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Thames Wharf Remake by Hani Deek

alan 5 7 9 9
Bene 8 8 10 9
BHM Productions 3 6 7 9
Ceamonks890 5 8 9 8
DJ Full 6 7 8 8
KH_1400 2 9 7 10
manarch2 4 8 8 8
Mortensmor 7 7 10 9
Phil 8 8 8 7
Ryan 6 7 9 9
release date: 12-May-2016
# of downloads: 113

average rating: 7.50
review count: 10
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file size: 128.00 MB
file type: TR4
class: Remake

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Construction-wise, this emulates the original TR3 level to a really high standard. The high-resolution texturing is really pleasing and more realistic, although lighting is a bit too dark on occasions. It also offers more opportunities for exploration than the original did, and the secrets are worthwhile side trips. However, the gameplay was somewhat spoilt by a few irritating decisions on the part of the builder. I've never been fond of the limited saving system, and since I've always been a PC player, this was difficult to get used to. Thankfully you don't have to save right on the spot, but it does make things somewhat artificially harder. I did play in easy mode, but the enemy attacks are still too over the top at times, and although (at least in this version) enough should barely be provided, I still found them rather unfair to deal with. I also encountered a bug where the reentry into the first level wouldn't load correctly for some reason. I looked at the walkthrough which stated that I had to shoot a certain window rather than jump through it, in order to avoid that bug. This may have been my fault but I still consider it a serious flaw. I then replayed from the very beginning (and I mean the very beginning) and it worked this time. This is a brilliant construction, settings-wise, but it may be too aggravating for some (it was for me in some places)." - Ryan (11-Aug-2018)
"When comparing the original Thames Wharf level from TR3 to this remake, it might as well be an entirely different map altogether(considering the surprising amount of newly-conceived complexity added onto the barely recognizable level design here, with well-handled use of texturing, objects & ambiance to make this map feel properly lived-in, despite some too-dark lighting at times). It's made even better by clever little details, such as having interactive objects placed in life-like spots, enemy healthbars popping up during combat or gun-wielding foes firing one last-ditch shot before dying(akin to the original TR3 game). Heck, you can even obtain all of Lara's weapons from TR3, if you're incredibly thorough in your exploration. And to my delight, they all mostly function as they did previously, with the rocket launcher requiring a reload every time you fire it here & the MP5 and grenade launcher have been combined into one weapon(which may be absurdly huge in size, but its still effective nonetheless). So its an incredible shame than, when all that praise is brought down by gameplay which is made needlessly stressful to put up with(on account of the limited supplies & save crystals), making players have to plan out their tactics well in advance to the point, that having a walkthrough on hand is frankly mandatory, even with the builder's own guidance via provided readme files. And while I can understand what Hani was going for here in terms of challenge, in practice it was all handled a little too excessively in my opinion & just sets to spoil the fun(as you find yourself constantly on edge during traversal, trying so hard to stay alive against seemingly overwhelming odds). Would only seriously recommend this for expert raiders, as newbies will probably have a frustrating time getting through this one." - Ceamonks890 (06-Dec-2017)
"Good looking level. The surroundings are nice to look at. This is a remake of the original level of TR3, but if I thought TR3's was difficult, this one is more. I didn't like the idea of limited saves and pistols ammo, that made the gameplay and level hard to finish. Also it seems like Lara moves a bit faster than usual. I found an annoying bug with Lara's movement: when I want to walk, Lara only gives one step and not continuously. That means I have to press the arrow for each step. Gameplay could be less frustrating and the environment less dark. I liked the final cinematic. Total: 7.5/10. Good work with the atmosphere and building of the level." - alan (14-Apr-2017)
"The original Thames Wharf level is not my favourite, to say the least. I found the remake far better in terms of visuals and atmosphere, and I like the fact that we get to explore the multiple storeys of the warehouse building. Unfortunately, the warehouse building is where I experienced some annoying bugs (e.g. Lara was stuck in a crawlspace after standing up, Lara started sliding backwards on an even surface after jumping on a windowsill, Lara was unable to shoot her weapon when she tried to draw it during the door opening animation), some of which caused me to reload the game and repeat long sequences. Once I had left the warehouse building for good, I actually started enjoying the level, as I experienced only one glitch (Lara glitched through a closed hatch in the water). I'm glad I suffered through the first half because the part with the basins was very enjoyable. The visuals are nearly perfect, apart from the incomplete horizon. Unfortunately, the texturing inside the building where you encounter Shotgun Lara is not as polished as in the other indoor sections of the level. I played the easy version. It wasn't exactly a breeze to get through because the enemies remained tough, but you get a fair amount of ammo and medi-packs on your way and it's perfectly manageable to end the level with a little surplus." - Mortensmor (03-Nov-2016)
"An absolutely GORGEOUS level with super irritating gameplay. It was pretty much impossible for me to complete certain sections. There were really odd physics and mechanics throughout that didn't make sense and even caused me to unfairly die at a lot of moments, which made progress much more stressful due to the save crystal thing. It's a shame the gameplay suffered so much because this level seemed incredible promising at first with the AMAZING designs and scenery that I know took so much effort." - KH_1400 (25-Jul-2016)
"Four reviews (this is the fifth) more than two months after release doesn't indicate overwhelming enthusiasm for the level. Still, I think it's better than the scores to date would imply. The savegame crystal feature is to me the weakest aspect of the level. I used the online video walkthrough (the promised written walkthrough not yet having made its appearance), and this helped me gauge how far along I was in the level, which in turn helped me ration those precious savegame crystals efficiently. Ample armament and ammunition is provided, but you have to defeat hard-to-kill enemies in order to acquire it. There's also quite a bit of annoying backtracking that has to be done. Most of the level is quite dark, but plenty of flares are provided. This is basically a TR3 game wrapped in a TR4 package, and I enjoyed the entertainment provided by the builder." - Phil (14-Jul-2016)
"This Raid is meant to be difficult. Without a strategy, the player is quickly left without save crystals or enough ammo to complete.The "Read me" is a must read and the author gives an analysis of enemies and their strengths and which weapon is best for each and when to run away. The Secrets folder is a help because secrets include some Save Crystals without which the game, for most, can not be completed. Lighting and textures are near perfect for a cityscape. I would have preferred a written walkthrough along with a video version but Hani gives us a video walkthough that makes it all look isn't but it IS a remarkable Raid and a memorable one." - Bene (11-Jun-2016)
"It's a good sign that the builder took the complaints of us reviewers seriously, as the changes actually turned it into a playable level, with only a few occasional crashes that were not game-stopping for me. Still, the amount of save crystals is fairly low, so more than one longer sequence will probably have to be repeated turning this into a sometimes fairly tedious raid, and the ammo provided is scarce as well but somewhat doable if you don't waste too much ammo and search carefully for the secrets (without finding the secrets it's almost impossible to finish, sadly). There are some fairly decent tasks aside of all this, like the electric machine room, the basin puzzle and the exploration of the multiple stages of the warehouse, but all in all I'll still stand to my statement that the builder wants to disguise a fairly mediocre game with an annoying feature. Technically, I must say I'm fairly impressed overall, there are a lot of nice additions like cutscenes, animations and objects that spice up the experience considerably. The atmosphere of this level is quite well done too, keeping the spirit of the classic level but never being close to a remake, I found it to be a bit grim and dark on occasions but enough flares are thankfully provided. Texturing and lighting are not faultless (especially the texturing has some repetitive sections and some which are not so nicely placed) but create a good feeling on the whole. Musics and cameras, which thankfully can be skipped mostly in case of a death, are well done, and if the builder had some different creative ideas concerning gameplay, this would've been quite a decent level all around. Still it's perhaps worth a try if you like a challenge, although not one that demands skill, more patience. Found seven secrets of which some require too much backtracking in 85 minutes." - manarch2 (18-May-2016)
"A challenge gone wrong. I prayed for patience to St.Paul's Cathedral but it ignored me. Now you go and:
- provide enough ammo before battle, not during or after
- provide enough ammo for each kill order
- provide enough ammo where you told us to run to in case of lacking ammo.
For a challenge may be hard but it needs logic, and with these three fixes players can be wise not lucky.
That's all. I wrote more but I will wait for reupload." - DJ Full (16-May-2016)
"Wow, what a gorgeous-looking level. Everything about the design and look of this level is practically perfect. This is the true definition of remaking a level to update the design and look. However, this level unfortunately fell hard in the gameplay department for me. I really disliked the use of save crystals (I know they mimic the PS version of TR3, but we're playing THIS level on the PC, so please don't force us to implement very limited saving.) I found myself dying over and over again due to things that I had no control over; suddenly glitching through a fence, being able to pass through an electrical cord at one point but being killed by it the next time I go through, a fence stabbing me as if it were spikes, Lara's jumps not going as far as they normally do and her collision with objects being very slippy and hard to predict. There were certain unskippable and long fly-by cameras that I was forced to watch time and time again because of these unexpected deaths and limited saves. I hate to say it, but I just found the level unpleasant and unnecessarily difficult/confusing to play through. However, I sincerely appreciate the tremendous effort put towards the look of the whole thing. Music and sound was nice, atmosphere was good. I would've given lighting and textures a 10, but the level was overall too dark, and the horizon that had a blank bottom half was distracting. Overall, good effort. I just encourage that, in the future, the builder puts more effort towards more cohesive and smooth gameplay." - BHM Productions (13-May-2016)