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ORC21 - The Prophecies of Ta Phrom by PedroCroft_

Akirakina 5 6 7 5
BlackWolfTR 8 7 7 7
DJ Full 7 7 7 7
DroneQuadcopter 7 7 7 9
eRIC 7 7 8 6
Jay 7 7 8 7
Jose 6 7 8 7
Kubsy 6 6 5 5
Mahetus 6 7 7 5
manarch2 5 6 7 6
MarkoGDW 5 5 5 5
MichaelP 6 7 8 7
MigMarado 9 9 10 8
Mman 7 8 8 8
nerdfury 6 6 7 6
Phil 8 7 8 8
Ryan 7 6 7 7
Torry 5 8 7 7
Wolf7 6 8 8 7
release date: 10-Apr-2021
# of downloads: 915

average rating: 6.84
review count: 19
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file size: 372.00 MB
file type: TR4
class: Cambodia

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"First off the first Serpent Gem was almost impossible to see and you need to find six of them. The underwater chains were something new and I had no idea Lara could pull them. I thought she would have to drain the area first. Some clues would have been nice. How does the raider discern the the telescopic sight goes on the bow? Have you ever seen a telescopic sight on a bow in real life? NO. Good grief, or is this some of the Square Enix game play ported to the editor? The MP4 does an effective job at killing though. Generally only two shots are required. The level unfortunately is totally confusing and you will need to refer to a walk through to have any hope of completing this. Then there is an invisible tile thrown into the mix. Without the walk through there was no way of discerning this. The ending with the Quad Bike was well done but the final cut scene could have been left out entirely. Nearly five minutes of dialogue." - Torry (25-Sep-2022)
"It seems that this author loves the animations and cutscenes. Even with the helping of the cameras, the exploration is tricky, finding often closed doors and dead ends, and except the puzzle with the text message, you are always pulling a lot of chains and looking for keys to open doors. Also, the invisible platform was not a good idea too. The best was the good atmosphere and the final fight with enough ammo for the MP5. Very laborious, but not too hard." - Jose (24-Sep-2021)
"This entry uses a BTB Khmer Empire theme. It's decent looking with a cave and various structures built around a central building. The lighting and texture use is strong throughout, although some of the side areas feel quite plain in comparison to the main room. Object use is good, but some things blend in too much and make things much more obtuse than they need to be. The starting flyby is also both too long and does strange things with the camera that don't add anything (it would suggest something much more surreal than what is actually here). The gameplay is quite exploration-based with plenty of switches to find, in general it's fine but, as mentioned previously, some very blended items make certain things a bit obtuse. There's also a puzzle based around a text message that could have done with some proofreading as it leads to confusion; I did solve the puzzle in a couple of attempts, but I had to make some inferences because of a couple of things that seemed to be typos. It has a nice small twist on the setting for the climax too. The ending is quite long for something not really related to the level itself, but apparently there's a continuation coming that it will be relevant to. A decent entry but not up with the best ones." - Mman (22-Aug-2021)
"Another level by Pedro. To be honest, before starting this I thought I would've been copied from another custom level; Luckily though, it is not. However, I found several flaws in this level that shouldn't have been there or should've been improved for the level.

Gameplay & Puzzles: The gameplay in this level is generally okay, you have to find gems to place them in the middle and then collect the yin yang symbol as the main treasure. These gems are scattered around the map and you have to find them. Whilst this is fun then I found some flaws, for example, the invisible platform which was totally unnecessary, very hidden objects and the underwater lever puzzle, which was a pain in the ass because the message in "message" was really hard to understand it even though I can read English fluently - this could have been avoided if he asked someone to write for him. On the other hand, there are fun traps and obstacles to avoid which are enjoyable.

Enemies, Objects & Secrets: secrets are well-hidden in my opinion. There weren't many enemies although they are very easy to kill quickly especially with mp5. Some objects weren't tinted properly as the objects at the top of the cave are very bright even though there's only one small opening in this whole cave.

Atmosphere, Sound & Cameras: The camera is the biggest flaw in this level as the intro camera goes upside down which was absolutely unnecessary, it made me really dizzy after it. FMVs were okay but unnecessary as a text story would be fine (drawback of it was that it gave a lot of megabytes for the folder). Sounds were really good though.

Lighting & Textures: texturing was also okay, but there were too many stretched textures and cracks especially in the underwater part which I believe there was a fix for them but I presume Pedro couldn't really be bothered. The lighting in the whole cave was 50/50 as there is one small opening on the roof but strangely enough, there are orange lightbulbs in the corners? I think it would've been better to open the whole roof in my opinion. Summary: In general, Pedro made a good effort for his orc, but some flaws described might put off some players from playing it. I hope his next release will be better." - Kubsy (06-Aug-2021)
"The first 2021 ORC I played, overall it was a solid experience but a lot of parts were rushed. There's a lot of backtracking and I found many softlocks, design was pretty uninspired and the same with gameplay which was just going from A to B. And also the annoying lag when playing this. The last FMV was just out of place. I cannot recommend this level." - MarkoGDW (05-Jun-2021)
"This level is embedded into quite a lengthy sequence of intro and outro scenes that you can watch to understand the story. I found this to be a nice touch even they could have been maybe shortened a bit while still conveying the same messages. Once you are finally in the game itself, I enjoyed the look and feel of the area which yuo get to explore up and down and in all corners with quite a bit of swimming included. There is a bit of variety with tricky jumps over spike tiles, burners, a few soldiers and crocs to shoot, a small timed run, 3 secrets to find - all while you collect the necessary 6 gems. The battle at the end was surprisingly easy as well, but still fun. The weak poinst for me were the one rather unnecessarily tricky jump and the even more unnecessary invisible platform and in general the fact that smooth progression was often hindered by things being a bit too sneakily hidden for their own good - but nothing a walkthrough would not "fix" before it gets too frustrating to keep searching for another 5 minutes for that elusive triangular shape. 40 min." - MichaelP (26-May-2021)
"This turned out to be a rather mixed experience for me. On the positive side, it is (again) indeed impressive what the builder has managed to squeeze into the One Room Challenge restrictions, providing a decent amount of gameplay tasks and a frenetic (albeit rather simple with shedloads of ammo) boss battle. Music usage and secret placement is also decent. But on the downside, the FMV sequences outstay their welcome by a fair bit, the surroundings are a bit crudely rendered, the gong hammer animation is glitchy (and if you step on the tile a second time, Lara remains jointless for the remainder of the adventure) and the object collision is extremely annoying, particularly the crocodiles. A solid adventure, but it didn't quite come together for me." - Ryan (12-May-2021)
"I have absolutely no complaints about the gameplay provided by this engaging, one-hour level. Everything is laid out intelligently and competently, you know from the very beginning that there are certain doors that need to be opened in order to progress, you go about that task in meticulous and logical fashion, and along the way you're presented with some rather challenging obstacles to overcome. It's easy to miss the MP5 that's placed within arm's length as you begin the level. That's a crucial weapon that will be sorely needed for the boss fight at the end. My reservations lie in (1) the inordinately extended opening flyby, which almost made me want to quit before I'd started and (2) the download bloat (at least three times as large as it needed to be), undoubtedly explained by the totally unnecessary tutorial cut scenes at the end. I'm all for education, but I'm here mainly to play a game, and if the builder wants to sprinkle some factual information along the way as we play, I can live with that, but when the game is over I want to go on to something else and not have to be beat over the head with five minutes of mythical lore. End of rant. As I said at the start, this is a fun raid that shows much improvement in what this builder has provided heretofore. Keep at it, but pull the plug on all unnecessary baggage." - Phil (12-May-2021)
"First of all: of course the softlock is fixable, so just fix it instead of making excuses in the readme and cancelling my will to play before I even began... The game starts with a veeeeeeeeery slow flyby following a long cutscene, so why not to apply some dynamics. Then you notice the symmetrical design - arrrrgh, why again?? It's the sixth only in this challenge, after Agent, Shabab, Vandit, Piano and Nanaki... Good thing it's the central spiral symmetry, which probably is meant to represent the Yin-Yang symbol, which, if was intended, is quite ingenious. Then we set off to non-linear quests for the gems and it's quite impressive how, without much walling them off from each other, there are no skips between then in a space as small as this one - which makes it all look bigger and more organic. Also the final conclusion is unexpected so this made me definitely feel worth playing, even though the middle of the game often felt random and not so intuitive. But it's a nuisance not even competing with the underwater puzzle, virtually becoming a multiple-save, multiple-reload, trial and error (DEFINITELY MORE OF THE LATTER) experience, all because of the written hint - which, even if you manage to decode its broken english, can still be interpreted in multiple ways... unfortunately a standard among the builders which evolved some decades ago and since then it consistently screams "FANMADE(TM)" at all players who struggle desperately to decode any of those scrolls/tablets/documents/notes/messages/scraps/whatever, so will you STOP ALREADY. No, not you Pedro, I mean [adapts Gary Oldman's voice] EEEEVERYYOOONEEE!!!!" - DJ Full (07-May-2021)
"This started not too well for me with an odd initial flyby and a lever puzzle made annoying by the hint being easily missed and no air provided so you might get into problems sooner or later, but aside of an unhinted invisible platform this was an okay level with some nice architecture, agreeable if not perfect texturing and lighting and a lot of varied tasks. The game lacks focus a bit because it is easy to do things in a different order as the builder intended, leading to large backtracks, especially because your task seems to be to find five gems when at the end another receptacle is revealed. Enemies are decently placed as well as objects; the three secrets were a bit too easy to find though. I liked the finale and how the builder tries to integrate this into a larger storyline, maybe he can continue with the story. All in all solid if not particularly outstanding 25 minutes." - manarch2 (06-May-2021)
"The start of the level threw me off, the flyby was confusing to me, I have quite a keen eye when it comes of searching, but I just go thrown off by the flyby. The level looks fair, no comments there, it looks fine and well designed. I think there is a lot more potential. I do have a genuine question, were you rushed to make this? It is quite linear when it comes to completion, Gather X crystals that is it, Maybe change that up? Enemies are ok, as well are most of the objects. Regarding the secrets, I got the feeling you want it found? Not much of secret to me, easy to find. It could have a lot more potential, but I fall back onto my question, was it rushed? I feel it was like that. Hope for your next creation(s) you take more time. You have potential, but you need to take your time." - Akirakina (06-May-2021)
"I seem to have spent an inordinate amount of time in the water of late and here we are again. I just wish I were a better swimmer. Anyway ... after an extensive intro, Lara finds herself in a nicely atmospheric Cambodian setting with a lot of work to do to find the various gem stones scattered around the area. Enemies are fairly readily dealt with, thanks to some good firepower, and the various traps are not too onerous. There’s an interesting ending sequence that nicely ties in the mysticism hinted at in the title that makes the level something a little different." - Jay (28-Apr-2021)
"(6) Gameplay & Puzzles: I tried to like this level, as I think the builder's first level is quite underrated. When considering some individual tasks on their own, they are fine. For example -- the few traps, the underwater puzzle, the platforming in general (aside from that invisible block that just doesn't make sense at all). However, when you combine all of the tasks and think of the gameplay as a whole, the progression is muddy and doesn't flow very well. When you look at the center platform, you see that your goal is to find 5 red dragon gems. You then proceed to complete various tasks, some of which are not intuitive, and if you don't follow a walkthrough, you're likely going to be running around in circles a lot. Miss a bow sneakily hidden under a skeleton? Run around in circles. Miss a gem sneakily hidden inside an underwater crate? Run around in circles. I didn't like that after I found 5 dragon gems, I thought searching for super sneakily hidden items was over, but then I used the gong and saw that I had to find yet another dragon gem. More running around in circles again, all over the map, double checking every tiny crack underwater. This kind of gameplay is not fun for me. (6) Enemies, Objects & Secrets: The enemy selection is great and I thought the final fight(s) were executed very well. I enjoyed the many Cambodian objects that we don't see often these days, although it was pretty unprofessional to see Lara with no joints after using the gong. While there are few traps, they are done well. I think the biggest issue that needed fixing was the fact that 2 of the dragon gem pickups weren't even red and they were very difficult for me to see. The 3 secrets were on the easy side, but no big deal. (7) Atmosphere, Sound & Cameras: I think the architecture of the main room is the strongest aspect of the game and I was intrigued by the atmosphere that the builder created. Unfortunately a detractor to the atmosphere was the unnecessarily long ending FMV, and the fact that in the FMV, Lara drives away from the Cambodian ruins into a Western-looking cabin, which doesn't make sense. I'm all for lore, but instead of a super-long ending FMV, I would recommend that the builder include this extra lore content in a README file, which the player can read if they want to. I also consider the FMVs to be extra content, and I think it's important to first address the gameplay basics, before giving the player extra goodies. The tense music cues during the underwater puzzle and final fights were excellent, although the wrong SAS shooting sound should have been fixed. Cameras needed more attention and care; the starting upside-down flyby is disorienting and not helpful. Later on, guidance cameras were missing, yet when the player picks up a mallet, there's a camera of the gong, which is unnecessary since the player would have run past that gong at least 20 times. Also, I noticed a camera near the yin yang pickup that repeated over and over instead of being ONESHOT. (6) Lighting & Textures: On the positive side, it's a well-lit level with an interesting color mix, with the cool blue water contrasting against the warm tones of some architecture. I never had to use a flare which is always a plus. On the negative side, sometimes the warm tones are too intense and bright orange, which looks strange given the available light source. Unfortunately there are many misshapen textures and underwater cracks. I know, based on the builder's previous release, that he is capable of high-quality texturing, so I suspect the texturing was rushed. Overall, the level has some nice touches at times, namely enemies, atmosphere, and the use of music cues, however I'm sorry to say that I wasn't keen on the gameplay or texturing. Something I encourage the builder to consider is: do you rush to meet a deadline, or do you take your time to make a game that really shines and looks professional, even if it misses a deadline? It's the builder's choice, of course. I hope my feedback was helpful to the builder to continue to grow. 6/6/7/6." - nerdfury (20-Apr-2021)
"Entertaining level as you explore a vast area in and out of water searching for some objects. One thing that did not worked well is the fact that you can pick up the hint for the chains/spikes puzzle too late as it is placed itself on a tile with spikes hole. Even when knowing what to do this trial was a bit unfair , the builder could have placed a water hole in the ceiling switch room. Aside from that the exploration and the actions were fun generally. The setting suffer from the disjointed textures and the lighting is average. A few enemies not too threatening , some of the crocs were stuck immediately in my game, but there are bigger ones at the end. The end itself is surprising and well done." - eRIC (18-Apr-2021)
"I enjoyed this level, since I felt it was a classic style raid with backstory (and mythological stories as well). The gameplay is very non-linear, and sometimes hard to grasp, but it all makes sense in the end, and there are good cameras showing what happens in the most moments. The enemies ended up being too easy, due to the very plentiful ammo (which was mostly left in the chamber). I loved how it all looked. Still, there were plenty of stretched textures and missing structures that made a part of the level confusing. Overall, a very nice raid, that could be made perfect with better texturing, some not so well hidden switches, and better voice-acting in the final FMV. I leave very happy! Congratulations on your good work, Pedro, and thank you!" - MigMarado (16-Apr-2021)
"An interesting entry for Pedro, I have quite mixed feelings about it.
To start I did not enjoy for the most part the gameplay, it was a fetch quest for some rubies, that were hidden in a way and order that forced you to look to the slightest detail the map, and it would work partially if it was a secret, it does really not here though and I spent hours trying to find one last ruby.
Enemies placement was good enough, quite annoying underwater but you do have plenty of earth space to annihilate them, object usage was pretty okay too, I would very nicely point out the gong and the amazing bug that comes afterwards if you step again, but I would focus mostly on how the little secrets were places, easy places but surprisingly satisfying to figure them out!
The atmosphere is pretty decent! It does not make a whole lot of sense to have so much light in the underground, but this is not the section to judge it :3. Music choice is as good as it usually is most of the times in his entries, will point that up positively, cameras tho take immediately away that point because they were not really good, that 180 degrees camera was not a very great choice, and ended up a bit messing up with my perception of what exactly was going on.
Lighting was okay, but it does not make any sense into a cave that does seem to have an opened ceiling but this one gives in so much lighting that it is fairly odd to see, the texturing was okay, but I was not too fond of it to be honest, repetitive where it did not need too and a little bit too careless looking somewhere, all in all it does still look okay, that is what matters.
Interesting entry from the author, which I would recommend taking some time to polish things up before releasing anything, being rushed will not bring anywhere, remember! Wolfy Regards :3." - Wolf7 (13-Apr-2021)
"I have pretty mixed feelings to this level not gonna lie. Gameplay is technically constructed well but it is really confusing at many points because you don't really know what to do, which can make a lot of players get lost very easily. Despite this there are also some good moments, so the gameplay isn't totally bad but it has some flaws that shouldn't happen. There is a good amount of objects overall, but I think there should be a little more things like plants, brush and etc. because some places feel kinda empty. Placement of enemies is proper and they are balanced overall. Secrets are very easy to find if you focus on exploration. Starting camera sequence is kinda weird, especially some angles that are really unnecessary, it doesn't look good. The atmosphere is good but I still have a feeling that this level is rushed, I just can't throw it from my mind. Textures are placed quite nice, but there are a lot of errors like for example: cracks or some of them are stretched that it doesn't look good at all. Lighting is okay however it feels kinda out of place, there is lighting that shouldn't be there or it affects the objects that shouldn't be affected. In all this author had a lot of potential, yes he is experienced but he needs to take some time instead of rushing. I can recommend this level, it isn't bad but it has a lot of flaws that shouldn't happen especially from experienced builder." - Mahetus (13-Apr-2021)
"At first, this level makes you feel amazing vibes, nicely designed areas of land and water. I liked the idea of the base camp for the story, that Lara is there a long time and make research. I played this level with high expectations, and from the beginning, they seemed to be fulfilled. Later on, during the gameplay, I was a little bit sad. It seemed to be not as it seemed from the beginning. There will be a few areas you will suffer while trying to figure out what to do next. After like 30 mins of gameplay I got stuck on the next hour give or take. Some complaint about the puzzling riddle, but even with bad English, it was understandable... Regardless of gameplay and puzzles, the game works with mechanics that are the same, it is most of the time about switches and searching what they do, or better say where they did the action, and also sometimes it is about searching the switch itself. Linked with the puzzles there are few items to collect that are hidden badly and in unfortunate places. In the beginning, there are just two soldiers and a few crocodiles, nothing so bad, it seemed to be like puzzle-based level again. All of a sudden it changed in the last minutes of the level. All the statues became animate and I was feeling like in Tomb Raider movie with a triangle of light, where the statue get into motion. It was an unexpected twist that surprised me. Bonus point for that. Secrets are chapter themselves, they are not as secrets at all, they could be hidden in better places or there could be less than 3 of them. (Note mainly for the author - if you do not know where to hide a secret, try to use less of them, obvious secrets were not something I enjoyed.) The level is nice and atmospheric, sounds are the nice background for the level itself. There is one exception, but I will not take your surprise from the gameplay, just notice the sound once you use the gong hammer and gong itself. I will be talking about the cameras, later on, I just mention that they are used, and they offer helps you to know what happened, but there is one more thing, that was not good at all. The first camera cutscene is like 180° upside down, something I did not get at all. I would understand panning and stuff like that, typical camera movements, but to have it upside down was something... questionable. Lightning and texturing are on a decent level and that is also a thing that saves the overall rating. I mentioned stuff I liked, and the ones I hate as well. My overall will be a little bit higher for building a good Cambodian temple atmosphere. Those are mistakes, you should avoid next time. - invisible platform you need to use for the jump, even the flares or binoculars did not tell me its position. - difficult jump after the fire area for that wall-mounted switch - some of the gems were invisible or barely visible I see a potential in you Pedro, do not rush your projects, it seems to be an amazing map, it ended as just slightly better than average. Even if my review seems to be pessimistic, and bad, I liked the map and it is something you should play." - DroneQuadcopter (13-Apr-2021)
"Here we have nice orc in cambodian vibes. Gameplay was mostly good but we found also much searching for hidden switches and keys. We also have here one puzzle but hint to it wasn't understandable for me so I did it on trial and error method lol. Custom is nicely decorated, but some objects have weird lighting. Secret were very easy to find, they could be better hidden. Atmosphere was nice, but beggining camera was really weird. It was upside down lol. Textures were pretty good but lighting was kinda weird I think. Like whole level was orange when it was cave with only one small hole with sky. Overally, its good level despite some issues and I can recommend it." - BlackWolfTR (11-Apr-2021)