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From Darkness to Light by Ruu11

alan 5 5 8 9
Bene 5 5 7 7
BHM Productions 3 4 6 5
DJ Full 3 4 4 5
Drakan 3 3 5 5
Gerty 3 4 6 5
Jay 4 5 7 7
Jose 3 4 5 5
LolauMylenium 6 7 5 4
manarch2 2 2 3 4
MichaelP 2 4 6 4
Orbit Dream 2 2 3 6
Phil 5 6 7 7
Ryan 3 3 5 5
sonnyd83 5 6 5 6
Tolle87 4 4 3 7
release date: 08-Jun-2016
# of downloads: 108

average rating: 4.72
review count: 16
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file size: 23.70 MB
file type: TR4
class: Egypt

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Just a small level done with the wad tut1, a lot of dark parts but there are enough flares. Do not forget to take the grenades spear at first to explode the mummies and take them the cartouche pieces 1 and 2. The last 3 ninjas appear suddenly." - Drakan (26-Nov-2018)
"This is a fairly average Egyptian style level and is quite short at about 15 minutes. Some parts are very dark so flares are required, but the texturing is nicely done in most parts. You have to use a grenade launcher on zombies, which is quite unique (it's usually used on skeletons), find a cartouche, and finish of some ninjas. There's a boulder in a dark corridor too just to scare you. Not a bad level." - sonnyd83 (14-Aug-2017)
"Just a little level. I liked playing it, a "training level". Well, i think it's just to dark but it was funny. Munitions are disseminated at the right place. It's difficult to note the atmosphere, because no special camera are used, not difficult and not a "real" level. We just see that a training for the author. But I notice that there is no problem during the level... To be followed ! Juste un petit niveau plaisant à faire, presque un petit entrainement. petit point noir, juste un peu trop sombre mais rigolo. Munitions disséminées comme il fallait, aux bons endroits. Difficile de noter l'atmosphère de ce niveau, pas de jeu de caméra, on sent que ce niveau est un essai pour son auteur, mais pas de problèmes durant le niveau donc à voir pour la suite !" - LolauMylenium (15-Apr-2017)
"Brevity is the soul of wit - you're trapped, you see the lamp of hope and you get out unless you waste grenades before the mummies but who would. Hard to make it more on-point - OK a detour into the boundary hills is possible and the best for me, but that's extra access. SUMMARY: Basic and meaningful." - DJ Full (18-Jan-2017)
"It would have been better if you had made it a little longer, I only took 9 minutes to complete it! The textures and lightning are well used by the way. The mummies shouldn't be killed to retrieve a key/puzzle item from them because what if Lara (for some reason) spends all the grenades? She would be trapped because they can't be killed with other gun. You could have put 1 or 2 secrets to make it more interesting." - alan (21-Oct-2016)
"Not a bad debut at all, but there is not much going on here. You pick up a lot of weapons you don't really need, pick up a cartouche, fight a few classic TR4 enemies, do some swimming and that is it. Texturing seemed all right, although one room seemed unnecessarily dark. I do see potential here and would encourage the author to keep working with the LE to produce something longer in the future." - Ryan (20-Jul-2016)
"A textbook debut effort, which shows that the builder has been reading and working through the manual and crafted a variety of basic elements into a small 10 minute level. The overall Egypt atmosphere is actually quite accomplished, the enemy placement kind of works ok and if it would not all be happening in mostly rather very dark rooms, I would have enjoyed it even more. Good start for this builder, so keep at it!" - MichaelP (30-Jun-2016)
"Not a bad first effort, although I feel that the builder knows his way around the level editor well enough that it would have behooved him to spend more time and effort to deliver a more polished product. I had this feeling at the end that I'd missed something that would have opened a door in that well-lit room at the end of the waterway, perhaps leading to a secret. Other than that, this is a short, linear raid that took me only 15 minutes to complete despite the fact that I was writing a walkthrough as I played. A good beginning, and I encourage the builder to keep at it." - Phil (25-Jun-2016)
"An okay first level where the builder took care of a mostly clean application of textures and even a bit of decent work in terms of lights. It's certainly no exciting stuff as the gameplay is fairly banal to nonexisting, progressing through corridors, climbing ladders and only occasionally doing one or two easy jumps. A few enemies are placed well yet the room design is barren and monotonous. The function of the room with the bright wall still eludes me. 5 minutes, no secrets." - manarch2 (24-Jun-2016)
"Very short level easy to play with an underground area too dark for me, even with enough flares. No switches to pull, some enemies to shoot, nothing to do in the final outside area... I think this author could work a bit the cameras, the lights, the architecture and the puzzles if he continue building in the future. The best: the texturization. Not a bad debut, but too short." - Jose (14-Jun-2016)
"An easy short debut level.Simple gameplay, few enemies and after few minutes it's over.Some areas are needlessly dark, but you can usually just run through them.Surprisingly for a debut, there are no misplaced textures, thin walls or other typical beginner mistakes.The builder has mastered basic technical things in the editor and this level actually looks nice.Now it's time for him to improve the gameplay with some more elaborate ideas, also including some more items and objects.Looking forward for his next project..." - Tolle87 (14-Jun-2016)
"You can't fault the description - Lara starts off in the gloomy underground and after not much more than ten minutes of simple exploration, she emerges into the desert sunlight. The gameplay is definitely rudimentary, just a couple of mummies to blow up for the cartouche pieces they carry and some ninjas to shoot, but the builder seems to have mastered the basics of the level editor quite well. Not at all bad for a debut level." - Jay (13-Jun-2016)
"There are very few technical faults with this debut level (although the boulder trap can easily be avoided simply by sprinting);but,really,nothing much happens.You blow up a couple of mummies;run,swim and climb;and it's all over. Even if you assiduously explore all the areas (and two are entirely miss-able,as you're given a choice of three possible paths - one of which leads directly to the Finish Trigger) you'll not be able to eke this out for much more than ten minutes.It looks fine and is perfectly solid for what it tries to do,though." - Orbit Dream (13-Jun-2016)
"I always look forwards when there is a new builder on the block (so to speak). This is a small adventure that starts in a very gloomy place, as you are underground. Finding the Grenade gun can tell you that you might need it and indeed you do. You have to kill the mummies, as you can easily avoid them, but they have something you need. It was over too soon, but there is potential here. I didn't see the many beginner mistakes one sometimes see at a first so that gives me hope" - Gerty (13-Jun-2016)
"A good first attempt from this builder, definitely showing a potential for talent. Gameplay was pretty boring and basic; just a lot of flair lighting and squeezing your way through a bunch of straight corridors. No real traps, no secrets, only a few enemies. Nothing exciting in the gameplay department. Where this level really shined was the overall atmosphere and design. There was clear effort towards the look and feel of being stuck in a tight, dark "tomb" of sorts. However, the water wasn't animated, and the lighting while in the water rooms definitely could've used a more blue hue to it. Also, the outside at the end was pretty poorly designed. I think it would've benefited greatly from the use of the "random floor" function to give it that more bumpy, curved look. Overall, a job well-done considering this is the builder's first level. There were surprisingly quite a few rookie mistakes that you DIDN'T do, which is pretty awesome. Hope to see another project from you soon! :)" - BHM Productions (12-Jun-2016)
"A quick and easy level from a new author's seemingly first exploration into the trle. Lots of necessary flares and the use of the Grenade gun. Zombies and a few more enemies for a bit of action - with the Zombies being a necessary kill. The only real fault is that it quickly ends. There's potential here for great designing and I am looking forward to this author's development in the next level." - Bene (11-Jun-2016)