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Tinnos Challenge by Karol

alan 6 5 3 2
BHM Productions 6 5 2 4
DJ Full 5 4 3 3
Jay 5 5 5 6
JesseG 7 5 4 4
Jose 5 5 6 6
KH_1400 2 1 0 2
lokky99101 2 3 4 2
manarch2 4 3 2 3
Orbit Dream 3 4 4 5
Phil 5 5 6 7
Ryan 4 5 4 4
Torry 3 3 5 1
Treeble 6 6 4 4
release date: 09-Mar-2016
# of downloads: 104

average rating: 4.05
review count: 14
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file size: 179.00 MB
file type: TR3
class: nc

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"This is a very challenging level with some out of the box ideas ported into game play that will leave many raiders wondering why. Although I admit to having a bit of fun with these obscure ideas. What ruined it for me were the graphics. In a word they were just terrible. At one point everything turned to sepia tones and the save boxes were blanked out as well. Rooms were boxy and plain and there were no real puzzles at all. The many many wasps became simply annoying, whilst the "Lara on Fire" run was down right mean. Took me a while to discern the correct path to garner those floating health diamonds and even then I had to suck down a med pack or two mid run to make it to the water at the end. The last colorful tile puzzle also took a little work to find the correct path to the exit. Different but for the traditional raider it won't garner many points." - Torry (18-Sep-2022)
"The title is truth in advertising, this is a gauntlet of challenges in a Tinnos setting. Well, it uses the textures and objects at least, but the atmosphere unfortunately is lacking, with many boxy rooms and wallpapered textures serving as the visuals. The gameplay, on the other hand, was a pleasant surprise. While I could have done without the hordes of wasps (I think there were 21 total), the trap-filled challenges were pretty fun. I especially liked the gauntlet with the three spiked barrels rolling at Lara, as she found the most efficient path through spike traps while also dodging swinging flame pots. Another creative moment is the "set Lara on fire" run at the end of the first level, having Lara rely on a path of health crystals to stay alive. Or at least, I think that was the intention, but it is possible to get past those burners without being set on fire, which kind of dulls the excitement. The second level seemed kind of pointless, as it only lasted a few minutes and just had Lara do some swimming and climbing on poorly marked climbable walls. It's far from a polished adventure, but if you want some challenging trap-filled gameplay then give this one a look. 22 minutes." - JesseG (11-Jan-2022)
"What a rush! While, yes, the two rooms with nine wasps in each was a bit of overkill, it's pretty obvious the author designed this level all around the traps. They're all fairly standard, but put together in a slightly unusual way, so while you're running from a spiked log you need to hop over spike traps and dodge swinging fire chandeliers, while a mutant probably gets to snipe you at least once. Obviously the highlight is getting Lara inevitable ablaze and hastily collecting health crystals as you make your way to a pond on the other side -- very nice. Very gamey, though, and that's the main issue to be had with this level. As far as looks and atmosphere go, it's pretty much an empty slate. As it's a short incursion, it's in your best interest to focus your attention on surviving. 20 minutes. 01/20" - Treeble (19-Jan-2020)
"I enjoyed the different challenges of this short levelset. Killing wasps and mutants, escaping from rolling objects, run to catch health crystals and survive from being burned, among other things. The final area was kind of a platforms puzzle in my opinion, as it required a bit of thinking where to jump. However, the rooms need improvement. Textures are repetitive in certain places and it needs to be more atmospheric. When loading a saved game, it becomes weird with glitchy textures on Lara and objects, so I had to load again. It's a classic textures bug of this type of levels. Recommended if you like challenges." - alan (14-Apr-2017)
"SO MANY WASPS. That could easily sum up the first part of the level. I killed a lot of them, although I don't know how many for sure as my statistics were glitchy at the end. The gsmeplays isn't that bad, consisting of a few jumps and finding the way out of each area. It isn't a very attractive level as textures were repetitive and lighting didn't really seem worked on. I hope to see improved levels from this author." - Ryan (26-Jun-2016)
"A very crude game with traps, too many enemies and too little bullets but a bit of challenge is here indeed. The pillar room and the crystal run show a completely different approach than we got used to experience so I would rather see it in a level with stronger storyline and greater immersion." - DJ Full (29-Apr-2016)
"Not sure what the creator was thinking with some of these design choices. The dubstep style music was baffling to say the least, and many objects just floated in mid-air and enemies popped up out of the blue. Also, every time I died and tried to reload, the game crashed, which made traversing further into the level pretty aggravating, considering almost every trap was a one-hit death. Texturing was very bland and wallpaper-y. I see potential, but I also see lots of room for improvement. Keep working on your craft!" - KH_1400 (23-Apr-2016)
"I can see clear and concise thought went into the challenges and puzzles of this level. They were moderately fun and challenging to go through and figure out and overall I appreciate the thought that went into it. However, there are a few notable areas that need improvement: texture variety, surface variety (needs more things like bumps, slopes, and detailed ceiling/floor structures), object placement (those floating fire lanterns were off-putting), and music choice (the dubstep near the beginning was just totally out of place). Overall, good and well thought-out challenges, but just keep practicing and putting a little more effort into your environment and atmospheric choices. It all needs to be cohesive and make sense as a total package!" - BHM Productions (02-Apr-2016)
"I played this TR3 two-parter to write a walkthrough and it took me a lot less time than I expected. The second part is quite short with no pickups or enemies. One of the reviews mentions the Uzis and the rocket launcher, neither of which I found, meaning that I probably missed at least one secret early on (since no firepower is needed for the closing sequences). Finding the right way up that tall column at the end was a hit or miss affair, but I thought it was a nice idea cleverly executed. The download is not a waste of time by any means, but also not one to put on the replay list." - Phil (22-Mar-2016)
"I thought this level set was ok at first it actually was quite a challenge having to do deal with a lot of traps in both levels I did enjoy the rolling blades whilst jumping over spikes and being attacked by a tinnos monster and I thought the music was quite good I also did enjoy the part were Lara was on fire and you had to run down a long corridor with lara burning and there were a load of save crystals with some awesome music playing in the background the enimeies were good for this sort of level and we got our hands on 2 weapons the Uzis and the rocket launcher wich is good for killing tinnos monsters overall this level was ok but the lighting and textures could of been better" - lokky99101 (17-Mar-2016)
"A short TR3 level, divided into two parts. It's definitely an action packed affair, with some rather nicely devised traps and great swarms of Tinnos wasps. Entertaining enough for the short time it lasts, but it's not the best looking of levels, apart from the rather ethereal light columns at the end. Not bad for a debut level." - Jay (16-Mar-2016)
"Wallpapered texturing, no lighting in large parts of the level, simplistic architecture, a lot of design mistakes and very little work in terms of objects all can make you think this is an optional debut level - but the save crystal run on fire is godawesome and should and could be used in other levels as well, perhaps with a little more finesse than in here. The rest of the gameplay, not ignoring a few creative traps, is mundane and fairly quickly finished in 12 minutes, with a few enemies to fight or ignore - I chose the latter, following Ian's advice -, but it's at least memorable for that one highly inspired idea. Stick with it (and perhaps with the slightly more achieved surrealistic looks of the second level) and improve the rest!" - manarch2 (12-Mar-2016)
"This two-part adventure could almost be re-titled (as a sequel of sorts to a level from several years back) 'When wasps attack'.I lost count of the number of those buzzing little critters;but eventually realised that,despite their hostile appearance,they appeared to cause very little damage - so I simply ran past them instead.Actually there are very few other enemies,save a couple of annoying demigod characters.Most of the challenges involve running a lot,particularly one genuinely innovative sprint incorporating a combination of fire and healing crystals.Most of the excitement takes place in the first level;the second being merely a pillar jumping sequence,albeit imaginatively presented.Texturing is of a no-frills nature;while lighting only really comes to the fore at the very end.Music consists of one added track (which presumably accounts for the excessively large download size);while mere lip service has been paid to such things as cameras and objects. This is clearly the product of a builder who fully believes that the pure essence of Tomb Raider is to kill and run.If you believe the same,then this will be right up your street." - Orbit Dream (11-Mar-2016)
"Not bad this TR3 level, but based only about shoot a lot of enemies (excessive wasps in my opinion) many gymnastics and avoid a lot of traps. The second level is too short, and I didn't like the long run with Lara burning trying to getting health crystals on her way. Also I missed some more medipacks and some more ammo. All in all, there are innovative ideas and if you are a TR3 lover you can take a try." - Jose (11-Mar-2016)