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Tomb Raider and RMS Titanic by tomb2player

Blue43 8 8 9 8
cho7 10 10 10 10
Christian 9 7 8 6
Diz 9 9 9 9
DJ Full 9 10 10 9
dmdibl 8 10 10 9
Gerty 7 9 10 8
Glouglouton 9 8 8 8
herothing 7 9 8 8
janachorider 8 9 8 8
Jay 8 9 10 9
Jose 6 9 10 9
Lilly Jericho 10 10 10 10
manarch2 6 8 8 7
MichaelP 8 8 9 8
Minox 10 10 10 9
Mman 7 8 8 8
MpGrill 7 8 8 6
Nuri 10 8 10 10
Phil 9 8 9 10
Ryan 9 10 9 10
Scottie 9 9 10 9
Shandroid 9 9 10 9
Steven Svorticher 10 9 10 9
TheStig 9 9 10 9
release date: 16-Jul-2011
# of downloads: 181

average rating: 8.78
review count: 25
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file size: 90.39 MB
file type: TR4
class: Ship

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"This was not just the first level i ever played back in the days but till today its also my favourite! The setting, the puzzles and especially the size of that level make it really impressive. Even when its not really a beginner friendly level, (especially with the really tight timerun) it is definitely a recommendation for everyone who is looking for a nice challenge. Blind you need around 3 - 4 hours to complete it. The Story? You go down on the sunken RMS Titanic to find the "Heart of the Ocean" and hecc, what a search it is! Beside a whole lot of enemys, whom are sent by Marco Bartolli (of course he wants another shot at living forever), thers 4 Circut Breakers, several keys and switches as much as the shotgun and the uzis to be found. You need a lot of good memory, cause there are a lot of places and here and there a bunch of backtracking! But once you get into it a bit, you'll see how slowly everything connects to a big and beautiful ship! Especially the side view from the blue cave and the engine room are impressive in design! The music (even if not copyright free) is simply great and fits the level very perfect! :D So all in all - i love this level by heart (and my heart will go on and on O.o)." - Lilly Jericho (12-Oct-2020)
"Wow! Quite a hefty ship level in the style of TR2. Very well crafted for a debut level. All assets of TR2 are present and correct, so if you enjoyed that, you'll feel right at home here. I had a lot of fun with it." - Ryan (12-Feb-2016)
"I liked the idea of a TR2 level but executed with a TR4 exe. This is a huge level and of course I got lost many times. To finally finish it I used the walkthrough as apparently I missed some hard to see pick-ups as well as levers. Oh well, hats off anyway for this builder because it is his debut and not bad at all. I had to let someone else made the timed runs, just couldn't make them, I hate that. There is a bit of an overload with switches/levers to pull as well as the big and fro one has to do after finding them. Atmosphere could have been better as well as the lighting. Also all the swimming (read drowning) before you figure out where to go to or what to do; is not a favorite part of the gameplay here. Enemies were placed rather well I thought. I for sure recommend this one, but be sure to have time enough on your hands to do so." - Gerty (16-Jan-2016)
"Immense, massive, impressive are some of the attributes that come to mind. This level can easily keep you busy for a very long time in the many huge areas that it connects with each other in a rather masterful way. Out of curiosity I even re-played it following dmdibl's excellent walkthrough and it took me 2 full hours of net gaming time this way. Gameplay actually has very few small puzzles - mostly around push blocks - and is rather one large puzzle in itself - to get deeper and deeper into it, finding the necessary keys, buttons and items to open it up further and further. I enjoyed it a lot, but can also understand if players end up finding the progression tedious and painful at times. You encounter a fair amount of bad guys and rats along the way, but they are all easily taken care of and the three secrets are only a minor addition given the size of the adventure overall. But indeed - if you like ship Levels and TR2, you really cannot miss out on this one..." - MichaelP (02-Jun-2015)
""Oh, a tomb raider 2 textured level!", "Oh, tomb raider 2 design!!", "This place is huge!!!", "WHAT THE...why is it so gigantic here", "Oh bloody hell!!!! I got so lost in this freaky wreck", "HELP ME"........ Well, these were my thoughts while playing this. I'm serious. I've never seen such a big level before. I really got totally lost here. But anyways, good gameplay, good lighting and good atmosphere(I felt so epic while playing this). I can't criticise the old tomb raider 2 textures and sounds here. Old but gold. But there weren't many(or no)created objects or something and many rooms looked like each other, which is a reason, why I got lost in this level. But the whole level itself is cool. I mean, when I played the whole level after 6-7 weeks, I couldn't believe, that all that was just one level. That's epic and awesome. Great level." - Nuri (15-Apr-2015)
"This is a huge ship level that's like all Tomb Raider 2's ship section put together; you get the rusted lower corridors (and swim for your life opening) of 40 Fathoms, the inner decks and engine rooms of Wreck of the Maria Dora and Living Quarters, and the giant non-flooded caves of the Deck (although the latter is only really used in one section). There's a nice job made on the TR2-esque presentation, with the sounds and visuals tweaked to evoke it. I thought the lighting was a bit drab, while the use of white is part of the TR2 atmosphere, there could have been more shadows and overall variance; a lot of the rooms have very even lighting. Other areas are strong though, although perhaps the large cave walls could have been a bit less flat.
This is a huge and complex level, and it can be easy to get stuck if you overlook something; I mostly found it fine but one key in the engine room could have done with a camera hint near the keyhole or something. There's also a lot of running through dull corridors, which lets things down as the main gameplay areas between them are good. I also felt like I missed some sort of shortcut at the main engine room hub as having to climb up the whole place again every time I went down to the lower level got irritating. While it fails in some areas (namely the corridor sections), this is a very ambitious level in a category that's not explored too often and possibly the best stand-alone ship map there is." - Mman (08-Feb-2014)
"This is my favourite level in the 'ship' class.with an incredible texturing,lighting,and music.Reccomended." - janachorider (09-Jan-2014)
"Another level I am not glad giving it substantially lower scores than the average, because even if the final scores don't deviate so much from each other, each category has rather uneven parts, both rather good and rather bad ones. The gameplay is way too much focused on finding dozens of levers, and relies too much on using the same elements again and again, like too well blending levers/keys/pushblocks, too much exploration in an overly large setting and no serious platforming or puzzles else than the occasional pushing. This kind of gameplay is bearable for a while, but levels like this shouldn't last much more than half an hour, since anything largely beyond that mark (which is the case here) is simply too much and after some point one cannot even show gratitude to the cleverly interlinking rooms or to great atmospherical touches. Another major problem is the atmosphere. While being reminiscent of TR 2 in a very lovely way, the rooms look way too identical after a while and this also influences the gameplay, since it makes the orientation even harder. Though, there were many really great things to say about the atmosphere, namely the usage of audio tracks in this level - so wonderful - some fantastic views over large-scale areas, most switches having camera hints, the fantastic finale - and this nearly would warrant a higher score, but I had to take the mentioned sameness of the rooms and also several cave areas with way too flat walls into account. The texturing is mostly good in this level, though some walls are badly divided and thus the textures are at parts rather odd. I also found the lighting to be way too monotonous and flat; especially because this is a TR 4 level, the work with lighting should have been better. OK, you might say, this level wants to recreate a TR 2 level, but even that is not completely consistent (e.g. there were a few floor levers), and even in TR 2 there are possibilities to change the lighting more than this level did. I rather liked the enemy placement, one can see the builder really cared for these, for example the surprise attacks when you come into areas a second time. The three secrets were rather too easy to find though and I found the medipack in the multi-pushblock room to be much harder to find. Objects do their job very well in supporting the atmosphere, and the only bug I found was a receptacle placed behind an open door, which didn't disturb the gameplay but was a little awkward. Hmm... I think enough is said. If you are a fan of TR 2 I'd say give this one a go but don't expect a perfect level, keep in mind this is actually a first effort. Oh, and please keep the walkthrough close by, otherwise the gametime (spent 1:40 hours in here) might double itself quickly." - manarch2 (15-Jul-2013)
"Featured screenshots don't show real epicness of this game James Cameron would be literally proud of. To those familiar with Titanic documentary, it's obvious the thing has been reproduced as accurately as it could be with only default Maria Doria stuff used. The moment I saw the engine room, fulfilled with railings and massive pistons, I only could compare it to psiko's machineries. THIS is what should be in featured screenshots, not what is there and the pickability suffers from! And/or there should be shown the hull ripoff line, torn apart nearby that zone just like it is in reality. Ever wondered how would it feel to get lost in the labyrinth of 3rd and 2nd class corridors on decks G, F and E? Now, searching through them bent by ocean pressure, we can better imagine the struggle of evacuation from there, so we don't feel safe for a single minute, even though the level isn't timed. We can notice one of those corridors is twice as wide as the rest. A coincidence? No! You're walking the Scotland Road, the heart of crew logistics going along the whole ship, which once had been designed to improve service speed, but later on the water poured along to fall over the watertight doors and eventually doom the majestic ship. Finally, twin corridors of 1st class quarters, filled with overturned priceless furniture, connecting the VIP passengers' lounge with the Grand Staircase and leading to the Promenade Deck we can visit as well (note the windows properly go only to a certain point, followed by a more open space (it's that place where Jack taught Rose how to spit). Have I already run out of reasons why I should give 10? No, definitely not! I didn't even mention the music, and this is the most important. If Horner meets this author, he'll put him to jail for copyright violation, but it will be worth it, and who actually cares as long as it's all done for beauty?? Themes from 1997 disaster movie sound in our ears, mixed with TR2 tracks and - suspicious, threatening, uneasing, revealing - they sounding just in the moment where I would like them to. I picked up the Heart of Ocean about an hour ago, and those audiovisual highlights literally SANK into my head, I can't get free from them and my heart will go on for a whole day, I think. The only minus of the game is amount of backtracking comparable to early Raidermatty. SUMMARY: A must play for Titanic fans, and even for DiCaprio jealous haters. I love the Titanic, I love TR2, and here I got both. Marvellous, marvellous!" - DJ Full (15-Mar-2013)
"Tomb2player set out to recreate the feel of Tomb Raider II with the current generation engine, and I have to say they have succeeded. The Maria Doria textures, the sounds, the fonts even the flares will have you thinking your playing Tomb Raider II. The author has even avoided using coloured lighting adding to that authentic TRII feel. RMS Titantic much like the ship (and the movie) is pretty EPIC in terms of sheer scale. It's fair to say that it crams into one map what many others may fit in 2 or 3 maps (but then that's how playing the original Core Design built games always used to feel right?). Playing this I got lost...and I mean properly properly lost. It's also easy to miss important pickups in some areas so unless you follow the walk-through be prepared for some long and occasionally painful back-tracking. None of that however detracts from the design of this which I think is great. Texturing for the most part is of a high standard although it could be better in some of the larger spaces. Music fits the bill nicely too. The only real fly in the ointment for me was the timed flaming pillars run which literally had me screaming with frustration at the monitor. Given how well balanced the rest of the game play was the level of difficulty for this seems out of place. All in all I netted 3 hours 30 minutes from RMS Titanic. It's one of the most memorable levels I've played this year and absolutely worth your consideration. 100% recommended. Stiggy :)" - TheStig (10-Jul-2012)
"Here is an immense, wonderful ship level with lots of exploration and enemies. Sadly, Lara could never actually explore the Titanic as it is two miles below sea level, but no matter! There is so much to do here and so much ship to cover, there is going to be confusion. The builder should have shown the player where some of the obscure trapdoor openings were with a flyby. I would have been very lost without a walkie. There is much too much backtracking, my least favorite thing. I felt like I was running in giant circles at times. My absolute favorite part was when Lara finally reached the famous staircase and of course the final moment. The author is keen to use lush, emotional music to add to the experience. Drawbacks to the level besides the backtracking, are popups and I ran into an area that appeared to be open, but I was blocked from going through. Honestly, there is very little wrong with this awesome level. I am just amazed it all fit in one level! Great job!" - Shandroid (26-Nov-2011)
"This is a level well done, great, immense. There is a timerun (you have to go on two pillars inflamed) but quite difficult if you do not take it in the right direction. Excellent athmosphere tr2. I finally enjoy this level. Congratulations to the author." - cho7 (22-Nov-2011)
"Very big and huge level. I loved everything about this level, the atmosphere, the gameplay with a lot enemies but very well placed. To make abolutely for fans de tr2." - Minox (17-Sep-2011)
"Few times I've played a level so looooong like this. It notices a big effort from the author only by building and texturing all those rooms and huge scenarios. Environment will take you back in time, if you played the oceanic levels from the old TR2 game. Some defects in the texturization but not very important; a good work with the cameras and, specially, with the nice musics very well placed in strategic areas, creating an excellent atmosphere. I liked a lot the enemies and the lots of ammo for the guns and medipacks to replenish the health. At the very end there are two very long swims, and it's not easy to find the item to finish the level. Gameplay... always the gameplay! There are some interesting puzzles with moveable blocks, but a very big part of the game is based about look for, find and pull a lot of switches or buttons which open doors or trapdoors often very far from they are pulled; and find many arifacts and keys too. Many times you find keylocks, closed doors or trapdoors on your way and you'll need to run very long distances to find the way to open them and then another long way back; and so on, a lot of times returning to the same places again and again. It seems that the author didn't realize that players don't know the level and often they need to explore huge areas and backtrack a lot getting bored. Really a good level, but only to play with the walkthrough." - Jose (18-Aug-2011)
"This is a three-hour TR4 level that's faithful to all aspects of the TR2 ship levels, down to the textures, animations, enemies and even sounds. It's also one of those horribly complex levels that makes me not at all ashamed of the fact that I waited for the walkthrough before trying to play it. The only thing negative I can think of to say is the required backtracking that takes you through previously plowed territory time and time again. Only near the end do you get the sense that you've stumbled into an entirely new setting, and after you finish your tasks there you have to return to the engine room to place the four circuit breakers you've painstakingly acquired. As for lighting, you get only two flare pickups the entire game, but I never once felt the need to use one. That's so rare in a custom level, particularly one as long as this one, that I feel constrained to award a 10 in the lighting category for that reason alone. Dmdibl regrettably doesn't write many walkthroughs, but he's provided a great one for this level, including some gratuitous insights that enhanced my gaming enjoyment. The ratings for this level are high, but I'm a bit surprised they aren't even higher, given the stunning graphics and the professional quality of the gameplay. My recommendations are high as well." - Phil (11-Aug-2011)
"Ever since I played the underwater levels from TR2 I have been a big fan of that genre and I was very excited when I started this level. Just like the original it starts with a long dive with a distant air pocket and so there are quite a few drowning dramas before Lara finally finds her way into the inside of the massive wreck, which like the Maria Doria is halfway in a cave, although the ship does not sit upside down like the TR2 counterpart. During the exploration of the wreck Lara does encounter some action filled sequences, like a very tight timed run over multiple burners and many encounters with Bartoli baddies and other rats of various sizes. The majority of the game play is exploratory based and in many areas it is pretty much straightforward, but unfortunately there is also a large amount of backtracking. Many areas have to visited multiple times and some are really confusing and especially the lower cabin areas with all the blue hallways is a place where it is very easy to get lost as everything looks similar. There are lots and lots of levers and switches and although the builder has blessed us with many useful camera hints, it sometimes is not easy to figure out where to go and what to do next. All three secrets are nicely placed and not very hard to find. The atmosphere is pleasant and gets sometimes very cinematic with the excellent choice of music and of course the famous thumping heartbeat background loop from TR2. The architecture is stunning and I could not find any big flaws with the texturing, especially the large engine room area looked very impressive. The lighting was a bit even and flat but on the other hand it is a ship level after all and I think the builder did a goof job in not trying to make this overly realistic by make everything so dark that one has to use flares constantly. I would have hoped for a little bit more rewarding ending but at least I found the finish trigger :-) Despite the times when I got stuck and needed help, I enjoyed this level very much and therefore highly recommend it. (3 hours, 3 secrets found)" - Blue43 (25-Jul-2011)
"A huge and excellent level where Lara is in search of the Heart of the Ocean, an important artifact that can make its owner immortal; Bartoli and his men, like in TR2, try to look for him, but Lara will explore the multitude of rooms in the Titanic before them. The level presents basically talking about setting the levels and textures the ones of 40 atmospheres, Wreck of the Maria Doria, Living Salons and the Deck of TR2 but especially the wreck and Salons; globally the result that the author has created is just spectacular, considering the vastness of the ship, the billions of doors, levers, keys and so the complexity of the puzzles. I can say this level is more focused on the exploration and solving puzzles, so the gameplay is quite smooth and fluid, it's a bit harder when we are making great swims, as at the beginning and the end, where it is not so straightforward to find a hole with the air rather than to find a switch or a hidden object; another thing that excited me was when I reached the top of the Titanic, and after recovering an object, I had to drop in a vacuum in a pool of water (whatever may have been 50-70 meters!?) and then on the other hand it gives entertainment to the player due to the great presence of enemies. Also at some point we find an excellent time trial calculated by the author to the perfection and then I guess it is rather hard for inexperienced users: pulling a lever Lara has to run through a corridor, climb on top of 2 boxes and then jump on the columns with central fires; this means it is necessary to continue hanging on the columns, raise up to the corners and jump to the next column (you need a very little imperfection and the door shut to your face!). Just a weak point consists of the fact when Lara finds herself in the engine room (one of the largest room) has to go back to do all and even a particular path not so short (the first time that Lara came in this room does so through a long slope, so you cannot go back from here); the fact is that there are several items to find needed in the engine room and this means you have to make that way several times (a little annoying, but I can really stand). But let's speak about the enigms that are certainly the key point in the game! We can see the puzzles from various points of view: - The game itself is a constant enigm considering that you have to pull many levers and find various keys and then retrace your steps, sometimes even in the earliest areas; among the most special things I certainly cannot forget what you have to do in the engine room: it is necessary to find 4 circuits and reaching each of them means to find dozens of other levers to pull, 3 keys to retrieve scattered for the whole Titanic to use in this room, or in other zone you'll have to find other keys again and even 2 fusibles. Besidess some areas, particularly those above the engine room, are full of labyrinthic corridors and on the first time you explore them it results confusing to players, even for those that have more memory! - Another enigmatic aspect is the presence of well hidden areas and especially levers both to the ground but especially those underwater that I sometimes, though I was busy looking everywhere, wasn't able to find them; then other well hidden things are some cracks always underwater and also a part in the huge outer area of the engine room where you have to look for the way to get back on top. - Another aspect to be considered as an enigma is precisely the real puzzle boxes and in particular I remember a couple: at the beginning, after pulling various levers we have to use 2 blocks on 2 different floors, but in order to use both of them completely it is necessary to work in 2 different areas, as there isn't the opportunity to interact with the lower block in the same area of ​​the upper one because of the lack of space and so this gets too complicated and therefore, besidess before using the 2 boxes or later you have to do a particular thing, otherwise you can't go on!After this great puzzle we find another one quite simple but still articulated: the purpose is to reach a button located 2 blocks further up the floor: this means in the area of the button you should place 2 cubes on the ground floor , then use them to pull another in the "upper floor" in which, once risen, you can use the button (same procedure will be done to turn back). After retrieving every sweaty of 4 circuits, Lara will have to swim for very long corridors, and find a key and in estremis an air hole to survive! Soon after another long swim and Lara ends up in the middle of the ocean and there are air holes: just have to find the legendary artifact, and the level ends. In short, nothing to add regarding the puzzles except that "perfection is relative". There are 3 secrets (the 3 dragons TR2) which, unlike the complexity of the puzzles, gave me no particular problems; the research is quite simple. As enemies we find gangsters with baseball bats and various kinds of armed men always TR2 style, several small rats of TR2 and a couple of big stronger rats of TR1 (there are also sharks in the very last part but you can safely avoid them); as weapons we have the 2 pistols, uzi and the shotgun (ammunition in great quantities: I say that when you need them you always find them and most enemies leaves their ammunition and medkit). Soundtracks from TR2 (maybe even a little bit of Tr1-3) and other music in the soundtrack of the Titanic mvie, Celine Dion and another one of Enya; the latter do not personally drive me crazy but I have to admit that they are full of atmosphere and then suitable to the context. Excellent atmosphere, great use of flyby fortunately (let's say that 9/10 levers show what they determinate), good use of cameras. Nothing to say even, though the light-textures are based on those of TR2, so something that was more old-fashioned graphically compared to TR4, they guarantee a good result, maybe just some light inside the ship could have been used in another way, but it doesn't count at all. In conclusion, a masterpiece that has as its strengths undoubtedly first and foremost of course the puzzles and enemies-objects, there are no weaknesses. So for those who loved the levels set in the wreck of the Maria Doria of TR2, this is a great example for many to live old emotions at once again; I can say that, even in comparison to the original levels of TR2 that already were beautiful, with this level the top has been achieved, it's a fortress worth to play. I also think it's incredible to get a similiar result considering this is the 1st level by this level designer; nothing else to say except that absolutely it must be played, especially for fans of old episodes of TR. Hall Of Fame for sure!" - Steven Svorticher (22-Jul-2011)
"I agree to some of my co-reviewers: This is not a masterpiece. But it is a very, very promising debut. The quality of this adventure (yes, it can be called an adventure!)is due to gameplay, although there are also some deficits. Some actions are irreversible; if you move a grate in a block-puzzle quite at the beginning of the level onto a trapdoor and open it, it will fall down what is not intended to be so. You'll have to restart the game. Things like that should be sorted out by proper testing. In my opinion there's a bit too much running to and fro in this very large ship, obiectives were not always clear. Between some possibilities to get stuck gameplay was straight forward, the promising author showed a lot of innovative ideas. Highlight was a timed run, which had to be performed very precisely. A lot of hugs await you, but sufficient ammo and health is provided, but you have to use them carefully. The autor, as his nick announces, wanted to create a TR2 atmosphere. This succeeded. A bit more variability in using textures would have been desirable. A talented author that is able to create masterpieces. But there's still a bit to learn." - Christian (22-Jul-2011)
"I must agree with Glougloutons review what he said about the atmosphere... I think that this level has a too high rating of 8.90 ! I wanted to review this Level earlier, but I didn't because my grades would be too much lower than the others. It was very good made, but its, in my opinion, a very good starter level and not a master piece. I played actually a few parts again to take a better look at the environments and gameplay. The beginning was a bit difficult. Lara starts in a underwater cave, but no Idea how she got there since it's a cave without an exit or entry hole...I died ( drowned ) several times while exploring the cave, then I found a hidden switch which opened a door...then I died again several times until I found the next switch for the next door. The beginning is not very friendly and I almost quitted playing after this. The exploring area is huge...that's not a negative point, in fact, it's always a big plus if the author creates a big world. But for me, this time the big area was a negative point because the authors used a small amount of different old tomb raider textures. All rooms and corridors look more or less the same with not much different objects or textures. I got so many times lost without knowing where I should go or where I did come from into this room. Also, there are too many switches to pull. Later the game got better. It looked more like a sunken titanic than the beginning looked like, but still there were parts with the same textures! The bad atmosphere and monotone lightning were ˝neutralized˝ with the good Idea and excellent design of many game parts, especially the later parts where we can see that it's actually a real ship for humans and not just a mechanic ruin. I think that this game is a very good one, but not that great to be rated with 8.90 !!!" - MpGrill (21-Jul-2011)
"This level may not the most beautiful neither the best atmosphere, i will keep it in memory because it is the largest and without doubt the hardest level i ever seen. I don't give a better mark for atmosphere (8/10) because even if TR2 flashbacks are good, rooms have often the same atmosphere (texture,lighting a little flat...) and some others levels are better. To sum up a good level (and a very good level for a new builder) to be played." - Glouglouton (20-Jul-2011)
"Firstly I must confess, I adore 'Ship' levels so I was going to be biased towards this excellent level right from the start. It's a strange mixture of TR2 and TR4 but, for me, it worked. There are lots of baddies to shoot and they do seem to turn up as soon as you've got on the right track so the old adage"I must be doing it right 'cos they're trying to kill me" definitely works here. Some of the areas seem massive and there did appear to be a fair amount of backtracking but that may be just the way I played it, however, shortcuts do make an appearance later in the level so that saves a bit of running around. Not much in the way of testing agility and only one timed run (but it's fairly tight) lets the level down slightly. Some interesting push-block puzzles, one of which held me up for a while but I was being particularly thick that morning. The ending had me mystified but it seems I fell asleep half way through the film and missed that reference. All in all a very good ship level and much recommended." - Diz (19-Jul-2011)
"What is this: It looks like a TR2 level. It sounds like a TR2 level. It plays like a TR2 level. So it's a TR2-Level? Wrong! It really is a TR4-level, but that comes along like a TR2 level. Interesting concept. Although initially everything looked good, but there was nothing extraordinary. Some well-built rooms, a few enemies and an underwater lever, which differs little from the background and is therefore very difficult to find. And thus the inclined player runs for a while around, shoots more and more opponents, must track down a few hardly to be found pushblocks, as well as find some switches and levers. Therefore everything is normal up to this point. This changes abruptly, as soon as one uses the Engine-Key. Now it becomes really interesting. The engine room is very big and looks very good. But one has the best view if one runs into the gigantic cave. One can see from there because into the broken ship and only because of this view it's worth it to play this level. And of course one still explores the upper decks with the drawing rooms and the cabin ways. However, it is a little bit pity, that one can enter only very much few cabins. At the beginning I thought that it will be a short pleasure. But really it lasted nearly 4 hours up to the level end. Too many opponents were on the move sometimes for my taste. On the other hand, one seldom had bigger problems, because one could find the Shotgun and the Uzi's, moreover, the level builder had placed enough Medipacks. Though the sound was good, but I had rather renounced to hear Celine Dion. Though the time run is scarce, but skilled players should have no problems. Maybe the level builder could have included a few seconds more, so that the also unskilled player have a chance to master the time run.
Summary: Such a great debut rarely get my hands on. Quite Obviously, the level builder has previously thoroughly familiar with the matter, because most of the time this level moves at a very high level. Merely the hardly to be found underwater lever and the well disguised push blocks can cloud the play fun a little bit, but on the whole every single minute is worthwhile, in which the inclined player runs through the wreck." - Scottie (18-Jul-2011)
"Ah the nostalgia, the drowning, the rats, the thugs and the cringe making sight of Lara running around in bare feet on all that rusty metal - yes, it's a ship level and I'm always rather fond of them. There's plenty of exploring to do and if you fail to spot the odd, well hidden underwater lever you could be wandering around for some time. My only grumble with this extremely well made level would have to be the amount of backtracking, although eventually some most welcome short cuts do open up and admittedly there would have been rather less backtracking if I were more observant. The spirit of the original TR2 ship levels is beautifully evoked here and some of the scenery (notably the huge engine room) is extremely imposing. It was also nice to get out of steerage and into the rather more salubrious parts of the ship towards the end of the level, to admire some of the sumptuous cabin interiors. The sheer size and complexity of the level tends to somewhat disguise the fact that the gameplay isn't actually that difficult - the only real challenge is figuring out where to go. Otherwise, there is just one timed element and a bit of basic block puzzle action. The enemies are used effectively and I loved the music. If you're a fan of ship levels, especially ones that concentrate mainly on exploration, then this impressive debut level is a definite must-play. Personally, I had a great time." - Jay (18-Jul-2011)
"TR4 level. An excellent recapturing of Lara's TR2 underwater ship adventure, but this time on the massive Titanic, so that it feels like three levels are packed into this single level. Complex, with new sections opening up as the game develops, even including enormous areas showing the side of the ship in a sunken cavern, and maze-like explorations in the third-class passenger cabins. Texturing is reminiscent of TR2 in areas such as the engine room. Perfect for those with an eidetic memory, which means many Tomb Raider fans. For once players have control of lighting. Instead of having to start out as in many levels at 100% lighting on an LCD monitor, I started at 62%, which gave a play of shadows very similar to TR2. However, some places need flares, and the author provides only three flares. (Lara found one packet of a dozen flares in the engine room, and that was it.) Finally I ended up increasing the brightness of the monitor, which made large areas less atmospheric. Too bad more flares couldn't be provided. Gameplay is good but sometimes a little too tricky--though this won't matter once a walkthrough is available. I wonder if the author knows how it feels to have Lara run through 40 kilometers of corridors, only to find at the critical moment that she has only one fuse, when two of them are required? The hiding place for the final fuse is fantastic. Then right at the beginning of the level, Lara needs to move a push block behind a door forward. But first she needs to throw a lever in a pit, because moving that block will close off access to the pit lever. Doing these in the wrong order might be a game stopper right at the start. On the plus side, I really enjoyed the way multiple areas were interconnected, with new passages opening up with Lara's efforts. I thought there were plenty of clever moments, such as a two-tier block puzzle which players might not even recognize at first, or a good timed run over three flame pillars. When Lara did this the conventional way she could never make it in time, so it required a faster method to reach the first pillar. I started this level early in the morning and finished at night, mostly with great enjoyment. If you enjoy rich, huge, and intertwined exploration levels, you'll find this topnotch. Found all three secrets." - dmdibl (17-Jul-2011)
"Resembling Tomb Raider 2 a lot, this level is very nostalgic and brings back a lot of memories, specifically those of 40 fathoms and the Wreck of the Maria Doria. Gameplay is somewhat straightforward with there being a little too many levers doing too many different things for me. The underwater segments are well made although if you are doing it first time, Lara's breath can easily run out before you get to the closest air pocket. There are a few well hidden objects which were useful at times, mainly medipacks since i found myself draining health rather rapidly in the underwater sections. The enemies were well placed and fitted the scene perfectly so I don't think there is a problem in terms of that. The puzzles for me werent too original with the majority either being the lever or lock and key method, so i'd like to see a larger variety of puzzles in the future from this builder. Atmosphere was very Tomb Raider 2'ish, very gloomy and dark. The sound implented also worked very well in the scenes. A problem I noticed was in the camera's, however. Close to the start in one of the water pockets the camera seems to lock on to a closed trap door which stopped me from seeing what i was doing which, unfortunately, led me to drown. Lighting was ok, although I think it should have been darker in a few more areas than it currently was. Textures were, on the whole, well done, there were a few stretched textures here and there, but they werent very drastic. I think this level is very well made with only very few hiccups which bring the overall quality of the level down slightly. For a higher performance I would have liked to see more original puzzles and gameplay as opposed to keys and levers, and also work on the lighting slightly to give the atmosphere that realistic touch that previous Tomb Raider levels have achieved. Grade = A-" - herothing (16-Jul-2011)