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Myths of Genghis Khan (Demo) by PedroCroft_

BlackWolfTR 6 8 7 8
DJ Full 7 9 8 7
Jay 6 6 7 7
JesseG 8 8 8 7
Jose 6 7 7 6
manarch2 4 5 6 5
nad 5 5 7 6
nerdfury 8 9 7 7
Orbit Dream 7 8 8 9
Phil 8 7 8 7
Ryan 7 7 7 7
StormChaser 5 5 5 5
StudBuddha 4 4 4 4
The Snarky Lesbian 3 6 7 5
Torry 7 8 8 8
release date: 05-Oct-2020
# of downloads: 162

average rating: 6.58
review count: 15
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file size: 165.00 MB
file type: TR3
class: nc

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Pretty solid TR3 level in TR2 vibes. Gameplay is rather simple but enjoyable. There is lack of puzzles and more engaging tasks. Most of the game bases on parkour and exploration. There are few nice trap sequences as well. Nothing more really. It's pretty simple and straight- forward in most of the game. Design has its weaker points. Outside areas look good in terms of textures and geometry but in my opinion they are quite too dark as for the day. Cave areas have bland lighting and textures there are quite repetetive. Author could add some more transiiton textures and make lighting more colourful and balanced. The architecture in overall is well made. I didn't see any boxy rooms or flat walls except few cave areas. All in all it's still pretty solid adventure with quite simple but enjoyable gameplay. I can recommend it." - BlackWolfTR (17-Sep-2022)
"Lara explores an interesting take of the Great Wall, this one being a bit more industrialized, and full of danger as always. She will tackle spike walls, collapsing floors, blades, guards, tigers, crows, and snakes. It seems that too much was packed into the level, because objects were blinking in and out of existence. Another issue is there are some missing camera cues for switches, thankfully that is not the case for all of them. With all the hazards involved I would've included just a few more medpacks since some of the trap sequences force you to lose health. Visually there is quite a bit of wallpapering alongside missing textures and flat lighting for the most part. So it may not be the most immersive level, but I enjoyed the adrenaline rush that the gameplay provides. 41 minutes." - JesseG (09-Feb-2021)
"This level had as its highlight a trap gauntlet I found interesting to tackle, nevertheless this part is spoiled by the forced health loss at the very start and potential stuck moments. Anyway, the rest of the game is decent, sadly really eventful and bar any puzzles or more involved tasks, only mildly challenging platforming; sometimes Lara refused to grab a ledge which I found slightly annoying. The atmosphere works okay with a few nice views from the wall (why the level is called Wall's Mountains is a mystery to me though) and partially okay texturing, but the lighting is fairly flat especially outside and there are also areas with not so nicely applied textures. Objects are sometimes stuck in walls and especially those trucks being stuck in fences were hilarious, but the enemy placement is agreeable and the six secrets are well enough hidden. Overall an okay 20 minute game - hopefully without any copied content." - manarch2 (17-Nov-2020)
"As a demonstration it's not bad, but I think it needs to be polished a bit to get a bit more "professional" level. There are numerous illegal slopes, many of the traps are quite nasty and force the player to use numerous medipacks, in the final area the enemies are invisible depending on the camera angle, you have to fix a lot of textures and also the lighting in some sectors. I also did not like the detail of the key hidden under the snake, very difficult to see. However the concept is not bad, a classic on the great wall with a variety of tasks and not too much backtracking, the secrets are not difficult to find and there are enough pickups to finish the level without problems. We will see what these builders can offer us in the final release." - Jose (09-Nov-2020)
"I went into this raid with my expectations not set too high after reading through some of the previous reviews, but I ended up enjoying it quite considerably. While there are a few undeniable annoying quirks such as the irritating sticky collision problems with the skeleton objects and the weird setup with a few of the ledges that caused Lara to glitch out, the actual raid isn't at all a bad one. The guard attacks were a bit wearying, but the course Lara takes throughout the level has definitely had thought put into it, as showcased by the way Lara reenters familiar parts of the level from unexpected directions or the way that a few of the trap sequences and combinations were set up (although granted, a few of them were rather brutal to Lara's health and I could have done without that). Textures and atmosphere are a little rough around the edges, but generally capably put together. It held the interest sufficiently enough to persuade me to give an eventual full version a shot." - Ryan (03-Nov-2020)
"This makes two TR3 levels in a row for me, a distinct rarity. This one is rather short at a glitch-free 30 minutes, but I found it fun to play, even after learning of the builder's true identity. Not to be snarky, but the gameplay certainly merits more than a 3, even if the level starts off as an unapologetic takeoff of the initial Great Wall level from the commercial TR2. That's really where the resemblance ends, however, and the rest of it is quite fresh and new. The previous reviews warn of acrobatic jumps, but I found everything to be easily manageable for someone of my limited playing skills. And I don't know what DJ Full is talking about when he mentions "so much MP5 ammo." Unless I'm totally blind, there's only one such pickup, and it comes at nearly the end of the level. The six secrets are not very difficult to stumble across, and they do provide some much-appreciated ammunition. In summary, not at all a bad TR3 raid. Keep 'em coming." - Phil (02-Nov-2020)
"This was an interesting outing;which felt like a full level to me,rather than simply a Demo (although the lack of an ultimate prize was perhaps an indication). Very much in the TR2 vein,this started off easily enough;before segueing into a series of bracing gauntlets and tricky jumps. I loved the way Lara ended up almost back at the beginning again;but thoroughly disliked the 'snake pick-up' which,in addition to being rather silly,was also impossible to discern. An additional source of irritation was the ridiculous jump that Lara performed whenever she took out or re-holstered her guns (which will presumably be rectified for the full version). Everything else was ably constructed when taking into account the limitations of the engine;atmospherically lit;and entertainingly designed.For those wanting to improve their manual dexterity,this should be just the thing." - Orbit Dream (22-Oct-2020)
"For the first time I see tomb3main.dll without a widescreen option, I don't know how they managed, so it's probably yet another package I should fix and reupload [sigh] (ftp when)... I got bored with that so I wouldn't bother if I wasn't surprised to see one of the best Great Wall remakes, like those we got from Nick and Daniel, with good platforming, interesting secrets, meaningful decorations, varied interactions and stuff. Traps are hard and annoying, but only one of them has forced damage and not enough to prevent a no-medikit playthrough. The ending fight is a bit disheartening after we collected so much MP5 ammo but no weapon to make use of. Hmm... that cave which you can climb to the top was a bit underused, why not to put that weapon up there?" - DJ Full (21-Oct-2020)
"I do not agree with many of the reviewers to date and found this level quite charming. Sure it is not great but it certainly is a solid attempt. Some of the traps were difficult to get through and necessitated some trial and error to succeed. There are collision problems here though, specifically with the skeletons lying about. I liked the placement and reward offered by the secrets. As for atmosphere it was just fine as were the lighting and textures. Right at the end I had some texture fade outs and the horizon from on top of the wall look weird but these are only minor complaints. I did have an issue with the game crashing on trying to save but it only occurred intermittently and not throughout the entire level. Like I said a solid attempt and not bad at all." - Torry (19-Oct-2020)
"I play TR3 levels so seldom these days that I’m dreadfully clumsy with poor Lara when I begin and it takes me a while to adjust. Anyway, this is the first part of what is intended to be a multi part game so, although billed as a demo, it is a level in its own right. Based on the Great Wall, it isn’t at all a remake, but a totally new game, whilst still retaining some of the elements I enjoyed so much such as the moving spike wall traps. It’s slightly hard to judge the eventual game on just this first part, but generally my impressions are favourable enough that I would be trying further instalments." - Jay (19-Oct-2020)
"An interesting demo concept of a TR3 game with a TR2 feel. I liked the initial opening area with a variation on the Great Wall from TR2 but the caves area was rather blandly textured and more variation in textures would have been welcome. Good exploring and some nice jumping, but it was possible to get stuck behind one of the moving wall traps if you took the wrong line and another moving wall trap was rather unfair as you had to eat medi packs since the exit door was too slow in opening. The light blue lower part of the horizon was very noticeable and would have been better recoloured as black to blend in with the distance better. Secrets were OK and standard music used well. Found a few illegal slopes where Lara could get stuck and lighting was rather bland and lacked contrast between light and shadow. Overall not a bad concept but lacked polish." - StormChaser (15-Oct-2020)
"This is, I think, a level from a teamwork of level builders for a multi-part level set, which aroused my interest. The level can be divided into three parts. A lead-in part with no significant actions, a middle part which is the main part of the game and a last part where you only have to find a key to finish the level. The first part and the last part reminds me of The Great Wall from TR II and are built quite neatly, which can't be said about the rest. In the rest the textures are quite monotonous, there are no big changes and in the section with the traps the game is very frustrating. Just the passage with the spike walls on the right and left is very badly built. Sure, you can sprint through the passage, but since the door at the end of the passage opens too late, Lara won't be able to get through there without using medipacks in the right moment. I don't know if the LB meant that, but for me the door should have opened earlier. There is another spot with spike walls where you almost certainly run into a dead end. At the last spike wall combination you can run first into the wrong niche and be stuck, or run after that like me to the left into the next dead end. Reloading here several times is mandatory. Just like at the place with the slope in front of the breaking tile. It's an old hat, but for players who don't know it, a place that can be very frustrating. The rest until the end part is unspectacular. Just climbing, jumping and crawling. The secrets were quite easy to find. Since this is a demo level, the LB has the chance to change many things in the final version, or not. We will certainly see this in the final version." - nad (13-Oct-2020)
"I would divide this level into 3 sections -- exploration, traps ahoy, and then more exploration, and I enjoyed every minute of it. The gameplay and platforming isn't that challenging, however it feels "solid", despite not being very innovative or unique. I would have liked to have seen at least 1 puzzle, however. My only serious critique of the gameplay is that I found many areas where Lara gets stuck in illegal slopes (some examples are near the excavation key, and near the bronze statue where 2 baddies confront Lara). My suggestion would be to get these addressed prior to final release so that your game is as polished and professional as it can be. Side note: I thought it was super cool that after conquering the various traps, Lara would end up back on top of the Great Wall, and could see the area where she started.

The secrets were done well, and I don't normally enjoy combat very much, but I did here against the human enemies. Medipacks were sparse, so I had to be smart about engaging the enemy. I think aesthetics is the biggest area where this level could be improved. This includes addressing texturing mishaps (I noticed quite a bit), and boxy or wallpapered outdoor backdrops. The level generally has a lovely classic TR atmosphere, however some rooms were lacking, such as the cave with the pillar that Lara has to ascend after conquering the 3 falling blocks trap. The pillar is textured with rocky textures, yet looks totally man-made and blocky, which is strange. The half-empty horizon (mostly noticeable near the end of the level) looks strange and unpolished as well. The TR3 sounds were used wonderfully, however I would have liked to have seen a few more cameras to immerse the player into the environment; perhaps a camera to show the epic scale of The Great Wall. I had no issues with the lighting and plenty of flares are provided.

In sum, I would recommend this level for anyone who enjoyed TR2 - The Great Wall. It needs polish aesthetically, however, the gameplay is solid. I don't want the builders to feel demoralized due to an initial review that's quite harsh, and I believe that the builders are capable of making an epic full-length adventure. If they need another beta tester for a future level, let me know. 8/9/7/7." - nerdfury (12-Oct-2020)
"Oh dear, this level was odd to play. It starts out fine, fairly slow and a bit boring, partly because the level's theme is the The Great Wall from TRII, which just looks really samey, but also because nothing interesting was really done with it. Same goes for the occasional encampments that are weirdly empty. In the first half that actually relaxed me though, because The Great Wall's theme entails trap gauntlets as well, so I thought this level wouldn't have them, but it did. The entire second half of the level consists of trap gauntlets. Trap Gauntlets in the way we all hate them: unavoidable damage sources, jumping puzzles in right spaces, save scumming that feels required, blade traps on slides you cannot time yourself, blade traps in corridors with low ceilings, softlocks and the old classic - breaking tiles that fly in mid air. All the while traversing confusing climbing sections consisting to 90% of a grey-green colour palette. Also the level being called "Wall's Mountains" is kind of strange to me. Are these the mountains of Wall? Odd naming choice if I may say so. < /> According to the Readme, this level was beta tested by a couple of people. This is sadly not reflected in the level's quality. How did the wonky geometry, the softlocks in the gauntlet, ledges that immediately drop you after grabbing them and the tight finicky crawl spaces for secrets make it through testing? This level needs a good deal more work. But once that is applied, it could make a good first level of a collection, as opposed to level 6, as the Readme states." - The Snarky Lesbian (12-Oct-2020)
"Gameplay&Puzzles - This level was a void to me. It started off decently for me but the switches and the doors lost me. I honestly don't remember a puzzle. The traps were poorly placed and executed in my honest opinion. This section need a lot more fine tuning. Enemies, Objects & Secrets - The enemies and objects felt as if they didn't fit with the story. I think a new look would have been nice here with the idea of Russians and a Nazi story. I'm not an expert on Chinese history, but didn't Mongols break through The Great Wall? I only found 1/6 secrets. Maybe it was my fault for not finding more of the secrets. But I had to play through this mostly near death. Atmosphere, Sound & Cameras - The atmosphere does have some rooms where they are nicely shaped. But...but the illegal slopes, some platforming ideas and I got soft locked. Sounds were not really there for me. A few music triggers glitched out for me. Lighting & Textures - I honestly would have appreciated a new look here. Besides that, some of the texture placement is wrong. The switch trigger texture was a problem for me. Lighting felt bland overall. Maybe others will have a better experience than I did. But for me, I expected better and more from a group project." - StudBuddha (05-Oct-2020)