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TR AOD Revised - The Next Chapter (Demo) by Charlie Sewell

BHM Productions 4 5 5 4
Ceamonks890 5 4 4 4
Christian 6 4 4 4
Daffy 6 5 5 5
Diz 6 6 5 6
DJ Full 4 5 4 5
dmdibl 6 5 5 5
Jay 6 5 5 5
JesseG 5 6 6 5
Jose 5 5 6 5
Leeth 5 6 5 4
manarch2 4 4 4 4
MichaelP 6 6 6 4
Miriam 6 5 7 5
Orbit Dream 3 4 4 5
Ryan 4 4 5 5
Scottie 6 5 5 4
sonnyd83 5 6 6 6
TheStig 5 5 5 5
Treeble 4 4 4 4
Xela 5 5 6 4
Zhyttya 6 4 5 4
release date: 31-Aug-2010
# of downloads: 127

average rating: 4.92
review count: 22
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file size: 39.49 MB
file type: TR4
class: Remake

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"I'm not sure how many levels in this series I might have skipped but this one is actually not a terrible recreation of the source material. If you squint you can actually see certain similarities, mostly in how you navigate the place, but obviously the scale is far from similar and then the author had to make do with the objects he could find, so ultimately this hardly looks like a museum and yet it evokes memories of AOD in its own way. 15 minutes, 2 secrets. 07/22" - Treeble (17-Jul-2022)
"I haven't played any of this builder's other levels, but judging from the scores to date, this would seem to be his best yet. The gameplay is incredibly straightforward and involves searching for different key cards, jumping around rooftops and avoiding lasers in a manner similar to the Angel of Darkness level. It is a bit overly dark in places, so conserve your flares when you need them and some buttons seemed to have the wrong animation, but there is slight entertainment value here." - Ryan (16-Apr-2017)
"I was pretty impressed with how well this level captured the look and vibe of the Louvre level from AOD (one of the best levels in that game, to be honest). However, I will go so far as to say I feel like the level design is quite lazy. All structures are incredibly basic and the texturing is super bland. I encourage the builder to take the time to add more variety and finer details to their levels in the future, as the work really pays off (especially for the player). I will give credit where credit is due; the gameplay was mildly enjoyable and the music choice was awesome. I also really liked the altered title, it was a nice touch if a little bit underdone. Overall, not a bad job, it just needed a lot more attention to detail and smoother gameplay." - BHM Productions (02-May-2016)
"Level Of Darkness.. That's the correct name.. The lightning is a bit for the dark side in some weird places.. And to help you don't even have enough flares for every dark spot so you have to use the "poor man flair", which are bullets! That's the main complain. But another things that bugs me its the hit box from the lasers.. it seems like he used the blades and re-textured what it is a GREAT IDEA.. but poorly executed.. But even with all I said.. I just loved the level and really wanted to be more than a demo.. enjoyed the gameplay, the map it self is really good.. Recommended overall" - Leeth (07-Aug-2015)
"Usually i'm not easily sold by remakes, but this one it was a good enjoyment. There are some flaws however that made this game less enjoyable, some of which i'll state on this review. The hitbox of the lasers was broken, it did not represent it's real hit box (according to the sound that they make i would say they are spike traps). Before you reach the laser you are already being hit by them. The lighting was very bad and without flares it's very hard to explore the surroundings without some source of light. Texture and atmosphere were mediocre. Some areas were unnecessary large and empty. Although it's flaws it was a great level to play for a hour or so, i would love to the the final version." - Zhyttya (07-Aug-2015)
"This part of Charlie's series shows a great improvement in all aspects compared to the previous episodes. Lighting, though too contrasting, is adjusted and quite believable. Texturing are still stretched but the choice of patterns is wiser. The mistake of switching to the default background music is repaired - again, we can hear AOD soundtrack. The ladders are still too long but we don't run back and fro like we did before. The best part was definitly when I stepped outside and saw the night horizon - after everything this builder treated me with, it felt like a "wow" moment despite of its just standard quality all the builders should never drop from. What is definitely the worst moment is deactivation of Mona Lisa barrier not indicated with any change in its looks so one can only guess the path is unlocked after too much of random running. While in the same moment the author wanted to go realistic with doors so each one is an object, including those which never open and should be made of a simple texture, the confusion is strong in this one. I also wouldn't throw the other lasers into teeth_spikes slot but they introduce variety except feeling odd so let's call it an improvement as well. SUMMARY: Much of progress this author has made. Some odd things are still here, but it's getting better. If Charlie really depended the fate of sequels on rating of this one, then I'm asking where these sequels are. Optional... but quite close to recommended." - DJ Full (01-May-2015)
"I think the real problem with this remake is the attempt to construct everything as seen in the level it's taking notes from. This approach will fail because there are too many important differences between the TR6 engine and the TR4 engine, and because it adds nothing to the experience. Instead of having a fresh look at the Louvre, all we're left with is a sub-par museum level. Not that it's horrible or anything; it just is a little disappointing. Gameplay, baddies, texture, architecture, etc. are all mediocre. By the time you get to the end, all you'll be feeling is "meh". Really unfortunate, since there is a great deal of potential here." - Xela (21-Aug-2014)
"And so ends Charlie Sewell's run on attempting to remake AoD in the level editor. But that's not to say all of the problems were left unfixed from his previous releases. Lighting has thankfully been given some proper attention at last, the texturing is at least a bit better well-applied and the music choices from the actual Angel of Darkness game still fit perfectly. After collecting god knows how many keycards, we head downstairs to the archeological dig, only to have the game crash to desktop. Overall, a decent step-up from the previous entries in the revised series, but still doesn't quite capture the spirit of the proper Angel of Darkness game. Approach with caution, if you're interested in giving this one a shot." - Ceamonks890 (14-Apr-2014)
"This is far better than this author's first release. The textures used are very nice, especially the paintings, I like how the wall textures have been split so bottom is different to the top. I like the objects and architecture here, e.g. the nice wide stairway, and lasers, and guards. The lighting is also quite good and all in the right places, i.e. shadows behind blocks and lights near source of light, there's some places it doesn't work, e.g. air ducts but mostly ok. The tasks are simple, taking out a guard, jumping and shimmying over some lasers, The animation for switch is incorrect - just go into wad manager to fix. Sound fx for lasers should have been changed as it's a blade trap sound, and gun sound sounds like water sound fx. Background track is quite effective as it's from original AOD level. We collect some passes, take care of guards and enter a room through a large opening door - looks quite good, push a block, use a card and jump into a crawlspace, the door doesn't open properly here - in fact most sideways opening doors don't open correctly in this game. After this we enter a rather nice outdoor area which has a huge burial mound in the middle, this room is lit nicely but a little empty and climbable wall is textured in a stretched way. Working your up and around, you have to open a door with a crowbar and open another with a card, which is collected from another guard, but he's on the other side of the building, this is annoying if you forget it then you have to backtrack right over the other side. Further on we have a few narrow corridors with offices, and we have key cards, giving access to an incredibly unrealistic looking stairwell, and office, the latter contains yet another card, which goes in the first key card slot in the level. That's about it - end of adventure. Not such a bad level, has a mix of bad and good graphics and fairly basic gameplay. Net gameplay 25 minutes." - sonnyd83 (14-Jun-2012)
"I haven't yet played any of Charlie's previous releases, but looking briefly at the screen shots of his prior levels I'd say that this definitely represents evolution. Texturing still isn't brilliant, nor is the geometry, however the environment itself is constructed with care and most of the rooms seem appropriately proportioned too. The author also appears to have a good handle on lighting which is good to see for an early release. The custom TR4 exe included with this level does has some strange quirks however. For some reason I couldn't play in a colour depth higher than 16bit. Ironically I think this helps the level because in 16bit you get very prominent shadows which move with the camera & add to the atmosphere. All in all it took me 20 minutes to complete this release. While there's some work needed here I think it's a solid start and that Charlie should definitely keep it up. Recommended, Stiggy." - TheStig (11-Jun-2011)
"Not above the level of the author there is a significant step that deserves congratulations. Some improvements in the decoration of the premises and in the application of textures should give a more visually pleasing. The gameplay is simple but there are good ideas that need to be developed to extend the duration of the game short, I encourage the author to persevere in his efforts." - Daffy (13-Oct-2010)
"A 20 minute romp through some of the museum sections of TR6. Quite a few stretched and missing textures here, especially the staircase which should have been constructed another way. The lasers are actually spike objects, which makes for some weird collision, and it will be difficult to get through the first laser room without losing much health. Besides the lasers, however, the level isn't too interesting. You climb a few weird-looking ladders (which I guess are like the pipes Lara used in the original game), break a few windows, and grab and use a bunch of keycards until the level crashes at the end. There is some potential shown for a good adventure, but the TR4 engine will prove to be difficult with this remake. Perhaps the TR5 engine would have worked better, since it has some stealth capabilities like TR6, and supports several kinds of lasers that would have worked more smoothly than the setup shown here. But in time, we'll see how things work out." - SSJ6Wolf (17-Sep-2010)
"There are improvements from the author's previous level. At the start Lara has to negotiate a laser-trapped museum room, and the jumping sequence, and a quick shimmy around an angled rotating laser, are the high point here. The author is now using dark patches in corridors and corners, so that flares seem sparse in number, but the darkness doesn't hide anything. A crawlspace may be dark, but items such as revolver, or shotgun ammo, appear in well-lit spots. I liked the night sky and moon. The two secrets are fair, and the ideas in the level map aren't bad. But the simple architecture and texturing are weak. The author might profit from looking at early solid level design, noting the extra little details that add interest. (Always remembering that if you steal from one level it's plagiarism, but if you steal from dozens of levels it's art.) Unfortunately, I think that the original AOD is not the best model to emulate." - dmdibl (09-Sep-2010)
"It notices an effort from the builder but I think it's not enough to make a good level. The room with the lasers was the best I can saw in the level. Rest of the level was only kill enemies and use key cards. The worst were architecture and textures. Architecture is very simple, only some boxes connected and no more. The rooms are very empty, with very few furniture and another objects. In the room with the crawlspace over the Mona Lisa I was able to jump and enter the crawlspace with few damage so, the orange key card was not necessary. When you place the card behind the moveable block, there's not a camera to show what you're doing... Often, you can advance without get the necessary items and after running a long way you can get stucked. I think that with some more work to take care about all that details, the level could be good." - Jose (06-Sep-2010)
"Well, there can be seen some progress in the work of this author. The "6" for gameplay is for the laser-jump-sequence in the beginning, that makes it a touch more than mediocre. The rest is running from keycard to keycard, from room to room. It's a demo - but there's no storyline in sight. There is no atmosphere in these rooms having nothing to do with the Louvre in Paris,there is no ambience. The author should invest some work in textures and in lightning as well." - Christian (04-Sep-2010)
"Quite a step in Charlie's level building endeavours. I especially liked one of the early rooms with the lasers, which needed a few tries to get through. Aside from that it is a fairly quick (20 min) run from one key card to the next, but with a few nice and simple agility tests and a few guards to kill along the way. Some visible effort made on lighting, but texturing still needs plenty of work in terms of not putting a full texture on partial squares or stretching them out on bigger surfaces. Good to see the learning curve and looks like future levels by Charlie will be getting better and better." - MichaelP (02-Sep-2010)
"Now, nevertheless, I must pronounce sometimes a praise to Charlie. His present level construction attempts were bad to very badly, but so slowly he moults to a level builder who can build quite well-arranged levels. Now is not natural still long ago all gold what shines. For example, there are still some sound problems. Some doors have no sound and if the museum guards shoot, one hears water noises. Moreover, Charlie should deal once more intensely with the subject Lighting. It was very often too dark. An atmospheric lighting looks different. Hence, it did not so feel well which one could find only one Flarepackage. And there were still many places with stretched textures. All together seen it is better if Charlie, before he starts with his big project, built one or two more demo levels, so that he gets the feeling for how one forms a good level. Though Charlie still has a long way before himself, but the progress is clearly visible." - Scottie (01-Sep-2010)
"Building an Angel of Darkness Remake its such a difficult work an this level proves it is true. It mostly consisted in picking up clorful tagets and use them. This level also needs more furniture, it looked empty and the egytians columns used didn't look very appeal. Textures are very bad fixed, they are shrunk and stretched, an they look so repetitive. Moreover, lightning was sometimes very dark and this made the gamelay unconfortable. There weeren't cameras, but the atmosphere is nice. I think this level needs more furniture, plants and well-fixed and non-repetitive textures. These thing will make the level more enjoyable." - Miriam (01-Sep-2010)
"Another chapter in Charlie's brave attempt to recreate AOD and it's not bad. The gameplay largely consists of killing guards and picking up keycards, but there is a rather nice laser trap run at the beginning of the level to provide a little challenge. Some of the AOD music has been used to good effect and, although the textures are still somewhat bland, everything has been put together pretty well. It's heartening to see the steady progress being made with each new level from this young builder. Keep up the good work Charlie, you're getting there." - Jay (31-Aug-2010)
"I don't think AOD is the best game but compared to this it's much better. Searching different colored cards is the only topic in this low-textured level, and it's very straightforward here. I could end this level in 20 minutes. You didn't need some cards because you could jump and run through lasers with losing a bit health. Not too interesting. The atmosphere here is not very good and there is an absence of cameras, the cutscene at the beginning completely adapted I didn't enjoy it much." - manarch2 (31-Aug-2010)
"Another step up from this builders earlier efforts,but still rather rough around the edges;this is a straightforward 'hunt for a few key-cards' adventure,with a few sneaky traps and guard attacks thrown in.The sequence where you need to cross the Museum's central Gallery by avoiding moving lazers was pretty exciting and required quite a few attempts;but everything else is straightforward enough.Texturing is reasonable,although there is still much work needed in order to avoid compressed and stretched textures;construction is generally unsophisticated,although light-years ahead of previous efforts;while lighting relies too heavily on the placement of shadow bulbs.The constant music became a little annoying,and the large size of the download could have been reduced significantly by not including the irrelevant FMV from the original game. This is only a 20 minute demo,but it's entertaining enough to keep most people reasonably entertained." - Orbit Dream (31-Aug-2010)
"This game mainly consists of killing guards to get their keycards to move on to kill more guards etc. This would have become tedious if it hadn't been for a very well constructed laser-run requiring close timing. On the minus side, the textures are bland and uninteresting. On the plus side, the level has a good solid feel to it and the lighting, for the most part, is fine. The enemies (guards) seem to appear when you don't expect them which, for me, adds to the overall enjoyment. As a demo it's a taster of things to come but more work is needed to make it a good level." - Diz (31-Aug-2010)