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Escape from the Military Base by Alex Chap

BHM Productions 5 4 3 1
Ceamonks890 1 2 2 1
DJ Full 2 3 4 2
Gerty 2 3 2 2
High Priestess 2 5 1 1
Jay 2 3 3 2
Jose 1 2 3 2
Larabiker301 3 2 4 2
Lara_Fox_Croft 2 3 5 3
manarch2 1 2 1 2
MichaelP 1 3 0 1
Mulf 4 5 4 3
Orbit Dream 2 2 1 2
Phil 3 4 4 6
Quentin 1 2 2 2
Rainmaker 2 1 2 1
Ryan 2 3 2 2
sonnyd83 1 2 3 2
release date: 06-Aug-2013
# of downloads: 122

average rating: 2.38
review count: 18
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file size: 39.40 MB
file type: TR4
class: Base/Lab

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Players who enjoyed Edward Orhue’s Section 13 will also like this one. I guess. I don’t know. I’m not an algorithm that isn’t accountable to anybody. While both levels concern themselves with wholesale slaughter in immensely oversized and perfunctorily designed rooms, the difference is that Section 13 is a hilariously misguided attempt at recreating the Matrix film in TRLE, whereas this Escape seems to take the original Doom for its template, and such fun as is to be had here is entirely intentional. Its best bits were all carried over into the builder’s own remake (Escape from the Military Base v2) and met with a much better reception there, for reasons with which I don’t agree. Between versions 1 and 2 the builder’s technical skills had certainly developed in leaps and bounds, but the ideas didn’t get any better in the process; indeed, rehashing them took much of the fun out of the game, not to mention that version 2 played as an entirely different genre because it took itself too seriously and was way, way, waaay too long. This, by contrast, is over in a matter of minutes, which is exactly right for the kind of game it wants to be." - Mulf (26-Oct-2019)
"A very amateurish shooter-themed level that just isn't much fun to play through(with tedious gameplay as you attempt to survive against a ridiculous amount of SAS guards), little to no objects or lighting effects, thoughtless level design, dreadfully-handled texturing and questionable use of music from TR1-5 during combat encounters, which ultimately fails to deliver any proper sense of desired dread. So in conclusion, don't play this! Especially when the builder has managed to craft better-designed levels since then." - Ceamonks890 (03-Aug-2017)
"Yes, this is a shooter, no doubt about. Aside from the inclusion of two incredibly easy secrets, it's a straightforward, linear romp through repetitive, empty rooms and it's very, very violent. Heaps upon heaps of ammunition is provided alongside the Shotgun, Uzis, Grenade Launcher, Revolver and Crossbow. Even if I wasn't particularly fond of it, it's a brave little effort and some enemy swarms require some strategy rather than mindless shooting." - Ryan (17-Jan-2017)
"I'm not gunna lie, I kind of enjoyed myself as I played this. I can't really say it was because the design of the level was fun, more so that I just enjoyed having big shoot-outs with hoards of gunmen. The overall design of this level is bleak and uniform, with very little variety going on with the textures, lighting, and surfaces. The atmosphere would almost be nonexistent if it weren't for a few wise choices the creator made with the music selection. Overall, despite some pretty poor level design, odd object placement and an almost non-existent atmosphere, I enjoyed some of the concepts in the level and can't say I had a bad time with it." - BHM Productions (11-Apr-2016)
"Hard to review a shooter made with trle, we have a classic TR4 lara, escaping and TR3 type base full of TR4 (city of the deads) SAS. We climb, we shoot, we fall, we shoot again...You get it, this is not TOMB raider, this is invicible Lara against the world, this level was the first of Alex Chap, and I know he improved a lot since this release, I think I'm gonna play his levels to have a better idea of his work (As I did read on facebook that Alex Chap was good as Titak and Magplus, I did laugh a bit I must confess, because of his rates, but I know that rates can be totally non-obvious. That's why I'm gonna take my time to play his levels. Let's talk again about this level: So you shoot a lot of enemies, in a really cubic and with bad textures with a lot of stretched textures. Musics were nice even a bit "too much boss" for SAS enemies. I did not find secrets, but it seems that there are secrets. I did not see any work in lighting as in textures. this level is not that worthto play but, he you have few minutes to lose, then go ahead." - Lara_Fox_Croft (25-Aug-2015)
"Total madness of five readmes, much (because uncountable) enemies and no lighting. The audio is surprisingly good, I think I heard the majority of bossfight themes from original TRs, and some mystery tunes are also included. I particularly liked the "choose weapon of interest" part and the following sassacre (sas sacrifice massacre), because levels of such kind rarely show a sign of concept, here also represented by guardian towers and mercenaries ambushing in the dark. Oh and there are two casual yet handy secrets. SUMMARY: Some "serious" players would wonder if such levels make sense at all. Yes, they do!" - DJ Full (17-Apr-2015)
"This level proves that this level is a shooter, textures are wallpapered, streched. There are lots of different weapons and we can choose which one to take, I took the revolver, personally I like shooter levels but there is too many enemies here. 30 minutes of game with 2 secrets founds." - Quentin (17-Mar-2014)
"A shooter if there ever was one. You get a sequence of plain,square, uniformly textured and unlit rooms, through which you rush and climb, picking of an uncounted number of SAS guards. It is over after max 15 minutes and you will wonder why you came here in the first place..." - MichaelP (23-Aug-2013)
"Some connected boxes with lots of SAS to shoot and guns and ammo to pick up. Nothing more. At least there are some musics and cameras. The author said in the readmes that there are some defects, why don't fix it before the releasing? Why don't add some objects or even switches or doors?" - Jose (21-Aug-2013)
"I played this to round out our walkthrough collection, but the level plays itself. There are no secrets to find, no puzzles to solve, not even any switches to pull. Your task is simply to kill everyone in sight, using the massive firepower you acquire along your stark and linear path. Cathartic, as another reviewer noted, but not otherwise remarkable." - Phil (14-Aug-2013)
"This is one of those levels that's so bad it's good.Texturing,lighting and atmosphere is as basic as it gets;but at least a couple of different audio files have been used to create a modicum of tension.What this level is all about,though,is killing.Lashings of killing!Just kill everybody!! Wow...was it good for you,too?" - Orbit Dream (11-Aug-2013)
"This is obviously a debut level and bears the usual hallmarks - huge empty rooms, stark lighting, stretched textures, wafer thin walls etc. In fairness to the builder, I think he was more interested in making a unashamed shooter than anything remotely connected to eye candy of any kind. There are indeed a lot of guards to shoot and collecting the guns and ammo completes the rest of the gameplay. It's certainly no masterpiece, but if you've had a bad day at the office it could just prove to be very therapeutic." - Jay (10-Aug-2013)
"When I started this up I got all-nostalgic, not about the game play but more about building. Got a lot"aha moments" when I saw a new room and it shows all the beginner mistakes most of made when trying out the LE. I loved that. It still is funny to see the enemies popping out of thin air and boy there were a lot of those. But you do find enough ammo and hardware to get them fairly easily. It was over before I knew it. But thumbs up for trying and do keep at it and keep in mind it can be quite addictive." - Gerty (08-Aug-2013)
"Not much to be said here. A very simple level where you don't do anything but picking up weapons and ammo and shoot numerous baddies. Textures are placed pretty bad and the architecture is not realistic. Also, you can hardly find any lighting spot. Although the music was used nicely. Anyway, it was fun shooting many enemies..." - Rainmaker (07-Aug-2013)
"This wasn't entirely bad although there are a lot of negatives. The readme in the download file said not to give a bad review so I won't but, you should never take any bad reviews to heart anyway. When we review here at TRLE, we usually only add our opinions which aren't really right or wrong...just our opinions on your, I'm nice. The gameplay wasn't entirely bad; you have to basically run around killing sas that give her a hard time throughout the entire time. There are no puzzles but I'm not the least bit worried about this builder since he looks like he has potential. Like said above, the only enemies is SAS, which are annoying enough. Something that I don't approve of personally is the fact that I get an unlimited amount of ammunition (not literally). It destroys what's left of this gameplay and makes it too easy. I'd rather fight my way through with limited ammo and have to resort to fighting with my pistols then to just go around blasting people with a grenade launcher, in fact; I didn't use the grenade launcher at all and settled for a less explosive option (revolver). The lighting wasn't okay but I can't say it was bland. I was planning to give a one on it but because he added shadows that helped with the atmosphere, I reevaluated it and went with a two. But that's okay, this level is the builder's first one and what a way to start it off. You learning in the fundamentals of the level editor. I can't wait to see what the builder has in store in his/her later years and I hope to see a 10.00 on his later customs down the rode. I recommend it if your into shooters. Total Time- 12Mins, Total Secrets Found- 2/? Difficulty-Easy" - Larabiker301 (07-Aug-2013)
"This short level is definately a first effort, the rooms don't look very realistic with wallpapered and misplaced textures, odd geometry and many other things typically for debuts. The dozens of SAS soldiers (with more than enough weaponry to find) are providing a bit of action in an otherwise pretty barren and eventless game. Some rooms are not that badly textured and even if mostly pointless the lighting is not totally flat. I gave one point to gameplay because of the jumping sequence over the boxes because it requires at least a minimum of thought to get through, and one for the sound usage and the single flyby, although it goes through the ceiling. At least the builder is pretty aware of his mistakes, or better: not quite elaborate building skills. 10 minutes." - manarch2 (06-Aug-2013)
"After a very long break from Tomb Raider after moving house, this is the level I chose to play. There's very little to do here other than eliminate numerous baddies who appear out of thin air. This wouldn't be so bad if it were not for the distinct lack of medipacks available, so it's best just to run away. The texturing is visibly that of a base level, which is a bonus, but is repetitive and badly stretched in some places. On the plus side, the soundtracks are chosen wisely and are from TR3 mainly. There's even use of a flyby camera which just proves there's potential with this builder. I enjoyed the incredibly long slope with baddies at the bottom. 10 minutes." - sonnyd83 (06-Aug-2013)
"Quite a bland environment with nothing to do other than advance through large, plain textured rooms finding ammo (of which there is plenty), and kill off an abundance of soldiers. Despite there being a few ambushes - about twenty in one room that appear from a trigger point - most can be killed from a distance without being in sufficient range to retaliate and fire at Lara. Just as I was starting to get increasingly blood-thirsty I found the level at an abrupt end only to reappear at the start only this time with pistols drawn. I went through the entire level again thinking there was to be another round or an open door but that was it. It was however rather satisfying to discover I had cleared all areas and not dodged a single kill." - High Priestess (06-Aug-2013)