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Train by Leandro Dubost

alan 3 4 4 4
Catherin 2 3 2 2
CC 4 6 5 6
Ceamonks890 2 2 2 2
Chronicles5 6 3 5 5
Cory 4 5 2 4
Dimpfelmoser 4 4 6 6
eTux 1 4 2 3
Gerty 3 4 5 6
Jay 2 5 4 5
Jose 4 5 5 5
Kristina 5 5 4 4
Magnus 3 3 3 5
manarch2 2 3 3 4
Mehrbod 2 1 2 2
MichaelP 3 5 6 7
Mulf 2 2 1 3
Orbit Dream 2 4 3 4
QRS 3 3 4 5
RaiderGirl 5 5 6 7
Ryan 2 5 4 4
Sakusha 4 4 5 3
Sash 4 5 4 6
Scott 4 5 5 5
Spike 2 2 2 2
Torry 5 5 5 6
Treeble 4 5 6 6
release date: 26-Jan-2001
# of downloads: 39

average rating: 3.89
review count: 27
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file size: 18.37 MB
file type: TR4
class: Train

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"It’s a train, but not in the technical sense; it’s a shooter, but, though short, a very boring one. The train doesn’t move; the passenger carriages have windows, but they’re all shuttered; crickets are chirping and the wind is whistling. It may look like a train, but it doesn’t feel like it. You start at the back and go to the front, shooting SAS as you meet them (one pops into existence in your back). When you reach the front, you leave it through a crawlspace (covered by the buggy City trapdoor) and find out that the train is a special kind of runaway; it’s standing in the middle of the Nevada desert, and it didn’t need any tracks to get there. As you run towards a nearby motorbike, the level ends. That’s the exoteric version.
For the esoteric version, you need to reach the front of the train within two minutes or so. This means you have to ignore the SAS, taking any damage in stride and probably a medipack (or two, or three, or none, depending on chance). If you make it in time, which is quite likely, you can access a different crawlspace, which leads to a room with a hoard of goodies. You may then return to the train through a mysteriously insubstantial floor tile and blast every opponent to kingdom come if you’re so inclined. Either way, the level ends in the same way as before.
The exoteric version plays exactly like the first attempt of a novice builder who chose the shooter genre for his debut: enemies thrown at you in heaps while you’re moving through the very definition of a room–corridor–room adventure, with the train setting being entirely coincidental and coming across as a cheap excuse for repetition and speed-built simplicity (the textures are customised and somewhat varied, but applied carelessly—stretched, squashed, and misaligned; the doors that would lead to an implied outside have a magenta ring in them because the builder didn’t bother to remove transparency properly); whereas from a true train level on the model of “Desert Railroad” you’d expect a little more complexity, and even the builder’s weakest effort up to this point (Venice Hotel, also a shooter) had more going for it.
This being the case, I assume that the reason for this level to exist is the esoteric version that’s embedded in it. It’s a secret explicitly described in the readme, and thus not truly esoteric, even if it’s not hinted at in the game itself. While the timed run injects a bit of much-needed thrill, the subsequent massacre is not only optional but, since you’re now outgunning your opponents (you get the grenade gun with all kinds of ammo), also quite unthrilling; and the ending is even more anticlimactic than that of the exoteric version, as the third act of this drama merely consists in an uneventful trek back through the entire train towards the finish trigger. So, as far as I’m concerned, the concept didn’t pan out. The builder seems to have shared this opinion even as he released the level, announcing in the readme his plans for a Train v2.0." - Mulf (16-Feb-2022)
"An immersive tiresome game, no creativity included. Throughout the whole game, you had the mission of opening countless doors, killing tons of MPs pointlessly, and dealing with the eye straining atmosphere. It is also good to mention that this level was not an actual 'train', because there were no satisfying background effects to convince you about this... the only interesting thing was that there was a loud bang at the near end of the level and even you had the ability to jump through the 'preventing' trapdoor... nothing to be proud of unfortunately... Thanks." - Mehrbod (28-Mar-2019)
"If you are a fan of train levels as I am, then there are far better options out there than this one. The gameplay here is stretched very thin, boiling down to shooting hordes of SAS guards and opening loads of doors. The decor isn't anything to rave about either as the carriages are blandly textured and only the crates constitute the decoration. The earthquake sound that apparently signalled the train moving didn't really come off for me and the atmosphere didn't really convince. Apparently there was a timed secret to go for, a nice touch but unnecessary as the revolver should be enough. Not really recommended, sorry." - Ryan (04-Nov-2018)
"The track of the main menu sounds like a cutscene from TR4. The train is not moving, looks like Lara was planning to go somewhere in it but it stopped working and now she has to get out of it and go on foot while killing some SAS and exploring the rest of the train's rooms. But when she got out she found a bike and rode it to her destiny ;) I played it twice to get to the secret room. It's short, I saved 0 times. Nothing too impressive here." - alan (30-Sep-2017)
"Despite being fairly inactive for a train level, that doesn't mean that the gameplay would be any more exciting if it was moving regardless, with it generally being no different from your average shooter-themed release, in terms of quality. Texturing and lighting are bland, atmosphere is practically non-existent with literally no ambiance until the end, there aren't any objects present to give this train any semblance of having been lived in at some point and the gameplay as previously mentioned, is incredibly boring as you find yourself shooting down random SAS soldiers, in order to escape the situation you're inexplicably in. So in conclusion, not recommended." - Ceamonks890 (28-Jun-2015)
"This is undoubtedly one of the shortest and most uneventful train journeys ever! The train is hugely out of proportion and mainly full of crates and SAS, with a few pickups along the way. The fact that the train isn't actually moving also detracts from the usual atmosphere. Not a great deal to recommend really." - Jay (25-Apr-2015)
"Not a classic train level where the train is running; in this case the train stopped in the middle of the desert and you'll have to find a way to escape. The first part is bored, going from side to side of the train only shooting SASs, pull a lever and back to the beginning. The next part with the motorbike through the desert is more funny, but more dangerous. You'll lose a lot of health here, so don't waste medipacks in the first part. I found several errors, like the paper walls, some flares I couldn't pick up and a big door trespassing the top of the wagon. The fixed cameras when you ride the bike add some difficult to this last part with all that sentry guns shooting. Not a level for my taste but playable anyway." - Jose (22-Apr-2015)
"I think it was pretty impressive that the author managed to make a train level without having to import wads from the Desert Railroad level. However, the train was a little bland in terms of decor and lighting. There were numerous SAS guards to deal with, but they weren't impossible to beat." - Sakusha (11-Jun-2012)
"I have not played the level's source of inspiration (of which it is supposed to be a remake) so the reference, any similarities, faithfulness to the original and/or intended parallels were completely lost on me and it simply came across as a shooting gallery of a dozen or so SAS guards within a train. I was initially not aware of the timed secret, but after trying to, I can recommend it as a more thrilling version of the level. It isn't a particularly hard timed run if you try, but I did need to pick up the revolver, so I could later on quickly take out a SAS guard which stubbornly stood before a door, making it impossible for Lara to bypass it without killing him. I guess I enjoyed it enough for that timed run alone, so if you try it - I'd recommend that as the best way of approaching this 5 minute level." - eTux (02-Oct-2011)
"A short level with shooter style. There was practically nothing to do than opening doors and shooting soldiers. Also, there were paper-thin walls and you could get through the trapdoor at the end without even finding the lever. I didn't find the secret because I was not fast enough but I am not replaying this level as it was too boring." - manarch2 (19-Mar-2011)
"A short level set on guessed it...train, that mainly involves running from one end to the other blasting several SAS along the way. It was particularly uninteresting, and the entire level bar the very end was indoors. The texturing was varied, but it was not brilliant, and there was nothing particularly exciting to look at. Dashing to the end of the level for the secret was a nice challenge, but still mind-numbingly boring. If you are not a hardcore shooting fan, then avoid this level." - Spike (06-Jul-2007)
"Til the end I was searching for the gameplay. Sorry to say that but it's just running around in a train, shooting some baddies and that's it, ah well there's also a bike ride at the end. And again you'll come upon Leandro's trapdoor bug, probably his style. I hope to get it in his next level as well. Though I guess it wasn't intended. ;-) I simply can not rate this level higher, the atmosphere, textures, lighting are not very well done and I couldn't find any puzzles to solve. The other reviewers rated this level probably so high because they reviewed Train a few years ago when there weren't levels released like LOTG or my favourite level Sanctuary of Water, Ice and Fire." - Catherin (02-Aug-2006)
"A neat little train level. Allthough the train really stands still :) Not much to do though...except opening tons of doors, shooting enemies and finally go away on the bike. Funny but nothing special." - QRS (13-Dec-2005)
"I didn't know about a timed run to the end of the train 'til I read the other reviews. So I had to have another go at that. It was easy enough to get to it and discover the room with ammo and posters of Lara just use the sprint on the straight corridors. I did it in one go. And I took the hint too about getting on top of the train to get at the bike. Apart from that it's a run through a train shooting guards and opening doors. I liked the blue carpet though." - CC (04-Sep-2003)
"It didn't feel like it was on a train. You only find out you're on a train at the end of the level. Watch out for the bug near the end of the level you walk on the trap door and you fall down. The baddies were fine except for the one's that appear out of nowhere. You had plenty of medipacks and other pickups." - Cory (18-May-2003)
"A very short level warrants a very short review. Early Leandro effort. Rather bland. Run. Kick doors. Bang bang. End." - Orbit Dream (16-May-2003)
"I was hoping for more of a 'Desert Railroad' experience but instead I found a massive series of hallways with countless SAS guards. The thrill of this level was guessing whether Lara was going to 'kick' open the door or 'pull' open the door. It was also fun to watch as the SAS guards stood there looking around as I wandered through the train. They made no shred of effort to follow me only stood still. The carpeting was surely imaginative varying from an almost 60's blue to the plain old Venice rug textures but the train at least had nice carpeting. As Dimp suggested no windows sadly...I was hoping for more of an outdoor train experience but sadly I was let down. Not a bad level if you like opening doors and shooting guards." - Chronicles5 (30-Dec-2002)
"Starting at the end of a train your aim is to make it to the front carriage and then outside there's two ways to accomplish this either take your time and kill the numerous men along the way which takes around 10 minutes or to make it to a timed door in the front carriage that leads to a secret cave with a stash of weapons you need to just run without killing to the front carriage in less than 2 minutes. I wasn't actually too taken by the game play although the run to the timed door was quite fun and texturally it was a little bland but what could have been a great extra was a motorbike ride at the end that legally isn't possible as it end triggers before reaching it but illegally you can DOZY over the train and come at it from behind then have a blast riding up the sloped front of the train." - Sash (21-Jun-2002)
"Not necessarily my kind of level. It is quite simple. A few wagons to pass through many doors to open some boxes to climb some nice textures and a few soldiers to kill and at the end a motorbike you cannot ride because the level ends after less than ten minutes. At least the train effect would have been nice if it were applied." - Michael (21-Jun-2002)
"This was the identical level to Version 2 minus the bike ride which unfortunately was all the fun. In this part all you did was get from one end of the train to the other killing everything in sight and finding that secret." - Torry (21-Jun-2002)
"This is a very good remake of the original Train (GoldenEye 007 game). It's very short but the atmosphere is good - you feel like you were inside a train. Lara simply has to get out of the train and get to her bike. This all can be done in 5 minutes - too short just too short :(." - Treeble (21-Jun-2002)
"I was very disappointed by this level. Maybe I was hoping for too much like a little train movement and sounds. Plus I had a hard time getting it downloaded." - Scott (21-Jun-2002)
"Considering this was probably one of the first train levels made and the proper animation was not available the author has done a fine job of creating the proper environment. This is a short level so I played it twice. The first time I went through slowly killed everyone opened all the doors and got all the pickups. Then I played again to get through the secret door at the end which all by itself is worth playing the level for. I just ran through the train ignoring all the soldiers made it through the door with time to spare and found a secret weapons room with some cool posters of Lara. I played this shortly after the release of the level 'Desert Railroad II' so just used the sound file from that game and it worked just great. After reading Sash's review I went back and dozy'd around the back of the train to get to the motorbike and had fun driving it around the open area at the end." - RaiderGirl (21-Jun-2002)
"Very very small level took me more time to install than to play it. Get from one end of the train to the other and get the compass. If memory serves me well I found one laser sight one revolver and ammo and one small medpack. Loads of soldiers but trying to get to the timed door (see review Sash) I found out most of them just are shooting grenades at you. Never made that timed door though. Also did use the flycheat to ride the bike over the train. Not my kind of level also no sound playing it on the Mac. 30-04-2002" - Gerty (21-Jun-2002)
"This is a very easy level where you open doors and kill SAS-men. At the end you even get to pull one lever. The texturing is quite good but I didn't notice any lighting." - Magnus (21-Jun-2002)
"A very good idea especially the secret room with the timed door. In order to catch it open you have one minute and fifty five seconds otherwise it closes and you have to start over. There is nothing behind it but it gives you a secret I needed four times to succeed. There is the revolver and laser-sight but I didn't stop and get it the first time around nor opened the other doors and needless to say I ignored all of the SAS guards. I played it one more time because I was left with two small health packs so it wasn't an option to just go back and explore the doors have nothing except one SAS guy that gives you some ammo and one small medi pack. It looks like behind the other doors there are some passengers seats we are supposed to be on a train. Unfortunately it's not moving only a small earthquake as you approach the secret door. A jump switch and you are on your way to the bike when the level finishes a nice idea indeed but incomplete." - Kristina (21-Jun-2002)
"Well the advantage of a train is that you can't get lost as there are only two directions to go. If you start at one end like here there is only one. Get the revolver open the door and shoot away; step carefully over the disintegrating body pick up the occasional box of revolver ammo and head for the next door. At the end a jumpswitch and a trapdoor awaits so that you can get off and have a glance at the motorbike but sadly enough the game ends just before you can mount it. I liked the luxurious interior design of the train compartments but thought it was odd that there were no windows. This time I knew what to expect so I won't complain that there isn't much of a gameplay let alone puzzles. It took me the length of one cigarette to finish this and it was a pleasant interlude to have between those monster levels." - Dimpfelmoser (21-Jun-2002)