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Create a Classic 2019 - Puna's Revenge by LoreRaider

ameliacrofty 9 10 10 10
Astraf 10 10 10 10
Baratheon 10 10 10 10
Baslakor 9 9 10 10
Be Nolee 6 8 8 6
Cbl 10 10 10 9
Ceamonks890 9 9 9 9
Dick 9 10 10 9
DJ Full 9 10 10 9
dragooncroft 10 10 10 10
Drakan 9 9 10 10
Jason L 9 8 10 9
Jay 10 10 10 10
JesseG 10 10 10 9
Jorge22 10 10 10 10
Jose 10 10 10 10
Kubsy 10 10 10 10
manarch2 8 9 10 9
MarlenaCrystal 10 10 10 10
MichaelP 7 9 9 9
Mman 9 10 10 10
Petaludas 8 8 10 9
Phil 9 9 9 9
Raider99 10 10 10 10
Raina Audron 10 10 10 10
Raq 10 10 10 10
Ryan 10 10 10 10
Samu 8 9 9 10
Talos 10 9 10 10
The Snarky Lesbian 10 10 10 10
TombExplorer 10 10 10 10
Torry 6 10 9 7
TRaider1996 10 10 10 10
Troye 10 10 10 10
vandit 9 10 10 10
Zuxuna 10 10 10 10
release date: 05-Nov-2019
# of downloads: 385

average rating: 9.55
review count: 36
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file size: 86.30 MB
file type: TR4
class: South Pacific

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"I also played this level years ago, but I just played it again for this review. A very well done level set with a proper nostalgia rush from TR3. It surprises me what an authentic, cosy but also threatening atmosphere you can create with the TR3 South Pacific set combined with a few other original TR objects. I had a lot of fun the whole time just because of the beautifully designed ambience the level has to offer. The puzzles are just about average in terms of difficulty, not too easy and not too hard, so that the player can easily find the solution with a little effort. For anyone who loves TR3 this is an absolute must and any level builder can feel inspired by this excellent work. The only thing that frustrated me was that picking up items underwater was a little tedious as Lara has a habit of floating back and forth between two items which can greatly prolong the pick up time. And since breathing air underwater is notoriously limited, this sometimes made me a little nervous. Otherwise I only noticed one strange thing: a vulture had a burning fire in its mouth. It was a bit strange, but nothing I'd make a big deal about. Maybe just worth mentioning for a future fix. 9 out of 10 secrets found, 1 medipack used, 2 hours 45 minutes of gameplay. Absolute masterpiece." - Astraf (07-Jan-2024)
"This level is another example of perfectly capturing the TR3 atmosphere and improving it even more. The lighting is simply gorgeous, the puzzles are crisp, the textures finally bring the area to life. Everything is just right here, from the opening area with the lagoon (with the fish and the palm leaves swaying in the wind) to the creepy ending with the renewed boss enemy Puna. Of course, some of the underwater passages are challenging, as are the timeruns, but I didn't find any of them unfair. Thanks Lore, really enjoyed returning (again) to the South Pacific, recommended!" - vandit (26-Oct-2021)
"Sometimes a level that objectively is quite the masterpiece simply does not click for me and this one here is such an example. I had a bad start already, as I frustratingly drowned a few times in my feeble attempts to pick up items found in a secret in a narrow crawlspace, because Lara would only pick them up in certain positions (one of a few examples where innovation - like placing pickups not only in the centre of a square - simple break the natural game habits and turn it into something that just feels buggy instead of innovative. Alright then, moving on, I quickly got very tired of pulling countless underwater levers. Gameplay was such a drag in these early parts to the extent that I stopped playing and continued the next day. The finally found that aqualung and hoping that at least the annoying problem of having to go for air would stop - but no, it only worked for some areas and then stopped working again. And while the idea of shooting targets with the harpoon was nice, the hitting of the moving ones seemed completely random. I saw dozens of harpoons visually break when hitting the target, but one that visually did clearly NOT hit the target suddenly caused the sound that was needed and I could move on - after literally 15-20 minutes of trying to get out of this room. No fun at all. Finally, after all these frustratations, it did get better for me. All the work with the torch, the timed sequences that followed, were clear and worked as they should and I slowly and surely began to enjoy myself a bit more. There is a cool scene when you raise water levels twice and in general great atmosphere supported by excellent audio choices. Still, you move on from using too many underwater levers to using too many of those wheels that you turn. This also became old rather quickly. But the deeper I got into the level the better it really got. The tree hopping area with quicksand was quite inspired. There is a nice amount of overall 10 secrets with plenty of pickups, but they are mostly fairly easy finds, as jýou just need to keep your eyes open for those small triangular openings that seemed to usually hide them. Right, and then finally, after 90 minutes of net gaming time, when reaching the beautiful flyby of the waterfall area, I began to fully enjoy playing this. The last 15 minutes or so of part 1 and then the 20 minutes or so of the lair were great - with fantastic and spooky atmosphere and fairly smooth progression and a nice boss fight at the end - which is easy with about 50 shots from the desert eagle but probably a little tougher to manage if you did not find it or the ammo for it. So again, I can fully understand the high scores and raving reviews by others, but for me, it was just too much of an ordeal versus fun to play - except for the last 30 mins which were great!" - MichaelP (01-Aug-2021)
"Ninth of the Create a Classic 2019 competition that I actually played, this level was wonderful. Just like "Hostile Waters", this level managed to make me insanely interested and immersed in the game like a few other games managed to do.
This level is clearly inspired by the TR3 E3 Demo, and it manages to bring those screenshots and videos from the demo back to life.
The level is very cinematic: the cutscenes are top-tier. You will be amazed by the creativity that this author had. And still being in the graphical aspect of the level, let's just say that both on the texturing, lighting and geometry, this level is astonishing. The water really seem real and inviting, and the night mood really can be felt, despite the fact I am just playing a videogame. Even when the day transition is greatly made.
And let's not talk about how this set takes a dark turn after completing the first level. Everything in that looks so scary, and the sound effect really make everything feel real. Also, reverb is also present, what else could we ask for?
Talking about gameplay, it is very exploration oriented, and I really love it, especially the first half of the first level and the entirety of the second level.
What's the problem with the second part of the second level then?
In my humble opinion, there is a bit of lack of contrast in the village, so it was very difficult to set a "landmark" to orientate yourself, so it was very easy to get lost in there.
Honestly, I don't want to downrate the level because of this, since 95% of the level is top tier anyway, and I don't really want people to think this level deserves anything less.

In short, this is one of the few Create a Classic 2019 levels that really stands out for it's quality. If you always dreamed of visiting some pacific abandoned island with crystal clear water, and you never had the chance to, this is the chance! Outstanding!

Recommended? Must-Play, especially if you are a fan of TR3's South Pacific.

Difficulty? Medium-Hard.

Duration? Approx. 1h45m-2h30m" - TombExplorer (19-May-2021)
"Wow, this is a masterpiece! I enjoyed every bit of the level so much. This level is a combo of the original tr3 South Pacific level and some beta tr3 Peru areas (Which weren't present in the final game) of course there's more stuff to do. I loved the puzzles such as shooting stars underwater and its exploration. I also loved the change the careful detail in the atmosphere such as Change in horizons was phenomenal from night to morning and echo in some rooms. Overall this is a very beautiful level which I definitely recommend playing. You will not be disappointed!" - Kubsy (22-Mar-2021)
"Well what can I say this level is another beautifully crafted adventure from Lore! The opening section is stunning as is the rest of the level!!! However I do think the intro section was a bit too focused on underwater exploration and even though it wasn't too long it felt like it was dragging on a bit. I really liked using the harpoon gun to shoot the star switches in the water that was cool! Upon getting through the water section you get to a cave with palm trees kinda reminded me of that gaffe in TR1's City of Khamoon but hey that's just me being picky the room looks nice. The village/swamp section was really fun! Even though the level is stunning the color blue gets a bit tired half way through playing it. Kinda reminds me of Wreck of the Blue Storm not a bad thing. The secrets and traps are well done throughout the set. The pickups aren't spammed throughout the level set for the sake of it they are handed out in a good amount. At one point the horizon is switched out and it brings a lot of life to the level giving you the feeling you've been exploring all through the night. And is also a refreshing change from the blue color. The objects are pretty good I liked the god ray object he placed in the level very pretty. I wasn't too keen on her new holsters they seemed a bit out of place not a real complaint I'm just very vanilla. Lara's updated hands are good though. Now for my favourite part Puna's lair! The atmosphere is fantastic and despite it being short I was hooked the only complaint I have about this part is the odd All Hallows stained glass window being used underground? As for Puna's return I kinda wish it wasn't Puna maybe if the title was different it would at least be a surprise like it was with Sophia in The Lost Artifact. I wasn't feeling the same old boss fight again however the morphing room was really cool! So I declare this level Too blue baby I love you! 7/10 Had a blast spamming this level!" - Be Nolee (13-Jan-2021)
"I thought it was time I took a break from the 2020BtB contest levels and tried something different. Puna’s Revenge seemed like a good choice because: 1/ it had a high score, and: 2/ the builder, LoreRaider, is actually one of the BtB competitors - so it would be fun to see if I could discern a particular style and therefore identify which of the BtBs was his. (More on that later). Firstly I should review this level. Well, it was great! Engaging and challenging gameplay in a well-constructed environment. I greatly enjoyed playing it over three days and have no major complaints. Minor quibbles: I’d have preferred a lighter, daytime setting, like the original TR3, but maybe the choice of a night/twilight backdrop was due to restrictions placed on the builder by the “Create A Classic” contest, i.e the 64x64 textures and original objects. This may also have restricted, to some extent, what could be included as gameplay - but I don’t know for sure what the rules were. I see that LoreRaider, in common with AgentXP, has only build levels that are part of some major group project. Maybe it’s time these talented builders took the shackles off and just created an independent (no rules) project of their own. The results could be spectacular …Just a thought ;) …Anyway, as for the BtB contest: I’ve only played 12 out of the 16 levels, so there is a chance I’ve not seen Lore’s yet, but it’s odds on that I have. To be honest, I can’t really match up the styles. All I can say is that LoreRaider’s BtB entry will be one of the contenders." - Dick (13-Aug-2020)
"The game starts in a night-time shore and from there you will traverse through various beautifully crafted areas including underwater caves, ruins, native village and rocky jungle areas. In the end, you will also go through a creepy temple/cave area with lots of moving flesh on the walls and corpses everywhere, which was very effective in building totally different type of atmosphere from rest of the game. Overall, the environment looks amazing and contains careful texturing, atmospheric lighting and several wide areas with lots of visual details. Gameplay is very entertaining, although I found it to be the weakest part of the game, as you can see from the ratings that I have given. There are however, many awesome gameplay moments in the level, such as shooting the moving underwater targets with harpoon gun. I liked also very much various kinds of small puzzles that are scattered around the level and the timed runs that often involve carrying a torch. Other times, the game focuses quite heavily on basic platforming, switch activation and item hunting, which was fun but not the most innovative gameplay. After all, this game is great work and even though, it is the first level in the “Create a Classic 2019” competition that I have played, I can easily understand why it shares the highest rating with another level currently." - Samu (13-Aug-2020)
"Puna's Revenge certainly is the best custom level I have played so far. The music, the cameras, the atmosphere, the puzzles, the underwater segments...Everything is beyond incredible." - Raq (11-Apr-2020)
"Puna is trolling you!that was a hidden message somewhere above,hilarious!I took so many screenshots here, what a nice atmosphere, especially in the second level with all these corpses around you, perfection..easy going trle , rather short(3h), found all secrets alone, nothing to complain.Recommended for any raider" - Petaludas (02-Apr-2020)
"Top levels from this author. Perhaps there are excessive levers to pull and too many pickups, but I've enjoyed a lot this fantastic adventure. When you start, it's easy that you think about a lot of backtracking, 'cause the huge areas to explore, but you'll soon realize that you'll not need to go back to the same places more than once. The architecture is really impressive, with all kind of objects to ornate every room; the camera hints are very useful; the appropriate musics well placed in strategic places... The best: the equilibrium between the easy and hard tasks, always offering to the players a way to continue playing. LoreRaider, I take my hat off to this extraordinary work; by now, the best of this contest (I need to play the remaining levels). Congratulations! Highly recommended for everybody!" - Jose (29-Jan-2020)
"I absolutely loved this level. This level has got everything you would expect from a TR game, and playing this level feels just like playing an actual TR level. The atmosphere is amazing, the levels tell a story. This is an amazing work and I look forward to playing more levels like this. WOW" - TRaider1996 (06-Jan-2020)
"This level blew me away! It could have easily pass as an official set of levels! Especially the first one is so brilliantly designed. I love TR3 and this level is so true to its spirit. Returning to the coast felt so nostalgic but the creator made sure things are different this time, while adding their own twist to it. I even jumped a few times when something unexpected happened on the screen. I have noticed they have built the area which was seen on the early screenshots and incorporated it well into the game (staircase with the large doorway). Changing sky sphere was a nice touch too. I think this is my favourite TR3 inspired level of all times, thanks so much for making this! 10/10, would play again." - Raina Audron (02-Jan-2020)
"Wow, where do I start... This was definitely one of the best Custom levels I ever played and it is already an all time classic for me, I even played it three times by now. The gameplay along with the beautiful looking environment created an incredible and unforgettable atmosphere and gaming experience. The author combined some really important factors that make a game interesting: Sometimes it's something new and unexpected, and sometimes it's something predictable, which is at least as important for a thrilling game as the unexpected things. There was also a little story told with the well placed cutscenes. In the first level there were a lot of different little puzzle rooms with some tasks within them, which could be considered as a bit forced or crafted, but it was never annoying or boring, because the puzzles were pretty creative and intuitive. There were also a lot of situations where you could decide which way to go first, which makes the whole thing not too linear. The gameplay feels like you know what to do and what you want to achieve the whole time, but you have to find out how to do it, which supports the excitement of wanting to reach further. The whole gameplay is just so balanced and well made. The atmosphere and the environment were also gorgeous by all means. The lighting rays everywhere, the moving plants, the reverbed sounds in cave areas, the music and the ambience which were always on point... and hundreds of other things. The second level was really creepy and a complete atmosphere change. There were little "mind tricks" with jumpscares and walls and floors suddenly appearing/disappearing - that was a great idea and it was well made, too. The adventure ends with an epic boss battle and sets up a high standard for how a boss battle could look like in Custom levels. It took me about two hours and I found all 10 secrets. Absolutely recommended for everyone who loves TR3 and/or someone who wants a well balanced and entertaining gaming experience!" - MarlenaCrystal (26-Dec-2019)
"How to rate this level? In some aspects it was inspired with things I had never seen before in a Tomb Raider level but these were marred by the complexity of level with the myriad paths to follow, switches to hit, doors to find, timed runs to master and torches to carry. So what were the highs and lows? Highs were the keys that stayed in the locks after Lara had turned them, the shooting of underwater gongs with the harpoon gun, the little clocks above switches clearly indicating you were facing a timed run and the masterful cut scene upon entering Puna's Lair where Lara falls and ends up with cuts all over her body which persist into normal game play after the cut scene ends. Yes, I know that is just another skin but changing one mid game was clever. Lows. Enemies that walk through walls, Paper thin huts in the village, the overall darkness that necessitated the CONSTANT use of flares (which was probably just as well as they illuminated the movables nicely), the undulating floor and wall textures for a section in Puna's Lair where they are supposed to be solid made me nauseous and last but not least the sheer number of switches, crevices, doorways, tunnels and caves both above ground and underwater that you are required to negotiate. Tomb Raider does not need to be this difficult guys. Secrets were well hidden, I only found five. So get the walk through out right at the start and keep your Desert Eagle ammo for the final fight as you will need them." - Torry (22-Dec-2019)
"The builder has come a long way since his simplistic earlier efforts, and this is his first complete game I would call a masterpiece. The atmosphere in this two-parter is nothing short of stunning, may it be the outdoor night beach, mysterious underwater caves, large village area or the horror-esque parts in the second level, all of them are very much a feast for the eyes and sounds and cameras are perfectly used to enhance the feelings. It does not happen that a room is underdone in those regards and everything works together very well. Perhaps it is only a few texturing problems and the very oppressively dark lighting in almost all areas that slightly irritate the sceneries. The gameplay is quite enjoyable and varied throughout, with everything a good level needs, but I think it is not too nice that the best parts of it were already in the first half of the game, e.g. the long underwater sequence including shooting the targets, using boulders etc. as well as the area with the piranhas and the timed runs - those were really inspired - and the game is less intense later on, with a rather ordinary lever hunt in the village and some not too inspired platforming parts over the swamps. Those are not bad at all but lack the quality of the things at the start. I don't know why there is so much ammo to find, I could've lived totally without the 1000+ Uzi Ammo for example, as the other weapons are strong enough - enemies are well placed but they are not flooding the game either so a more balanced amount had been the better option. The ten secrets are decently hidden but not very hard to find. Overall very good raiding in fantastic environments so easily and strongly recommended for everyone, also this turned out to be my favourite level of the whole bunch. 1:20 hours." - manarch2 (20-Dec-2019)
"CaC level that faithfully echoes the style of Tomb Raider III, with some innovative and original ideas. Perhaps the biggest level created by Lore, with a good amount of backtracking (too much, getting lost is easy XD), full of traps, sneaky and many time trials. A complex and difficult level, suitable for those who love tough challenges. Noteworthy part of the "nightmare" section, surely one of my favorite parts, along with the beach. Visual effects and scripting deserve special mention, because they are original and well-placed in the level. If you're a demanding player (and a tomb Raider III lover) and want to test yourself with a big, complex and backtracking level, prepare your weapons :D" - Talos (20-Dec-2019)
"Well, as a TR3 fan what's not to like in a set of levels that, more than being TR3-based, actually captures the feeling and is extremely well done in slight details such as the changing of footstep sounds depending on where Lara is, making things look hard when they're, in fact, quite doable or the momentary TR4 eye winking at the time the bridge unfolds? The general atmosphere, lighting and sounds included, is near perfect. There's plenty of action and exploration in sometimes huge (but not empty nor tiring) environments and a few rather interesting timed runs plus some TR3 classics such as, for instance, the enormous boulder that comes after Lara once she gets one of two gems, not to mention quite a few surprising moments. It's also player-friendly in ways others might not care about (the guys that attack carrying torches - I mean, somebody else might have fallen victim to the temptation of making those torches set Lara on fire; or Puna not being really deadly, he's there mostly for the thrill of the final action). So, yes, what's not to like here? I only got four secrets and never found the shotgun. Finally, one last call of attention: I managed to jump across the barrier before Puna's room just by jumping sideways (but I got back and did things right and I didn't think much of it, anyway). To sum it all up, excellent job." - Jorge22 (19-Dec-2019)
"I've been busy writing walkthroughs for the latest crop of CaC releases (including this one), so I have many more to play before feeling qualified to have a global impression of this year's competition. However, I've certainly liked what I've seen thus far. That being said, although I'm aware that this is the top ranked level of the bunch thus far, I was not as enamored with it as the other reviewers to date. It starts off with a bang, with Lara exploring the shallow depths of an idyllic lagoon, but then we get to the jungle with all the quicksand and accompanying dark passages, and the first level quickly overstayed its welcome in my estimation. The posted video walks both took more than an hour to cover the initial level, and to me the builder would have been well advised to have stopped at the halfway point. The second level is short (15 minutes or so) but gives us more of the same darkness that marred the latter portions of the previous level. I can't complain about the supply of flares, as the builder provides more than enough, but I'm always happier when I can see clearly what's going on around me. Anyway, the dogfight at the end was sheer adrenalin, and thankfully I'd saved my higher powered ammo so that I had plenty to see me through. The builder has spent much time, thought and ingenuity in crafting this adventure, and I don't wish to sell him short. I just need to express my opinion that the fun was over for me about halfway through." - Phil (10-Dec-2019)
"Absolutely brilliantly crafted in the South Pacific style and great entertainment throughout. I echo the thoughts of a previous reviewer who mentions that even the most minute details of this raid have been cared for, including Lara's magnified footstep sounds when she enters an enclosed area and the different atmospheres throughout both levels (serene and soothing in the first one and unsettling and eerie in the second level), which just make this level that little bit more appealing. The gameplay keeps you entertained and provides you with everything you could ask for in a Tomb Raider game, and I especially loved the exploration segments, using the harpoon gun on switches to activate doors and the way that the timed runs were set up. Sumptuous to look at and great fun to play. Highly recommended, of course." - Ryan (10-Dec-2019)
"This is a Pacific theme (with a bit of a horror twist in the second map). This is one of the best takes on the theme I've seen visually with lavish sights throughout and tons of detail in each room, there's even the use of night-day time transition in the latter part of the map. Areas have consistently interesting geometry and lighting, and individual areas are varied despite being based around the same theme. There's also a great use of objects to help convey the story. The gameplay is consistently good and varied, with a nice use of things such as locking you in areas to minimise the chance of getting stuck. It also mixes in some original puzzle ideas like non-standard shootables. Areas generally have a distinct theme, like a section where you move across the treetops with a major platforming sequence. It's a long entry and I did feel a couple of mid-section tasks dragged, like a switch hunt in the village section, but that's my only issue I had. The boss at the end is also a well done twist on the Puna fight to make something like it work in TR4's engine (that also leads to a nice conclusion). An excellent entry with only minor issues and some of the best visuals I've seen in a level that's still "classic"." - Mman (09-Dec-2019)
"A level not for me but I still appreciate the art. Won't max the graphics because the light behaves like a liquid, flooding the rooms too evenly for two unfortunate results: I can neither appreciate the landmarks which were meant to stand out, nor see the ledges to platform to. Cannot also max the score for gameplay because it's another level where I would halve the number of switches, or at least interrupt switches with other actions (like the rooftops of the village which weren't included at all) - look, the prologue has ZERO switches but it's still the best thanks to raw, pure exploration and immersion induced mostly by the player's CHOICE of pace. In short: don't force two hours of runtime but provide one optional and one mandatory." - DJ Full (04-Dec-2019)
"An amazing experience: beautifully tranquil and action- packed in turns, nostalgic while incorporating fresh puzzles and exploration, and above all loads of fun to play. The level excels in its atmospheric details, from Lara’s echoing footsteps to the undulating rays of moonlight illuminating the jungle pools and temple chambers. My favorite sections brought to life some of the most evocative of TR3’s Beta screenshots, with stunning attention to accuracy. These screenshots heavily inspired my own interest in level building, and I have often longed to be able to run around the nighttime jungle environments and torch-lit temple steps visible in these images. Now, I have! Gameplay was incredibly intuitive without being predictable: I never had to resort to a walkthrough, but several tasks took a bit of reasoning to figure out. I liked the placement of timers above levers to indicate a timed run. The first of the two levels is structured around finding sets of items (2 keys, then 2 stones), but in both cases, the order of events is up to the player in a style reminiscent of TR3 gameplay. Architecturally, these levels had both stunning natural environments and large-scale structures, like well-made octagonal huts and a giant skull, which improved on the kinds of architecture present in the original game. The second level launches into full horror territory, much like late-stage TR3, and there is one chamber deep underground that was probably the creepiest place I have ever seen in a TRLE. For an arachnophobe, it was a nightmare – but fortunately, the spiders that emerged were not the car-sized monsters of TR2. I was surprised to encounter only small spiders and small dinosaurs. I kept expecting raptors or even the T- Rex to make an appearance, but the second level diverges in not only tone but also in its entire setting, borrowing from TR3’s Reunion with textures more like a French cathedral than a Pacific Island - apparently the product of Lara's imagination! The Tinnos textures also did not always seem to completely match the Pacific setting. While the shift in atmosphere was unexpected, the gameplay remained top-notch. Highly recommend playing this level to anyone. 2.5 hours to complete, and only found 5/10 secrets." - Cbl (01-Dec-2019)
"An excellent sequel to the south pacific saga from Tomb Raider 3. Gameplay has it all; exploration, traps, timed runs, combat, and puzzles. There is a surprising variety of enemies, and decorative objects are very well used. The cutscenes are well crafted and add some suspense alongside the music. Textures and lighting are beautiful, if just a little too dark in a few places. Very nice raid, highly recommended. 2 hours 13 minutes." - JesseG (01-Dec-2019)
"I have just 2 comments to make, the 1st is why not put the quick shimmy of Gekokid and 2nd, I do not like the animation of sprint of Lara (it looks like she jumps with each step ). That said it is a superb level with a nice arrival on the beach. There is a long search path before getting to the boss. The level is dark but well lit (contradiction lol) because I used very little flares. The texturing is remarkable, so we thought the rocks have relief. It is best to find as many secrets as possible for the ammo. I finally eliminated the boss with the revolver (I do not remember where I got it). Recommended." - Drakan (28-Nov-2019)
"Easily one of the best custom levels I've ever played. The atmosphere was phenomenal while paying tribute to and even building upon the classic TR3 atmosphere we all know and love. There was loads of exploring, puzzles, and action. Enemies were placed tastefully. Objects were unique and played in nicely with the puzzles. I especially loved the lever-rotating statues puzzle. Did I mention how stunning the atmosphere was? The ending was a nice surprise, mixing up the jungle-esque themes in the first level. This truly felt like something Core might've made given they had the next gen TRLE engine. Perhaps even better. This level just screams Tomb Raider. I might play this one again sometime. Congratulations on a remarkable custom level!" - dragooncroft (27-Nov-2019)
"Superb. This is a breathtaking adventure through some glorious scenery, which will of course take a great deal of exploring, such is the nature of ‘busy’ jungle settings. It’s a two part level, although part two is quite short. The various areas have what feels like appropriate enemies and the gameplay is great fun. I especially enjoyed a ‘find your route’ scenario through the trees at one point. Pickups are generous, but you might just want to save a fair bit of ammo for the boss ending. Don’t miss this one." - Jay (26-Nov-2019)
"This TR3 theme level has great puzzles, objects, textures, lighting, it was well made, one of the tops of this CAC of this year for sure, a must-play." - ameliacrofty (20-Nov-2019)
"An incredibly immersive and authentic two-part entry that captures the atmosphere of TR3's South Pacific levels successfully from beginning to end with reasonably challenging gameplay and beautifully convincing level design that is brought to life with excellent lighting, texture, object & enemy use throughout. Of elements worth noting, I absolutely loved the calming atmosphere that Midnight Shore conveyed and the clever use of the harpoon gun on pressure plates to open doors in one of the cave sections. But once you reach the end of the map and discover a skeleton where Puna presumably should be at, that's where things really ramp up as the crafty bugger traps you in the pit within his lair where all his mutated abominations reside (utilizing cutscene animations from TR1 & TR3 to greatly convey the serious situation Lara finds herself in, changing what was once a calming environment to that of a more horrific and unnerving one as you fight to reach Puna and put him down for good once again, Lara leaving with a new prize in tow as she swims off-screen). So overall, highly recommended." - Ceamonks890 (16-Nov-2019)
"What an amazing adventure ! I had the privilege of watching Lore build this masterpiece at certain times and I am so pleased to be finally playing it . Introduction area is absolutely gorgeous with great atmosphere so you know from the get-go you're in for a treat . Great linear gameplay that resembles the classics a lot . Puzzles are all really creative, especially the underwater ones on the first lvl . Second lvl has a completely different vibe, going from dreamy to haunting and creepy . The author really has the ability to merge two completely different worlds and make it seem effortless . Great attention to detail, with soundtracks that are fitting to what you're feeling in the moment . A fantastic attempt to recreate the classic feel of Tomb Raider, and certainly a pack that I'll be revisiting in the future . Perfect score" - Zuxuna (12-Nov-2019)
"This is actually only the second time I have ever given full 10 points in every category (the other one being Templar's Secret), cause that is how rarely I do it and how much it means to me when I do do it. And this set of two levels absolutely deserves it as it blew my mind in terms of scope. Let's start with the Lighting and Textures then shall we? This level starts out at or around midnight, an in that uses both darkness and singular light sources quite well to create one of the prettiest looking beaches I have ever seen. Which is then later followed up with thick jungles, a tribal village, different kinds of temples and at last one of the most mystical and enchanting places I have ever seen (truely rivaling the Floating Islands-esque level in Templar's Secret). Each of which with perfect lighting, placing an emphasis on only the most important of vistas or places to go. Everything is just either really damn beautiful or horribly twisted and evil. The second level made me feel deeply comfortable on a few levels, but in a good way. In a psychological horror kind of way. Both in how areas were framed, which textures were used and how encounters became setpieces to remember. In this the entire atmosphere was incredibly thick, especially in the aforementioned second level, that one is an entire artform in itself. Sure there were a couple of odd funhouse-ey spookes in there that did not fit, but the meat of it all was the actual environment, the ideas expressed through graphics alone. (Edge of the Abyss has found it's biggest rival). And it wasn't just these scary places of Nowhere that were a sight to behold, the previous level alone was a rollercoaster ride of different emotions through vistas. From the aforementioned midnight shores, to the sleepy villages, to muddy rivers and to a clearing purely bathing in sunlight and a raw energy. Even a little river leading to a small waterfall next to a rainbow was to be found.
And this isn't just a beautiful walk in the park. Cause the level's designstructure itself was great too. No corridor looked like the other, had the size of the other and seemed like something you already went through a few minutes ago. Every temple and shrine looks slightly different here, has a different theming and presents you with a diverse set of challenges and puzzles. Both those that require some thinking and those that test you for feets of agility. Except for the second level, that mostly focuses on it's atmosphere and jumping puzzles. But those fit the environment. I can promise you, right now, that despite the first level stretching on for quite a bit, it WILL be worth your while. Sure you will be moving through half the island, but that is also how it feels like, not artificial in the slightest. In it's wide array of different challenges, some doozies were in there as well. Like an especially difficult double rope jump that made me temporarily seek aid in higher powers to get through. But even that venture was rewarded nicely with a nearby secret. Speaking of Pickups and Secrets, I have found 5 secrets out of 10 in total. Since the boss fight at the end took me through nearly the entirety of my stored ammunition and guns, I'd say that the pickup ratio and challenge presented in the gunplay is extremely well done. Every Weapon available has a use and a niche, and with earlier challenges presented there is a lot of value in every single secret and pickup you find, despite the fact that they almost overreward. The pickups are frequent, yet still tight towards the end and quite valuable. I am very VERY happy with this. I would even argue the aspect of pickups has been mastered by this levelset in a bigger way than Templar's Secret. Especially with how unique the boss fight is. All in all, this set of levels might be the best I have ever played on TRLE. And for that I thank you. You have truely created classic here!" - The Snarky Lesbian (10-Nov-2019)
"What can I say other than "perfect"? easily one of the best level I have EVER played. The atmosphere, gameplay, the re-made deleted TR3 areas, lighting. Everything. The first shore area impressed me before I even started playing the level tbh. truly a wonderful job. thank you." - Troye (09-Nov-2019)
"From start to epic finish I love this level! LoreRaider made a great decision by visiting the pacific at night. The colors and contrasts keeps you visually entertained and the lightning is spot on! Puzzles and traps are challenging and fair and there is always something to do or explore! Some narrow timed runs that stop you in your tracks and make you analyse the area before continuing. While the first part is a relative peaceful pacific jungle, the second part really takes the cake as we find out a little bit more about Puna's twisted personality... Go play this!" - Baslakor (07-Nov-2019)
"Amazing work here in this Create a Classic TRLE. We are in the South Pacific islands from TR3, but with a different touch. The atmosphere is amazing and I loved some little details like the palm trees moving by the wind or the animated textures in some reflections. Gameplay was so fun; great plataforming, interesting puzzles... Really good combo in terms of gameplay. The 2nd level was so creepy and I love it. LoreRaider is definitely a very good TRLE builder. Can't wait for more of his work!" - Jason L (06-Nov-2019)
"This level offered everything a player could ask for. It was a really good balance of puzzle solving, exploration, platforming, combat and just standing around and enjoying the beautiful scenery! The builder perfectly captured the feel of the classics with this one, especially the second level, as "messed up" as it looked theme wise, it was really unique with an amazing ending. The attention to detail is really noticeable, especially the transition from night to morning through the level giving it much more variety than anticipated. I really can't find any flaws in it except that maybe moving platforms could've used some sound, noticed some underwater cracks. All in all, it is a really great set of 2 nicely balanced levels filled with action, combat and exploration. Highly recommended!" - Raider99 (06-Nov-2019)
"Puna's Revenge almost feels too good to be true. With the attention to detail, the most aesthetically pleasing lighting and most thought-out and well-scripted game-play this becomes one of the best levels I have ever had the pleasure of playing. Lore manages to capture that classic feeling but truly transport it somewhere new. Mixing of the textures and themes never feels forced, only natural, and the camera work is truly fantastic. I was so impressed with the second level and boss battle - I haven't seen anything like that in TRLE for the longest time. Incredible! HIGHLY recommend." - Baratheon (06-Nov-2019)