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Shadow of Darkness by OverRaider

Adrian 9 10 9 10
Bigfoot 10 10 10 10
DJ Full 9 10 10 10
Dutchyraider 10 10 10 10
eRIC 10 10 10 10
Jay 10 10 10 10
Jorge22 10 10 10 10
Jose 10 10 10 10
Juan Carlos 10 10 10 10
Lara_Shin 10 10 10 10
Leisa 9 10 10 10
Lizard Queen 10 9 10 10
lokky99101 10 10 10 10
Mahetus 10 10 10 10
manarch2 9 10 9 9
Mman 9 10 10 10
nad 10 10 10 10
Nickelony 8 9 10 10
Nina Croft 10 10 8 10
p1kaa 9 8 9 9
Petaludas 10 10 10 10
Phil 10 10 10 10
requiemsoul 9 10 9 10
Ryan 10 10 10 10
smcandrew 10 10 10 10
TRaider1996 10 10 10 10
release date: 30-Nov-2020
# of downloads: 513

average rating: 9.80
review count: 26
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file size: 110.00 MB
file type: TR4
class: City

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Reviewer's comments
"Definitely too big for having so little focus - often you spend a lot of extra time until you find the current objective, even when you aren't stuck. Otherwise it wasn't too overwhelming. Except from totally classic gameplay, it was nice to see some special scripts which push the storyline forwards. Texturing is dystopian and ugly but that's exactly what it was meant to be, so I rate the variety and coherence instead of beauty. It's surely one of the best London levels out there, but due to shadow and darkness I'd recommend it for the evening or a playthrough with closed curtains." - DJ Full (01-Aug-2022)
"A really strongly put together four-parter which manages to evoke classic TR 3 feelings combined with some great new objects and technical gimmicks. The first level is impressively designed and quite enjoyable on the whole; the large fan puzzle and the use of the torch are fun. I thought there were too many of those well hidden levers and some puzzles are too straightforward (which applies for other levels as well, e.g. the one to find the lasersight could be a bit more demanding). Half of the level could also be skipped by some obvious banana jumps. But things got better in the second level and I really had a great time in the conveyor belt/machine chase area, the laser area, the long timed run (tight only if you go for the secret) and all the puzzles also felt even more inspired here. Things culminate in the third level with an excellent boss fight and then some more. What makes this even more unique are the sweet premonition cutscenes and a lot of creative usages of objects. The ten secrets are very well hidden, I couldn't find one without a walkthrough, and if found give you another five-minute bonus level which felt quite rewarding. The atmosphere is very good throughout as well as the technical things like object placement, cameras (although there could be some more flybys), texturing and lighting. It's perhaps slightly a lack of these 'wow' moments that explains my not perfect rating in those regards, but the outside areas in the first level are highly atmospheric. All in all this game took me 2:35 hours to finish and is certainly one of the best levels of the last year, so - needless but anyway - highly recommended." - manarch2 (13-Oct-2021)
"With such massive levels, I expected to get lost very easily, but in reality, they were pretty linear and you could find your way around fairly quickly. The texturing and lighting were done very carefully and I'm amazed by how well the world has been decorated, despite its massive scale. The sounds and atmosphere were on spot. I really liked the secrets in this game and how they were handled using Crystals. The only thing I didn't like about this game were some puzzles here and there, like some switches being barely visible (unless using a flare) and how sometimes finding the way to go required you to do trial and error jumping (talking about the hidden crawlspace in the GLOOMY ECHOES level). Also, since the game was only using classic TR textures, I feel like the Lara model used in this game doesn't really fit into the environment, because it feels too HD. I think the classic TR3 Lara model would've been a better choice here, but that's just my opinion. Overall, a very ambitious London-themed TRLE game with many unique and interesting ideas." - Nickelony (25-Jun-2021)
"This is a very nice level really enjoyed playing it, it was kinda hard and frustrating going throw it because trle's are most of time more enjoyable and kinda easier somehow this one was a bit hard in some areas where I had to try multiple times and sometimes I just quit the game, some may like that but not me tbh. The story of the level is so good and the level itself was well made, even tho you can get throw some areas with some banana jumps like the in the first level you could just simply not go in the church if you get the crowbar with the jump and it was kinda easy I give it 8/10" - p1kaa (26-May-2021)
"This little Tomb Raider Game was really awesome. I had a lot of fun. One of the best custom levels I know! Sometimes a bit hard to find out how to get the secrets, but at least there is a walkthrough, so it is possible to collect all of them. And I love the TR3 atmosphere there. Was very original and nostalgic. Would love to play a similar Mini Tomb Raider Game like this in future again!" - Leisa (18-Apr-2021)
"i can't remember a trcustom game that is so inventive ! And it still remains fun and immersive all along. Excellent gameplay sometimes challenging but never crossing the line , interesting new enigmas to be solved, creative use of some new features to stick to physical laws in what happens, fun use of objects even of traps sometimes to the player's advantage. The setting is solidly done , sometimes impressive like the great vistas in the second part of the first level. Plenty of pickups , effective storyline well transcripted in game, use of various enemies, everything is there. Found only 6 secrets out of 10 so i watched the short although quite interesting bonus level in a video. In one word : a genial game." - eRIC (25-Mar-2021)
"Never been a fan of challenging levels, however I give it a try for this title and I don't regret that. Everything in this level set is on point and well executed. Every level has extraordinary design and atmosphere that makes you feel so nostalgic. Overall everything looks like it was designed by Core Design itself and the difficulty is very tomb raider like, which does not happen often. Secrets are very well hidden and you need to make a push to find every one of them, even people who are really good at exploring will probably have problems. Great variation in enemies, that are well balanced overall. Lighting is made in TR3 style that increases the great atmosphere of this levelset. Generally speaking I definitely recommend this custom for everyone, especially if you like TR3 london vibes." - Mahetus (04-Feb-2021)
"I came across this level when it was first released and since this is the first level of this builder that I will play, I am anxious to see what is in store, so here I am. SPOILER ALERT! My reviews tend to be very detailed in what I saw and enjoyed so if you think this will spoil it for you… stop reading now! What I liked about this level: 1) The use of my favourite rain where the droplets bounce off the ground like tiny pebbles… so beautiful. 2) Very few enemies so far which is always a big plus in my books. 3) LOVED the torch puzzle and figuring out how to light and move it to the right spot. 4) The life bar for the smaller enemies is a really nice addition. 5) Really liked how the “save” crystals were used both as hints and pickups for the secrets. Even the sound and how you obtain them is exactly how they operate in the original games. 6) LOVED the pushblock/underwater fan puzzle (it was short, but still fun). 7) I liked how this builder used the fixed angle view to HELP the player, so thank you for that. 8) Now that I’ve played a bit into this level (still on the first, btw), I can see how intuitive the gameplay is which is the sign of an excellent builder. The secrets are not so straightforward, are complex and quite ingenious, so I had to check the walkthrough so as not to miss any of them. 9) LOVED the view from atop the crane to see from above everywhere I had been and will go to in the future. What a treat! 10) My favourite TR music played when entering the cathedral, so I am in heaven right now.  11) Using a see-through grated floor in the crawlspace above the machine was an excellent idea and opened up the space completely. 12) I have to mention that even with the massive external rooftop vistas, I experienced absolutely no lagging whatsoever, so thank you for that. 13) I enjoyed the very clever fire/pipe puzzle for the lasersight. 14) LOVED the climbing and jumping sequence with the pole and platforms. More of this please!  15) The “pincer” crane sequence was exhilarating! While aiming for my last shot, the crane was poised directly above Lara. Death was imminent then… poof! The crane shockingly froze and the cutscene of the way out played. Total adrenaline rush and relief at the same time. 16) There’s something about torch puzzles that always amazes me. Every builder comes up with different ideas. In this case, having to remember to “reignite” a flame source from a previously explored area is simply perfect gameplay. 17) The subway car and track was fantastic! (I just had to see what would happen if you kept going east). 18) The mouse/key/toy sequence was such a cute puzzle task. 19) I know it’s such a small thing, but I really liked the way the grates shattered and sounded when they shattered. 20) I liked having the safe spot on the tracks to kill the baddies and generally everything about the underground subway station was just perfect. What I didn’t like or rather simply noticed in these cases: 1) When the music changed tracks, the volume switched back to maximum when reverting to the main soundtrack. Not a biggie and easily fixed by returning to Options to reset. I understand that this has now been fixed in the new version. 2) The tight timed run for the 10th and final secret crystal perhaps would have been fairer to the player if the difficult timed run were on the very first secret so the player knows right from the start that the bonus level will not be for everyone. Conclusion: I played the original version thru to the end as I could not use my savegames in the newest version. Despite this, I really enjoyed playing this wonderful level. The difficulty is very well balanced except for the final timed run for the 10th secret. Therefore I would say going for the secrets/bonus level would only be for experts but the game itself would be suitable for average players with good knowledge of TR techniques." - Lizard Queen (01-Feb-2021)
"This level set is absolutely gorgeous. The levels are vast, well designed and laid out and includes a lot secret areas for those who like to find them. The levels were so immense that it felt like I actually played more levels than there were. Lara's mechanics stay true to classic Tomb Raider however the puzzles are so cleverly put together, combining classic TR puzzles with startling new ones that really gets the player thinking. As the story progresses and the enemies get more difficult, the main part of the game culminates in an epic boss battle that's really been thought through by the designer to give a new perspective on classic boss fights. The entire atmosphere is perfect for each of the levels and I genuinely felt that I was played an actual TR game... only better. My only criticism would be some of the music cues do repeat themselves every so often but other than that they are well placed and really effective. Overall, a fantastic level set and I highly recommend playing it - I really clocked up the hours with this one!" - smcandrew (21-Jan-2021)
"Excellent game! Like a traditional old style Tombraider game. I liked it a lot. Thank you very much." - Juan Carlos (13-Jan-2021)
"This epic release is surely a stunning achievement, worthy of the accolades it has collected in earlier reviews. I used to dole out 10s across the board rather routinely in my earlier days, until I became convinced that this was an unwise practice, but this one certainly deserves it. There's a little bit of everything here, and José's clear and concise walkthrough helped me navigate the rough spots. I had concluded, however, that the route to the 10th secret was unfairly timed until I took a look at Doggett TV's video walk and saw that there are several time-saving techniques not mentioned in the written walkthrough (so I've added a paragraph to provide this information). Even so, with a glitch-free run while saving generously in different slots along the way, I made it with only a second to spare, so it's certainly not for the faint of heart. As a reward for gathering all the secrets and a certain pickup (a map), you're given a change of scenery from a city setting to a bonus jungle level. I spent a total of more than six hours all told and enjoyed myself every step of the way. A certain Hall of Famer, sooner and not later." - Phil (24-Dec-2020)
"A very professional effort showcasing the builder's considerable creative skills. Mostly fantastic gameplay, but I did note several gameplay sequences in the first level could be bypassed with simple banana jumps - perhaps they might have been highlighted by beta testing & prevented - though I played them both the short way and the intended way just for fun. Inventive and sometimes innovative use of objects with some nice animations. I liked and successfully completed the secrets quest - only the last, timed one got me stumped for a while. Atmosphere was great, however the ambient sound volume was annoyingly loud and intrusive - even setting the music level low or off in the options didn't work for long as the volume was reset soon after in a number of levels so you had to keep returning to the options (where it was still marked as low) to turn it down again. Generally nicely realistic, though perhaps the need to shoot pistols at nothing in particular to exit the sewer area was not intuitive. Overall one of the best levels this year, I hope 2021 brings some more like it." - Adrian (23-Dec-2020)
"I briefly stopped playing this in favour of Silent Town, but only a Christmas level could have lured me away from this amazing adventure. If you enjoyed the original London levels (as I did) then you’ll be thrilled by the superb atmosphere in this three part level. Everything is just so professionally done and some of the puzzles/traps etc. are so inventive you can’t help but boggle at the imagination involved. It is undoubtedly challenging in parts so not a game for inexperienced players, but even if you have to ask for savegame help in the stuck threads, I really urge you not to miss this wonderful experience. Highlights for me were the conveyor belt with the stampers/fire emitters/drill traps (I had to save a lot for that one) and the rat stealing the key (I always appreciate a bit of humour in a level). I just can’t recommend this highly enough." - Jay (19-Dec-2020)
"This is first-class raiding, at its absolute best. I'm incredibly glad that this game managed to see the light of day as it provided me with a full week's worth of of engaging raiding. It's most definitely not for inexperienced players as quite a few of the sequences do require a fair bit practice, but anyone who is reasonably experienced shouldn't have a whole lot of trouble conquering. It's difficult for me to pick a few highlights in a game of this high calibre, but I loved the various trap sequences, the immense areas that invite lots of exploration and observation and the various push puzzles were well executed too. Enemies are well placed to provide a fair and engaging challenge, while the hunt for the 10 secrets is a definite treat for you secret hunters out there. Construction, texturing and atmosphere are striking and flawless while music cues greatly help the setting. Highly recommended." - Ryan (19-Dec-2020)
"Possibly the best TR3-inspired set of levels I've ever played, even tough it's a bit hard to remember all the places I've been to, so I'm sorry if I'm doing anyone and any level any injustice. But yes, this is it. A long ride, packed with excellent exploration, traps and puzzles. Quite mind boggling at times, but so were the original London levels. I must say I'm glad the number of enemies was well balanced - this isn't TR2 and there really was no need for more. The toughest thing about it may have been the fact that one's got to be very, very thorough in order to get all 10 crystal secrets, thus gaining access to the small, a lot more relaxed extra jungle level. And I must say a couple of the secrets actually needed some looking into. Firstly, the one at the conveyor belt, because, quite honestly, even though we've seen there's a crystal somehere to the left, who's really going to think of turning around to find a ladder amidst all that action? Secondly, the one that involves a tough-ish timed run, because, quite honestly again, it never crossed my mind that there even was a secret there and that it was part of the timing sequence. Fortunately, there's always somebody that knows and the consequent helping hand that's so badly needed. The lighting and the overall atmosphere are really great throughout. Best moments? Too hard to tell, because they come in entire armies. But I did enjoy the room after the conveyor belt and the final boss battle, for instance. Well, that is not mentioning everything else, because it's all quite ingenuous and there's no imagination missing or lack of careful planning anywhere. The fourth level is comparatively quite relaxing and a good reward for anyone who took their time to find all ten secrets. A masterpiece, that's what this is. For TR3 fans, obviously, but for everybody else as well, I'm sure." - Jorge22 (18-Dec-2020)
"This by far is one of my favourite custom levels from 2020. I found this level absolutely amazing really enjoyed the london setting and the puzzle in the sewers in the first level and even in the second level when you are chased by objects in the water i found it a really clever idea. In the 3rd level i really loved the boss fight it was unexpected and had a lot more content too it than i thought there would be. really recommend this level especially if you enjoyed the london levels in TR3 and even if you didnt like them its still definitely worth a go" - lokky99101 (16-Dec-2020)
"this is an epic trle level . Might be the best i've played in 2020. Really made me replay tomb raider 3 . Awesome level design, beatiful sceneries and really hard to miss secrets . Actually i had to search up a couple of them especially the last one . Over all this is an amazing level , but i dont think its that hard as the creator said it will be. Dont get me wrong it has its own difficulty but overall its not that hard .Also if the creator is reading this pls make the abient sound that plays all the time in the background a little less high. It is way too high u need to volume it down . 10/10 recommend this game" - Nina Croft (15-Dec-2020)
"Absolutely loved every single bit of this level <3 Sadly could not find all the secrets and missed the bonus level xD i'll have to watch it later hehe. But very very well done and the story is top notch as well!" - Dutchyraider (13-Dec-2020)
"I was so happy when I saw this game was online. I just loved it. In tr3, I never be fan of London but when I see how the builder use the textures and objects in his adventure, I can just congratulate him. It's wonderful. I see OverRaider say his game was very difficult, but personnally nothing impossible for regular trle players. Of course it's maybe a bit hard sometimes but is that really a bad thing? The gameplay is great with a lot of puzzles to resolve and we need to use our head and not just our hands. Very cool ( I loved the switchs sequence in level 1 :-D ). The hunt of secrets was great too and a bit nasty sometimes lol, but it was a real pleasure and I was very proud to finish the game with the 10 secrets. I really liked the small bonus level too. Very relaxing and exotic after London. So I can just say this adventure will certainly be one of the best of 2020 and I just hope OverRaider will release more levels in a near future. I can just recommand this game for everyone." - Bigfoot (12-Dec-2020)
"I am totally excited about this masterpiece. It was a lot of fun to search the areas and solve the well thoughtout tasks. Even the secret search became a special challenge. The LB came up with particularly tricky tasks, so that it was sometimes very difficult to get to the crystals. There are a total of ten of them to enjoy playing the bonus level. In all parts, the Level Builder has included some very funny scenes, such as the scene with the Citroën that almost ran Lara over, the rat that steals the key, the Mechanical Toy, or the crane grabber that always chased Lara from above to grab her. The laser walk alone was a bit borderline but not needed to finish the game. Otherwise the game is very well constructed with lots of puzzles and actions that were a lot of fun. I especially enjoyed Dark Buildings and Midnight Streets as there was a lot of exploring to do. Also in the bonus level Secret of the Jungle, even if quite short, the LB has torn out everything with the torch action. It was really well done. Highly recommended." - nad (11-Dec-2020)
"One of the best levels in recent times. The difficulty is excellent (no that hard), the puzzles are very interesting, especially those that include secrets and the "cute" bonus level and the ingame cinematics are very realistic. On the other hand, there are very few enemies(special mention to the amazing final boss), I would have removed the hint-cameras and the second level is not as inspired or playable or artistically as the rest. In addition, another highly recommended project of OverRaider." - requiemsoul (10-Dec-2020)
"Awesome adventure with a TR3 vibe. Loved it and I would highly recommend it." - TRaider1996 (08-Dec-2020)
"4 TENS!My score is totally objective, not considering other user's score..In such hollow times,where new trles are rare and downgrading, this game shines..Too bad , not so many players will play this and comment it..My wish to santa would be to play more levels from this serie! Came here after trying Tara's viking cause i would like something more competitive but couldnt finish it and tired me(too much fantasy) and i was so disappointed that couldnt find any other good trle.(*reference to that 180 backflip curved jump) But this challenging trle rewarded me and lifted up again to not losing my interest in tomb raiding.Levels flawless,gameplay superb, secrets majestic, enemies terrifying, music nice, themes well placed, atmosphere superb.The tasks , the creativity was so so solid. Big and extra credits to the London level!one of the most enjoyable and solid levels i have ever played which everything is on point. i sadly didnt read the 'read me' file so i didnt know there will be a bonus level.u should find all 10 secrets and trust me, it isnt easy at all to find either one of them.everything is so well designed that couldnt stop playing. Ty Mr Barta" - Petaludas (07-Dec-2020)
"Fantastic adventure and all was really well built and cleverly designed, all levels blew me away considering how much I love TR3 so 10/10 for me, this might not be for beginners as it has some clever stuff to figure out but the read me file highlights that. I absolutely have nothing to say other than congratulations for this amazing level and I hope to see more from you." - Lara_Shin (04-Dec-2020)
"One of the best sets of levels I've played lately. There are a couple of tricky tasks, like the thumpers and drills in the conveyor belt or the corridor with lasers in the third level to get the key to get the map, but I've enjoyed the levels so much that I need to give a 10 in the gameplay section. This is one of those adventures you start to play and soon you are so absorbed that you can't stop playing until you finish. The bonus level has "obscure" tasks, very difficult to figure out what to do, with too hidden objects you need, but it's short and it's only that: a bonus. Really a great adventure very worth to play, highly recommended! Thank you, OverRaider." - Jose (04-Dec-2020)
"This is a London themed set, and one of the best execution of it I've seen; the set naturally moves through every London theme, with every one being distinct and interesting in it's own way. The lighting and texturing is great throughout and supports the gloomy semi-horror atmosphere of the set (there is an oddly conspicious untextured surface in one area, but the rest is so close to perfect I can overlook it). It also uses new and old objects in very creative ways for puzzles and traps, as well as supporting the story. There's also a great sense of scale, and the outdoor part of the first level is one of best exteriors I've seen, with it being full of detail and becoming bigger and bigger as you open up the level. The secret level also has a large theme shift that's executed well, although it's pretty short so you only really get a peak into that take on the theme.
This is a pretty difficult set, and the two main levels are massive with plenty of tricky obstacles and agilty tasks. It also uses objects in non-standard ways that can require some lateral thinking at times, on top of the occasional thing that's easy to overlook. While sometimes obscure, it leads to to some creative and amusing solutions when you work out what to do. Despite the difficulty it does tend to keep the individual tasks quite compartmentalised so you rarely have to backtrack much to solve something, even if it's not always obvious that that's the case. There's also a lot of interlinking and, outside some isolated sections, you can get to different parts of the levels quite quickly. There's also the secret hunt to access the secret level, which is a major task in itself. I did find the shift in secret style between the first and second level a little odd though, as the first level is open to you backtracking for them at the end, while the second level is completely different and seemingly only gives you one chance at most of them, which led to some replaying from earlier saves to work them out. There's also a nicely done story as you find out the mystery of what's happening and things escalate. One of the best London themed sets out there, but it's huge despite "only" four maps and not a set to be taken lightly." - Mman (02-Dec-2020)