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Lara Croft and the Tomb of the Gods by Kaslerka

alan 9 7 10 10
BHM Productions 7 8 10 10
Ceamonks890 9 9 9 9
DJ Full 7 7 8 8
Drakan 10 9 10 10
Dutchy 8 8 10 10
Fabio 10 8 10 10
Gerty 8 8 10 8
Hedteur 9 8 9 9
Jay 9 8 10 10
JesseG 7 6 10 8
Jose 9 9 10 10
manarch2 8 7 9 9
McRaider 10 10 10 10
Phil 8 8 9 7
Ryan 9 8 10 10
Thiago 9 8 10 10
release date: 16-May-2016
# of downloads: 264

average rating: 8.88
review count: 17
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file size: 532.00 MB
file type: TR4
class: Egypt

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"I am lost for words... This is the best TRLE level I have ever played. I rarey finish TRLE levels because I get lost or I simply get bored. But this is something new. Straight from the start, I knew this would be an amazing level and I have not been disappointed. The interactions between The Player and Lara are really entertaining and they helped me a lot in the game. The fact that you could chose Lara's skin was really a nice touch; I loved it. These new moves have been very useful and I must say I have fast shimmied all the time! The ending was really unexpected and I loved that. I felt this same heart-warming feeling when finishing this level, just like when I finsih any game for the first time. I have to say, you did" - Fabio (19-Mar-2020)
"For some bizarre arbitrary reason, this release's custom installer simply refused to work properly for me(unless I disconnected from the internet briefly and turned my internet security off and on again). So you can imagine how irritating it was, to get this game running in the first place. But once we get into the game proper though, that's where the real fun begins. A professional-looking live-action cutscene(including its own fan-made styled corporate logos and everything), shows 'Lara' driving around in a jeep across well-trodden Egyptian landscapes, showing off her incredible driving skills before finally arriving at her destination, where we can finally start exploring these beautifully atmospheric environments. Gameplay is very much inspired by Crystal Dynamics's first take on Tomb Raider(the LAU trilogy), with a high focus on platforming and incredibly devious puzzles of both the regular and environmental kind that are all very cleverly designed. Disappointingly, there aren't really any secrets to keep an eye out for. But to compensate for this deficiency, non-voiced chatter will occur between Lara and Indy's grandchild at certain points that can lead to some interesting conversations between the two at times(even if some of the attempts at humor became a little too self-referential for my taste). And whilst Indy's grandchild never actually appears in-game as a physical presence, you start to enjoy having them tag along after a while on your quest(making it a shame to see them ultimately bite the dust in the end). And if you can write a character that makes you appreciate them within the game itself, you know that the creative minds involved have done a quality job bringing them to life. Enemies and objects are fewer than your average custom levelset here, but when they do show up, it's all successfully done in a way that makes sense. And with such a well-made presentation on offer here(including a highly comprehensive separate tablet launcher setup where features of varying usefulness are available), such as the ability to customize the in-game character model of Lara to look more like the modern Camilla Luddington incarnation or the classic design of old that I personally prefer, to even being capable of playing actual video games unrelated to the Tomb Raider franchise(Jewel Quest, the original 1989 Prince of Persia(which actually gets a tribute within this custom levelset) and Rick Dangerous), with the latter option definitely raising an eyebrow on my end. Why would you go to the trouble of including such things which most players won't even bother touching? Especially when they probably have said games available entirely separate from this release anyway. But in conclusion though, despite some personal quibbles with the writing and the questionable usefulness of most of the tablet launcher features, I can say with confidence that the hours spent playing this game didn't feel wasted. And I highly recommend this to anyone looking for an experience that they won't soon forget." - Ceamonks890 (09-Jul-2017)
"It's the first game I download and I have to install it in order to play it. It's a great adventure where Lara looks like in TR 2013. I enjoyed it especially because it really looks like a misterious undeground place in Egypt. With the new moves of Lara is like playing TR Legend or Anniversary. There are a lot of large places where you must climb up, climb down, so much climbing. There are few traps like some boulders, spikes... And few enemies. There's shortage of pickups and no secrets. I'm not sure about the amount of medipacks, I didn't know how many I had, I thought they were infinite but then I ran off of large medipacks, and I was only left with the small ones. Nice texturization, lighting and construction of the rooms. I liked how Lara talks about her adventures with her friend, videogames and all that, though some conversations are boring and don't let you move, save, anything. Anyways, I liked this adventure but the climbing is tiring." - alan (06-Dec-2016)
"I don't believe I have ever seen a TRLE that loads up in a tablet format. Hmm. This excellent game is so close to a movie that I almost didn't believe it. From the opening movie with Lara driving across the barren desert, to the climax with her escape from the tomb, this was quite the adventure. I felt that the audio track and added sounds really helped liven up the experience and the atmosphere of a dark, grungy tomb was well caught, so 10 for that category. Gameplay mainly revolves around finding the route out of each area, with a few small puzzles added for good measure. In that essence, it could remind players of the Crystal Dynamics games. A pity that there were no secrets for such a lengthy level, though." - Ryan (12-Jul-2016)
"Really enjoy this level, maybe a little repetitive to looking for levers and hanging out of cracks, but it is worth to play it. I think that the author can do better in the future if it uses more puzzles." - McRaider (24-Jun-2016)
"First of all this builder gets two thumbs up for this adventure. Looking for that lonely firefly so you can continue was a nice touch. Architecture wise this was top notch I have to admit. There are some nice puzzles thrown in that had me scratching my head, always a good sign though. Of course there are some"buts" I will mention (my pet peeves). Although you have unlimited use of the flashlight (very handy while shimmying) it didn't shine correctly at times. The atmosphere is of course at parts gloomy and dark, being underground... but still. Collision was off with certain objects and the animation of Lara, especially when she had to move forward was not smooth. There are no enemies to speak off apart from the snakes and some scorpions. I did avoid the skeletons I encountered later and pickups are hardly worth to mention. You can easily miss the pistols and that is a major flaw, as you need them. The story is a good one (even a joke or two are thrown in) although I could do without them being projected onto the screen. In hindsight I had too much shimmying to do even if I do like the ledge jumping, it was a bit over the top in my opinion. I will keep an eye on this builder though." - Gerty (16-Jun-2016)
"Press Sprint to shimmy faster. Yes, an odd sentence to start a review with, but it's my chance to give a huge time-saving tip to anyone who happens to not have played this yet. As you can guess there is a large amount of "ledge action" in this level, in that sense this levelset may remind players of the Tomb Raider Legend games. It can be a bit tiring, but thankfully it is not a deal- breaker as there are a couple of nice puzzles and some trap rooms to add some variety to the gameplay. The strongest point of the level is definitely the architecture. The walls come alive in a lot of these rooms, being comprised of snakes, scarabs, scorpions, ankhs and more, and I have a feeling these four levels will provide a lot of ammo to the "Screenshot Game". With this creative structure and the strong audio track I am moved to give a top score under atmosphere. The weakest point is the objects. I am usually in favor of custom animations, but when they aren't configured correctly it trips me up. Specifically, the start of the running animation doesn't accelerate properly and kept making my heart skip as I was about to make running jumps, and the forward jump has lost a little height (quite noticeable when trying to jump up sloped surfaces). These may sound like little details but the impact adds up over the 3+ hours you will spend during the adventure. Another painful aspect is the atrocious collision of the spike traps, which sticks far out onto neighboring tiles and hurts the player when they wouldn't expect it to, and it makes curved jumps very hard to do. The biggest flaw though would be the fact that players can miss the pistol, which becomes a critical gameplay element. Thankfully the "GUNS" cheat got me out of that bind - with the side benefit that Lara was lighting flares alongside the LED light! On that note, textures and lighting are quite good, although the lighting is a bit on the dark side and could have used some more color at the start of the adventure. That may be offset by the infinite LED light on Lara's person, but certain angles make it ineffective. The medpacks are also infinite from the start, which is a very odd gameplay choice and takes quite a bit of challenge out of the game. In fact there's no ammo, goodies, or secrets at all to encourage the player's scavenging, giving the game more of a linear feel. Hm, maybe this is even more like Legend than I thought! If you were to play this adventure, play it for the atmosphere, and play it for the story (there is quite a twist in the middle...) and you'll have a good time at it. 3 hours 22 minutes." - JesseG (08-Jun-2016)
"This is a massive and complete effort and I have to say thumbs up for the builder for this elaborate game. The initial and concluding real cutscenes are magnificent and all the work with the dialogues, new textures and also some objects, impressive architecture... fantastic. The gameplay is heavily based on platforming which might get fairly tedious after a while, yet I think that there are enough moments where you have to stop and think a bit to spot the right path to follow (there are a lot of "useless", other routes that lead nowhere) and thus I often felt puzzled enough. Still, things like the endlessly high obelisk structures are painful to climb up and there are also repetitive sequences which should've been cut down, and there's at least one potential stuck point when you miss the pistols on the spike slopes as you can't get them later. But there is more than just platforming in here, the puzzles are quite refreshing and clever and the enemies and traps (while few) are also nicely placed. Sadly there are no secrets in here, which is a bit disappointing for such a long game. Most of the atmosphere is also created with pure geometry and not so much with objects, but that's not a bad thing per se. Lookwise this is a very strong level too, all rooms are very detailed and the ultra-large halls are well built, with (from a technical viewpoint) hardly faultable texturing and lighting and quite aptly used sounds and good cameras. What i didn't like was the monotony because many rooms have more or less the same lighting and a different accentuation might've created an even more impressive atmosphere. Anyway, this 2:30 hour long game is something like few before, although the obvious skills of the builder showed a little more potential that hasn't been fully used after all. Still recommended but perhaps with caution." - manarch2 (07-Jun-2016)
"Before giving the good points, I already say the worst things (well, in my humble opinion). Already why go through an installer? I thought not to play him because of that. Lighting, I found there was too much shadow, which removes sparkle to Lara and we do less attention to her outfit, which was beautiful. And finally the faster shimmey of Geckokid would have been helpful. That said I would have regretted not playing because I like this style of huge rooms where there is not necessarily much to do but a lot of platform, I love. I was stuck sometimes but that was mostly due to a lack of attention. I got stuck still on top of a broken pillar to get out before making a roll but I had to start back the transition spikes where I did not find any clues, and I was doing to the feeling. Music of Scorpions, I love. Congratulations for this level." - Drakan (06-Jun-2016)
"Well, that was quite an interesting adventure here, I really liked the interaction between Lara and the character (you), it kinda feels like we really are Lara's mate, especially on the hieroglyphs floored part where you actually have to go threw the Ipad thing to progress. Therefore, I must say that graphics are splendid and fit really well in this egyptian atmosphere. As for the gameplay, I always had a "thing" for the new moves, but I must admit that less climbing and more fights would have been very welcome, however, on the plus side, puzzles were really cool and truly represented the spirit of raiding a tomb, same as for the trapped rooms. However on a minus side, there are a lot of parts where slides lead to a wall and Lara gets stuck, forcing you to load a game (which can be annoying since we can forget to save the game when you are too immerged in the game) and also another thing that actually is "fatal" is on the scorpio's statue room (a bit after climbing up the huge obelisk); if we push one of the two rocks by the side where you can climb back on the statue from the bottom of the room, and if you save the game down here, you can find yourself completely stuck under the statue, making it impossible to progress, and, in my opinion of course, those moments were the player is completely stuck and have to load earlier is something that could be a real shame, especially in such unique adventure... So yeah, I would recommand this map to anyone willing to spend some good time with Lara and searching for a movie based, or interactive version of Tomb Raider. But don't do the same mistake as me, and think about saving the game as often as you can if you want to avoid being stuck somewhere." - Hedteur (02-Jun-2016)
"Well, I was attracted to play this level because it is my favorite class: Egypt. To me, the essence of Tomb Raider is Egypt. I was surprised, especially with the textures. Wonderful. The fact is that the gameplay have many jumps and climbing, becoming a little tiring sometimes, but do not take your merit. Atmosphere and sound are perfect, a true feeling of being inside a tomb, totally underground in Egypt. Lightning were excelent. Only thing missing in this level were the pick ups. In the snakes room, had snakes coming from the air, as if it were raining snakes (it was a bug?), and I went into panic (because I hate snakes). Finishing, this is um true Tomb Raider level, that follows in the best style, as the famous title says: Raiding a Tomb. It has its flaws there. But it is approved and super recommended. Congratulations to Krisztian Kasler" - Thiago (01-Jun-2016)
"I'm afraid I don't share Jose's enthusiasm for this level. To be sure, it starts off as if it were something that Psiko might have done. But when you take away all the bells and whistles, all you have left is basically an extended platforming exercise that took me nearly five hours to complete. The "action" is punctuated only briefly by the appearance of a couple of giant scorpions, a pack of jackals and a couple of skeletons. Otherwise, enemies are nonexistent. Although flares are unlimited, everything takes place amidst depressing darkness, and I soon grew weary of lighting one flare after another so I could see what I was doing. Finally, play is frequently interrupted by boring onscreen exchanges of dialogue that served no purpose (for me, anyway) other than to make me tap my foot impatiently until I could get on with it. It was like watching a silent movie where a section of footage is followed by some illustrative written narrative. Come on, people, that went out of style 90 years ago! The aforementioned pet peeves aside, I actually had a good time playing this fairly complicated adventure while testing Dutchy's well-done walkthrough. I never had to resort to a savegame in order to progress, which means that the game is well within the reach of most players. Recommended, although hardly what I would call a breakthrough achievement." - Phil (31-May-2016)
"A well constructed level with some new features, but if you are so for the latest features, you could have used the fast shimmy too, since there is so much shimmying to be done it started to annoy me greatly Lara didn't move faster. The crawlspace roll was there, but there weren't really any crawlspaces where you could use it due to the shape of the floor. At some points you had to think how to tackle certain traps, that was fun and never became annoying, so just the right amount of difficulty to keep it interesting. Puzzles were also nicely done. One major flaw in my opinion was the fact that you could easily miss the pistol, making it impossible to proceed later on (vase in front of a lever) and there was NO way of going back for it too. Strangely my collegue DJF didn't mention this in his novel. Even with all the on screen texts you had to wait for too finish, that pistol I missed was never mentioned, or did I miss that line (I stopped reading at some point as I found it too much and distracting) Only build mistake I saw was an open polygon in some dark dead end passage (and there were some grey textures I had my doubts about)" - Dutchy (31-May-2016)
"This is a truly amazing adventure. It's presented in a unique 'tablet' format and has a cinematic intro and ending. The huge tomb environment is superbly rendered and feels entirely believable. The storyline for levels can often be a completely irrelevant 'tacked on' aspect, but here it adds greatly to the experience, the dialogues between Lara and Indiana Jones's grandson providing a lot of humour and the final discovery of Indi's skeleton proving to be quite poignant. The gameplay is very much taken up with route finding and using Lara's 'new' moves, involving some fascinating and ingenious moments (loved the ET room in particular), plus some excellent puzzles and the occasional enemy action in the form of giant scorpions, jackals and skeletons. There's nothing too difficult to achieve, but finding your way through some of the rooms might just have you scratching your head for a while. I had a great deal of fun playing this." - Jay (30-May-2016)
"There's not much to critique about this level beyond minor nitpicks. It's impeccably made and incredibly impressive. I can't even imagine the amount of time, thought, and dedication this project must have taken. I do have some legitimate gripes with a few things. Firstly, the flashlight was a very poorly done mechanic. It didn't shine directly on things in front of you and never illuminated anything very well, and constantly turned off every few seconds, and it was impossible to turn off yourself after you turned it on. Secondly, the gameplay got kind of bland at points, just because there was SO MUCH climbing and jumping. Lastly, the opening things were just too much (a big set-up process, a flash "tablet", all of these cheesy logos and unnecessary FMV's that kept saying "this is a movie" or something of the sort, and the super long and tedious opening video that seemed more like a car advertisement than a Tomb Raider video). It shouldn't take me 10+ minutes just to get into Lara's shoes and start the adventure. Beyond those gripes, this is a seriously good, cinematic, and well-made adventure. I loved the exploration, Lara's new mechanics and movements, the atmosphere, the well- written banter between the characters, the level design, and especially the texturing. It was all quite impressive." - BHM Productions (27-May-2016)
""Never" expires quickly but I have never played a level both so well built and so annoying. Since I'm a cryptic critic let's start from the title, a tool to make atmosphere and clarify attitude a player should take even before the game starts. Unspotted: Clusterdom of Buried Madness would do just fine, expanding our tolerance for gloom, inducing more patience and making us more observant than we normally are, but instead we get another name like Return to the Tomb of Tutankhamun or The Catacombs of Anubi, which says nothing and may even scare people off because it sounds typical what may indicate tedium. So I was afraid this is another modern game which lacks the essence, but it's not. The plot rises, peaks and resolves correctly, told by unusual interaction between characters. The key moments are simple but the commentary makes them strong, like a bypassed collapsed corridor or a room from another game hard to notice otherwise. Lara and her pal differ a lot, sometimes too much - somehow reboot Lara has the knowledge of classic one, and her companion lacks essential raiding skill despite of being a grandson of a renowned archeologist. Things start to go wrong when text lines overlap. Some lines may trigger too early, like the cosmic room description (vertical trigger on the polerope would do better), some other too late like the sidekick wondering how to pass the monkey swing when it's already done, or Lara noticing the dog ambush after the battle. Few lines may be mistaken for instructions like the advice to turn the music off or escape the earthquake. All this chat is absolutely silent, missing the greatest opportunity to hire voice actors, and causing even more damage when the lines appear in real time - with attention split between them and the rest of the screen, it's easy to miss the info. To avoid it we would watch it frozen from the inventory, but the hotkey is often disabled for conversation, as well as other controls - possibly the worst solution which feels like being stuck and forces reload of the full dialogue in case if you missed a part. But what really crosses the line is using these lines to convince players the ordinary parts of the game are better than they are. You can read characters praise objects and textures, admire unique locations, make excuses for copied ones and try to mask bad design with a funny line. This sole thing creates an impulse to switch the game off. While I believe the author really enjoys his game he obviously forgot it becomes our experience after the download. Yet even every death reminds us we're on an adventure, because you know, this game IS fun, you SHOULD have fun, you SHOULD take a look at my other reviews, because I'm a master of opinion you SHOULD follow and I'm also funny as hell - the torture scene from Orwell's 1984 comes to mind. I disliked self-advertising even in works of Titia, I fought it while betatesting for Kevin, and I only forgave these builders because they did it once per a very good release indeed. What we have here is in fact a lot of effort put into lighting, texturing and sculpting and I find invaluable the author's care about materials, objects and even usually ignored option lines, but it's a different thing to compose them together and if you take a screenshot from this game, you cannot tell which room it is from. When the snake legend was told I didn't get what snakes Lara is talking about because the geometry is too large and simple and camera shows a jumpswitch instead of the referred snake. Only in the third snake room I understood the snakes because they were highlighted. Same for the hourglass room I only understood at second playthrough, same about the scorpion king I only recognized because the flyby helped. While these structures are usually too large so differences between them slip unnoticed, the hieroglyphs in cosmic chamber are too small so again I needed several minutes to realize what Lara means. In the end only the scarab room and the eye room allow correct focus on the sculpted shapes so they are instantly recognizable. As we platform over these structures, excessive symmetry hardens orientation - in the last snake room, the obelisk chamber and the ankh cave I just couldn't tell what I already visited and where I came from. Few times the path is constructed to risk a lot of repeat - for instance the clever joint climb in the cosmic chamber is great and the idea of "showing the way" also is, but if you don't notice a switch you do it all again; or the climax of finding the ankh loses a lot because another premature line focuses on a getaway plant instead of the side alcove we're supposed to enter first. As a person who suffered a lot from premature activation I can only recommend one solution: FGT_DISABLED and you're sure nothing like this happens. Add to that local chunk repetition and constant requirement of spotting cracks to utilize new moves for several hours and the progress meant to be friendly becomes boring and tiring. The audio tries to help but is so overfilled with Zimmer cliches you expect these giant animal structures to suddenly transform into stone robots. Meanwhile the ambience is again monotonous Anniversary tune, so I was glad when a buggy audio switch failed to restore it. The only two audio usages I liked were in the celestial chamber and the scorpion king hall, the latter being a perfect musical joke unfortunately ruined by the author laughing at it - NEVER do that!!! I think that was the very point where I really started to have enough. I won't even try to guess if the remark about buying the background was serious or if it was another failed joke. I could speak about minor flaws like "open sesame" retriggering after death; ability to grab ceiling but not walls of the same texture; the blurred floor rectangle appearing a high-resolution note still hard to read because of the font; the Persian map triggering when Lara is in midair; non-standable metal floor which feels buggy to draw attention away from the pullable skeleton; boring ceilings not fitting their rooms because of lacking transition to walls; Lara urging us to visit the overtop chamber but instead sliding down to switch the level; unnecessarily heavy fog which drops fps and resembles interactive geometry for additional confusion; eventually nice new animations like the turn-and-grab-ledge or tie-a-shoelace which usually trigger when you don't want it. But these things wouldn't have as little impact as the rhymed poem not keeping equal number of syllables in each line, if general misapproach didn't reoccur to repeatedly kill immersion. Even moments which would be good suffer from clash of right and wrong design, like the line "how did you know about that trap" which loses all the power preceded with Lara's death, the control blockade resulting in showing a closing door instead of skeletal ambush, the sidekick fall camera which has multiple chances of alternate triggering. All these setups could work if the game had more than ONE betatester. SUMMARY: I spent two days on repetitive platforming among symmetrical geometry, identical color palette, similar texturing and tiring music. Then I spent two days on writing this, a job equally hard no matter of rating system we could have. Halfway through both I couldn't wait for the end. Yet the game keeps claiming it's good so I'm afraid many players will be tricked into thinking it really is. Even I once thought I just have a bad day and should store this for later, but then I recalled levels which are great regardless from timing and can even fix terrible mood. This one simply did the opposite even though the movie topic faced right after LATM should improve my reception. Having said it all I still notice and appreciate the intense work put in this release, so I hope such devotion will translate to much greater effect in the next episode, provided the author reconsiders a lot. It definitely should happen since we got a great builder for sure." - DJ Full (25-May-2016)
"One of the best adventures I've ever played. This is one of that adventures you can't stop playing when started. The best, the fabulous architecture, very realistic with magnificent scenes, and also the cool texturization. There are some puzzles not difficult to solve, but most of the game is based only about exploration, exploration and more exploration with a lot of gymnastics. In that sense I think there were excessive cracks, shimmy, jumps up and drops. I also missed some more enemies and pickups, and perhaps some secrets. Cameras and musics are near perfection; I also liked a lot the on-screen dialogues and the high resolution films. All in all, an extraordinary adventure you can't miss. Many thanks to the author for all that hours of big fun." - Jose (23-May-2016)