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Search for the Crystal by Leona

alan 5 5 7 7
Athukraz 4 3 5 4
BHM Productions 5 5 6 7
DJ Full 4 7 4 7
Gerty 4 6 6 4
Jay 5 6 6 6
Jose 5 5 6 7
Lara_Fox_Croft 7 7 7 6
manarch2 3 4 3 4
MichaelP 5 6 7 6
Minox 7 7 7 7
Orbit Dream 4 6 4 6
Phil 7 6 7 7
Ryan 5 5 6 5
Treeble 5 6 6 6
release date: 19-Apr-2016
# of downloads: 81

average rating: 5.58
review count: 15
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file size: 27.20 MB
file type: TR4
class: Jungle

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Booted this immediately after wrapping up the only other release from this builder and it's a staggering improvement, really a pity the author didn't release anything beyond this one. It's a bit dark at times and yes sometimes it's a bit of a funny design (the area with the keys and hands come to mind, for instance), but the little there is here is more than enough. The crystal at the end was a bit of a let down as you don't even get to take it home, plus the untextured surface right on that ledge (and I suppose the hole in ceiling as well). 15 minutes, 3 secrets. 10/23" - Treeble (29-Oct-2023)
"A TR3-like level with a nice atmosphere and textures. I think that was the best part of this game. Secrets are very easy to find. The game crashes when you die, to avoid that, I had to press the F6 key quickly before Lara could fall to the ground. There's a Shiva statue to fight, those are my favorite creatures of the Jungle levels, which I enjoy too. The only thing that disappointed me is that you can't take the crystal, you can just admire it. It's like there is not a finish trigger, indeed there is not. But it was a short and linear level, entertaining and nice surroundings." - alan (24-Mar-2017)
"From what I can see, this is a big improvement on her previous level, which is promising. There is more gameplay, although it is simple with a couple of keys to find, a small swimming exercise and simple pushable puzzle. Secrets weren't hard to locate. I liked the choice of audio and the custom 'pulling up' animation for Lara. Texturing was well done, although lighting was a bit dark. I look forward to seeing what she creates next." - Ryan (06-Jul-2016)
"Crash when dying and crash when leaving the game. That could have been handled better. But you can see the learning curve here, so that is two thumbs up. The level was too dark for my taste although there is a flare pick up, I ran out of them. For the rest it is a nice and easy little level." - Gerty (27-May-2016)
"Well, glad to see that this young builder is getting better with the level editor. Good. Still many things to get better like the sounds or the puzzles, but this author is in the right direction. Easy tasks with no backtracking, very easy secrets, decent texturization and lighting, the cameras work good. A short level but nice to play. Continue so. Encouragement!" - Jose (30-Apr-2016)
"Short level with a very simple gameplay. It lacked a texture in the final piece. I could not take the crystal at the end (why?)." - Minox (30-Apr-2016)
"A bit of absurd is here like impossible spike indicators, identical tiles used for ladders and triggers, or an ancient crystal somehow holding an RX key. Sometimes tension is handled wrong, for instance that crystal is much stronger than the one we would obtain (if we were able to pick it up). Or after a boss fight we encounter a minor spider which as a result feels like a second boss. Despite of game brevity the author found a place for an underwater maze where you swim to a switch and back again, and while this is a happy 3000th release we watched this setup at least a 1000 times before. Trapdoor sounds are missing so we don't get a clue they are open, but since the game only provides few interactive things at a time, it never takes long to figure out what has been opened. Eventually, a fake twin hole occurs and how many times am I supposed to tell people NOT to build that - it's like buying a carrot and not being allowed to buy another one until you bring the first one home. With all of these the game can be partially enjoyable thanks to easy puzzles and pleasant graphics, I liked the pushable and the Croft shields were nice as well. An improvement indeed, I hope the builder is up to something serious." - DJ Full (28-Apr-2016)
"Short, linear and fast paced, this certainly is an improvement on the builder's debut level, which is nice to see. Reasonably well put together, if a touch gloomy in places, it has a pleasant, undemanding gameplay, including a timed run and simple puzzle, and there are three easily found secrets. At approximately 20 minutes net gaming time, you could do worse for a light diversion. Given the tender age of this builder, I shall be most interested to see what she achieves in future." - Jay (26-Apr-2016)
"Not a bad little level if you overlook some annoyances, particularly the fact that the game crashes every time you die. And there are a couple of unmarked spike traps that practically ensure this will happen more than once. And at the end you reach the eponymous crystal only to find there's nothing more to do. Most areas are depressingly dark, but the texturing is well done and gameplay flows along in straightforward fashion. I spent a bit more time here because I was writing a walkthrough along the way, but I found it to be a decent raid of perhaps 20 minutes' duration. The three secrets are so easy to find that even I was able to do so." - Phil (25-Apr-2016)
"I was pretty impressed by the design of this level. It had some annoying bits (the spiked walls at the beginning kept getting me as I tried to get the secret, and every time I died, the game crashed), and it wasn't the most exciting or unique level. But overall I felt the texturing, lighting, atmosphere, puzzle design, and gameplay were all just fine." - BHM Productions (23-Apr-2016)
"Always great to see a learning curve with builders and this release provides a decent linear raid in TR3 style for about 15 minutes, including a little timed run, plenty of spiders and bats, a brief shiva battle and a few moving spike walls that are easily avoided. Fun while it lasted, even if maybe a little too much on the dark side in terms of lighting the rooms." - MichaelP (22-Apr-2016)
"We can see how the builder improved, that's a pretty nice level, with a TR3 jungle level, the gameplay is not bad but really simple, even if some traps are a bit tricky (it was hard to spot spike tiles). some places are dark but we have enough flares, lighting and texture is not perfect but quite 'ok', some stretched textures or bad triangles, you should use the button to turn the selected triangle in your texte and use right clic to turn you trinagle in the good way. The builder improved a lot and this level is much more interesting than her previous one. Keep working !" - Lara_Fox_Croft (20-Apr-2016)
"An evolution can be clearly seen in this level, it's still short and has a few mistakes (like the first secret playing when one jumps over the gap, a paperthin wall and a missing texture at the end) but the builder obviously took the time to create a more coherent and decent piece of work. There's still much to do as the atmosphere is rather monotonous, sounds are working a bit oddly (to the builder - if sounds are not playing, then they are missing for players, no regard of their actual absence), the architecture is basic mostly. Lighting and textures are rather correct though. The gameplay is perhaps not very diverse - there are a few better traps, a jump sequence and an easy puzzle though and overall the progression is nicely flowing. It's a bit irritating that in the room with the two hand receptacles one has to use one of the hands to find the other one, which is counter intuitive (it would be more obvious to place both hands together). The enemies and objects are aptly used and the secrets nicely hidden. Overall a 10 minute level that shows the developing skills of the builder who should keep on it." - manarch2 (20-Apr-2016)
"15 minutes straight forward level with some traps and few enemies. 3 secrets." - Athukraz (20-Apr-2016)
"For those in the mood for 25 minutes of quite undemanding tomb raiding,this would be a pretty good choice.It's a little too dark for its own good,but texturing is decent enough,as is object placement;and the atmosphere keeps you reasonably engrossed. Gameplay is all about moving quickly forward,from one room to the next;and is often almost amusingly straightforward (the pushable object puzzle,for example).Nonetheless,some of the spike traps pose a few difficulties;and the spiked walls never fail to induce an adrenaline rush.The lone Shiva was unexpectedly vulnerable;and the whole adventure had a fast-paced undemanding flow.Nothing memorable,but pleasant enough." - Orbit Dream (20-Apr-2016)