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Aspidetr Easter Time 2021 - Trouble Before Easter by BlackWolfTR

Bene 8 8 7 7
DJ Full 8 8 9 8
eRIC 5 7 7 7
g12STL 6 7 10 9
HaniHeger 4 7 7 8
Jay 8 9 9 9
JesseG 8 9 9 8
John 7 8 8 8
Jorge22 7 7 8 7
Jose 5 7 7 9
Mahetus 8 9 9 8
manarch2 6 7 7 6
nerdfury 6 7 8 8
Obig 7 8 8 9
Phil 9 8 8 8
Ryan 8 8 8 8
Talos 7 7 8 8
release date: 30-Mar-2021
# of downloads: 130

average rating: 7.65
review count: 17
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file size: 123.00 MB
file type: TR4
class: Easter

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"That red key is trauma, took me almost 2 hours while it didn't have to... The rest is fine and makes a nice village trip. Recommended." - DJ Full (20-Mar-2023)
"I would rate this gameplay enjoyable if using a walkthrough a lot of the time because some of these tasks, items and switches are just so obscure! i would of never of found them in a million years without a walkthrough and thats because they have been deliberately hidden with no clues with some of them lol and especially the secrets wow! Putting that aside there is a good variety of gameplay here with platforming and switch puzzles, traps and timed runs and tasks as well as moveable objects, torch tasks and item finding and combining. The setting at the beginning is lovely around a small little village with houses and barns, gardens and churches etc and then later on you get to explore basements and underground caves and water pools so there is variety in environments as well which is always great for me. The timed runs in the water caves were a bit too hard, i mean i liked timed runs but these were insane! and only achievable if i used a walk button jump or brushed against a wall while running but i liked the platforming torch task afterward though that was good. Overall i enjoyed the level i only wish that there was more clues and hints especially in the first half as running around not being able find anything to do could get very annoying" - John (29-Jan-2022)
"Indeed the level is very well builded, with nice environments, well textured and well placed objects, but few more. I'm not a fan of this kind of levels where you need to explore very very huge areas (in this case, almost all the entire level, all the outside areas) running kilometers and kilometers from place to place looking for very hidden switches or very small objects lying anywhere. Examples: in the barn where is the hint showing the tile to raise the first block? In the garden, I found the button but completely missed the very small key too hidden in a corner between the flowers. So from that place I got totally stucked (needlessly) and after half an hour running and running all around the huge village like a dizzy duck, I decided to follow the walkthrough instructions so I could finish. Not funny for me to play a level that way. Boring!" - Jose (09-Sep-2021)
"I found the puzzles of this level not challenging, but clueless. Almost all of them made no sense and there's no way I would've known, it's been a while since I had to look at a walkthrough by every. single. step. So in that matter, I believe that this builder should look for making puzzles more logical, realistic and that... Make sense, not stepping-on-the-corner-of-the-room-so-raising-block-is-triggered kinda of puzzle you know? (or secret high levers for that matter) --- Talking about the realistic part, in the caves there were many levers, they felt out of place in a cave, perhaps since they had no texturing on the walls to look more belonging. Outside was too bright and colourful although in geometry is comfy, and some switches had no cameras after them. Overall, it could've been a more enjoyable play with fewer visits to the walkthrough. Lot of potential." - HaniHeger (28-Jul-2021)
"I found this to be a pleasant, non-taxing but engaging level. Most of the action takes place in a colorful, well lighted village where you go from place to place opening up doors and finding keys and other tools that allow progression. The six secrets provide no incentive other than the sense of satisfaction in getting them - instead of golden roses your prize is a half dozen nonfunctional Easter eggs. Dutchy's walkthrough was indispensable as always, but I disagree with his characterization of the cave exercise near the end as a "near impossible timed sequence." Actually, I found it to be quite fair to the player, although it was helpful to check out Doggett's video to see how the player's limited time is most efficiently used (it's always harder to put such things in writing than to see them actually being executed). After a glitch-free run to the second timed switch I saved in a different slot and it took only a few tries from there to complete that particular sequence. The third timed switch is fairly easy in comparison. All of this year's Easter levels are quite good, but on balance I think I enjoyed this one the most." - Phil (17-Apr-2021)
"Another charming addition to this year's Easter calendar, this one is less ambitious than Greywolf's contribution but still enjoyable in its own. The town and its inhabitants make for a cute and cheerful setting, although the hiding places for a couple of the keys seemed a bit arbitrary in my opinion and there was a noticeable bit of lag in the main section, although nothing too annoying. I enjoyed the gameplay additions of the trapdoor timed run, the element puzzle and the Roman Numeral puzzle. Towards the end, the action is turned up a notch with the presence of blade traps and a couple of incredibly challenging timed runs (possibly a little too difficult for the fainthearted but manageable with a reasonable number of attempts). Visuals are pretty good overall, although the textures were a bit rough in the outside areas and the crypts were a little on the overly dark side, but flares alleviate the issue. A nice Easter raid overall." - Ryan (11-Apr-2021)
"Level belonging to the Aspidetr Easter Time, and as per tradition, purely spring, with a few exceptions (this year Greywolf and I have released other level themes, I admit XD). Unfortunately I had a lot of trouble playing it, because of the lags, and I had to watch some parts on Youtube. Good level, but with some textures error (solvable with good testing) and some objects not positioned well. For the next levels, I recommend reducing rooms, to avoid lag (smaller rooms, easier to texturize and beautify) and doing good testing "on the hunt for textures", which is a problem that complicates many Level Designers (and I know that it is very complicated and boring to fix them). A very important tip: never insert a single torch, but always two or three. That's because a lot of players risk losing it! Of the two parts that form the level, I preferred the first (sunny), compared to the second in the cave, but of course they are personal tastes. Pleasant level, but suitable for those who have quite powerful and new computers. Good :)" - Talos (10-Apr-2021)
"A lovely village concealing 6 secret Easter eggs and some sneaky moves and one particularly difficult timed run makes this an interesting and fun Easter level with a few game halting moments. Although I will admit I made the timed run more difficult than it had to be - it took a look at the video to make me see my mistake. Dark at times but always with enough flares to continue and a problem with the barn tile that just did not work the first time around. Although some would say the "end of the world" was too accessible, I found it something I always enjoy. The end came before I had a change to return to the village to look for the last two eggs I missed but I can always play again. The elusive key was indeed elusive and the roof jump beyond the obstruction was, for me, a revelation. A great addition to the Easter levels and a big thank you to BlackWolf!" - Bene (09-Apr-2021)
"Despite some issues I'd still say this is a rather nice and sweet relaxing Easter level. I liked the raising block puzzles in the barn and the trapdoor puzzle, and some of the other tasks are decent as well, except of the annoyingly hidden items outside. The visuals are a bit rough around the edges with improvable texturing and lighting (many texturing mistakes, too bright and flat lighting outside) and the end of the world is also easily reachable, but this village, if actually not very Bavarian, has its certain charm. Objects are rather well used and the secrets are not all too easy to find. I finished this game with mixed but rather positive feelings after 30 minutes." - manarch2 (08-Apr-2021)
"I am ambiguous about this level. Three-quarter of it is a great easter adventure. Sadly in the end there are three, extremely irritating time-runs, so I can recommend this level for experienced gamers only. Without this part, and the hidden trigger disguised as a painting, I would give maximum points. But these elements included, I don't feel this is a real festivity level. I even thought that getting behind the book shelves is a bug. So I fear not many people would be able to play it through. That is too bad. But you cand find saves in the walkthrough if you need them. The textures are nice, the first part has a great feeling. And the final part can be enjoyable for hardcore gamers as well. Hungaian walkthrough, and savegames, pictures:" - Obig (06-Apr-2021)
"Very good Easter level. It's definitely the next improvement by this author since his first release. Gameplay is really enjoyable and constructed quite well, despite some unfair moments that can make players get lost really easily. The environments and use of resources are really good and creates a unique atmosphere for this level. Secrets hide spots are nice, they are not too hard nor too easy to find. Lighting is proper however it should be better at some places. Texture placement is overall good but there are areas where textures are not properly connected or have cracks which are not looking good. Despite some flaws this is a good level. Recommended." - Mahetus (06-Apr-2021)
"I usually do not play Easter levels , searching for eggs with not much gameplay in between thrown in except for the searching. This one does not completely disappoint as the builder has sneakily hidden many things so that you spend a lot of time without making much progress for a while. Not my idea of fun. Finally the first relief is when both revolver and lasersight were in the backpack. The rest of the game in the dark undergrounds was comparatively easier. It is also not a very easy level for the eyes , not only because of the darkness in the undergrounds but it was really too bright outside. Disjointed textures underwater and one can get stuck in the water in a couple of spots because of sinks. No static objects for the wall switches and invisible blocks in front of some doors. On the positive side , aside from the good ideas here and there ( jumping to the broken balcony , shimmying around the corner of the roof , the jump over the shelves ) the textures are good and also some good use of objects. Bottomline : if one does not mind spending time searching for things well hidden, this player will have a feeling of accomplishment at the end and watch a good camera sequence." - eRIC (03-Apr-2021)
"(6) Gameplay & Puzzles: (***There are some gameplay spoilers***) I would break up the gameplay into 2 parts: about 3/4 is town exploration, and in the last 1/4 you are in underground caves. I was not very keen on the town exploration, due to obscurity making progression grind to a halt too often, with the tasks feeling like ones you would find in a hidden object game. There is so much potential for the player to be running around in circles, looking around inside a house, wondering, "there's something I'm supposed to find/do here, but what?" Here are some examples of poor progression, in my opinion: A) The red key was far too sneakily hidden among red flowers. The garden key, in the kitchen, was sneaky but fair. The red key went too far and I would recommend using this extremity of sneakiness for secrets, NOT for the main gameplay progression. B) There's a bookshelf that you can't regular jump over, but you can jump with a twist over? That is too obscure and it will likely result in the player thinking that there's nothing to do in the building with the bookshelf. C) There's a "special" trigger tile in the barn that looks a bit different to the other tiles, but is obscured by a cart object. This needed a camera, or remove the cart. D) The "special" painting that you can actually push needed some kind of clue, such as Lara looking at the painting. Otherwise the player may press ACTION against all sorts of decor objects for the rest of the game, wondering if they're for some reason interactive, which isn't fun. I don't want to be too negative -- I enjoyed the cave gameplay, with some timed trapdoors and engaging problem-solving regarding a torch. I just wish the kind of gameplay found in the caves was more prevalent across the adventure. (7) Enemies, Objects & Secrets: The builder put in so much effort to bring the town to life with decor objects, and I especially enjoyed all of the townsfolk. No room feels devoid of objects; however with this quantity I wanted to mention something about quality. I think object decor needed more care; you can run through the fountain, which has no collision, but small flowers such as the tulips have unnecessary collision? There were a couple of doors with invisible blocks, and some grass objects looked like they were floating in air, not properly touching the grass. I was also not a fan of backtracking through those circular blade traps (I would suggest deactivating them for the return trip, or provide a shortcut back). (8) Atmosphere, Sound & Cameras: The town atmosphere and architecture is lovely to look at, and gave me plenty of warm fuzzy feelings. I do think the atmosphere would have been improved if the builder had made a more realistic looking lake with diagonals, instead of making a "blocky" lake. The underground cave walls were too boxy as well. Something to improve regarding the overall atmosphere was the inconsistency of visuals; i.e. you would have a low-resolution texture of a painting, and right next to it was a high-resolution painting object. I do feel like there should have been more guidance cameras above ground to give the player a hint towards progression (for example Lara could have looked at the suspicious painting, or looked at the suspicious bookcase, the tile in the barn with the cart on it, etc.). I think there could have been more flybys overall to enhance immersion; that said, I really enjoyed the final flyby with Lara at church with all of the townsfolk. (8) Lighting & Textures: The town area is so warm, colorful and cheerful, and a pleasure to look at. There were a few misshapen textures here and there, but texturing was mostly solid. Unfortunately, the many underwater cracks looked very bad. While I do love well-lit environments, I do think the town was unrealistically bright, with no visible shadows; even on a sunny day, the buildings would cast some shadows. There are some underground areas that are pitch black, which I wasn't a raving fan of, however the builder provides plenty of flares, so not a huge deal. Overall, this is an ambitious, big project and I can tell the builder put in so much effort into it. I appreciate that very much, and I enjoyed the last 25% of the game very much (caves), however, the exploration in the town just didn't click for me, I'm sorry to say. I felt like the progression in town was very muddy, leaning too much towards a hidden object type of game. There's so much potential for the player to be running around in circles, confused about their progression in town, if they don't follow a guide/walkthrough. 6/7/8/8." - nerdfury (02-Apr-2021)
"Much in the spirit of older Tomb Raider levels. A bit rough on the edges and sometimes quite puzzling, it's still a fact that it keeps the Easter spirit alive in these times of pandemics and confinement - here's to better days. It goes to show I'm terrible as a secret getter too. Quite peaceful and you can tell the inhabitants of that Bavarian village are at peace as they *contemplate*. The puzzles are mostly interesting, even though leaving keys somewhere among the flowers in a large enough environment, for instance, does try one's luck. Some of the rooms are pitch dark, even though it's true there are plenty of flares laying around. The close to the final timed run sequence at the caves is somewhat nightmarish, but I finally made it, and the golden egg was a nice reward. Thank you for contributing to Easter 2021, BlackWolf, in the end your game was quite enjoyable." - Jorge22 (02-Apr-2021)
"This was a very puzzle-intense level. I found myself seeking sources of help to complete this game. But it became straight-forward towards the end of the game. Starting off, there is no clear direction on what to do. My advice is to LOOK THOURGHLY at things, everything is well hidden! So well, that you may run past it 10 times and not notice it. The setting was very nice, I really appreciate the brightness and the colors as they are copacetic with the holiday and Spring time in general. There were some frustrating glitches, one being the retrieval of the garden key. For whatever reason, Lara did not want to grad the key but after quitting the game and reloading, she grabbed the key with no issues. Another element that I've enjoyed was the intense mood shifts from somewhat somber and safe to creepy and ominous. Things like that keeps levels interesting as well as the suspense of the game. The author's levels are improving exponentially and I am looking forward to the next!" - g12STL (01-Apr-2021)
"Oh joy, a lovely Easter level, set in a charming village with quaint buildings and beautiful flowers. In short, just the thing to raise the spirits and make us all look forward to spring. I had a lot of fun exploring and trying to find some of the cunningly hidden jump switches etc. Naturally, this is a peaceful level so no guns, apart from the revolver and laser sight you will eventually find in order to ring (well shatter actually) the church bell. It’s highly entertaining, inventive gameplay and I loved every minute of it, plus I actually found all six Easter egg secrets. Pretty sure that won’t happen again in a hurry. It’s mainly readily achievable, but there is a somewhat challenging timed run towards the end which I do hope won’t deter less experienced players as this is very well worth playing." - Jay (01-Apr-2021)
"Lara has a quaint village and some crystal caves to explore in search of a golden egg. For the most part it has the easygoing nature of an Easter level, focusing on scavenging for keys and other items, some of which are very well hidden so players will need good observation skills to progress here. There are a few nice switch puzzles as well. Towards the end, this level breaks from the mold by throwing in a few blade traps and timed runs, which for me made it a bit more of an engaging adventure. The visual aspects are pretty good but there are a few functional issues, such as underwater cracks and visible gridlines on natural textures. The lighting has good use of color, there are a few pitch-black areas but more than enough flares are provided for those, and that's fine since you won't have to worry about combating enemies in the process. This is an Easter raid that doesn't disappoint. 54 minutes." - JesseG (31-Mar-2021)