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The Quest for the Seraph 3 - Return to Tibet by Leandro Dubost

alan 6 7 6 6
Boris 8 8 9 8
CC 8 7 7 7
Ceamonks890 5 6 5 5
Daniel 10 10 9 8
Dimpfelmoser 7 7 7 7
eRIC 8 8 8 8
Fairy Godfather 8 8 9 9
Freeman Porter 8 9 7 8
G.Croft 8 8 7 8
Gerty 5 7 7 7
Jay 7 7 8 8
Jose 7 7 6 7
Kristina 6 7 8 8
MacRaider 5 6 7 7
MichaelP 7 8 8 7
Orbit Dream 6 7 9 9
Phil 7 7 8 8
RaiderGirl 8 7 8 9
Ryan 7 7 8 8
Sash 8 9 9 9
Torry 7 6 7 9
Treeble 8 9 9 7
release date: 04-Sep-2001
# of downloads: 60

average rating: 7.49
review count: 23
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file size: 22.60 MB
file type: TR4
class: Oriental

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"The level starts with a jeep ride through some dangerous cliffs with boulders, which fortunately only damage Lara upon touching her, rather than killing her. Then there are some jumps in some snowy hills, and then you get into the monastery, where besides dealing with some masked men (who look like the flamethrower guys from TR3), tigers (they make a sound of a revolver and a door opening when dying! o_o) and crows (who just fly away after you kill them), you'll find a rather tedious maze with unmarked traps, to make it worse. Now I get if you want to include mazes in your level, but please don't put traps in it, or at least texture them as such 'cause I became frustrated of all the times I was running around it and then spikes popped out of the floor at random spots. After dealing with that, you gotta open some doors and find a trapdoor key (you can jump through the trapdoor, but of course I wanted to play this level the legal way), then make your way out. Again, something I don't think is right is to place important objects behind invisible walls. If I hadn't watched a video walkthrough beforehand, I wouldn't have known there was a lever hidden behind one of those walls. Also, I don't know why my screen was constantly shaking slightly, but maybe it was because of the boulders. Found only one secret." - alan (24-Oct-2022)
"I do have to question the surprisingly high reviews here, as nothing I experienced was indicative of above-average quality at the end of the day(with some incredibly unconvincing level design, repetitive/stretched texturing, flat lighting effects, plenty of missing sounds/animations and gameplay that in spite of displaying a bit more variety than the first two parts, still ranks as a tad too tedious for my liking and practically screams rushed). Give it a go if you want but I personally wouldn't recommend this." - Ceamonks890 (26-Apr-2019)
"This is a visible step up in terms of gameplay from the previous parts of this series. Still a few too many enemies scattered around for my liking, but at least it's more manageable and less overwhelming this time. The jeep ride is a neat beginning to this level before things become more cerebral once you reach the monastery. Apart from a rather plodding (though not painful) maze area, the tasks are various and well thought out, particularly the torch puzzles and the hints are there if you look carefully (hint: use the binoculars). The construction is mostly solid and pleasing and I had an enjoyable time here." - Ryan (04-Dec-2018)
"Despite still being a bit of a shooter, I definitely enjoyed this third outing more than the first two. It gets off to a good start with an entertaining jeep ride and the Tibetan monastery makes a nice nostalgic setting, although the monks are unfortunately not about to help Lara out with the enemies this time. Some nice traps are sprinkled around the place and it all jogs along briskly. I see part four is in a similar setting and I look forward to it." - Jay (20-Aug-2016)
"Enough good this level with a TR2 taste to take a try. At the very beginning it's difficult to miss the Seraph you need at the end of the level, but possible. There's a first (and entertaining) part driving the jeep and another part in the monastery, not difficult to play except the maze with three keys where the tiles with spikes are not marked; I also never found a hint to know the burners I must light near the end of the level; a bad detail. The ammo for the uzis was not enough for me, and the shotgun appeared too late only to shoot the enemies in the last room. I though the monks could help Lara, but I was mistaked. I missed some more cameras and musics, and also the textures are repetitive in big surfaces, but even so the level is worth to play for a TR2 lover." - Jose (29-Jan-2016)
"Although somewhat crude from an aesthetic standpoint, this level returns to the gameplay standard set by the opening segment of the series. Nothing to write home about, but I had a fun raid, which is all that any player should expect. Treeble has provided a helpful map of a maze where you have to locate overhead niches to find three keys in order to progress. There are spike traps sprinkled throughout the maze, and it's easy to become disoriented, so I appreciated having the map close at hand. There's also a room with unmarked spike tiles, but the builder has provided a map showing the safe path to the switch. You're treated to a Jeep ride, but you need to keep your eyes peeled for boulder traps. There's also a fun multi-boulder trap that you have to negotiate on foot. A nice 40-minute romp." - Phil (07-Aug-2012)
"QftS 3 takes us back to TR2 Tibet, and that is a hard act to follow. Unfortunately the rooms are quite blocky, as is the horizon, so the level never succeeded in drawing me into it in the way of the original. The level starts in a small hut reminiscent of the original, but despite the dramatic music there were no bad guys coming to get me so it was a bit of a fizzer. Lara then has to drive the Land Rover along a dangerous road, squashing SAS in snow camo outfits and avoiding boulders on the way. Leaving the Land Rover, Lara eventually reaches the monastery on foot, where things improve slightly. Eventually, having sent a few more SAS to their maker, finding several keys and some torches, and using them in the appropriate places, you reach the final door, only to be attacked by another couple of SAS. Finally, disabling a spike trap allows you to use the Seraph to exit what is an ordinary level. Most of the way through there was a constant shaking due to a couple of boulders that kept rocking rather than coming to a standstill, and this gets quite irritating by the time you finish. There are also some missing animations. A lot more could have been made of this level, but it seems to have been rushed through with little attention to detail other than what was absolutely necessary. And that is a shame..." - MacRaider (05-Nov-2005)
"The third level of the Quest and this time the Seraph is just on the table at the start of the level. The goal is to escape with it I guess having to fight leopards white suited men and some birds. The setting in an icy Tibet and a very well one I might add only the animations problem is present again. The torch and doors animations are missing so again we have Lara with her hands down. There are a couple of Tibetan monks 'breathing' but not moving and three keys to find in a maze with spikes. Luckily I found the keys easily enough but I lost the exit so the spikes were really annoying. At the end be careful not to choose the wrong hole for the Seraph or it's reloading and if you are very unlucky replaying. A nice level; better than the second one." - Kristina (29-Aug-2003)
"I started this level already a bit peeved as I couldn't play Seraph 2 as it is still with the wrong TOM file and afterwards I was even more peeved. But I will come to that later. Leandro does mention the room shaking and shaking it did from almost the start. Riding the jeep wasn't that difficult and again Lara has no animation when opening a door lighting things with her torch or flipping a switch. The birds wouldn't die but flew into the sky and I always feel a bit guilty to kill those snow leopards. I got really annoyed with all those spikes popping out of the floor while getting those 3 keys and also getting burned to crisp trying to light the 2 of the 10 gas burners. To top it all when I wanted to place the Vraeus (I found behind a box way back) it wasn't in my inventory anymore and I had no inclination whatsoever to replay it. So now you know why I was very peeved. 14-07-2003" - Gerty (20-Jul-2003)
"Lara returns to Tibet and has to make her way to the monastery over the mountains in a jeep and avoiding rolling boulders. She's nice and cosy in that famous airforce jacket. She enters a cave with snow leopards. I love the way those big cats run take a minute to watch them and then you come to the entrance of Barkhang monastery in the rocks. I know you're not supposed to shoot the monks but I shot this first guy just to see if he 'did' anything he just crouched there holding his spear perhaps he was lost in meditation! The other odd thing was a shaking screen like you get when a TRex is near. Don't know what that was about. The thing I remember most was that horrible maze where you have to find three keys and at every turn Lara is spiked to death. I suppose I could have drawn a map but I just kept saving and managed it in the end. There is an impressive looking waterwheel area and a peculiar little room with burning and safe floor squares which you cross through trial and error. Near the end is a clever torch burning puzzle and a walkthrough wall to finally place the seraph. Great stuff and we're now about to go beneath the monastery in the next level." - CC (01-Jun-2003)
"Sometimes it pays off to read the reviews before embarking on an adventure. This ways I didn't miss the crucial item right at the beginning and it took me only a little while to locate the climb through wall near the end; otherwise this would have been a dead end situation for me. You start with a jolly jeep ride then climb a snowy hill dodging boulders left right and centre battle the white clad soldiers and it's only when you reach the spiked maze that things turn sour. As there is no indication where the deadly spikes will pop up and since you have to do a throughout search of the area in order to find three keys it's best to draw a map; otherwise you will die over and over again. After that gameplay picks up again with a great boulder trap and if you don't miss the map for the second spiked room you will make it unharmed to the all important lever. The texturing is ok but there could have been a bit more ambient lighting to add to the atmosphere and some outside areas are a little on the square side. I particularly liked the way the ravens drift towards heaven when killed instead of dropping to the ground. Lara almost felt not guilty about decimating the native wildlife. Apart from the maze I enjoyed this 60 minute quest - the secret you get with the help of the torch was a really nice surprise." - Dimpfelmoser (06-Oct-2002)
"Finally a return to the Barkhong Monastery well that is after a brilliant and careful jeep drive through a series of icy caves and a gauntlet of falling boulders and then a hike across the snowy wastelands of Tibet while battling leopards black birds and white clad SAS men. Once at the monastery you need to locate a handful of keys fight some more enemies and then end the level which at first seems impossible to do but there is a way. This 50 minutes level was such a blast to play mainly because of the environment which was just superbly put together and the use of the new enemies of which the birds I found out the hard way can't be killed but if you shoot at them long enough they just fly away. The puzzles here aren't that difficult and have more of a chance of death factor to them be it with spikes boulders or fire rather than a logical aspect but that somehow fit with the overall feel of the place as you can imagine the monks have booby trapped the monastery against intruders. There are also 4 secrets to be found in this great level of which I missed just one and I'll leave you with a little hint at finding some of them just remember fire is a very helpful friend!" - Sash (21-Jun-2002)
"Admittedly this is a faced paced and really fun adventure. Lara with her Brazilian flag on the jacket makes her way first through snowy caves on a tricky jeep ride with soldiers clad in white and boulders in the way then continues on foot meeting tigers and eagles who act a little strange reaches the monastery with some statue like monks and makes it to the end via a maze dodging spikes and finding keys and solving a few nice torch puzzles. In the 50 minutes I spent here I had a lot of fun but there are also some complaints: several rather annoying sound issues (especially with the new enemies) spikes coming out of nowhere meaning inevitable try-error-reload if you miss the seraph in the first room you basically have to go ALL the way back at the end rather unfair walkthrough wall as the last puzzle and all in all gameplay is very linear and you hit/see the 'end of the world' in many places. Still I had a great time and loved that waterwheel." - Michael (21-Jun-2002)
"This level started out with a jeep run and left you wondering exactly what the point was but later it developed into a typical TR level set in the snowy highlands of Tibet as per the TR2 levels. Lara's bomber jacket was back as were the Tibetan monks although they did little but stand there and look foolish. The SAS are clad in white which was a nice touch. One or two spots had me thinking for a while especially the backflip onto a fire square. Took a while to figure that one out. All in all not a bad level but I just seem to feel that it could have been presented better." - Torry (21-Jun-2002)
"It is a good feature level from TR2. Lara begins the adventure with a jeep avoiding rocks jumping cliffs and killing enemies as white guards fierce beasts and eagles that escape! Then she without jeep arrives to the entrance of a monastery where she finds an immovable monk in war order that is as a statue! In the monastery Lara uses a torch to turn on three fires that open the gate for a labyrinth. In this Lara finds 3 keys for three gates she opens the gates and she goes into the great room of the monastery with another immovable monk then Lara goes out from the room and among enemies and rolling rocks she takes a key that opens a trap door and she arrives before 10 furnaces and she has to turn on with a torch two of the 10 furnaces thus opening a gate that is the entry to the final room. Here Lara has to use the artifact found in the beginning of the level but: attention there is a final trap. Personally I found very fascinating the cameras of the jeep during the phase over the cliffs. There are a lot of bugs to depart that described by the author Lara when kills an enemy with the guns is feel strange sound and Lara is stuck in a lot of part of the level. However I have ended the level in about 45 minutes and I haven't found any secret. Personally I recommend downloading it because other than being a good level it is interesting to compare it with the original of TR2." - Boris (21-Jun-2002)
"Following the 'Quest For The Seraph' level series Return To Tibet is great! It makes it even clearer which is the favorite TR game of the author (TR2) because of its 'new' enemies. Return To Tibet has two parts one in the glacial mountains with some jeep raiding (cool!) and the other one in the monastery. As Leandro says there are bugs. One of them I know why the "rumbling screen" is because of a boulder that will stay rolling in an illegal slope. The traps of the level aren't so hard but the one of the torches and the little maze with stacks are deadly to Lara! The atmosphere isn't 10 just because enemies' sounds. And a special care with the texturing would make it even better because they are too stretched through the whole level." - Treeble (21-Jun-2002)
"I think this level was a little too much. Too many enemies too many spikes coming out from the floor without you knowing especially in the labyrinth - for another room I at least found a map (maybe I missed the leads for the labyrinth or were there none?). But the jeep driving was fun and the surroundings sure took you back to TR 2." - G.Croft (21-Jun-2002)
"With the number of tricky areas in this level I lost count of how many times I had to hit the reload button. They start right away with a daring jeep ride past some boulders and through some hard jumps over high places. Next was the 'maze of death' in which you have to find three keys. Oh and did I mention the spikes you'll find around almost every corner that bring almost instant death? Well anyway there's also the part where you have to backflip onto a burning tile and then the fire puzzle where if you light the wrong furnaces you catch on fire. Aside from all this fun the level takes place in an area that reminded me of a cross between the Tibetan Foothills and the Barkhang Monastery levels in Tomb Raider II. The outfit and objects from the second Tomb Raider were a real bonus as well. Hang on tightly to the Seraph as there are some bad men out to take it from you in this large area and they often come out in packs or when you least expect it. As usual Leandro has added some interesting touches of his own and has made another stunning level." - RaiderGirl (21-Jun-2002)
"Nice Level in the beginning you drive around with the jeep kill some enemies avoid some falling boulders then you go further by feet. I didn't like the trial-and-error parts in this level. In one part you have to find 3 keys in a labyrinth but you can't see where the spikes will kill you. You have to try; poor Lara will be killed many times. The same nearly at the end you have to turn on 2 furnaces out of 10 with the burning torch if you do it with the other 8 furnaces Lara will burn. Strange but funny the birds they fly away when you shoot at them for a while. Anyway a nice level my playing time was about 1 hour I found 2 secrets." - Freeman Porter (21-Jun-2002)
"I can say only two words: DOWNLOAD IT! I think Leandro is doing homage to Tomb Raider 2. Did you like the Tibetan levels from that game? So probably you'll like this one! The gameplay combines a lot of fun things: driving a jeep (the sequence is short but very fun); climbing a mountain (with a lot of rolling balls falling); and the best part solving brilliant puzzles inside the Barkhong Monastery. I've taken something like 50 minutes to finish this level and I think 10 minutes only solving the last two puzzles (a burning torch puzzle followed by a very well hidden puzzle hole). There are a few bugs in the outside design and the lighting is simple but I liked this level anyway. And the water mill is very well constructed!" - Daniel (21-Jun-2002)
"An enjoyable level from Leandro. Lara immaculate with a Brazilian shoulder flash starting with a testing jeep ride followed by boulders galore. Lots of enemies 2 and 4 legged and some strange black birds which took fright eventually. I only found 2 of the 4 secrets mainly because of curiosity at an unopened gate or unlit candle and I was enjoying the level and forgot to look. Gameplay was not difficult but patience was needed to solve the puzzles back and forth through mazes and spiked floors. The end was in sight the final door another twist in the plot look around!" - Fairy Godfather (21-Jun-2002)
"This is a mixed level. On the one hand you have puzzles which are really quite unfair; unannounced floor spikes randomly combustible burners. Textures are often stretched and sometimes quite lazily applied and the birds react rather strangely although they are good to look at. On the other hand the TR2 atmosphere has been very well recreated. I loved the mountain climb with the boulders plummeting down at you and the re-modeled Barkhang Monastery. Above all it's so refreshing to see Lara out and about among the mountains stretching her legs." - Orbit Dream (21-Jun-2002)
"It is a pleasure to play a good level set in Tibet the texturing of the horizon and of outside and inside places is convincing and well done. Some of the textures are from TR2 and I like some of the details the author has put in the design of the rooms like the furniture and the big watermill. There are various tasks to do a ride with the jeep in icy caves the climb of a mountain with boulders falling down three keys to found in a little maze puzzles with torches good traps etc...I like the puzzle where you have to go in a trapped room the solution of the safe tiles is given in another room. Many baddies to kill: I like the crows and the white tigers and many mercenaries. There are also two warrior-monks who seem to have the constipation (too much rice I suppose). An enjoyable level as usual with Leandro completed in 40 minutes." - eRIC (21-Jun-2002)