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Coyote Creek 2 by Cowboy EssGee GMac Titak

Andzia9 10 10 10 10
Bigfoot 10 10 10 10
CalrOsario 10 10 10 10
Ceamonks890 9 9 9 9
Christian 9 10 10 10
Cosmos 10 10 10 10
Dick 10 10 10 10
DJ Full 10 10 10 10
dmdibl 10 10 10 10
Eelkemama 10 10 10 10
eRIC 10 10 10 10
g12STL 9 10 10 9
Gerty 10 10 10 10
Glouglouton 10 10 10 10
Ivan 10 10 10 10
IvanTRFan 8 10 10 10
Jack& 10 10 10 10
Jay 10 10 10 10
JesseG 8 10 10 10
JoeTheCrazyGamer 10 10 10 10
Jorge22 10 10 10 10
Jose 10 10 10 10
Josey 10 9 10 9
Juno Jim 10 10 10 10
Lorax 10 10 10 10
manarch2 9 10 10 10
McRaider 10 10 10 10
MichaelP 8 10 10 9
MigMarado 8 10 10 10
Minaru 10 10 10 10
Mman 10 10 10 10
MrJavi94 10 10 10 10
Mytly 9 10 10 9
OverRaider 10 10 10 10
Phil 10 10 10 10
requiemsoul 9 9 10 10
Ruben 10 10 10 10
Ryan 10 10 10 10
Shandroid 10 10 10 10
TheStig 10 10 10 10
Torry 10 10 10 10
totizedger 8 10 10 9
tuxraider 7 7 8 7
young Lara Croft 8 9 10 9
release date: 29-Oct-2012
# of downloads: 576

average rating: 9.77
review count: 44
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file size: 297.77 MB
file type: TR4
class: Wild West

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Reviewer's comments
"I've been holding off playing this until it felt like the right time and unsurprisingly it doesn't disappoint. Another must play from some of the most talented builders." - Lorax (22-Jul-2023)
"Magnificent!! Superb in terms of graphics and gameplay!! I loved the Aquatlantis and Canyon/Canyon Bridge levels! Great ambience and atmosphere. Fluid and well thought out both in terms of story and in terms of puzzles and spaces!! Almost 5 hours of pure fun!! 100% Recommended!!" - CalrOsario (01-Jul-2023)
"When you see the first level, you might think it's a remake of Coyote Creek 1, but it isn't. It's a big improvement over Coyote Creek 1 in all aspects. If you found Coyote Creek 1 too plain, definitely give this one a try, even if it starts in a similar (and to be honest, at first not much better) way. The levels after the first are very different. Most times the game play was excellent, and everything looks great. Negative points included: the overly long and boring cut scenes especially if you disable audio (can't get a coffee, because some of them let Lara die if unattended), you need to discover some new moves even as experienced TRLE player (sometimes I only made progress by accidentally discovering them), and some bugs (really hate the one where it blasts music at full volume even though music and sound are muted in the options). The canoe in the River Rapids level was pretty annoying to control. The last level (Epilogue, same location as the first level) had too many empty areas or maybe I didn't understand the game play, could have done without. The Canyon levels were the best: visually really nice, view into yet unreachable areas where you have to find your way, fun game play elements like using the explosives. It's also good that there's a variety in level themes, like with Aquatlantis and Master Control Facility." - tuxraider (05-Mar-2022)
"Absolutely, I can't say better than Coyote Creek 1. but very stronger, more serious and more spectacular. Perfectly done, the secrets are good and not in easy places. The beginning is beautiful, the canyon is nice, the canoe ride is short but sweet, the science fiction Atlantis is nice and a little harder, so again the wild west in its true and revolver manner. The saloon is great. Golden lost city and then again a bit futuristic, but also a nice ending. A real pleasure to play and the team has done a lot on these beautiful levels of the tomb raider series. All the recommendations and the real tomb that must be played. Not to forget, great alien transportation is also used. It took me about 9 hours to complete all the levels. I found 15 secrets. What is there is?" - Ivan (17-Feb-2022)
"This level had many different environments that you'd never expect to blend together. But alas, you have the perfect combination of a western setting along with some retro- futuristic parts as well. The gameplay starts off a little stiff but halfway in, it gets very interesting. There is a lot of platforming at first but eventually, that's over and you get to some interesting areas. The music was very copacetic for the environment in which the authors portrayed here. I believe this is a good level for people of all skill levels to try out. Excellent work from the authors!" - g12STL (29-Aug-2021)
"This is a great game. However, it does pale in comparison to the first offering, especially the middle section, when some levels feel more like fillers to please the platforming crowd. The story is also much less cohesive and much more farfetched. It reminded me of all those popular movie sequels that just want to cash in. This levelset cannot be reduced that way, yet it also is not fully justified by the adopted timeline, in my humble opinion. Visually, it is stunning throughout, and attention to detail is incredible. There are challenging bits, yet it is mostly easy to medium in difficulty, for people who've played the original games. Congratulations to all for their great efforts, and thank you very much for the memorable parts :)" - MigMarado (31-Jul-2021)
"Epic game of over nine hours that completely immerses the player. I just loved this. OK the premise was along similar lines as the original Coyote Creek but the game play far surpasses the original. The story line was coherent and the game play fit the story well. Lara's voice was well done thanks to Tina Lear and the new moves easily learnt and welcome. My only criticism (which will not decrease the score in any way) is that the inconsistencies with the weaponry is still present. OK the Winchester 73 now fires rifle cartridges (the Winchester Silvertips) however these cannot be a pointed bullet as the Winchester 73 has a tubular magazine and under recoil the pointed bullet would detonate the cartridge in front of it resulting in a dangerous detonation. All rifle cartridges used in these old lever guns use flat nose or hollow flat nose bullet designs. Apart from that trifle a well rounded and fun raid." - Torry (09-Sep-2018)
"Another level that I will keep on my HD and will replay again on a later date, it is that good. I loved the previous Coyote Creek and I love this one. It ticks all my boxes like exploring, that is on the top of my list no matter what level I play. Then the ratio enemies and pick-ups, even when I try to use only Lara’s guns sometimes it is handy to have a bit more fire power to go around. Enough medipacks just to do so, that is also very important. The looks of a level, also very important, well I can tell you I found it stunning. Lightning and textures again are stunning. A pity that the Coyote Creek adventures are over and done with but these builders are great in building a story." - Gerty (11-Jul-2018)
"Arguably the best level-set I've ever played. It was actually way better than I expected, and I went in with pretty high expectations! The gameplay was varied, well-balanced and often very innovative, with the builders taking full advantage of what trng has to offer. The canyon levels and Aquatlantis stood out but the other levels were great as well. Overall, it looks like about a billion hours of painstaking effort went into this. Thank you!" - Dick (31-Jul-2017)
"A wonderful engaging masterpiece of a game, a well deserved entry into the Hall of Fame and a brilliant sequel to the first Coyote Creek. There are so many wonderful aspects about this game that I couldn't begin to describe them all in detail. Wonderful, creative puzzles, awesome authentically crafted environments to explore, great custom objects and brilliant flybys. The highlights for me were probably creating explosives in Canyon Bridge, or exploring the spooky, surreal rooms of Aquatlantis. Thanks for such a brilliant game guys. Highest recommendations from me." - Ryan (27-Feb-2017)
"Coyote Creek 2 is an excellent sequal and it was alot better than original and it was nice to end in the area we start in. I liked how we had a kayak in this game which has really good controls on it. Aquatlantis was excellent and really fun to play. I cannot criticise this game in any way great job guys." - JoeTheCrazyGamer (14-Dec-2016)
"I'm back reviewing...after a long break. It's hard to believe that this was released 3 years ago. It's huge, epic, beautifully put together with a novel time-travelling plot. Gameplay just the right sort of difficulty level to make it accessible to the majority of players, which still giving a good challenge. Special mention has to go to the Canon Levels though as they are jaw droopingly gorgeous (infact I think it's the best thing I've seen done in the editor so far). The voice acting is pretty good too :) All in all I netted 10 and a half hours from Coyote Creek 2. A worthy sequel to the original and one that must absolutely be on your playlist. 1000% Recommended. Stiggy :)" - TheStig (08-Nov-2015)
"After just completing CC, I was eager to give CC2 a go. I didn't give much time in between, so it's pretty easy to directly contrast the two titles. On a general note, it's obvious to see that Coyote Creek has been given a cosmetic makeover, and looks as great as ever. The one downfall is that this game lags on pretty much every level. Though I am reasonably certain that's beyond the level designers, and that they are more than aware of this. This game is a massive step up from the all ready brilliant Coyote Creek, featuring some very clever levels, some absolutely massive areas to explore and some quite original gameplay elements. 1: Return to Coyote Creek by George Maciver This level was just a quick welcome back introduction to the game. It wasn't too lengthy at all, and just seemed as a quick reminded of what we played through last time, and also as a teaser of what's to come from Coyote Creek 2. I also think it was there for comparative purpose. Although the graphics have somewhat developed with the NGLE over the years, I can see that the style and the actual look of Coyote Creek as been kept very true to the original game. 2: Lake Apache by George Maciver Wow. I was not expecting something like this so soon in the game. I was blown away by the sheer magnitude of this level, and I have been wanting to play a game like this for a while. It's ultimately split up into two sections; a big green cave, and another (big) underwater cave, with loads of side rooms between them. It's feels like a miniature sized open world map, and I loved it. So as usual, the level consisted of opening loads of doors and finding more stuff to open etc... But the real beauty was finding the path, with a world this big, it's really about finding the right level, or the right side room to get you on the way. There is a lot of room to explore. 3: The Canyon by Titak It's already well established that Titak is excellent when it comes to level building. Her talents are simply on a different league. This is apparent through her effort to make the levels look natural as possible. The Canyon looks like a Canyon. Not a TRLE canyon, or a blocky Canyon with repeated textures, but an actual canyon I would expect to find in a AAA PS2 game. It's just absolutely beautiful to look at. This level, very reminiscent of Nevada Desert from TR3, mainly consisted of climbing and exploring, nothing much in the way of puzzles. And that's completely fine, because not every level has to be a maze, or a locked door frenzy, or a massive action war zone. This is an exploring/ climbing type level, and it does that incredibly well. 4: Canyon Bridge by Titak I think this is a continuation of the last level, just split in half due to the size. This is basically very similar to what we had to do before, only this time, there is a couple of puzzles integrated involving a windmill and a bridge (hence the name). The small town on top of the canyon is (when the windmill is) again absolutely beautiful to look at and explore. There is a very clever puzzle making using of a toolbox and a weight too. Brilliant levels! 5: Apache River Rapids by EssGee Unfortunately, I did not like this level. It wasn't a bad level, it was just very plain. There we had a Titak level, and it was unique and very well made, and also the level before it, and by comparison this just seemed very uninspired and quite generic in terms with what can be produced with the TRLE/ NGLE. I think it probably could have been taken out, and replaced with a level transitioning from Canyon Bridge to Aqualantis. 6: Aqualantis EssGee, you've restored my faith. This level was brilliant, and felt very connected to Atlantis from TRA. It featured some excellent puzzles and some amazing texture details (like walls being animated to give the feeling of enery flowing through them). Fantasitc. 7: Battle For Coyote Creek by Cowboy So this was basically a run gun and shoot type level, with the town of CC populated with friends and foes alike. You are sent back in time from the level before, and the aim is to set free the trapped town's folk from a group of gun wielding cowboys who have ambushed the town. That's pretty much all there is too it. Towards the end, you get to the new area of CC, where there are a couple of lever type puzzles etc... but then it's off to the golden City. 8: The Golden City by Cowboy This level again is absolutely beautiful. It's set in the Canyons and the first section of the level is about trying to reach the Golden City through general traversal and exploration. Then once you reach the Golden City, the level changes to become more puzzle heavy. 9: Master Control Facility by Cowboy So this is different, we appear to be in the middle of a machine... an alien/fog/robot machine area. This level in general had some extremely interesting and unique areas... I loved the monorail, and being chanced my dozens of robots. The gas rooms were also very enjoyable to play through. This is definitely one of the most original levels I have played, and most definitely one of my favourites. 10: Epilogue by George Maciver This is just to end the game really, a bit of dialogue and an extra secret. Finally off to the train station to end the game. Excellent." - Cosmos (31-May-2014)
"Oh my what a fantastic adventure. I liked this one more than the first one, not just because of the graphics being improved since the first but because of the creativity coming up with this in the first place. There are some differences with this levelset and it is the new kind of levels such as non wild west based levels. Even though the last level is in an entire different kind it doesn't hurt at all because it is so well made. This should definetly be on your list, you must not miss it. The last level is definetly my favourite of them all. Thank you so much for making such an awesome adventure." - totizedger (27-Mar-2014)
"Coincidentally, I have just finished this epic game (9 hours of net gaming time for me) the very day it makes its highly deserved entry into the Hall of Fame. When four of our master builders in the community join forces (again) you can only expect the greatest results and indeed what you get here is an absolutely stunning raiding experience. As others have said already, I found the storyline a bit disjointed and constructed to sort of connect the levels together, so it felt less than a holistic package than the first Coyote Creek adventure did, but the individual experience in the levels is certainly superior to the first installment and shows the 6 years of added building experience since then.
Return to Coyote Creek (7/9/9/8, 40 min): A bit of warm up and collect-lots-of-pickups-level. Only a bunch of wolves to haunt you and a nice route across the roofs, so this really serves more as a level to familiarize yourself again with the setting.
Lake Apache (7/8/8/8, 50 min, 1 secret): This has the author's style written all over it and that is indeed a good thing as the huge areas and caves are impressive. But for quite some time here I was wondering when I would actually get something to really do - other than wonder around in the large empty rooms. Eventually though, the action does pick up with some breaktile action and some clever us of the new moves to make your way up a tower, so at least you are leaving this part rather satisfied and wanting for more...
The Canyon (8/9/10/10, 45 min, 3 secrets): Wow - and more is what you get, especially in terms of the looks. Gameplay here is all about finding the right way, so maybe not overly exciting, but the way the builder has managed to take away the usual blocky looks of a trle landscape is quite magical.
Canyon Bridge (9/9/10/10, 55 min, 1/3 secrets): The first real highlight of the game, still set in the canyon but with some very creative gameplay added (like the bridge explosion). The waterfalls look breathtakingly real and the small touches are just great - like the use of the toolbox.
Apache River Rapids (7/7/7/7, 45 min): Oops - this one looked comparably bad right from the first room and it felt like quite a break in the flow of the game as well. I hated the kajak, which is clumsy to steer and the gameplay is a bit slow and not overly inspired, so really the weakest link in the whole game and not sure whether its inclusion was such a great idea - sorry...
Aquatlantis (9/10/10/9, 95 min, 2/3 secrets): Then of course, this level makes up for it and then some... As mentioned, if you are trying to follow the story you kind of wonder what got you here, but ignoring that, this level is just brilliant to play through and wonderful to experience in terms of its alien look and feel. I had to check the walkthrough for that (slightly obscure) very first target shoot in the main room, but it all flowed quite nicely from there. Plenty of diverse activity, including conveyors, push elements, pole swings, fights with really cool demigods - all resulting into the placement of the four energy cells and a really special and cinematic flyby. Awesome level!
Battle for Coyote Creek (8/10/10/9, 60 min, 3 secrets): And here we are - back in the original Coyote Creek realm. Another break in the story flow and another change in builder style that is very noticeable. This part is actually a bit of a shooter, but set in scene very nicely as you are actually freeing hostages. It was actually only at this time that I fully appreciated all the work that went into designing the custom weaponry that our Lara gets to use in this game.
The Golden City (9/10/10/9, 70 min, 3/4 secrets): Hmm, so now the story takes us to an El Dorado of sorts with panpipes music? Ah well, nevermind. We are back in canyons and caves initially and then treated to a really fun mix of gameplay elements to collect the four suns, including the good old waterskin puzzle, use of the torch, and a puzzle with textures and audio hints, as well as a small boss fight near the end - that is of course not much of a challenge with myriads of whisky (=lagre medipacks) that you should have acquired throughout the game.
Master Control Facility (9/10/10/9, 65 min, 3 secrets): And another level out of left field, as suddenly it goes all alien and more industrial again - but I dare say this one was my favourite of the entire game (suitably placed at the end of the adventure). There are plenty of special things to marvel about here, far too many to list. The conveyor vehicle was a great idea, the toxic gas rooms a nice little challenge and the final boss fight very well designed so that it is not a walk in the park, but not too frustratingly difficult either.
Epilogue (not rated, 10 min, 1 secret): Well intended finale, maybe a bit anticlimatic though after all the furor in the previous level and I did not have a whole lot of energy left to go for that special secret.
Summary: Despite me wondering at most level beginnings about how that fits with the end of the previous one, the sheer wealth of originality, diversity, beautiful settings and atmosphere makes this one of those few adventures that stand out from all the others. An absolute must play, of course!" - MichaelP (01-Dec-2013)
"What I can say that has not already been said about this marvellous adventure? When you open the readme file and see the names of the builders... That's all. You can like some levels more than others, but when you finish the whole adventure you think the pack is impressive; you wanted more and more. The best for me were all those marvellous objects/enemies and the great atmopsphere, enveloping the player into the history and animating to explore the sensational environments. Even the final tasks to place the four golden bars were interesting and not too hard at all. Thank you very much to the Team for all that hours of big fun!!!" - Jose (28-May-2013)
"This was so good , much of the time. Great game proposing a deeper zoom to the storyline of CC1 ! :] Objects, animations and flybys are excellently made and cool to watch ,and the fights were quite fun. The work and skills put into this game are simply amazing . I played CC2 just after the first opus [ which was already pretty good and having original stuff ], and the differences in several aspects show how the builders have evolved with the possibilities of the day..... Many original features can be admired and enjoyed , such as verticals walls not appearing 'blocky' , oblique flat platforms where you can stand upon , some very original puzzles including one with the script , and many of the new possibilities that are being used cleverly to propose original bits of gameplay. Generally the authors have designed gameplay , puzzles , even use of some enemies and new moves in a rather user friendly or intuitive manner for the player. Most of the levels are simply masterpieces and the rest is pretty good too. With each new level , the player is surprised, until the outcome in Master Control Facility (perhaps my favorite despite the 'golden dust' fog). At times, I stopped playing to admire the setting and enjoy the convincing atmosphere, also to ponder how this or this author has got this idea , that's my explanation why my net gaming net reaches almost 9 hours !" - eRIC (08-May-2013)
"Return to Coyote Creek
The prologue isn't that good as it could be. Truly, I had a hope the ghosts has changed something in this town since Lara's last visit. Of course the theatre, the jail and the saloon are brilliant, but they are exactly the same places. Of course the atmosphere is brilliant, but it's exactly the same atmosphere. But - for sake of consistency - if the city was planned to be in exactly the same state as when Lara had visited it for the first time, shouldn't at least those doors she once had opened be left open? And to avoid any suspicion: I thought about it BEFORE a similar solution has been released in bonus gameplay of KAP. Honestly, I wished for this part to be over as soon as possible, for it was - apart from the cutscenes I really apreciated - BORING.
Lake Apache
Now it changes, and if one has binned the game because of the prologue, that was a huge mistake. Here underground, corridors are preferably two squares wide, what always adds mightiness. The cave is even mightier, definitely a place of this project which is the most filled with isolation. Unfortunately, its distant fog acts like a double-edged sword, on one hand filling the space with realistic, condensed dust, but on the other forcing us to spend ages to find the right gate, even if the portal's already open and no matter it has been shown by a camera we have plenty of - so that unfamiliar feeling appears of not advancing despite of progressing. Nonetheless it can be seen the author cared about us players: if there's a high climb, there's a pool at the bottom for faster return, if something attacks us, much space is given to battle with it. And in terms of graphics, we can't complain about anything, what helps bear being stuck and efficiently prevents from binning the game.
The Canyon and Canyon Bridge
Titia :) If there's Titia in a project, You can be sure that no matter what she puts in her settings, it will always be a marvel, in her case coming in form of what HASN'T been done than what has. The canyon rocks, shaped with meta2tr to the complexity just before overdone: this is really enough and no-one needs more. The boulders roll, in density just before being too great and setup just before being too tight-timed. And those secret skeletons, which are three separate reasons for what I love this level the most, do it because they CAN'T be named a single reason. Each of them died in a different position. Is it so hard to build? No! But no-one except Titia cared. In the end, I got really stuck, because I searched for clues everywhere in the level except in Lara's inventory. This is possibly the first place in trle gaming history where such situation could occur. But once again, the atmosphere prevents from dropping the game and does it even more efficiently than in Lake Apache.
Apache River Rapids
Ahh, the kayak one... Sigh... I've been thinking of that kayak for about a month, because it almost gave me a headache, and my opinion gave a headache to the author as well. I admit I shouldn't have said it's "the worst kayak ever" without properly justifying it, but - once again - I just wanted to quickly list things I liked and not, because that was a single batch post, not an actual review. Anyway, I decided to devote more attention to this problem than I planned: I downloaded both CC2 and BTS long after finishing both games, searched through nearby forums for savegames from respectively Apache River Rapids and Troubled Waters and played both in the same moment, exceptionally to understand what my short memory didn't allow to: why the heck did I blame the latter kayak, while I praised the former one? Now that I compared both vehicles, I'm even more shocked, because I came up with unexpectable assumption: if we indeed HAD the Beyond the Scion kayak in here I missed so much, it MIGHT have turned out even worse. This is because the CC2 canoe, even though difficult to row forwards, is easier to reverse. With that yellow rubber kayak from BTS, easier to speed up but retracting as slow as the motorbike does, we would hit the banks of Apache River (two- three times narrower than the one we've floated on in BTS Peru) even MORE often than we do now, and we would need much more time to reset our position. So apparently, I'm finding myself grateful for the same thing I complained about several months ago... Jeez, no consistency at all, and they call me a "reviewer". Still I wonder if it would be possible to make a kayak which BOTH retracts and speeds up easily, with a shorter turn radius. But now finally enough about the kayak, and off for the rest of the level, which is actually the only one in this para-Tomb Raider set which feels like a tomb. Not a temple, not a catacomb, but plainly a tomb. If You missed this since the beginning, here it is. Indian ornaments on the ceiling, furs hanging here and there on wooden frames, colorful paintings made of natural pigments and a couple of dishes - simply everything those mummified guys wrapped in baskets should take with them to afterlife. The doors fit well, as well as keyholes and keys (nice touch with that feathered one and I like how we can actually SEE it in its hole). The only inconsistency lies in switches, one might say. Why are they so flashy? There is a reason for that, and it's a preparation for the next level...
...where all frustration is suddenly gone. I played the non- meta2tr-ed, original version. I don't even know if it has been upgraded as EssGee wanted to and never bothered to care, because for me, the level of detail was just perfect in its original state and it doesn't need any improvement. Yes, we are inside the Atlantis again, but kinda differing this time. Possibly even the author had enough of meaty walls and overwhelming redness, so he made the solution as simple as it can be - he turned it all blue. That allowed placing crystals instead of mutant eggs, a hub teleport puzzle instead of the Scion control panel, and flying mummies were successfully replaced with alien-like beings, whose look brings another instance of the "Why no-one did it before?" question (seriously, I can't remember any enemy fitting in demigod slot more than these). Or maybe it was the crystals which forced the blue theme, I don't know, but it doesn't matter. What DOES matter is that just one ingenious! change is made and the whole Oh-No-Not-Atlantis- Again feeling goes kaboom right in the beginning. Hats off.
Battle for Coyote Creek
Never seen such NPC density before. While the present Coyote Town seems more deserted than any else, its golden age version seems to be more populated than any ever witnessed by a player. Meeting people behind every corner, I could finally explore the city in daylight, so required after the introducing night version. The theatre we already know and have enough of is now closed, so we don't have to bother it for the third time. Among the newly accessible zones, I could find the best secret in the whole game, and honestly the best one of ALL games I can recall. Fighting Your way through subsequent layers of enemies ambushing the citizens holds a rescue mission climate throughout this whole episode, until it switched to aid in its very end. And just like in a classic action movie, when You finally reach and defeat the main villain, You need to kick butt of a mainer one behind him. The mainest one of course escapes with his life... and no, I'm not giving spoilers here, because it's all expected to occur from the beginning of the level. The only thing You canNOT fight is the feeling the inhabitants COULD help a bit more instead of throwing the whole defense duty on Lara. All in all, cowboys are NOT that lazy.
The Golden City
While in River Rapids we've visited Indian Underworld, here we ascend to the heights of a rock-carved pueblo, like many of those the real Indians used to build. Once again, their houses are filled with properly themed stuff and it's fairly realistic, however only a mask covering the real deal: a mythical city of gold. Personally, this is my least favourite setting of the whole game (because I simply don't like gold), but no-one can deny its architecture deserves all respect. Such city should be explorable in all directions, so there You go - have another hub concentrating around a classic, four-element puzzle, enabling You to choose the order of followed paths. One of them contains a nice NG touch - partial death squares, another one - skeletons, flame-bearing and due to that suddenly again becoming a challenging enemy after all those years during which we got used to them and stopped to care. Those mentioned two are the only visible NG effects, so - again - they're not overdone and working as single surprises instead, what entertains us instead of tiring. There is one secret object I have sympathy to, because as long as it's secret, many eyes won't even know it exists, and, imagined how much work must have been put in it's creation.
Master Control Facility
The gold is now liquidized, opposed to the static furniture one from the previous level, and other metals, possibly unearthly, also interfere as the city core works lively, giving us a final showdown with robots and machinery... The value of trend towards sudden plot twists might be discussable, but actually this one is well explained in the end of the level, just before the last boss fight. Yes! There's another one, and we're almost unable to count them anymore, but apparently their line doesn't lose consistency as well as doesn't the location order despite of their variety.
And just to confirm the last phrase, it happens again, for the final time, that extreme contrast between subsequent locations doesn't disturb at all. Moreover, after the total action and destruction, now we can better appreciate the peace of town, once more returned to. Lara talks to the Chief and they estimate everything is fine... Yet till the very end I had a feeling something has been terribly failed. If the city has been saved in the past, where are all the people who should live here? Posters of gangsters still hang on the jail walls... just like if the trial to restore peace didn't turn out that efficiently like it should. Left with uneasiness in my heart, I wondered if this is an overlooked inconsequence, or an open gate for eventual release of CC3.
No need to discuss which part of the game is better, first or second: just play both of them. Get stuck in the caves and canyons. Get stuck in the river currents. Be mad at citizens for they don't help you. Be mad at the ending. But it's all worth it. A game isn't good when it's flawless, but when fun surpasses the frustration. This happenes to backtracking in Tomb Raider A, this applies to sometimes too great simplicity of MoA, this relates to manga creature fulfillment of KAP and it also occurs here. No matter how many times You fail or how frustrated You will get in some parts, it will all turn out great in the very end.
All tens. Period. And now, finally done with writing, I'm getting out of here, for my last bus able to take me home for Easter with my parents is about to leave. Happy Easter to everyone!" - DJ Full (30-Mar-2013)
"I recommend Coyote Creek! Loved this adventure, the broken bridge was my favorite part. It's an exciting adventure, the atmosphere and effects were mindblowing! The voice acting was nice to hear, I was surprised to find Lara's voice a bit unfitting but then I got used to it somehow. The levels were well build and the puzzles at times challenging. I liked the boss fight, it was reminiscent to TR3 somehow. The team did a fantastic job putting this game together. I'll be looking forward to a new collaboration!" - young Lara Croft (23-Mar-2013)
"Return to Coyote Creek - Lara starts her journey in the Coyote Creek town, with a very similar ambience and looking. The chief is in prison and Lara has to free him. I've noted that some objects from Cowboy's The Ghosts of Croft Manor have been used in here.
Lake Apache - Seeing the looking of the level, we can easily deduce who's the author of this level. The atmosphere and the environment are great, but the gameplay is actually repetitive and even boring. Basically, it's a huge cavern in which you have to open all the doors to finish with the level, but most of the times you can get lost due to the size of the room. In my opinion, the textures are awesome in my opinion, and the objects are pretty good.
The Canyon - A purely gorgeous level which had to be split in two parts due to some reasons, like the gameplay the both offer, which is different. Lara stays in a very beautiful canyon, where the main thing is the amount of jumps that need to be performed till the end of the level. Objects and textures are absolutely divine, giving totally a real touch to the level. Undoubtedly, this is one of the best levels out of the levelset.
Canyon Bridge - As mentioned above, the author had to split her levels into two due to certain reasons, mostly the gameplay. Regarding the looking of the level, it's very similar as the previous one, featuring the differences the gameplay offers in each. Gameplay here is more intriguing, since there's a couple of really interesting and innovative puzzles. I don't really like solving puzzles, but this one was entertaining (and special). Objects and textures are as good as in the previous level, as the author used the same for both.
Apache River Rapids - For me, this level has been repetitive and annoying. Gameplay is bothering and kind of hard, actually. Driving the kayak is the most notable thing of this level, and it's pretty complicated. I would say this level is composed by lots of small and interconnected rooms, like if it was a labyrinth or something. The strong point for me are the textures, which are really nice. Objects are appreciated, too.
Aquatlantis - A stunning level featuring loads of different complicated (or not) challenges. It's based on a particular kind of Atlantean design, but in water. The textures and objects are further brilliant. About its length, it's indeed the longest one. Gameplay is very interesting, entertaining (including some nice puzzles) and challenging. For me, the most complicated part was when you had to run on a conveyor belt with deadly and "intermittent" traps.I particularly liked the idea of the Code Device. Effects in this level are awesome. It left me speechless while playing.
Battle for Coyote Creek - A very real-themed level with a lovely gameplay. Besides, it's great to be able to interact with the villagers and help them. Helping a woman from being shot, helping some citizens from a bad guy and some other real-themed settings. Textures and objects are very good, and the environment is actually "real". This is many people's favourite level of the levelset, but not mine particularly.
The Golden City - Another impressive level, taking place in a golden city (like the level name indicates). The objects are great, but the textures go even further. Gameplay is rather enjoyable, but kind of difficult at the same time. There are some really annoying parts, in which you have to elude (unless you have the crossbow equipped with explosive arrows to destroy them). I particularly enjoyed the totem tile puzzle, which I memorized for further fun. At the end, you had to kill Senior Bolivar and a wicked lady.
Master Control Facility - And now we go with my favourite level. Yes, you heard right, this is my favourite level out of the entire package. The author here delights us with several innovative and never-seen before settings, like pushing a block through and old tram while a deadly robot is chasing you. I especially love the fog effects of the level, which gives the level a much better and customized look. Textures are awesome here (actually similar to the previous level) and objects are amazingly well designed. There are some tough traps (like jumping over some deadly lasers and lot of lava. In my opinion, the timed runs were really original (rooms with toxic gas where you had to shoot several spots in time and other rooms with deadly barrels).
Epilogue - The last level of her adventure, in which she talks to the chief and himself thanks her for the help provided. He also talks about the secret he has "seemingly" hidden for her before leaving to England.
Overall - This is a brilliant game built by four genius who have been working on this project for around four years. Many thanks to Cowboy, EssGee, George and Titak for this delightful adventure! Highly recommended for everyone!" - MrJavi94 (09-Jan-2013)
"Amazing, fun, novel, even better than the original Coyote Creek, of course !!! Congrats and thank you to GMac, Cowboy, EssGee, Titak, and everyone else that contributed to this wonderful work !!!" - Juno Jim (23-Dec-2012)
"At first, the levels were a bit of a mixed bag in this series for me. I had fun constructing explosives in Canyon Bridge and traversing the nice looking vistas in Canyon...but then we have Lake Apache, structured around a few large chambers whose size gives little practical use. The core gameplay of this level is to get to the main chamber, find some open doors, and perform a simple task to find the next switch for the next door, which looks like all the other doors in the main chamber, sending Lara in a desperate perimeter search around the chamber each time. Apache River Rapids was also not the most fun to me because the majority of time was spent backtracking instead of breaking new ground.However, the series more than redeemed itself in the second half, because it was a blast. Your wits are tested against all kinds of alien and robotic enemies, as well as a variety of traps you must pass to reach the gold city and return alive. The game looks beautiful, and the alien environments in particular were eye candy to me. Despite what felt to me like a few duds, this is a remarkable adventure and I am glad I got the chance to enjoy it. Oh, the musical choices were good too. Finished in 7 hours, 6 minutes." - SSJ6Wolf (14-Dec-2012)
"I was playing Coyote Creek second time because it`s superious adventure and when i finished it i looked what`s new on the trle website and what i saw? Coyote Creek 2!!! What a big surprise!! I can say it`s better than i expected, very clever puzzles and gameplay with fantastic storyline, such beautiful realistic areas with perfect lighting and textures and very well placed objects and enemies as well. This is a mustplay. A MASTERPIECE Highest recommodation." - OverRaider (14-Dec-2012)
"This is a big game. The atmosphere is in all rooms and areas great. The canyons are the best. A lot of puzzles with good and new ideas wait for Lara. Sometimes my brain burned often. Lighting and texture are wonderful. The objects are perfectly." - Eelkemama (13-Dec-2012)
"The first Coyote Creek remains dear to my heart, so you can imagine how excited I was to play part two. This amazing level set does not disappoint! Wow, what a spectacular game! I loved the surprising alien aspect and simply adored going back in time. If there was anything that I may have wanted that was somewhat lacking, would have been more fun in the past. Nonetheless, this was just fantastic and truly should not be missed." - Shandroid (04-Dec-2012)
"This one's an epic, destined to go down in level building history as one of the true classics. Compiled by some of the best talent the game has to offer, CC2 is engaging from start to finish. I clocked in at a bit over eight and a half hours, but I played over a period of several weeks while doing other things in between, and I was certainly in no hurry to finish. It's been a while since I played CC1, and the details of that earlier classic have long since faded from my memory, but I have the sense that I enjoyed the second installment somewhat more than the first. The opening levels fit the mood of the piece like an old shoe, but they were too dark for my taste. I've become used to dark levels from these particular builders, however, so I was neither surprised nor disappointed. Aquatlantis was also too dark, but it was so innovative and elaborate that I hardly noticed, and I had a grand time playing it. But I'm still puzzled as to why it was included in a Wild West release, as it would have been much more at home in a Planet of the Ancients revival. However, it provided a nice midgame change of pace, so I have no complaints. CC2 really hits its stride in The Cowboy's levels. The lighting here is impeccable, simply superb (although Master Control Facility gave me the impression that a smokers' convention had recently been in town). He obviously went to great, painstaking lengths to craft the lush, ornate surroundings of this desert setting, he apparently had an understandable desire that those playing his levels would be able to see and appreciate the fruit of his labors, and so he provided ample lighting to accomplish this purpose. The other builders should sit up, take note, and do likewise. I learned one thing about tightropes here. Don't save along the way and try to resume from a savegame. The only way I got across was by doing it in one go. And that sequence with the monorail was priceless. I thought Lara's voice was unconvincing, to me she sounded like a 10-year-old girl reading from a script. By contrast, the male voices were positively Shakespearean. There were so many other neat touches here, provided by all four builders, that I couldn't possibly mention them all, so I won't try. The level of difficulty is medium to high, and there were several segments that took me a number of efforts to conquer. Still, with the help of the excellent Dutchy-Gerty walkthrough, it should be accessible to just about any interested player. Highest recommendations." - Phil (25-Nov-2012)
"Return to Coyote Creek: This is essentially just a retextured version of the Coyote Creek level from the first game. There is no new gameplay, except for breaking Chief Dark Cloud out of prison. It's a rather dull beginning (though the town looks gorgeous, as always), and feels somewhat redundant.
Lake Apache: Pretty much from the first glance, it's easy to tell that this is GMac's level, as it has all his typical characteristics: huge, impressive architecture (though in this case, the most impressive bits are underwater, and merely for show), vast empty rooms, a limited texture set, and copious amount of greyness. Most of the action in the level takes place in and around an enormous cavern. The cavern looks quite impressive at first, but it gets really boring once you've trudged through the length and breadth of it half a dozen times, looking for the next switch and/or the next door opened by the switch at the other end of the cavern. The switch hunt forms the major part of the gameplay, though there are a couple of enjoyable platforming sequences that I liked.
The Canyon: This level and the next one are by Titak, and are clearly separated only for technical reasons. This level is visually very impressive, with spectacular vistas along a canyon with lots of waterfalls - it feels like a much more realistic version of the canyon in TR3's Nevada Desert. But gameplay in this level is limited only to platforming along the sides of the canyon and in underground tunnels, and some boulder traps.
Canyon Bridge: This level looks nearly the same as the previous one, but is much more interesting in terms of gameplay, as it features two excellent complex puzzles, with some cool object use. There's also some more variety in settings, with the ruins of an old railway bridge, and related buildings along its side. Only Titak can make a derelict old shack look beautiful!
Apache River Rapids: If Lake Apache suffered from too much 'bigness', this level has the opposite problem: it feels too small-scale and cramped. A bit more of 'epic' architecture would have really helped this level, not to mention, more interesting gameplay. Right now, the level is memorable only for its kayak ride in the rapids. There are some nice new textures, but they don't feel fully integrated into the rest of the texture set.
Aquatlantis: I am a big fan of alien settings, and this is a particularly good one. The 'like Atlantis, but not quite' style works very well, and the objects, textures and environments are unique as well as pretty. The only criticism I have of the looks is the rather garish blue lighting. Gameplay steps up several notches from the previous levels, though unfortunately, the brilliant puzzles are accompanied by bugs, dead ends and far too much enforced health loss (I used only two medipacks in the whole game, both in this level). The dead end has apparently been resolved by an update now.
Battle for Coyote Creek: Yet another visit to the same town, I sighed when this level loaded. At least it's in daylight this time. Fortunately the sighs did not continue for long, as the gameplay in this level is very different from its previous versions. The town is under siege, and you need to devise various ingenious ways to get rid of the gang. There's some very interesting stealth based gameplay, and lots of blowing stuff up (always fun!). There are one or two tasks that that not intuitive, and there's a lot of shooting to be done, but overall it's a very enjoyable level.
The Golden City: This level starts off in an area similar to the Canyon levels, but once you get to the Golden City (which seems to be single building rather than a city), the looks change considerably. The orangish 'golden' textures can be a bit eye-watering, but the builder manages to keep the colour scheme from looking garish. Gameplay within the city is excellent, with a great mix of interesting puzzles, traps and platforming, and a big gunfight at the end. There's a double secret area at the beginning that's easy to miss, but which has quite a lot of gameplay, including an encounter with a sabre-tooth tiger!
Master Control Facility: I have mixed feelings about this level. On one hand, it has great gameplay, with lots of puzzles, and some cool new ideas like a monorail ride. On the other, the looks are problematic, like the headache-inducing foggy haze that permeates the whole level, the ugly colour scheme, and overdose of animated textures. Fortunately, the amped up gameplay and combat kept my mind off the visuals. The robot enemies are really cool, and very well used, and the final boss fight and escape are fantastic.
Epilogue: Apparently a low-key beginning and low-key end is a characteristic of the Coyote Creek series. In this level, Lara returns to the titular town yet again, says goodbye to Chief Dark Cloud, gets a secret he has hidden for her ... and leaves.
Overall: It's really hard to decide on an overall score, since the quality of gameplay and looks varies so drastically across the game. The customized objects are lovely throughout, and enemy usage is good. Atmosphere is consistently great, and there is a good use of music and ambient sounds in some levels. The story in the latter half of the game is interesting, but it does also highlight the fact that the previous levels are not at all story-based.
While all builders involved are highly talented, they all have such distinct styles that the transition between levels by different builders feels abrupt. Rather than a collaboration between four builders, the game feels like a collection of four different level sets that were stuck together, a feeling enhanced by the wildly different settings. The original Coyote Creek was much more unified as a game, but this sequel is otherwise slightly superior to it.
Strongly recommended!" - Mytly (25-Nov-2012)
"Some of the best builders ever put their abilities together and created a masterpiece, that has definitly it's place in the hall of fame. The 1st level is only a prologue with quite easy gameplay and quite large roof areas with not much to do, my absolute highlights were the canyon-levels - these two masterpieces deserve 4 tens in a row!" - Christian (19-Nov-2012)
"It was a great surprise when I entered the page and I saw the new Coyote Creek game. But it was even a better surprise playing it. This level is a masterpiece and I am sure it will be on the Hall of Fame in no time. Before playing it, I could have never guessed someone could actually mix wester, aliens and time travels in the same game and make it so good. At the beginning everything seemed a little bit easy and I thought it was going to be that way, but as the story developed it turned both more interesting and difficult, yet nothing impossible. I loved the aesthetics of the Predatorian infraestructures, specially as it was a great change from the wester view. However, the canyons and the several lakes were pretty beautiful. I especially liked the bridge and the puzzles of that part. Those were not hard, but sometimes you did not found what you were searching for. I must admit if I hadn't used the walkthrough to know were the rope was I would have never found it. The canoe was really enjoyable and the way it was controled was fluid and easy. I was shocked to see it moved well and that having a little crush against the wall didn't take half of your lifebar. In the alien base I loved the machines and the mechanisms to activate them. It helped to draw out some conclusions to start the real story. The old Coyote Creek was interesting, both having to save the citizens and fighting against the noon gang. Some of them were frantically tough. I did't expect them to have such powerful weapons and the same range as Lara to shoot. Cactuses were tough too, as I was loosing life and didn't noticed it was them hurting Lara until I had played for a while. The golden city was more inca/mayans style than indian, but I liked the mixture. And I hated the skeletons and the mummies. They were not hard to evade, but I kept forgotting touching them was..."hot". The puzzles of this level were varied and interesting, so I have a lot of fun. The last levels have a lot of action, what I welcomed although it was not always easy. Nevertheless, the battles were never boring, so in the end I liked the fighting. Regarding the puzzles all along the game they were varied and some of them quite simple, but I liked it that way, because having too many hard riddles in a long game might be killing. It's just the flow of the game. The music was amazing, sometimes calmed and quiet (keeping the tension up) or extremely exciting and loud, making that moment more dramatic. The several cutscenes were cool, as you used some vexed angles to enfasize the different parts of the scenery. And well, I could keep praising the level because it's one of the most amazing ones I have played but I would run out of time at some point. So, I will add the story line was entertaining and that It seemed to have an opened ending, so I will be expecting a Coyote Creek 3 sometime in the future. And I am sure I will be as great as its predecessors. Indeed I bow to you as you are such good artist and my respect for you grows bigger each time I recreate with yuor work. Thank you!" - Minaru (17-Nov-2012)
"Excelent multilevel game ....... in fact top 3 from wich i played untill now .....more u progress more interesting get and harder off course prefetare level was -Master Control Facility ..... but all levels are builded with incredible care of details, brilliant graphis and sound ... is enough to look at the names at epilogue finish to saw all top builders are present ....only Taras was missing to make it even harder lol ........masterpiece off game and 100 % Hall of Famer ..... thx guys" - Jack& (17-Nov-2012)
"Return to Coyote Creek(George Maciver)- This level is used as more of an introduction to the game's storyline, with our main objective being to reunite with Chief Dark Cloud from the original Coyote Creek and catch up on what's been going on in the town, since our last canon visit in 2006. Unfortunately, it's not that simple, as Dark Cloud has gotten himself locked in a jail cell, requiring you to take some detours for keys, in order to open up more of the town and free Dark Cloud from his current predicament. The voice acting of Chief Dark Cloud is done very well and fits the character perfectly, although I found the voice actress of Lara to be unfitting, and wished that Melonie Tomb Raider would have returned to reprise her role as Lara from the original Coyote Creek. Still, the new voice for Lara manages to do an alright performance, but I think adding a bit more emotion in her voice would have made her sound better(but that's just my opinion.) While the town of Coyote Creek doesn't offer us much to do during our first visit, it's still a pleasure to explore this eerie yet mysterious town, with excellent use of lighting, objects and texturing, creating an effective and immersive atmosphere as a result. Little touches, such as the ghosts and old newspapers really help bring the town to life, giving you a bit of insight into what life used to be like, before the townsfolk abandoned this place. However, not all is quiet and peaceful here, as there are a few traps and enemies that will attempt to halt your progress. Thankfully, they aren't that difficult to bypass, and just serve as mere bumps on a quite comfortable romp through this brief 23 min raid of a level. 9/10 Lake Apache(George Maciver)- Continuing on from the previous level, we land in what seemingly are ancient tribal burial grounds, where possibly many of Chief Dark Cloud's ancestors are buried here. Our main objective is to get two of the former chiefs heads, place them on some pedestals and retrieve an unusual alien ore substance, which will play a part in later levels. Upon entering the level, we are greeted by the local wildlife that inhabit these grounds, as well as ancient tribal spirits which will show up from time to time willing to defend their territory, with much platforming, swimming and dodging traps involved, which stand between you and your prize. While I was grateful that the builder decided to create a bigger and more open-ended design for this level, this is not without its flaws. The fog effect, lighting and texturing used, help to portray these ancient burial grounds as a long-abandoned place quite well at first, but starts to wear thin when you've been running around for 15 minutes looking for the next place to go and ending up still going nowhere after all that time. So after retrieving the chief heads that I needed, I was grateful to finally leave this level, and proceed to the next one. Definitely one of the more weaker levels in this campaign, but it is still worth at least one playthrough. 6/10 The Canyon(Titak)- Now, this is where the campaign starts to ramp up, in both difficulty and presentation. Having left Lake Apache and the tribal grounds behind us, we press on venturing through a well-designed canyon, with tricky jumps and enemies a' plenty waiting to greet us. The lighting, texturing and objects are all used very effectively, with little touches like vultures howling, as they fly around in the sky, is something that really helps to convoy the feeling of moving through a canyon. There were also times, where I couldn't help but stop to admire the scenery once or twice, during my romp through this level, as it really shows the kind of attention to detail that Titak has become renowned for in the TRLE community. Overall, this was a level that was not too short nor too long. With quite a good number of tricky jumps included, it was satisfying to finally succeed in making the jump after 2-4 attempts. Having scenery that's nice to look at, doesn't hurt the level either. 9/10 Canyon Bridge(Titak)- Sliding down a cave, we arrive to the sight of a breathtaking gorge, with our main objective being to continue forward into the canyon. Unfortunately, the only bridge available has been destroyed, so we'll have to find another way to get across to the other side. This is where the main highlight of the level comes into play, which involves blowing up the bridge supports with explosives in order to proceed. A few tricky jumps, wild coyotes and boulder traps later, we reach the end of the level finishing it the same way as we entered, thus ending Titak's set of levels for this campaign. While many of the resources used in this level are recycled from the previous mission, Titak still manages to create another fun and atmospheric level for players to run around in. I liked the aforementioned blowing up of a bridge with explosives, as it added some much-needed tension while you move as fast as you can, in order to avoid getting caught in the blast. Being able to combine or remove certain items with a toolbox was a very clever and original idea, offering something not seen very often in custom levels. Overall, a nice sendoff to Titak's involvement with Coyote Creek 2's levels, and one that is definitely worth your time. 9/10 Apache River Rapids(EssGee)- Now, it's EssGee's time to shine for the next two levels. Our goal here is to find three feathered keys scattered throughout the level, but besides shooting some scorpions and avoiding the carnivorous catfish lurking in the waters of the first room, there isn't much to be concerned about in this mission, with much lever pulling and infamous use of the kayak, taking up the crux of your time. While the lighting, texturing and objects used fit the theme of the level well, low-resolution waterfall textures and plants don't really belong alongside the other higher quality resources used in the mission. I also didn't find the kayak that fun to use, as the controls make it a pain to manoeuvre around(although this is more to blame on how Core Design implemented it back in TR3, and isn't really EssGee's fault per say). After having to deal with the bad kayak controls, I was relived to finally reach the end of the level and progress onwards. While this level wasn't as bad as Lake Apache was, the few problems in this level doesn't necessarily make this a fun mission either. 7/10 Aquatlantis(EssGee)- Arriving in what is seemingly a long forgotten alien temple, reminiscent of the Atlantis levels from TR Anniversary, it's soon revealed that there is much more going on here than meets the eye. Eventually, we stumble upon an ancient dimension tower, which is revealed to have the capability to allow anyone to go back in time to the days when the town of Coyote Creek was still prospering. Annoyingly enough, the tower is deactivated, so get ready to spend the next hour or two exploring the temple for the necessary components that we need in order to get it up and running again. Everything from the lighting to the gameplay is top-notch and used to a high quality standard, creating a quite immersive and engaging atmosphere as a result. The only real flaw though is that the level can last far too long for some people, with some parts being a bit difficult to progress forward. It got to a point for me at least that I had to download a savegame from Dutchy's walkthrough, simply because my patience was starting to wear thin, as I was wanting to see the other levels and having failed to grab a ladder after jumping off a swingpole for the umpteenth time, was the last straw. When you finally manage to re-activate the dimension tower, you can't help but be astounded at how incredible it is in motion. Having done all we can here, we jump into the time portal, ready for the challenges ahead in the past, ending EssGee's involvement with Coyote Creek 2's levels on a high note. 9/10 Battle For Coyote Creek(Cowboy)- We are transported through the time stream back to the town of Coyote Creek, finding it in a state quite different from the one we left behind in the future. Our main objective here is to speak with Dark Cloud's ancestor, Chief Thunder Eagle, about the famed Golden City, but unluckily, the townsfolk are being held hostage and the local sheriffs need your help to rescue them from Mr Bolivar's nasty high noon gang. Well, looks like we've got more work to do... While we may be playing a level that we've gone through once already, Cowboy manages to find a way to keep the experience fresh through adding some stealth elements, forcing you to proceed through the level more strategically, knowing that if you go in 'guns blazin', you won't be rewarded with anything, but an early grave. The lighting, texturing and objects are all used perfectly, with some fitting music for indoor areas and well-placed battle sequences helping to convoy a great convincing feeling of being involved in what will be a historical battle for the town 250+ years from now. Little flourishes such as the citizens thanking you for saving them or a piano player in the saloon, were things that I thought helped add to the level's charm. Having defeated the high noon gang for now, we head down to a jail cell where Chief Thunder Eagle is being held, finally getting the answers we desire. We then set off for the Golden City, ready to settle some unfinished business. 9/10 The Golden City(Cowboy)- Arriving at our destination, we proceed through another canyon doing some fairly easy platforming and button pushing in order to get inside the temple. Our main objective here is to find four giant gold coins needed to unlock the master control facility, where the supposed evil spirits dwell within. The gameplay for the most part is traditional TR fare, with some very creatively designed puzzle areas and some tricky new skeleton and mummy enemies that can set Lara on fire, if she gets too close, forcing you to keep on your toes, not knowing what could be around the corner. The lighting, texturing and objects are used appropriately to fit the whole El Dorado temple-style setting, with great use of music from TR Underworld and the Thief series, to help add to the atmosphere of the level. Retrieving the golden coins, we are suddenly ambushed by Mr Bolivar and the remaining members of the high noon gang, who also want the coins we've collected for themselves, foolishly thinking that it will lead them to riches beyond their wildest dreams, unaware of what truly lies beyond the door. Of course, we can't allow that, can we? So after a brief conversation with Mr Bolivar, we take him and his accomplice Phoebe down, wiping out the last of the high noon gang for good. Placing the coins into their respective slots, the doors open as we walk into the next level, ready for Lara's biggest challenge yet. 9/10 Master Control Facility(Cowboy)- Entering the facility, we now have to turn those alien ores we've been collecting up to this point into solid gold bars, which are needed in order to imprison this evil spirit forever. While the objects and texturing fit the overall theme of the level and some quite creative features are shown off in this mission(such as health regeneration triggers, teleporters, monorails and even things turning into gold), that doesn't stop the level from starting to drag on a bit and become boring in the lead up to the final confrontation with the evil spirit. While I understand that this is a fairly technologically advanced facility, I found the lighting to be a bit too bright and the pre-boss fight music(which is mostly from the Thief series), to feel a little out of place in a level like this. However, the music used during the final boss fight with Keller(the evil spirit) fits in perfectly, creating an epic tone for a final confrontation. Running away from Keller back to the time portal, was also a quite fun way to end the level(although I was disappointed to discover that Keller's model had frozen in position upon reloading a savegame, which kind of toned down the tension a little, due to there being very little danger overall, because of this glitch.) While this level managed to wrap up the game's storyline nicely, the time it took to get to those moments was far too long. The higher emphasis on combat and some quite difficult to traverse traps don't really help in contributing to the level either. Probably the most boring level of the campaign tragically, but it's still worth at least one playthrough. 5/10 Epilogue(George Maciver)- We arrive back in the town of Coyote Creek, but in the present day. So everything in this short level is the exact same as the first mission of the campaign, just with barely anything to do, outside of a easy-to-find secret(which is well worth all the effort that players put into this levelset in my opinion) and a final conversation between Lara and Chief Dark Cloud. Overall, outside of the fun little side mission for the secret, I don't really see why this couldn't have just been a cutscene level, as there is almost nothing to do in this mission at all. The credits were okay, but they weren't as good as those seen in the original Coyote Creek. 4/10 In conclusion, this campaign may have its pros and cons, but it is still a worthy sequel to CC1 and I highly recommend players of any skill level, those who've played CC1 before or haven't yet, this is one campaign that is well worth your time playing through to the end. I wish to thank Titak, EssGee, Cowboy and George Maciver for spending these past few years creating this masterpiece. Cheers!'" - Ceamonks890 (17-Nov-2012)
"First off, I must say I think this game deserves a score of full tens not exactly because I enjoyed it equally from the start to the end but because it does deserve it globally, for the great atmospheres and objects, for the puzzles involved and the way it's aimed at pleasing everyone, from those who like the old west to those who like tombs to those who like natural environments to those who prefer lab/extraterrestrial settings. If you ask me which part I thought was most perfect visually I'll have to go back to the Canyon levels (despite the fact that they can be a tad boring before arriving at the final rather interesting puzzles), soon followed by the town's scenes and then the lab parts. The fact that I didn't like the Golden City level so much has to do with a couple of things, namely it being most destined for the tomb exploration lovers and that I'd really have needed a load of explosive ammo I didn't really have in order not to see myself in dire straits as I did with all those skeletons that set you on fire quite easily. The progression of the game is greatly done, from the easy to the utterly complicated and truly hard to figure out. There are many memorable moments throughout this adventure though, one of them being the ET-train that at a given moment takes Lara between places. Much could be said about Coyote Creek 2, mostly positive things - I couldn't even really complain about most of the traps and enemies whom I thought were fun actually... The final battle is memorable too in my viewpoint, not too easy, not too hard. So, my main complaint (besides the aforementioned fire warriors) would be how confusing the route can become at times, that's all really. A huge thank you to all those who united in giving us this masterpiece for free. Will there be a number 3, maybe a bit more balanced when it comes to orientation?" - Jorge22 (17-Nov-2012)
"Well, 4 10/10 of course. These levels are amazing. Only few level gameplays are too easy (especially the first and the kayak levels. for the rest it's perfect. Level builders have put their skills into different beautiful environment (factory, alien, peru (golden city), wilw wild west) and Canyon. Also CC2 contains brilliant and new puzzles and objects (the water tower, the final battle, the cart...) Seriouly one of the best game." - Glouglouton (16-Nov-2012)
"I liked very much this set of levels, even more than I liked the first Coyote Creek. The fun begins with the opening screen: a lovely view of the Coyote Creek city, with a very graceful lady crossing the main street and a realistic piano player... Really, the only faults that I found in this game were the darkness of Maciver's, EssGee's and part of Titak's levels, the relative difficulty for controlling the Apache River Rapids' canoe, the absolute difficulty for passing the killing doors of Aquatlantis, and the fact that the opposite of darkness, extreme clarity, hurt my eyes in the last Cowboy's level. But these things have no importance at all, given the masterful technique of Maciver, the extreme creativity in terms of actions and objects of Titak's Canyon Bridge (and the beauty of the canyon), the delightful gameplay and magnificent beauty of Aquatlantis, despite the darkness, and the almost absolute perfection in terms of lighting, puzzles and gameplay of all Cowboy's levels. A highly recommended and absolutely enjoyable game. I'm deeply grateful to the authors." - Josey (15-Nov-2012)
"From such authors there is the expectation of something above and beyond normal levels, and that is what is delivered. I will hit a few highlights. Starts out well enough in a ghost town of the American west. When Lara reaches The Canyon the scenery is extraordinary, evocative of the old west, and although play is mostly about jumps to make progress the landscape is exceptional. And this is only a warmup for Canyon Bridge, the first really Wow level, that seems to be a whole generation beyond anything Tomb Raider. The water tower, the elevator, and the ideas are all memorable. The whole thing about taking items out of a small toolbox, and then putting stones back in to make a weight is at first too outrageously clever, but I liked it better and better the more I thought about it. That this full release is a collection of superlatives is proved next by Aquatlantis a fantastic alien environment and very much a contender for best level of this set. This is also one of the more complex levels with its tasks, and often mazelike settings, so you may have no idea where conveyor belts are headed. The rotating boulder trap is innovative. The complex alien settings have to be seen to be appreciated, although this is the first level where players might appreciate having a walkthrough open. Lara returns to the past, a historic Coyote Creek, which is always fun. This leads to The Golden City, and by this time I did have the walkthrough, and so could appreciate long secrets that would probably have been missed otherwise. (I don't really understand why these levels have to be encrypted.) Really good gameplay and settings in the vein of classic Tomb Raider. I don't want to single out any particular level for the next remark, but it did seem that sometimes cutscenes were slightly cheesy (yes, I know that's Tomb Raider), and that the dialogue strained just a bit to pretend these diverse levels formed a coherent plot. Just accept that the plot does indeed make sense. The last full level is Master Control Facility, another great alien environment since Lara now has to find a way back to the future (present), this time with fun monorails, and conveyor belts carrying Lara into flames. Has a good conveyor belt on the ceiling to speed up a monkey swing. The air is always hazy, as if aliens need a polluted atmosphere, although I prefer clarity. The boss ending admirably serves the purpose to quicken the heartbeat and rush Lara toward the exit. Lara triumphs by defeating a longstanding evil. In sum, in a few places play drags and players may have to consult a walkthrough, but for sheer creativity in scenic environments, traps, and new objects and concepts, the levels are unbeatable." - dmdibl (12-Nov-2012)
"Very good, with a almost perfect lighting, textures and atmosphere It's one of the best levels of the year but in the main, it's a little bit under the quality of Coyote Creek 1... I missed more and complex puzzles, and a bit more action would have been wonderful. My favourite levels are Aquatlantis, Battle in Coyote Creek and Golden City." - requiemsoul (07-Nov-2012)
"Thanks to the Group of creators for this magnificent adventure, the best weekend I've had in months...!! The levels are excellent in my opinion...they all have a very good atmosphere and the gameplay is fluid except in few cases...My respect to the builders for the hard work in this series of levels, and thank you for the great adventure...a package for collection.." - McRaider (07-Nov-2012)
"Certainly another milestone in TRLE history . Not much to my surprise as it comes from four of the top gun level designers of all times. I do not review many levels these days because I believe no review or rating could ever show my appreciation and thankfulness for all the effort and work of the builders however great or small they might be. So here`s to you Titak, Scott, Michael and George : a big bunch of 10`s and an even bigger Thank You So Much for this wonderful TRLE adventure." - Ruben (07-Nov-2012)
"Return to Coyote Creek: Having spent several happy minutes wandering round the town, revisiting all the old haunts, I was suddenly reminded in no uncertain terms just why the place is called what it is, when Lara opened a door and an entire pack of coyotes came surging out. Apart from that, it's a lovely chance to reacquaint oneself with a wonderful place, with only an Apache chief to rescue - definitely a holiday for Lara. Apache Lake: Imposing scenery and a huge area to explore, full of doors to open, various tasks to accomplish, including some fun sliding and bouncing and plenty of opportunity to use Lara's new moves. The pistols disappeared at one point and I'm not sure if they ever came back at all in this section as I quite forgot to try loading them. The few snakes encountered along the way can easily be bypassed in any case. The Canyon: This spectacular section has to be one of the most realistic settings ever built (and speaking of realism, Lara gets hurt when she strays too close to the spiky cacti - how brilliant is that!). The gorgeous sun bleached sandstone bluffs, covered in cactus and scrub (and snakes), with buzzards circling overhead, the superbly well chosen sound files and music - all combined to convince me I could actually smell that hot flinty desert aroma. Couple that with some of my favourite 'find the route' gameplay and I was in heaven. There are coyotes, snakes and boulders aplenty to provide a bit of tension, but otherwise exploration is definitely the key here and what a pleasure it is. Canyon Bridge: Same gorgeous environment, but the gameplay moves into high gear with some amazingly inventive objects and ways in which to use them. Simply superb. Apache River Rapids: You get plenty of opportunity to operate a kayak here, which can be a frustratingly imprecise mode of transport (at least the way I do it), but fun all the same. The action takes place underground and some swimming is also involved. Enemies are small pallid scorpions that have obviously evolved in the semi dark conditions and seemed (like all the enemies in this game) entirely appropriate. Aquatlantis: The atmosphere of this section is really well created and makes a delightfully exotic contrast to the preceding parts. The alien technology is impressively depicted and searching for powercells for said machinery involves a variety of interesting (and occasionally quite challenging) tasks, most notably some moving walkways between teeth doors and pendulums. Exciting stuff and Lara gets to meet some aliens (wonderfully re-textured demigods). Battle for Coyote Creek: Having been transported back in time to the town in the good old wild west days, Lara gets to join up with the local sheriff to defeat the bad guys and if I've ever said I don't much care for shoot 'em ups, I most certainly wasn't including this type of level. Brilliantly well done and such good fun and if you feel like a break you can hang out in the saloon and let the piano player entertain you. Golden City: Back to the great outdoors and a gorgeous city of legend where Lara has to deal with the angry spirits of the dead (who set her on fire at every opportunity). There are four golden sun coins to find which involves visiting four separate areas to achieve various tasks including some excellent puzzles and torch work. Master Control Facility: Woah, there's a sliding walkway/fire trap near the start of this level that really takes some doing - well at least it did for me, but I made it eventually (coming back was much easier). More fascinating alien technology going on here and further numerous traps for poor Lara to negotiate, including an adrenalin inducing timed run through huge stampers, lasers and exploding containers. There are hordes of robots about so there's quite a bit of fighting to do and a great boss ending. Phew. Epilogue: Transported back to present day Coyote Creek, Lara gets to say goodbye to Chief Dark Cloud and gain a lovely keepsake before concluding her epic adventure. Hall of Fame in 3.... 2.... 1...." - Jay (07-Nov-2012)
"This was amzing game. Interesting and fantastic levels. The authors have added to the game a lot of interesting ideas. Graphics are beautiful, views are breathtaking. Music perfectly suited to the game." - Andzia9 (07-Nov-2012)
"The highly anticipated sequel to a highly rated game. Already the first screenshots presented in the forums showed early glances of the quality of this epic release and all the expectations surely weren't disturbed. Since I started this game the same day I finished the first part, I compare these two levelsets more than if I played it six years ago.
Return to Coyote Creek (7-9-10-9) - 20 minutes: This starting level rather feels like a remake of the original and doesn't offer anything new to the players, but just as Lara and the Chief, this level serves as a hub for game and storyline and the freeing of the Chief is rather well done and I had enough fun exploring all the buildings again. Still had the"end of world" feeling on the roofs and some textures inside the buildings (especially ceilings) could have been better applied - some could have needed rotation. I found the short appearance of the waiter and the pianist in the saloon pretty well set into scene. Thankfully this level is short enough to be still pleasant despite the few gripes I had with it and just as the Chief says, the real adventure starts when Lara comes into the next level.
Lake Apache (8-9-9-10) - 30 minutes: In my opinion this level has great visuals, especially in the larger rooms that serve as the hubs for this level; I still think the general atmosphere suffered in this level due to rather greyish and dull lighting and too flat walls in the valleys of the large room. The gameplay is overly centering around finding the next lever to open another door (and so on) - due to the rather foggy atmosphere in the main hub it's also a bit hard to spot the just opened door, but I found some of the jumps rather out of the ordinary as the climb-down in the valleys, the lava rooms and the high tower. The suns behind the Indian statues were a simple yet nice idea and despite the large scale of the rooms the whole place feels quite realistic if not for the mentioned flaws that were rather minor though.
The Canyon (8-9-10-10) - 30 minutes: This is the first level that completely convinced me from both a visual and atmospherical perspective as the way the canyon and all the surrounding rock formations are built is simply outstanding and I haven't often seen such a realistic landscape in a TR level. Texturing and lighting are perfect and literally so. There are lots of small details to enhance the realism like the cacti, the waterfalls, the water flow and branches that serve as poles and everything feels just about right. The gameplay picks up slightly from the first two games but just as in the previous level it's too monotonous, as the only thing you are doing is platforming, although it's great fun (so regarding this as part of a multi-level game, I wouldn't call this a heavy flaw). The secret hideouts in this and the next level are really remarkable as one has to think (and jump) around the corner and also detailed exploration is needed.
Canyon Bridge (9-10-10-10) - 35 minutes: One of the highlights of this game. While the setting doesn't change much - still mostly the same texturing and lighting - the gameplay is more diversed and there is more and creative usage of objects. To name a few highlights - the explosion under the bridge to get to the other side, the water tower, the elevator usage and of course the toolbox; all of them extremely add to the fun factor of this level and I think now the main part of this game started. Difficulty steadily raises what can't be said about CC1 that mostly had a (too) low difficulty. The only thing I really disliked here - as well as in the previous level - were the death squares in the water that didn't feel realistic, although I understand they are necessary for not creating dead ends. Maybe placing some obvious spike traps would have been better.
Apache River Rapids (8-9-9-9) - 25 minutes: This is one of the levels I least liked in this pack since the gameplay progression is hindered by a lot of to and fro - also with the kayak - and maybe I expected too much from this level. There is not really that much to do with the boat except driving up and down in water tunnels with strangely low-resolution textures that seemed totally out of place in the otherwise very authentic texture set. Luckily there were a few smaller puzzles that keep players enthralled to some extent, and even with the backtracking the gameplay is mostly fast-paced; still I felt that if the action would have been reduced to an extended kayak ride, this level would have been a better transition between two really great levels.
Aquatlantis (10-10-10-10) - 65 minutes: Despite some minor gripes with progression, I couldn't reduce my rating in any regard since as a part of this game, this level feels just about perfect. Still cannot imagine how much time EssGee must have spent to create such a setting. I wonder what the creators of Core Design would say when they see what is made of the TR 4 engine. Great alien atmosphere supported by a unique texture set with a lot of animated graphics, lots of new objects, animations, setups and technical achievements that surely reach the limits of the editor. The conveyor belts and moving platforms add a lot to the gameplay momentum and the plethora of new traps are fantastic, e.g. the rotating boulders. Despite of that, many rather classic gameplay elements can be found in this level, like monkeyswinging through fire traps, a long but elaborate block puzzle (of course missed pushing it to the first square, so I had to do it twice), a multi-level maze that even I liked, timed runs, more puzzles, fights against retextured demigods, ... to put it in a nutshell: this level was pure fun and absolutely amazing. Sometimes I found it hard to find out what to do next and I came across a dead end when doing things differently than intended, but since a fixed version is in the making and the level is just too good to be true, so I won't deduce any points because of these things alone.
Battle for Coyote Creek (9-10-10-9) - 40 minutes: The next level, the next highlight of the series: Although set in a rather well-known location (which I visited for the third time in one week), the time travel to the 19th century is truly a fantastic experience. Shortly after I got - no doubt - one of the best secrets I have ever found. You simply must find this one although it could have been a little harder, like having to use a shovel. A lot of creative ways to kill enemies are needed, partly even some stealth elements, and especially the barrels that help you are great fun. Texturing still could need some small refinements but this has to be a general problem in this level. Nonetheless, I had a lot of fun in this level even if the town setting seems worn out by now. The dialogues tend to be just as inaudible as in the first Coyote Creek levelset from this level onwards, but they are nicely set up and when hearing them several times (now the walkthrough should help) they are nicely enhancing the story. At the end the timed runs and the door puzzle were additional fun encounters.
The Golden City (10-9-10-10) - 45 minutes: The third level that makes use of the canyon textures, but it works well as only the large starting area is fully created with those textures and afterwards the temple setting marks a good diversity while still keeping the style of the previous levels. Play is almost of the same standard as in Aquatlantis, as after some straightforward platforming at the start the level splits in four paths that all contain very innovative and fun puzzles; especially liked the clock puzzle and the one with segmented death tiles. I liked the creative usage of enemies to make life harder for Lara like the skeletons with fire swords and the moving wall trap sequence was quite fun as it isn't obvious right at the start what to do. At the end the transition to the next level with the first boss fight and the setting changing to industrial in the last room.
Master Control Facility (8-10-10-9) - 40 minutes: Another technical masterpiece with superb objects to support the factory setting and a lot of nice features like the beamers, the wind machine, the cars to easy up the way through the long passages and a lot more. But I had the feeling this level was just too long for its own good - in the second half it seemed to move on and on and in my opinion the boss fight could have been placed after the second stop of the car passage - I found finding the necessary levers to be more than boring. The boss fight itself is very nicely set up and the reappearance of the conveyor belts is plain fun, as well as the adrenaline-filled escape route back to the start of the level through the destroyed facility. Outstanding also: very nice enemy placement and even if this level tends to be a shooter (culminating in a room with 10-15 enemies), it always remains fair from a player perspective.
Epilogue (7-9-10-9) - 10 minutes: This can be a very short trip mostly consisting of a (in my opinion too) long cutscene with the Chief, but if you go for the special secret he has hidden for you you'll be busy for a few more minutes. It's a really nice secret, btw, so I suggest you should go for it. Not much more can be said about this level that takes Lara back to the town for the third time in this game, but since you will be guided at all the normal gameplay tasks, it does rather feel task-oriented rather than another perhaps boring exploration of the town. The end credits aren't as great as in the original, but they work as they should and they are still rather cute.
Summary: Just like in the first series about Coyote Creek, this second part starts rather slowly, but picks in a much faster way and the highlights of this series are some of the most entertaining single levels, so I think the slightly raised overall score does the level justice. I agree to MMAN that the original might have done a better job in supporting the storyline, but a lot of dialogues and hint papers scattered around this game helped the progression to be logic and thrilling enough to have suspense until the end. The graphics are most of the time outstanding and setting up a new standard; there are plenty of technical achievements and creative usage of objects; the"worst" levels from a gameplay perspective are still great fun with a higher difficulty than in the original and more diversity in terms of puzzles, platforming and traps. All in all a well-rounded game to be played, replayed and played again. Highest recommendations for me. In more than five and a half hours, I found all 22 secrets (myself!)." - manarch2 (05-Nov-2012)
"Since I did reviews of each level of the original Coyote Creek I guess I'll do it here too. I'll warn of SPOILERS now, especially for the second half:
Return to Coyote Creek: This is pretty much the original visit to Coyote Creek with some new events and areas, so I guess my original review of that level applies, it does a good job as an introduction though.
Lake Apache: You start in some temple areas before moving onto an extremely massive cave area. The aesthetic is unmistakably modern GMac with the use of grey as a dominant colour, although there is a least plenty of green in the cave area, which is extremely impressive in general. Outside of a couple of bits of forced damage the gameplay is quite enjoyable with a nice flow between each area and a good mix of tasks.
Canyon: This level is extremely beautiful and probably one of the best looking TR outdoor levels ever, with extremely organic geometry and excellent texturing and lighting. Gameplay is quite straightforward here and mostly focused on environment navigation (although some of it is quite challenging). Making the Cactus' cause damage seemed kind of an odd choice, especially as it's applied a bit inconsistently.
Canyon Bridge: Visually what I said about Canyon pretty much applies here. This level is actually even better looking though as more man-made elements give the looks more variety. Gameplay is also improved in the same way with more puzzles and general variety, it also has an ingenious (despite being a very simple idea on the surface) use of item combining that I don't think I've seen before.
Apache River Rapids: Compared to the rest this level feels oddly unambitious. I really liked the new textures but it seems kind of cramped and the actual gameplay is pretty simple and has some pointless backtracking at a couple of points. The Kayak also felt kind of underused and the level is very linear. It's still a good level despite these flaws, but it doesn't seem up to the standards of the rest.
Aquatlantis: This could be considered the centrepiece level of Coyote Creek 2, as it's easily the longest and maybe the most challenging too. It takes the familiar Anniversary Atlantis theme but revitalises it with a colour shift and some new elements, along with many new objects and interactions. It's probably the most task-rich level in the pack, although it comes with flaws, like too much forced damage, some of the geometry seeming oddly buggy (causing occasional irritating bugs with Lara's movements) and a slightly overlong block puzzle, but the majority of the stronger tasks mostly make up for this. One room consistently crashed in a certain part of it but that part's not important to progression.
Battle for Coyote Creek: This is another redo of the titular town, but another very different version of it, with an action theme that involves various cool tasks and things I haven't really seen before in TR, like having to deal with gunmen in creative ways and all manner of scripted interactions with characters.
The Golden City: This is another large level along the lines of Aquatlantis, and opens onto a sort of "four trials" concept once you finally enter the temple (there's actually quite a bit of gameplay before you do). This is another visual highlight, with the giant golden temple and it's surrounding areas pulled off very well. It's also probably the strongest level gameplay-wise with a series of enjoyable and challenging tasks, including a couple of creative puzzles and a nice twist added to standard enemies.
Master Control Facility: This level's theme comes out of left-field, as you finally stumble on the centre of the mystery of Coyote Creek. It's the most different level in the pack as you find a large industrial facility powered by lava (which comes with many new objects). The level starts off very low-key and gives the impression of being some sort of breather level, but a little bit in it explodes with action (including some very cool new enemy types) and becomes full of tricky tasks and puzzles, including some very original ideas (like being chased by an unstoppable enemy and a tram ride). It culminates in a fun boss fight and final escape sequence. This is another gameplay highlight along with The Golden City.
Epilogue: This is another return to Coyote Creek for a wrapping up of the story, along with a final special secret to find if you want to explore more. I was a little disappointed to some degree; after what I had done I was expecting CC to have become a thriving town in the present or something, but it's still a dead ghost town (although not a literal one anymore). It still provides a nice conclusion though.
While there are various flaws I think the overall gameplay quality and it's best parts outweigh them, and while I got stuck a few times it was always by missing something relatively obvious. It also maintains a constant high visual quality even in it's weaker moments. I haven't mentioned the story that flows through the whole thing and is arguably even better integrated than the first due to more character interaction. Despite that though I'm not sure it's quite as good as the original; as I mentioned in my review of that one of the reasons it's a masterpiece is the way each level has a different atmosphere that is unique to every level and tells it's own story. I don't think CC2 is as strong in that regard and your overall progression feels less natural. It still is a masterpiece though and one of the best TRLE packs around." - Mman (04-Nov-2012)
"I really liked this game. The atmosphere and texturing of the levels is impressive. The only "but" is that there are too linear levels and levels in town of Coyote Creek are very repetitive. They are very similar to the levels of the town that appear in Coyote Creek 1. Not many puzzles, but the puzzles that appear liked me quite. For example, the puzzle of explosives in Canyon Bridge. Definitely: The game is very good and highly recommended. Mandatory for fans of Tomb Raider ;)" - IvanTRFan (03-Nov-2012)
"It's one of the adventures by a group of builders I was looking forward to playing. It's just an magnificent, wonderfull, gorgeous adventure. Everything in this game is exellent. We are a mix of easy, medium and very hard levels. All these levels are great. Big lake, canyons, lost ruins, city, ... everything is good and even very good. Many news objects and enemies perfects for a wild west adventure. A superb gameplay with many news puzzles and a perfect use of the new NG engine. Like a movie, we are a real story wo is revealed step by step. We are also the pleasure to recover old enemies from the previous also perfect "coyote creek". One of the biggest amazing adventure of our trle world and certainly very quickly in the top 10 ^^. MANY MANY THANKS to George, Titia, Scott and Michael Allan for this great adventure in Coyote Creek. Guys, you are the BESTS." - BigFoot (01-Nov-2012)