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#E.V.I.L by sonnyd83

alan 8 8 9 8
BHM Productions 5 6 8 6
DJ Full 10 10 10 9
eTux 6 5 6 5
Jay 8 9 8 8
JesseG 7 8 9 7
Jorge22 7 9 7 7
Jose 8 9 9 9
Kyle Radames 6 7 8 7
manarch2 6 9 8 7
MpGrill 9 10 10 8
Phil 9 8 8 8
Ryan 7 8 8 8
Sackboy123 8 9 10 10
release date: 18-Sep-2016
# of downloads: 203

average rating: 7.93
review count: 14
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file size: 103.00 MB
file type: TR4
class: Mystery/Horror

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"This is a project that I know at a considerable amount of time, but never gave so much attention to it. Now I finally played it, and had a very different experience. #E.V.I.L is a different Mystery/Horror TRLE, with unique elements, and with a greater focus in scare and disturb without jumpscares or things like that, but with a more graphical and gory thing… Gameplay and Puzzles: This game has a different gameplay, a more slow progression united with very creative/different puzzles and concepts. The only real criticism that I have is the fact that the geometry in the mental hospital isn’t so creative, with empty square rooms and very long corridors. And this can be seen in the streets of the Level 2, that it’s resumed in very long streets with a repetitive objects set, which makes the progression a little boring. The gameplay in general doesn’t have so many things to say, don’t have great attributes or great flaws, it’s just ok. The puzzles are good too, nothing so elaborated, but minimally satisfactory. I would like to mention especially the rat puzzle in the beginning, because I personally never seen a TRLE using the Mechanical Scarab system, and in a Different way. Now the storyline, that in itself is simple, but is a good starting point. The game explores evil and is focused on shocking the player with the protagonist's madness and wickedness. But we don’t have a more deep observation in this, something that explains more why he is this way, something that gives us more clues of why he became completely insane. Lacks substance, lacks something that interlace and connect all the thematics of the project. What can make some people view the game as a little edgy and adolescent, because of the shallow approach and lack of substance. Enemies, Objects and Secrets: The objects of the game are good in general, they're not created by the author and are well chosen, except for some, that are a little questionable. The principal was the It in the library, that I can’t help but laugh so hard. And have more. Some have a very poor quality, and ones that are just TR4 items retextured in an equally poor way. Other things that upsetted me a little, are the collisions of some that are not well calculated. And this made me get stuck in the start of the mental hospital, because of a damn closet that I needed to open to catch the container to solve the cantine puzzle. I tried to open that, and simply didn't open, so I assumed that was just a prop. But no. One key item was inside of that closet, and I wandered by the hospital for SO MUCH time, until I lost my patience and needed to look for a walkthrough, and I discovered that I needed to stand in a specific position to open the closet, that was EXTREMELY frustrating. Lightning and Textures: The game doesn't have anything special with the lightning, it’s very simple. The textures are good, they in general have an acceptable quality, and aren’t stretched. But there we have very poor ones, principally in the inventory items. Various items are poorly retextured, and generally with just one single texture put in all the faces of the models. And some textures in the level are very questionable, the main example of that is the cooked babies. First, I took so much time to realize that balls were baby heads, I first thinked that was a especie of ball containers with meat inside. And I took even more time to realize that messes of pixels below of the heads were baby corpses. The blood in the walls and floors looks like that was drawn in MS Paint. The meat and organs in the floor of the garage weren't of the more realistic ones. I mean, this was meant to be a graphic and body horror game, so I expected much more care in the graphic and imagery sector. Atmosphere, Sounds & Cameras: The greatest part of this game with any doubt, the levels can evoke a really dark and eerie atmosphere, principally in the mental hospital, that has a really clumsy feeling and ambiance. Another great thing is the sounds, besides some of them have a little questionable quality, the great part is very good, very well utilized, and really scared me sometimes. The only complaint that I have is that the explosion sounds during the terrorist attack in the end, are exaggeratedly loud at the level that creates noise and discomfort. The game doesn't utilize so many cameras, except for the chemistry puzzle, so I don’t have much to say. In the end. #E.V.I.L is a good game, with a different thematic and new ideias to the TRLE community, but because of some flaws, it can’t deliver the full potential of your ideas and concepts. Could be much more that really was. Final Rating: 7.0 (good)." - Kyle Radames (28-Dec-2020)
"A level perfect to play in halloween. It's creepy with horrifying screams and sounds. Most of them scared me. Gameplay is about finding some puzzle items, use them and advance in the level. Also rolling down officers with a car and exploding people. I like that flares now last longer. A game full of mysteries and horror, recommended but not for everyone as you'll see some disgusting things and hear strange sounds. Found 3 secrets." - alan (18-Apr-2017)
"And so, Sonny has survived Don Barzini's attack but the tommyguns have damaged his brain so he's taking revenge. I'd consider it second place, only to Dark City, running up ex aequo with I know what you did..., if it was a horror level... but it's not - it's a supreme attempt on a psycho inmate's complete case study and analyzing it might help my own. Uhm... the main 'hero' is so stunningly good in being bad, and executes his plan in so cunning and twisted way, that since a quarter hour in, I considered giving a full gameplay mark - and I was yet about to witness the most awe-bringing series of doom ideas, each one more unexpectable and cruel than the preceding one - a whole chain I saw, I guess here's my chainsaw. In the end I massacred a whole city so thank God or whoever else in charge that I'm in shoes of a psycho killer and not some politician holding any real power, now that could be serious... All activities get a correspondingly brutal sound highlight or a voice line and that anime song to run people over to is still in my head, so I gave full mark for aural experience despite of Sonny again hiring a voice machine instead of me. I think only texturing, or maybe geometry, could be more complex to strengthen the town scenery impression, but my expectations in all other fields are surpassed, and to make it better my mental condition didn't worsen at all from playing, hehehe... hohoho... ahahahah... h-huAhuAhUAhua - ...muuuUUUUUUiwwohhuuiiiIIaeiouy!!!###..." - DJ Full (19-Jan-2017)
"A very unique and original custom level filled with many obscure, creepy and disturbing elements. It's noticeable that the author put a lot effort into creating new objects and designing the two levels. Many things I haven't seen in any other custom level. I would say that the game is a little bit underrated, but that's just my opinion. It's hard to review it while comparing it to other custom levels I played. I can't compare the game to the new NGLE levels. Atmosphere, objects, enemies and textures were really superb. Some objects did seem like they have wrong applied lighting ( too bright ) and some puzzles/gameplay elements felt a little bit repetitive, but because of the overall feeling while playing it didn't bother too much. Voice recording was kind of weird, but maybe it was meant to be that way. The only thing that I didn't like was the room architecture. I think that some of the rooms were rushed and were very simple in design. Overall, I did really enjoyed playing this game and I would recommend it to everyone who likes this type of levels ( horror, mystery ). Can't wait to see the next creation from this author." - MpGrill (27-Nov-2016)
"I suppose it's fairly coincidental that I chose to play this level during Halloween season as it is definitely spooky (not to mention grotesque) and definitely not your average custom level. You assume the role of a deranged serial killer seeking revenge for one reason or another. I liked the cross puzzle than involved running around a red structure triggering different raising blocks as well as gaining a little bit of sadistic pleasure running over so many helpless soldiers. I was concerned about eliminating the American President and the American flag and rather question the design choice. Not for everyone, but it is certainly unique." - Ryan (24-Oct-2016)
"This is probably one of the creepiest custom levels I've ever played, not only was the atmosphere creepy but the entire gameplay was disturbing. I highly recommend not playing if you don't like seeing disturbing gameplay. The puzzles were quite clever and I loved figuring out what each item was for. The level isn't that hard as you do get quite a few hints from either the character you play as or a camera hint. The lighting, atmosphere and textures were outstanding, the author must have worked really hard on this level as I've never seen one like this before, it reminded me of The Sanitarium from AOD a little bit." - Sackboy123 (15-Oct-2016)
"Depending on your disposition you may end reviewing either of 2 distinct versions of the oddly accronymized #E.V.I.L. On one hand there's purely the contents of the level in the settings, challenges it poses, gameplay style & flow, and atmosphere at their face value, and on the other hand there's the thematic version of it, which highlights its admittedly darker themes, as you assume the skin of a serial killer who relishes in gruesome violence and over-the-top fatalities. Let's say, in another custom level, your objective had been to find "Artifact X" , where you shoot everything that happens to be in your way to get it - the level where you're driven by your objective of finding"Artifact X" and the one in which you leave a trail of blood in your wake are seamlessly intertwined. If #E.V.I.L is successful at anything, it is in pointing at this compartmentalized mental split in our gaming experience (or at least mine). Alas, it comes at a cost of a jarring split between the 2 possible plays in this level, that makes you very conscious of the fact that you're killing for the sole reason that your character wants to kill people in the most brutal ways possible. For me as a player this left a subtle nagging feeling that might go away soon after the actual experience of the level, but as a reviewer I feel compelled to review the game not only on its merits (or lack of) as a game, but also about how the exploration of these themes is incorporated into the gameplay, although my criticism for both is thematically similar.
When viewed as an exploration of themes the level duo is disjointed, although I should preface this in saying that I don't think there's anything wrong per se to explore themes of violence, sexuality, and politics in a self-conscious and critical manner. In here the aim seems to be to explore the human heart at its darkest - ranging from well known horror tropes to what can be called as prodding-stick stand-ins whose main purpose is to elicit a shock reaction. The problem is that it doesn't feel like an exploration of evil, but a checklist of items in a level form without an overarching theme - so you get everything from serial killers (you play as one), a tragic, cannibalistic backstory, gruesome murders (which you commit because... you need puzzle items? ... the plot-device voices in your head told you so?), insane asylums, demonic presence, mass murder of a streetful of people and an assassination of a head of state for good measure, a soliloquy about the evils of money (?) in the secret ending, women being set on fire and drilled through the gut as puzzle set pieces, and your health is restored by consuming boiled baby flesh. Do they illicit a response? Yes. But do they don't amount to anything but a caricature of evil? No. The truly horrifying thing would've been to give evil its own coherent internal logic, to see the horrid things we do, and gain an understanding of why we're doing them, which is something the more successful fictional villains and anti-heroes achieve. Even levels and games proclaimed as weird or surreal in our little gaming subculture, if successful at what they set out to do, operate on a logic that is consistent by their own standards, and anything flashy for its own sake will be immediately identifiable as such, even if the players can't put a finger on why the game didn't convince them. As it is here, the playthrough is sorely lacking in any motivation from a player's point of view, even if it was self-apparent to the author.
Viewed as a game it poses its own, but similar problems. Undeniably, some moments - like your initial escape from the cell with the mouse are rather inventive, as is the representation of the chemical reaction taking place and the puzzles that take place during your playable character's black-out near the library, but ultimately they are a string of "moments" rather than intuitive, coherent, and fluid whole. At times, when the guards and receptionists rather passively await their demise, as they are being pushed on their designated death-tile, it feels rather uncanny, regardless of their death's creativity (although it must be said that being stabbed only to explode had a more comical effect after the first few times it happens). The settings suffer a similar fate, where they end up being boxy hallways that connect these "moments" rather than an organic, immersive setting where the supposed horrors you inflict could have taken place. Oddly enough, the demonic interludes that actually take you out from the main setting felt the most natural fit for this level. While in its game aspects the level fares slightly better in giving you some sort of an objective (you need to escape the asylum in level 1, and in level 2 you need to... kill Barrack Obama?), and the puzzles can be appreciated if for nothing else then the creativity the TRNG setup must have required.
Overall though, I don't think I can share the appreciation for its better aspects as an excuse for boxy settings and somewhat haphazard gameplay, and I must admit that I didn't actually find it difficult to rate due to its themes, and would've appreciated the idea if pulled off well, but as it is now - it may elicit a response - but for that response to be more reflexive and nuanced, the game probably should've conveyed the same level of nuance and reflexivity a bit more successfully." - eTux (02-Oct-2016)
"My, this is really hard to rate... Definitely not for children. Gameplay wise it's one more interesting/different game by Sonny, many original objects and sounds and entertaining, which is all great. Even if we take into account other levels that have been built with much more care to detail. Of course, we don't know if that's on purpose. I liked the sports car but don't really like the music that always comes with this kind of vehicles (even if it was also a different one this time). Other than that, it's the same old question: how provocative can artistic works be and still be valid in what they're supposed to mean? That's debatable and I would tend to think artists should go in any which direction they desire *but* there should be some point (or many) to any work and, frankly, I'm trying but failing to see the point(s) here. Except that the word "iconoclast" comes to mind. By the way, to me the president looked much more like George W. Bush than Obama. I don't know... But, to be perfectly honest, I have to wonder whether the author would create the same kind of story line if it involved Islam. I hope not because it seems to be dangerous. Having said that, although I'm really not into cannibalism and didn't think much of Silence of the Lambs, I was entertained." - Jorge22 (28-Sep-2016)
"Difficult to rate a level like this. What it's sure is that this builder have advanced a lot with the use of the level editor and tools, and actually, he's one of the most experienced builders. This levels are...different. Personally I better like another kind of levels, more classic: Jedimaster, Piega, etc. But you can find here a great effort building new and amazing objects, innovative ideas like the puzzle in the four crosses room with all those raising blocks, more effort with the new and cool textures, and also a lot of work in the special effects and the helping monologues guiding you as the cameras all the entire level. Excellent work. Even so the level has several "obscure" points, like the door you must approach walking (I'm not an english user, of course, and I couldn't understand many words); the outside course with the car where you must kill all the guards and all the new objects you don't know where to use. In the second level I think the builders should never include political issues in the levels like destroy the American Flag or the President. Fortunately I found enough flares (thanks Gerty) to light all the dark areas. Definitely, a level you must try and it will not leave anyone indifferent. Good work!" - Jose (28-Sep-2016)
"EVIL 8/9/8/8 Definitely different, this one, but not at all fluffy, rather like the rabbit on the load screen. If you like creepy levels you'll love this and I must say I had a lot of fun. It's always great to have custom objects that you don't immediately know what to do with - it really does make for an interesting game - and there are some ingenious touches. It all managed to feel quite logical in its own rather dark and twisted way so I didn't get stuck for more than a short while in a couple of places and, amazingly enough, I found all five secret knives, which gives access to a room in which to create even more slaughter. Perhaps not one for younger raiders, but definitely innovative and entertaining." - Jay (26-Sep-2016)
"If you wanted something to get you into the horror mood of Halloween, this is for you. The author sure is creative in the different ways you must kill people, including by knife, by electrocution, by rocket, by car, by fire, by drill, by freezing, by saw, by food poisoning...and others I'm probably forgetting. As you might guess, gameplay is mostly action, although there are a few simple puzzles thrown in. Although it was hard for me to assume the role of a brutal serial killer, some of the kills were pretty satisfying. The next generation engine is put to good use here but a few moments were a bit confusing. I would not have guessed that the guard yelling at you from the other side of a door would let you in if you walked slowly - maybe that would have been better if the guard was visible so the player got a stealth vibe, as in other parts of the level. There are a lot of custom objects here that help add to the mood, one of many being the boiled baby heads you can consume to regain health. I would say atmosphere is the main attraction here, between the creepy voices, shrill screams, and overall evil vibes. The high pitched Donna Summer songs felt a little out of place, although when I realized she recently passed away, I suppose that made things a bit creepier. The texturing is nice and varied, but there are some missing textures here and there, and I can't say I was a fan of the unmarked climbable textures. The lighting is too flatly colored in places, especially the demonic world which is heavy in red ambient lighting and can make it hard to see things. Overall while it could have been more polished in a few ways, it is definitely an unforgettable slasher level for raiders to enjoy. 1 hour 11 minutes." - JesseG (25-Sep-2016)
"This is by far the most interesting and unique level I've ever played from the TRLE community. The time, effort, and thought that must've went into creating this project is apparent and definitely praise- worthy. Lots of custom sounds, textures, objects, and characters that served to create an unsettling and investing atmosphere. And while the environment and designs succeeded in being eerie and atmospheric, many areas started to look rather bland and almost sloppy as the level went on. On that note, the custom objects were a nice touch but added to a lot to a sloppy nature of this level. I came across many collision issues and awkward physics. Also, many objects were similar and seemed to be strewn about wherever, so it made finding particular things (such as a cupboard shrowded in complete darkness) hard to locate. But still, I think these issues were a necessary evil (no pun intended) as the objects really added to the whole look and vibe of the level. The gameplay is where the level disappointed me the most. It started out REALLY strong with an impressively unique and clever puzzle, and then thrusting you into a freaky environment to figure out how to progress through on your own. As it went on however, the puzzles became nonexistent and everything turned into some truly tedious fetch-quests and block pushing. I also feel the author was trying too hard to make things freaky and strange. Almost to the point of making things just feel plain silly and lacking of any logic. Honestly though, what was up with that moment where you have to push the two awkwardly still women to the computer? That was seriously silly. And boiled baby heads? Just... not cool. I know I sound rather gripey, but I think it just comes from me seeing tons of potential in this level considering its excellent opening moments and gameplay, and then seeing it devolve into something sort of tedious and unpolished. Overall, #E.V.I.L. delivers a solid horror experience (which reminds me of Silent Hill in all the best ways) that is visually and atmospherically exciting, as well as straying from TRLE norms, but it unfortunately falls flat the more it goes on due to questionable designs and tedious gameplay." - BHM Productions (25-Sep-2016)
"As we are used to from this builder, this is a level full of inventive object design and a lot of technical knowledge put to great use, creating a quite... different kind of level. But on the whole, this did not click all too well with me. The "mysterious" part of the atmosphere is quite well implemented, good use of sounds and cameras here and nice effects, but all is set in pretty basic and square rooms without many ambitions for a more elaborate architecture. The lighting is rather effective and textures manage to create a feeling of being there rather well, yet the texturing does get a little bland at times and in the surreal parts it's not very clean either. I also wished that the players are required to think more to find the next step aside of knowing where to find an object and where to place it; puzzles are rather few compared to previous efforts and those existent have a somewhat (if not exactly) trial-and-error nature and are pretty easy to solve; this game generally has a fairly rough shooter nature in parts. You can like this or not, but I must also say the whole story (even if the content is most likely adult stuff) is quite neatly implemented in the game and there's a lot to enjoy about this, also if you're no fan of this genre. Found the five rather easy secrets in 50 minutes." - manarch2 (24-Sep-2016)
"This is a rather difficult level to evaluate. Its conception and execution are brilliant and unlike anything I've seen in any other custom level. However, it's a bit macabre for my tastes, and I question the propriety of assassinating the current President of the United States (even if I happen to dislike him intensely) and shooting up the American flag. The music and sound effects also got on my nerves, and I played much of the level with the sound turned completely off. On the other hand, there's much to like here. The gameplay, assisted by Dutchy's typically thorough walkthrough, is inventive and engaging, and I particularly liked that puzzle where you drag the crosses along rising and lowering blocks. When you get the car you have the opportunity (and obligation) to run over hordes of law enforcement officers with sadistic abandon. On the way back I saw that I'd missed one of them, even though I'd earlier gotten the "I think that's the last of them" message at the end of the route (must be the 99% "close enough for jazz" grace rule). The builder also seems to have something against women, as you encounter four of them literally being screwed in a hellish room, and other women trapped in cages you must set on fire as if they were witches tied to a stake. The game ends with the protagonist escaping the asylum, equipping himself with a chain saw and promptly wreaking havoc on the local citizenry. The screen went black here, and although I waited several minutes for something to happen, nothing ever did so I hit Alt-F4 to exit. I took my time, enjoying the offbeat surroundings and gameplay, and finished in a little over an hour and a quarter. Recommended for a unique change of pace." - Phil (24-Sep-2016)