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Hollywood Mini Adventures - Holiday Special by MBog

DJ Full 8 7 8 7
Gerty 5 6 5 6
Jay 7 7 8 8
John 6 6 7 7
Jorge22 4 5 5 7
Jose 5 6 5 7
Lara_Fox_Croft 9 6 6 8
LoreRaider 6 7 6 8
manarch2 4 5 4 6
MichaelP 4 6 5 7
Mulf 4 5 5 6
Orbit Dream 4 4 8 9
Phil 6 7 7 8
Ryan 5 5 7 8
Talos 5 8 7 10
Torry 3 4 5 8
release date: 31-Dec-2017
# of downloads: 170

average rating: 6.20
review count: 16
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file size: 63.30 MB
file type: TR4
class: Xmas

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Yeah, well, it IS the season, but this very short 10 minute adventure, in which Lara (with her annoying version of a walking/running animation) gets to free Santa who is stuck in a chimney, is not inspiring any festive feelings. All it takes is flipping a few switches, pushing a few boxes and lighting a torch and jump up to Santa. Looks nice enough and I found the color palette and lighting rather pleasing, but otherwise feels like a rather unnecessary release in the greater scheme of things." - MichaelP (09-Dec-2023)
"This a perfect if your looking for a home level that's short, funny and festive. the house is another original build with good homely textures and lighting and most of the gameplay revolves around finding switches and moving blocks, although i think you need to be clever to realize that a rather large painting is actually a push button haha. i really like the layout and the platforming needed to ascend both inside and then around the snowy outside, because the puzzle outside with the torch and the platforming was very clever and then at the end very funny haha i wont spoil it. i had a lovely time here it was very short and sweet though as i like to say" - John (18-Aug-2021)
"Sorry but I found this six minute level insipid. The idea was ill conceived and the execution tedious. I understand that as a Xmas level this was probably aimed at children. Textures were neat though. Lara's animations appeared as if she was walking through molasses." - Torry (03-Jul-2018)
"Short, linear, and undemanding novelty piece, in which your objective is to set Santa’s butt on fire while he’s stuck in a chimney. Might have rated higher if it weren’t for the tremendously irritating Bobbing Lara." - Mulf (06-Jan-2018)
"Gameplay and Puzzles: The level is not very innovative but lacks of major defects, the level is short and consists of pulling levers (the jump switch is well hidden), or crates/boxes. The final puzzle with Santa is well imagined, and fit perfectly for a funny xmas level. I think that the level is a bit short, but IMO a good level doesn't need to last 3 hours. Enemies, objects and secrets: THis is an xmas level, so there is no enemy, objects were quite "old school" with low resolution textures, but everything work correctly here. Maybe the animation for the book could have been fixed. I found no secrets, and when I tried to read the stats it was not possible, I don't know if I'm the only one. Atmosphere, sound and cameras: Well the atmosphere was not really amazing, but ok, same for the sounds, but for a small level like this I would have enjoy some more cameras. Lighting and Textures: Lithing was professional, I did not pay attention to sun bulbs this time, my bad, but I saw a very strange "sun beam" going through a wall... Textures were quite ok, with some non-triangle walls, and some cracks. To sum up, this level is quite enjoyable, and very short. It lacks of major mistakes but the builder need to be more patient, and should take a look to trle manual about textures. Maybe the builder doesn't have a beta team, but he should ask for one, because this short level could be a bit better than it is for now. Thanks for this level, and keep working on ^^. Regards :)" - Lara_Fox_Croft (05-Jan-2018)
"Feels like a short movie twisting the plot of a normal TRLE: this time it's not you getting stuck but you help someone else who did. What a heartwarming gift of witty brevity and solid scenery, just missin the cold shading to break the redscale. Could be a fusion of 20x20x20, ORC and 20-minute-tales, not exactly matching their rules but still obeying the main one: don't worry, be comfy. I needed that." - DJ Full (03-Jan-2018)
"This was actually a positive surprise considering this builder's previous mini adventures. It's still pretty much a brief tidbit, lasting around 15 minutes, give or take, but the gameplay is quite entertaining for the duration and includes a short pushable block puzzle, a bit of item hunting and a brief torch puzzle combined with a jumping sequence, leading to a rather startling ending which negates the festive spirit slightly, but each to their own. The surroundings are also generally well built for their relatively confined spaces. Nice and pleasant." - Ryan (03-Jan-2018)
"A bit cruel don’t you think to ignite dear Santa who is stuck in a chimney? I think so, although I had to laugh when I saw him upside down stuck like that. Pretty forwards although I did miss that jump lever for a while so I was wondering around for quite a bit. Although Lara looked cute I don’t like her animation at all. Time to learn how to make your own Lara or how to change animation perhaps? But a nice level to close off this year." - Gerty (03-Jan-2018)
"Nice to see how this builder gets better skills over time. The level is very short, but it's still nice to play, well ornated and textured, not interesting puzzles but with a Christmas spirit. I don't know why the author placed that odd background music, and also why to burn Santa, but every builder has his/her own style. Continue like this." - Jose (02-Jan-2018)
"Not an all too ambitious release, but one with a neat storyline that makes it a somewhat thrilling raid until you finally get to punish Santa in a, ehm, funny way. There's a slight variety of tasks here - some small pushable puzzles, some levers to find and the final platforming part - and the object design is decent too. Of course -1 to the second category because of the slow animation (I don't seem to be the only one who dislikes it so why builders are still using it?), there's also a problem with the statistics that are invisible. Camera design is okay, but the sound is not very nice: there's only one background audio that loops in a strange way, some missing sounds for the buttons and an annoying torch sound. The architecture is often basic and sometimes not very believable, but there are a few nice touches here and there. I rather liked the texturing which is very cleanly applied and the lighting was also rather solid, at least in that regard a clear improvement vs the builder's other levels. For its idea alone worth to play, but there's still much to work upon for the builder to get into higher rating ranges. 6 minutes." - manarch2 (02-Jan-2018)
"The builder's given title for this level isn't necessarily a typo. After all, Christmas is definitely a holyday, right? The level itself gives scant evidence of that, however, from the opening image of Lara in a seance-like pose to the lower room where witchcraft is apparently being practiced to the specter of literally burning Santa alive to end the level. Anyway, this brief (10 or 15 minutes) tidbit is visually attractive, well lighted, easy to play and reasonably seasonal in its content, so it's worth the download. Like Jay, I tend to grade Christmas levels a bit more generously than the others." - Phil (01-Jan-2018)
"Nice Christmas level, but short. Really too short. The thing that strikes a lot the player are the lights and the choice of textures, in addition to the outfit of Lara TR1 really nice! But unfortunately the gameplay is really short and with a few things to do, based only on buttons and some leverage. Next time I recommend to vary with some puzzles. The construction of the environments and the application of some textures are not exceptional, but in time it improves. It was ideal to release it for the Advent Kalendar. I hope for an entry of the builder in the next calendar 2018 :)" - Talos (01-Jan-2018)
"There's not too much to this,gameplay-wise;but it's really rather charming. MBog stays true to his style of economical(i.e.very concise)level construction,but manages to invest the 20 minute duration with enough puzzles,exploration and intrigue to keep the player entertained;and,indeed,to actually make them feel that they've played something rather more substantial.The pushable puzzles are simple,but nicely presented;while the final Torch challenge is adeptly handled - leading to a witty conclusion.Enemies and secrets are entirely absent;but the objects have been well chosen and placed;while all the other categories have been handled with a considerable degree of skill.Although cornering the market in ultra-short levels may not be an achievement that many builders would choose to aspire to,MBog has nonetheless risen to the top of this (rather short) list - for this is a fun little entertainment." - Orbit Dream (01-Jan-2018)
"A little new level from this builder, using the AK Level Team package. I have to say that the builder has improved his skills on lighting, this time it's used very well, in fact, there were no flares and I didn't need them. Gameplay it's quite short but enjoyable, maybe some more variety wouldn't be bad here, there were just pushing blocks and switches to activate. There were some texture errors, one really noticeable, since there's a wrong rotated texture near something to do, but the rest was great. I hope this builder will continue making levels, since it's grewing up better and better :)" - LoreRaider (31-Dec-2017)
"What a pleasant surprise from a builder I haven't hitherto been able to rate at all highly. True, this is still a mini adventure, although at around twenty minutes it's a great deal longer than some of his previous efforts. It's rather attractively made too, with some lovely textures and objects having been chosen and what little music there is has been nicely used. The whole concept of Santa stuck in Lara's chimney made me smile, although I'm not entirely sure just how helpful setting the chimney alight might have been. It's very straightforward gameplay, but I found it enjoyable and rather charming (and, yes, I am inclined to rate a little higher for a Christmas level and refuse to apologise for that) and can only hope this is the start of some much better levels from this builder. Well done." - Jay (31-Dec-2017)
"On the opposite side of demos that last as long as what may be considered an entire level, there are mini adventures so mini they only last five to ten minutes. It's fine for somebody who devotes a lot of his time to playing levels but still a bit too mini indeed. Well, this is mainly about pushing buttons but the design looks nice. The one thing that's not nice (and this has been said by many reviewers and players alike way too many times, so it's not a novelty) is Lara's animation - I sincerely doubt many people enjoy controlling a slow motion Lara. So, isn't there a fix? I really think there is, meaning it all goes down to a bad choice and one that no builder can fairly complain he didn't know about. In the end, Lara sets Santa on fire... Anyway, thanks for the end of the year gift." - Jorge22 (31-Dec-2017)