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Another Christmas Night by Gabriel Oliveira

Adriel 10 10 10 10
DJ Full 7 7 7 9
Gerty 8 9 8 8
janachorider 7 8 8 9
Jay 8 9 9 9
John 7 8 9 9
Jose 7 7 8 8
Josey 7 9 8 10
Lara_Fox_Croft 7 5 7 7
manarch2 7 8 8 8
Manymee 9 9 7 9
MichaelP 8 9 9 9
misho98 7 9 9 9
Obig 8 9 9 9
Orbit Dream 7 7 8 8
Phil 8 8 9 9
Ryan 9 8 8 9
Shandroid 8 8 8 8
TheStig 8 8 8 9
Victoria 8 10 10 10
young Lara Croft 8 9 10 9
release date: 16-Dec-2014
# of downloads: 189

average rating: 8.32
review count: 21
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file size: 68.30 MB
file type: TR4
class: Xmas

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"It was a nice adventure on this beautiful Christmas track. No enemies in it, just big falls to get hurt. There is variety in the tasks, and it certainly has a bit of hard time running in it. Get the three secrets and you get a nice dress at the end. :) The pistols play an important role, but until you get them, keep an eye out for the windows that can be launched. I recommend everyone, don't miss this festive adventure. Hungarian walkthrough, and savegames, pictures" - Obig (01-Feb-2022)
"There is some fun and cool tasks in this delightful snowy christmas town level. It all got off to a good start with a tricky timed run and then maintained a good balance of exploring and platforming throughout some really lovely looking areas and buildings like the church for example. There wasnt any traps or enemies here but thats half expected in xmas levels so the gameplay was mostly about finding items, switches, keys and levers but throw in some neat timed sequences and some pushable object puzzles as well then that combined with all the exploring and tricky jumps and youve got quite a challenging and enjoyable level. I appreciated the on screen hints but i still got stuck quite often as often things are well hidden so i had to use a walkthrough to guide me in some parts, also that downbeat background music got a bit repetitive as well as the annoying backtracking to and fro but that was only mainly in the first half of the level and mostly i just had a great time here" - John (10-Dec-2021)
"A fun and cute Christmas level that was challenging enough. The atmosphere was amazing. The textures were cute. The puzzles were also fun. I like how this level did require the player to use their investigative skills." - Victoria (22-Dec-2017)
"Betatesting for CMS has a downside, I just cannot enjoy other levels afterwards - but is it really my fault the others just glue rooms together? Even though the graphic overlay stands out among Gabriel's casual efforts, it's another city level where separate chunks make sense but are randomly connected, and the lack of creativity is again just stunning - I had enough after the initial zone which manages to do at least four up-down-up-down passages, then there was a series of switches and uninspired corridors usually ending with another switch, however certain puzzles from the wide available Xmas range appeared as well, including the beggar puzzle in a new variant - and also thanks to some written bits of storyline it wasn't that boring as it could be. As always I didn't like the point of no return, forcing a replay of ending in case of missed secret - and this MUST happen because the "medium difficulty" ball is under a phantom floor... just please don't do them, they were good 20 years ago... no, in fact they were never good. I anyway went back for completion and saw the bonus, but did I bother to replay wearing it? Nooo... Could be better if the outfit was unlocked at certain moment and worn till the end instead. The sound was good however the music loops are never my piece of pudding, and the Silent Night playing in the middle of the casual part feels just too forced and would work much better in conclusion, which should btw also include some camera work - all in all we didn't even meet Andrea and had to imagine who she is after the game went back to the title." - DJ Full (05-Feb-2017)
"Aside from a somewhat severe timed run at the start,this placid festive level was progressing well enough in a style expected from this particular genre (find the coins to give to the unemployed layabout,who gives you a key to a door,behind which is a lever leading to a box which needs to be giftwrapped etc etc);and it's all pretty straightforward,if initially confusing within the dauntingly large area.You criss-cross the environment repeatedly as you undertake the various tasks,until finally gaining your reward with access to a Church (devoid of a congregation - which is hardly surprising when you consider what they have to go through every time they want to worship there).At which point the gameplay goes into repeat mode,with the aquisition of YET ANOTHER box which needs to be giftwrapped.It was at this precise moment that the level lost its charm,as the same gameplay concept needed to be laboriously completed one more time.The objects were decently placed;as were the textures (on the whole) and the lights and cameras - but this level lasted a good twenty minutes more than it should,and I was relieved when it finally ended. Gabriel's levels are usually quite concise.It's a pity that he allowed this one to repeat itself once too often." - Orbit Dream (28-Nov-2016)
"A nice peaceful Christmas level involving Lara helping a couple of homeless people. My only remarks would be the lack of enemies (although that may be expected) and the slightly buggy cameras. Recommended." - Ryan (20-Dec-2015)
"gameplay and puzzles: What the hell... the game starts with a quite crazy timerun...I could not make it without Phil's savegame (thanks to him). After that annoying point I found a quite interesting game, and quite easy, backtracking quite a lot, I use to make backtracking in my levels so it's ok. The tasks you have to do are quite "normal", nothing amazing to do, but nothing boring. I enjoyed this level, but not totally 'cause there is a lack of clues to help you to find your way. Puzzles are not really hard, not really genious, a level in the middle of what I played before. nb: no binoculars (and it would be usefull in the level as you have to shoot windows from far or through a crwlspace.. -_- (and there is a repetitive task with a missing gift..) Enemies, objects & secrets: that's the worse of the level, as I said on trle's facebook page: there is a serious lack of good quality (christmas) objects, and I will take my time to change it before Christmas. No enemies, pistols serves to shot windows (lara is a thief haha). Secrets were quite unfair (non solid wall to activate lever to stop a fire...seriously?) Atmosphere sound and cameras: Atmosphere works well, that's a christmas level, it almost always works well. Sound were a bit boring (repetitive musics or outside sounds) I did not heard a snow sound. I suppose there is no snow sound. Cameras were to few, I don't even remember a flyby... Lighting and textures: lighting was nice, even if a bit dark sometimes(but you have a lot of matches so its ok). Textures, I did not really like the textures chosen by the builder, some fro Venice BtB, some from castels etc. Some of them are badly applied when the architecture become less cubic... Be careful to turn right the texture, and try to make triangles to avoid stretch textures. I found a place behind a pushblock (where I was not suppose to go) where a texture was missing at the beggining. When I did pull the block a text pop about the poor guy in the street. A bog I suppose. This level was nice to play after the timerun at the start, but it is not really genious, the builder have to pay more attention and take his time to avoid bugs, or textures errors." - Lara_Fox_Croft (23-Aug-2015)
"This level looked very Christmassy and in hind side I liked it. I have to admit that I was kind of lucky as I found the appropriate lever right away or climbed up the right roofs to get what I wanted. Don't get me wrong some places you have to get back to and they are not around the corner so some backtracking is still in order. I got all the secrets and I have to admit, just by sheer luck though, although to be set on fire for one is rather unfair. The first timed run was a bit too tight for my taste though and rather unfair." - Gerty (21-Jul-2015)
"A really nice, 60 min Long seasonal Level that I somehow missed to Play around Christmas as I usually do. So, while it felt a bit odd to go through with rather nice summer weather outside, it still is a fun level to explore with a fairly tight timed run near the beginning being the most challenging task. I really liked the way you had to find your way up and down and around the roofs (even though the repeat trips were not so much fun then) and apart from that you get a few smaller push puzzles and many doors to open. Of course it also Features the by now classic Christmas tasks (giving money and bedsheet to the homeless and wrapping and placing gifts). The church is indeed very nice looking and as always I hate the ice cold water that Drains Laras health, but here the tasks are quite bearable. I thought the bonus outfit approach was a nice touch, but indeed I guess few players will actually go through the level a second time right away - but hey, maybe next Christmas then..." - MichaelP (17-Jun-2015)
"The level is very relaxing and without enemies. It brings a very special christmas feeling. The tasks are simple but fun. Climbing, finding items such as Lara's pistols and some challenges. Its very interesting the reward you receive if you find all the 3 secrets: a gorgeous red dress for Lara. This is the kind of level to play even if christmas isn't close. Well done." - Adriel (15-Jun-2015)
"Even when there are a lot of bad applied textures, the environment is good and the level was pleasant to play. Only the backtracking repeating the same movements several times to the roofs near the beginning can bring us a dose of boredom. As usual in Christmas levels, the tasks are often based about exploration, look for items and pull switches to open doors; in this case there are some nice details in the gameplay, but don't expect too much. Not a jewel of the custom levels but worth to play if you don't care much the dead endings." - Jose (16-Mar-2015)
"Nice level.actually it reminds me of an past xmas level which i hold special in my heart.although the gameplay was a little out i still loved it." - janachorider (05-Jan-2015)
"I should like to thank those people who take it upon themselves to brighten our Christmas time with trle levels. By now, they have become my favourite thing about advent, and boy have the 2014 levels been good! Gameplay and puzzles gets 9 points from me: 1 off for the timed runs which I find annoying and misplaced in a Christmas level. The rest was so thoroughly pleasant to play, I'm not saying outrageously inventive, but wonderfully relaxed and plentiful, that I would play this over and over again. The secrets were well placed and fun to find; objects lovingly designed and placed. I shot all the vases in the hope to unlock some sort of achievement lol. My major gripe would be the sound. I don't want to hear birds or crickets. There should have been silence. Maybe a little wind, or music, but not generic forest atmosphere, it just did not sit right with me. Otherwise, music and cameras were good. Oh, and some snow would have been nice. ;) Textures were well placed and gave the town a lovely, homely feel; and the lighting, while not overly dramatic, added to that warmth I love so much in these kind of levels. One last thing that bugs me is that my Avira yet again thinks this is a trojan horse and keeps removing the exe. Would be good if this issue could at some point be addressed." - Manymee (27-Dec-2014)
"Another nice Christmas game and I love them, thanks a lot! The first timerun was too much for my abilities (and I'm very glad for the existence of the Forum), but fortunately I managed the other ones. The game is beautiful, well set in a Christmas environment, and has only two major faults: (1) gameplay & puzzles; Lara had to do three and a half times the same sequence of climbing, jumping and shimmying, that was somewhat fun for the first time, but frankly boring to repeat; although the author was kind enough to show clearly the crowbar and other points of interest, even writing messages in the screen, who would guess that it was necessary to climb so high and far to break a window pane, and that the point of a timerun was breaking a picture that was in a neighbour room? Finally, it is very frustrating to find ways and means of arriving at a certain place only to discover that you lack a key, or that you found only a switch or even a still closed door; (2)the music; it was continuous when Lara was indoors - a quite boring thing. But the worst part was that sometimes the "indoors song" overlapped with "Jingle Bells", at least in my notebook. Nevertheless, the game has its strong points, of course: a perfect atmosphere, pretty and peaceful; some objects were sneakily concealed, requiring thought and careful consideration; ways of fooling even seasoned raiders were present, and I'll give some examples: the fake door that was really the back of a picture; the two movable blocks that seemed meaningless, unless a neighbour door was opened; the grates that had small, oh, so small holes by which Lara could pass; the window pane that had to be broken by jumping and firing. Well, that's it. Play the game, and find the rest for yourself." - Josey (27-Dec-2014)
"A nice little holiday season diversion here from Gabriel Croft. Set in a quiet village it comprises of a pleasing set of locations. Lighting & texturing are good, (would of perhaps benefited from a little snowfall or white mist just to add to the ambience.) Gameplay is very layered, with long sequences of levels, keys & buttons to get you to your goal. The on-screen text hints are helpful to tell you what to go looking for. For the most part the gameplay is also well balanced, but there are two timed runs which are very tight for inexperienced players. There's no enemies in this level but you do have to shoot out the odd window here and there to progress! I did notice a couple of minor issues, one of which was that I occasionally got an odd small delay/lag on Lara moving off which I've not experienced before. All in all I netted just over 1 hour 45 minutes from Another Christmas Night. Thoroughly enjoyable and certainly should be on your playlist for the Christmas Period. Thanks, Stiggy :)" - TheStig (24-Dec-2014)
"This advent level is definately more festive than the other ones, and there's quite a bunch of tasks that nicely evoke the Christmas spirit. While I liked the timed run at the start (though I agree it could be placed somewhere later) there's quite a bit of to and fro initially to find the green and red keys and I feared this would turn into another backtrack orgy, but this element was luckily reduced later on. Yes, there are still long paths to cover that you might have to return if you didn't find a certain item before, but otherwise the progression is much more smooth and quite pleasant. And yes, there are a few too many levers to pull. But still this level manages to not get that dull mainly because there are some quite clever, if not particularly hard, tasks (I especially liked the one with the window to be shot through a crawlspace), at least a bit of challenge and much more explanation on what you have to do (thanks to the text hints). The atmosphere is really well done and the city environment is quite believably created with good use of texturing and nice lighting. There are a few rather badly placed textures on non-squaric segments, the textures sometimes feel a bit "stacked" and the lighting is a bit unrealistic at times, but the overall impression is quite good, also because the choice of textures is very decent. The architecture feels a bit simplistic though. While it's not really plain, there are too many boxy areas that take away from a realistic feeling. Decorative and interactive objects are used well in here and the secrets are nicely hidden (though the one involving setting Lara on fire is at least questionable). Maybe a few more stair objects could be used here as with all those ramps one might think all inhabitants are dependent on wheelchairs - or is this a plea on inclusion? ;) Anyway - a festive and nicely elaborate 45 minute level that is really recommended." - manarch2 (23-Dec-2014)
"I love Christmas levels, and this is the first of 2014 I have played thus far. ACN is a pretty good level with interesting things to do, and nice atmosphere. I wasn't too thrilled with the backtracking, which isn't too bad, but there. I was fairly lost several times but that's not unusual for me! The author could have selected different sound tracks, as one track, however pleasant, kept popping up, which started to annoy me. I liked how challenging the level was, but was NOT too keen on having an extremely tight timed run right at the beginning. Christmas levels are supposed to be relaxing, not frustrating. If it weren't for the pro raiders posting a savegame, I would have had to skip a great level, and what a shame that would have been. The level did feel a tad long, but that's hardly a bad thing. I liked how the water was freezing which was realistic. All in all, the level is very worth playing, but if you are perpetually stuck like I am, you may want to wait for a walkie, even if it means not playing it until after the holidays." - Shandroid (21-Dec-2014)
"Particularly striking and atmospheric, this level was a fun trip through a festive town. There are a lot of things to do and lots of running around around. The downside is the timed runs I had to do, I can't get used to these kind of things in a holiday level." - young Lara Croft (20-Dec-2014)
"Beautifully constructed level with great atmosphere that fits the holidays. The gameplay was kinda repetitive at some times and there was some backtracking that was kinda boring but one of the ideas for a puzzle felt original - using a box and wrapping paper to make a gift box. The gameplay is still fun even if if has a few downsides. The looks of the game are almost perfect, I loved the church, it looked wonderful. I found all 3 secrets and to finish this adventure it took me like 1 or 1.5 hours. Recommended." - misho98 (20-Dec-2014)
"How lovely to explore a series of pretty villages and Christmas bedecked rooms to the accompaniment of suitable festive tunes (even if a couple of them did manage to play simultaneously at one point). Initially, the gameplay is of the back and forth to find keys and switches variety, but it soon settles down into something more interesting as Lara does some good deeds, as befits the time of year, such as giving money and warm bedding to the homeless and wrapping gifts. Not too sure about the seasonal merits of shooting out people's windows, but, Lara being Lara, something has to be shot and there are of course no enemies. If you find all three secrets you can play the game all over again with Lara in a different outfit. I didn't bother doing that, but it was nice to see her posh red frock. Delightful Christmas fun." - Jay (20-Dec-2014)
"This is a frustratingly addictive game. It seems that you're forever pulling a lever that opens a door that reveals a button that opens a door, etc., but after each successful advance you want to keep moving forward. This is one of the few levels that I've finished without benefit of walkthrough, and it was all the more enjoyable because of that. My game clock, however, registered more than two hours at the end, indicative of my plodding progress. Still, it was a festive, enemy-free raid that boosted the Christmas spirit. Recommended." - Phil (20-Dec-2014)