find out. Not much else to do, flipping levers and apart from that nasty maze there isn't much else. The flipmap added a nice touch. A pity that this builder stopped building as there is potential." - Gerty (14-Dec-2013)
"After the rather solid and classic first level of the author, this quick run seems almost like an oddity. Very quickly thrown together rooms and it only presented a (small) challenge to me because I could not save or 'Esc' the level or it would crash on me. So I had to go through in one go, but even that worked easily on the second attempt. The tree flipmap in the library is such a nice idea, but it is rather wasted in this level that otherwise seems unfinished and as if the author had lost interest in expanding on the idea. A pity..." - MichaelP (30-Aug-2010)
"A nice little level with some little features like the growing tree. Textures were OK, Lara could stand in a tile near the water pit which wasn't so good. The sharks and barracudas were the only enemies I found but I think there is a tiger too, but I was too fast at climbing the tree, just heard him. I liked the atmosphere in the rooms, too. Just a little level, but memorable." - manarch2 (14-Jul-2010)
"From an aquarium you have to shoot two sharks at the beginning ot the level. Intersting if you shoot the glasswall, there are no waters from the wall. The labirinth is the only, where you have to think a little." - Obig (11-Apr-2010)
"This looks fine, and it has moments such as shooting a glass wall of a shark aquarium. One time a shark swam out into the air to get Lara. Another time Lara shot both sharks, then stepped into the water wall to swim on. Amid frozen waterfalls, switches release water to what appears to be a dead tree trunk, and it grows into a lush tree. There are no lighting effects, but the level duration is so short, a matter of minutes, that defects won't bother players. This must be an experiment, before doing a real level such as the lovely "The Temple of Alpha Aaris." An interlude." - dmdibl (19-Feb-2010)
"Although the visual imagination is as high as in this author's previous level,this tiny adventure disapoints through the sheer brevity and lack of ambition of its gameplay.A few levers to pull,three types of enemy to shoot,a spiked wall corridor and a rather tedious maze - that's your lot.Visually,however,it's rather a treat;and for the first few minutes you really feel (especially if you've played Raven's other level)that you're in for a grand and surreal adventure,during which absolutely anything can happen.It doesn't,obviously;but there are striking moments nonetheless which reveal a truly creative imagination (killing the sharks by shooting through the glass of their Aquarium;causing a tree to grow by pouring water onto its roots;gazing at levitating water columns suspended above a dark void). Textures are used rather well to create a surreal feel,although lighting is generally ignored;but you can't help get the feeling that,after two levels,the Author became tired of the whole editing process and went off to do something else.A pity,and something of a loss to the Community,I feel." - Orbit Dream (22-Jan-2010)
"This is a rather brief game, taking me a little over 6 minutes to finish, and despite having some not so favourite elements of mine involved in the gameplay, like a maze and an excessive reliance on flicking levers for gameplay purposes, due to some of its better parts I couldn't help but like it. The highlight here without a doubt is the flipmap room where you make the tree grow as water flows into the room, but the interesting approach on making a setting like this stands out - and I liked the waterfalls used as a theme here, whether you can see them in the distance from one of the first courtyards or explore different ones later up close. That said - the lighting is a bit plain and uninspired, and I was puzzled why textures that clearly scream 'Egypt' were used, after the author clearly set this out as the Norse mythology related land Asgard, but I guess I'm not one to talk about that particular issue! In either case - while brief, this has its creative moments that make it worth your time, so give it a go." - eTux (21-Jan-2010)