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Return to the Tomb of Tutankhamun by IvanTRFan

Casual Raider 6 8 9 8
Ceamonks890 9 9 8 9
Christian 8 7 7 7
DJ Full 5 7 8 7
Gerty 8 7 8 9
Jay 8 8 8 8
Jose 8 8 8 8
manarch2 7 6 7 7
MichaelP 8 8 9 7
Minox 8 7 8 8
nerdfury 5 7 8 8
Orbit Dream 8 8 9 9
Phil 8 8 8 9
Quentin 8 6 8 7
requiemsoul 8 7 8 8
Ryan 8 8 8 8
Talos 6 7 6 7
release date: 05-Mar-2014
# of downloads: 123

average rating: 7.66
review count: 17
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file size: 49.40 MB
file type: TR4
class: Egypt

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"(5) Gameplay & Puzzles: This is a medium difficulty adventure that took me 1 hour. In my opinion it is wildly inconsistent in terms of gameplay quality and engagement. First, the good stuff: there's a very cool boulder puzzle that requires you to study a replica room to see which areas of the boulder room you need to step on. There's also a spicy flame trap room with 6 platforms that you need to jump on, all while avoiding 2 rotating flame traps. Both of these are interesting and good fun. Unfortunately the gameplay flow is regularly interrupted by tedious, repetitive and boring moments. The biggest culprit in terms of tedium is the very lengthy pushables puzzle near the beginning of the game, which definitely caused me to be a bit "grrr" for the rest of the playthrough. Even getting 1 vase to the right spot takes long enough -- but the builder decided to have the player repeat the arduous pushing and lever pulling with a 2nd vase. Other examples of tedium are the crawlspace maze and all subsequent pushable tasks. (7) Enemies, Objects & Secrets: The enemies are executed well (although the second endgame boss, who is significantly smaller and less intimidating than the first endgame boss, takes way too long to kill). Static object decor is attractive in some rooms (e.g. the treasure room), and sorely lacking in other rooms. I did not like the builder's SUPER DUPER EASY secret system, in which most of the 20 secrets are just lying around right in front of you. This takes the excitement out of finding secrets; it becomes just another element of tedium in the gameplay. There are a few thrilling trap moments, but I did not like the builder's repetition of trap rooms. (8) Atmosphere, Sound & Cameras: The atmosphere is decent in some rooms, but some rooms look empty and lacking architectural interest. There is an earthquake in the midgame, with the floor of a giant room caving in, and the rocky boundaries afterward look boxy and inorganic. I would have liked to have seen more varied geometry in general. Music cues are done very well, as are the flybys and static camera hints. (8) Lighting & Textures: The level looks polished and professional, and the builder is generous with flares for the dark corners. I don't recall any misshapen textures, so great work on that, however I think some rooms needed more texture/color variety. For example, the giant room in which there is an earthquake -- it's full of brown textures that are all of a very similar color. This area would have benefited greatly from a larger color palette, not just for visual interest, but also to help the player identify movement objectives. The lighting quality is inconsistent at times, with Lara appearing 2D in a number of rooms. Overall, this is a visually attractive level, but I'm sorry to say that the gameplay didn't sit right with me. 5/7/8/8." - nerdfury (05-Nov-2021)
"No mercy for this one... it's another "remake" where anything good is only good because it wasn't changed from the original, and the remade parts are remade for worse - you get a crawlspace maze, extended slow shimmying, ultra-tanky enemies and the boat room is turned into a 15-minute pushblock, which, if not enough, is also pasted in the ending of the game. Very innovative parts are reused cutscenes (didn't see that coming) and the soundtrack slowed down for the calm before the storm effect, but that's still 1 creative minute out of 40 which should last for 20... NOPE. Sorry, but nope..." - DJ Full (03-Jul-2019)
"This enjoyable hour long level takes the player back to the roots really well. The first pushable puzzle, although undoubtedly well executed, was probably a bit too slow start into the adventure, but from there it only gets better and provides the player with a nice variety of tasks, traps and puzzles (I loved the rolling boulder puzzle and the rotating flame trap room), without getting too frustrating or over the top. Plus, I don't know if anyone else noticed this, but you can actually kill these skeletons with conventional weapons. I didn't know until I shot out of sheer habit and the health bar went down. There's some really well done cutscenes added in, and the lighting and texturing is attractive and well up to standard. A good, enjoyable, well made classic raid." - Ryan (25-May-2018)
"I discovered the existence of this level by sheer chance, and I must say that he kept me company for an hour. The level resumes the title of TRIV, combining two different architectural styles (Arab Egypt and the "classic" Egypt style). I would have to say why the tomb of Tutankhamun is located in the Kings Valey and not under Cairo, but since we are not historians I will pass over (also because the Core has inserted in the Title a monument present once in Aleppo, and Lara in this episode does not explore Syria). The level is simple and well structured, with complex steps but absolutely feasible even by the less experienced. Secrets are not secrets, are simple Ankh recoverable on the map. Some sound is missing, but all in all it is a simple and well-packed level. Ideal for those who have always wanted to walk in the Title of TRIV" - Talos (14-Sep-2017)
"This level starts a bit on the weak side with its classic, not so inspired looks and a well conceived but rather tedious push / raising blocks puzzle, but as soon as you get to the hilarious mummy scene it starts getting better and better with quite a few unique moments thrown in, some easier and some a little more challenging traps to master and progression is rather fluid with only a few slower moments in between. So, after 70 minutes with 18 of the 20 secrets found (and really only 2 or 3 of these being hidden), I have to say that I have enjoyed myself very much in this adventure and can only recommend it to those who still love good old classic raiding." - MichaelP (28-Jun-2014)
"This is a pleasant hour-long Egyptian romp that has some good ideas and presents some invigorating challenges. Gameplay consists mainly of completing a task in one room, moving on to the task in the next room, and so on. But I never found myself growing weary, as there was a wide variety of things to do. Along the way you get a generous helping of 20 secrets, most of which were lying right out there in the open (undoubtedly an ego boost for us secrets-challenged raiders). Lighting was quite good as well, so flares were unnecessary. The room with the revolving flame blowers was tricky, but you can get across quite easily by using side flips and back jumps. I was stumped at the end before trying Jose's suggestion (in the walkthrough) of hanging from a tile near the exit and timing the flames to escape. I never get tired of good, solid levels that provide such wonderful entertainment, and you can add this one to the list. Recommended." - Phil (03-May-2014)
"This level is full of various puzzles and is quite complicated and interesting. Textures are sometimes wallpapered, but it is not so annoying. There are 3 different enemies, and the secrets are easy to find and a bit placed anywhere. I liked the tight path with the teeth spikes." - Quentin (16-Mar-2014)
"There is a good effort from this builder, 'cause after the first betatesting he didn't doubt to fix all what I noticed and even more,create new puzzles and features. Not difficult gameplay with some interesting puzzles, perhaps too many secrets to pick up, there is also some challenges, well balanced enemies, some traps here and there, some flipped rooms, well applied textures... Definitively a level to enjoy. Recommended." - Jose (14-Mar-2014)
"Enjoyable and easy level. I liked the animation when lara impaled skeleton. Some good puzzles to do. Good level." - Minox (14-Mar-2014)
"I really liked the feeling when passing some rooms I've seen familiar elements from TRLE flyby and the animation with putting mummy on spikes :) Textures were rather nicely done and level was well built. I didn't like some parts of the level especially long and boring puzzles with gold vases and fire room with tiles but the rest was rather fun to explore. Overall good level with some challenging moments and familiar touch ups that make this level quite interesting to play." - Casual Raider (14-Mar-2014)
"I was pleasantly surprised with this level even if there was a big NO in it. No as in NO binoculars. Why would you remove them? Aren't we not allowed to see the darks spots or the far away walls? There are some pushable puzzles in here and one looks more complicated than it really is. Enemies are placed very well but the secrets are placed randomly, at least that is how I perceived them. Nice cut scene of that mummy. Textures are well applied. There are also some traps in here and although it is no walk in the park it isn't also that difficult, so you can figure out what to do and how to do it." - Gerty (10-Mar-2014)
"An excellent traditional adventure.Aside from a slightly tedious pushable puzzle near the beginning,everything fairly zips along in fine style;with a great assortment of gameplay ideas,ranging from the cerebral to the nimble fingered.Enemies are well placed;the atmosphere and texturing is extremely well done;and there are a couple of highly effective cut scenes,which really lend a professional touch to the adventure as a whole.This is sixty minutes of well-made and fast-moving entertainment." - Orbit Dream (09-Mar-2014)
"This turned out to be better than I was expecting, although I'm not quite sure just what I was expecting. Anyway, this is a very traditional style raid, with an enjoyable mix of puzzles (although you may just get a touch fed up of shoving gold vases around), enemies and traps. The enemies have health bars, which I always appreciate, especially with demigods where you can be left wondering just how much longer they can possibly hang on (these are particularly tough). Some of the traps are rather good and take a bit of concentration, but there's nothing here to deter the average player. Despite the fact that the secrets are mainly just lying around in plain sight, guess who STILL managed to miss one. Sigh. Some nice animations have been used and I loved seeing Lara manhandling a zombie on to a spike wall - I just wish she would do that more often." - Jay (08-Mar-2014)
"The start doesn't look quite promising. Just another running around in an uninspired standard-TR4 Setting? In deed, creating an outstanding environment obviously hasn't been the main concern of the author. Lightning is sometimes quite unnatural, some rooms are unnecessary tall, there is not put much effort into details and pleasant surroundings. Main focus of the builder seems to have been gameplay. After a block puzzle quite in the beginning, that's not an intellectual challenge but a cumbersome lever-throwing gameplay becomes more and more interesting. A boulder puzzle is one of the highlights, a series of jumps between rotating fire-emitters is definitly another one. Between those highlights are a lot of traps making this puzzle-orientated game quite worth playing. Good work!" - Christian (08-Mar-2014)
"Solid, nostalgic and enjoyable level!. Good traps, interesting puzzles and much action. Iván is a promising builder. Bien hecho!. Recommended." - requiemsoul (07-Mar-2014)
"OK, so I'll come right out with it. This is probably one of the better new releases I've played so far this year from the TRLE community, serving more as a trip down memory lane and remembering what Tomb Raider was like in it's prime during the PlayStation 1 era, with familiar areas from the original TR4 title screens now made completely playable and the original animations for those sections used in some instances for cutscenes, including several new areas to explore in-between. Now, there isn't any real story to speak of here or any new gameplay gimmicks to learn how to master. Just straight to the point classic tomb raiding. And in this case, I'm willing to ignore some of the minor nitpicks I usually have towards levels like this, and accept this release for what it sets out to do as a love-letter to fans of the classic Tomb Raider games. While there are some aspects of the game design that will most assuredly put many players off(such as one too many pushable vase puzzles and a few of the chosen music tracks being a bit too loud in some instances), this is still one very well-designed piece of work with some nice cosmetic tweaks helping to add a lot to the nostalgia factor(such as the save and load icons resembling actual PS1 memory cards and a much more high quality Lara model that resembles the original TR4 FMVs more closely.) With an atmosphere as immersive as that of the original Tomb Raider games, fun platforming and some pretty decent puzzles to solve, this is one levelset that is most definitely worth playing, if you have the time and patience for it." - Ceamonks890 (07-Mar-2014)
"This Title / Times Exclusive inspired level is an improvement over the first one. There are nice efforts put into the looks and into the gameplay. The game is quite puzzle-based, and some of them are actually pretty interesting (like the jumps across the boulder ramps), others are a bit repetitive and tedious (such as the overly long first block puzzle), and in between the puzzles there are some fun trap sequences which will always keep you on your toes; it's indeed a level with a nice flow. Texturing and lighting are competent, albeit textures are a bit streched at times and some rooms are unnecessarily dark, though it's not spoiling the progression in any way, it's just not that pretty. The modified TR 4 cutscenes were well put into scene, (very few) sounds like for one of the doors are missing though and apart from the TR 4 inspired parts, the architecture is fairly functional. I found 19 of 20 (!) secrets along the way which were easy to find (and with easy I mean really easy, most of which were just lying along the way), which felt rather curious. Overall a fairly decent effort of this builder and I hope to see more of him in the future. 45 minutes." - manarch2 (06-Mar-2014)