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Tomb Raider - The Resurrection by LaraHCroft91

Baratheon 10 8 10 8
Dark Sheep 10 10 10 10
DJ Full 9 10 10 9
Dutchy 8 9 10 9
eRIC 8 10 10 8
Gabriel Oliveira 10 10 10 10
Gerty 8 9 8 7
janachorider 8 9 9 9
Jay 8 9 9 9
Jorge22 10 9 9 9
Jose 7 9 9 8
LaraSpears 10 10 10 10
lokky99101 10 10 9 10
manarch2 7 8 9 8
MarlenaCrystal 7 8 9 9
MegaGamer 10 9 10 9
mizuno_suisei 8 9 8 9
Petaludas 7 8 8 7
Phil 8 9 9 8
Ryan 9 9 9 8
Samu 8 9 9 9
SeniorBlitz 9 9 10 10
SlyRaider 10 9 10 9
Talos 10 9 9 8
Teone 10 10 10 10
release date: 29-Aug-2014
# of downloads: 368

average rating: 9.00
review count: 25
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file size: 787.00 MB
file type: TR4
class: nc

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Reviewer's comments
"I probably enjoyed more the previous game of this author, but also this one deserves not less than a full 10. It has been an amazing adventure, pleasant for the eyes and engaging for the mind. I can't find any defects. This author is one of my favourites among all builders of the community but for some odd reasons he is not rewarded as he deserves. I really wish to see other releases from him in future." - Teone (09-Nov-2020)
"I really enjoyed this level pack! It has a lot of variety in the settings you explore, and a lot of heart put into making this adventure as authentic as possible, it really sells you on an core design-styled TR experience, the difficulty feels just right, the atmosphere is pretty great, same can be said about all the little details and homages (without outright lifting parts of old level design) to TR games of times past. A great game during this trying times." - SeniorBlitz (05-Sep-2020)
"Wow, this was an interesting adventure! There was a various amount of scenery settings from Egypt to Alaska to a pacific island to a ship (and a sunken ship) and once again to Egypt. As different as the areas were, the gameplay was not, unfortunately. Most of the times the levels contained pushable puzzles and a lot of backtracking - two very tedious gameplay elements every builder should implement wisely and with care. The backtracking wouldn't have been so annoying, if there were more shortcuts between the specific areas you have to backtrack through and also if there would have happened something "new" and different while backtracking. Sometimes it was not even clear, if you had to backtrack or not, but doing so was almost always the solution to reach further in the level. But apart from these mentioned things this a very special set of levels with an intriguing story and well made cutscenes (even if I think it would have been better to include them as real ingame cutscenes instead of FMVs). Let alone because cutscenes and storytelling in general are still too rare in Custom levels. The enemies and objects were all fitting and I really wanted to give a higher rating for them, but near the end of the game there were insane amounts of enemies, which broke the immersion a little bit. Atmosphere as well as lighting and textures were also fitting and coherent, but unfortunately nothing which blew your mind. Still it is to mention that there were some very nice areas, like the coast on the island. An adventure, which is true to the classic TRs, mostly TR2 and TR3, but it could have been much better (it had sooo much potential), if some gameplay choices would have been overthought. Took me about 6 hours to finish and I found 12 secrets (probably more, but I left some of them, cause I didn't want to backtrack again and again)." - MarlenaCrystal (20-Jul-2020)
"What happens when u mix tr2 and tr4 engine?A very enjoying ana pleasantful game! really enjoyed the different areas especially the ship..1st level was a joke though.. i respect the effort , the cut scenes and the gameplay..totally recommended" - Petaludas (21-Jun-2020)
"For some reason, I hadn't played this rather interesting set of ten levels in the TR2 style but better late than never. The game starts a bit unpromisingly with a short first level but it's actually only used as an introduction. I must say I globally enjoyed it a lot but if I have to pick some favourites, they would be Cold Prison, FOA's Hideout, Ambush, Karin Vatis, Rusty Depths, Guardian of the Scales and Hall of Truths (that's actually almost everything and that's only if I have to make a choice). The settings are incredibly varied, from Egypt (where all starts and ends) to being incarcerated in a snowy place and going loose, adventuring aboard a ship and diving down into the ocean and into a sunken ship. Puzzles, exploration, enemies and traps are also quite varied and there's never a dull moment - nor anything too demanding, except maybe for the harder underwater levels, especially when everything gets flooded. I found the atmosphere a bit dark at times but nothing too much and the statuette secrets were a pleasure to stumble upon. Maybe too many enemies at times? Well, not really if it's meant to keep up with the Tomb Raider 2 spirit. Besides, having been built with the TR4 engine, we have the added bonus of being able to shimmy around corners, running and crouching. I don't know about pixels but the architecture looks quite good for what it is too. I did have a great time, that's a fact." - Jorge22 (09-Feb-2020)
"It felt like I was playing a core design classic. Impressive job. Well done!" - Gabriel Croft (09-Aug-2019)
"A great set of levels with a storyline brought into life with well made FMV. It sounds like TR2 with many enemies in the end it was a lot of fun in the last levels to dispatch them with the M-16 or the grenade launcher. Convincing atmosphere in all levels , and some rooms have something special like the one with the giant scales. In a few places, texturing could be better. The maps are greatly designed and Gameplay is diversified , the few timed runs i like the most. Maybe there are a bit too many pushable crates , and some of the switches blend too well with the walls : that was the only reason i got stuck a few times, the levels are sometimes on the dark side and there is no binoculars. Aside from this, the aventure was enjoyable and makes think of an early official game." - eRIC (18-Jul-2019)
"The creator has been able to reproduce very well the essence of the Core classics, the atmosphere is well built and the puzzles are fun. The cutscenes are very creative and the game is a lot of fun. Congrats!!" - Dark Sheep (13-Aug-2018)
"Another levelset from one of my favorite builders, this levelset contains an amazing adventure and a little, albeit re-envisioned, trip down memory lane. This HUGE levelset has an amazing, nostalgic atmosphere, almost identical to the old, original "Core Design" Tomb Raider, I loved the textures, the environment and the great overall atmosphere, it felt very, very classic yet fresh. I liked the reimagined adventures Lara went through in this big adventure, she revisited some of her old places, like the Maria Doria, some coastal islands, an ice cavern & of course, some tombs. This level took a whole weekend for me to finish, it is very, very long but never boring or tiresome, it felt like a fresh breeze of summer air, I loved every bit of this levelset, thank you again for such an amazing set. I recommend this level so much, if you want a trip down memory lane, with a twist, then this is the levelset for you!" - LaraSpears (19-Nov-2017)
"If you have a yearning to relive those good old nostalgic times of TR2, this is the game for you. We begin in a traditional Karnak setting where Lara has to locate the Seal of Anubis by throwing a few levers and avoiding some traps. Then, it's onwards to colder climes as Lara is locked up and weaponless. Some long ladder climbs were a bit irritating, but aside from that, it was fairly fun. Next, we're off to an Oil Rig/sunken ship setting. I was glad to see the Maria Doria textures used here, it really helped fit the setting. Finally, it's back to Egypt where Lara resurrects Horus (again). I had to forego two secrets at the very end because I encountered the same glitch that Gerty mentioned in her review (the gates to two were closed). The only other downsides were the aforementioned long ladder climbs and the slightly overdone darkness. I probably enjoyed the later sections more because the first ones were short. Still recommended, though." - Ryan (25-Jan-2017)
"I see here a little masterpiece suffering for some weird reason. Yes there's a flare bug but only for 1/100 of the game while we have a torch. Yes not even one of 30 secrets has flares so I kept running out even if caring, but the only dark trouble is the island maze. Yes in that level I often reloaded to retrieve the last flare but it took 10 minutes. Yes the backtrack in Egypt is annoying because a single ladder would fix it, but other retracing is through beautiful sceneries worth to see from different angles anyway. Yes I needed to rememeber where to go but locations are characteristic so if checking one before another I could produce clues myself, the stronger the more patient I was. I only had one unfair stuck moment when I couldn't spot a copper switch on a copper background. But all trouble combined isn't enough to punish the game that hard, while it often masterfully reproduces gripping atmosphere of classic releases. Sound is excellent, enemy usage is close to perfect, secret system is clever and the storyline curves the way which left me anxious for conclusion even with voice machines used instead of actors again. SUMMARY: Seriously underrated. I would rather see it in range of 9.00 - 9.10 as one of minor Hall of Famers, which have their troubles and aren't that polished but should be attempted anyway." - DJ Full (04-May-2016)
"I grant you that this is a walk through memory lane. Not saying that I didn't had fun going through this multi level adventure even if it was very confusing at times. I do have a gripe because it was rather confusing the fun went out the door at certain places, like climbing some long, very long ladders a couple of times before I could proceed. The swimming part was well thought off but again confusing, so drowning was high on the list before I memorised all the air holes. The biggest gripe is no compass and no binoculars and last but not least the flare bug that kicked in (anti trigger all the flames, that will cure that nasty bug). The whole level at my end was so dark (can't crank up the monitor anymore) that I had to add flares. Textures could use some fine-tuning and maybe I had a glitch but I couldn't get the last secret, the gates underwater were closed after picking up the 3 keys. Nice in-between little movies to tell the story. Well done though." - Gerty (13-Feb-2015)
"Fantastic and complete adventure for all TR3 lovers (like me). Good history, convincent architecture, variety of locations and outfits, enough guns and ammo, well balanced enemies, appropriate cutscenes here and there, some interesting puzzles, nostalgic TR3 sounds and musics... Definitively a package to enjoy. I only didn't like: the continuous darkness in all levels; lighting is quite good, but flares were not enough for me (where are the binoculars?); bad applied textures in several places in the levels and, specially, the unnecessary backtracking in many levels. Author has to think that players don't know what to do or where to go in every moment so many times they explore large areas with no success and when they find what they need, they're forced to re-visit the same places again and again wasting a lot of time, and the worst is if you miss a hidden lever, in that case the backtracking is terrible; so try to explore carefully every corner of the rooms. Even with the walkthrough in hand you need to go back several times in certain levels. Anyway I can recommend this entertaining adventure. Good work." - Jose (11-Feb-2015)
"This is nothing else but a complete game and really would've been a great game if it would be released as TR 2 Gold. However, elements from the first four TRs have been included here, and that very professionally. I won't go into detail here since others did very much, but each and every level surprises with another kind of atmosphere and very good design overall. There is a very detailedly built up storyline getting enhanced by numerous cutscenes during the game and actually makes up for several gameplay shortcomings such as the tedious nature of some of the games with too much maze-like settings, yo-yo-backtracking and an overreliance on pushblock puzzles - even if some of them are actually quite clever. The underwater levels were the least fun for me because air holes are rather sparsely used so after one action Lara always had to get back which was fairly unexciting. But else than that, the last two levels are a nice step upwards again with a very interesting puzzle revolving around a giant scale, the theme chambers (although the secret gates shouldn't open if you take the easy path) and of course the final level with several boss fights. So overall good gameplay ideas have been mixed with a few rather time-consuming and not so fun ones, but overall the feeling is better because of the great storyline. Enemies are very classically used and although there could be more to do with the given ammo, their amount is quite alright. The 30 secrets are sometimes rather easy, sometimes quite tricky to find; two gold secrets in levels 6 and 7 can be found without detriggering the various traps, but that's a very minor thing. The steady change of rather unique settings alone creates an interesting atmosphere, and when architecture, sound and cameras are very professionally applied too and both texturing and lighting are at least for most part solid (there are betterable parts here and there), there can't be much else wrong with it. It's overall a quite successful adventure you should definately try out if you can ignore a few elements that only enhance the gameplay time. Finished in 4:05 hours." - manarch2 (19-Jan-2015)
"I really enjoyed this level everything about it was just so amazing and brilliant in my opinion the story was great and I just loved every level and every moment of this amazing adventure" - lokky99101 (14-Dec-2014)
"This is a hefty download, no doubt because of the numerous (and lengthy) FMVs that I could have done without. Elaboration of a project's "story line" is mere wasted effort as far as I'm concerned (all I want to do is just keep on playing), and I quickly grew weary of the head- bobbing animation that indicated someone was speaking during these interruptions. Still, this is a remarkable effort in keeping with the familiar TR2 ambiance, and I played the game in relatively short segments over an extended period of time. This could almost be called a full replacement game, as it incorporates most if not all of the various TR2 settings, and my game clock showed just over eight total hours when I hit the finish trigger. As much as I enjoyed the nostalgia trip and the good looks of the surroundings, I was a bit put off by the excessive backtracking in many of the 11 levels and with the oppressive darkness that was present much more often than not in all levels. I've therefore deducted a point from each of the respective categories because of this. On balance, this is a highly entertaining and well-planned raid that clicks on most counts, and I can therefore recommend it without reservation." - Phil (10-Nov-2014)
"This has a lovely retro feel and will certainly satisfy anyone's desire to wallow in TR2 style nostalgia, with the benefit of TR4 style capabilities on Lara's part. It's a long game, encompassing ten separate levels and I think my favourite was the final Egyptian sections. Overall, there's plenty of variety of scenery, enemies and gameplay and more than sufficient pickups to cope with everything Lara gets thrown at her. Mainly the action should be achievable by most players, although there are one or two slightly harder timed elements in the mix. Also the underwater areas proved a bit of a challenge for me, but I muddled through eventually. Good fun and a nice reminder of the Lara we all fell in love with waaaaaaaaaay back when." - Jay (05-Oct-2014)
"After the events of the Dagger of Xian and of the sect of the Dark Flame, Lara will find herself involved in something much older coming from the hot sands of the egyptian desert. Tomb Raider II ''returns'' with this sublime set of levels. The few bugs present in the set of levels won't take away any of the ''retro'' fun the set itself has to offer. If I needed to fully describe this set of levels, I would call it ''Tomb Raider II.2'', because it takes place exactly after the events of the unforgettable second game and before the events of Tomb Raider III. The whole is told by marvelous cutscenes filmed ''ad hoc'' and perfectly connected with the context. The graphics are on point (in the same style of TRII and with a mix of textures from all the games) and the soundtrack is taken from TRII with some additions; as of the gameplay you may want to be armed with patience and breath: in the underwater levels you'll find yourself exploring the interior of the ''Karin Vatis'', a sunk cargo ship. Instead, in the levels on the land you're going to consume tons of shoes' soles. The set of levels may contain a little too much backtracking, but what is Tomb Raider without exploration in the first place? Totally suggested." - Talos (01-Oct-2014)
"I just finished this adventure and i can only say it was feels like the core design games were,much better than the modern tr games.the only problems for me were:some places were too dark,there was to much backtracking and at the end only one door was open in the secret not sure if it was a bug or i had taken a different path but still the game make up for its flaws for the story and cutscenes.that's is what to make a level really enjoyable.found 17 secrets.recomended" - janachorider (23-Sep-2014)
"A really, really nice level set, great story line. The play was fluent, didn't really have much stuck moments. Only thing bothering me was the tons of backtracking through earlier passages up long ladders even 3 times required and if you were looking around what to do next even more visits to the same ladder. But that was soon forgotten when playing the challenging underwater levels with the overturned shipwreck. Some places were a bit too dark in my opinion even with my monitor at 100% brightness. The Secret challenge was very well thought out and nice to do. In the Guardian of Scales level there was an alternative route you could take, but in my opinion it caused more confusion (what is that keyhole for) than better gameplay. Would have been better to open the passage behind the Golden Key pickup only later (by means of a gate opened when you could actually use that shortcut). Also a bit overboard with the enemies in this level, even though there was plenty of ammo, the bodies kept piling up. Best way to spot pickups they dropped was go out of the room and save/reload so the bodies would be gone. But all in all Classic Tomb Raiding as we all love it!" - Dutchy (19-Sep-2014)
"One of the words that describes best this multi-level adventure is surely nostalgic, since both the gameplay and environment design are very similar to what you will find in original Tomb Raider 1-4, which I liked a lot. The game starts in Egypt, after which your adventure continues in various locations including arctic base, tropical island, ship wreck and finally Egypt again in the end of the game. In all of these location, the gameplay focuses very much on exploration and item/switch hunting accompanied by some push block puzzles among others to keep the gaming experience varied. While the exploration was in my opinion one of the strongest sides of this game, it also leads sometimes to slightly tedious backtracking. Quite often you have to visit the same area many times by accessing it through the same passage, which maybe could have been avoided by forcing player to use more alternate pathways. There were also couple of times when I was running around without knowing what to do since I had missed a switch or a pick up item, which are sometimes hidden within very large playgrounds. For example in Carnivorous Island level I missed a automatic pistol which you need later and had no idea where it could be, because the area where you are looking for it is quite huge. Apart from these little cons, the gameplay is very well thought out and entertaining. Even if most of the level builders use NGLE nowadays, author clearly shows that great TR games can be created without it. This applies also to environment design and texturing, which is done really well using textures from original TR1-4 by Core Design. Especially the ship wreck levels containing textures from TR2 Maria Doria levels looked beautiful just like rest of the levels. All in all this is a very entertaining game and even if it contained sometimes slightly tedious backtracking it managed to keep me in front of my screen for long time periods, which is always a sign of successful game." - Samu (16-Sep-2014)
"Wow, oh wow. What an adventure LaraHCroft91 has brought us :D This is probably one of her best levels to date! The game starts in Egypt where Lara looks for the Seal of Anubis, or at least I think that was what it was called, I forgot :p But then Lara gets knocked, gets taken to a prison, and I feel like that this where the fun adventure starts! The story was very nice, and the FMV's kept the story intriguing. The overall gameplay was thrilling and fun, and it was almost impossible for me to get off the computer, and that means that this is a fun game. Enemies were well placed and really spiced up the level. Nice job with that! I think the author went a little overboard when placing the enemies, but still really good. I enjoyed the classic nostalgia atmosphere that was placed into this game. It's kind of rare these days that authors do that, but I think LaraHCroft91 placed the atmosphere in a way where the game actually looked beautiful! And that's pretty hard to do! Textures were well lit and perfectly placed. A couple of bland spots here and there, but she still did a good job with placing the textures. And Lara's Home was really unique, as you actually have some tasks to do, so check it out! Overall, this game was so much fun! Classic Lara at it's best. :) Recommended!" - MegaGamer (15-Sep-2014)
"An excellent TRLE adventure ! Although the gameplay is that of TR4, there are perfectly the atmosphere of TR2 in these magnificent eleven levels ! I loved playing this adventure that I shared on the forums of Captain Alban so that a maximum of player discovers it. So I recommend it, bravo!" - SlyRaider (13-Sep-2014)
"I can't believe that it's literally been fourteen years on/off since I have played a classic Tomb Raider game that really comprehends what Core originally envisioned, and in my opinion Tomb Raider: The Resurrection is the pinnacle of just that. LaraHCroft91 does their best to keep the pioneering flare that Core created; discounting the newer Tomb Raider(s) to ensure a game that reeks of reminiscence. Taking cues from the previous classic titles, LaraHCroft91 safeguards that The Resurrection (a fan-made sequel to Tomb Raider II) is a force to be reckoned with in the Level Editor community. Taking many familiar locations/textures from previous classic games and creating entirely new adventures that look fantastic, not to mention authentic - The Resurrection feels and plays like an official Tomb Raider game straight out of the 1990s. The Resurrection begins with Lara; longing for adventure after the events of Tomb Raider II, setting out to acquire the legendary Seal of Anubis in Saqqara, Egypt. Anubeion, the first level, serves as a taster to the game - with relaxed puzzles and relatively laidback gameplay that's familiar to any Tomb Raider fan, ending with a cliff-hanger sure to keep anyone playing. After the retrieval of the Seal of Anubis, Lara is knocked out cold by men who are enthusiastic to report back to their leading light. She awakens in a colder climate, to which she proceeds to escape imprisonment, steal clothes, and eventually locate an Egyptologist who is fervent on warning her of the Followers of Anubis. He tells Lara of their goal, worrisome that they have already stolen the Seal of Anubis, cautioning her of the damage the Followers of Anubis could cause with the Ankh of Life and the Sceptre of Death before she promptly asks where she can locate the two remaining artefacts. After certifying that she will locate them both, without spoiling much - Lara first travels to Indonesia to tackle a man driven to madness with power to retrieve the Ankh of Life, and then to Karin Vatis, a sunken ship home to the Sceptre of Death (to which she has just missed) all before heading back to Egypt to settle the score with the Followers of Anubis once and for all. Ultimately the narrative (while thought-out and fascinating) holds no burden to the gameplay, and you can enjoy this rewarding and classic experience without caring for the story. Much like the first three official instalments, I might add. It's no revelation that the gameplay in The Resurrection is straight-forward. No new fancy scripts, fancy animations, fancy weaponry or fancy whatever else - just the classic Tomb Raider gameplay you would come to expect from a sequel to Tomb Raider II. I believe this was LaraHCroft91's goal from the get go, so to review The Resurrection fairly based on that, I have to say it ticks all the boxes. It's like I said beforehand, Tomb Raider: The Resurrection looks and plays like an official Tomb Raider game straight out of the 1990s. Not once is it too problematic, or tiresome, or even infuriating - in fact you're constantly perplexed, but then instantly rewarded when you figure out the correct path or switch mechanism, not to mention the Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation-grade backtracking that is, as always, a worthwhile and welcome treat in my eyes. I thank LaraHCroft91 for letting me play this magnificent game, which will always hold a special place in my heart. Long live classic Lara." - Baratheon (12-Sep-2014)
"What an absolutely beautiful nod to what we grew up with, the Core Design tomb raider games. This game is a prime example of what games are not today, difficult and loveable. I am looking forward to a walk-through to play it again and get all the secrets, and see anything that I missed out on! Gameplay and Puzzles - What else can I say, alot of backtracking and head-scratching combinations to move forward in the game. This is the kind of activity I miss from when I was a younger gamer. Simple methods were well utilized and also the harder ones too. A fair few of the levels had me stumped for a long time trying to figure out what to do or where to go next. Well placed enemies and some good continuity in the storyline. Brilliant. Enemies, Objects and Secrets - Another nice nod to the classics. I've never seen such 'compatible' ported enemies from TR2 before, it must have been hard work. Generic objects were well placed around the levels to give us something nice to look at, namely the Egypt levels. Also very nice to see the 3 secret TR2 method again. Atmosphere, Sound and Cameras - My lowest rated point, why? Unfortunately I felt a few areas we're very...bland but mind you, I was comparing these to their original counterparts. I felt Indonesia needed more spice to it. It was very quiet and repetitive and felt it didn't match up to the story but that's a matter of personal opinion. It was one of those areas that I feel I won't look forward to when I play it again. I also think the Ship level could have used a bit extra, especially the outskirts. Sound was great, some perfect fitting cues and great use of the classic sound effects but like I say to everyone who uses this method, PLEASE play with the pitch values. I don't know why anyone doesn't notice how horrible the TR2 holsters sound in a TRLE level with unmodified pitch. The rest seemed fine along with good use of camera's to show where you need to go next! Flyby's well placed too. Lighting & Textures - My favourite. You deserve a very big pat on the back for this. A fantastic mix of textures from all the games (namely TR1 and TR4 Egypt) you obviously used the 5-grid walls to your advantage and made some beautiful scenery over the entire game. Like I said about with Indonesia, I don't think your heart went completely into it there. Texturing here doesn't stand out as much to me. Some good usage of light too especially in the outdoor areas As a whole - Unfortunately, quite a lot of bugs ;( By looking at the credits sequence, you only named 3 people including yourself as testers. If there is a sequel to this, you need to make use of the fans out there for this exact reason. The fact that the switches puzzle in the Guardian of the Scales broke the game, would for most be a mood killer. I only really continued again because I was enjoying it so much. With the engine advancements using TREP or TRNG, there isn't really many excuses anymore for game breaking bugs. I'm also quite keen to play it again as I'm almost certain I missed a lot of things (that random keyhole on the way down to the Scales room which I never had a key for, the 3 underwater gates and the other random gates with keys behind them in the Hall of Truths...I never used any of these objects. They may be part of secret obtaining though) I'm torn about the use of BIK videos for cutscenes. Yes, it was a very smart method as believe me, I know making live cutscenes is very difficult and you made it work well, but in all honesty, it made it an unnecessary ~700mb file to download. I feel there would be a lot more attention to this game had it not been so big. If you decide to move on from TREP, cutscene creation has become significantly easier in the TRNG with timed triggers, animation triggers and such. If there is a sequel, PLEASE stick to your methods. Don't get stuck in the 'next generation' hype of trying to make Levels look as realistic as possible. Your usage of the classic elements really makes this the game of 2014 for me and I'm sure many others. It's so nice to feel the nostalgia. Thank you again for the multiple hours this game has stolen from my life hehe!" - mizuno_suisei (12-Sep-2014)