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Venice Building by CityOfLara

alan 3 3 1 2
BHM Productions 3 1 2 3
DJ Full 3 3 4 4
Gerty 2 2 1 2
Jay 2 3 3 4
JoeTheCrazyGamer 1 2 2 1
Jose 3 4 4 5
LadyCroft 2 3 2 3
LaraSpears 5 4 4 6
manarch2 2 2 1 2
MichaelP 2 2 2 2
Orbit Dream 1 1 0 2
Ryan 2 2 1 1
sonnyd83 4 5 5 6
Tolle87 2 2 1 2
Treeble 3 3 3 3
release date: 01-May-2016
# of downloads: 133

average rating: 2.59
review count: 16
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file size: 27.00 MB
file type: TR4
class: Venice

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"A fair share of effort has been put into this one in comparison to the other level from the builder, but still not enough I'm afraid. Scripting has a LoadCam but yet I faced a random crash to desktop when I died to the odd collision in one of the swinging traps. Speaking of which, this level features custom animations for Lara which I absolutely dread. Changing the very basic running animation is something I'll never understand, and you cannot convince me it's for the better. Maybe it looks a bit more like you'd expect from a more modern game, sure, but it doesn't match the control and grid schemes we've been using for nearly three decades now. 5 minutes. 07/23" - Treeble (09-Jul-2023)
"Just some stuff thrown together. 6/40" - JoeTheCrazyGamer (29-Mar-2020)
"The level begins awkwardly with something covering the entire screen. Sometimes when loading I got a terrible noise. Sounds like the enemies' gunfire and switches is missing. There is no water texture but the ones decorating the building are nice. I don't see the use of the flares here, or the crossbow explosive ammo. There's a bad placed camera that points up and not directly to the door opening. There were some black spaces were is missing a texture. Enemies were tough and the swinging boxes hard to pass through. It was very short. Total: 2.2/10. Not really enjoyable nor recommendable, only if you'd like to play something short after some long levels." - alan (22-Mar-2017)
"A slight improvement over this builder's debut, but it's still nowhere near a fully decent effort, sorry to say. Gameplay is still rudimentary, texturing and lighting are basic and a few sound issues have crept in. Still can't really recommend it." - Ryan (10-Jul-2016)
"Bleh, crash when dying and/or reloading, nasty. Enemies popping out of thin air, paperthin walls, missing textures. I still don't like this Lara figure but at least Trey is trying different things out." - Gerty (13-Jun-2016)
"A bit better than the previous one, but still with some defects easily avoidable, like the paper walls or the missing textures. Too many pickups for a level so short, lights are not worked, and poor gameplay with some switches to pull and some traps to avoid. The untextured water surface suggests that there is only an empty pit, and the rolling balls trap near the end was triggered too soon. Anyway, one step forward for this author, I think in the future could release better and better levels. Encouragement!" - Jose (15-May-2016)
"Load crash and buggy sfx occur again what should ring the author's bell already, but it's hard not to enjoy these Venetian sounds which still work, and this time we finish. New run animation is uncomfortable without enough time to accustom. I would also encourage the builder to use lighting other than default. SUMMARY: A step forward but please master the essentials so I can focus on serious advice." - DJ Full (07-May-2016)
"I'm pretty sure those guys that terrorize the hotel are actually angry guests.I would also go crazy if my hotel was filled with traps and unfair burning floor which has casual carpet texture.When you start the game, one of two things will happen - Either the game will crash or you will see ugly orange stain on your screen due to the awkward starting position.If you skip all the unnecessary pickups, you can finish the level in about 2 minutes.You pass several rooms, pull some levers, avoid some repetitive traps and kill a few bad guys (or just run past them).That's about it.Textures are mostly red and orange, but there is some variety with some untextured ceiling and pool.Lara's movement is strange, she walks like she is in a need of a toilet, sound effects are weird, especially in the inventory.The only side of this level that shows some potential is the shape of 1 or 2 rooms, with some well placed pillars.Yes, well placed pillars, in a desperate search for some good points.I read that this level is better than the author's previous one, so I guess we should expect some improvements in the future.I might be checking his first worse level though, out of sheer morbid curiosity...." - Tolle87 (04-May-2016)
"This was quite an horror to install as there were many crashes at my end (perhaps only at my end...) but I finally managed to play this level, which didn't take more than four minutes but still it's actually having a little more substance than the builder's debut (which is not too hard actually), with some rather decent traps, battles and easily spot levers. There's little effort whatsoever to create a believable atmosphere - all rooms are textured more or less okay, but are placed eclectically one after another (the water should be animated too), the rooms are fairly simplistic and cubic and the lighting is eye-hurtingly flat. There is much to do for the builder but this offering is showing he's getting slowly better at it. Found no secrets." - manarch2 (03-May-2016)
"Clumsy Lara alert - yes, it's the one that runs as though her boots are full of lead, or possibly custard. OK, well this is better than the previous (very recent) offering from this builder, so that's good. Unfortunately, it's still rather embryonic in terms of gameplay, probably because it only lasts five minutes. There are a few of Venice's finest villains to shoot, lots of pickups and some blade and boulder traps. Some attractive Venice textures have been selected and it's always good to hear those lovely Venice sound files again. A step in the right direction certainly." - Jay (03-May-2016)
"Definitely a step-up from your previous level, this one has better, more consistent textures, and the gameplay is far more enjoyable and interactive. If you keep it at this pace, you'll be making good levels in no time, keep up the good work and good luck on your next level." - LaraSpears (02-May-2016)
"Another release of builder in a few days. The level is short, probably 5 minutes. I give the Gameplay & Puzzles a 2 because it had some switches and that's pretty much it. I give the Enemies, Objects & Secrets a 3 because there were some bad guys and objects that decorated the rooms. Atmosphere, Sound & Cameras: 2, because there was a camera showing the doors open, rooms were mostly with flat lighting, I only saw a bit of shadows. Lighting & Textures: 3 I already said about the lightning. I saw some missing textures, thin walls, and some of the rooms weren't textured so nicely. Not really recommended." - LadyCroft (02-May-2016)
"There IS a slight improvement in terms of gameplay (a few enemies;and some blades to jump over);but everything else really is a bit of a disaster.Multiple pick-ups for no apparent purpose;missing textures;wafer-thin walls;no lighting;an awful camera placement;pointlessly modified moves (especially annoying when the basics have yet to be achieved);and (at least in my game) an absolutely horrible background noise.My advice? Go back to the Manual and read it through!" - Orbit Dream (02-May-2016)
"A second release by the builder in quick succession and indeed an improvement to the firts, albeit a small one. 5 minutes this time, a few traps to navigate (good), a few enemies to battle (good), a few levers to switch (obvious) and a finish trigger this time (good). Nothing much else though and the looks remain basic with some beginner errors and no attempt made to add any lighting or atmosphere." - MichaelP (01-May-2016)
"I decided to take a few minutes (7 to be precise) out of my busy level building schedule, and found this new builder. As with all newbies, I Googled his name, there were quite a few with his name so gave up! Anyway, on to the level. I was surprised by the previous rating of 2/10 because in my opinion it is worth more than that. It apparently takes place in a Venetian city, and I believe it looks like Venice should, albeit with a few minor texturing flaws (examples would be one or two murals on the wall where half is the correct size, and the other half is condensed into a smaller space). There are also some 'paper-thin' walls in some places that required attention. Additionally, I'd suggest if you choose to have such high ceilings, perhaps you could create another floor above, and ladders connecting them, this would give a more realistic feel. The game is simple to play with nothing in particular stopping you from progressing, other than a savegame error, which by the way is simple to fix - just load the 'Title' map into the editor and rebuild it, so it includes the correct header. The gameplay is fun, you have to avoid getting cut in two by blades, fight some bad guys, avoid getting crushed by boulders, and rush past some moving boxes. There are one or two camera shots to help you on your way. The sound track is very pleasant in the background, although some sound fx require attention, the gunfire by the baddies, switches being pulled, and I think Lara's foot sound. This isn't all that bad for a level created in such a short space of time, although it did take me longer to review it than to play it! He should ask someone on TRLE to test his levels before releasing them, that way, he would get better ratings." - sonnyd83 (01-May-2016)
"Gameplay was actually pretty decent with a plethora of traps and some enemies, but was still bland and didn't show much creativity. There were a lot of pickups that weren't needed (especially for such a short level). The sound was probably the worst part; it was very buggy and made a lot of irritating clicking noises. I did appreciate the Venice city ambience and sounds, but many sound effects were buggy and clicky. Music was non- existent. I appreciated the small changes done to make the whole thing more reminiscent of TR2 (textures, menu items, title music), and I think they were executed well. Lighting was non-existent and there were a few missing textures. Also, the door connections were pretty bad; you gotta lower your ceilings so the door object connects and looks realistic. There was a pool of water that I had no idea was water until I fell in it. You gotta texture and animate your water! I somewhat enjoyed the level design and texturing and the overall atmosphere. But for the most part, this level left a lot to be desired. Keep working on your craft and I encourage you to make longer levels!" - BHM Productions (01-May-2016)