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BtB2016 - A Perfume from Ispahan by Amethyste

DJ Full 8 9 9 8
Drakan 8 9 9 9
eRIC 8 8 7 8
Jay 7 8 8 8
JesseG 5 9 8 8
Jorge22 8 8 8 8
Jose 7 7 7 9
Josey 7 9 9 10
Magnus 4 4 4 5
manarch2 5 6 7 7
MichaelP 6 8 7 8
Mman 6 8 7 8
MrJavi94 7 8 8 8
Mytly 8 8 9 9
Phil 8 8 8 9
Revenge 7 8 7 7
Ryan 7 7 8 8
Talos 8 10 7 6
totizedger 5 5 7 7
Treeble 7 7 8 7
release date: 15-Apr-2017
# of downloads: 103

average rating: 7.49
review count: 20
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file size: 81.40 MB
file type: TR4
class: Persia

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Perhaps the level from Amethyste i enjoyed the most, the beginning has some beautiful rooms and the gameplay was immersive and intuitive. Then we reach the heart of the level with the big market place where progression is not quite straightforward, i enjoy in particular the pit with acrobatics and the moves to reach ledges. Maybe more background audio loops could have been used. Good use of objects in general. The last part of the level is a bit disappointing , even so i had a good time with this one." - eRIC (29-Dec-2023)
"Something I call a middle level - random enough to lose the feeling of its own plot so you may wanna precede it with a level which has a beginning, and follow it by a level which has an end (all levels from the same pack). A step back from Amethyste's Khmer level, visually sharing the same flaws and merits, but still solid and immersive enough to try." - DJ Full (04-Jul-2019)
"This a level very nice to play, suitable for everybody. Of course, there are not real puzzles, only the typical tasks pressing buttons, pulling levers or looking for keys, but the half lineal gameplay is entertaining enough to take a relaxing time. There are few and soft enemies to shoot (not extra weapons?), the secrets are not too hidden, good use of the cameras and musics, and the best for e were the care with the texturization and the decoration. Good work, Roseline." - Jose (31-Oct-2017)
"This is a wonderfully relaxing raid in a fresh, colorful and luscious setting. It mostly revolves around quickly finding your path forward, often jumping around pillars and ledges. I almost felt bad for disturbing the peaceful market place atmosphere because Lara had to shoot 5 vases to open a door. There is one room with a few clever jump moves that was fun to navigate and on of the timed fire pillar jumps was surprisingly tricky and took a few attempts. The final gazebo area is very pretty as well and a nice idea to flood it to open up the exit here. [40 min, 4 secrets]" - MichaelP (30-Jul-2017)
"And so i'm on my 4th level in this competition. This is the shortest level that i've played so far. Gameplay&Puzzles:5 this is because of the quite basic gameplay in this level, it is much about finding and using items and pulling levers and it was pretty linear as well. Enemies were easy to deal with. Placement of the enemies was decent except for the snakes just popping up right in front of me in the pool which was not very nice. Visually this level was a little uneven with some rooms looking quite nice and some not so much with a blocky architecture. Be sure not to miss atleast one of the secrets which is the item you are looking for in this level, it all ends with a water flipmap room and Lara swimming through a tunnel with some gold coins in the distance. Choice of music was perhaps not the best suited to the setting but it was nothing i was particularly bothered by. Cleared in 30 minutes and recommended for a quick raid but don't expect anything out of the ordinary. It's also not a difficult level so beginners can also play it." - totizedger (07-Jul-2017)
"Once again, Lara's off to modern-day Iran. This time, she's trying to find the Sword of Damascus (like she doesn't have enough sharp things in her treasure room). "Will she finally find the entrance to a treasure?" asks the author - apparently completely unaware of who this "Lara Croft" character is. Doing things a bit backwards, Lara actually starts inside a temple before making her way outside to a town square. For the most part, it's a very linear level, with only the town square offering some slight non-linearity, as Lara hunts down five vases to shoot. The gameplay is straightforward, with easy platforming and a complete lack of puzzles. It's very inoffensive and nothing you do in this level leaves a lasting impression. There's nothing really special about the look of the level, either - it's textured well enough, but there's nothing here that stands out from the rest of the BtB 2016 levels. It's mostly small and simple rooms without much to do in them. The level ends very suddenly after just twenty-five minutes, giving the impression that the author ran out of time. Lara never does find the Sword of Damascus - instead, the level ends with Lara swimming towards a dark path with some gold coins in it. In the end, I guess she did find the entrance to a treasure? It's not much, but I guess it's something." - Magnus (26-Jun-2017)
"There are some nice looking areas here, but there are also multiple quite cubic and simple ones. The lighting and texturing is also generally decent, although there was a texture flaw involving a water flipmap room later on. The sound is also a little odd here as the main ambience feels like a busy city (or maybe even a battle), yet only one small part seems to be town-like, and the rest seems to be abandoned temple areas. This level is even shorter than the previous shortest level in this BTB, and that's not helped by the main quest item being a missable secret along with an abrupt end. The general tasks are decent and it's paced well, but I don't feel there's any particular stand-out features for such a short length. Decent enough, but it's pretty obvious that whatever intended concept there was had to be cut down a lot for deadline reasons, and this is the weakest map of this BTB so far." - Mman (21-Jun-2017)
"Visually, this level is beautiful, and I liked very much the chosen music. (Btw, the background sounds didn’t bother me at all.) The strong point of the level is certainly the placement of the secrets, and the weak point is the gameplay: no puzzles, few items (I didn’t find flares or weapons, for example), easy and not very inspired tasks and traps, even when they involve jumps along fiery ledges, considering that Lara doesn’t burn when she is positioned at the far side of them. But at least no bugs, a short and straightforward game suitable for all raiders, and I simply loved the market place, the initial flyby and specially the ending, with Lara carried along a watery tunnel that made me remember bygone original TR games…" - Josey (17-Jun-2017)
"This level is not among my favourites. Texturing and lighting are decent and three or four rooms are quite pleasant visually but some rooms look very blocky and not so inspired, with some strange room connections as well; there are also a few passages (like a slope one rather early on) where texturing feels a bit crude. The background audio was also a bit annoying. Gameplaywise I thought this all was fairly basic with only a few very simple puzzles and some decent trap sequences in between, otherwise there's barely anything to do than exploration and finding the necessary levers and items in a very linear way. It's not bad actually but there's potential to do so much more as other levels have shown. It's also a bit questionable to make the item of your desire optional as it's a secret you find or not, otherwise the four secrets are decently hidden. Enemies are sparsely used here, the snakes in the pool strangely appeared out of thin air after jumping in it which was not so nice. Overall a quick and not so memorable level that still has a few moments and nicely designed area. 25 minutes." - manarch2 (29-May-2017)
"Nice level, easy and pleasant to play, there is no need to take the head to reach the finish. Recommended." - Drakan (19-May-2017)
"And Lara never actually found the sord of Damascus... Still she had fun while the level lasted (she especially liked the yard where she should jump and break things breakable) and asks me to say it was an enjoyable ride in perfectly decent settings." - Jorge22 (19-May-2017)
"This is a relatively short romp at 45 minutes, and it's not as taxing as some of the other BtB levels, perhaps signifying a less experienced builder, but it does provide a solid, colorful and entertaining raid with plenty of light to see all the lovely surroundings. There were a couple of quiescent cobras that I kept expecting to come to life, but they never did. Those grayish critters that are most often referred to as scorpions appear instead to be baby spiders, as in this level they appeared near large webs and dropped down to the ground from higher perches. The ubiquitous thieves are retextured assassins that are difficult to kill once they get into their defensive stance. What I do is to turn my back on them for a few seconds so they'll get back in attack mode. Not one of the top performers in this year's competition, perhaps, but definitely a fun level to play." - Phil (14-May-2017)
"Possibly the shortest entry of this contest, which took me barely 18 minutes to accomplish. Lara is in search of the Sword of Damascus, which is no other than the fourth and last secret of this adventure. Ending was pretty unexpected to the player since, if we don't count the secret in itself, Lara gets away with nothing on her valuable backpack. That being said, the four secrets (not 5 as stated in the script) are variedly hidden and could be easily found by paying enough attention to minor details. Recommended, but especially if what you want is a calm and short yet entertaining raid." - MrJavi94 (11-May-2017)
"A nice and short raid this level offers here. The tasks at hand are the usual ones , key-hunting, switches hunting, some traps and ennemies. Puzzles were definitely lacking here to my mind, even though this level was still enjoyable. The texturing was alright overall, although sometimes there were too many different textures at the same time in one place, making the place looking quite odd (the market with the women for instance), other places looked better. The architecture was a bit odd in some places as well, because some rooms were in the shape of a square, which made the environments look less natural. The lighting was very good overall, though ! The soundtrack wasn't exactly adequate with the undergroung areas (even if it's supposed to take place partly in a market, another soundtrack could have been used for the temple areas I guess :p). The end was a bit abrupt as well, I thought we would get an artifact sword at some point. Globally, this level is really nice, but I think it needs some spicing up in terms of gameplay, visuals and atmosphere :p Statistics : 55 mins, 3 secrets found." - Revenge (08-May-2017)
"Short and sweet, fast paced and linear, this would make a perfect level for the less experienced player. The gameplay is fun without being too demanding and the surroundings are pleasant. The only thing I found a little distracting was the background audio track, which sounded like a crowd of people talking - somewhat strange when Lara was all alone! Anyway, that aside, this is a nice little level that makes a pleasant change from some of the more complex offerings this year. Lara didn't come home with any perfume however." - Jay (04-May-2017)
"Well, that ended abruptly - a little to abruptly for my liking. I guess it's testament to the overall quality of these levels that I still liked it, but nonetheless I felt more could have been up to it. Lara's objective is to locate the sword of Damascus, which is in fact a secret and since the exit is open at the same time, it's possible to leave without it. There are a couple of good gameplay concepts like shooting vases to open a gate and avoiding some boulder and spike traps, but it's fairly straightforward otherwise. But, it again looks fairly attractive, so that's a good point. Not really among my favourites, but it's not bad at all." - Ryan (04-May-2017)
"In comparison to other entries, this is much simpler and humbler offering, but gives you a breathing room thanks to its very linear structure. There's barely any backtracking, even when you veer off the path for a collectible you'll usually find a shortcut back to where you were so you can pretty much zoom by the whole level. I found the choice of background audio very peculiar, although a big part of the level plays out in a 'crowded' city/market area so it's not entirely off. It's a pretty consistent entry otherwise, so this one being 'too simple' is just a sign that we, as players, are definitely spoiled. 45 minutes, 2 secrets. 04/17" - Treeble (29-Apr-2017)
"This is a rather linear level, in which the gameplay flows fairly smoothly – a little too smoothly, as you can almost zoom through it and there is almost nothing particularly challenging in it. There are a few good jumps and traps – such as the underground section in the market area and the flame traps and squishy blocks near the end. The end is rather abrupt – I had to ask on the forum if I had really reached the end or whether the level had crashed. It’s particularly confusing because you can reach the end without finding the Sword of Damascus, which is what Lara is apparently looking for in this level (it’s in fact a secret, so completely optional). I don’t know what the title is in reference to – it doesn’t seem to have any connection to the level.
The locations are lovely – I especially like the area where you find the skull. The market area is both pretty and a lot of fun, as you have to shoot as many pots as you can find (Lara has so much fun wreaking havoc!). The final area is probably the only part I found visually unimpressive.
Overall: A pretty and quite enjoyable level, but lacking in substantial gameplay. It would make a nice entry point for anyone wanting to try out the BtB 2016 levels. Recommended." - Mytly (25-Apr-2017)
"Lara searches through caves and marketplaces for the Sword of Damascus - something that I don't remember finding, when I come to think of it. It was a decent little stroll that ended so abruptly that I felt the need to check the forums in cased I missed something, and it seems I wasn't the only one to do so. Most of the adventure is spent shimmying and jumping around rather open areas, with some traps and combat to spice it up a bit. More action or puzzles would have helped in place of the feeling of simply running from one switch to the next. Enemies are used sparingly, if more were strategically placed it would have made the level more interesting. Decorative objects are used very well in every area, and this was easily my favorite part of the level. The level is constructed well enough to feel immersive, with a good blend of big rooms and smaller rooms. Music is effectively used at key points. Camera shots are used well and the flybys helped showcase the impressive decorations. The textures are used well overall, with a glaring counterexample in the bottom of the large cavern that gets flooded - it is extremely wallpapered. The lighting uses a decent amount of colors. Overall a short raid that presents much better than it plays. 35 minutes." - JesseG (22-Apr-2017)
"Small and simple level of this trip "persian style". Let praised small maps! Who said that a level to be good must have huge maps? Nobody. esthetically a little uncared (like Findin Aladdin), with lights to review (and a few bad texture applied), But simple and with a non-stressful gameplay. The solution for each puzzle is almost always under your nose, so it's hard to get lost. Also suitable for less experienced players." - Talos (19-Apr-2017)