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Adventures of Lara Croft by Pilip

AKlara 8 9 10 9
Christian 7 7 7 8
DJ Full 8 8 9 9
dmdibl 8 7 8 9
Gerty 7 7 8 9
Glouglouton 6 7 8 8
Jay 8 7 8 8
Jorge22 8 9 10 9
Jose 7 7 7 8
manarch2 6 7 8 8
MichaelP 6 7 9 9
misho98 9 9 9 9
Nina Croft 7 7 6 8
Nomad 7 7 9 9
Orbit Dream 6 5 6 8
Phil 8 8 9 9
Ryan 7 7 9 9
Shandroid 7 7 8 8
sonnyd83 7 9 9 8
Steven Svorticher 6 7 8 9
Talos 6 8 9 9
TheStig 7 9 9 9
tomb gamer 9 9 10 10
V Croft 8 9 9 9
Wolf7 7 8 9 9
release date: 01-May-2012
# of downloads: 161

average rating: 7.99
review count: 25
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file size: 87.20 MB
file type: TR4
class: nc

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"A pretty cutsie entry with several little levels not really linked but providing some fast paced (for the most time) and fun (for the most time) challenges ^w^.
The gameplay, err, quite hit and miss, while I find myself liking a lot Egypt, Peru and the second part of Croatia, I really, really found myself not liking at all the slow pace of Tibet and hating New York as it was quite the least gameplay filled one among the hole.
The object usage was quite good ^w^, my faved level for object usage is quite easily Peru, all the others level, yeah, do manage to have objects and New York manages to be quite empty instead.
The Atmosphere was what was great through all the levels, with my favourite parts being Tibet and Peru, I would have probably liked some more playing around with colors but I can't really say I am not satisfied in the look.
Lighting manages to be pretty good everywhere, but what shines is the texturing that is really really well made for a level of this marking, there are some mistakes regarding texturing but easily forgivable since the rest of the level did really look good.
I would easily recommend this everybody, giving a disclaimer though regarding the endless pushable puzzle in Tibet and the overall shortness of the game that really sometimes gives a bad taste and makes the player be willing to strive for more. Beyond this, it is a sweet adventure :3 Wolfy Regards." - Wolf7 (21-Dec-2020)
"These are entertaining and well-imagined levels, but the words 'wasted potential' kept screaming in my mind. They gave me a feeling that they could be much more. Like Lara beginning farther away from the ring pieces, outside of the temples or the museums, and slowly making her way in, that would give a more complete experience. This felt like a demo, and a constricting one at that. Surroundings are all very tight and takes place in small rooms, a couple of larger rooms here and there would be very cool. Though maybe the author wanted this style, directly to the point and no beating around. Anyway still the gameplay is quite nice, there are a lot of traps to avoid (is there even a way to get past those blades without health loss, grrr), a block puzzle which hurt my brain because for a long time I kept arranging the blocks to dead ends and could not deliver the upper one to where it belongs, some cool platforming. And it has awesome atmosphere and music, with the New York level being my favorite in those regards. As I said, could be better, but still nice enough for a raid." - Nomad (20-Aug-2020)
"Feels like a cute batch of ORC levels but in a single storyline, and I was very pleased to see how the author doesn't waste space - he has more things occuring on few squares than some other builders include in a large temple, with graphics, music and all kinds of filler stuff being all on topic. Save from the reducible pushable and the pickup ending lacking an aftermath, this short, little adventure feels dense, enjoyable and complete. Recommended a lot as a sweet break you can play anytime you want." - DJ Full (31-Oct-2018)
"This is basically a series of vignettes having Lara briefly visit a few locations in search of a few Ring Parts, pretty much having her travel around the world in... well, 45 minutes. But I quite liked this little adventure even if the gameplay wasn't as challenging as it could be. The varying locations make for a nice change of scenery and are pleasing as far as they go, the gameplay contains enough variety for it not to get boring and the atmosphere was well caught, in my opinion. The blade traps were a little repetitive and annoying to get past and the block puzzle in Nepal went on a bit, but I still found some fun in this. Take it as an experiment and just enjoy." - Ryan (01-Apr-2018)
"Small series of levels that lead Lara around some places like Egypt, Nepal, Croatia, New York and Peru. There is nothing new in the field of gameplay, but the building of individual environments is well made, especially Nepal and Croatia: the latter recalls much of the Mediterranean tourist villages. And for me the Croatian level was a source of inspiration for my level (Legend of Triton was born because I love the setting of this unique maritime level). I'd love a new level just set in Korkura! If you are looking for pleasant and unchallenging levels These are the right choice." - Talos (24-Jan-2018)
"One thing is clear, Pilip clearly knows how to build. Each of these individual levels is well lit, textured & constructed. Each environment is distinct with it's own feel (my favourite was probably the initial Egypt level). Gameplay is pretty straightforward with the usual assortment of jumps, burning floors & levers to throw. Artefacts never seem to be far away from where they need to be placed, and this really plays into the one key disappointment which is purely the length of each level. This continues the pattern from Pilip of producing well constructed but short levels. Given the skill the author clearly has, I hope to see a longer more meaty raid from them in the future. Completed in just over an hour. Nice work. Stiggy :)" - TheStig (12-Jul-2014)
"Five very short levels with the smallest possible maps, each representing (or at least should represent) another part of the world and totally different location - Egyptian tomb/temple, Nepalese monastery, New York streets and ducts, Croatian island and a Peruvian fortress. However, the builder has quite failed to make a reliable atmosphere for his levels. There would be no difference between the Egyptian, Nepalese or Peruvian levels if he had used similar texture sets. Gameplay is very linear and each level is easy to finish. Egyptian level is quite annoying to play due to many blades placed in narrow corridors where you cannot jump over them without losing too much health. The highligt of the Egyptian level is the timed run across the burners. The second (Nepal) level is infamous for its too long and too tedious pushblock sequence and its highlight are the jump sequences over slopes and climbing/shimmying sequences that involve too much backtracking. The third level is quite interesting, though, involving a bit tricky banana jump across the street. The fourth level is beautifully built, but not reliably representing a Croatian island. The last level brings back the notorius knives in narrow corridors and that was simply too much. The levels are not packed with too many enemies and Lara can collect more than enough medipacks and ammo to deal with them. There are no secrets and the level is not heavily decorated with objects. The weakest link of the level is definitely the atmosphere, spoiled with the fact that all kinds of floor (stone, snow, metal, wood, sand...) have the same sound. Lighting is nice, texturing is well done and textures well chosen. The good side of the level is that it can be finished in less than an hour and that you won't need the walkthrough even if you are a beginner. But, as far as I can see, this (very young) builder is becoming better and better with each new level of his. I am sure that very soon he will make a Hall-of-Famer, provided that he takes our critique constructively and corrects the faults he has made by now. Do not be disappointed, Andrija, keep building, even the greatest builders had to GROW UP first as builders." - Nina Croft (20-Oct-2013)
"I stumbled on this level accidentally and oh boy what a happy acident that was! The gameplay was top noch and the only reason it didnt get a 10 is becouse of the blades in Egypt whitch were quite tedious. Everything else is really great, I especially loved the block puzzle in nepal as it really mede me think. Enemies, objects, atmosphere, lightning, textures im not going to coment on as it is obvious by the screens themselves they are all great. Basically this level really hits all the right buttons for me and therfore i give it this very hing rating. Recomended!" - tomb gamer (08-Sep-2013)
"I just love these kind of levels, straight to the point, simple and most importantly fun. The level itself is split into 5 locations, each built out of only one room. Therefore the rooms are quite small, but filled with gameplay. From avoiding rolingballs, jumping over fiery pits and shimming across rooftops, exploration, shooting, every aspect of the gameplay is there. Game is looking stunning as all of the Pilips levels are. All in all I warmly recommend this short but sweet 1h level. More please" - AKlara (27-Dec-2012)
"Egypt, Nepal, New York, Croatia and Peru, what a way to go despite the very short moments each travel takes! It's not really "a Lara Croft Adventure" but several "Adventures of Lra Croft" and it manages to be interesting at that, especially when you think of the nice setting you meet in every location. So, a thank you for the idea (despite the fact that it remains somewhat underdeveloped) and thumbs up for the great atmosphere mainly. There may have been too many knives along the way though... I guess the hardest part may have been a timed run in Peru near the ending. All in all, I welcome this experiment - I take it as a well achieved experiment - and invite all players to try it out as well." - Jorge22 (26-Sep-2012)
"I have, in the past, enjoyed Pilip's levels to the extent that the atmosphere has been spot on, but not so much for gameplay. Pilip has improved the gameplay on this level, but there is room for improvement. If he would include a bit more thought-provoking gameplay, then his levels would be hall of fame stuff. I did enjoy the surroundings so much though, that I was sad that each "adventure" was more of a "walk in the park" for a pro like Lara. I wished each level was longer. Just as I was getting into it, it was over. Nonetheless, this was a mini-adventure worth going on. Pilip is getting much better with every level, and soon he will be creating a masterpiece." - Shandroid (27-Jul-2012)
"Indeed adventures, yes plural as Lara travels through quite some areas to get her hands on some Ring Parts and takes it away with her. The levels are pretty small and the area where Lara is looking for those parts are also pretty small. All in all not a bad idea. A bit too much doing the same thing all over but nice traps (too many knifes though) and figuring out where to go and also where to jump. The atmosphere was about right in my opinion. Tip for the future, texture the push boxes also from the inside." - Gerty (27-May-2012)
"This is a delightful compilation of five vignettes in varied settings, each of which will take you about ten minutes or so to complete. There's no rocket science here, and for the most part everything flows in a linear fashion, but I did take peeks at the walkthrough from time to time to make sure I was on the right track. The lighting is impeccable as well, and I had occasion to use a flare on only one occasion. The revolver and laser sight are provided in the last level, but there's no apparent use for either. Also in the last level, a boulder doesn't roll down a ramp as it was apparently intended to do. These are the kinds of levels I like, with appealing scenery and tasks that are within the reach of the average player. More, please." - Phil (17-May-2012)
"This builder has developed a designing style of short but quirky little levels,filled with fast-moving but generally unoriginal and undemanding gameplay.The five levels in this level-set illustrate that perfectly. Level One (in Egypt) is all about avoiding spiked blades and deadly floors. Level Two (Nepal) is not at all dissimilar,with the addition of a rather plodding block pushing puzzle (my solution for which interestingly defied the laws of physics).Level Three (New York) is a slight change of pace and involves jumping over alleyways,crawling through air ducts and shooting one Guard. Level Four is all about shimmying;while Level Five is a return to spiked blades,with the addition of a slightly buggy timed run. All five would have been far more entertaining with the addition of more enemies (why all the fire-power and medi-packs if we rarely get to use them?)and somewhat less linear gameplay. Nonetheless,the textures and lighting display a sure hand;the variety in locations gives this 70 minute adventure a sense of scale;and the Croatian level is visually quite charming.Although somewhat unambitious from a constructional point-of-view,this adventure entertains considerably;has a generally low difficulty level (although the New York canopy-jump took me quite a while to figure out)and is always fast moving. Recommended." - Orbit Dream (15-May-2012)
"Yes, Yes - all a bit short and easy - that is true, but you know what: I really enjoyed this set of 5 levels, each max 10-20 minutes long (or even shorter) due to the nice sense of place they convey, due to the diversity in location and Lara's outfit and mainly because they provided me with just the raid I needed at the time of play - something to not agonize about and not pull your hair out wondering how to proceed. The levels feature some mild acrobatics and occasional traps, a few enemies and a few timed sequences that are not too hard to manage. I liked New York and Croatia best, Peru was maybe too brief (even vs the other levels), the block puzzle in Nepal a bit too tedious and getting those blade jumps right in Egypt was a bit of an annoying start. The package as a whole though worked nicely for me with less than an hour of total net gaming time, so I can fully recommend giving it a look!" - MichaelP (14-May-2012)
"There are several rather short levels on different locations all over the world, that are not really connected by are convincing storyline. Gameplay is quite linear without real challenges. Before the level ends, there is a nice moderately timed run to perform. One jump to a ladder with a boulder in Laras neck made fun. Puzzles are too easy - if I(!) don't need the stuck-thread they are definitly too easy..... Sound and atmosphere are convincing." - Christian (11-May-2012)
"Don't be misled by the fact that there are five levels in this set - they are of short duration so the overall game is not going to take days to finish. Egypt - Temple of Anubis: Lots of knife blades in low ceilinged passageways mean that unless you are extremely adept and/or lucky, Lara will certainly lose some health here. The highlight is a short, timed fire tile run that takes you into the next segment. Nepal - the Monastery: A fairly prolonged block puzzle, more snow leopards to shoot and a spot of ladder work. New York - the Museum: Swap the snow leopards for dogs and a guard, plus some more climbing around on ladders and monkey swings in a sub-VCR style setting. Croatia - Korcula: There's a rather nice holiday atmosphere here, with Lara in suitable attire for a day at the seaside (well, apart from the weaponry of course) and she does already appear to have acquired a bit of a tan. I think this was my favourite section. The gameplay was pretty much the same as the other parts, but the addition of sunshine, seagulls and the sounds of the sea just made for a cheerful raid for me. Peru - the Fort: The last segment has a few dogs and chaps with great big guns to deal with and we return to the knife blade theme with a last timed run, blade and boulder trap that I rather enjoyed. It may be more a series of vignettes than anything else, but I must say I liked the quick change/ breakneck pace of the game." - Jay (06-May-2012)
"5 little nice levels often keeping similiar to themselves in their forms and substances.. each of them set in an own environment. Gameplay is quite linear, except in some points like for example in the 1st Egyptian level where you've to jump on some blades in a short space or to avoid some boulders, rather than to to jump on ledges in rooms covered by deadly floor or a time trial of middle difficulty in the last level. Quite simple enigms.. things I appreciated more are a more hidden jumpswitch, the crack where there's the crowbar at the beginning of the 1st level and over all the 5 block puzzle in nepal, where one of them is on a wall block.. so the purpose is to move this to the other part of the room by using the other 4 blocks. I think only this puzzle is worth of recognizment, the other stuff is too simple.. cause globally enigmis are only sufficient. Nearly good presence of enemies, each kind changes according to the contest level.. so in Egypt we find phanters, in Nepal ghepards, in the New York museum some guards and dogs, in Croatia dogs and eagles and in Perý some soldiers.. as weapons we've got shotgun and uzis, in large amount than the number of enemies. I found no secrets. Good places, musics from several TR (anniversary, legend, aod etc.). No flyby, no screens. Excellent lights-textures. Globally a level with good graphic characteristics, but with a gameplay just sufficient, nothing more." - Steven Svorticher (06-May-2012)
"This oddly feels like a One Room Competition consisting of five levels by the same author. Well - then to the single levels...
Egypt - Temple of Anubis - 6 minutes: A very short but nicely textured first level with not that many gameplay elements (finding two stars and a key while progressing pretty linear through some trap rooms). I didn't like that there were so many blades in narrow passages and the rat didn't fit to the scenario well.
Nepal - The Monastery - 15 minutes: The longest level of the set, with more or less the same atmopshere of the Nepal levels of the builder's debut, and with nice Legend music tracks. There were some badly marked ladders as some of them looked the same as normal textures and a way too long pushable puzzle that became tedious about halfway through.
New York - Museum - 7 minutes: I found this to be the least engaging of the levels, the atmopshere was pretty greyish and the gameplay was very boring quickly progressing from one area to the next shooting the occasional enemy. I expected the level to get better eventually, but it didn't. The only fun thing was a nice jump sequence (but with illegal slopes), but the floor in this room wasn't marked as deadly so this felt rather strange.
Croatia - Korcula - 10 minutes: This level set in the builder's homecountry was graphicwise the best of the set with great texturing and lighting and a nice atmosphere, but gameplaywise it also felt a little short because the gameplay was only about finding a few items and placing them in the respective receptacle. I liked the way to get up on top of the area though, but the final deadly floor room felt a little out of place.
Peru - The Fort - 7 minutes: The setting was quite realistic with a nice starting area but there were some windows you can look through and see areas out of the map which didn't look nice. The timed run near the end was pretty easy but the closing door lets you being stuck in it and I bet most of the players will be stuck there because one square further is a blade which has to be avoided directly after the run, this was avoidable. Also, the last boulder didn't roll down the slope and I never needed the revolver/lasersight.
All in all I found the game not be very inventive and only the steady change of locations let this levelset be a bit more special. There are some really nice designs (like in the last two levels) but there also are many mistakes we would only expect from beginners. Finished in 45 minutes - didn't find any secrets but three or four times there were rooms that easily could have had a secret in it." - manarch2 (05-May-2012)
"Several small levels which well could be builded in only one, but 'cause the different locations (I think) the author wanted to link as seperate levels. There were some nasty tasks I didn't like (blades in corridors with low ceilings or the tricky jump back with twist and hard turn in midair) but usually were levels nice to play. I got many problems to place the coin in the pedestal but few more. Next time try to mark properly the deadly floors with smoke or so. I liked the texturization but perhaps the rooms are too small. Enemies are good, but think about place them in areas where Lara can't kill so easy. Looking back to previous levels we'll see what this author can make when building bigger levels with larger areas. I have a good sentation about this. Good luck!" - Jose (04-May-2012)
"I had a great time playing this level - filled most of the evening. It is just the style of level I enjoy playing. It consists of about 5 very distinct adventures in different parts of the world and has very nice textures from different Tomb Raiders, but all connected as you have to collect a ring at the end of each one. I think in terms of atmosphere, the second one wins every time. I don't know what it is about fog, but it brings a level to life. The drawbacks of the levels are possibly overly epic music repeating a little too much, a door in the last level closing and trapping Lara, some of the dogs not barking, and funny camera angle when climbing around corners I think the gameplay is enjoyable but a little repetitive - there's a lot of jumping, climbing etc in all levels. There's a good pushable block puzzle in level 2, and a few dogs and bats etc." - sonnyd83 (03-May-2012)
"Very entertaining but short levelset. Sure, each level is made by only one room so I can understand why the gameplay is short. But it's challenging and very fun! The first level took me 5 minutes but I loved it anyway. Those blade traps were kinda annoying for me, but that only because I'm not good at avoiding them. The second level has a slightly different atmosphere. While the first one is best described as TRA-Egypt, the second one is - TRL-Nepal. I liked it and the pushblock puzzle can really make you think. The other tasks were fun as well - some climbing, some slope jumps and some fights with leopards. The third level is a mix between city and base. I liked this one as well, it featured things like in the previous level but there wasn't a pushblock puzzle. The fourth level is my favorite. It's pretty short but the atmosphere is amazing - so sunny and beautiful and you can hear the waves. The gameplay was also perfect - shimmy on some roofs, jump on some slopes, avoid some rolling balls and kill some dogs and crows. The last level is good too but what I was expecting was a boos fight. There wasn't and much ammo was left unused. Anyway, this levelset presents some challenging gameplay and beautiful areas it! It took me about 40 minutes to complete the whole thing." - misho98 (02-May-2012)
"The author's levels come close to getting good scores, since there is a lot of talent and design ability. This new set of five small levels features a lot of traps and gymnastics, and there may be a reason for this. I'm hoping the author intended these as a learning exercise. A bit of history is needed to explain. Look at the author's The Broken Kingdom. In my review for those levels I said, "The author has a well-developed graphics sense, so there are many areas that look close to a professional design, and the appearance and atmosphere only improve as Lara advances through these five debut levels. The last three levels are close to being really well done, if only more attention had been paid to how players experience this." The main problem was that the first two levels were weak, linear, and with switches and levers hidden behind foliage. The last three levels had good graphics, but needed something in the way of challenges for Lara. There were certainly memorable moments, such as a descent in a towering chamber with snow banks at the bottom. This brings us to this new release, five short levels which are nearly candidates for the one-room challenge. Reminiscent of earlier levels, Lara travels through Nepal and a monastery, then ventures on to New York, Croatia (Korcula), and a fort in Peru. The last level doesn't seem much like Peru, but no matter, there is a timed run. All levels feature plenty of traps, plinth blades, boulder runs, and jumps over deadly floors. (In New York, the deadly floor should have had lasers or something to make it credible.) Considering that each adventure is only a few editor rooms it is interesting how much is packed into each piece. I enjoyed this, although there were maybe a couple too many plinth blades overall. Perhaps the author is experimenting to see how players respond to various trials. I missed the grand scenery of the author's earlier level set, so by themselves these new little levels feel somewhat incomplete, but maybe all this is finally headed for a synthesis of features in a future level. Fun, playable short levels." - dmdibl (02-May-2012)
"The gameplay was was very entertaining and challenging. Some roilingballs and knives to dodge. You can clearly see how the builder progressed in the gameplay department. The objects were used well and smart because the builder used only one room. The scenes looked detailed. Enemies were well timed and they all made sense. Atmosphere was really good and it made, at least me to sometimes stop and look around just to observe the scenes and the lightning. The textures were mostly custom and they looked really good. A very nice and entertaining level. RECOMMENDED!" - V Croft (02-May-2012)
"This level contains 5 very short parts and quite linear. That's why the gameplay is not so interestin because I haven't done any research. That's a pity because levels (especially Korcula) have some good lightings and a nice atmosphere. Korcula also reminds me the dead sea scrolls from Trix (I enjoyed it). Recommanded." - Glouglouton (01-May-2012)