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The Triangle Of Light - Prequel by KingdomHearts

afzalmiah 8 9 9 9
Bigfoot 10 10 10 10
Blue43 8 8 9 9
Diz 7 7 8 9
DJ Full 8 9 9 9
dmdibl 6 9 9 9
Gerty 5 7 7 8
Jay 8 8 8 8
John 7 7 9 9
Jorge22 9 9 9 9
Jose 6 8 9 9
Josey 7 9 7 8
manarch2 7 8 9 8
MichaelP 7 9 9 8
Nina Croft 8 9 9 8
Orbit Dream 6 8 8 10
Phil 8 8 9 8
Ryan 8 8 8 9
Shandroid 7 8 9 9
Steven Svorticher 8 8 9 9
TheStig 8 9 9 9
Treeble 7 9 9 9
release date: 12-Nov-2011
# of downloads: 153

average rating: 8.31
review count: 22
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file size: 177.55 MB
file type: TR4
class: nc

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Reviewer's comments
"As far as manor levels go this is possibly one of the most elaborate ones, and very good looking too. The original textures seem to have been edited in a way that I'd honestly love to see them back in their original environments (VCI, namely). The inspirations from the movie are also obvious but it doesn't try to replicate that but instead build something similar. I'm not sure a disco club beneath a manor makes a whole lot of sense though. Unfortunately gameplaywise it's not quite as engaging, with one too many levers and keys to find and I think the lasers were overdone at some point — other than that one tricky banana jump underground it's all fairly standard platforming. All in all, worth checking out. 70 minutes, 2 secrets. 01/24" - Treeble (21-Jan-2024)
"I'm always looking for mansion themed levels and games and coming across this one i was on a mission to find a way to play it and I'm glad i did because we have some interesting features and elements here despite the initial disappointing first level set solely in the mansion itself. Its this first level which is the weakest in terms of gameplay unfortunately because although its my favourite setting, the tasks and puzzles here were just a bit too basic and simple, mostly revolving around finding switches and keys to open countless more doors etc, its only the limited traps and push-able object tasks here really that offer any other type of gameplay element. The second level set in Lara's underground basement includes both a AOD style night club complete with dance music and lights and a VCI style base area, its here where the fun really starts with both areas offering enjoyable tricky platforming elements, traps, torch puzzle tasks and enemies to contend with including the doppelgänger herself! Onto the third level which returns back to the main house with the attic now accessible, in here we find a new area to access after moving some blocks and avoiding the spike traps in the maze, the maze leads to a temple area surrounded by water where once we find a way to open the temple and retrieve the artefact we have another showdown with the doppelgänger before returning to house which is hampered and made more difficult with earthquakes, explosions and even more traps! haha, its pretty short this level but pretty exciting and thrilling and the level ends when you dispose of the men that turn up at Lara's house and make your way through the gate. Overall i feel this level set has a lot to offer in terms of fun gameplay and tasks and visuals as i thought the textures, lighting and even the music was just spot on including a collection of great tracks from previous TR games, i only wish that the first level included more gameplay elements from the second and third level as i feel this is the only disappointment in a really enjoyable level set." - John (12-Feb-2023)
"Another high-quality début level and I probably would have scored it higher if not for some slightly odd design choices. There are basically three levels here: the first and last being set around a spacious and attractive mansion and the second in a disco area inside the basement. Plenty of laser traps to occupy your time, pushable puzzles, torch work and some fun jumps. The downsides were the banana jumps in the second level, the fact that the laser traps were a tad too repetitive and also that, after acquiring the artefact, the final soldiers simply stood round stupidly and allowed Lara to deplete their health. Still, solid work." - Ryan (14-Apr-2017)
"In the beginning it seemed to be another level about keys, switches and twoblock_high underwater corridors (typed with lower hyphen because they're so common in our world they could have their own object slot), though when I entered the kitchen I for the first time thought "hey, this is good!" and the special moments kept reappearing along the game, the more frequently the closer to the end I was. Since I like the uphill as much as I dislike a downhill, it kept me inside the game and I never lost motivation to reach the very end, even though there were some quite long mazes which kill gameplay from time to time. You know it when checking every square of a labyrinth takes up half a level, though in this case the reason was a bit different, and I will count it to the level's advantage. Apparently when splitting the game up into the upper and lower part, the author didn't delete a large zone of the first one located behind the attic door - and it appears the lasers guarding it can be bypassed. As soon as You reach in, weird things happen - flares are not added to the inventory, a useless torch can be found and the very ending getaway track triggers. But You can find some shells and likely take them to the next level. When You then revisit this place legally, it's a bit different. It seems the author didn't want to build the same thing again so he added a pool, removed a switch, replaced torches with a Golden Rose etc., so the location is restored but the builder didn't get bored when redoing the work. So it's there - a whole large sequence dummied out which I count as an extra secret. As it's located in the mentioned maze, hence the long time spent in, on my own wish. Normally it doesn't take that long (though too long indeed). Nice, a whole review about an unintended zone... but the others said enough already. You heard and possibly witnessed the making of the epic AOD club remake, You know about the VCI inversion - a skyscraper put in the basement possibly for Lara's personal revenge taken on Von Croy. You will either see the epic bossfight and the home attack conclusion or not, depends if the underwater part repulses You or not - but it's Your choice. I can only say I endured it and I don't regret, for the whole rest was well done and sometimes epic. SUMMARY: Recommended and waiting for more, because I see a great talent in here, even though a bit masked by dragging playtime and some opacity errors." - DJ Full (17-Apr-2015)
"Always refreshing to see a builder with a certain vision as to what the game should look like. Here you get the concept of: Infiltrate a house, protected with lasers, find the magic switch buried deep in the cellar that allows you to get access to the attic, find the desired artifact there and make your dramatic escape. And yes, this level set does have a lot going for it: the plenty of jumps over laser traps (not too tricky at the end), the rather cool Disco location and the really nice escape sequence. Where it did fall a little short for me: 1- Part one (The Arrival, 45 min, 1 secret) is by and large still a Lara's Home Level - ie it has all the typical tedious switch and key hunt element up and down the house that I find rather tiring and boring and it has a few underwater mazes - also a big No. Part two (A Dance with the Devil,25 min) is fast paced and action packed, but can get painful if you do things in the wrong order or do not pay Attention to the diary entries and lose the torch in the wrong place. And part three (The Clock of Ages, 15 min, 1 secret) is actually almost too short, with a pretty dark attic area that suddenly opens up to a Temple in a cave? Still - despite these gripes, this is indeed an entertaining and somewhat different Level set that you should really check out for yourself!" - MichaelP (12-May-2014)
"I deeply regret having to lower my rating of the Gameplay & Puzzles, but I simply had to. If there had not been three main downsides to the gameplay, this levelset would have received the highest review for Gameplay. The author really shows some ingenious and brilliant ideas, some brand new moments and does really good flipmapping. The house protected with lasers, the disco protected with more lasers and burners, a temple hidden in a cave, not too many enemies, pretty realistic and reliable puzzles, but unfortunately, downsides to the gameplay as well. The main downside is the UW maze. I personally hate them. And I hate them even more when I drown 20 times until I finally find one key. Then, half an hour later, I realize that I have to go through the same maze again in order to obtain a Crystal (again, 20-30 times drowned). And that was not the end of the UW ordeal. I had to return to that maze for the third time, as I did not use the UW lever the first and second times around. I almost gave up there. So, either use the walkthrough to see what you need to do/find in this UW maze and avoid returning there, or have nerves of steel and be ready to drown for a couple of dozens of time. The second downside to the gameplay is the backtracking. It is a bit excessive, both in the first and in the second level (including some tricky jumps over lasers). There is also another downside: if I have to sprint through blades before they kill Lara, why did the builder have to place a wall scone with collision that will slow Lara down and be responsible for her death (in narrow corridors)? And also, the last downside in the category of Gameplay is simply too many levers/buttons/keys on the first level. This could have been significantly reduced and the gameplay would have been much, much better. Apart from that, this levelset is fantastically interesting and well thought of. The second level (discotheque) is extremely well built and I am sure everyone is going to like it a lot. There are many puzzles you need to solve: pushblock puzzle, torch puzzle, there are some tricky banana jumps and jumps over lasers, there are some great fights against tough enemies etc. The geometry is nicely built; nothing revolutionary, but still pretty realistic. The decorations are not overdone, which is very important, in my opinion. There are two secrets to find here, the second of which being really cleverly protected with spikes. The overall atmosphere is also well built, the sounds are correctly applied, flybys and camera hints are there whenever needed, and audio tracks selected (in particular in the second level) are FANTASTIC! Even those TR tracks we all know are also perfectly selected and improve the atmosphere to the better. Lighting is nice most of the time, although I saw no difference between the lighting in UW tunnels or in tunnels lit with many burners. The house with large windows and the underground cave also have the same lighting, which is rather unrealistic. Textures are nicely chosen and applied, with a couple of mistakes, but nothing big. And the finish of the level was the best I have ever seen. Yes, we need to return (again backtracking) to the beginning of the level, but the builder took care to make that trip back rather different than the trip we first took. He used flipmaps to change the tunnels along the way, and also, he brought some policemen to the house, which was, imo, extremely clever. All in all, very interesting and well built level. The builder obviously has some revolutionary ideas and knows how to use Editor. Hopefully he'll avoid UW mazes in the future and reduce backtracking a bit, and I am sure that we are going to see him in the HoF one day (soon). Highly recommendable! I am really eager to see the sequel!" - Nina Croft (19-Dec-2013)
"I've had a bit of a break from playing & reviewing levels of late, and this one was a perfect one to bring me back up to speed. Set off in a wintery mansion, you have to explore the building the building to retrieve an artefact stored there. Visually this is excellent. Texturing is spot on. Lighting is good, and structurally (though borrowed heavily from the TR2/TR3 mansion) everything is sound. My only real critism here would be that in some of the very dark areas, flares would have been appreciated. Gameplay is varied and solid. There's quite a few nasty jumps to master, but nothing that should have you re-loading too many times to perfect. The enemies are straight forward enough to deal with, and I loved the end sequence with the Matrix Style music (I was itching for some bullet time...pity we cant do that yet with TRLE?). If I was to mention anything else, while I think the music is very well selected it could get a little intrusive. I had to delete/replace the 'twisted string's track used inside the mansion from Angel of Darkness because I just cant cope with listening to off-tune violins groaning like that for so long, a simple ambience track with the distant clicking of the clocks would have been more effective there I feel. All in all I netted just over 2 hours 14 minutes from the Triangle of Light Prequel. Given this excellent start I hope to see the succession of this story someday. Excellent start & recommended. Stiggy :)" - TheStig (14-Jun-2013)
"As a prequel this looks like a full adventure and leaves me in expectation of what might be coming next. The music and sounds are well applied (at least if one manages to forget how tiresome the disco sounds, at the disco naturally, get after a while) and so seem to be the textures and the nice settings albeit just a bit dark at times, especially when no flares are provided throughout the entire adventure. Often intriguing, the game is never really mind-boggling, meaning it flows well enough even at those times when one must repeat some action a few times before coping. Even the "to- avoid" final earthquake is conceived in a manner that it doesn't become irritating or gives you a headache. Facing Lara's doppelganger a couple of times is a nice touch but fortunately we don't have to really kill the soldiers at the end when there aren't any medipacks left and Lara doesn't stand a chance. They want to make war? Let them - on their own. I prefer waiting for the sequel to this interesting prequel whose only true problem may be a little insistence on long-ish underwater mazes and not really understanding why all this is taking place right in Lara's humble abode." - Jorge22 (25-Feb-2012)
"Well, the two most recent reviews go to show that taste is a purely personal thing. To me, the disco section was the strongest of the three presented here, although I felt obliged to turn down the music volume so I could concentrate on the gameplay without having constantly to resist this primal urge to boogie. My net gaming time for the three-part adventure was nearly two hours, even though I was assisted by Yoav's well-done walkthrough, so there's plenty to do. The disco section is sandwiched between two house levels, but these new graphics made everything seem fresh and new, particularly during the final segment when you trigger a series of changes that make your exit from the mansion a treacherous mission indeed. Granted, there are more than enough banks of laser traps, but getting over them is not difficult and the repetition of the tasks did not seem unduly burdensome to me. What makes this game work for me are the eye-pleasing graphics and the immersive gameplay. Enemies are few and only mildly distracting (that quartet of soldiers at the end stood by meekly as I blew them away). But unless a level is extraordinarily bad, the graphics made available by the new tools are so visually appealing that I'll probably continue doling out ratings as high as I've done here. Recommended." - Phil (19-Feb-2012)
"This is presented as prequel; well in that case I am not interested in the sequel. This builder is too smart for his own good. There is too much of everything concerning gameplay. Problem is that the way to go is not clear, there is nothing against that but if you don't choose the right way, you have to master some nasty jumps not only once but twice (if not more). A bit of an overkill. The lack of camera work is also not funny. I am not such a fan of house levels but this one I really disliked, specially the disco area." - Gerty (12-Jan-2012)
"A very nice serie of 3 levels, not so difficult nor easy. In the first level set first nearby Lara's home and then inside, Lara has to search a lot of keys, avoid the security system based of fixed laser traps, front an underwater maze and so on. In the second level, after getting her weapons Lara reaches the disco area (similiar to the serpent rouge in AOD); in this level she has to pull some levers, pick up a torch and take it along most of the level, jump above lasers and flames, make a banana jump and kill some baddies (some of them quite strong and dangerous). Once found the switch turning off some lasers in the first level, Lara can come back to deal with the last area. In the third level Lara has to deal with an other little maze, she'll reach a temple where she finds the artifact.. other baddies to defeat and finally come back to the main door of the house escaping from the earthquake or something similiar. So a quite good gameplay in the 2nd and 3rd levels and good enigms over all in the 1st one. Not so many enemies, but very effective. 2 very simple secrets. Excellent atmosphere and nice choice of music, over all during the escape from the temple. Very good light-textures. In conclusion very enjoyable and suitable to anybody." - Steven Svorticher (11-Jan-2012)
"Really a very good debut; an adventure with a very good look, good atmosphere and some special features. The first level was very tedious, all the time pulling switches and looking for items going from here to there and visiting often the same rooms in the house; and if you miss something in a room it could be terrible. Second level was a bit better, very original but perhaps excessive traps and also backtracking if you miss something. Third level was the most entertaining level, short but with a lot of surprises and effects though. I liked the good diary detail giving you hints, the well ornated and textured rooms and the peculiar musics. A builder who can give us good moments in the future with new creations. Good work!" - Jose (11-Jan-2012)
"Here we have a really good-looking mixture of mansion, VCI complex and cave/temple level. Lara has to find her way around a familiar looking mansion, locating keys and avoiding laser traps. While laser traps in a mansion may sound strange in combination, it sure works really well together in this level. There are also a couple more areas that stand out, like a cool looking disco room with a glass and water floor including a shark tank, a moving platform with stage lights and several flame throwers on the walls. Finally, in the third level there is additional eye candy in form of an underground temple. Agility wise the game play is not overly hard since timed sequences are generous and with the exception of some banana jumps there is nothing really challenging. Nevertheless, some areas are a bit confusing because there are several options and unfortunately not so many camera hints. The banana jump areas after the disco room had to be played twice as there is no indicator that one should bring the torch along, which can be picked up elsewhere. While Lara has a diary with useful hints, a little more guidance by the builder would have been nice that particular area. The texturing and lighting and the general atmosphere in this level is top notch. Textures are beautifully applied and lighting has been used very well. I would really recommend this level. Hope we will some more good stuff coming from this builder. (90 min, 2 secrets found)" - Blue43 (01-Dec-2011)
"This level was very fun for me. I loved all the levels but sometimes it can get confusing or annoying. The first level is great. The texturing and lighting was really good but it took me a while to realize that the trapdoor was a trapdoor! The gameplay was good and it was mostly finding keys or using switches. Inside the manor was beautiful and had a lot of lasers. The only thing that annoyed me this level was the hard and frustrating underwater mazes. It was a great level though. The second level was great too. It was harder than the previous level but still the texturing and lighting was great. The last level was another good level and different from the other level. I enjoyed this level because of the nice areas you explore. A brilliant debut level from a great builder and I cant wait for other games from this builder." - afzalmiah (27-Nov-2011)
"This first adventure is a real success. Level 1: I loved the house with lasers and various mazes. Level 2: The disco in the house is really beautiful and original (for me, this level is the most hard). Level 3: A great success too, especially the end when everything collapses, the clock is very nice. Conclusion: A great adventure to keep on their computer, then I wait impatiently the sequel. A very big thank to the author. BigFoot" - BigFoot (26-Nov-2011)
"I would normally shy away from Mansion levels as they seem so 'samey', and a Mansion level as a debut could be a double no-no. However, and it is a big however, I would be wrong because this is a very pleasant level indeed. The gameplay, whilst a little simplistic, is solid and varied, there's a bit of agility, some puzzling and a few baddies near the end. Individually it seems a bit lightweight on all fronts but, somehow, it all comes together nicely to make a very playable level. There are a few annoying bits, lasers everywhere that aren't difficult to get past but do interrupt the flow of play, and the 'diary' that tells the player really important information such as that you need a key when stood in front of a lock - duh! To balance it there is plenty of good stuff. I know that underwater mazes are not everyone's cup of tea but this one is a corker! I challenge you not to get lost in it! The mood lighting in some of the rooms is second to none and the disco sequence is visually superb. All things taken into consideration this is definitely a level to be looked at and if this is the debut and prequel then I hoping for good things from the next instalment." - Diz (22-Nov-2011)
"This is a level set that looks and sounds, short of Lara's babyish noises and gasps for air when she is perfectly fine, absolutely gorgeous. The Arrival perhaps could have been a bit less boring, given there are difficult lasers to get around. I understand how the front door key just won't be available in this house, given what it is protecting, but the puzzles could have have been more interesting. I certainly didn't think it to be that bad, and at times I enjoyed it. I very much liked the blue cast rooms since they are surrounded by aquariums. The second level was super cool, even though I didn't understand why a hip "shark disco" would be in this mansion's cellar, but then I thought that maybe this is for the employees who work in the adjoining offices upstairs. Honestly, there have been plenty of levels that have made much less sense, so I went with it. This room had some difficulty with fire and trapdoors etc. I really liked this room and thought the music here was very cool. I wasn't so happy about the horrible banana jump in this level. The quest for the clock was quite nifty with traps one way and different ones for the trip back. Although the area where the clock is kept is beautiful, it needed to be more challenging. This room could have had lots of stuff to do in order to open the final door and then escape. It was too easy. The final escape was laughable. Perhaps KH could have shut the lasers down and even the lights in the mansion and sent the baddies in to find Lara. They just stood there like statues waiting to be knocked down. Although I loved the inclusion of enemy health, I thought the diary was mostly a bother. I think instead of this, necessary information could have been shown onscreen as Lara's thought, which would have made more sense, given this adventure was short. KH is a very talented builder and certainly has the ability to create a level set that will not only excel in the audio, atmosphere, lighting and textures departments, but also in the gameplay and puzzles department. I really hope this is the first of many great levels. I love his style and attention to detail. Great job!!" - Shandroid (20-Nov-2011)
"Good game, mostly easy, except for the UW maze. The abundance of lasers and backtracks made the gameplay a little boring. I loved the watery look of some rooms, and hated the lasers, mazes and particularly the absence of flares. (Why was that, KingdomHearts?) Also, a few camera hints in some places would not come amiss, for I had to go to the forum in order to discover what a particular button had done, when pressed by Lara. Nevertheless, a well built and beautiful game, certainly recommended." - Josey (18-Nov-2011)
"Another striking debut! My score for lighting and textures may seem a little excessive,particularly when taking into account the lack of flares,but actually the darkness is atmospheric and not quite pervasive enough for flares to be really necessary; a delicate balance to pull off. Textures,similarly,are superbly applied and really give a boost to the atmosphere (itself aided by generally well- chosen audio samples).Objects are placed with great care and attention to detail;while secrets are interestingly placed.Nonetheless,the gameplay does much to damage all this hard work. To be perfectly frank,the first of the three levels was a joyless trudge through a large and somewhat contrived Mansion (forget opening the front door with an ordinary and logically situated button - you need instead to navigate your way through an absurdly complex route;which presumably explains why the Mansion is currently unlived in).Once inside you encounter heaps of laser beams and a wealth of locked doors,with few clues as to where to go.In fact,camera's are unusually unhelpful,as they tend only to show you glimpses of rooms you haven't even been to yet;and how many complex underwater mazes does a Mansion need,anyway?? Get through all this,and level Two is rather more rewarding (although mind how you handle that torch,as you may need to replay quite a large section of the level if you get it wrong) and somewhat easier to follow;while level three is a shortish and exciting blast,and by far the most enjoyable of the three. Enemies are used somewhat carelessly - one female attacker avoided Lara completely,clearly preferring instead the doubtless unique physical sensation of running headlong into a small column;while the final posse merely stood motionless and absorbed Lara's somewhat mean-spirited onslaught of bullets with admirable stoicism. When all is said and done,this is a very worthy Mansion adventure;achieved with great technical accomplishment.What the builder needs to do with his next adventure is include gameplay which players would hopefully find rather more enjoyable." - Orbit Dream (18-Nov-2011)
"Great looking set of three levels, but has a lack of feel for gameplay. Taken in small doses, this adventure might seem great, but there is a negative cumulative effect of flames and laser traps everywhere, underfoot and in Lara's face, and even an attractive ending temple turns into shaking screen, flames everywhere, then a fire dotted path back to the house. The Arrival: a standard layout for the mansion, textured to high modern standards, but with laser traps that won't go away. Took a long time because Lara missed a single push button placed behind a statue, which is the usual trouble for house levels. When Lara places the scepter the "helpful" camera shot is placed from inside the as yet unexplored room, so there is no way to know where that door opened. Great looking environment, but you can't eat the scenery. A Dance with the Devil: disco that recalls Neon God, but here there are flame emitters going up the walls just where Lara wants to jump. Again one has to praise the design, a construction of catwalks connected by a trapdoor puzzle and those ubiquitous flame emitters. This is a good challenge climbing up the first time; the fifth or six time the pleasure wears thin. It was in this level that I began to really hate those diary entries, "I should take the torch with me." You think? The moment Lara enters the disco she sees a high switch across from the entrance that is bracketed by flames. So she works and works to turn off those flames, scrambles around the catwalks, throws the switch and...wait for it...there is no camera clue what happened. How many actual camera shots are helpful? There is one convincing camera showing that Lara is headed to a room half filled with water, which later turns out to be an aquarium floor room. There are tricky banana jumps over lasers and flame emitters (both at once, which sort or seems overkill), more jumps, and just when Lara is feeling a sense of accomplishment she reaches a sealed door. Too bad, she should have taken the other pathway first, have to go back, then do everything over again. The Clock of Ages: Back to the mansion and up to the attic, to find that this is connected to subterranean passageways that...(This might make more sense if I had written "basement" instead of "attic," but never mind.) Lara gets the only two secrets in these levels. Another maze takes Lara to a mysterious temple, but once again the author shows that everything is but a time slip to a portal to hell. Back to the mansion with the artifact, goons arrive like they did at the end of TR2, are no match for Lara, who escapes back into the freezing cold without bothering to put on a coat. I'm sure that the author will never, ever again use a flame emitter, and I look forward to the next levels." - dmdibl (16-Nov-2011)
"The Arrival: This is basically a mansion level, with added laser traps. Also, there's a terrible damp problem in the cellar areas so Lara ends up doing quite a bit of swimming. It's pretty much all exploration apart from a simple push puzzle and it's completely enemy free as Lara doesn't get her weapons until right at the end. A Dance with the Devil: Who said disco was dead? Actually, it was rather nice to have a disco theme again - it's been quite a while. Still loads of laser traps everywhere and some rather inventive leaping about with a torch to achieve. Good fun. Clock of Ages: Quite a short ending level, the goal of which is to retrieve the titular artefact and get back out alive whilst the scenery is descending, fires are breaking out all over and the mansion has been invaded by SAS. This is a pretty good debut level and the middle section in particular shows a nice feel for gameplay and atmosphere. A builder to look out for in future." - Jay (15-Nov-2011)
"The Arrival (7-8-8-7) A very solid home level. The mansion looks professionally built, only few texture mistakes (mostly outside - the unicolored snow floor wasn't that convincing) but well chosen sound and enough camera hints, well, at the start there could be one or two more, and there was a lot of action to do; right from the outside start there were a lot of tasks that weren't quite that clear as the well hidden trapdoor and some levers were very well camouflaged also. The laser traps looked very good and some of the jumps took a few tries at first, but soon this level got a little boring as a lot of levers had to be pulled in order to progress. Nonetheless the builder put in some nice ideas, as the weapon room, the windows that broke and flooded one of the rooms and of course the little pushable puzzle. Underwater mazes are never to my favour, as this wasn't too, as one easily could forget to find one of the key items here without noticing, and some areas in the attics were too dark for my taste, and it wasn't good that no flares were provided throughout the whole game.
A Dance with the Devil (7-8-9-9) The atmosphere of this level was absolutely convincing. The hot feeling of the AOD reminiscent disco with a down-and-up moving platform and nice lighting, the rooms where you think you run over the water and the VCI chambers look wonderful, and the sound, even if repetitive, catched this feeling brilliantly. There were few more puzzles in this level, e.g. the trapdoor puzzle you unfortunately never had to fully complete, the torch jumps also were quite fun, even if some jumps were quite hard to do as the banana jump. There were a few well placed enemies in this level and it was nice to see the "health counter" again as you could plan the usage of weapons with it. Else than that, the negative points in this level were a nearly impossible to find trapdoor and a hard to see switch where you, if you didn't find it, have to backtrack all the way over the laser traps to use it.
The Clock of Ages (6-7-8-8) In my opinion, gameplaywise weakest of the three levels, as, even if I found the connection to the last levels interesting, the level mostly contained running through claustrophobic tunnels, without much ideas. After picking up the artifact there were some interesting flipmaps used but somehow the one after the boss fight rather confused me (why not putting a lever there to raise a platform and then exiting despite of the deadly water?), the first change however was quite well implemented, as well as the escape route and the arrival of the soldiers in the mansion. Rather short, but it had a good function as the "prequel epilogue".
I am looking forward to the next part of the game, the builder showed great technical ability, but he also needs to care of better gameplay, as the lever pulling in the first and parts of the second level was not that nice, and the third level was maybe not very thrilling until the escape for me. Still recommended." - manarch2 (13-Nov-2011)