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Tomb Raiders Retold by 911

Akcy 5 4 3 6
BHM Productions 3 4 1 6
Christian 6 5 3 4
DJ Full 8 8 5 7
dmdibl 6 5 6 5
eRIC 5 5 5 5
Gerty 5 6 5 5
Jack& 4 5 5 5
Jay 5 5 5 6
Jose 6 6 5 6
LarangL 6 4 5 7
Lara_Fox_Croft 5 3 7 6
manarch2 5 5 5 5
MichaelP 6 6 6 5
misho98 4 6 3 5
Orbit Dream 4 5 6 6
Ryan 5 5 5 6
TheStig 6 6 6 6
Torry 6 5 6 7
totizedger 5 6 6 5
Treeble 5 6 6 7
release date: 25-Aug-2012
# of downloads: 193

average rating: 5.29
review count: 21
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file size: 85.17 MB
file type: TR4
class: Atlantis

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"In this abridged version of the original game Natla wins and the premise is indeed intriguing. You play as Natla and easily defeat our heroine but the various traps in the level make it a decent raid. The only issue is all the missing sound affects. Add those and the level becomes an enjoyable experience and whilst short, there is a lot packed into this mini adventure." - Torry (05-Dec-2019)
"Short, but it manages to squeeze in quite a challenge. You play as Natla, rather than Lara, in this little tidbit, which makes for a slightly intriguing experience. It's a shame that there wasn't much to do in the time I spent here: an enjoyable boulder challenge, a buggy block jumping sequence, annoying teeth doors that had no sound causing me to reload too often, and a very simple battle with Lara herself. Nevertheless, some effort has been put in here, and I look forward to trying this builder's latest." - Ryan (20-May-2017)
"I haven't played previous level from this author, but this one was enjoyable. No real difficulty, which suits me well, except the rolling ball trap that requires you to try it several times to know exactly where to go. But not a big deal after all. G/P : no challenge here as there are no puzzles to solve, but still fun to play. Yet, no warning of the blade doors that spawn directly in front of you throwing you to death for sure. E/O/S : a lack of objects and enemies. Only switches, doors and traps. That's quite empty. But what a great idea to place Lara as an enemy here A/S/C : atmosphere is good. Cameras too. Yet, there are almost no objects sounds. And some caera sequences are going through walls and floors. L/T : textures are nice but not well applied. Too many cracks, not aligned and stretched textures. In conclusion, I recommend this level for those who are not searching for difficulty and want to play a small level just for fun." - LarangL (11-Jun-2016)
"I was really pleased and intrigued by the concept and found it to be quite ambitious and unique. Upon actual gameplay, I am quite disappointed. There were so many weird and aggravating puzzles. Not to mention the many traps throughout had weird hit-boxes. Spikes were draining my health even though I was well above them, boulders killed me even though I was standing well out of their path. Natla would not grab ledges like she should all the time and I ended up randomly falling into lava pits over and over again. Little confusions like this just kept frustrating me more and more. Also, there is an almost complete lack of sound in the level, which was off-putting. Lara's model at the beginning standing still as a statue was off-putting as well. The best part of the level was definitely the overall design; textures looked great, everything flowed, and the look/atmosphere was quite well done. Overall, this was a great and cute little concept that had a rocky execution and left a lot to be desired." - BHM Productions (02-May-2016)
"A brief but interesting level here from 911. Conceptually it's quite interesting and visually it's not bad either, and I love the Core TRAE atlantis textures used, and lighting is pretty decent throughout as well. Unfortunately however it's a classic example of rushing a good idea and spoiling the execution. Gameplay is pretty straight forward with throwing of levers, dodging of boulders etc. It's a shame the fight with Lara wasn't a bit more of a challenge at the end. There also seemed to be allot of missing sounds which was a shame too. As an idea this is great but it's too short to fully capitalize on it. All in all I netted just over 17 minutes from TRRetold1. Flawed but definitely worth playing. Stiggy :)" - TheStig (06-Mar-2015)
"This level tells you the story of Natla's preparations for the traps. Gamelay consists of boulders, spike puzzle and a neat jump sequence. First off the boulder trap with the jump sequence was really fun to do and was quite inspired. The spike puzzle while being a good idea was buggy because if you jump on certain parts you will either take damage or die which made me reload the game a lot. There are no enemies except for the battle with Lara at the end. It was hilarious to see Lara standing on the platform fighting the boss although the boss just goes around in circles LOL. Some sounds were missing and the most annoying one is that you can't hear the squishing doors which resulted in my death a couple of times. To sum things up it has an interesting concept but the execution is sadly not very good and the lack of sounds makes it rather boring to play." - totizedger (22-Oct-2014)
"Much like the previous level from this author, while it has its shortcomings (such as missing sound effects) I actually enjoyed my time here. You get to experience a (very downsized) version of the final TR1 level from Natla's perspective. Natla comes with her own matching pistols! It's just unusual in the sense that Natla has to endure a number of traps if she wants to seize the three objects that'll lead her to the exit room, traps which I'm sure she'd herself would rather have Lara go through. Lara also gets featured twice in the level, at the very start you run off while leaving her to fight the abomination (good use of audio there) and then in the final room you fight her off - killing her and keeping the Scion no less. Natla has won, mankind is doomed. 10 minutes. 09/14" - Treeble (27-Sep-2014)
"A level proposing to retell a part of TR1 from Natla's point of view. Quite a dynamic level with action and traps, enjoyable with the high-res Atlantean textures, I could have done with less teeth doors traps though. Many missing sounds, some thin floors , and Lara can die even when she is on the raising blocks in the spikes room are some of the flaws, but the level is enjoyable. The shortest but the most interesting level from the builder. 13 minutes" - eRIC (02-May-2013)
"The Great Pyramid level from TR1, and from Natla's point of view. Clearly she has had a less eventful journey than Lara, but even taking that into account the level is still too short. The idea is certainly interesting, but it should have been worked out on a much more extensive scale. The architecture is recognizable, just downscaled. The Lara we fight in the end is the correct model, short hair, triangle tits, but the one we see from the Scion balcony and the one in the title are the usual long haired. Apart from the few texture errors the visual is okay. However we all remember the fine atmosphere of the original level, and I'm affraid this doesn't come even close, especially with all the missing sounds and item names. Playing with winged Natla is quite a novelty, for that reason alone it may worth to take a look at, just don't expect too much." - Akcy (20-Nov-2012)
"OMG, hahaha... Excellent idea! Actually, before I read the story, I expected Natla to die in the end... It would be a remake, but a "what if" alternative does good as well. Explore Atlantis... well "exploration" isn't a correct world, because Natla KNOWS what she built, doesn't she? But how will she handle all those traps she prepared for Lara? Play this game to find out. Apparently among a bit underdone lighting and a technical flaw caused by adding one custom sound to the wad (and accidentally removing many other), it is still extremely funny to see Natla in her unfortunate situation. I almost felt sorry for her, but eagerly helped her to bravely solve her own puzzles. Enemy territory is not enemy anymore... And guess what put the absurd to the zenital elevation - Lara is fighting the mutant all the time You play. REALISM! And, just like I supposed, Natla meets Lara for final duel in exactly the same spot as it happens in the original TR1, after being attacked by no single enemy (all in all it's her army, so why would they), anyway still having Atlantean Pistols in her equipment, so You can see attention to be consequent is really much paid, maybe only except a wrong rotation of ladder tiles. This level will soon become a second episode of my TR Underrated let's-play series, as it really deserves it as nothing else I played since Mayberry Street. Absolutely recommended. In the end, a TIP for the author: collapsible floor would be better in place of those thin bridges You made in order to maintain a constantly sloped ceiling." - DJ Full (01-Nov-2012)
"Back in time and unfortunately I never liked Atlantis. Then Lara was Natla, don't have any problem with that switch of characters. The chase with the boulder was thrilling but the spike and raising blocks not so. Oh well, it has some nice ideas but I liked his first level much more." - Gerty (15-Oct-2012)
"I liked this short short better than the author's spooky debut. The author's clever notion is to address facts that TR1 sort of sidesteps. In TR1 Natla falls seemingly to her death, while Lara grabs a hanging platform with its torso monster. Later, in the pyramid, Natla reappears in her winged form to challenge Lara. So what exactly happened? If Natla sprouted wings, what took her so long to reappear? Here the author fills in Natla's actions during the interlude in a revisionist history. As other reviewers have noted, there is a heart pounding narrow escape from a multiple boulder run. But despite the creative idea, there are still paper-thin walls in a spike room doorway, and the end in a greatly compressed pyramid has final jumps over paper-thin platforms. The lack of sounds detracts from teeth doors. Ideas can be developed better as the author gains more experience with the level editor. To be taken as something of a test level." - dmdibl (14-Sep-2012)
"Ah, what fun! This proves to be an example how a seemingly lower rated level can be thoroughly enjoyable. What you get is less than 15 minutes of net gaming, but it holds a nice story twist, some good use of audio and a series of agility tests and traps that are not to be underestimated. It suitably fits into an Atlantis setting and has a well conceived 'boss finale' as well. Now, if the author could come up with the patience to fit his considerable skills into a larger and more comprehensive adventure and iron out some of the rougher edges in texturing and lighting, we could have a real winner." - MichaelP (10-Sep-2012)
"We can notice an advance here in the author's skills. Gameplay is more entertaining, and there's a good use of cameras, but still there are paper walls and ledges, and there are a lot of missed sounds. Anyway there's an original way to play with Lara as an enemie. Continue so." - Jose (31-Aug-2012)
"Gameplay wasn't perfect, but good. The bit with the rolling balls was great, the one with the spikes and raising block - not so much. It was great that you can see Lara fighting the mutant, but kinda weird how you fight her a few second after seeing her in the end. Lots of sound were missing, cameras were placed good though. The atmosphere was killed by the paper-thin walls and some unrotated textures. Lighting was pretty good, maybe just the last room was too bright. I think the builder's debut level was far better than this one. You may give this one a try - it has some nice ideas and it takes no more than 10 minutes." - misho98 (31-Aug-2012)
"At only 10 minutes duration this level was surpisingly intense in the gameplay as you get a quite varied selection of unpretentiously fun elements in this game, that make it more interesting to play than the builder's debut. The general idea of this level is quite intriguing but honestly I'd rather prefer to get killed in this level than to kill the only enemy ;). While most of the used objects are nice from a technical viewpoint some of them were rather buggy and amateurish, as the Torso monster running around Lara in circles ir the spikes killing Lara even if she is standing on a spikeless block. I also wonder why the builder placed grenade ammo in this level as there is no gun to find (I checked it). So all in all this seems to be a nice level with a twist to the original storyline, but it's often poorly executed with the buggy objects and some missing sounds. Still I had a good time in this level with a few interesting ideas, best of all the boulder run and the spike puzzle - unfortunately one can skip a part of it..." - manarch2 (29-Aug-2012)
"This micro-mini adventure has a good premise, i.e. one of Lara's TR1 adventures from Natla's perspective, and indeed opens with Natla viewing Lara's run in with the torso boss baddie, which is rather fun. Unfortunately, the game itself is fairly basic and involves some easy manoeuvres to find a few crystals (merely labelled 'load' in the inventory), although there is an exhilarating boulder run towards the end that spices things up a bit. If you feel nostalgic for the good old TR1 Atlantean textures you could always give this a go in your coffee break." - Jay (27-Aug-2012)
"This is one of those levels where the overall scores probably won't accurately reflect the enjoyment factor of the game in question - which is a bit of a shame,as I thought this was really rather enjoyable.The concept is fun,original and very diplomatic (everyone,no matter how evil,has their own side of the story to tell);and the gameplay zips along very enjoyably for the 15 minutes that the level lasts - and this is the problem,as there really isn't that much to get to grips with aside from a simply fantastic multiple rolling-boulder gauntlet.The search for the three objects to open a door constitutes the actual substance of the level,but this is pretty elementary and is spoilt by a multitude of soundless(and therefore unannounced) squishing doors.The TR1 Atlantis textures have not aged particularly well,and are occasionally sloppily placed;and the length of the level is just too short to be fully immersive.Nonetheless,the confrontation between the playable protagonist and Lara is wonderfully subversive,well put together and great fun! This builder is quickly developing a reputation as a deliverer of fun and quirky little adventures.Not the sort of things to have the potential for Hall of fame status,perhaps;but definitely level releases to look forward to!" - Orbit Dream (26-Aug-2012)
"Same builder ..wich made the Waverly Hills Sanatorium ...... this time his work was a bit better in terms off gameplay .. not much difference through ......this time ur run for 3 fuse's at 3 different paths ... one recuire boulder run .. other rise platforms run and last small lava room ...... nothing special .... u can finish it in max 20 minutes ..... at last stage u need to kill Lara get a artefact and go out and after some run jumps sequence game ends shortly .... is a bit better than his first work but dont expect too much from it ...... waste off time like his first work ... i dont recomand it ....." - Jack& (26-Aug-2012)
"Gameplay&puzzle: gameplay was not so bad, a bit tedious in the "rolling balls" passage, but it's ok. No real enigma, no real challenge, it's rather easy, I would have liked a better Lara Croft as a boss, but I'm gonna give my point about it later. As I said I though puzzles too easy, no real search for "load" object. I was suprised to see a "load" object, and to have "atlantis gun" ,or something like that, in my inventary.Next time try to rename all your objects. Enemies, object & secret: When I read this section and I think about the level I feel a bit emply, no enemies apart Lara, no secrets[I didn't find secrets] I've to say I was shocked with the feeling of "emptyness" this level have not a lot of objects, I laugh a bit when I saw lara does not move in front of the torso boss, and to see her few minutes ago come to fight Natla. She was so fast! Lara is supposed to be a boss, isn't she? Why don't give a much long life bar, or better attacks?Poor Lara. So, let's continue: Atmosphere, Sound & Cameras: Cameras were no so bad, for a second level.I didn't played your first level, but maybe I will. I liked this TR1 atmosphere, Natlas victory against Lara was a real fresh and good idea. Sounds, it was funny to hear Natla talk to Lara, but not enough sounds, and musics. Lighting and textures: lighting: no real light in this level... Textures: For a second level it's quite nice, but not perfect, sometimes misplaced, [I saw a section of a wall without a texture.] But I really loved the textures, a bit from TRA a bit from TR1, and maybe from internet. I find it unfortunate to not have animated textures, like in TR1. To conclude:this level is a not so bad debut level, keep working! Want to see more original levels" - Lara_Fox_Croft (25-Aug-2012)
"The author has made some progress compared to his provious level I didn't finish. 15 minutes to play, 4 crystals have to be found to finally exit this short game. The most remarkable thing is a tricky boulder-run. Traps come out of nowhere, pistols are without sounds, atmosphere is not existent. A nice finger-exercice." - Christian (25-Aug-2012)