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TR3 Remake Demo - The Jungle by Sabatu

alan 8 7 9 10
BHM Productions 7 7 8 5
Ceamonks890 6 6 8 8
Charles Kane 8 8 9 9
DJ Full 8 8 9 9
eRIC 5 6 6 6
Jay 7 8 8 8
Jorge22 7 7 8 8
Jose 6 6 6 6
lokky99101 8 7 8 7
manarch2 6 6 8 7
MichaelP 5 6 7 6
misho98 6 7 8 6
Orbit Dream 7 7 8 8
Rainmaker 7 6 8 7
Ryan 6 7 7 7
Treeble 7 7 8 7
release date: 26-Feb-2013
# of downloads: 174

average rating: 7.16
review count: 17
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file size: 30.60 MB
file type: TR3
class: Jungle

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"I don't feel like playing a custom level here, but rather a genuine level by Core Design, only less frustrating. The puzzles and secrets were modest enough, I never consulted to a walkthrough (although I only managed to get 5 out of 6 secrets for that). All in all, worth to play if you like the atmosphere of TR3 but with less traps." - Charles Kane (03-Feb-2021)
""Remake" is too strong a word here, what you get is an all-new level built using the original assets and that's about as far as the similarities go. There are quite a few levers to locate here and ultimately a quest for three Indra Keys in a rather large room (where you can easily make your way to the end of the world with an angled backflip). It's all rather standard, really, but it's not too taxing on the player so it makes for a fun raid. 30 minutes, 6 secrets. 12/19" - Treeble (29-Dec-2019)
"Short, chill, relaxing and nostalgic but don't let the word "remake" fool you - this is a completely new, gripping level, with isolation and exploration on par with early Jungle Ruins so it's a good map to play alone and get intimate with scenery while listening to the rain. Speaking of sound I got some issues with local triggers and the main thing not retriggering unless you save/load, I'm not sure about the bug origin but it needs further investigation. Nonetheless if the full version keeps this quality, it's gonna be very good." - DJ Full (21-Jul-2019)
"This is a nice little level that's good for a little slice of TR3 nostalgia. The progression and tasks required to progress aren't particularly challenging (mostly involving jumping around treetops and water, avoiding a couple of traps and finding keys), but they are entertaining enough for the time they last, and the general jungle construction isn't too sloppy and quite solidly constructed. The six secrets are also enjoyable and worthwhile to go for. A pleasant diversion." - Ryan (08-Jan-2018)
"I enjoyed this short level, the atmosphere, caves and areas are great. The textures are the same of the jungle level of TR3, and this is almost like the original one. Some areas are too dark, and I had spent all my flares already, luckily TR3 games have gamma function and you can only raise it to see lighter ;) The boulder near the beginning killed me xD. I found a key on a tall pillar, then I discovered a cave with 3 keyholes and a door (similar to Temple Ruins) and I said "this will take looong" because there was a huge jungle out there and I had to find the 2 remaining keys. I just thought one of them could be in the water, and I was right! I had a little problem finding the last one, but finally I opened the door and I when I saw a dark passage ahead, I knew it was the end. I recommend it, not only for those who love jungle levels, everyone should give it a try, you'll want to finish it ;)" - alan (25-Oct-2016)
"This level was fun to play but the only downside for me is that this didn't even feel like a remake as none of the areas were similar to the original game. I think the builder could made an area or 2 look like an area that was featured in the orginal jungle level of TR3 and add some new rooms to it or just some new areas the bit I quite enjoyed was towards the end of the level you came out into this big area and had to search it for 3 keys in order to end the level. But overall I think the secrets were quite well placed this level was enjoyable however the builder could of made the level more like the orginal." - lokky99101 (16-Aug-2016)
"TR3 is my favorite game in the whole series and has the best design and atmosphere, so I always love a good chance to return to that style again. This level certainly delivered on the TR3 style of level- design and gameplay, and I found myself having a rather good time all the way through. The gameplay is solid, simple fun and I truly appreciated that, as quite a few TRLE levels I've played are very complex and confusing. The atmosphere and overall level-design was quite great as well; it really gave me those TR3 vibes I was hoping for. Where this level fell shortest was the look. I just have to be honest and say that the builder should've put a lot more care and attention into the texturing, as it was quite sloppy in a lot of areas and had a ton of breaks, clips, and distortion. I hate being nitpicky like that but it was prevalent throughout the whole level. Also, I appreciated the varied slopes and corners, but it all needed to be smoothed out, it was just too jagged in places. Beyond those gripes, I still think the level did look good and I can tell time and effort went into the room building and texturing. Overall, a fun and relaxing little level that falls somewhat short in the visual-department and ends too quickly, but still delivers in all other aspects. Good work! :)" - BHM Productions (05-Aug-2016)
"Despite being about as standard as you can possibly get(in regards to jungle levels under the TR3 engine), the builder still uses the traditional assets to great effect here for the most part and is done effectively enough throughout, to warrant the price of admission(including an immersive atmosphere generated thanks to the varied use of lighting effects and decent use of texturing, with the incredibly simple gameplay serving as one of the few cons to this generally all-round entertaining experience.) Recommended to those who are fans of TR3's jungle levels and wishing to delve into a bit of nostalgia." - Ceamonks890 (22-Oct-2014)
"I liked this level a lot but I feel like it could've been something bigger. Yes, simple is great, I love simple and not difficult level but looking at this great architecture I just think there could've been some more tasks and still be a little easy level. I liked it though. I liked how the secrets were placed, I liked the little puzzle with the waterfall and I loved the areas. It didn't looked very beautiful because of the engine but still it was pleasant to look at and it gave the level some very nice TR3-jungle vibes, my fave TR game. That's why the atmosphere it the level's highlight. Enemies were well placed and well chosen. Recommended!" - misho98 (31-Dec-2013)
"A pleasant enough little romp in a traditional TR3 jungle setting. You will spend less than half an hour here - if you manage to spot one of the keys in the middle of the lake with a keen eye. I spotted a missing texture and did not like the rather dark parts, but the outside areas are decently built and fun to explore. Enjoyable for a quick one in between and a nice array of 6 secrets to collect." - MichaelP (16-Nov-2013)
"A short TR3 jungle level where Lara has to look for three keys to open the exit door. Easy gameplay but I didn't like the location of one key, lying in the middle of a huge area without any mark. Enemies are only a few tigers, secrets are very easy to find, but I couldn't see the shotgun. Textures are not well applied in many places over all in small triangular surfaces but the set is not bad at all. I missed some more musics and some traps, but the level is enjoyable anyway." - Jose (10-May-2013)
"A trademark from the builder seems to be the emphasis on exploration, sometimes in big areas sometimes in more intricate ones. Texturing and segmenting of the walls could be improved , but nothing too bad. A classic and mostly straightforward progression , with a few jumps , some tigers , and monkeys some of which hold a small medipack in their mouth. A few places will remind a bit the TR3 game locations , like the jumps on ledges over water with current. The secrets are probably too easy to find, there is no puzzle as such , and I recall only one trap , the level lasting only 25 minutes is pleasant to play." - eRIC (01-Apr-2013)
"This is a classic TR3 level. If you missed the old TR3 and its jungle levels, then that's a good choice. The textures are mostly (if not all) from TR3's jungle levels. There were few missplaced textures but they are not so noticeable. The lighting is nicely placed. One thing I like about this author, is that he uses nice architecture in his levels. Sure this one is way more beautiful than other levels of his.There were few mistakes, but they can be easily fixed. I am always interested in TR3 and older levels and I can tell you that this one deserves a shot." - Rainmaker (28-Mar-2013)
"This is a classic TR3 adventure,which delivers just about everything you would expect;and delivers it very well. Progression is pretty linear,enjoyable and absorbing;until you reach the final (impressive) area,and need to find the three keys.Two are easy enough to acquire,but the third is placed absolutely randomly within the vast underwater lake,and took up almost a third of my gameplay-duration time to locate.An end-of-level Boss would have made up for it,but sadly the adventure ends anti-climatically. From a constructional point of view,much work has been put into this (although I couldn't ignore a highly prominent missing texture);and there is a lot which is impressive and grandiose within the scenery.Lighting is varied and generally works well and,in tandem with the audio,a tangible sense of atmosphere is engendered.Provided you happen to chance upon the all-important key relatively quickly,you'll enjoy yourself here;and I recommend it highly." - Orbit Dream (11-Mar-2013)
"An interesting TR3 jungle level along traditional lines with fine textures and settings where nothing is missing, including at least a sudden - yet basically harmless - boulder, several tigers, lots of jumps and three Indra keys (now that I think of it, there's that moving spiked wall feature that's missing along with some high faster moments) one has to find to finally reach the end while sliding down a ramp. Interesting that what actually took me most of my time was finding the possibly easier key, the one that's just lying underwater. Nice enough." - Jorge22 (10-Mar-2013)
"The builder has a grasp on building atmospheric TR 3 settings. Unlike you might think from the name, it's far from a remake (only the used textures and objects are the same) and the looks are quite pleasant throughout the whole level. Especially in terms of lighting, I thought this was well done. Texturing could need some tweaking though especially in the cave areas where some rock textures are distorted; I also found one water texture on solid floor and a solid floor texture as a water surface, but those are smaller mistakes. Some areas are heavily dark, but enough flares are provided and the secret in here is certainly the hardest to find (all others are often easier than finding your next step); one area even had a few missing textures. All of those gripes aside, there were a couple of areas I would nearly call stunning, e.g. the area where you dive into the water from a high ledge or the large outside area at the end. Only little effort has been made in terms of object design and only shooting the occasional tiger was a bit of boring though. The gameplay is also not the strongest part of this level, but it has a few nice moments like the draining of the riverbed to be able to reach an opening and there were few more interesting platforming tasks in the last area to find the required Indra Keys. Placing one of them in the middle of the lake wasn't such a nice idea though, since it's easy to miss it (I only found it by chance). Generally it was a good level though, lasting not too long (30 minutes) and while not being a remake at all it partially expresses the same charm as the original game. Recommended for a nostalgic raid." - manarch2 (07-Mar-2013)
"A really traditional TR3 jungle level, involving those good old-fashioned pastimes of leaping about in trees and shooting tigers (although not simultaneously, tigers not being naturally arboreal). Not a long game and not particularly difficult, although there is much pleasure to be had in finding the correct route to pick up various necessary artefacts and occasional secrets. I was congratulating myself on finding the two keys in fairly short order in the last area, only to discover that I actually needed three of the damn things, which was quite funny. Note to self - don't pat yourself on the back until you've actually finished the game in future! Certainly a nice enough game for fans of TR3 and/or jungle levels." - Jay (04-Mar-2013)