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Temple of the Moon by mathew9r

alan 9 9 9 9
Bene 8 9 8 9
BHM Productions 7 8 9 9
Cosmos 6 6 7 7
DJ Full 9 9 9 8
Drakan 9 10 9 9
Gerty 8 7 8 8
Jay 8 8 9 9
JesseG 8 9 8 7
Jorge22 8 9 10 10
Jose 8 9 9 10
lokky99101 8 8 9 9
manarch2 5 7 8 8
Mitsugoro 8 8 8 8
Orbit Dream 8 7 8 8
Phil 8 9 9 9
Ryan 8 8 9 9
Wolf7 8 8 10 9
release date: 01-Jun-2016
# of downloads: 156

average rating: 8.33
review count: 18
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file size: 60.00 MB
file type: TR4
class: Nordic/Celtic

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"First level of this adventure can be a little tedious since you have to constantly use flares to make your way through dark corridors. Fortunately, the author left alot of stuff to help you and the game design is very well balanced. Puzzles not too simple or complex, enemies in right number and endurance, etc... Be careful however, first time I beat the final boss, a bug occured and it stood "still", preventing me to finish the level since the following scripts were blocked. Luckily, I just had to reload my last save and everything went right." - Mitsugoro (26-May-2020)
"One of the most enjoyable short experiences I had played in a while, it lasts a hour an a half subdivided into three levels. The gameplay in the first level is more exploring based, but it becomes very, very better with clever enigmas and nice challenges. Secrets are a lot and are quite enjoyable. The atmosphere is probably what works the best in the game, especially thanks to the great lighting and texturing. A game I would recommend to everyone since it is not that hard and it doesn't require a lot of time. Wolfy Regards." - Wolf7 (07-Mar-2019)
"The game core is made of - heck! - Tinnos materials and the lights are too far from each other to prevent default ambient flatness in all three levels. The rooms are basic shapes and simplistic corridors but despite of so primeval structure, this little adventure does everything right - the infiltrated mine never drops the thrill of anticipation, the temple makes things serious and the lunar climax is followed by a restoration scene leaving enough time for us to understand our mission has indeed changed something. What I don't get is 40+ medikits in a fairly easy game, also double the count of needed bullets, but in this case too many is better. A pity the ticking wasn't removed from underwater (luckily swimming is not an extensive part) and I got permastuck when the third mutant gate didn't raise at the start of the second level - so the game is worth an update at least to fix these two. I'm not sure about the zodiac secret: did I really have to blindly choose the animal constellations using external knowledge, or have I missed a hint earlier? SUMMARY: A little lunar gem, definitely worth to try." - DJ Full (19-Jan-2017)
"A pretty entertaining levelset, and a nice story too. This game felt like a TR3 type, with the textures, the sounds and enemies. It's not so hard, you always know what to do. There's a variety of caves in the first level that you can explore and maybe find a secret "accidentaly" because they're very easy to find. 12 of them were registered at the end. I didn't experience any bug in any level and I'm glad for it ;D I just got stuck for a little while in the buttons puzzle, where the red ones killed you. I couldn't understand the hints on the ceiling, but you can notice which buttons are the "safe" ones easily. The elevator near the end of level 2 was just wonderful, loved that part! The only rare thing is that you encounter egyptian bosses in an atmosphere that is not so suitable for them, some kind of spider mutant or a monster would have been great. I took 1 hour and 43 minutes I guess, I don't remember quite well. Great work, recommended." - alan (06-Nov-2016)
"This set of three levels is highly playable for all players, but it's so easy and fast-moving that it's simply too undemanding and a not very memorable experience at least not in terms of gameplay. Except of a block pushing excercise and a button puzzle (the right ones can be spotted easily because of a small white or red crack visible behind them), there are not so much puzzles and even platforming is restricted to some fairly easy lava jumps, so exploring for a lot of levers and also some keys is the main thing to do in this level. There are some nice ideas of flooding, flipmaps etc. but nothing really where the player has to think about what to do, sadly. I also found a dead end in the second level where a door should open after killing some mutants but often it simply doesn't, the only method that worked was reloading a save from the previous level and not saving until said door is open. That said, the atmosphere of all levels is rather well done, visually there are only a few things to improve (texturing is a tiny bit monotonous at times and lighting could have a bit more contrast here and there) and sound/camera work is quite solid as well. A few avoidable mistakes were invisible walls in front of some doors, three non-registering secrets in the first level, a quite buggy transition from a slope to a water room in the third level and the thing that after the final stats a playable title level with Lara being trapped in a single room loads is also not so nice, but overall this is a carefully built, nice looking and fast paced adventure that players who don't demand more in terms of gameplay (so unlike me) might enjoy quite a bit. Finished with 12 registering (and except of the walkthrough grate one fairly easy) secrets in a bit below an hour of playtime." - manarch2 (23-Jul-2016)
"This 3 level adventure had me going for several days and I really liked the first level about the mines the best. Lots of exploring to do but there is some back tracking as well. But luckily there is nothing too strenuous. The plethora of pick-ups you really don't need until the end, but I was grateful for the flares. Although I used the shotgun on the Seth figure and he came to a stand still I couldn't find the finishing trigger. When I gave him one grenade shot he exploded and then I could leave the level (probably a glitch at my end). This one I will keep on my HD and will play again at a much later date." - Gerty (23-Jul-2016)
"What a fun set of levels. We have three here: Abandoned Mines, Temple of the Moon and Lunar Plains. All three have a relatively nice flow to them and you will likely not be stuck for long. What I liked was that if you are an observant player and/or a secret hunter, you will find a lot of ammunition, weaponry and health packs to survive the enemies in your path. The levels take some of their inspiration from the RX-Tech Mines and The City of Tinnos (none of those damned wasps here, thankfully). In conclusion, I can recommend it if you want a stress-free, generally relaxing and fun raid. It took me 1 hour and 40 minutes and I found all secrets (haha)." - Ryan (20-Jul-2016)
"This is a nice set of levels (3), I did not think to do it because I found the beginning a bit of a maze. and I was hooked, and I made the 3 levels in the process, which to me is a sign of a good quality. A little too labyrinthine (already said), but it's easy enough to do without the solution as fairly linear. Many levers to find and many enemies (especially the great and awful). I had a bug with it in the room that closes. it is important not to kill with explosive arrows because the door does not open. I was stuck before starting again this part and I killed them with guns and miracle the door is opened. Excellent and recommended!" - Drakan (13-Jul-2016)
"I'm pleased to see an easily played release get high scores for a change. I suspect a primary reason for this is that everything looks so good, which always makes for a more pleasurable gaming experience. I wrote a walkthrough while I was playing, and I found this to be a game that basically plays itself, and it would be a perfect exercise for a beginning raider. The very few rough spots were telegraphed in the stuck thread, so I was able to zip along with nary a stumble. There are three parts, the first two of which are of standard length and could have been released singly. The third installment is quite short but laden with enemies. I managed to find 11 secrets along the way, some of which did not register in the stats, but I suspect there may have been more (for example, I found no use for a Gargoyle Egg I found in the first level). In sum, this is a low stress raid that provides much fun. Recommended." - Phil (09-Jul-2016)
"This level had been on my computer for a few weeks before it got posted on this site but I had downloaded it from tr fourms. This level set was brilliant if you liked the tomb raider 3 Antarctic levels you will enjoy this level set it contains 3 levels and I believe there are 10 secrets in total luckily I managed to find them as some of them if not that all of them were quite easy to find. I encounterd only one bug in the second level in the room with the cages and the tinnos monsters which it prevented me from continuing but I found this bug only happens if you kill the monsters with explosive ammo from either the crossbow or grenade launcher but apart from that no other bugs I also enjoyed the final boss fight which was quite tricky if you did not no what to do. Overall a fun and easy levelset recommended." - lokky99101 (08-Jul-2016)
"What a polished set of levels in this package. With downloading this, you get three levels: Abandoned Mines, Temple of the Moon, and Lunar Plain. Each level offers its own challenges and styles. The overall package is quite polished and well-made, with solid and engaging gameplay, clever puzzles, a very eerie and engrossing atmosphere, excellent music, and great architecture and design. My only gripes point towards some of the gameplay aspects. There were several moments where the puzzles (especially the big fire room in the second level) became tedious and annoying to traverse. Also, there were way too many mazes. Some of them were well designed, but after a while it felt as if I was just constantly leaving one maze just to enter another. I also encountered a few slightly troublesome bugs here and there. There was a moment in the final level where I somehow managed to get stuck on a floating platform and couldn't make my way back, no matter what I did. Lighting was nothing amazing, but still realistic and well done. Textures were also nothing amazing, but once again realistic and well applied; could've used a bit more variety though. The design and architecture of the levels was very polished and I loved some of the views we got. Overall, I really enjoyed this set of levels, despite the minor faults. This author has some real talent." - BHM Productions (29-Jun-2016)
"Nordic/Viking? Hmm, definitely not. Just a nice TR3-based underground level and it's snowing outside. This is one to relax as there isn't really much of a way that you can get lost scratching your head and the more than generous amount of guns, ammo and medipacks is the perfect guarantee no enemy (namely the TR3 mutants and the Egyptian enemies at the end) can kill you - you are, therefore, virtually invincible. And that brings a certain satisfaction in itself as you just allow yourself to go with the flow right until the very end. The architecture is all nicely designed and I've always enjoyed the TR3 sound and music. Simultaneously, you won't feel like you could leave your PC to play the level on its own, so it's all good clean fun. I liked it." - Jorge22 (25-Jun-2016)
"After playing so many TRNG-centric levels (not to mention building my own), it was a nice change of pace to play something a bit more down to earth...or should I say moon? Fans of City of Tinnos will find comfort here, as this levelset, especially the second level, takes a bit of inspiration from there. My favorite part was the objects. Decorative objects are used effectively and the combat takes a nice crescendo from beginning to end, although there were a few moments where it felt like "shooting fish in a barrel". I really liked how many goodies were scattered around the level to reward exploration, some harder to find than others. I found 10 of the secrets. The weakest part, relatively speaking, were the textures which suffered a bit of warping especially on the cave walls, and some wallpapering here and there but still a pretty decent job...though I could have done without the unmarked death tiles. The lighting was also good, and gets a nice bit of color towards the end, but it was a tad too dark overall. The atmosphere has some nice moments - the starry night room and moon temple room were great take-away moments. Cameras: good, but then came the never-ending earthquake shaking at the very end of the game (right when you have a boss fight to boot!) which gave me a headache. Gameplay has a slow start in the first level, but picks up with a good amount of traps and combat sequences in the later levels. Overall this was an enjoyable raid that makes good strides in each category. 1 hour 30 minutes." - JesseG (21-Jun-2016)
"It's interesting to note that,until around the final 60 seconds,I never once needed to use a health pack throughout this three-level,two-hour,adventure.This was due to a combination of relative ease of gameplay,formidable available arsenal,and an almost comical usage of enemies (the mutants can be killed very easily,without them ever needing to get close to you). Gameplay,as has already been intimated,is generally pretty straightforward;although I found that the generally labyrinthine structure of the first two levels became somewhat irritating after a while,as much seemed to revolve around pulling a switch at one end of a small maze in order to cause something to happen at the other.Nonetheless,it's all fast moving and(despite the labyrinthine progression and sizeable environments)surprisingly easy to follow. The changes of environment (dark,shadowy,mining tunnels;antarctic-style temple;astral landscape) works well in progressing the story-line;and the adventure is punctuated by several memorable moments (the exploding of the mine;the aforementioned amusing use of mutants;the wonderful 'elevator to the stars').Although the choice and application of textures was faultless throughout,I was a little disappointed that the astral theme at the start of Level Three was jettisoned so quickly in favour of yet more antarctic Temple exploring;but the visuals are everywhere slick and well presented;the lighting (while never especially vibrant)creates a decent atmosphere (especially in the Mine environment),and sounds and cameras are placed helpfully.Overall,a thoroughly well- rounded and well-conveyed adventure;and by far this authors best." - Orbit Dream (17-Jun-2016)
"Overall a good level. Slightly on the easy side, with rather straight forward gameplay and an overabundance of pickups. The enemies are really easy to kill, and most of the time they can be killed from places they cannot reach you. Good use of TR3 textures, and nice lighting. The transition between the mines to the temple of the moon just seems a little inconsistent though. Overall Score: 6.5/10 - (Not bad)" - Cosmos (15-Jun-2016)
"What a smashing adventure. It's a three parter and involves Lara exploring mines and temples. The gameplay is enjoyable and reasonably varied, although there are no timed elements. The atmosphere is good and everything looks very appealing. There are extensive pickups throughout the game and certainly more fire power than you could wish for, given that (until the boss ending) most of the enemies can be readily bumped off with the pistols, even the giant mutants. It all jogs along nicely, with plenty of exploring, some nice traps and hazards and a difficulty level pitched at all but the newest of players. I can certainly recommend this one if you like your games fast, fun and frustration-free." - Jay (13-Jun-2016)
"The best adventure from this author. Really nice to play, no much backtracking, no hard tasks, you always have something to do or where to go; suitable for all kind of players. Perhaps there are too many pickups, and the secrets are not well hidden, but I found a very good design with well placed musics and cameras, excellent texturization and lighting, entertaining tasks... I only missed some more puzzles to make me think. Recommended for all players. Good work!" - Jose (12-Jun-2016)
"I am glad mathew extended this from one level to three making it a fun level set.Lots of secrets - I think I got them all but some did not register. Lots of pickups which I like...not every Raid has to be that difficult. The ending rooms were particularly interesting and the ending boss fight was a nice bit of action...took me a while to find it although that was my fault, not the builders'. I got caught in a glitch in the second level - stuck in a room without an exit (or couldn't find one) and needed a save.All in all, a fun Raid suitable for all. Not hard, just fun :)" - Bene (11-Jun-2016)